Twitter CEO Confirms: Social Media Has A ‘Left-Leaning Bias’

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Alex Jones, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 22 comments

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    In a not-so-shocking interview with CNN, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that social media has a left-leaning bias. But Dorsey claims that Twitter doesn’t ban over ideology, it will ban or “shadowban” over a user’s “behavior.”

    “The real question behind the question is, ‘Are we doing something according to political ideology or viewpoints?’ And we are not. Period. We do not look at content with regards to political viewpoint or ideology. We look at behavior,” Dorsey said according to The Washington Post. 

    What makes that statement by Dorsey completely wrong (if not a bold faced lie) and extremely disingenuous, is the fact that Twitter has “shadowbanned” many conservatives over ideology while ignoring the “bad behavior” of leftists, likey because they agree ideologically and politically. And they aren’t the only social media platform that’s taken this approach. Facebook has also suspended conservatives for posting the vile hate-filled messages they’ve received from leftists while allowing the left to continue to threaten and harass those who aren’t left-leaning.

    We need to constantly show that we are not adding our own bias, which I fully admit is more left-leaning,” Dorsey said. “And I think it’s important to articulate our own bias and to share it with people so that people understand us. But we need to remove our bias from how we act and our policies and our enforcement.” 

    Dorsey’s comments come amid a growing debate over how tech companies influence public discourse by censorship and banning based on their own political bias. Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify have taken aggressive steps against right-leaning talk show host and Alex Jones for violating their “hate speech” policies. All Jones really is guilty of, is stating an opinion that those in charge disagree with and offering a different view than the “official narrative” we are being brainwashed into accepting, even when there are red flags and many unanswered questions. Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube removed Jones from their platforms, and Apple followed suit by removing the majority of podcasts published by Jones’s website, Infowars, from iTunes and its podcast apps.

    In an interview with The Washington Post last week, Dorsey said he is rethinking core parts of Twitter to curb the spread of hate speech, harassment, and false news (news he disagrees with). He also told The Post that he’s experimenting with new features that would allow people to see alternative viewpoints and reduce “echo chambers.”

    “I think people see a faceless corporation . . . They don’t assume that humans are in it, or that they’re genuine or authentic,” Dorsey told CNN. “They just assume based on what the output is. And that’s on us. That’s on me.”

    We’ll see.  So far, social media has done away with free speech by purging their platforms of those who spout political opinions that are disagreeable to the left. The whole “fake news” frenzy is nothing more than a way to silence those who don’t conform to the ideology the left deems acceptable.  Anything that’s disagreeable becomes fake giving the left adequate reasoning to silence, censor, and ban.  And it’s all being done to the raucous cheers of those who are willing to become slaves to the government in an increasingly authoritarian regime. They say history repeats itself…

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.” – Melissa Dykes


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      1. Well ………… Surprise, surprise, surprise!

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        • Anonymous , all of them need to be reined in for good reason and corrected to fairness or be disassembled and have limits and restrictions. Not unlike other corps and monopoly laws. They now control what used to be called the public square and nearly all discourse as a tool to mind fuck the masses to specific political agendas in a completely controlled and biased way. Not free speech at all. And again the smart phones at work as the receiver unit and the sending unit ! who coulda known ?

      2. DUH!!!!

      3. What a shock and an epiphany! This is like saying if a skunk sprays you, it will stink and nauseate you.

      4. RE: Cell Phone Hacks and Identity Theft. A Day in the Life of Sally the Victim.

        For the purposes of this Comment, we’ll call this lady Sally. Sally is a nice lady, seems to do all the right things in life, she is ambitious, but is not that informed of how she will be taken advantage of by technology and evil people.

        Sally’s day starts like this. Sally gets up in the morning all excited about her trip that day for some business and seeing family who lives in another state. Sally finishes up her daily chores dumps her trash waste into the trash can and sets it out by the curb for the weekly trash pick-up(1st Hack). Then Sally uses her WiFi at home to upload her boarding pass to head off to the Airport. (2nd Hack). Then sally gets into her car and plugs in her cellphone to get it charged up for her trip. (3rd hack) as she listens to her Satellite radio singing along to the tunes (4th Hack). Then Sally arrives at the airport still with her Wifi on and enters the Airport (5th Hack). Then Sally checks in and heads out the departure terminal to await her plane. She gets out there and plugs in her phone in again to an airport charging station kiosk(6th Hack). Sally then gets on her plane and departs for that other city a few States away. When sally arrives at that arrival airport, her WiFi is still on (7th Hack), and then heads to the car rental office to pick up her car. She gets into the rental car and again plugs into the cigarette lighter to charge her cell phone (8th Hack), and heads down the road passing a fake cellphone tower(9th Hack) and stops to fil the rental car up using her debit card on an outside gas pump(10th Hack). Upon arrival at the hotel, Sally, with her cell phone WiFi still on, enters the Hotel (11th Hack), and checks in. She sees another hotel charging station and plugs in. (12th Hack), and also flips on her laptop in the hotel lobby using the hotel Wifi to check her detailed emails and to check her bank account for her bank balance, because she just got paid that day(13th Hack). Then Sally heads off to her room, plugs in again and checks her FaceBook Account(14th Hack), then showers and gets ready to head to her business meeting. But before Sally leaves the Hotel, she uses the ATM machine to withdraw some money (15th Hack). Sally is riding high because she is excited about her trip and seeing her family the next day. And BTW/ Sally can’t wait until the new 5G phone technology comes out, as he heard it will make life easier and faster, because it is the “Internet of Things.”(16th through the next 10,000 Hacks).

        But then reality hits Sally days later, when Sally gets home. Her bank account balance is drained, and her cell phone is no longer working, because someone else stole her identity, went to her cell phone carrier, and ordered 5 new Apple iPhones in her name using her credit card info, and the hacker had the services switched to the new phones with new sims cards, and is also using the same phone number, which Sally fully paid for. Life is great, eh Sally?

        **Answer, Turn off all WiFi and GPS Cell Monitoring, Disable Google Administrator on your cell phone and delete all Google Apps, Twitter and Facebook Accts. Buy a USB charging cord that does NOT have the DATA PIN in the connectors, Never plug into any outside Electrical Power sources ever with your cell phone or Lap top, and use your own solar charger to charge your devices on the fly. Never ever do any Banking on your cell phone period and Never take any money of a public ATM machine and Never use your debit card for anything but taking money out of your own banks ATM machine, and cover up your hand as you punch your pin number in. And NEVER EVER CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE VIA YOUR LAPTOPS USB PORT, BECAUSE ALL YOUR INFO WILL BE SYNC’d, GRABBED OFF YOUR CELLL PHONE AND TRANSFERRED TO GOOGLE’S DATA BASE, AND UPLOADED TO GOOGLE. NEVER EVER CLICK ON UPDATES ON YOUR CELL PHONE, AS ALL THAT IS, IS A SCAM TO UPLOAD ALL OF YOUR COMS DATA, TRAVEL ROUTES, TIME AND DATE STAMPED TO GOOGLE. STAY SAFE FOLKS!! BE SMART and FORWARD THIS INFO ON TO ALL YOUR PEEPS.

        • What’s a cell phone?

      5. Censorship is across the board against both left and right truth tellers in the public arena, any opinion outside the control freak master planners is under attack. Saying that the left drives censorship does not make any sense. The warmongers are the merged uniparty, the citizen left have been antiwar for a long time. The political government left have sold them out for profit. So google is leftwing, that’s a laugher.

      6. Twitter’s Dorsey is another Globalist scumbag. I’ve never been on the platform and never will. Twitter has weaponized its platform with fake accounts via US Military Special Operations Divisions, using fake accounts, during the Egypt’s Arab Spring Uprising, a social media army to scam the populace that a revolt is genuine and mass proliferated generically.
        Dorsey is a Fascist Globalist Scumbag.

        Another Article:
        “In countries like Egypt, Tunisia, and Yemen, rising action plans such as protests made up of thousands, have been organized through social media such Facebook and Twitter. “We use Facebook to schedule the protests” an Arab Spring activist from Egypt announced “and [we use] Twitter to coordinate, and YouTube to tell the world.” The role that technology has taken in allowing the distribution of public information such as the kinds stated by the aforementioned activist, had been essential in establishing the democratic movement that has helped guide abused civilians to overthrow their oppressor.”

        ** Notice how they fail to state the fact that Fake Twitter Accounts were set up, to set the tone with Fake info to sell their propaganda, as if it is genuine and generic. All Fake BS.

        • How NICE of Twitter’s LIBTURD CEO to admit to the libturd bias of social media! [SARCASM] Like TSB and I are always saying, STAY AWAY FROM SOCIAL MEDIA. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!

          • What was that CEO’s name again? Jack Dickhead, I mean, Dorsy? [OUCH, OUCH, OUCH] BAD right-winger! LOL!

      7. How about serving an UNBIASED SERVICE?
        True, they own the site… they should be allowed
        to filter what they want. BUT…if a CONSERVATIVE
        site does the same thing……there will be h3ll to pay!!!

        Freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom
        of the press is a Constitutional guarantee.
        Foul language, porn, nudity or anything indecent, has
        no place in public use.
        Who are the biggest offenders of our rights??

      8. i have not been able to post on any site with my phone or anyone in my family. im on a new laptop now i called my wireless carrier and they couldnt figure it out either. i think conservatives are definitely being watched or listened to i should say . same thing happened to my buddy for giving the blacks hell. not cussing just stating facts. anyone else with these problems?

        • w asked, “anyone else with these problems?”


      9. Not like it’s been much different in the past…

        “Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They’ll only be able to parrot the information they’ve been given on the previous night’s news.”

        ——————-Zbigniew Brzezinski——————-

        Brainwashing has been the game plan since the early 20th century when Eddie Bernays set the strategy for the media. Only difference is the medium…from newsprint to radio to teevee to internet…it’s mostly all been fake news from the start.

        Control of the population is the goal. It has, for the most part, succeeded. Not much you can do when you’re fighting the CIA, the NSA, the MSM and Hollywood. Social media is a covert program of the .gov.

        Jack Dorsey deserves a Dirty Sanchez.
        Volunteers needed…

        • Just look up the CIA “Operation Mocking Bird” Its the MSM hijacked by the CIA in the 1950’s to form propaganda to support their military actions of rape and pillage across the Globe. All the same BS different day from these folks.

      10. All animals are created equal, but some animals are more equal. Orwell. Animal Farm.

      11. “we ban over ‘behavior’”

        Behavior, by it’s true definition is not concerned with speech.

        Rather it is an action in real life.


      12. B from CA, I don’t play nice with libturds so they definitely won’t like my ‘behavior’, LOL.

      13. We assume that the administration is free-market, even though the opposition is given legal privileges, in a trickle-down economy.

      14. The standard answer is that social media is either a massive vanity press which publishes the non-paid drivel of billions…

        …OR that social media is a series of massive media companies affecting billions.

        There is however a third option.

        Imagine what would have happened if leftists controlled utilities in America. Unless you vocally and in written form supported the left, you could not have access to pure water.

        What if only leftists had access to public supplies of natural gas distribution?

        What if only leftists could use public supplies of electricity?

        What if HAM radio, radio communications, tv stations, film companies, newspapers, etc were only allowed to be operated by leftists?

        That is one way of looking at social media as a UTILITY distribution network.

        Now, if that is valid, and I think one can make a case that politicians pushed through initiatives to facilitate social media as a utility worldwide, then that IS SUBJECT to government regulation.

        If social media is allow to be only for leftists then it could harm the American republic just as much as restricting water, natural gas, electricity, and telecommunications.

        Why do you think cities regulate cable tv communications? For precisely this rationale of access and impartiality as otherwise only those of one mindset are communicating their ideas.

      15. Imagine if HAM radio was regulated where you think you are broadcasting, but actually are squelched from anyone receiving the signal.

        Would we ever allow that to happen?

        Yet, that is what Twitter did as their members who are conservative published comments that then show up on their accounts like a journal entry, yet are squelched from appearing elsewhere on anyone else’s account.

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