Twenty TRILLION Phone Calls: “They’ve Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001”

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    “The total influence – economic, political, even spiritual – is felt in every city, every state house, every office of the federal government. We must be alert to the … danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific technological elite.”

    President Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Farewell Address 
    January 17, 1961


    In 2011, when we noted that Everything You Do Is Monitored, we weren’t embellishing or fear mongering.

    This is as real as it gets.

    The National Security Agency’s collection of phone data from all of Verizon’s U.S. customers is just the “tip of the iceberg,” says a former NSA official who estimates the agency has data on as many as 20 trillion phone calls and emails by U.S. citizens.

    William Binney, an award-winning mathematician and noted NSAwhistleblower, says the collection dates back to when the super-secret agency began domestic surveillance after the Sept. 11 attacks.

    I believe they’ve been collecting data about all domestic calls since October 2001,” said Mr. Binney, who worked at NSA for more than 30 years. “That’s more than a billion calls a day.”

    The data were collected under a highly classified NSA program code-named “Stellar Wind,” which was part of the warrantless domestic wiretapping effort — the Terrorist Surveillance Program — launched on orders from President George W. Bush.

    But don’t kid yourself if you think the only data being aggregated, recorded and analyzed is who you called or emailed.

    Let’s be clear: EVERYTHING.

    Binney explained that the government is taking the position that it can gather and use any informationabout American citizens living on U.S. soil if it comes from:

    Any service provider … any third party … any commercial company – like a telecom or internet service provider, libraries, medical companies – holding data about anyone, any U.S. citizen or anyone else.

    I then asked the NSA veteran if the government’s claim that it is only spying on metadata – and not content – was correct. We have extensively documented that the government is likely recording contentas well. (And the government has previously admitted to “accidentally” collecting more information on Americans than was legal, and then gagged the judges so they couldn’t disclose the nature or extent of the violations.)

    Binney said that was not true; the government is gathering everything, including content.

    Binney explained – as he has many times before – that the government is storing everything, and creating a searchable database … to be used whenever it wants, for any purpose it wants (even just going after someone it doesn’t like).

    Binney said that former FBI counter-terrorism agent Tim Clemente is correct when he says that nodigital data is safe (Clemente says that all digital communications are being recorded).

    Binney gave me an idea of how powerful Narus recording systems are. There are probably 18 of them around the country, and they can each record 10 gigabytes of data – the equivalent of a million and a quarter emails with 1,000 characters each – per second.

    Source: Washington’s Blog

    The surveillance grid is being put into place all around us and its capabilities are unimaginable to most – something that could only exist in the realm of Hollywood plots.

    But this is no $80 million Hollywood movie. The budget for the U.S. government’s surveillance program is 1,000 times that.

    At an estimated $80 billion this production employs nearly one million people.

    Moreover, anyone who uses a machine to send information – of any kind – over the internet, is indirectly employed by these agencies, as well.

    The net is expansive – and it’s growing.

    Realistically, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where the government simply puts an end to the spying, lays off these one million people, and calls it a day.

    Our Congress authorized these activities with the Patriot Act, and subsequent laws that have been enacted since. While this doesn’t mean the new mandates and regulations are just in the eyes of the Constitution, the machine has given itself permission to do exactly what they’ve done. And if the sentiment of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is shared by the rest of his colleagues, this is only going to get worse:

    Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) must have studied his Police State Handbook before giving an interview regarding the Verizon scandal.

    “I think we should be concerned about terrorists trying to infiltrate our country and attack us and trying to coordinate activities from overseas within inside the country…

    …I’m a Verizon customer. I don’t mind Verizon turning over records to the government if the government’s going to make sure that they try to match up a known terrorist phone with somebody in the United States. I don’t think you’re talking to terrorists. I know you’re not. I know I’m not. So, we don’t have anything to worry about.

    Via: The Organic Prepper

    What we have to worry about, Senator Graham, is unprecedented intrusion into every aspect of our lives and a government that will use that information to presume every citizen of this nation guilty in the eyes of the law.

    “If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged.”

    -Cardinal Richelieu, Armand Jean du Plessis (link)

    Despite what this police statist may believe is within the scope of government’s responsibility, the fourth amendment of our Constitution is very clear on this.

    As human beings we all have a right to be safe and secure in our persons, homes, and personal effects. This includes our personal private communications and activities.

    The government of this country has overstepped its bounds.

    The only solution is handcuffs for ALL those responsible for authorizing such transgressions against a free people.

    We’re not trying to be pessimists here, but since the odds of that happening are slim to none, we must assume that every digital interaction within the Prism is subject to monitoring. This includes the obvious communication devices like phones and computers, but likewise encompasses your Wifi connected dishwasher, your video gaming system, vehicular GPS tracking, credit card transaction, visits to your doctor, and any appearance you make in front of a camera or microphone. And within just a few short years, even your daily movements, from the minute you step outside your door, will be monitored by a web of thousands of drones hovering quietly above.

    All of it is being tapped by a network of processors so advanced that they can record and aggregate yottabytes of data (A yottabyte is equivalent to about 100 trillion DVD’s).

    These capabilities exist right now, and they are being used to watch your every move.

    Global Matrix

    The matrix has you.


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      1. You don’t have to believe this article. Take it from their own damn website.

        Just remember folks: “If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear” – That’s a direct quote from their site.

        Absolutely disgusting.

        • THats a parody website thats not the real NSA site! look at the very bottom it says so in a disclaimer! Jesus do some better research before u post things like this

          • Relax there hoss. That site has changed since I first linked it at 1pm. They’ve apparently taken some heat about the parody and have made it much more clear now that it is a parody. I admit that I fell for it. But the shitty photoshop on the about us page wasn’t there either.

            Still, the message holds true. This site may be bullshit, but the overreach is 100% true.

            • all cool bro- didn’t mean to come across sounding like a dick

            • all cool bro- didn’t mean to come across sounding like a dick

            • That link had me going for chrissakes! I was hollering like Al Swearengen through mouthfuls of eggs and toast for 20 minutes before I saw the bottom of the page…..hahahaha! Good one!

            • The first clue is in the URL–“nsa.gov1” The number 1 is the clue. “.gov” stands alone, without any other characters.

              It was a spoof site that netted thousands of Bank of America passwords, “http: /”

              The stray #1 was there and overlooked by many.

          • Rep. Wyden: “Does the NSA collect any type of information at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?”

            Lt. Gen. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence: “No.”


            “You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof.” John 8:44

              • Heard about a gun buyback for toy guns.

              • Trying to find somebody who knows anything about this, much less cares, is maddening. The sheeple just tune it out and wonder when they’ll get back to real news like whether Angie’s nipples were saved.

            • That was an outright lie and constitutes treason. Mr. Crapper should have been led away in handcuffs.

        • No Official Fed Govt website ends in gov1…They only end in gov. *sigh*

        • @ Arkaden

          Just remember folks: “If You Have Nothing to Hide, You Have Nothing to Fear”.
          It falls right in sync with their agenda for everyone to “have nothing”.

          Is it just a statement, or an Orwellian justification on their part?

        • The whole thing about having nothing to hide doesn’t apply to the NSA apparently.

          That’s the best place I know to get the real information.

        • Read “One Nation Under Surveillance”

        • LOL. According to this we have nothing to worry about. The bad guy’s are just a bunch of rich NWO families posing as actors.

      2. Good article

      3. With just the phone call records alone, they can know who reporters and government employees talk to. They know if a political enemy is gay or cheating on his wife or buying drugs. Given what the IRS did to enemies of the state, you can imagine the blackmail opportunities that the Obama administration has. Justice Roberts voted for Obamacare. I wonder what they had on him?

        Besides, they can identify gun owners, Constitutionalists, Christians, Pro-lifers, and anybody else that they consider a threat. Expect all those people to be wiped out by the government after the collapse.

        • I saw an article awhile back about the Roberts adopted children. Seems they were born in Ireland but were adopted from a S. American country. Seems the agency they went through knew how to work around the Irish gov’t to deliver blonde haired blue children to wealthy clients.. The article insinuated what you referred to..

          • I read something about an Italian-born mistress.

        • My personal goal in that event Barn Cat, is to take three “Blue Helmeted NWO Thugs” with me if they come for me. One is a draw; three a victory. anymore than that is a landslide. Its a numbers game. Patriots must make their number count.

          The NWO gun Grabbers can be eliminated overnight and at 1000 yards. read Washington’s Vision at SHTF Patriots.


        • If the gov’t finds out a public official is cheating or gay, will it publicize that info? No. If Fox news finds out a public official is gay or cheating, will it sit on that info? No. Why? Because the “public has a right to know”. The news media is more invasive and potentially damaging to you than the prism program. Yet, as usual, you idiots thrown stones at the wrong target because you are idiots.

          • Dufus. Fox News doesn’t disapear their political enemies.

      4. Rat Bastards. They sicken me.

        • YUP….just clicking onto this SHTF website is taking my life into my hands…LOL

          Did I mention that I was recently audited also…sure have by none other than the IRS.

          You know they are constantly trolling for words like, guns, silver, prep, bible, conservative, Obama (not to be used in the same sentence), God, shoot, bullet…all of which is suppose to mean that we are nut jobs and need to be watched!!

          • Oh..I forgot to say, I think Lindsey Graham is a maggot. I do not trust him…PERIOD!

            • “When someone is willing to sacrifice freedom for security, they deserve neither”. Ben Franklin, a wiseman that knew over 200 years ago what was going to happen and helped construct a bunch of words on paper, call the United States of America Constiution. Something that an increasing number of rot for brains that the masses wants to burn and replace it with BO rule or some other anti-freedom, anti-self defense slime sucker with.

            • ‘Crazy ants’ that feast on electronics and are invading the U.S. CANNOT be killed with normal insecticide

              •Since it was first spotted in Houston in 2002, it’s spread to some 21 counties in Texas, 20 counties in Florida and a few locations in Mississippi and Louisiana

              •The omnivorous ant attacks and kills other species as well as monopolizing food sources to the detriment of the entire ecosystem

              •It also attacks electrical wiring, causing millions of dollars worth of damage


              • Yeah, weird creatures aren’t they? I wouldn’t put it past them to genetically modify insects to destroy our electrical grids. They’ve already shut down many of the coal plants. They one near where I live is now only functioning as a route for electricity from a different plant. The south, which tends to be conservative and Christian, is a threat to their future plans so they need to make things more difficult for us. If we have to struggle to survive, we won’t have the time or energy to put into opposing the illicit government.

              • can you say ‘NANO TECH’…think about it

            • Tina: You are a great judge of character! 🙂

          • Well then, I had a GUN in one hand and a PREPPER’S BIBLE in the other, when I slipped on a SILVER dollar and put a BULLET in my foot—I tried to call the GOVERNMENT for help, but the EXPLOSION was drowned out by the PRESSURE COOKER but nobody heard me holler over the BOMB going off. I think I broke my neck bone (C4) and swore it was all OBAMA’S fault for not giving me my free phone…oh yeah, and an extra-TERRORIST(ial) from planet IRAQ saw it all!

        • Stop using your computer, your cell phones, use walkie talkies, use brevity codes, shun technology. 10 or 15 years ago we did’nt have all this, we used the land line. ITS NOT THAT HARD, BREAK YOUR ADDICTION. We’ll have to pretty soon anyway. Talk to people and friends face to face again, remember how that used to be, dont be so antisocial.

          • Time to return to innocence…live like the natives.

          • @Ryback,

            I think its disgusting that these tax fattened parasites are spying on us. But for you to believe that we should just use “the land line” and that somehow THAT will help us keep our privacy just doesn’t make any sense. Ditto for “face to face” conversations: I’m not sure that in this day and age when they’re making drones that look like birds that this is necessarily any safer.

            Just sayin’

          • Alternatively, use every hot button word as often as possible.
            Give the mosey fuckwits exactly what hey want, in an avalanche. Bury them in false positives until they batshit crazy.

            • Exactly make them earn their money, make them work for it.

      5. Explains why my computer is running so slow and my web browser takes so long to stabilize when I first start it. I hate what our country is becoming. Do we have any hope of slowing this stuff down. Or are we waiting for the midnight sound of our doors being kicked in? Thanks George W. You and the neighborhood organizer are guilty of treason against the people. Remember how England fared when they pushed the American patriots too far. You are watching us but we are also watching you. See who blinks first.

      6. Your comment has been noted and cataloged Mr. Blutarsky. Have a nice day. Next……

      7. I am not advocating or encouraging any type of violent measures. I only want to be able to live my life in peace.

        In several conversations this past week, I asked the simple question (paraphrased), “When is the shooting going to start?”

        Has not the line already been crossed? How can we let this continue? What other secrets are we going to find out about in the next day or two?

        Again, I am not advocating or encouraging violence, and I hope things will not come to that.

        • NC….it’s the frog in the boiling pot syndrome

        • Its too late to live in peace, haven’t you been paying attention?

          they don’t want us to live in peace, they wouldn’t have anyone to lord over or control if we were living in peace

        • NCClyde: The NWO does not want you to live in peace, or quiet. The NWO wants you to suffer in silence and servitude.

          Engage your employees or be enslaved by them.

        • “You can’t wait around for someone else to act. I had been looking for leaders, but I realised that leadership is about being the first to act.”
          Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower

          This little quote pretty well defines our collective problem, doesn’t it?

          Another one, this from Ann Barnhardt, a bit longer but even more damning:
          “Every time I hear someone say, “Well, I can’t DO THAT. I can’t SAY ANYTHING. I can’t stop paying taxes. I can’t get crossways with the IRS. I can’t cancel my cable. I can’t get on my boss’s bad side. I can’t jeopardize my job. I can’t jeopardize my reputation. I can’t jeopardize my income. I can’t jeopardize my pension. You just don’t understand. I just CAN’T,” I have just one question in response. It is very easy, and only requires a single number is response – not even words. Just one number. The question is, exactly how many human souls are you content to see lost in exchange for your personal comfort and ability to navel-gaze uninterrupted? I need a number. No prose. No bee-ess excuses. Just a number. If you are willing to admit that you are willing to see a billion people lost, then say it. If you’re willing to see 3.5 billion people lost, then say it. If you’re willing to see the entire surface population minus yourself lost, then say it. But don’t bee-ess me by saying “zero” and then cowering in fear and refusing to so much as lift a finger or say ONE WORD in the face of this evil.
          Fish or cut bait, people.”

          These are just quotes from ordinary people who have stood up and risked the wrath of the machine. Few of us (myself included) are willing to risk our comfortable lives as they have. But it is heartening to hear more and more voices like theirs. Perhaps their combined efforts will act to embolden the rest of us. Perhaps…
          And perhaps not.

          • Ann is not ordinary. let your Barnhardt out!

            • @durango kidd:

              You mean another NeoCon Statist?

              That’s just what the world needs!

              Another warmongering, fascist, control freak POS in love with the American Exceptionalism propaganda garbage.

              Wasn’t Bush, the Jr. moron enough for you?

              How far into the Fascist nightmare would you take us if you had “power” DK???

              What is the plan?

              • YMWW: The FIRST thing I would do is send you to the ovens! 🙂

              • Your Mama: If you think hiding in Idaho with eight guns will keep you safe from the NWO, think again. The way to defeat the NWO is by collective action. They are a small minority, but if you insist on going it alone as an anarchist …..

                Make every round in those eight guns count! 🙂

      8. Wow, those terrorists sure make a lot of calls.

      9. Verizon: Can you hear me now?
        Obama: Yes we can.
        Hillary: Yes we can., but what does it matter now?

        sorry it got on the last thread , ment to go here

        • It’s strange to see Republican leadership support President Obama. Very strange.

          • George Gefferson says:

            “It’s strange to see Republican leadership support President Obama. Very strange.”

            That’s a JOKE right? Right???

            I mean… You can’t be F**KIN SERIOUS!!!

            Lord help us.

            The Left/Right paradigm is STILL alive and well in AMERIKA.

            Excuse me while I throw up now!!!

          • Republican leadership and Presidential leadership is one and the same. It is the leadership of the NWO.

            • DK, did you thumbs UP Anonymous@ 7:37pm?

              • No I just made a comment if that helps you.

      10. I think its very funny how little peeps on the net know. There was some bs article on CNN how Apple and others were not allowing fascist access to their servers … no duh! It was in the mid-1990’s when the fascist first required all telcos and large ISP’s to provide server room for them to install their own servers. Of course some hacker/fascist/compromise is not going to mess with your server when he/she has access to all registered SSL private keys and to the network itself: it would just be a waste of their time. Its almost LIEING in my opinion for BigTechCo to make statements like “they don’t have access to our servers”. BigTechCo et al know the question is if personal data is being compromised and BigTechCo et al know it is.
        What’s more, fb and others are used for relationship guilt. If you connect to someone deemed bad, then you have a demerit and can be identified as corroborating with the bad.
        Of course, its all good if used for good; but its probably illegal based on the Constitution and the reason the founders made it illegal is it will not be used for good for long. Soon power corrupts. WE are giving the fascists absolute power on the Internet. Right to search and seizure without probable cause is what it looks like to me.

      11. what ZOG AmeriKa has truly become … A DICKTATORSHIP !

        N.O. ;0p

      12. another reason why this country is going broke..these jack asses will spend our money on any way to find out what were thinking..amongst many other useless ways to blow money…just look at what this costs, let alone the money spent over seas on people who hate us and want us dead!

        here, Ill save us all the money you spend on trying to figure out what we think of you..

        We don’t trust you
        We don’t like you
        we wish you would do your fuckin jobs
        we want you out of our lives..every part of it

        did I forget to say fuck you?

      13. It is hard to find a joke today without a dirty word or two in it, but here is one without cuss words and
        even relates to some elected folks:

        Two tall trees, a birch and a beech, are growing in the woods. A small tree begins to grow between them,
        and the beech says to the birch, Is that a son of a beech or a son of a birch? The birch says he cannot
        tell, but just then a woodpecker lands on the sapling.

        The birch says, Woodpecker, you are a tree expert. Can you tell if that is a son of a beech or a son of
        a birch? The woodpecker takes a taste of the small tree and replies, “It is neither a son of a beech nor a son of
        a birch. It is, however, the best piece of ash I have ever poked my pecker into.”

        Y’all Beware! Kinda reminds me of certain elected folks – A bunch of pocking peckers.

        • sorry , its the spirit in me…

          they just keep pushing my dirty mouth, I find it hard not to let them know how I really feel

        • LOLOLOLOLOL that’s the cleanest dirty joke I’ve seen lolol pretty funny…. 🙂

        • Hilarious!

      14. This is nothing new. Google “Operation Echelon”, run by the NSA since the Clinton era. It really all started back in the 30s with the FBI wiretapping phones and has only become more advanced since then. I’m most likely on lists going back to the Clinton era, but I don’t care. I’m going to stand up and fight when the time comes. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      15. BTW, that is also what HIPAA was all about… ensuring all medical activities are tracked in a searchable manner. E.g. to be able to search “are there any strange cases of flu which might be SARS occurring within the last week anywhere in the USA”. Also, dry runs on reactions and software systems are probably made via USDA by substituting “cows” or “chickens” for “people” in the study document and systems/experiments/research.

      16. Howdy, VRF, my sentiments exactly. braveheart

      17. Israeli Jewish mother has ordered her children to throw stones at Palestinian homes

        • You can only find one? All Muslims hate the Jews. They dance in the streets when Jewish families are murdered. They celebrate the deaths of CHILDREN. Do you understand that? Israel is the only country in the world with armored school buses.

          • I have also seen posts by Israeli’s celebrating the death of Muslim children. I’m sorry, but the jews are no better. No-one should celebrate the death of ANY children.

        • than the Palestinian, packs his rock with powder and sends it back, never ends

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

          SHUT UP ALREADY!!! NO BODY CARES ABOUT YOUR MOOSELIM JEW HATE. I’m tried of having to scroll through your page highjacking. So which mooselim country are you from?

          • ZionistOccupiedGovernment of AMURIKA ;0p pssszzt

          • tell ya what … make ya a deal ???

            hows about i DON’T

            i give you the FINGER

            and i tell you to GO FUCK YOURSELF

            HOW YA LIKE THEM APPLES ???

            ;0p DEAL WITH IT …

            * i’ll stop when America is Free of ZIO ISRAELI ZIO ENGLISH ZIO VATICAN JESUIT HOMO Tyranny and is a Republic again .

            • And you pretend to be a Christian? You serve Satan. You will receive Satan’s reward.

              • it was God and Jesus of Nazareth who opened my eyes to the infected affliction and corrupt disease the JEWS usury and Judaism are upon the Earth , Gentiles and Goyim alike … i serve Gods will .

                GOD WILLS IT and i obey him .


                AND I SHALL BE HIS SWORD …

                N.O. ;0p

                • I SEE DEAD JEWS …

        • No wonder you think in such a depraved manner, spending an entire eleven minutes learning Middle East history isn’t enough to get beyond personal bias and hatred.

          • smokey

            Nina is just a sick twisted lesbian
            she is pissed because she cant see under the burkas ? of the MOOslime women to find her one true love

            she hates all jews and loves the cow Women of iran and the middle east.

            sick twisted thing she is

            Jewish troll killer

      18. This country, the American people, are known for their
        resistance and resilience. How quickly tptb forget.

        • This is rich.
          Our resistance to what? Common sense?
          For longer than I have been alive some Americans have stood and tried to influence this government and they are always ignored.
          If there is anything America is known for it is our ability to ignore reality.

          When millions demand what tptb already have planned it is shown as “grass roots” support.
          When millions demand tptb stop their plans they are shown as extremist fringe people and someone like the Koch brothers uses a bit of cash to create a counter movement which is portrayed as “grass roots” support.

          When the occupy movement was getting their heads broken by the US gestapo did any of you think how awful it is that our rights were being trampled or did you think those “stinky hippie commies” got what they deserved?

          Before we can accomplish anything we need to be honest about ourselves.

          • @ common sense:
            THANK YOU.

            • Very nice example of ignoring the post and getting hung up on the proximity of two words. I would attempt to clarify but know when I am wasting my time. You shouting at me and taking my post way too personally are not the way we are going to accomplish anything.

              For those of you who can read something and not get butt hurt please note how easily the forrest can be hidden by the trees.

              And just because I am a little annoyed.
              Communism- root word commune. Hippies lived in communes. I stand by the association in both academic and common usage terms.

          • They were demanding even more government. To their dismay, they got it. I didn’t agree with their effort at all, but the response illustrated how any act of stepping outside the cage will be handled. Many in the occupy movement used their “protests” as opportunities to victimize others or avoid working. Remember the rapes, a few killings, and countless property crimes? One occupy protester was offered a job, but turned it down so he could hand out sandwiches to other protesters. The occupiers demanded things like student loan forgiveness i.e. make others pay the bill for me not working for years and spending my time partying. And while you’re at it, give me a high paying do nothing job. I worked hard for my women’s studies degree (WTF is women’s studies?).

      19. To quote Alice cooper “Welcome to my Nightmare”!!!

        • …I think you’re gonna like it…

      20. Gee NCCLYDE you type /talk like the NSA is listening to everything you say. whoops they are.

      21. I believe that Narus and Verint are both Israeli companies that do the data collection and turn it over to the NSA. This way the dual citizen occupied, CIA controlled government can claim they did not do the data sweeps. The whole of the corrupt banker owned District of Columbia needs cleaned out from top to bottom. Also, if you go to the privacy page of your provider, you basically sign any privacy rights away when you accept their terms. I’m not condoning our corrupt leaders, but people should read the fine print of the contracts they sign. Booz Allen is just another Bush, Carlyle, CIA, Mossad run NSA corporation. Washington is nothing but a circle jerk of fascist planners and traitors.

        • This is copied from Verizon’s privacy page (my bold):

          may disclose information…in certain circumstances, such as:

          “to comply with valid legal process including subpoenas, court orders or search warrants, AND AS OTHERWISE AUTHORIZED BY LAW.” (can you say Patriot Act?)

          “in cases involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person OR OTHER EMERGENCY.” (Obama has continued the official “State of Emergency” for 2 more years)

          “to outside auditors or regulators.” (this could mean almost ANY government official)

          The providers leave themselves an out as always. Best to read what you agree to when accepting terms.

        • Your fascination with the Jewish Mafia is troubling.

          • There is only ONE genuine Mafia: The Italian! Molto bravo, verissimo! 😀

        • James Bamford speaks of “intelligence and defense” companies from Israel being winning bidders in NSA and CIA projects. There are some strange bedfellows in the spy games.

      22. Who is surprised?

        If the traitors in the government can get away with the false flag attacks of Oklahoma City and 9/11, then OF COURSE they are going to get away with domestic spying!

        The Nazis did the same thing after their own false flag, the Reichstag burning.

        BTW, all this means is that we are closer and closer to the SHTF scenario. This system has been in place for a long time and its not going to go away over night. You think the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and other New World Order/Illuminati/Luciferian scumbags care that this is in the open now?

        They are just one false flag away from putting their game into high gear.

        God, gold, and guns!

        • The whole gang is telling us “Just piss off, ’cause we’re never going to stop”

      23. Yeah, like all this hype around this really matters now. As if those of us in the tech community didn’t already know about this. As if most of you on this site didn’t already know about this. Come on, something smells here.

        Over the past month we have been bombarded with these outrageous stories every couple of days. This is almost like the information is being released to inflame the American sheeple into lashing out against the government only so that the government can justify a clamp down. It’s like a perfect set-up, think about it. Otherwise, why the hell would all this information be coming out at once?

        Ask yourselves a few questions:

        1) When did you first suspect the government was spying on you carte blanche?

        2) When did you first suspect the media was full of shit?

        3) When did you first suspect the IRS was a criminal organization of the Federal Reserve put there to use strong arm tactics of extortion against the American people?

        4) Do you think spying on Americans started post 9/11 or 1861, or even earlier? Think carefully about this answer.

        Anyone with half a brain and one eye could see and understand this tyrannical monster has been growing for centuries, not years or decades. The electronic spying has been going on since electronics have been in use. Your fake paper money even has magnetic strips in it to track how much you keep in your wallets. Remember the McCarty era, Echelon, Carnivore, Enhanced Carnivore, White Knight, Magic Lantern and all the rest of the shit from before 9/11. With that said, none of this is new and we should all be very skeptical as to the “why” this is being released into the mainstream now.

        • Here’s the thing with the cluster of bs coming out recently and that it’s a win win for .gov.

          If it inflames some timmy mcvieh type to do something stupid, then they get to clamp down.

          If nobody does nofin then they get to say “well then they must consent” or “thought so bitches, now stfu” and they can turn the dial up even more.

          The best approach would be to grill all those involve, end some dubious political careers, get some convictions, and dial the whole patriot act junk down to nearly off. Then after a couple of years of no more terrorism and M.E. war encumbrances unplug the whole thing and throw it in the trash. All of which should be visible from mccain’s nursing home window.

        • YES! You hit the nail on the head “WHY’ & ‘WHY NOW’!
          That is the key!
          Think real deep now…put those thinking caps on!
          There are some pretty darned smart folks here.
          Lets see who can answer the ‘WHY’ & ‘WHY NOW’
          Any takers…?

          • Why now?

            I would say because Snowden actually has a brain, an opinion, believes in the ideal of constitutional republic, and the balls to do something about it.

            Tptb are not all powerful and do not have their fingers in every pie. Just look at how quickly “traitor” came into use. Even McCain has said we should invade Hong Kong to get him. Looks like damage control not a script.

            But what do I know?

            • Certainly McCain is offering to be the tip of the spear, no?

      24. A couple of months ago there was a list of DHS key words they monitored electronic communications for. I recommend a day be selected in the near future and every American utilize these words in every call, facebook, internet post, people make youtube videos reading the words, phrases etc.

        • Just one day?

          Make it a never ending avalanche.

      25. I can’t wait til tomorrow to see what new scandal erupts. Its the only thing I have to look forward to!

        • I would like to see something done tomorrow about all the crap they pulled yesterday.

        • Hmmmm…how about MaBama cought with sexy Fabio?

      26. You jackbooted, fascist bastards want to collect some info eh???

        Well here’s some info for ya…



        Now crawl back into the sewer from which you came…

      27. just a little more evidence that FOX News is
        just as main stream media as the rest
        just has a supposed “conservative” lean
        kinda like McCain and Lindsey Graham are “conservatives”

        Fox News Analyst: Bring Back Death Penalty For NSA Whistleblower

        and today’s Obama regime scandal

        U.S. State Department Cover-Ups Range From Prostitution Charges To Drug Rings

        • And the Limbaugh gang scream about the “mainstream media” as well.

      28. P.S.

        GOD BLESS AMERICA & My Brave Brothers & Sisters!


        • Amen and AMEN!

      29. Help, I am in moderation hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      30. What a true waste of time and energy. But most of all money. 9/11 still happened, so the joke is on us, JQPublic! And we still vote the same old people back into office… way to go America! 41 states did not vote for Obummer yet we also let him get away with voter fraud! Do we deserve what we get? Think so if people are not out talking to the sheeple.

      31. he said it: We have consistently said that President Assad/Obama must lead a democratic transition or get out of the way.

        He has not led. For the sake of the SAmerican people, the time has come for President Assad/Obama to step aside.

        He should “face the reality of the complete rejection of his regime by the American people.

        track that m.f.

      32. Amerikkka the unrecognizable. I saw the talking heads having a “debate” this morning over privacy vs. security. I didn’t know anybody had a right to debate the constitution.

        We here at SHTF have all known about this for years. Its kind of humorous to see some of the sheeple awaken.

        Even Shep Smith blew a gasket over this. The normally polite Neil Cavuto is mad as hell.

        • Freedom of speech.
          Why wouldn’t people have the right to debate whatever they want?
          Or are you a “tyranny isn’t tyranny if I agree with it” guy?


            • It is becoming obvious you have issues with definitions.
              A “debate” does not require any alteration of law.
              The US constitution has a method by which it can be altered.

              I am sorry you simply cannot handle the idea that people can discuss the law of the land without resorting to insults and the old standby of “get out”.
              I would assume by your extremely derogatory remarks regarding your fellow man, “idiot populace”, that you have little to no faith that we the people can handle our own affairs. Unfortunately you are a prime example of this “idiot populace” and I don’t think it would be worth my time to attempt to debate this with you.

              I can only say I hope throwing all these insults at me has helped to sooth your fragile ego because they have not bothered me and I cannot imagine they have impressed the people on this board.

              But what do I know?

              (In the vain of staying on theme with you eisen)
              I am rubber and you are glue, everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

              • “vein” not “vain”


                • Thanks grammar nazi!

                  In the future I will try and be less of an “idiot”.

                  I can only hope that if I can incorporate more highbrow language like “dicktard” and “fuckass” I can meet with your approval.

                  I figured such a mental giant as yourself would have torn apart my feeble attempt to argue in favor of people having the right to self expression and interpersonal action. I am sad to see you could only come up with a grammar error. Does that hurt my grade much? I really need to pass this class.

      33. Approximately 600,000 died to free the slaves.
        160 years and 5 generations later, the growing zombie class votes itself back into slavery and they will accept any level of authoritarian rule.
        Today we loose our privacy, tomorrow we loose our weapons. If this happens, get ready to beg your new masters for what’s left of your pathetic life.
        how many will dies in the fight to return to slavery?

      34. Father’s Day sale…

        The Kelly Kettle ‘Trekker Kit’ is on sale for $84.99 (with free shipping) with a coupon code.

        The coupon code is KKUSA061613

        I don’t work for this company or gain anything by sharing this information. I like to save money and am just passing along this tip. It is a useful prepper item. I do own one of these and like it.

        Here is a direct link if anyone is interested.

        • Kelly kettle ….that’s a sweet deal. Been waiting to buy one. Now might be the time. Thanks!

          • does it require the special fuel cakes?

      35. Dear NSA spies,
        When I called that truck stop In Boise in April of 2007 and said I needed to get a ‘lube job’ and they said $200 and I said “Hell no, I can get lubed for half that price in Amarillo.”….. I was talking about GREASING THE TRUCK!
        The transcript of that conversation has been made public, thanks to you, and it’s causing me enormous grief.
        Dammit, you’d better explain this to mrs okie before she blows a gasket!

        • Sounds like a very greasy story here…

      36. “Restore the Fourth” protests being planned nationwide

        Polls say most Amerikkkans comfortable with NSA surveillance, prioritizing safety over liberty. We deserve neither and shall lose both.


      37. For a minute there, the picture in the article reminded me of Pink Floyd’s classic- Dark Side Of The Moon.

        And speaking of Prism and Stellar Wind and all the rest, I got a few code names for the operations on our side-
        ‘Hang The Bastards From The Lamp Posts I’
        ‘Hang The Bastards From The Lamp Posts II’
        ‘Hang The Bastards From The Lamp Posts III’
        ‘Hang The Bastards…….’

      38. Still think “it’s not time yet” for an armed march on Vashington? Tell me what a badass you’re gonna be “when the time comes.” The time is now, sheeptards. The government is threatening our lives. There are no more exit ramps. It’s liberty or death. Freedom isn’t free.

        • You go ahead. I’m too old.

      39. stupid blue piggies

        4th amendment violation is new norm in ZOG AmeriKa
        *all persons secure in property , self and home no longer law .

        Boulder woman disturbed by police policy to enter unsecured residences … WTF !?

        Boulder residents who intentionally leave their doors open, may unintentionally be inviting a Boulder police officer in for a visit.

        Chrissy Smiley learned this fact in surprising fashion on Thursday afternoon when she returned to her south Boulder condo after a 40-minute walk with her dogs to find a card from a Boulder police officer sitting on her dining room table.

        Disturbed by the discovery, Smiley said she quickly called the officer back to ask why he had entered her home without her permission.

        “He was very nice. He said he had come back to follow up on another officer who had been there for something and he felt he had probable cause to make sure that I was safe,” Smiley said, adding the she found the officer’s explanation unsettling.

        * if you find yourself being Harassed ‘GANG STALKED’ by the police or private security or NOSY NEIGHBORS OR LAND LORDS … RECORD IT , KEEP A written diary time date what happened who involved who witnessed it DIARY , TAPE IT AND CALL THE STATE POLICE . FILE A LAWFUL COMPLAINT SO ITS ON PUBLIC RECORD .

        or it will just continue and escalate into something more dangerous .


        N.O. ;0p

        • So leaving the door unlocked so I can get back in after laying with the kids in the back yard is now probable cause for a donut king to enter my house. What’s to stop them from helping themselfes to whatever they want and then claiming it must have been stolen before they entered to ‘make sure I was safe’? If you have a hot wife, they’ll ‘keep her safe’ while you’re at work. But the sheeple in Boulder will be fine with this. The pig who left the card should be arrested. Next, it’ll be OK to ‘make sure you’re safe’ as long as they’re able to batter their way inside.

      40. Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Court Of Public Opinion is now in session. The Honorable Judge Moe Money presiding. All Rise…

        Be seated. Bailiff, what’s the first case?

        First case, your honor, is The People Vs. Those Damned Annoying Pharmaceutical Companies And Their Insidious TV Commercials.

        …(2 hours later…)
        (bailiff)- The Accused will rise.

        (judge)- As the COE’s of the 12 major pharmaceutical companies, you’ve been found guilty of being damned annoying, and your commercials have been found to be obnoxious and insidious. I hereby sentence you to be taken outside and shot immediately…. Next case!

        Your honor, it’s The People VS The Writers Of Those Goofy-Assed Sayings On The Taco Bell Sauce Packets.

        (1 hour later)
        judge- You’ve been found guilty of writing some of the most insipid drivel since the days of that idiot… what’s his name?… smokin brokey… I hereby sentence you to read a dog-eared copy of Men’s Prostate Health from October 1989…. Every day for the next 20 years!
        Next Case!

        Your honor, it’s The People VS Monsanto.

        (judge)- I don’t even need to bother with a trial on this one. Bailiff! Just take ’em outside and shoot ’em. Next case!

        The People VS The Department of Homeland-
        (judge)- Guilty! Take ’em out and shoot ’em! Next case!…

        • Judge Roy Bean, Law West of the Pecos

      41. Ok, a couple silly ass questions…

        Do the drones fit into all this?

        Does facial recognition software fit into all this?

        Should this be my last post on the internet?

        • “Ok, a couple silly ass questions…”

          Do the drones fit into all this?—-
          Of course they do, this is how executions are to be executed.

          Does facial recognition software fit into all this?—-
          Definitely, the drones have to make sure they are executing the right .gov dissenters.

          Should this be my last post on the internet?—-
          YOU should of never had a first post if you aren’t prepared to give your life in defense of freedom.

          “Freedom Is Not Free”
          Retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, Walter Hitchcock

          • I raised my right hand in 1978, retired in 1998. I still believe in that oath. My only question is: when I get to the part about “all enemies, foreign and domestic”, which way do I point my weapon first?

            I’ll still post, as a retired vet who held a TS/SCI clearance, I’m pretty sure I’m already on someones list somewhere.

            In the USAF Electronic Security Command, we had a saying: In God we trust, all else we monitor.

      42. Replace tyranny with tyranny, just a different asshat to wield it.

        Let me personally state I would hate being “tried” by “public opinion” when my life is on the line and would say that it can in no honest way be called justice.

        But join the club. You will find many posts which do not disagree with tyranny simply with how it is applied.

      43. My 4 yr old grandson came over the other day. He’s so much fun to play with. Plus, he provides an excuse for me to do all the childish things I want to do, even when he’s not there.
        “Grandpa, I don’t wanna play banksters and patriots anymore. Let’s have a snack.”
        ‘Wonderful idea!. I said. ‘Let’s have a pop tart. I’ll show you how to eat it into the shape of a gun!’
        He nibbled out a fairly impressive version of a .45 ACP, though the trigger was a bit gooey. He has tons of energy, and as soon as we’d finished, he wanted to go outside.
        “Let’s play that Storm The Castle game again,” he said, picking up his toy plastic pitchfork. “Only this time, you be the corrupt poly-tik-shun, and I’ll be the angry mob.”
        ‘Okay, let me put on my fake mustache. And, where did we leave the bags of play money?’

        I tell you, when the kid is around… My days are just packed!

      44. So the big question:

        Can the .gov collect/intercept data on Tor users?

        If you have proof, please give the necessary Internet links showing proof.


        N.O. ;0p

        • What’s with this hate of all thing’s Jewish?

          Did your extended family get shelled in Palestine?
          Did you lose your family farm to some corrupt banker named -stein?
          Did you lose your leg fighting in the sand box?
          Do you crush Jewish Rye bread and poke holes in bags of bagels at the store?
          Or is it just stuff you read on the internets?

          Really, what’s the deal-e-o?

          • Happy Happy Fun Fun

            NINA is just pissed because she was picked last in the is it a Camels ass or a muslim women under the Burka game
            (she was the ass )

            Jewish troll killer

        • Memories That Won’t Die–First Hand Account of Israel’s Murder of 34 American Servicemen on the USS Liberty

          • In Living Color–Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY

            • American Treachery in the Attack on the USS LIBERTY Much Deeper Than Previously Assumed


        N.O. ;0p


        N.O. ;0p

      48. Working in the online marketing field, don’t think that the Govt isn’t the only one doing this. Your customer profile of digital data is bought and sold every day. YOU are for SALE. What scares me is just how big your digital customer profile is, what you buy, what you watch, what you do, who you write to, what you write, what car you drive, what you invest in, what your perfect ‘date’ is, it is all available and sold on a daily basis. All the government has to do is buy it. They don’t need a direct connection, they could simply buy it. All those terms of services you never read almost explicitly say your data is for sale. If not, some cookie will find it and give it to someone for free. If you don’t pay cash, then everything you do is tracked, EVERYTHING. Just go into your browser and check out your cookie list, I bet you have HUNDREDS. Sure you can delete your cookies and go stealth, but you are still tracked based on what you surf. Something somewhere is tracking you. Trust, I work in this business and EVERYTHING is tracked, and when added to data that is bought and sold everyday, every company out there knows exactly who you are and your spending habits. Your IP address will tell everyone everything about you, and all those grocery store cards will tell everyone what you buy. It’s all data, simple really. The real scary part is taking all that data and aggregating it into your digital profile which brings it all together, and it is happening, government or not. Someone has it and it will be sold. Best I could say is detach and become a plumber and only buy things in cash. Other than that, you are on the grid, and will never be able to detach. If given the time, I could trace everyone on this site and build a customer profile of you in less than a day. or at the very least the profile of the user of the computer you are using. And if you are part of package where your internet is connected to your cable and phone, I could take that information and tell you what you watched yesterday on tv and who you talked to. This has been happening since the early 90’s. It’s the whole point of digital marketing! It’s the holy grail of marketing because marketers knows exactly who they are marketing to and what they want.

        • Tell me what brand computer I am using right now or anything about it. I don’t believe you can do it.

          I have tried online demos of various security tools, and they all fail miserably. Some can’t even tell which operating system I use. Zdnet had a story about one of those tools back a few years ago. I clicked on the link and it gave me absolutely nothing, just an empty white window. It wouldn’t attempt to give me operating system, browser brand or version, or even IP address.

          • Still waiting.

        • Got your “My Lowes” card yet?

      49. Got fart?

      50. seems to me they arnt scared enough of us, or maybe they are too scared of us?…seems they give us plenty of reasons to fear them..maybe if they werent such fuck ups they wouldnt have to fear us.



      52. Oh they only started this after 9/11 and only collect


        It’s the NSA, that’s what they do, and they’ve been doing it and more from the start.

        The opinions words and communications expressed in the post may or may not that of the poster. The poster reserves the right to prohibit unauthorized access, storage, distribution, or use of content including metadata. Violation and restitution will be determined by a secret court appointed secretly by secret ballot as determine by the secret poster.


        N.O. ;0p

        • 3m3mywhatever: “WOW YOUR TAKIN A WOOOOPIN”

          I can’t figure out if your a white supremacist, or a black Muslim.

          OH yeah your fighting against the evil “JUUUZE” who have done what against me. I don’t need your help. Go away.

          If I’m going to fight someone, the Jews are way down the list.

          • 9/11 was a direct israeli jew mossad attack sanctioned by our own zog fedgov dick cheney and george bush’s and the clintons against America .


            N.O. ;0p

      54. Eisen, you still make valid points on certain things and you were doing good for awhile by not insulting people. Now that you’re starting the insults again, either stop or go somewhere else. braveheart


      55. What cracks me up, is this all suppose to be for own safety – protect us from the Terry Wrists (terrorists).

        Except they don’t use mobile phones, except for bomb detonators cos they already knew that the govt could intercept and record all phone calls.

        So I wait for the political scum to tell us that, they dont want to do this but they have to, to protect us from the Terry Wrists. And hope the sheeple don’t remember that the Terry Wrists don’t use email or mobiles. And that was part of the official fairy tale as to why it was so hard to Bin Laden.


      56. NSA, the secret AT&T spy room, and 2 Israeli JEW companies

        Boom. Explosive revelations. The NSA is using telecom giants to spy on anybody and everybody, in a program called PRISM.

        But the information is not new.

        Three books have been written about the super-secret NSA, and James Bamford has written them all .

        In 2008, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed Bamford as his latest book, The Shadow Factory, was being released.

        Bamford explained that, in the 1990s, everything changed for NSA. Previously, they’d been able to intercept electronic communications by using big dishes to capture what was coming down to Earth from telecom satellites.

        In James Bamford’s 2008 interview, he mentions two Israeli companies, Narus and Verint, that almost nobody knew about. They played a key role in developing and selling the technology that allowed NSA to deploy its PRISM spying program:

        N.O. ;0p

      57. How JEW OWNED Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are all blatantly lying to their own users in denying NSA spy grid scheme

        What do Google, AOL, Skype, Facebook, Apple, Hotmail and Yahoo all have in common? They have all been caught turning over private user data to the government’s spy agency, the NSA. All these companies routinely turn over the emails, voice calls, text chats, photos, files and even logins and passwords of their users, including Americans.

        “There is a massive apparatus within the United States government that with complete secrecy has been building this enormous structure that has only one goal,” journalist Glenn Greenwald recently told Piers Morgan (who knows all about spying and hacking people’s private data). “And that is to destroy privacy and anonymity not just in the United States but around the world.”

        JEW OWNED Tech companies rush to issue (false) denials

        N.O. ;0p

        • Who fucking cares, take your lame ass shit somewhere else.

      58. An Israeli soldier has written “there is nothing better than a dead Arab” on his Facebook page, the second IDF soldier to post strongly anti-Arab sentiment on social media in as many months.

        “The Arabs are the cancer of this country and must be dealt with,” wrote the soldier, a member of the Israel Defense Forces’ Golani Brigade. “There is nothing better than a dead Arab.”

        The soldier also referred to a bus crash in Jordan last week in which Palestinians died. “I’m glad Arabs were killed,” he wrote. “I”ll be happy if not one Arab remains here, and I’m sorry only 14 were killed.”

        • Your point is? They are at war last time I checked. This proves you are a mooselim!

      59. Also this spring, Ali Abunimah reported on murderous racist statements that Israelis posted on Facebook when asked what should happen to Palestinian boys who were protesting the occupation. A few of those comments were from Israeli soldiers:

        Ohad Halevy, another soldier in the Kfir Brigade, simply wrote“Slaughter them!”…. Kfir Infantry Brigade member David Kozolovski justifie[d] violence against Palestinian children.

        Abunimah noted previous soldier racism:

        In at least one case we know of, an Israeli soldier, Maxim Vinogradov, announced on Facebook his intention to assist in the “annihilation” of Arabs just days before he shot father of two Ziad Jilani in the head as he lay on the ground in Jerusalem in 2010.

        And I have no idea if “Kimberly Rothschild” is really an Israeli soldier or if she just really likes Israeli uniforms. Whoever she is, she’s been posting vile tweets and identifying her feed with the Israeli army. Her feed says: “Zionist – anti-Obama – Capitalist – IDF”:

      60. For an ideology to die; people must die! Its only logical.
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 18, 2013

        Just erase them! Everyone! Good or bad it’ll be for the best.
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 27, 2013

        Can Muslims really claim to the title of being human? With the things they do, i’d say its very debatable!
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 18, 2013

        An old testament bloodbath is coming! Mark my words! Best you take sides now! #tcot
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 18, 2013

        Arabs need to Realise their days are numbered! #Israel
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 18, 2013

        How do you killpeople who do not exist ? And how do you “occupy” a land given to you by God ? #Israel
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 12, 2013

        If killing terrorists is a crime , then I am a f*cking proud criminal ! #IDF
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 12, 2013

        She claims to be familiar with occupied territory:

        God !! I just saw the hottest “palestinian” man ever !!!! #hebron
        — Kimberly Rothschild(@KimbRothschild) May 13, 2013

        Somehow I think Israel has a lot more to worry about than naughty bits.

      61. if they werent so dam busy watching us, maybe they would have been able to catch the Boston Bombers before they did it.Its not like thier own country was trying to tell our big wigs that these guys were a problem., oh shazam..they were and these jackholes didnt listen ,, imagine that

        seems to me they are so busy watching us they are missing the big picture…the pitcure that they are the biggest threat to everyone

        • silly THEY ARE THE BOSTON BOMBERS it was a zog fedgov false-fag attack by our own zog fedgov and isreahell mossad jews .


      62. Let’s face it. The whole situation is out of control and totally corrupt throughout every government, everywhere.
        The only solution to all this is SUPERMAN !
        NOTHING else will save us from socio-economic collapse at this late stage, nothing.
        ie we’re all screwed…
        I’m tipping it’ll all go before the end of this September.

      63. With all of this on prism I haven’t heard any of your leaders demand it bee stopped. They are collecting info at this very moment.
        Nothing is going to change all we will get is outraged blowhards huffing and puffing. Not a single word from reid, pelosi, boner none have said shit because they knew this was going on and endorsed it completely. F them.
        P.S. I’m cooking ricin my pressure cooker tonight. Anybody want to come over. Peace

      64. 3n3my:

        Mac; If this Islamist nut case keeps dominating your prepping site people just might leave.


      65. ATnT isn’t listed. The largest telecom in the world and they weren’t involved? Strange isn’t it. We still haven’t heard the whole story and we probably won’t ever know it.
        I guess all those conspiracy theories that oblamo hates weren’t theories after all.

      66. We should applaud these heroes who are blowing the whistle on gov intrusions. They are true Americans. The CIA or some other slimeball alphabet agency will probably do a rendition on the ex-CIA agent in Hong Kong who warned us. When they drag him back here and prosecute him, that is when we need to march on Washington. If they punish him, they are punishing all of us. If we remain silent, we deserve what we get.

      67. Pretty sad… We used to equate people needing “political asylum” with the oppressive Soviet Union..

      68. Mac,

        You need help building chat forums. I told someone a year ago it was named after me, maybe you should call it Jesus is coming…

        Damn I’m a dick.

        • Hey Mac,

          God Bless You and Your Family.

          • Thanks Iowa! likewise!!

      69. @ VRF. It is getting a lot closer down in South and Central America. The earthquake at the Galapagos Triple Junction just a little while ago shows massive stress still building. 100% of the time in the past a major earthquake has followed somewhere in the world, and more than 2/3 of the time it has hit South or Central America. After this area had a swarm between October 28th, and 29th of 1997, three earthquakes followed; 7.2 in Ecuador, 7.5 in China, and 6.5 in Guatamala. The issue is that this is the 37th time of out of 40 since this began back in April that targets South and Central America, and still nothing.

        South and Central America are some of the most active regions on the planet, and to go this long without something big is extremely rare. To have precursor quake after another hit, indicates that something very horrible is coming. Right now I would say there is a 30 to maybe 40% chance of a 8.5+ down there. And at least a 25% chance of a 9+. 25% chance is the same as picking a heart, spade, club, or diamond out of a deck of cards. You keep having these precursor quakes and the longer it goes on without an event, I would say that 9+ chance could reach 50% or even higher.

        You family down there should expect a possible multiple minutes shaker. It could be deeper which would buffer some of the shock. If it was 20 miles or less deep and near a populted area that would be catastrophe. Anything very large down there could have a direct affect on various faults to the north, in the U.S. depending on which fault broke and the section of the plate(s) that moved. I don’t want to be an alarmist with your family down there, but that string of southern quakes is looking a lot like right before the largest deep focus earthquake ever recorded a couple of weeks ago.

        • it all stacks on top of itself,,,

          Watch your 6

      70. The article says everything is tracked as soon as you step out your front door in the morning. Soon you won’t even have to leave your house or use anything electronic and will still be tracked, most likely. In England, they started putting cameras in the homes of some people to make sure their kids go to bed on time. Now I hear talk of them wanting to put them in everyone’s homes. Usually when England does something like that, it’s here in the U.S. in no time. When they put recorders on the streetlights over there, I said they would be here too soon, and they’re in cities everywhere in the U.S. now.

      71. OT- Eisen Kreuz technically means ferrous intersection. I think Eisen means to call himself Eisernes Kreuz, which is the black iron cross of the Teutonic Order placed above the silver cross of Jerusalem.
        Personally, I like Ferrous Bueller as his wite soup-prema-cyst name.

      72. If the NSA was not going after Americans, but terrorists as they like to claim, they would have caught Malik Nadal Hassan – a Muslim Terrorist, and dzhokhar tsarnaez and his brother who are Muslim terrorists who had youtube videos and were all over the internet, but did the NSA capture and prosecute these foreign terrorists to protect America and Americans?

        NO, NO they did not, and have not!!!

        Why is the IRS targeting Conservative Americans?

        Is the NSA snooping in on Americans to protect America and Americans from foreign terrorists? If yes, why then are there programs failing to protect America and Americans from Muslim terrorists?

      73. Damn, now what am I gonna do with all this tin foil. All my family and friends were just coming around to my views from under my Tin Foil Hat.

        Does this mean I’m not really a white conservative, business owner, pro life, prepper, Christian, Veteran, racist, right wing nut job??? Am I???

        • If your questioning yourself, Take the Red Pill!
          It’s your last chance!
          You’ve been living in the Matrix!

          • Thanks Ghostrighter, but I have my own brand of koolaid.

      74. Anyone out there looking for proof that the S is about THTF…..what could signal it more powerfully than the fact that the MSM, Republipukes, and Democraps all agree that the “Treasonous” Snowden should be tried and executed for his actions. Makes me sick to my stomach. When is enough enough people? I would bet that if a true poll was taken, >80 % of Americans would say leave this guy the hell alone. What say you?

      75. Covert Phone Techniques

        The prepaid Cell Phone
        I think next to a gun, knife and other assorted pocket items, the prepaid cell phone is one of the most necessary E&E survival tools we can have.
        If the JBT, UN forces. thought police or some other group came after you RFN, at home, work, while driving you will need to get the word out for help, SITREP, etc.
        Figure when they come for you, your phone has been a government tool for some time as well as your cell phone and everyone you contact with them. If you’ve really pissed them off, friends and family members have had their phones tapped, echeloned or whatever as well. IIRC Bob Starr had his phone tapped a decade BEFORE they arrested him on total BS. That was back in the 1990s and none of us have been low key since then to say the least.
        Also your landline and cellphone (as well as credit cards, bank account) exist only at the mercy of the government. Piss them off and your accumulated dollars and phone service vanish instantly. POOF!!!
        Wal-Mart sells prepaid cellphones as well as probably most other medium or larger department stores. Keep in mind that those stores have security cameras which are more than likely digital. This means they record you and store you near forever. Also they can zoom in and examine a pimple on your face from a city block away. No lie! They can also, since they are computers be used to track you through the entire store in real time catching any exposure of your face. This is important because if the phone is compromised in some way they will go to where it was purchased and see who bought it OR the prepaid cards.
        If you recall a few years ago a couple Arabs were buying prepaid cell phones and were arrested for terror activities for buying “too many” at one time. Keep your situational awareness going.
        You can buy the phones for $20 and cards for the same, more or less depending on minutes. I have a spare one I keep in my urban SHTF it which is not “secure” for me to play with. I have to buy a $20 card every 4 months to keep it active. For me this is cheap insurance if my cell phone dies or gets dropped into the toilet again. Don’t ask.
        My first purchase was a T-Mobile phone. You could activate it from the phone but it never worked for me. Not sure if it was a dud or what.
        My second purchase was a Tracphone. It had to be initially turned on with an active phone. I used my house phone (compromised). Other ones I would use public pay phones. Keep in mind OPSEC when you use them. Malls, gas stations and other places are full of cameras.
        I would like to find one that didn’t need a live phone to start it from. Verizon and a dozen other companies make them so I’m sure there are others.
        Needless to say, don’t activate it from your living room.
        You could buy a dozen prepaid cell phones and cards today and put them away for that “rainy day”. As long as you don’t activate (and get a phone number) they will remain good. Unless the company goes out of business.
        Having several of the same brand will allow you to use the same batteries and chargers. Having several of different brands will give you a little more security since they need to know which service you are using then say getting a record of every Tracphone in a 20 mile radius of your house. Not hard for them to do but don’t give them anything easily.
        Once you have this phone, you absolutely do not use it for regular BS, calling family, secret crap or anything else or it is compromised. It needs to remain sterile today for tomorrow.
        You can add your friend’s numbers into it or carry a card with important numbers (such as your comrades, units, safe house’s prepaid cell phones). If you lose your cell phone you give up your contacts. Better would be to memorize them but under stress you won’t recall numbers you don’t call (such as their sterile prepaid phone). If you do keep numbers in your phone, use codes for the people, for instance XXXXX could be “old geezer”. His number could also be changed a few digits to keep it secure.
        For instance.
        If his number is 123-456-7890 and you were born on 12/15, subtract 15 from the 456 to give you 123-441-7890. I chose the first three numbers because it gives a wider area to search then the few thousand people who have a 456 exchange number. You could also reverse and switch area ad exchange to give you 654-321-7890. Whatever you do make sure you remember it. This is not full proof but will give you time if your phone is taken.
        I also use my non-sterile prepaid phone for my combat communications. A cell phone will transmit around the world as long as cell phones work and you have a tower. No radio can compare to them that we have easy access too.

        Keep the FAITH


        I have a shelf full of beans in my basement!
        There….happy…now you know.
        My wife is round as a barrel and I’m not happy…hope you got that on tape…me talking to a friend. Also…. I’ve had some bad athletes foot lately
        and the water heater is leaking. Make sure you make a note of it.
        My boss is an asshole and the lady down the hall is fucking hot. Got that one? Her ass is pure art.
        I might go to the movies these weekend and I need to weed the garden I was telling my Mom. Please make sure you make a note of it. Also, my conversation with the vet…he tells me I need to give the dog his flea med. Did you hear that one too????? huh? Listing closely..some highly classified shit here. ps. My name is not Mohamed or some name that would tip you off to racially profile.

        Finally…. I’m glad you guys are listening in…as it must create many nice high paying American jobs. We’ll keep up the chatter. It’s nice to see that you are not subbing this out to China. Or are you?

        Here’s another angle…if I get accused of a crime…can I get those tapes to prove I’m just a typical dog face debt slave to the banksters who works too many hours for too little pay? No big secrets here…just a normal life of 9 to 5 indentured slavery.

        Folks…just laugh if off and get ready for the big french style revolution that’s coming. ha ha. I’m SO joking here.

        Mac..thanks for letting us ran. annon…but I’m sure they have a matching program for my ip address and know what bumper sticker is on my car.

        Regards all.

        I’m enjoying watching our country fall apart.
        You see…I fix and automate things as a computer geek.
        The more fubar this place gets…the more stable my job.

        Rooms are filled with many “planners” who cannot do shit.
        No concept of HOW TO…..just “What we will do”…then they document it and send the nightmare to me…where I pound out a crap copy…get yelled at and then they redo their “REQUIREMENTS DOCUMENTS”… AKA… TOILET PAPER.

        In a world of too many MBA types….with too many degrees and not enough horse-sense… I’m loving life. Thank God for so many educated fools.

        I’m sure these types are running the govt. and the mad house.

        Now that’s survivalism…. be faster than the slowest fuck in camp…the bear will enjoy his ass. ha

        Cha ching, poutang.
        BTW… if the SHTF… can I barter for Sex? tee hee

      77. JOG, Just One Guy has left the building. He has a final post of which I will copy and paste in the next day or two.


      78. @GonetooLong ~ Snowden is a Patriot. A hero.
        Snowden now has to give it all up and go into hiding, for
        fear of his life. A horrible, terrible, and sad
        sacrifice for revealing the abuse of power by an out of
        control U.S. government.

        • Ironic that he had to flee to ‘totatitarian’ communist China to try to be safe.

          • Have you seen the babes in China, Robert? Slim, attractive, and very feminine. Southern China is LOADED with hotties.

            This guy had it planned to a “P”. 🙂

      79. Dang, I guess I shouldn’thave made so many fake drug deals :-). It doesn’t matter if I have anything to hide, privacy doesn’t matter to them anymore.

      80. i didnt look to see if it was posted, but Rand Paul is pushing a class action law suit against this, he needs 10,000 to sign on

        • Last I heard, Rand was still on the fence about this. He’s one of them, and as full of shit as his daddy, the lifelong CONgressman.

      81. To all you Obama haters, listen to McCain. One of the few things that old fart has said that is true is your elected representatives voted for this. They knew what they were voting for despite their pleas of ignorance, even you super hero Rand Paul. Realize all these morons are just trying to make political hay but will do nothing. They are just like the gun and ammo industry. Both try to whip up fear and paranoia to get something from you, and you idiots are too stupid to not fall for it.

      82. “They’ve Been Collecting Data About ALL Domestic Calls Since October 2001”

        To be able to do that, they must have had the infrastructure in place LONG before September 11, 2001…


      83. Eisen, we’re all against what TPTB have been doing to this country as much as you are, but you need to direct your rage toward the bankers and politicians, NOT THE GOOD PEOPLE OF THIS SITE. Plus, don’t trust anything put out in these polls; they’re just as deceptive as anything else in the MSM. I’m starting to wonder who the REAL enemy is? NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      84. I am worried, can the President be impeached because of this lying and invasion of privacy thing?

        • you are kidding–right?? 🙂

      85. Since 2001 they have been collecting, so what is the punishment for defrauding the citizens trust?

        I propose for starters and starting with President Bush and every politician who knew of this be striped of 100% of their Gov. benefits, tax payer salaries and tax payer pensions.

        Next to repeat this process with any politician who knew of this including President Obama.

        Now for those who actually did the spying, strip them of their benefits and strip them of their citizenship then deport them to Russia of some other Commie country.

        Then watch the corruption start to dry up, watch how astute the next generation of politicians are to the Constitution and B.O.R.


        First– I found out the EXTENT of the spying. Next, I was furious when TPTB switched focus form the horrible crimes of the Obama administration to the acts of the whistleblower– acting as if he were a criminal! Just unbelievable.

        This is from a letter I wrote to a friend:

        “In Germany, at first no one knew that Hitler was turning the democracy into a dictatorship. Finally, when everyone became suspicious, Congress tried to act, to stop him! But at that point, it was too late! Congress no longer had any power. The rule of law had been subverted. It was all over.”

        And yes, Hitler took the guns too…

      87. It isn’t just the fact that the U.S. is now a “1984-type Surveillance-State”, or the fact they are stealing all our civil liberties, going for our guns– which we need to protect our homes against rapists and burglars,etc.. what’s worst of all is this little article I came across the other day at

        “Leaked Document: Military Internment Camps in US to be Used for Political Dissidents.” PLEASE read this and pass along to others to read!!! Its the absolute worst thing I ever read the pigs have done… our country is gone!!!

      88. “When injustice beomes law, Revolution becomes duty”


      1. Mount Computers | 27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine - [...] fact that we are collecting trillions of pieces of information on people all over the planet is a massive embarrassment and…

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