Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Headline News | 676 comments

The agenda no longer needs to be hidden from public view. With President Obama winning another term and democrats taking control of the Senate, the move to fundamentally change America from within has begun – with a vengeance.

We’re all aware of the restrictive gun laws in the State of California which require low capacity magazines for handguns, fixed magazines for “assault” rifles, and a whole lot of running around just to be granted the right to carry a concealed firearm.

Now, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), who has championed gun control in her state for decades and co-wrote the original assault weapons ban enacted by the federal government in the 1990’s, wishes to bring even more stringent federal mandates to the land of the free.

What is being proposed by Feinstein is the most significant attack on the second amendment in history.

It would essentially ban thousands of firearms and require gun owners to turn them over to the Federal government.

I don’t have the minutes of the meeting (yet), but sources tell me California Senator and longtime gun-hater Dianne Feinstein’s legal staff held meetings on Friday with FTB/ATF legal staff to discuss a new “Assault Weapons Ban” Madame Feinstein would be looking to push through Congress if President Obama wins reelection.

This same “pretty good intelligence” says the items that would lead to a ban would ban pistol grips and “high-capacity” magazines, eliminate any grandfathering and ban sales of “weapons in possession”.

I don’t know about you, but if these things come to pass and I’m “in possession” I’m certainly not selling.

In fact, the lack of interest in the idea surprised the California liberal’s legal staffers. Apparently, they believe no logical person could possible disagree with them.

I began receiving the first reports of increases in gun buying by people concerned about tomorrow’s election. Dealers in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama and Indiana all tell me there hasn’t been a huge number of buyers expressing those concerns, but the numbers were noticeable.

Among that group -and the majority of “regular” purchasers- the core driving most of the purchasing seem to be in their mid-to-late 30s. Again, home and personal defense are the most frequently cited reasons for buying.

Source: Shooting Wire

At a Congressional budget meeting in September of this year, Feinstein alluded to her desire to reintroduce federal assault weapons ban regulations similar to those she helped cosponsor and pass in 1994 during the Presidency of Bill Clinton:

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to say, once again, in legislation, weapons of war do not belong on our streets…”
September 5, 2012

Is it any wonder that shares of stocks like Smith & Wesson and Ruger surged this morning in response to President Obama winning a second term? While the majority of stocks across the world are in the midst of a sell-off and economic conditions indicate the country is in a recession, America’s gun owners aren’t waiting to see what happens next.

Senator Feinstein is serious, and despite this most recent report appearing only as a rumor, her comments earlier this year and her actions two decades ago, should leave no question as to where this is headed.

They are coming for our guns; plain and simple.

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    1. Federalist45


      Read Bracken and you will know the future of America pretty darned well. He has it about as right as one can get it.

      • Ranger

        Seat belt…check. Helmet….check. Preps…check. Buckle up, this is going to be a bumpy ride…stay awake and keep your wits about you. And above all, believe that there’s a way out of this mess. btw: Market tumbles today. Nope, couldn’t see that coming at all (w/ sarcasm on). Cheers.

        • KY Mom

          I can’t see this getting passed in Congress. But, there is always the “auto pen” or a U.N. mandate.

          According to a recent executive order, (see below) we must now OBEY international regulations as dictated by the U.N.

          Does this mean “international law” will take precedence over our laws and Constitution?

          Remember this…
          May 1 – Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring U.S. to Follow International Regulations

          Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation – 5/1/2012

          Obama: “The Best is Yet to Come”
          (“Now the REAL work can begin.”)

          REUTERS: ‘Victory puts Obama in position to expand government’s reach’

          Accelerating the March Toward One World Governance

          • John Q. Public

            The Master Race is getting very nervous about he awakening of the ‘goyim.’ Of course the tribe’s banksters and ‘machers’ want to disarm us.

            • clint hospo

              fuck them and fuck you diane feinsteinand I mean it you stupid bitch and I mean stupid!!! this is not just your country its the people’s country stupid cunt!! you can shut the fuck up. This is our country and you in my book are treading on our 2nd admendment clearly. ATF and whoever wants to record this are in clear violation of our rights and you are the traitors and we must protect our law and rights at any cost!!! you are the liars and thiefs and traitors who lied to the people to get into office. you have caused the problems in this country. We will not obey to this! We will all bond together on this stronger than ever. Go to hell

              • Molon Labe 1776

                Molon Labe traitors! Come get some.

              • AZ Ready

                Hey clint, please don’t hold back your thoughts and emotions, you are confusing us!

                Totally agree man!!!

              • Archer25

                YEA…… WHA HE SAID!

              • jay

                GET SOME!!! My rifle says bring it on witch

              • Joe U

                What was that? I didn’t quite catch your meaning 🙂 We have to have each others’ backs.

              • clint hospo

                On top of this I think I heard on rush about 6 months ago she was talking about ak-47’s saying something like “lets ban the ak’s with black synthetic stocks but not the wooden stocks, they look pretty and don’t look that threatning.” Something to that extent. If this is true she is one dumb work of art. Hey stupid bitch treading on our rights, don’t you know they are the same gun and makes no difference what color or type of stock is on the gun, shoots the same.

                My God when I heard this it was unreal to believe someone is that stupid! Hey stupid bitch why don’t you and Obama,Reid,Pelosi,Maxine watters,debbie does obama shultz and every jessie jackson JR, Senior, adobted,dead and toddler jacksons and elizabeth warren go to fantasyland and take your deadbeats asses and stay there. We don’t need any of you idiots. Like to see all you work at dunkin donuts.

              • clint hospo

                I reposted this but– Print some pictures of diane and Obama saying this is what they wanna do and post at gun shops and start spreading this. gun owners will absolutely allow you to post a page or 2 at their shops. it threatens their business and want to know whats going on and a lot of people that buy guns are not as engaged as us and dont know this since MSM does not post this stuff. good poing braveheart! I’m going to do this here in The midwest tomorrow if I can find the acutal article. Sure it will be out very soon since obama gets off his vacation he is taking again.

                people are so stupid voting for a liberal. do they realize that without businesses doing good more jobs are going to lay off or fire people. Big deep cycle thats going to happen. Please preps or even new preps you dont have to go nuts on prepping but at least have a couple months of food and enough water to take care of yourself. you can never be too prepared and that goes with weapons and with all these deadbeats wanting to loot your home or your family.
                Watch yourself in the streets and always be aware. Women you can absolutely take care of yourself with just a 3-4 inch knife like a spyderco or any sharp knive. Women if a man grabs you all you have to do is pull out a knive and This will not sound nice but all you have to do is take your knive and slice the perp straight across the ab area and his whole guts and small intestines will come out and its over for him. its like poking thru a hard orange and going straight across the whole area. doesnt take much and dont be afraid of this. It will be all over B4 you know it. This works. you have nothing to be afraid of!

                IF your in a headlock or a chokehold you still can use your right hand and pull your knive out and stab them in the leg or possibly in the abs to drop them or slice them right across the arm and they will lose all control of the arm. must be done quickly and you have only less than 5 sec but practice and do it quickly and can save your life. Dont be afraid. you should be angry and focused when this happens! Cant be scared. you dont always have to be in this mode. but if you know your in a bad area, think about this and get into this mindset when in bad area. can save your life from rape or other things. that is my tip of the day to women or men. I knive is great for defense and many dont expect it!!!!!

              • clint hospo

                Someone told me to use spaces and I did now, hope that helps making what I read easier. Im bad at writing.

              • KY Mom

                In the news this morning…

                “Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.

                U.N. delegates and gun control activists have complained that talks collapsed in July largely because Obama feared attacks from Republican rival Mitt Romney if his administration was seen as supporting the pact…”


              • DRD5508

                Boy, isn’t she ugly? jay, people like her, pukelosi, etc..they’ll never face us, they’ll have a buffer between them and us.

              • SANDEE

                I agree with Clint 100%. And as Americans we need to ban together. Dont be fooled, everyone of them in the white house is a traitor. They HATE America and what we stand for. D. Feinstein needs to retire she is waaaay to old. Our 2nd admendment means nothing to her. Remember people the goverment works for us!!!!!!!!!!!

              • 2heavyb

                Hah-Hah, I showed my wife your post. It sounds exactly like my rants at the television. I am leaving California after staying for a job after the service. I still have that good paying hobbit can’t stay here anymore

              • JustOneGuy

                Howdy clint,

                A thought just occured to me, you might ‘like’ this;

                “Diane Finkelstein” = “Dyin’ Frankenface”

                There you are, a happy thought for the day!

                Note: I don’t usually apply ‘ad hominem’ tactics but in this case I’ll make an exception!

              • Free American

                This Feinstein cunt has her head up her ass if she thinks those of us who want to keepour guns will ever give them up to a soliali like her–unless she comes knocking personally on my door and asks very nicely that is lol.

              • tinsandmoney

                she should be arrested for being possibly the biggest idiot this great country has seen. She may be even dumber than FDR.

          • JustMe

            KY MOM,

            Thank you for your posts, keeping people aware of these issues.

            • KY Mom


              You are welcome! 🙂

              I have learned so much from the articles and posts here. I try to contribute something to the discussion.

              KY Mom

          • wally

            this wont get past the house or represenatives…

            • ARIZONA

              WALLY,those slime you think are going to protect the rights of the people are nothing but lying whores,they have already sold you and your family down the shitter years ago,look into EO march 16 ,2012,there’s your proof………………….

          • Luther

            E.O! Bypass congress, then congress has 60 days to challenge an E.O. But congress has never challenged an E.O. before.

            • Anton Hackl

              Per congress not challenging an E.O.

              Fine…I will!
              Thru the cross-hairs of a Leupold Tactical scope!

              Let their JBTs come!

            • Jeremiah

              It may be true that the Congress has not challenged an Executive Order, but the US Supreme Court has, twice. Once during the Clinton Administration and once during the Truman Administration. If any Executive Order is seen as illegal. The US Supreme Court can bring about legal actions and thus leading to Congressional hearings and even impeachment. If they come after our guns I see the Supreme Court doing something about it. It is believed, and of course this is an estimate, that there are some 100 million gun owners in this country. That is a huge number. It is also believed that nearly 90% of those people have weapons that could be banned. I highly doubt that the government would get very far before they meet overwhelming opposition. Then we can drag all politicians that are guilty out into the street and set the example of what will happen if they take our freedoms.

              • Buck

                I would love to see their (politicians) sorry asses drug out in the streets

              • ARIZONA

                WE have a lot of traitors in colorado,and I bought 100ft. of new ROPE just for them,it should support 1000 lbs.weight at a fall,but I really do think they should be nailed to a TREE,and have their skin removed,and left for the poor straving animals to eat………………..

          • John W.

            In one year we will not recognize this country. Think it is bad now? we ain’t seen nothing yet.

            • Kathy M

              After the results of the election came in, all I could see in my mind was the picture that we saw right after 9/11…..the one with the eagle shedding a single tear. The picture is no longer posted around the office, etc. but it is time to get it back out.

          • possee

            I’ll take Executive Order for 200 dollars!

            That’ll make all guns illegal usurping Congress and all our paper laws that are ignored anyways..

            Either turn in your weapons or
            face incarceration
            seizure of all property
            and fema for all your family

            the choice is yours


            and after you do comply

            you’re off to fema camp anyways..lol


            • HAROLD



              • ARIZONA

                HAROLD,you are right,but you did forget what they been bragging about,these sick slime are bragging there going to feed the children in the fema camps to their guard dogs,THIS should be more then a good enough reason to fight these slime ,we plan to feed every soldier coming to our area to our dogs, one piece at a time………………

            • ARIZONA

              THAT buffer they talk about,the one between government,and the people being robbed and killed by the government,IS none other then the terrorist gang known as THE POLICE GANG,so remember when its time to round these criminals up ,the police gang work for them and aways have,DON’T think for a second they will be on your side,THEY WON’T………………..

          • Mechanic43

            Executive order.

          • Sam

            You are so right on—This will be implemented through the UN

          • Gregory8

            KY Mom: Signing any EO saying that the U.S. will follow international regulations is about as useless as signing a petition in high school=pretty damn meaningless. The Constitution is the supremem law of the land and the President, EO, or not can’t override it, period. The U.N. tready on arms sales everyone is worried about must be passed by a 2/3 majority in the Senate before becoming law. That’s 67 senators have to vote for it and they don’t have nearly enough. Now having the BATFE change the rules of the game is another matter. By law but all proposed changes must be open for a certain period to allow for public comment. This allows groups like the NRA, GOA, and others to comment on them and challenge them before a judge if necessary. A change in rules could take months if not years should one or mone interest groups persue it through the court system. Lastly, if this administration tries to do what Clinton did, it has to go through both houses of congress and the Republicans still control the House. Last time is was the Democrats and the Speaker was Tom Foley who pushed it through the House, who promptly lost his seat to Republican in a district that hadn’t had one in over 50 years. None the less, we still need to be watchful and continue with our preps.

            • MXLord327

              Wrong, if the president signs it and congress doesn’t act, it automatically has the full force and effect of law.

            • NW Prepper

              The UN Arms Treaty already passed. A couple months ago..when nobody was looking.

            • Wizzardly

              The Vienna Convention, which the US signed, specifies that any international treaty signed by the representative of a nation (the President, or Secretary of State in the US), must be implemented without hindrance unless rejected by that government’s representatives (the Congress in the US). All Harry Reid has to do is refuse to allow a motion to reject a treaty to get to the floor of the Senate and it will become the law of the land, trumping federal, state and local laws and any judicial ruling (including the Supreme Court in the US). _

          • Larry

            I hope you don’t mind but I’ve GOT to post this to FB!!!

            • Jaimie

              Do Not Post to Facebook!!!!!!!!!!  Don’t use Google.  They are profiling us, they have been for the past year or so.  My articles regarding Obama and his executive orders, impeachment bill and other negative articles were deleted by FB.  Either their being deleted or not being “seen” by my friends.  Stay away from FB.  If what we all think is coming down the pipeline, don’t let yourself be know that you are Pro America and not an Obama Supporter on FB, Google and watch what you say on the cell phones. After all the research I’ve done the past month, I’m scared, very scared.  I’m a  married woman with a daughter and I could not imagine why anyone in this country would vote for a man that is going to destroy this country. Wake up America!  Everyone will wake up when its too late!!  For all of those that know what’s going to happen, we need to prepare ourselves.  Stay vigilant.  The terrorist is in our backyard, the POTUS.

          • mmm442

            the civil war has begun… are you ready!?!?!

          • Rockplanet

            Feinstein looks like Hitler’s daughter. I say its time to force California to secede so they can set up their own idiocracy. Puerto Rico could come in so there will still be 50 stars on the flag plus they would have a much easier to handle social issue. 

          • Gods Creation

            I don’t believe that many will surrender their guns. If they have such weapons as “assault rifles”, they know their purpose for being protected in Law.

            Ignorance of the law is no defense, ignoring the unlawful dictate is a duty.

            • snake eater

              would dsomeone please explain to me what an assault weapon is??????could it possible be the stick i hit you over the head with?? or the rock i throw at ya?

              • Tomahawk

                According to the Dept Of Defense definition, an “assault weapon” is a semiautomatic firearm with the capability to switch to fully automatic.

                So those AK47’s and AR15’s many folks have are NOT “assault weapons” by definition because they are semiautomatic only. In much the same sense the old M1 Garand is a battle rifle, not an “assault weapon”.

              • AZ Ready

                To me, anything one uses to assault with is an assault weapon, such as a Bic pen thrust to the throat. Hey Feinstein, going to ban ball point pens too???

              • Wilson

                Would you provide a link to where the definition is found?

            • Tk4usa

              I agree but I do have to say that ” Fienstien is one ugly woman, or is she just a ugly man ? “

              • SonOfSam

                man or woman would assume “human”. No way in hell, is my response to the idea that Feinstein is of the species homo sapiens

              • PO'd Patriot

                What a horrid wretch. I was going to say it was a face that only a mother could love but that would be a reach.

              • DRD5508

                Locator, this morning, on the way to work, I encountered 2 homeland security guys at the convient store. Asked them if their badge supercides mine. They asked what is mine? I replied the 2nd amendment. They were speachless (dumb founded). Smiled as I left.

              • AnyMouse

                Fiensteen is neither human, he or she. IT is an asexual troll.

              • Angelo Mysteriouso

                Her uglyness IS what is meant in Christs Parable of the Wheat And Tares…Read it fully.

                The Good land owners field workers planted His wheat seeds. Then its dark and late so workers go to bed etc…A couple go into the fields again and see that now besides wheat there are Also “Tares”(weeds that appear same as wheat, so close in apearance need an expert to tell difference).

                Woried, the workermen go tell the rich landowner. Workers ask Him..”Should be go imidiatly to Uproot them tares/weeds?”

                Owner tells the workers NO! You must wait untill the time for Harvest, as thats when its all Matured(wheat And tare weeds both)…Because Only when fully Matured is it Very easy for even an amature to see difference between wheat, and tare weeds.

                After Jesus spoke this parable, His apostles asked.”Lord you confuse us with such difficult parables, tell us what did you mean by all that?”

                JESUS: I speak in parables so as to confuse those who are Not called, so They wont get wise to my true plans etc…

                As for the wheat vs tares/weeds …This is what it truely means…The rich Land owner/employer of field workers IS GOD the Father…His land/fields IS entire land on earth.

                The Field workers are Gods Good Children, but the Evil one who crept in after Dark/nite…And who planted his “Bad”/evil seeds aka tares or weeds is the DEVIL! Satan!

                Satan planted his bad weed seed(evil children of the devil or Serphant Seed offspring in book of Genisis garden of eden etc).

                Reason workers(good children) are told wait till harvest time when all plants are Matured. Is to make CERTAIN that ZERO colatoral dammage or harm occures to the Wheat plants(wheat=Gods children and children of field workers who plant their seeds aka childrens Human fathers etc).

                Once Mature all workers will be able to eaisily determine which are wheat and which are tares(devils seed aka offspring back since eden aka satans kids/evil ones)

                NOW! How this applies to Finestien?…Easy…In garden of eden God cursed satan and said “I(God) will put Enmity(devisions and hatred) between Your seed(satans) and the Womans seed(Eves aka Gods good kids).

                to see what it means?…Jump fwd to Jesus tells pharisee rabbi’s and their jew followers “Ye(you) Are of Your Father the DEVIL/Satan!…He(satan) is a Liar-Thief and Murderer and been so since the VERY begining!(garden of eden aka begining of mankind).You(jews) Will Do the Lusts of Your father the Devil.(Lie swindle Murders).

                Who/What is Finestien?…She is a jew aka an askenazi Khazer jew probobly russian or polish persuassions.

                And also a Rabid Zionist(rabid seperatist racist jews who subscribe to Talmude teachings etc).

                So Dianes massive distorted facial features, also so evident on vast majority of her “tribe” is Now so much more evident because obviously We/the world…Are Fast aproaching the HARVEST time!

                When it will be super easy to tell which kids(Gods vs Satans) are which so NONE of Gods good called ones(elect aka christians) get taken Out!

                Jesus said at end of parable, the Tares/weeds will get UP rooted, Roots and all(so never agan can sprout!) and His workers and angels will bundle them tare weeds together into bundles and TOSS em ALL into the Fire(Hell fires).

                BUT: As for the WHEAT(Christain saved elect ones) They will be taken Into My Fathers(Gods) Storehouses and not a one shall be harmed!(Gods storehouses= Heaven on Earth etc)’

                Now you know why She, finestien and her brethren tribe who at first glance can be mistaken for “White folks”(they do have causasion, mixed with Edomite/Turkish and Hunn/attilla hun and Asian Mongrol) are Really Khazer jewish folks aka Satans evil seeds since garden of eden era!

                6000 years of it soon comming to a showdown!..PS We the Wheats WIN!!!!!!…pss I concure, yes she IS an ugly wench no if ands or butts about it.

                Check out more of their group…Greenspan? Shumer? Liberman? Boxer(shudder!) ET AL etc etc.

                This Parable is also swell as Bedtime storys for small kiddies by Moms and Dads who Care!

              • DRD5508

                Angelo, the caucasians are from the two tribes of Israel that emmigrated through the caucas mtns. Though many call them jews, it is by inclusion. A lot of white people better get it right; if you say you are caucasian you are semetic/jewish. So always say/write you are other, i.e. non caucasian.

            • Armedtotheteeth

              I am, sadly, no longer relying on the “law” to protect me. God has bestowed certain unalienable rights on us, thats my law. The results from last night indicated to me that this site just became a past tense scenario. Bring it you pieces of shit, im ready!

              • NO1LOCATOR

                Armedtotheteeth I am like you i trust no one with the law,Dr,F.S.,Homeland security,or any other branch of service that is our public area, The military guys i have spoken to, also say we will be side by side when it breaks out,the ones that are here that are grouping together are smart, no one can join them, Due to spy’s by gov. Bet they will let us join when we are risking our skin to protect our neighbors and friends ….The UN will be here some day and target rich area at that time this is America, We are free people and will stay free!!

          • Wilson

            Aw heck, duplicates compliments of the droid.

        • Be informed

          I lived in kalifornia and I would not even go back to the state even for tourist purposes. I live back in the 1980’s and then the laws were suffocating and horrible. Now I know people that live out there and when they go to other “free” states they are SHOCKED to how other fellow citizens live. It is not just the horrendous anti-gun laws, it is so much like the restrictive east coast laws. One thing that california has yet to do is ban stun guns and stun batons, but give them a chance to do it and they will join the other 8 states that want people to defend themselves against an attacker or a wild animal with a rolled-up copy of the los angeles times newspaper.

          The best advice i can give to someone that wants and respects freedom is to move out of a place like this. As a citizen or resident of the United States, anyone can live anywhere in the U.S. as long as they are not in prison or on probation or something. People don’t have top suffer through this, they can find better. Besides that the San Andreas is ready to break, way overdue for it. The smog in most places is the worst in the western hempishere other than Mexico City. The state tries so hard to resemble some of the most constrictive European countries. It is a mess, and really people move all the time out of it, the desire and the willingness to sacrifice some or even much has to be there to find a better place to live. Most people can swing it financially to, especially if they can sell their property there in california and purchase a much nicer place in another state.

          Will this anti-gun movement spread to other states? Yes it will. The free states have to draw a line no matter what and not back down to self defense of the citizens. The old notion of just banning weapons supposingly used by criminals and terrorists is an old tactic and only leads the more restrictive measures. Besides that most people that own guns, and that is ALL types of guns are extremely responsible and more careful practicing safety than people using other devices could ever be. Never or seldom do you here about the people that are completely safety wise with their firearms from these total radicals that hate firearms, likely without ever firing any of them or seeing guns very useful purpose in preserving life and protecting the quality of life.

          • TheGuy

            Come on you know why, do I have to spell it out for you?

            Economic collapse the likes of which makes 1929 look like a picnic, coupled with a lot of inner city hand-out types that normally really WOULDN’T go there but now they’re dying and they are suicidal… so what have they got to lose…

            All of them with 30 round mags.

            Suicidal people do really screwy shit. There’s nothing scarrier.

            I am DEFINITELY NOT saying I agree or anything but I mean I get why at least.

            • SonOfSam

              hey TheGuy, I call bullshit: the government wants to ban LAW ABIDING citizens like us from having weapons to defend ourselves; the gimme girls and gangstas on the other hand can have all they like.

              I was a Boy Scout from my earliest days, I still salute the flag and I believe in the American way; but there is ZERO chance that I will ever voluntarily surrender my right to defend myself, and the tools with which I will do so. So no, I don’t give a shit what the pretext is that Feinstein or Obama or any of the rest of them want to advance, its all BULLSHIT

          • bang bang

            What are they going to do?Arm our troop’s with banded weapon’s.They are trying to dis arm us so they can own us.Let me tell you Frankenstien.I stand up for my belief’s.I fell in love with a woman and that left her husband who thought he owned her because they were married.She moved in with her step dad who is now passed.I had just moved to where I lived when I met and fell in love with her.He lived a couple states away.I told her that if a man loves a woman he would die for her.I never said a bad word to or about him.He showed up 3 in the morning and tried to pysically harm me.To no avail.He then showed up with a gun a week or so later in which I was at work.I got a call at work that the police had got the gun.They gave it backthe next day.Then he showed up a week later.I ended up being shot 7 times as fast as he could pull the trigger after ducking the first shot!I stood and took them all and never staggered back an inch.When he turned to my friend I went inside and got his wife to give me the pistol she had.He was trying to get in and I shot threw the glass .The gun only shot one time .I threw the gun to the floor and waited behind the door.I stuggled with him though I could’nt feel my hand’s and was shot 1 more timefrom floor level that went threw me too.I still held on to him and we walked backwards and sit down on the couch and the gun did’nt fire.I got it shook out of his hand and went to my knee’s and grabbed the gun.Why I was on ,my knee’s he was hitting me in the forehead.I looked up and said the law is on the way.He walked around me with a smile on his faceand left stealing my friend’s truck and went and did more damage and ended up being chased and caught.I know what it is like to lay dying.I went and layed under a tree when I stagered outside.I made my peace with the Lord.I went threw the chills and everything for probably 45 minute’swhen I heard my name being called.It was a police officer.When I gave him a self diagnosis of my injuries I ask if anyone else had been shot.He told me my friend had been shot and that we were both going to be air lifted out.I told him to get him out and do not worry about me.Just tell my family that I love them and I am sorry for anything that I ever did or said to hurt them.I could not ask for abetter family.Gid spared me and my friend.But let me tell you I stand up for what I believe in.The first thing the police officer told me when he visited my room in the hospital was that when they caught him he said he was going to finish the job when he got out.and in the court room he tried to make the judge believe he caught us in the bedwhich was BS.He told the judge that that was his wife.The judge told him she’s your wife but not your property.I grew up hunting and fishing since I was 2 for food.It was’nt for the fun of it.I am sick of you people trying to tell every one what they can and cannot have as if everyone were criminal’s.I think your chicken shit.Your trying to disarm true American’s so we ca’nt defend our selve’s when you come an try to take over.Attacking our economy in every way from a grain of salt to anything that we need to survive and thing’s that we enjoy.So if you think that I will just hand over my gun’s when I have done nothing wrong.Well think again.Maybe I willdie but at least I will die with dignity.My father died in my arm’s and I have his belt buckel.I am sure you have heard it before.I will give up my gun when they pry open my cold dead finger’s from it.Which if you read this it probably want mean any touching the heart kind of thing cause you and your peer’s are cold hearted.Gun’s do’nt kill people the people kill with gun’s. Any of you bastard’s want to put the gun’s down and meet me in the street,or the other way around that’s find to.You try to prey on the weak or make them weaker than you.You do’nt want people doing anything that circulate’s money between us for survival.Stick it where the sun does not shine.Another thing too,well if I tell you everything then you will know and it will be as if I do’nt know anything.

      • JoeRepublic

        The real question should be: “What idiot turns in their guns to the federal thugs?”

        Oh yeah, I remember, the same idiots that handed over their gold in 1933. Right, and most everyone else placed their gold in a nice sturdy container, found a nice safe location and buried it! I expect the same from gun owners that have pistol grips and high-cap mags.

        Just because some criminal passes legislation in a corrupt government through an unlawful, bought and paid for process, doesn’t make it right. Adolf Hitler made everything nice and legal too. So did Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot. Yep, all nice and tidy on paper, but we all know they were tyrants. Now it’s America’s turn.

        Will you turn in your shit?

        • KY Mom

          They may use the courts to get the “gun control” they want.

          This could be the first serious danger of the Obama victory

          “The re(s)election of Barack Obama has assured… a guaranteed gun grab in the coming months.”

          With aging Supreme Court members, one or more are going to retire during the next four years.


        • European American

          It was calculated that in ’33 only 10% of the population handed over their gold. What does that tell you?

          ‘Will you turn in your shit?’

          Fuck no.

          • Ryback

            Look how much help Obama needed, from Hollywood, MTV, Old washed up rockers, rappers, 20 million mexicants, who knows how many illegal, never questioned? And only won by what a few hundred thousand, No where near a landslide. VERY WEAK. 4 more years of same old bullshit, same old assclowns, this time their going to push harder, ITS TIME TO PUSH BACK……. WATCH YOUR SIX>>>> TAKE NO SHIT….

            • ironeagle

              i have this to fucking say they may take our lands they may take our jobs but they will never take my fucking guns for any one tries they will be sorry for the only way the get my guns is ove my dead redneck body

              • Justin Case

                Take my love, take my land
                Take me where I cannot stand
                I don’t care, I’m still free
                You can’t take the sky from me
                Take me out to the black
                Tell them I ain’t comin’ back
                Burn the land and boil the sea
                You can’t take the sky from me
                There’s no place I can be
                Since I found Serenity
                But you can’t take the sky from me…

            • JOHN DOE

              In his speech he mentioned something about being gay.

              • Stepabove

                think it’s the f ing Gun part

                could be dangerous

                Safty first

          • John W.

            Problem is in Calif. you have to have it registered, when you buy it. They know who has them. Hope the real estate market stays stable for awhile as the time to move has arrived.

            • Anton Hackl

              @ John W.

              Had a cop friend in martial arts class years ago, a good dude.
              Sometimes after evening class, we’d grab a beer & talk.
              This subject was discussed in length, a time or two & his advice was…

              Hit the yard sales heavy NOW, buy old lamps, dishes, glasses etc.
              Remove your good stuff & weapons, then get momma & kids outta the house. But she’s got to be in on it & be tough.

              Replace your stuff with yard sale items. While family is away, you break in & trash the place wearing gloves. Break dishes, lamps, empty closets, cabinets & chest-o-drawers, flip mattresses etc.
              Be sure to cut the phone lines too. Do this in the wee a.m. hrs.

              Call the cops & report break-in & theft of property, especially registered guns! Get copy of police report & keep handy to show to authorities when they come looking for the weapons.

              …in truth, I suspect that the JBTs would take you off anyway, because if you were on a registration list, they’re gonna assume you know how to use one.

              Remember, you ARE the WEAPON…rifles, pistols & shotguns are merely TOOLS!

              In my opinion, we’re better off making them PAY DEARLY for attempting to enforce such folly.

              Aim small, miss small!

              • John W.

                They are going to need housing for all our newly amnestied citizens. What better way than the homes of those who get taken away.T ruly hope I am just being paranoid.

              • ARIZONA

                Anton the dod already have told their suckasses their not after the guns,there after the people who know how to use them,the guns are not there MAIN TARGET,YOU ARE,adolf hitler used the same method,HE WENT AFTER THE BIKERS AND VETERANS FIRST,then the guns………………………the anti-christ obama will do the same thing,round up the dangerous people first,the GIRLYMEN SECOND,the guns third……………………………..

        • Johnny Geetar

          Not no, but HELL no!Any form of administrative confiscation enacted WILL fail miserably. If they want em, they’re gonna have to go door to door and come GET em, the old fashioned way. Now, how many folks in law enforcement or the military would volunteer for THAT duty? Maybe a few nuts out there that really like a challenge.
          Fact is, if we refuse to give em over, they AIN’T gettin em…….They come to the door & get pushy, they go home ventilated.
          Look at the tri-state area this last week! You got folks defending hearth and home with tennis rackets and axes! I ain’t giving them Dick! My family WILL NOT BE LEFT EXPOSED because some pinko broad in California has a problem with it…..
          Further, how long do you think the US military will sit tight while the progressives land UN troops on our shores to collect the guns? My guess? Not long at all.

          • ARIZONA

            JOHNY ,the new age military don’t give a shit about the MONROE DOCTRINE, THE CONSTITUTION,THE DICK ACT OF 1902 or anything else,they were trained to suck off their sargent and they will,the top DOD people sold america out the day they got their first stripe,cause they had to suck there way to the top,and freedom don’t mean shit to them ,wake up ……………………….

            • TC

              ARIZONA!!! Im in the military… and your fucking wrong. I have been in for 10 years and have been to Iraq and Afgn 7 times!!! On the ground in trucks and now in rescue. We are the biggest group of Gun and American lovers you will ever find. I know groups of guys and their fams that have plans for travel when the shit hits the fan. And just for your “SA” When Katrina hit, the state and government wanted us and local LE to take The Peoples weapons away so they can shuffle them into buildings to be raped and killed!!! Yeah a few shot at us out of anger… They were dealt with. <What do you think those crazy bad dudes did to those that weren't military or LE and or couldn't defend themselves? When the boss men came over to give us authority to take weapons… The guys I know said politely "Go Fuck Yourself" With that said ARIZONA… "Go Fuck Yourself!!!" You know nothing and you sound like a traitor. Maybe you cant serve YOUR country, maybe your not smart? All I want you to do is not talk bad about the good men and women that serve to protect YOU. It's imbedded in our code and our way of life. To protect you from All enemies foreign and domestic.

        • Ryback

          Joe; Hide them. I can think of a better use for them. Watch ur corners, Shoot straight, watch ur six. and keep ur ass down.

        • SonOfSam

          Three words for it JoeR:




        • Voltaire's Kidney

          This is the pith and essence of what real patriots need to understand NOW. The US federal government has not represented We The People for many years. It has NO LEGITIMACY. We have NO moral obligation to pay it heed past the fact of self-preservation. We should be doing something everyday to try to drag our feet, slow things down, screw things up, sow confusion among them, belittle and humiliate them through humor, confound jury decisions, dismantle the arguments of statists we meet…anything and everything that hurries the collapse of this parasitic organism gnawing at the body of real America.

          If your pastor says you should obey the government because the Bible says so, find another church. The principal is “render unto Caesar…” Will you tell me what a free American citizen owes to ANY Caesar? The answer is NOTHING. We are not serfs and slaves like Jews under Roman occupation were.

          THINK THINK THINK. Prepare physically and psychologically so that you can ACT without thinking when you are called upon.

          • JustOneGy

            @ VK

            “…THINK, THINK, THINK”…I could NOT possibly agree with you more. Incidentally, love the ‘moniker’, it’s ‘unique.’

          • JustOneGuy

            Hi Voltaire’s Kidney,

            The genitve source, the definitive well-spring of the thought, is of course:

            “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

            Excerpt from the “Declaration of Independence of the the Untied States of America”, fully signed 1776.

            In the preceding, at the last, I’ve ‘capped’ the word ‘duty’ as simple matter of emphasis

          • Ryback

            Voltaire; You mean act like Joe Biden? I dont think I could stoop that low.

      • 230 JHP

        I believe it was during the second half of the first hour of his program today that Beck urged his listeners to buy and they would be grandfathered in. Doesn’t sound like this old snatch will allow that. I say buy from private sources and pay with cash. I recently made sure that I have the components (powder and primers) to load all of the bullets I have.

        BTW, for those of you who are trying to be polite and not use the word bitch, and for those of you who are trying to imply that Feinstein should be called something worse, snatch is a rather polite way to say the “C” word.

        Thie 2 graphs linked here are just from todays action on the stock market and are quite the opposite of the DOW.


        • SonOfSam

          say there JHP

          The thought that Feinstein is in possession of anything even remotely resembling a cunt just made me throw up in my mouth

        • Leia

          The hell with that! Why should anyone be polite! She is a stinking CUNT! She can’t be married because who the fuck would touch that ugly bitch? That is why she is so angry, because she never gets sex!

      • Nunjobizness

        Bitch and her boy Barakula didn’t waste any time did they? For the life of me, the only reason this total asshat keeps getting re-elected is because of the illegal voters and brain dead liberals here. I live in CA and HATE it. I will be leaving this state asap, but it won’t be right away due to family obligations. I can hardly wait.

        • John W.

          When I got to ca. in 1970 it was paradise. Greatest place in the country although even then L.A. sucked. San Diego is still very nice but the writing is on the wall especially if you are white. This will be South Africa all over again.

        • JustOneGuy

          @ Nunjobizness,

          Too right, Brother,, come on out of the dark lands and don’t let the door hit you in the ‘ass’ on the way out!!!

      • Bulldog

        ANYONE CARE TO JOIN ME?????????????????

        • Johnny Geetar

          Consider yourself Joined, bulldog! I ain’t giving these commies shit! Go to rightwingamerica.com. Sounds like you’d feel right at home there…..

          • JOHN DOE

            I’M Canadian , can I wacth your backs?

            • European American

              You can join us on the front lines. We’re ALL in this together. THis is going to be a “Global” gathering. Time for everyone, willing to stand up to the Feinstein’s, to be armed, again.

              • JustOneGuy

                Hi EA,

                ‘THEY’ seem to have forgoten why they exist havn’t they?

                Incidentally, you may be more right than you know, google “Hopi Prophecy’ to get another perspective on the end-game, dig a little…you’ll be suprised. 🙂

        • Ben

          I am with you brother.

          Leave NO DOUBT.

        • Mr. Zsas

          I’ll step into that breech Bulldog

          • snake eater

            the problem i see is it seems none of us know the other or where we are,,so how can i have your back or you mine??????we need ways to come together,,,

            • Bulldog

              HOW? I am in Louisiana, is anyone down here????????

              • Mr Zsas

                I’m somewhere in a northern blue state, desperately looking for employment in a southern red state. I hope to fix this problem soon.

        • Tk4usa

          I’m right there with you, maybe I will be the nut on the evening news but I will die a free man !

        • SonOfSam

          Already there Bulldog

          • Bulldog

            I knew I wasnt alone. May I make a suggestion? We all live in different areas. The chances of any of us meeting up are slim. (too bad, most of yall would be an asset) Start having conversations locally and build up trusted friendships with people in your AO. The time may be coming soon that Free Men will have to stand up again. They are moving full speed ahead now, we must prepare like never before. I am going to use the M word (m i l i t ia) Build them at state levels and dont publicize it too much. They are going to act during the next year in my opinion.

            • Bulldog

              small team tactics will be very important. 10 or less. 5 would be the very best. train, train, train.

              • AnonLegion

                Multiple small teams tactics will be the most effective.
                Create a platoon break it into squads of 5.
                My ideal is a 25 man/woman team.
                Broken down as I stated into 5 grps of 5.
                With specalties and xtrained into each one of them.

                If you have no tactical background do not try and lead, now is not the time for my dick is bigger then yours.

              • Bulldog

                too bad we cant team up.
                cross train everyone.
                I am gonna start looking for folks in my AO. It wont be long. If the UN BS gun treaty is inacted, we will all be in a world of shit if we cant fight it. (the time for political fights is passed)


        • jasoncookies

          With you to the end.

        • Harold

          I will not comply, not because of toughness or lofty ideals, but because we all know that a full-tilt gun grab is being tried because they have treachery in mind. I have no illusions of surviving a direct assault, but I have to resist the atrocities as a duty to my offspring and myself. I could not look my kids in the eye and admit that I sold them out to save my own ass.

        • Robert

          my names Robert Scott, i live in port saint lucie floria–not afraid to tell these control freaks who i am and where i am–and bulldog, yes i’m with you…
          just let them TRY to come take my guns, matter of fact–i dare you–im well armed, equipped, and ready for your sorry asses…you show up at my door (not that ill be waiting for you, ill hunt your ass’s my self) you wont walk away but rather be carried away!
          people–the second ammendment was given to us for a REASON–the time for talk has ended, time for action has begun. its time to rise up and use the 2nd ammdt. for what it was intended for. ill follow anyone who sets forth a motion and WILL NOT BACK DOWN!!!!!

      • iowa

        I hate commies.

        • JustMe

          “Communism has never come to power in a country that was not disrupted by war or corruption, or both.”-John F. Kennedy

          “Communism is the death of the soul. It is the organization of total conformity – in short, of tyranny – and it is committed to making tyranny universal.”-Adlai E. Stevenson

          America has been set up for this moment, for a long time. The parasites have paved the way for this country’s final usupation from within. Amerika is corrupt to the core, and most people are conditioned to apathetic, nihilistic, conformity.

          I expect most gun owners will give them up, without much of a wimper, especially White males, who are for the most part cowards, now. If you think it is time to bury your precious guns, you are sadly mistaken. You should be digging up the ones you have buried. Make no mistake, while most people have been going about thier business, the parasites have been building an army…

          • SonOfSam

            This is ABSOLUTELY not the time to give up one’s means of self protection. “Ban pistol grips”? Fuck off, not gonna happen. I don’t have pistol grips on my 12 and 20 to be “cool”, I do it because my house is modest sized and we have narrow hallways.

            I will defend myself, and I don’t give a damn what FineSwine thinks of it

          • Tk4usa

            I agree that America has been set up and that if you have them they should be dug up not baried, but your co,,net about whites being cowards ??? Don’t bring your racial crap to this forum, either Jin the conversation and leave your biggot attitude at home. You are showing your colors and that kind of a com,net is what makes it difficult for any white to defend you when things begin to go down.

            From a white man that is not afraid of you or your homies !!!!

            • DRD5508

              Cowards come in all colors when staring into a barrel. The revolutionary war and the civil war, were the whites that fought and died in them cowards? WWI? WWII?
              What a stupid comment about whites.

          • Bang Bang

            Your rite JustMe.I have been telling people this for 30+ year’s.Robert Scott said he is’nt scared to tell his real name.Me either.They will know your name but you have to have way’s to communicate with your brother’s in arm’s so you can distinguish who is with you.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Wow, what happened, I don’t like the new page layout. It is really hard to read for me. Gonna take some getting used to.

      • Erick

        She probably wants to ban the firearms because she knows she should be shot by one. She is a traitor to the constitution and should be on trial for treason.

        • SonOfSam

          I think she has also has that ugly constipated look because she’s pissed off ever since someone dropped a house on her sister

        • John W.

          She got on this band wagon after some asshole in Stockton shot up a school yard killing a bunch of kids using a so called assault rifle, that was back in the eighties. Instead of fixing blame on the individual shooter instead as all liberals do she took it out on everyone.

          • MXLord327

            Yea, the guy that had a rap sheet of convictions a mile long, that should have been in jail for life already. They wonderful CA justice system that thinks they can ‘rehabilitate” lifelong violent offenders. I think the guy’s name was Patrick Purdy. But of course, it was all the gun’s fault, not the criminal who actually loaded it, aimed it, and fired it. What an effin moron.

        • GOP4EVER

          At least she doesn’t have to worry about someone raping her…….

          • Harold

            Even in this economy, that would be one of the “jobs Americans won’t do”.

      • Mike

        I am trying to find this reading that you left a link to and it is telling me there is no such site. Can you check that the link is correct for me.

      • Bill

        Boy, she is a mean lookin bitch!

      • Rick:)

        The owner or the gun store I frequent has informed me that overnight the price of AR’s have tripled.

        Mr. Eric Schneiderman, NY State’s Attorny; Would you please investigate this? It it a clear-cut case of price-gouging!
        Prices can only rise by 10%, right? Any help you can provide in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

      • possee


        It is imperative that a followup to this “rumor” must be verified..and published asap!

        I have checked all the sites/links pertinent to the article and no one yet has confirmation of such..

        not that it isn’t true..but someone, somewhere must have some inside contacts..

        Meanwhile, I’m sure potus already is drafting another E.O. to be signed at the stroke of midnight,under the radar, and never mentioned by the media once done..furthering the agenda to make all of us 2nd amendment ‘felons’.


        • possee


          With your astute articles of late..surely the Threat Fusion Center has you and your site on top of the “disappear list’..
          and hopefully you have some “plans” laid out should anything happen

          and keep us all informed..

          the great unraveling is accelerating

          take care


          • possee

            Hey all..

            Just off the wires form Reuters..

            After Obama win, U.S. backs new U.N. arms treaty talks

            (Reuters) – Hours after U.S. President Barack Obama was re-elected, the United States backed a U.N. committee’s call on Wednesday to renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $70 billion global conventional arms trade.


        • Harold

          If you have anything that needs sighted in, get on it. Gunfire, even at shooting ranges, may soon be something you want to avoid, as it will draw attention from a bad crowd.

      • BadAmerican


        Does anyone have a link to explain the “exact” legal definition of an assault weapon ?

        What constitutes a “high capacity” magazine ?

        Thanks in advance.

        …be safe…stay the course….BA.

      • Jerry

        A patriot must be prepared to lose his life in defense of liberty. This is the first question the new patriot must ask: “What am I willing to die for?”

        When one is willing to die in defense of a just cause, one is truly free.

        The government bought those 1,000,000,000 hollow-points for a very specific reason.

      • FedUp

        As far as gun grabs and Obama signing any U.N.Treaties – The Supreme Court has said many times – No Executive Order, Presidential Directive, Executive Agreement, no NAFTA, GATT/WTO agreement/treaty, passed by ANYONE, can supersede the Constitution. Do NOT let the President, the media, or anyone else tell you that your rights are gone…….They are inalienable rights……given by God! I will never give up my arms, except one bullet at a time……..case closed………

        Again, another report, issued Nov. 7, 2012, from the U.N. as reported in Reuters:

        “We seek a treaty that contributes to international security by fighting illicit arms trafficking and proliferation, protects the sovereign right of states to conduct legitimate arms trade, and meets the concerns that we have been articulating throughout,” the official said.
        “We will not accept any treaty that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens to bear arms,” he said. U.S. officials have acknowledged privately that the treaty under discussion would have no effect on domestic gun sales and ownership because it would apply only to exports.

      • SHEEPDOG

        I tried opening enemies foreign and domestic dot com. It said “sorry, there is no such site”. It must have been good enough to get wiped.

        Ever noticed the unusual CACHUNK when the AR locks open on the last round? Nice feeling. It’s so satisfying, like the last big swig out of your favorite beverage. Aaahhh, just finished one, reaching for another, gonna crack her open!

      • ARIZONA

        DICK ACT of 1902,gun control forbidden,can’t be repealed,PROTECTION AGAINST TYANNICAL GOVERNMENT,source-know the lies.com…….SO you see,the anti-christ and his demoncrate spawn intend to destroy america,our dear LORD YAHUSHUA,has made it possible to be in the good fight,against EVIL………………..

      • Rwolf

        Could Obama use NDAA To Arrest American Militias?

        Could Obama use NDAA To Arrest Militias on the Premise members are Militants and Belligerents that pose a threat to National Security?

        Recently the Obama administration stated to Federal Judge Katherine Forest that under (NDAA) The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 the President had authorization to lock up belligerents indefinitely. That they (were justified) to lock belligerents up indefinitely—because cases involving belligerents directly-aligned with militants against the good of America—warrants such punishment.) Pres. Obama could use NDAA provisions to order U.S. Military Forces to round up without evidence, millions of Americans including militias by alleging they are belligerents or a threat to National Security. Many observers believe Obama intends to extend NDAA to imprison U.S. Citizens in Indefinite Detention not involved with or associated with enemy forces.

        Hitler included similar provisions in his fascist (Discriminatory Decrees signed February 28, 1933). Almost immediately after the German Parliament passed Hitler’s laws, the Reich Government ordered the arrest of German Citizens and confiscated their guns without probable cause or evidence; delegated powers to German Police and other authorities to arrest anyone Nazi authorities claimed attempted or incited public unrest: arrested among others were outspoken Germans, writers, journalists, peaceful protestors and artists. After World War II the East German Secret Police (Stasi) used the threat of Indefinite Detention to forcibly recruit thousands of informants.

        The U.S. 2012 NDAA legislation Obama signed 12-31-11 is similar to Hitler’s 1933 fascist laws the SS and Gestapo used to target persons in Germany for arrest, imprisonment and execution without probable cause; and confiscate millions of dollars of property. Hitler used his laws to suspend Parliament and the Supreme Court insuring his laws could not be rescinded.

        During the Obama Administration’s recent request for a (stay) to stop U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest blocking enforcement of vague NDAA provisions, the Obama Administration—never clarified what constitutes a (belligerent); or militant; or what belligerent activities (directly aligned with a militant) to order a belligerent’s arrest or indefinite detention; or what is against the good of America. Under vague provisions of NDAA, the President could accuse anyone of being (directly aligned with militants by way of any political or other association; activity, statement, writing or communication with an individual or group government deemed (militant) to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans. Writers, journalists, Americans that disagree with or question U.S. Government or its allies—may under NDAA be subject to arrest and indefinite detention.

        NDAA 2012, like Hitler’s 1933 Discriminatory Decrees enforces censorship; refers to the Patriot Act e.g. warrant-less searches of private property and forfeiture of property from persons not charged with crime. Provisions in NDAA 2012 keep the door open for corrupt U.S. police; government agents and provocateurs which there are many, to falsify reports and statements to target any American, group or organization for arrest, indefinite detention, complete disappearance; civil asset forfeiture of their property.

        You may have noted NDAA referred to the USA Patriot Act. The Patriot Act lends itself to Government / police corruption; the Federal Government may use secret witnesses and informants to cause arrests and civil asset forfeiture of Americans’ property. Witness(s) and informants may be paid up to 50% of assets forfeited. Federal Government under 18USC may use a mere preponderance of civil evidence, little more than hearsay to Civilly Forfeit Private Property. Under the Patriot Act innocent property owners may be barred by government knowing the evidence federal government uses to forfeit their property.

        Sections of NDAA 2012 are so broad, it appears U.S. Government or the President could (retroactively) deem an American’s past 1st Amendment activities prior to passage of 2012 NDAA—supported hostilities, terrorism or (Belligerents) to order the arrest and Indefinite Detention of any U.S. Citizen, writer, group or organization.

        Under NDAA 2012 it should be expected that indefinitely detained U.S. Citizens not involved in terrorism or hostile activities, not given Miranda Warnings when interrogated, not allowed legal counsel or habeas corpus may be prosecuted for non-terrorist (ordinary crimes) because of their (alleged admissions) while held in Indefinite Detention.

      • Royalkin

        Up Yours Diane, from my cold dead hands.

      • Brig

        She’s already butchered gun owners and their families in cold blood during the Clinton years.  I’ll bet anyone here a thousand dollars that; assuming she herself doesn’t pass away before her term is up, we won’t get through her gun grabbing efforts in this term without someone being killed. When it comes to physical violence against peaceful gun owners, Dianne Frankenstein is the head honcho. Any American who wants an all-out civil war between citizens and government is happy to see her in office.  She’s the one you really need to worry about.

      • Johnny Geetar

        And this is just how STUPID these people are;

        Gun sales going through the roof, right? People are broke right now, and yet they are scrimping every dollar together they can muster to purchase firearms, ammo & accessories. Does this SOUND like a populace that plans on complying with a bunch of euro-douches? Does it seem likely that people spending their last dollars on guns PLAN ON GIVING THEM UP AT THE BEHEST OF FEINSTEIN, OBAMA OR THE UN?

        Or does it seem like a populace that’s had enough, and are planning on defending their 2nd Amendment rights when push comes to shove? THIS is the line in the sand, people.  This is ONE bear that to continue poking with a stick, is the epitome of the word, “UNWISE.” Over 100 MILLION of us. How many door kickers can THEY assemble? If we refuse to comply ON ANY LEVEL, THEY ARE SCREWED. There’s not a damn thing they can do about it. Again, door to door to 100 million gun-owning households is suicide.  

      • JJ

        Thanks much for the reference — have ordered and will be reading soon.

    2. Rodster

      See how well that’s worked out in Chicago and NJ. I fucking hate politicians especially lefties.

      • Jerry C

        Agreed. The only thing I’d like to add is: “BRING IT ON BITCH!”

        • Harold

          Hell ain’t half full.

          Didn’t a Soviet dissident once state “If every time they went out to detain people they had to worry that a few of them may not go home that night, it would have given them pause” ?

    3. Walt Kowalski

      Hey Di Fi…..

      Want a civil war? Go ahead. Make my day.

      • Di abolical bashing

        Homos, cross border illegals and commies are dancing in the streets today.

        About 50 million voted for di’s leader.

        Get out your Bibles, boys and start thumpin’. That and your preps is about all you’ve got.

        For those of you that have buried them, what will it take to make you dig ’em up. Statement, not question.

      • slingshot


        They just could not wait to start jamming shit down out throats. Wait until Sarah Brady, Biden, Schumer Boxer and the Resurrection of Ted Kennedy’s corpse gets spewen across the airways.

        • slingshot

          There are 3000 plastic caskets/vaults that were manufactured by a plastics factory in Georgia. It’s on Utube. Guess who they were made for?

          • Anonymous

            Thats obvious. But don’t think for a minute that many of those caskets wont have to be used for the perpetrators who will be participating in the biggest gun grab in US history. The Illuminati are counting on a high body count of any means. They won’t care who’s in the body count. A death is a death is a death to them. By whatever means disposable to them. It just proves what cold hearted filthy bastards they are. They are the very cancer on creation.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Government officials as far as I’m concerned. But then again, buzzards gotta eat same as the worms.

      • OmegaGrayKnight

        sorry for a second post back to back.

        the best time to enact any type of new gun laws would be during his second term. because he will have nothing to lose.

        • John W.

          I suspect our heads are going to spin when we get a load of what he has planned.

      • KY Mom

        Remember this…

        Michelle Obama’s Warning To Gun Owners
        (speaking at a reelection fund raiser)

        “let’s not forget what it meant when my husband appointed those two brilliant Supreme Court justices … let’s not forget the impact that their decisions will have on our lives for decades to come.”

        “Currently, the Second Amendment clings to a 5-4 pro-freedom majority on the Supreme Court…”


      • John W.

        Talk is cheap. Most people will comply especially if it will avoid injury/death to their families. No way to get around the fact that they will take children and spouses and hold them until the gun is turned over. How many people will be willing to risk this? They have so much power and we let them have it, just the Patriot Act(what a joke name that is)and NDAA let them do whatever they want. How ironic a law passed to counter Islamist terrorists will now be used by one to accomplish what the 9/11 perps could not.

        • ARIZONA

          John W.,there will be a lot of death caused by the demoncrats,BUT there’s a reason big rifle scopes belong on powerful rifles,these people(DHS/NWO) who plan to kiddnap families are TERRORISTS,they would rather you punch their “bus ticket to hell” then to stop,SO BE IT…………

    4. Odd Questioner

      Ban whatever you want to in California.

      Keep the hell out of my gun closet.

      • John W.

        I believe she is proposing this on a national scale. She has already had a similiar law passed in Ca.

    5. Terry

      She’s a mean looking old hag isn’t she? There is another word that I wanted to use but out of respect for the readers I didn’t want to use it but it starts with a b and ends with an h and there’s an i in the middle.

      • YH


        You’re being polite. That word is mild compared to what I’d like to call her.

      • Jerry C

        That’s okay, I used it for you… I’ll probably get ‘hidden’… but that’s okay too…

      • Watchdog

        Terry, go ahead and say it….

        I would put her as a bad looking tomato….A sun-dried tomato.

        Keep prepping

      • JL

        Hahaha, she looks like a bad person. Maybe she needs to get some. I don’t have any guns ;-). Does she for one second think criminals are going to turn in their guns?
        Case in point, my brother who is a felon could buy guns easier and cheaper then I can. He no longer has them but what kind of BS is that. If i didn’t have to cross so many state lines i would have bought one from him.

        • SonOfSam

          gentlemen, please: what we have here is very simple. She looks like that because she’s been pissed off ever since someone dropped a house on her sister

        • ARIZONA

          JL before you call anyone a criminal,look up the DICK ACT OF 1902,all guns laws are forbidden,if you don’t care about your family the LORD YAHUSHUA says your an INFIDEL,thats a piece of shit in english,the second amendment says NO gun laws,only terrorists try to abolish gun rights,if you want your children to grow up as slaves,stay a coward,you’ll get your wish…………

      • john ina box

        rhymes with snitch?

    6. Goat

      “Drink up ,shoot in let the beatings began distributer of pain your lose becomes my gain”
      Metallica .harvester of sorrows

      Buy,buy now,buy many. Before they are gone for good . I would think this could spread all across this once great land of ours .

    7. YH

      Damn if the liberals aren’t living up to their reputation…and expectations. Obama has nothing to lose in term 2.

      Folks from cockpit, please return to your seats and check to make sure your seat belts are securely fastened. We’re about to encounter moderate turbulence for the remainder of the flight.

    8. RICH99

      WHEN will the American people stand up and say ENOUGH ?
      We need to start physically removing these vermon

      • Daisy

        You’re back~ I’m really glad to see you survived the storm okay. We were concerned about you, Rich99!

      • copperhead

        RICH: They have spoken. It’s over. I agree with you on the removing.

      • Hamburglar

        First time posting here, but I have been present for over a year. I think there are many of us who would love to do more than type about the sad state of affairs. In my opinion there shouldn’t be a light pole within 10 blocks of the white house that doesn’t have a politician dangling from it. But I think everyone is waiting for someone else to be the “first”.

        And if there isn’t an coordinated movement, individually we will make a headline or 2 as some crazy, hate monger, right winger and be forgotten inside a few weeks in prison. And prison isn’t the place I want to be when the lid comes off. The one thing we had during the first revolution, that we don’t have for the 2nd, is a working government ready to take over the one we are going to kick out. Sorry for the long post. I love this site and others like it that let me know I am not the only one looking to preserve the core beliefs of this once great country.

        God Bless all and keep prepping

        • don't tread

          I would like to welcome you Hamburglar. As a person that was just an observer for almost a year before I began posting, I’m glad you chose to join in. The more “like minded” people, the better.

      • Be informed

        @ RICH99. I guess 5-8 years out came a little bit soon. All kidding aside, you serve as a wonderful example of how each one of us can be nailed by a SHTF event at any moment and why each one of us has to never lose that urgency to keep preparing. Please tell us all about Hurricane Sandy, a massive Category 4 storm pressure wise and strom surge wise. Please tell us in detail about Frankenstorm, we all want to hear about it. This will help others be as serious as possible with preparing for SHTF that will hit us.

        • John W.

          It was barely a CAT1. The storm surge riding on a full moon high tide did the damage.

          • Be informed

            @ John W. Wrong. First of all it had winds of 90 mph sustained that makes it almost a Category 2 based on wind alone. The pressure was 939 MB at the lowest point, that makes it a Category 4 pressure wise. The strom surge was 13.88 feet above normal, even with the high tide that actually only accounts for a foot or two. Hurricane storm surge is caused by two facotrs; wind and pressure. The pressure is lower and thus less weight of the atmosphere on the water. This forms a mound of water. Just like a tsunami upon reaching the shallow water this mounds builds. The water is unable to flow away and the water piles up higher and higher to the counter clockwise of the hurricane, the right side.

            The storm surge with a category 4 pressure did the destruction. If you don’t believe me, contact the Weather Channel or Weather Underground and you will see what I have said is accurate. I don’t say things on this web site unless I have something to back it up with, some sort of scientific proof. Any good college textbook on the weather will also show the same decriptions to what I am talking about. I have enough books from college on meteorology that describe in detail about storm surge and pressure, they are older but they are quite correct to the present day texts.

          • Be informed

            @ John W. Saffir-Simpson hurricane damage scale:

            Category barometric pressure Winds Storm surge ft.

            1 Minimal more than 28.94 74-95 mph 4-5

            2 Moderate 28.50-28.91 96-110 mph 6-8

            3 Extensive 27.91-28.47 111-130 mph 9-12

            4 Extreme 27.17-27.88 131-155 mph 13-18

            5 Catastrophic less than 27.17 155 mph+ 18+

            Hurricane Sandy had a pressure of 27.73 inches, this was a category 4 storm in pressure and storm surge.

            Hurricane Katrina had a Category 5 pressure but only Category 3 winds when it land. The storm surge was over 30 feet. Pressure and wind determine the size of strom surge. Barely a category 1 would make it 75-80 mph with winds alone, it had winds of 90 mph. The reason the pressure was so low and the winds were not 130 mph+ was because it was so large and the wind isobars were not compacted together like in a regular size hurricane. The pressure however has much to do with how large the surge will be because of that doom of water that builds just like in a tsunami. The highest storm surges occur where the slope of the seafloor is a gentle gradual grade and the water continues to build.

        • Anton Hackl

          Hi Rich. Glad you pulled thru.

        • RICH99

          I would love to share my experience with all of you but where would maybe it would be best to email MAC and he could create an article from it so everybody can read it

          • JustOneGuy

            Hi Rich99,

            Mac is about to launch a different expanded forum here, including PM and other improvements…drift back a bit, over the last few days if you get the time, to look for Mac’s post-in-foruum to get his explanation.

        • RICH99

          I definately wasn’t ready for a storm to cause a SHTF scenario I must admit and I was basically talking about the economics part of my 5-8 years…….I was wrong and I admit it .

    9. crash and burn

      hide them….bury them in your backyard!….but hide them because they will be coming for them

      • Paranoid

        Thank you, but I’m to old to dig, and to beat up to crawl on my belly. So I suppose I’ll just have to die in my doorway. The OLD Greeks felt if you went down fighting you got a little better spot in Hades, good enough

        • OldGuard

          Looks like time for the old guard to die with honor. Try to take a few with each of us and we will do a great service to our people and constitution. The banksters now have an issue.

          • Anton Hackl

            @ OG

            Care to place a wager, that some smart folks have done some research on said bankers & liberal gov-corp critters?

            Betcha good money, some have their home addresses, vacation-property addresses, where their kids go to school, what businesses their spouses run or are employed by!
            The internet is a wonderful tool.
            Use it!

            They can’t hide 24/7

            There’s an AWFUL HARVEST on the horizon!
            Believe it!

            • TwiceBitten

              @ Anton Hackl – do you know of site(s) where this sort of info is centralized?

              • Anton Hackl


                Scrounge up a lawyer buddy.
                Yeah, I know…those types are not popular, but you’d be surprised at the number of them out there that support our position.

                I got my data from a guy I helped get thru a QCB course.

                Ping back to this post. I’ll get info & sites for you.
                Will check back right here tomorrow 11/09/12 @ 1900hrs.

                See ya….

      • Commie hater

        And you ain’t never going to dig ’em up. Cowards everywhere. Too many commies, I guess.

      • Bimbam

        Do not do that. Police and military are trained to find them. Instead bury them somewhere else handy and make sure no drone or anyone else is watching.

      • JustMe

        If you’re going to bury them, you might as well turn them in now…

        • Cameraman

          If its time to bury them, its past time to use Them!

      • Anton Hackl

        @ C & B

        Wrong answer!

        Bury your 2nds, the non-first line models like bolt-guns, lever-actions & pumps.

        Keep your high-cap ARs, Aks, FALs, M1a close at hand. Have plenty of loaded mags too.

        Aim small, miss small. Shoot first & often!

        • Feed up

          If you bury anything bury 8″ and 30″ lengths of 1/2 steel rebar and a bunch of it you’ll keep them ass holes digging for days when the metal detectors keep beeping if everybody buried some all over you’ll keep them looking for days…think how pissed off they will be …

          • GOP4EVER

            Aerial detection of burying:

            There are special cameras and software deployed aerially that can detect new or recent vegetation changes.

            Example: You dig to hide a cache of whatever, then you reseed with grass just like the surrounding grass to blend in. With the specialized photography, the footprint of the area you dug up lights up like a Christmas tree.


          • GOP4EVER

            Aerial detection of burying:

            There are special cameras and software deployed aerially that can detect new or recent vegetation disturbances.

            Example: You dig to hide a cache of whatever, then you reseed with grass just like the surrounding grass to blend in. With the specialized photography, the footprint of the area you dug up lights up like a Christmas tree. These detectable changes persist for a LONG TIME.

            Answer: Dig up all the surrounding area too, and reseed all of it, so it appears homogeneous. It’s like Fed Up’s idea of scattering rebar everywhere.

        • Commie hater

          Crawl in your hole and take your ARs with you.

        • Stepabove

          Bury them vertically like fence posts or under fence post

    10. sg


    11. Prepared Pastor

      I’m hopeful that our republican controlled House can keep this from happening. It would be much harder to push through an “assault weapons” ban when everyone and their grandmother is arming themselves. Our democrat Senator won was reelected last night, but even he is anti-gun control. More than half the homes in our state have at least one gun in them.

      Although I have enough protection to last the rest of my life, I would be tempted to buy some more should anything like this actually pass.

      • Rev. Ike

        What if Harry Reid passes this thing then offers a trade to The House on the fiscal cliff. It’s a lose/lose for the Repubs in The House.

      • Survivor in waiting

        You mean the same Republicans that brought us the Patriot act and NDAA? Those Republicans? Not to be criticizing but Ive had enough of both parties. Wrote in Ron Paul and I feel good. The state I live in went Romney anyway, and we replaced a Democrat senator with a much better Republican. Ive said it before, Obama will be our last President, and World War 3 and Civil War 2 will be fought at the same time. All in the next 4 years. Cheers and dont forget the ammo, makes a nice x-mas gift.

        • GrandpaSpeaks

          Hey survivor, how do we find out how many votes Dr Paul got written in? I’ve been waiting for that figure. I would very much like to know how many votes he really got. We need to know that.

      • John W.

        John Boner will get right on this. Ha, ha!

    12. Anonymous

      Dianne needs a Dirty Sanchez…volunteers wanted.

    13. baracalypse

      Hey Feinstein,

      Line in the sand…… GO FUCK YOURSELF!

      • Bimbam

        Why Ms Frankenstein and her government thieves wants your guns?

        Criminals love it when you have no guns!

      • clint hospo

        that is a 2nd go fuck yourself you corrupt and tyrant self centered bitch!! we will not do this. try and waste all your resources to find all these weapons. i dont leave them in the same household. so go ahead and threaten the people, your about ready to have a heart attack from the look of you in the pictures.

      • JustOneGuy

        @ baracalypse



      Guns have been here for over 200 years and WILL REMAIN HERE. Alcohol and Tobacco haven’t gone anywhere, have they!? The 2nd ammendment will not be defeated in America. Let Fiend-stien BLOW SMOKE.

      Send an extra 50 bucks to the NRA this year and then write about it, then encourage others to do the same. If you’re that worried, then go and buy yourself a 6 inch diameter PVC section from Lowe’s, some Oatey glue, primer and screw on end caps to make a vault. Saran wrap your heavily oiled weapons and bury them somewhere. Don’t forget to stuff in some ammo. What weapons?

      Just research Australia to see what a weaponless society is like. The criminals have guns, the police are scarce + 2 hours away and the Sheep are easy pickin’.

      • slingshot

        I’m not giving nothing to the NRA. If they were doing thier job we should have been in Washington, D.C. by now.

        Forget about putting your guns in the ground. They are of no use there. Time to put up or shut up. By George, haven’t you had enough?

        • Samson

          As a Life Member of the NRA since 1986, I am totally embarassed by their lack of performance. And I met one of their young field reps from DC in Denver aseveral months ago who got real cocky and mouthy when I told him of my concerns about their non-performance. Consider the Gun Owners of America.

          • slingshot

            Hello Samson.

            I was a member of the NRA and even met Wayne. They just turn into organization interested in money grabbing and compromise. Politicians in disquise. You do not compromise anything to do with the second amendment.
            As far as GOA. Not going to help us in the long run so spend your money on your preps. All a bunch of con artists.

          • MXLord327

            Life Member of both here!!!

        • Casey Jr.

          May I suggest you check out Gun Owners of America? They were formed years ago when a group of 2nd Amendment supporters became fed up with NRA’a compromising. I stopped supporting the NRA many years ago.

      • Eagle eye

        come try this Australian and see what you get. My warning to the unwelcome is leave while you can or leave as devil shit, your choice.

      • Ed

        NRA has lost credibility in my and many others’ eyes due to their recent softening on gun issues. Check out National Association for Gun Rights- they’re way more sympatico with real American Citizens. Stay Sovereign and keep stackin’…

    15. liberals suck

      Cold dead hands, ugly old bitch.

    16. Satori

      this will only happen if the Repub’s want it to

      they control the House

      and it pretty much takes a super majority of 60 to get anything done in the Senate

      • baracalypse

        “and it pretty much takes a super majority of 60 to get anything done in the Senate”….. except the largest takeover of the private market in the history of the world and confirming gun hating Supreme Court Judges.

      • ScoutMotto

        If it’s done by treaty, the Rebus in the House will have no say over it.

        • ScoutMotto

          That should say Repubs.

          • JustMe

            No, it should say whiney, greedy, appeasing suckers…

      • John W.

        Executive Order. Do you really think the Stupid Party will stand up to him? If so you have been in a come for the last four years.

    17. Mark

      I wonder how many citizens will be giving up their weapons and ammo (one round at a time).
      The ‘subjects’ will do whatever their slavemasters tell them to do with hardly a whimper.
      I was just telling my wife last night that the next step towards a new world odor (not a misspelling) was to disarm the American Citizen. They (we) are the biggest obstacle to the total destruction of the U.S. Constitution. Without our ability to fight against tyranny we will ALL be subjects. It is my belief that the second amendment is worth fighting and dying for and I am prepared to do just that! As Thomas Jefferson said, “the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants”. I consider myself a patriot and I know I’m not alone. Sorry for my rant, but I’m pissed off.

      • copperhead

        Mark: I’m with you all the way to the death if need be!

        • stepabove

          Do you really have the “huatspa”

          If they marshals or atf showed up Jan 21st, Could YOU really be the next Waco Tx. or Ruby Ridge ID.

          Lose your wife and son to be a footnote in history no one remembers

          Give them what they want, then go dig up the rest.

          Until the system collapses further your neighbors will just watch through there blinds and let it happen.

          as for therest of us we will wonder “hey Have you heard from copperhead in awhile i haven’t. wonder where he went

          • Mordecai

            Ya just had to bring up Ruby Ridge and the effin FBI murderer. GD backshooter. GD coward that he IS.

          • JustMe

            Turn your guns in…

          • slingshot

            Should we put Ruby Ridge and Waco Tx. in the same category as a national gun turn in? Consider them isolated instances with questionable indicators. Example gun violation and child abuse and not the exclusive act of gun confiscation. The order of frequency is too far in between. As the amount of ATF/FBI intrusions occur, I would hope that gun owners would come from the affected area to repell the invaders.

            Something to consider.

            • Stepabove

              Ruby Ridge Was boched blackmail

              The marshals wanted an in formant on white supremisists, So they had him modify a shotgun (he did side gunsmithing to suport his family)

              When it was axactly legal the infromant wouldn’t pay him until he shortened it to a illegal length.

              In good prepper form he had a highly defendable sitejust like many folks reading this/

              When they come they will take people one by one. You will think it can’t happen here right up until it happens to you.

              Hell i didn’t believe they confuscated guns in Katrina until i saw video of three large cops put a little old to the floor and hit her until she gave up her pistol

              Google it you’ll be stunned

      • Chris45

        Couldn’t agree with you more. Remeber hold center mass and squeeze.

        • antiglobalist

          That would be gun control to endorse.

    18. RickInOregon

      For the next few months, I wish I owned a gun store.

    19. Y'all Beware!


      The picture alone is scary!

      Y’all Beware! Nice choice Mac! People you need to sell your firearms to Democrats that have canoes.

    20. DaytonaMatt

      It’s obvious to me now, the shit storm is on the horizon & coming fast. “people” like this would have ATF, DHS and others confiscate our means of self defense from law abiding citizens. While, ignoring violent criminal types for fear of being “rasist”. Step up your preps NOW!

      The show is about to begin! Good luck!

    21. Iraq Vet

      Sorry Feinstein. My father, grandfathers, extended family and most relatives have done time in the military. We have all fought enemies of the USA to keep totalitarian despots off our shores and out of our lives. We will not comply with you or your Marxist leader.

      • Anton Hackl

        @ Iraq Vet


        That’s where the word “DOMESTIC” comes into play!

    22. Kulafarmer

      You can have them when you pry them from my cold dead hands
      Heres me flipping the bird to anyone who will try, i really dont care

      • Bimbam

        So true, they send the SWAT team and then they pry it from your cold very dead hands.

        One by one, every house with registered firearms. That’s how they going get’em!

        • OldGuard

          If my neighbors house is being “hit” they better have flank security and that will not matter. My neighbors will have backup, we all will die, just as soon die for something I believe in. There will be no quarter!

        • copperhead

          Bimbam: Not enough SWAT Teams. They will go pretty fast.

        • stcroix

          i work in the emergency response field, and i know many SWAT members, and i know for a fact they would not follow through with these orders. but i am in the midwest

        • Spider Monkey

          With due respect, how in the hell do they accomplish this? There are roughly 5 million Active Duty, Reservists, and total Law Enforcement in America (over half of these folks would not be carrying a gun). How do they make even 1 million gun owners comply? We have at least 100 million gun owners at present, with the exception of the Fudds and other “sporting use advocates” there are many veterans and expert deer hunters that would fight. There are just too many guns to go up against.

          One would have to assume that all military and LEOs obey the orders to confiscate and then you need enough to do it in one day. There is no way you could keep this completely quiet, someone on the net would get the word out and if you shut down the net and phone service, some body will get spooked. Even if the net and phones were taken down you would have to shut down every highway in the nation to prevent people form spreading the word by vehicle.

          Why do I believe that it is crucial to get this done quietly? Obviously once the word gets out it is “game on” and there are not enough enforcers to to do the job. Many Rebels (patriots) would take off the gloves and go for the win. Who will protect the homes of the LEOs while they are out confiscating, who will protect them when they are off duty getting groceries or on date night with the old lady?

          Additionally, what would happen to the Feds ability to make war when the Dollar tanks even more. The first hint to rebellion would hurt the currency. Not only would making war on the tax base we unwise, any set backs on the “battlefield” would affect their ability to raise funds for the war. It seems like a logistical impossibility. You go for the guns, you lose. You regulate ammunition, you tip your hand and lose. You get foreign troops to help, you lose. I cannot foresee a scenario where it would work.

          Thank you for your time.

          • Kulafarmer

            I totally agree with your points, excellent, and not to mention that the LE are also members of the comunity, I have a hard time believing that all the veterans would allow anyone to take their weapons, I have a hard time believeing that the LE would go along with this, except for one or two nutjobs, but when we are talking law abiding citizens that have never had more than a parking or speeding ticket, then how does anyone think that any local authority will go along with this sort of scheme, the politicians who would enact this are few, the population that owns firearms of all sorts are many, I can make someones life miserable with my little stainless 77/22 bolt gun just as much as a guy with an AK, I would hope that the god fearing law abiding productive members of society that own firearms would never allow this or anything like it to happen again, there are just too many of us now, and almost everyone has a bit of concern with regards to the overall state of our economy and the disconnect from the government.
            Be prepared folks,, and dont buy into the bull that the government will protect you, we are all responsible for our own wellbeing.

        • Kulafarmer

          Like I said, I DONT CARE, they can come and take whatever they want, but they also better bring the body bags because I have done nothing wrong and will not relinquish my 2a rights, and will die fighting to preserve them rather than be steamrolled by the government that has gotten out of controll and is now overstepping its bounds,,,

        • str8jkt

          there are 80million gun owners in the u.s.with close to 300 million firearms.could you imagine what would happen say just 10% resisted thats 8 million people.or say 5%?there aren’t enough cops.yes gun confiscation is coming but they know (the govt) that forcibly taking them would be next to impossible.look for a more benign way say like thru the tax code and the irs.

    23. copperhead

      The more I talk with people in the military, and LE they are not going to go along with any door to door getting guns. They will have to bring in the blue helmets for that. Along with a hell of a lot of body-bags. The first attempt at getting them and the WAR will begin. Forget about burying them, if you have them USE’EM.
      Clean,and load them and be ready.

      • mark

        ‘forget about burying them, use em’.
        Exactly right. What good is a buried weapon when one is being shipped off to a FEMA camp??????
        Good thing the founding fathers didn’t bury their weapons.

        • stepabove

          FEMA Can’t find there ass with both hands They aren’t the ones to be worried about.

          The new Grads of homeland security choosen to Lead in time of trouble.Also the Atf is already harrasing gun owners They would have no problem rounding up people and guns one by one.

          By the time most folks realize there is a problem it will be to late.

      • BlueH20

        My understanding and observation is the Blues are only *Peacekeepers*. They have restrictive ROE and they hole up in their compounds trading goods for children and diddling each other and then run at the first shot.

        It is the Federal Regional SWATs (not sure what they are calling them) who will be the ones assigned to this sort of shit. The same types that invaded the small businesses for the IRS. SImilar mindset to TSA VIPRs.

    24. caveman

      Any preppers in Panama ,Panama hurry,,,,time is running out….

    25. nutso

      Nobody wants your guns. everyone relax. good god i am worried about your health. you guys suck on guns like a pacifier.

      • 9mm

        Nice to see the Government parasites visit this site….

      • Ryback

        Quit tryin to start shit nut, ur probly the most worried about it.

      • stepabove

        Is that why one of the provisions of health overhaul is that if you won’t or can’t comply it’s a FELONY.

        Oh, then guess what. Then you can no longer legally own a gun.

        Why is that?

      • John W.

        What do you suck on bozo? Let me guess.

    26. TX Hillbilly

      “DEMOCRACY is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch
      LIBERTY is a well armed lamb contesting the vote”
      Benjamin Franklin
      I intend on contesting the vote. Where will all this end? Badly I’m afraid.

    27. Jim (another Jim)

      Man I just had a yard sale and sold all of my guns. Want to see the receipts? Grin

      • chuckles

        I took all my guns with me when I went fishing and the boat capsized and they all fell overboard, honest!!!!

      • Screw Loose & a Dollar Short

        Was I supposed to keep receipts? Why? Nobody told me that was necessary. I won’t get in trouble will I? It’s not like I made any money. I just moved it from one thing to another.

      • AO1(AW)

        I had a midnight sale of all my weapons on Tuesday/Wednesday! Sorry, my puppy ate the receipts though. 🙂

    28. Ahab

      Israhelli foreign agents and dual-citizens Charles Schumer, Barbara Boxer and Frank Lautenberg are in on this too, while Israhelli foreign agent and dual-citizen Carl Levin has actually taken us back to pre-habeas corpus (and thus, PRE MAGNA CARTA) times with the NDAA of 2012 — but it’s supposed to be the Muslims who “hate our freedom.” Riiight!

      Some apt bumper sticker ideas for the coming times:

      a) Criminals prefer unarmed victims; Zionists prefer unarmed Goyim.

      b) When guns are outlawed, only Zionists will have guns.

      c) You can have my gun when your Zionist controlled police pry it from my cold dead fingers.

      d) Guns don’t kill people — Zionist dictatorships kill people.

      • Anton Hackl

        @ Ahab

        You forgot one…

        e) ZYKLON-B…the original pesticide.

        Had a Tee-shirt made up with the above phrase. Really pisses off the the non-exterminated!

    29. Watchdog

      It’s war BITCHEZ…

      This will start someplace when they come to confiscate and you hear about a major shootout in some area. Keep your eyes open.

    30. Justin Case

      Do you suppose Ms. Feinstein has a security detail?
      Do you further suppose that in the event actual “security” is needed, that the persons in her detail wag their finger at the potential assailant, and speak to them in a stern voice?
      Mayor Asshat of NYC banned guns in NYC, except for his own security folks, of course.
      Look how well that turned out; NYC is practically the Garden of Eden, what with everyone just getting along and being nice and stuff.
      Sadly for me, I recently purchased a firearm.
      Less than 2 weeks after purchase, I was in the forest practicing.
      I received an urgent phone call and immediately jumped in my car to hurry to town.
      To my enormous regret, in my haste to get to town, I apparently left my weapon sitting on the ground next to where I had parked.
      When I returned a day later to recover the weapon, it was gone.
      I’m quite embarrassed about this; since the weapon wasn’t stolen so much as lost, do I need to file a police report to indicate I am forgetful and easily distracted?
      I just don’t know what to do…

      • Government Guy

        Clearly you need reeducation. They will teach you how to improve your memory at camp.

      • Wilson

        With a face like hers she doesn’t need a security detail. As for your nice weapon that was stolen. Did the Dr. say you have early Alzheimers?

      • John W.

        Feinstein has both a security detail as she is extremely wealthy as well as a concealed carry permit and she does carry.

        • Stepabove

          Sorta funny she can carry because she fears us.

          But we aren’t allowed to carry beacause we fear her.

    31. QuantumBubbler

      Well the politicians have done such a stellar job so far and I expect they will perform even more if not better in the near future. If there is a far future… I think they will have turned back into monkeys by then!

      Such is evolution.

      Oh! You thought it was a one way street? No wonder you’re confused!

    32. Rev. Ike

      In seminary I wrote my thesis on “Just War”. As Christians we have a God given right to defend ourselves, which goes beyond any Government/King.

      Therefore, on behalf of myself and my 1 million fellow members of the NRA, I’ll quote a past President of our group.


      I am a sinner, saved by grace.

      • Kevin2

        I had the luxury of meeting Mr Heston at a pro gun function over 20 years ago.

        Moses he was and Moses he will always be.

        • John W.

          Omega Man. My favorite.

        • Spider Monkey

          I met him on a USO Tour overseas…a truly good Man and American.

      • snake eater

        it weasnt grace that saved you butt it was a full mag

        • Facebook Page

          Or a spare and a radio with A-10s on the other end

      • Ryback

        Charlton Heston is still alive and says, I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK, AND THEY SHALL BE STRICKEN FROM THIS LAND!

      • JustOneGuy

        @ Rev Ike.

        To the bone….git em Ike!

    33. Daisy

      Wow, this sure didn’t take long…the day after the election.

      • Jim

        Feinstein had no real challenge in the election. CA elected 2/3rds of its legislature to the left of Moscow yesterday. Governor Moon Beam has been decent to gun owners but he’ll go along with his new legislature I’m sure.

        This article reflects a story by Feinstein that was available before the election but not reported to the main stream because a lot of gun owners voted for Obama and they didn’t want to jeopardize that. Did you know 1/3rd of all NRA members live in Pennsylvania? I heard that last night – wouldn’t want them to switch from their Obama vote.

        • Kevin2


          The NRA does not give out the addresses of it’s membership. The NRA and more specifically the NRA-ILA is far more broad based than Pennsylvania.

          You can guarantee that the left itching for the brass ring will go overboard thus awakening the politically inactive gun owners. Jim Florio the one term former Governor of anti gun NJ is not a too distant memory in the minds of fence sitting elected officials. The NRA will bite back politically hard and it has sharp teeth and plenty of them.

    34. Jasoncookies

      Please, be kind to dogs and don’t call Feinstein a bitch.

      A bitch is a female dog. They care about their families/packs, they are loyal, they will protect their family with their lives, and they learn from thier mistakes.

      A politician is a person in a government office. Politicians use their families for publicity, their only loyalty is to money and power, they hide behind armies and bug out at the slightest provication, and create problems calling them solutions.

      This thing you are calling a politician does not have any of these traits. Bitches and dogs are far superior
      to this scum. A bitch is a better PERSON than most politicians, and a bitch isn’t human.

      • the Wild Goose

        I have a couple of litter mates. Brother and sister. Overall they are fairly good for house mutts. But, when the male is outside the female will park herself right at the pet door so he can’t come back in without getting snipped. He’ll paw a door and then we’ll call the little “B” away from her self established guard post, so the male can come in. I agree, a person can be worse things than a female dog, but they earn the “B” tag honestly. Both dogs and people.

        This is my favorite Dog book of all time. It is not for the wussies that believe in “clicker” training only. I keep a standard choke training collar in my BOB with 25 feet of chain stitched 3/16″ nylon rope for a lunge line. Even if I don’t have a dog, I can make one mine, and useful in a short amount of time with what I learned in that book. Good luck doing that with only clicker.

    35. Jim

      I actually got lambasted and deleted from a pro gun “group” in California that was so pro Obama it made me stick. They’d actually claim Obama didn’t matter because the Republican House would protect them. Fools.

      • stepabove

        I was told long ago,

        California is like a bowl of granola

        What ain’t fruits and nuts is flakes

    36. Bimbam

      This is what happens when you have women and negroes in charge.

      This lady should be KICKED out of office for being LAWLESS because now only criminals (like her) will have human hunting rifles, and high-capacity mags, etc., all the better to HUNT you down with it.

      THIS IS NOTHING BUT DISARNMAMENT OF THE POPULACE and is in violation of the Constitution. This is one very EVIL LADY. Get her out!

    37. Anonymous

      she has a ccw

      • Walt Kowalski

        She’s one of the few in Kalifornia that can actually have a CCW.

        Everyday peons are not allowed CCW permits.

        • Kevin2

          Actually a CCW is not uncommon among the top acting community. Sean Penn has one and he is as liberal as you can get. What holds “The Famous” from obtaining one in California is a checked criminal background that is all too common in their ranks.

          The rich and or famous operate under a different set of rules everywhere. “Equal Protection Under The Law” is a hollow phrase.

          • Walt Kowalski

            You just made my point.

          • Anonymous

            “some pigs are more equal than others”.

      • GOP4EVER

        We should compile some kind of viral video or post exposing all the anti-gun control freaks that have CCW’s and armed security. I bet some people just don’t realize this situation exists.

    38. braveheart

      Rich99 and Copperhead, glad to have you both back. Copperhead, I agree with you;burying weapons is useless. keep them where you can get to them quickly and easily. I did maintenance on mine over the weekend and checked all my preps. We all know what’s coming down the pike. Everyone remember this; THEY WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS ONLY IF YOU LET THEM! NEVER, EVER GIVE UP YOUR WEAPONS TO ANYONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! I honestly believe we’ll all be forced into a fight over our weaponsand anything else. I’ve already drawn my line in the sand. I’ve already taken my position. ANYONE WHO COMES FOR MY GUNS WILL RECEIVE SOME ‘PRECIOUS METAL’, AKA HOT LEAD! There’s nowhere near enough LE or military to do it. Even if ‘blue helmets’ were sent in, they could never accomplish it. With at least 80,000,000 gun owners and at least 2 guns per household in the US; NO WAY, JOSE! The communists aren’t wasting any time. Mac, I’m going to print Feinstein’s picture and make some copies; one for my dartboard and i know some people at the range who would love to have one for their targets. best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

      • SonOfSam

        we need to begin training and working and organizing together

      • clint hospo

        Good point on that! Print some pictures of diane and Obama saying this is what they wanna do and post at gun shops and start spreading this. gun owners will absolutely allow you to post a page or 2 at their shops. it threatens their business and want to know whats going on and a lot of people that buy guns are not as engaged as us and dont know this since MSM does not post this stuff. good poing braveheart! I’m going to do this here in The midwest tomorrow if I can find the acutal article. Sure it will be out very soon since obama gets off his vacation he is taking again.

        people are so stupid voting for a liberal. do they realize that without businesses doing good more jobs are going to lay off or fire people. Big deep cycle thats going to happen. Please preps or even new preps you dont have to go nuts on prepping but at least have a couple months of food and enough water to take care of yourself. you can never be too prepared and that goes with weapons and with all these deadbeats wanting to loot your home or your family.
        Watch yourself in the streets and always be aware. Women you can absolutely take care of yourself with just a 3-4 inch knife like a spyderco or any sharp knive. Women if a man grabs you all you have to do is pull out a knive and This will not sound nice but all you have to do is take your knive and slice the perp straight across the ab area and his whole guts and small intestines will come out and its over for him. its like poking thru a hard orange and going straight across the whole area. doesnt take much and dont be afraid of this. It will be all over B4 you know it. This works. you have nothing to be afraid of!

        IF your in a headlock or a chokehold you still can use your right hand and pull your knive out and stab them in the leg or possibly in the abs to drop them or slice them right across the arm and they will lose all control of the arm. must be done quickly and you have only less than 5 sec but practice and do it quickly and can save your life. Dont be afraid. you should be angry and focused when this happens! Cant be scared. you dont always have to be in this mode. but if you know your in a bad area, think about this and get into this mindset when in bad area. can save your life from rape or other things. that is my tip of the day to women or men. I knive is great for defense and many dont expect it!!!!!

    39. Ashura

      I guess I know what career I am going into after college…. GUN SALESMAN

      • Jasoncookies

        Sweet. I’m becoming a gunsmith after college. Great minds think alike.

        • Kevin2

          Why waste the time on college? Put the time in a machine shop.

    40. Anonymous

      Senator Feinstein is a staunch gun control advocate. Despite her stance, in the 1970s, she obtained a concealed firearms carry permit, and carried a handgun with her. A CCW permit is rare in California, and was the only such permit in San Francisco.

      • GOP4EVER

        I say we virally expose her somehow

        • fedupnow

          How about introducing a virus the old fashioned way; on the tip of a .308 projectile, directly to her non-existant, un-patriotic heart.

    41. Ahab

      This disgusting and demonic Zionist beast (look at the seething hatred and misanthropy that comes through in its facial expression in the photograph) is from San Fran. She KNOWS the inside and outs of the Zebra murders of the 1970’s, yet advocates making the Amerikan citizenry defenseless before such fiends through federal fiat. She KNOWS full well what can happen to people who can’t DEFEND themselves:

      ‘[Informant Anthony] Harris revealed the existence of the [Black Muslim Death Angels] group to the police, and told them of a homicide which did not make the papers; it was that of a homeless man whom they had kidnapped from Ghirardelli Square. They had brought the man to Black Self-Help Moving’s warehouse, gagged and tied him up, and while he was still conscious, took turns hacking away his limbs. Harris told the detectives that they had dumped the body into the bay. He told his story in such detail that the police were convinced of its veracity, especially since the police had, on the previous December 24, recovered the bound and badly butchered torso of a male, missing its hands, feet and head, that had washed up in the city’s Ocean Beach district at the foot of Pacheco Street.’


    42. Ed Johnson

      I have a question…
      First off, let me start by saying I own an ak 47, in fact I own an arsenal saiga ak47 and 2 m&p 40’s with 15 rnd clips.
      Now my question…. Why is it so desperately important to have an “assualt” styled weapon?

      • Walt Kowalski

        Perhaps you’d be better informed if you would bone up on how tyrannies begin.

        Come back when you’ve done your homework.

        Thanks for playing.

      • JRS

        More to the point is why do they want to take “assault style” weapons? Is it because the LOOK like assault weapons? Most are only semi-assault weapons.

        • Kevin2


          Why have we been conditioned to think it was ok to make NFA34 the law of the land? Since when does criminal misuse constitute law abiding restriction and confiscation?

          Don’t give an inch on the debate. “Shall not be Infringed” means “Shall not be Infringed”. You can’t get clearer wording than that.

      • Kevin2

        Ed Johnson

        Data from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports show that rifles of all types account for less than 400 murders per year while bare hands and feet account for double that and cutting instruments about 1800. One can assume that the semi auto rifle inaccurately labeled “assault’ account for maybe 100 murders per year in a nation exceeding 300 million in population.

        Being that crime is obviously not the issue the question you should ask yourself is why do they wish to remove these rifles from civilian hands? Answering that question will tell you why it’s important that they not be allowed to do so.

        • Ed Johnson

          First of all, @ kowalski, I’m 48 yrs old, I served in the marines from 1983-1987. Your pathetic condescension is not only unwanted, but extremely childish. This conversation is for adults, show some respect and grow up, please.
          Second, dont believe me to be naive. I said nothing about agreeing with witchy-poo. I specifically asked what the importance of owning an “assault” styled weapon is, ie; A semi-auto with high-cap mags. As of yet, my question has not been answered.
          I bought my rifle simply because I know the baddies will have them. In my opinion taking a lever action or a bolt gun into a fight with semi-auto’s equates to taking a knife to a gun fight.

          • snake eater

            Ed johnson i`ll answer you becsause i can,,,so why didnt you buy a 243,,30-06..270 semi auto,,,i just love my black beauty,,,,

          • Kevin2

            Ed Johnson

            “I specifically asked what the importance of owning an “assault” styled weapon”

            They are by design more effective. If a Marlin 30-30 was as effective they would be issued to the military.

            I’m assuming that you realize the intent of the Second Amendment. That being said I fail to understand your lack of understanding.

            • Ed Johnson

              Yes, the Second Amendment was speciifically written for semi-auto’s. Especially when since they were so popular during the time. Apperantly giving one’s own personal reason is thinking outside the box.
              More effective? Last time I looked dead is dead reguardless of what you’re shot with and grats to you,
              you’ve stated precisely what witchy-poo’s arguement is, ie; Military use.
              Forgive me for playing devils advocate. Believe me, any further posts will be from the pov of the simpleton sheep. Thanks.

              • Kevin2

                Ed Johnson

                Freedom of speech in the First Amendment covers the internet, radio and TV. No prudent person would limit it to double space type on a printing press.

                The intent of the Second Amendment is clearly to put the civilian population on equal footing with the Federal Government. That is not my spin; It’s written throughout The Federalist Papers. It’s the Founding Fathers spin.

                “More effective? Last time I looked dead is dead reguardless of what you’re shot with and grats to you,”

                More Effective? I’ll answer it with your own words, “In my opinion taking a lever action or a bolt gun into a fight with semi-auto’s equates to taking a knife to a gun fight.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Ed johnson, your last paragraph defines my reason to own semi auto black rifles. Because I define “baddies” as being criminal element. That would include some military, some cops, a number of government officials and just your everyday run-of-th- mill scrote.

            BTW, I have two AR’s in 7.62×51 and their excellent deer guns.

          • Walt Kowalski

            Then talk like an adult, instead of coming off with the focus group “why do you really need a gun like that?” line of bovine scat.

            If your question was rhetorical, then you have to be a little more clear in the wording of your question so the rest of us will “get it”. The fact that your post was “thumbed down” by 20 other viewers should give you some indication that your question was either misunderstood, or unappreciated.

            The fact is….your question about why owning such a weapon is important, is a bit unwarranted here. Most of us know EXACTLY why such a weapon is important…and why tyrants like Diane Feinstein and the horse’s ass in the white house want to take them.

      • JustMe

        You don’t need them, turn them in.

        • Bob

          Most people will never really NEED a gun. Those who do will need one very badly.

      • Anton Hackl

        @ EJ

        You have the Air-soft type models, right?

        You know, the ones that dispense little plastic projectiles, so you can play ‘Army’ inside the house.

    43. akvalmet30

      Someone please tell me why that bitch Feinstein is still living.

      • wow u r a moron

        This is the kind of crap that makes us look stupid. The kind of crap the government quotes. The kind of crap politicians quote to show how brave they are for “standing up” they get death threats. This kind of crap is killing the cause. Knock it the fuck off.

        • STFU

          STFU slave.

        • Facebook Page

          It doesnt make us look stupid it make some of us look crazy. I can live with crazy.

        • Walt Kowalski

          @wow u r a moron….

          Actually….the government doesn’t need death threats as a motivation to take our guns.

          The folks like Feinstein, who have made it very clear that they are the enemy of freedom are the ones who have brought this on themselves.

          I have not, and will not threaten anyone. But I will not be disarmed.

          And these little pissant tyrants can take that to the bank.

      • SonOfSam

        She would have to be alive first to be still living…my guess is that she is one of the original zombies

      • Freight85

        The same reason Cheney is still living,their transhumanist scum.

    44. Stinky Steve

      From my Cold Dead Hands! Ive got lots of shooting lanes from my urban foxhole! This is Detroit and we live in darkness,because the city is broke! The police are afraid of our neighborhoods, especially at night! they wont come for our guns! not now, not ever! Our punk ass bitch police force, corrupt as it is,…Is afraid of us. They don’t protect or serve us, they only serve themselves! And when the Shit Hits the Fan,, They will be back home in the suburbs, protecting their families! Meanwhile us urban preppers get a lot of practice,because we have been holding our own for quite a while now!

    45. Chris45

      It didn’t take long for the new civil war to start. less than 24 hours and the Lefties are calling for a ban.
      I am tired of it all. Lets get it on and get it over with. My firearms are probably one of the last freedoms I can call my own. You motherfuckers in DC want them ?

    46. Pinball

      When the Stazi comes knockin,we’re gonna start rockin! LOCK N LOAD!!!

    47. Unreconstructed Southron

      Wow. I never saw that coming.

    48. 03 marine

      Molon Labe you parasitic piece of shit

      • Nam Marine

        SEMPER FI my Brother!

    49. nutso

      Sorry about the back to back post. Apply some common sense. The gun companies send you letters talking about the lefties taking your guns….you all run out and buy more guns…..repeat the process every election. You are all being taken.

      • Kevin2


        Well many wish they bought some extra this and that a couple of decades ago when Mr Clinton proposed restrictions.

        At worst your employing an American in the noble occupation of firearms and ammo manufacturing. Would you suggest the money’s be better spent on tickets to the religious celebration of “Worshipping The Sphere”?

        I received no letters from gun companies; have you?

      • stepabove

        I bet the folks in Jersy which they had been scared into buying some guns

    50. Rev. Ike

      A smart person might have a few .357 revolvers and Marlin Carbines stashed away just in case their semi-autos go missing…..just say’n

    51. Xerxan

      If they come for my guns, their going to get the ammo first. One round at a time…

    52. CocoPuff CrackHead

      ZOG ZIONIST Cali Jooo Diane Feinstein – Needs to be paid a visit by the “BOYS FROM PROJECT CHAOS – FIGHT CLUB !”

      “You do not Puck with Us!”

      ~N.O. ;0p

    53. lonelonmum

      I’m only shocked at the speed at which my worst fears are coming to pass. Obama’s second term is gonna be harsh.

      It’s time to “lose” your modern firearms and become the Grey Man. Here’s a few suggestions from a land (UK) where strict Gun Control is already a miserable reality to help you adjust to the new paradim.

      1. Bury your guns away from your main home (for retrieval after shtf)

      2. Become “The Grey Man” http://forum.survivaluk.net/showthread.php?tid=186 OPSEC is now more important than ever.

      3. If you live in an urban area/non-gun friendly state consider joining a historical reenactment society asap. Historical weapons use & manufacture is a useful skill to have ; ) Historical artifacts attract FAR less attention than the latest shiny Igun from the authorities if they enter your property.

      Homemade black powder can still pack a punch in a home invasion emergency. You can learn how to make lead shot round a campfire with like minded types whilst bolstering your image in sheople land as a geeky type even in fairly urban politically hositile (to you) areas.

      The link below should get your grey matter ticking over nicely

      4. If you aren’t already in a rural area move to one asap. The guns the UK subject retains the right to use legally are those used by the upper classes to pursue country sports (hunting & clay shooting) and farmers. The rich aren’t weaponless when shtf, only the law abiding middle and urban working classes.

      • Kevin2

        As Qui Chang said in the TV series, Kung Fu, “A wise man walks with his head bowed low”.

    54. braveheart

      Hamburglar, welcome aboard andI’m with you about the political hacks. Only a matter of time before a REAL SHTF takes place. Lonelonmum, under other circumstances I could appreciate your advice, but i don’t see the US going the way of the UK. Ther is without question a civil war brewing and will break out soon enough. Best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

      • Rev. Ike

        Dang braveheart, you just might be right. I can’t believe that the number of voters was below both 08 & 04 ? Something seems fishy here.

        Got a brother in the gun/ammo business. He is expecting non-stop sales for the next two weeks.

        I an a sinner saved by grace.

      • lonelonmum


        I pray you do not go the way of the UK! I can only speak for myself, but having visted the US a few times for work I am praying that Civil War is avoided with everything that I have.

        Our UK Sheople forget we are actually subjects not citizens. The US has long shone like a beacon of hope for so many around the globe. To see that light now dim, well it hurts.

        (My advice was aimed more at urban Single mothers than the general readership of this site. Not everyone can afford to risk the gubbermint raising their children in their stead).

    55. CocoPuff CrackHead

      I’m thinking it times to pickup that BFG “BIG PUCKIN GUN” BERETTA .50 CAL SNIPER RIFLE !

      I feel the need to reach out and touch someone …

      ~N.O. ;0p

    56. guntotinguy

      Yeah…good luck with trying to ban and THINK that Americans will ‘just turn them in’…

      • Spider Monkey

        True, they do not have the moral high ground to brow beat us with. We might be outgunned according to the experts on the left, but one can tell how desperate they are. However with the will to resist and the home court advantage, their defeat is just a matter of time.

        I wonder when reading a “Resistance is Futile™” screed I wonder if they are trying to convince us or themselves.

        I smell fear on the pro tyranny camp.

        • fortunate son

          I complety agree with you. God bless.

    57. Shapeshifter

      This article is B.S. The Dems didn’t take control of the Senate, they’ve had it for the last four years, and the Repubs still control the house…How’s this gonna happen? Just a lot more do-nothings getting nothing done.

      • Anonymous

        Going to happen like Obamacare, the repeal of DADT, and the non enforcement of DOMA. We have a loose canon playing Commander in Chief. Anything is possible. Think not? Guess again.
        You will have a clear answer to “How’s this gonna happen?” before the next four years are done and it has become fait accompli. We gotz too pass the sucker to know what’s in it. We have “Insanity at the Gates”! That’s how it’s going to happen.

        Best tighten your bull rope. It’s likely going to be a wild ride ahead of us.

      • slingshot

        @ Shapeshifter

        They passed Obamacare did they not?

    58. 4dog

      Good news !! looks like I wont have to save for my retirement after all. Since I will be dead before I give up any of my private property to this bitch

    59. Nam Marine

      That ugly broad would scare little children!

      • stepabove

        But She wants to “love you long time”

        My bad, She wants to Screw you long time

        Sorry i misunderstood

        • Bob

          Thanks, step. That’s a mental image I REALLY didn’t need.

    60. Hot dung

      my m-1 is waiting…….

    61. 4dog

      I wont be like some deer on opening day wondering why he got shot. I will go to the hunters house the day before and take him out while hes sleeping

    62. Justice

      My mother was a Jew whose family fled Mainland europe in WW2.Had the Jews not given up their ability to defend themselves, perhaps the Holocaust would not have occurred.
      If I had more than one firearm I would probably store at least one in a safe place, readily retreivable with a supply of ammunition and pre 1964 silver coins. But that’s just me. Feinstein as far as I’m concerned is a collaborator. Not to be trusted.

      • lonelonmum


        truth that.

    63. GoingGoingGone

      I wouldn’t completely agree that it can’t be done with a Repub house. Remember the heathcare bill, deem that it passed and send it up for signature. The house never got to see it again after the senate changed it. There are ways around everything.

      • don't tread

        Half the Repubs are in on the whole NWO thing.

    64. Archer25

      They wont be happy til they get a war, well….here it comes. This is not the first round weve had with Mrs FINESWINE.

    65. Danmo43

      It amazes me how evil these people are.
      PURE evil while telling you they are doing it in your best interest. Blows me away.

    66. copperhead

      BI: Made a call or two and dropped you what I found out in the last article.

    67. lonelonmum

      Kevin 2
      Our Ancestors enabled our very existence by being ingenious, & employing their critical thinking skills. I think we should honor them iykwim ; )

    68. Emily

      Well, now he is a Lame Duck president.
      I like and agree with what Charles Krauthammer
      said last night.

    69. Deep

      All I can say is bring it, I dare you Fine Swine. Lets kick this off right. Go ahead and ban guns and see how that works out for you in a time of guns being more popular than ever before.

    70. ZombieDawg

      How totally predictable and expected…
      The government knows who has what and simply rock up and take them or arrest you for failing to hand ’em over as I’ve been saying for how damn long now ?

      And so the final phase of disarming the people and oppression begins, just like Australia with Port Arthur or Dunblane in Scotland.
      Best of luck tackling a SWAT team with a 22LR bolt-action my little Americans.

      • clint hospo

        zombiedawg, I dont think so, they know what you bought but you could of easily sold them at gunshows and thats all you have to say for cash. try and track that. wont be able to. you sold a rifle to a deadguy who was your grandpa, what are you gonna ask him? lol sorry but they cant. too much trouble and nobody will obey and follow by the scares. many will but the preppers know better. by the way I sold all mine last month. i needed cash for gas. lol

        • Ryback

          As usual stupid is as stupid does zombieDawg. Dont know whats out there do ya. Know what a Solothrun 5000 is look it up. It was once sold in the back of comic books back in the day, no papers ether, wonder how many people got one in this country, I’d say quite a few.

      • copperhead

        Zombie: The only way they know what you bought is on the 4473 forms and Log books, and they have to go to the gun shops to see them. Patriot gun shop owners will have a fire that will destory all the 4473’s and log book’s. If they don’t well I will say they live close to where their shops are. Three or four body bags of swat aday will soon put a stop to it. And yes there will be losses on the other side. FREEDOM IS NEVER FREE!
        I for one will give my life so my grand kids will be free.

        • johnny reb

          amen copperhead i will stand back to back with you any day

        • Anton Hackl


          The ATF is severely infected & thereby hobbled by affirmative-action hires, especially in the desk-job data logging cubicles.
          They’re notorious for losing info, screwing up files & even purposely deleting files, if disciplined or denied promotions & raises.

          Why do you suppose the other agencies refer to them as F-troop?

          Remember that ancient sit-com?

    71. Sir Preps A Lot

      “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to say, once again, in legislation, weapons of war do not belong on our streets…”

      Well, that’s funny… because neither does OUR own military!

      • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

        (in my best austin powers voice)….”that’s a man, baby! yeah”

    72. Dboy

      I have to share, and I figure this is a good thread to do it in. I flew down from DaNang to Saigon yesterday. And this morning I’m going to a range to fire a full-auto AK and M16…very excited! Oh, and a big FU to Feinstain lol.


      • Dboy

        Ended up skipping the M-16 (can do that at home). Fired the AK-47, 30-cal browning machine gun, and the M60. Good clean fun. I highly recommend visiting the Chu Chi tunnels outside Saigon. Very educational day.


        • slingshot

          Lots of fun on full auto.

          I have fired M60, MG34, Sten, MP5K, MP40.

    73. incognito

      I’ve heard some half-cocked theories from The Real Tin-foilers about reptile aliens (google it) in positions of power on various forums. Just saying that if anyone looks the part this old snatch takes the cake. Civil War.

    74. Tomahawk

      It makes me feel good seeing all the support we have on this issue from our military veterans. Thank you for everything you have done for us and continue to do for us. I love you all.

      • CocoPuff CrackHead

        According to experts, it is only a matter of time before the U.S. bond market collapses with an interest rate spike that money manager Michael Pento says will turn into “an interest rate shock that will make the Great Depression look like the days of wine and roses.”

        • CocoPuff CrackHead

          The U.S. faces a financial storm of biblical proportions; I am talking a Noah’s Ark tsunami. The real fiscal cliff isn’t what is coming at the end of the year. It is the debasement of the U.S. dollar at the hands of the Federal Reserve that is printing $85 billion every month in “open-ended” currency creation.

          • CocoPuff CrackHead

            The Jews Control the Federal Reserve.

            • Angelo Mysteriouso

              Cocopuff: They also work a second ful time job, working for Satan. Being only in spirit form satan requires His sons and daughters to do his dirty work thru the ages.

              Ye are of your father the devil..And will do the lust of him. He, the devil was a liar and thief and Murderer from the begining. Jesus Christ speaking to the Temple Pharisee Rabbi’s and All their jew folowers.

    75. Dr. Pepper

      When weapons are out lawed, Only out laws will have weapons!!!

      Dr. Pepper

    76. incognito

      AND no worries here about forcible ballistic impotency. The odds are inextricably better that we will be picnicking on the moon via our Ford Coupes before disarming America’s Americans. It takes MANPOWER and manpower takes MONEY.


      (WE) as gun owners have to change the way we speak. I do not own any ASSAULT weapons. I only own DEFENSE weapons. I do not plan on assaulting ANYBODY….However I will DEFEND myself.

      • jaxcobjarhead

        the best defense is a good offense

    78. Live free or die

      In my opinion, one must become isolated in their daily lives and the people they allow in it. For me, the fox new channel (which was my main source of the news), is banned, as are all others in my home. If I want to know what is going on in the world then I will read it on the internet.

      My Family will never become second again to the anticipation of a new president and the dream that it will fix everything. What we got is more of the same and then the same on steroids. They will never get anything of mine and they will never step foot on my property. I am a free American and I will die a free American. I will mind my own business and I will prepare for the worst case scenarios.

      My gut feels like it was sucker punched and instead of being a victim, I will be a protector of my Family and I will retain my dignity and my life as I see fit to live it. So help me God, no one will infringe on my rights or on my sacred home. They can go to hell in a hand basket before they disturb one second of my life. I have turned them off and I have put a wall between the sick, vile world and my Family. This is the new America and it is scary. What will our kids face when they enter the adult world? Teach them now, home school if you can, protect them from the mind control and the manipulation of those who want them to be little agreeable robots. This new culture of true Americans will have to lie low and keep the enemy at bay. Just writing that last sentence sounds more like I’m talking about a movie, not the real world but it is real and it will get worse, much worse.

    79. SmokinOkie

      A few hours of driving, mixed with a heavy dose of Dwight Yoakam, is allowing me to gradually regain my (ab)normal mental faculties. I think I’m about to shake off this funk that I’ve been in. But it’s a bad one. Probably the Mother of all Funks. In fact, it’s a real motherfu- oh, never mind. You know what I mean.
      Tomorrow’s another day. And the sun will probably rise again. For tonight…I gotta stop in Fargo and talk to the Hermit. Perhaps I can glean a bit of wisdom from his words. Or at least, maybe he’ll have pizza!
      Hammer Down! Bismark- 60 miles. And it ain’t snowing yet!

      • Norse Prepper

        Welcome up north Okie!

    80. js

      guess what zionist traitor to the Republic, you don’t have the jurisdiction to do so and you know it. you operate on presumption, but those days are coming to an end.

      • JustMe

        Hmm…”those days coming to an end” would require White men to grow brains, and spines. Not likely…

        • Angelo Mysteriouso

          Gee I hope you are wrong because we all Know none of them animalistic african black Apelike monkeys will assist any of us americans eh!

    81. don't tread

      This is the first of a long list of things the liberals/TPTB/fake Conservatives/NWO crowd will try and shove at us. I hate to see it and say it but; all this shit will come about like a line of dominos falling into place.

      The year of 2013 may be the year in which the song comes to reality. “Bye Bye Miss American Pie”.

      When the 25% of the electorate that voted for freebies and the 25% that voted to give it to them, start seeing the SHTF before their eyes, the reality of it all will be too much for them to handle. Singin’, “This’ll be the day that I die”.

      “I met a girl who sang the blues
      And I asked her for some happy news
      But she just smiled and turned away”……

      “The church bells all were broken
      And the three men I admire most-
      the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost-
      They caught the last train for the coast
      The day the music died”

    82. 10mm

      That’s one serious case of (MAN FACE).

    83. GregorKlusar

      Bitch can try! I say pass the law. Pass it so we can show the government how serious WE ARE. The government thinks they can simply walk over us and that we will conform to whatever they pass. If they are that naive, pass it so we can rise up and put them in their rightful place.

    84. Brad3000

      For all those idealistic people that voted for Ron Paul or whoever, just made it possible to dilute the anti-Obama vote by a smidgeon aka a non-pro Ronmey Romney one. This was all BHO needed and he won. Reminder “bi-partisan” to him means shutting out the GOP from
      every bill they can until 3hrs before voting in it.

      What we have lost now with another 4 years is likely catastrophic… both for guns rights and the US economy. The market crashed yesterday by 313 points after the BHO win… and will get worse and this is likely where you have your 401Ks.

      We are a country under God, indevisable BUT being so bi-polar we cannot even begin to fix the mess we are in because of the diametrically opposite ideologies. Dems want to spend until the End of Time on social handouts and GOPs want fiscal budget balancing. These are 2 totally incompatible concepts. They won… and be there no mistake in your mind we are royally screwed. First up on their agenda is GUN CONTROL..

      Be Ready Its Going to Get Ugly…


      • Walt Kowalski

        Oh B.S.

        People voting for Ron Paul did not throw this election to Obama. Get real.

        Obama won because, as Bill O’Reilly said, “Obama promised them stuff.”

        When you add that to the folks who think the murder of the unborn is perfectly ok and some kind of Constitutional right, you’ve got enough people to give him the election.

        What we are hearing now from the pundits is that the Republicans must change their platform position on abortion. (i.e. approve murder of the unborn)and change their position on immigration (i.e. allow illegals to continue to flood into this country)

        In other words….become more like Democrats.

        The reality is, it would have made little difference had Romney won, because this country has an economic Tsunami approaching that can’t be avoided.

        Romney….despite his rhetoric….was no friend of the 2nd amendment.

        • GOP4EVER


          You are quite mistaken:
          1. Votes for 3rd party allowed osucka’ to have a bigger margin without having to work for and gain that vote, and
          2. Everyone on this site is venting because it DOES make a difference that Romney did not win! osucka’ is so much worse so much earlier than it needed to be; Romney would have stanched the hemmorhage temporarily giving us more time, and blunting the impact somewhat!

          • Walt Kowalski

            Ok….so let me ask you a question. Suppose I were someone who had been an Obama voter in the last election, but changed my mind this time around and decided to vote for Ron Paul.

            Does that mean that I was helping Romney?

            • GOP4EVER


              1. You didn’t vote for osucka’
              2. It depends on perspective: if you wanted osucka’ to win, any vote cast for the third party(if he can’t realistically win, like Paul) helps Romney because Romney doesn’t have to neutralize that vote with one vote, and then surpass that vote with one vote So having to get 2 less votes would help Romney.

              The very bottom line: If the rest of the torpid Republicans had gotten off their asses, this too would have helped Romney………

              • Walt Kowalski

                My point is….for every voter who was an otherwise Republican and voted for Ron Paul, there was just as likely an otherwise Democrat who did the same thing.

                Why do I think that? Because of the huge number of young, college age folks who were rabid Ron Paul fans.

                If you think most of them would have voted for Romney, had Ron Paul never even been born, you’ve got another think coming.

                Ron Paul’s following was from across the political spectrum. I know this, because I managed to convince several people who were “otherwise Democrats” to vote for him……if he had been the Republican nominee.

                But there is no way they were going to vote for Romney.

                The bottom line is….whether you want to admit it or not….had Romney been elected, the ultimate outcome would still be the same. The descent might have been a little slower….but only slightly.

                Again I say….this country has problems so deep that the election of Romney was going to make little difference. Because the difference between Romney and Obama were not really all that significant.

                The argument has been made that Romney’s Supreme Court Justice picks would have been better. Well…..maybe….maybe not.

                I mean….That John Roberts guy has worked out swell hasn’t he? Remember him? He’s that “conservative” guy who cast the deciding vote to find Obamacare Constitutional.

                Oh yeah….that worked out great.

                And how about David Souter? He was a Daddy Bush appointment. Wasn’t he a great one?

                My point is…..you guys keep getting suckered again and again to vote for the lesser of two evils. Well…..that’s EXACTLY what you get.

                Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

        • MXLord327

          Maybe not, but he would not have been an enemy. And no, Ron Paul was not the ONLY reason Romney lost, but he definitely was a factor.

          • Walt Kowalski

            But at least the Democrats and the left will OWN this.

            Imagine if you will, Romney being elected and the country going over the edge of the cliff (which it certainly is going to do, if it has not already). You’d be looking at a 4 year administration under Romney…during which virtually nothing would get done…..but a whole lot would happen. (and I’m not talking good stuff here)

            There is no way Obama is going to be able to not own these next four years. I just hope we survive it….and I doubt we will.

            But I don’t think we would have survived Romney either. Again…..the fiscal problems this country faces right now are simply too immense to overcome. We WILL default on our debt. Whether it be outright default…or hyper-inflation of the currency. The end result is the same.

            The problem with most people is….they are unwilling to come to the realization that this country is un-salvageable in its current form with the idiots we have in D.C. I’m not even sure Ron Paul could have saved it, because he would have received Zero cooperation.

            Face it. There are simply too many people in this country who are more than willing to live at the expense of others, and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. Until you fix THAT…the hope of restoring this country to a Constitutional Republic is a pipe dream.

            It is that attitude of entitlement…and an attitude of lawlessness that prevails in much of the population that got Obama re-elected. Not the few number of people who wrote Ron Paul in on their ballots.

    85. Mr. Zsas

      Come & take it.

    86. Namvetbiker

      I saw some Anti-Jewish comments in reference to what Sen Feinstein wants to do. Please remember not all Jews are liberals and the U.S. comes first to us. I own 2 handguns (.45 and 9MM) 2 rifles (Winchester 94 30-30 and an AR 15.) I also served 2 voluntary tours to Vietnam and I’m a Jew. If you want to post comments about her being stupid, etc that’s great. But please leave the religion out of it.

      • Carpenter

        Emanuel Celler, Howard Metzenbaum, Herbert Kohl, Charles Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer, Frank Lautenberg. These are the Senators and House Reps who have pushed through the biggest anti-gun laws. All Jews.

        Jews always claim they are on both sides of every issue. But about 90 percent of them are on the Left’s side, including the big media bosses, so the “both sides” stuff means very little in reality. The bottom line is what matters, and the bottom line is that Jews overwhelmingly support gun control and mass immigration.

        For the West, of course. Not for Israel or its machine-gun-carrying “settlers”.

      • Kevin2


        One of my favorite pro gun people passed away two years ago. You know of Aaron Zelman (May he be known for good) of JPFO?

        Zelman, Aaron S. December 21, 2010, age 64 years, of Erin, WI. Beloved husband of Nancy Zelman (nee Soderlund). Dear father of Erik and Jeremy Zelman. Further survived by other relatives and friends. Funeral services 11:00 AM Friday, December 24, 2010 at Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue, 2909 W. Mequon Rd., Mequon. Memorials to JPFO, P.O. Box 270143, Hartford, WI 53027 or Beth El Ner Tamid Synagogue are appreciated.

    87. thebronze

      I can’t find Feinswein’s comments anywhere. Shootingwire or otherwise.

      Please provide a source.

    88. Wolf Cohan

      I can’t figure it out; are you lampooning yourself as a way to lighten things up?  Or so short of things to talk about that any fringe issue is fair game for inclusion?

      For the life of me I am unable to understand how someone can call themselves patriotic American in one breath, and demand the right to out-gun the police in the next.

      What I really don’t get is, why the prissy, half-hearted stopping at assault weapons?  Why aren’t you demanding grenades, RPG’s!, flame throwers! howitzers!!  Tactical nuclear weaponry!  Get with it, Daily Crux:  the citizenry needs to be armed beyond the scope of the lousy cops, beyond the Marines!  Get the lead out!

      • SonOfSam

        Come to think of it, grenades WOULD be handy

        • Angelo Mysteriouso

          Wow! Two jew Trolls in a few minits apart from each others posts!..OY VEY!

          We patriots need move to israhell since There you can use full autos etc and take live target practrice shots most any time against UNARMED Innocent Palistenens!

          Just ask Axlerod and rham emanuel since they Both joind israhelli army IDF while neither served in USA militarys!

          I read that they also Both shot Dead small children on the palasteen side. I rekon they felt it necessary for Fear of unarmed small kiddies eh.

          Remember: jews Invented communisin, as a political system to Kill white christians(other non whites too) and overtake entire world into Their wet dream of world domination as per their Talmude teachings.

          Aint gonna happen here in usa pal!…jews booted Out from 109 countries since 70 ad era…Always because jews Never do a damn thing wrong to deserve it….Right?!

          Jews=good all other goyims=Bad-Racist antisemitesnazihatemongerhitlerloverswhowanttokillsixmilloinmorejews.

          I aint buying it.

          Nobody gets booted from every nation they ever Infiltrated due to being such wonderfull folks eh.

          Check 1918 russia revolt to see How them kommie jews killed 100 million innocent White Christian folks.

          Then cry a river in support of jews Master race agendas.

          I am tired of race traitor whites almost as much as kommie jew killers….Thats reason I got Lots of ammo!

        • MXLord327

          Oooh cool, how about a tank? That’s what I really want. Never have to worry about a parking spot again!! And the ability to take out a libtard at over 2 miles away!!!

      • Ed

        Weapons Parity! Now you’re talkin! I expect there’s more of that stuff lying around than most would imagine. Not to mention the native ingenuity of your average American tinkerer… Again, guns etc. are just tools- the actual weapon is your mind. The rest is details…

      • Walt Kowalski

        Typical straw man argument.

        Come back when you have a better understanding of both the Constitution (and the reason for the 2nd amendment) and the real position of those who understand why the gun-grabbers want to ban these weapons.

        Thanks for playing.

    89. mwp

      We each must search ourselves and determine where we stand. I pray that it doesnt come to that. if so maybe a new list should be started and those that are on it should listen to things that go bump in the night.

    90. overthetop

      Amendments are only good if we have them,the same go’s for the constitution. Do you see a pattern on what they are doing. They want a civil war they can’t beat us man to manso they will take us down from the inside, starting with the collapse of our economy, then watch who starts the riots in our country.

      It will start with us deserting Israel and then look out.

    91. fortunate son

      Come try and take them,see what happens. MOLON LABE!

    92. scott

      With the economy getting worse I am sure will be seeing more shootings which gives these liberals more of a reason to push for gun control.

      i’m not giving up my guns to these bags of shit!

      • clint hospo

        Oh you know this is right. I agree. people are out of money and stress is breaking a lot of people. there have been so many shooting lately in Ca. You see so many now that are just shooting themselves after they shoot whoever pissed them off. YOur right I agree on this. Most of them have been with pistols and I bet the sad thing is they dont care these people died. they are wishing these people were killed with ak-47’s instead so they can ban them more quickly.

    93. Gravlore

      6.3 quake Vancouver Island. BI ?

    94. TheGuy

      Commiefornia man.

      Get me outa here.

    95. Norse Prepper

      @ Be Informed,

      Would love to get an analysis of the 7.4 in the Caribbean and now the 6.3 on the west coast.

      What’s next??

    96. Be informed

      6.3 on Vancouver Island just about 25 minutes ago. This was right in the middle of the Cascadia. It could be that the Cascadia fault was in the process of breaking and relocked. This is serious, IF it breaks before Thanksgiving it will be 8.8-9.0. The Japanese 9.0 had a 7.3 two days before. This is a possibility of that breaking and did not finish until later. Everyone you need to watch this, I am not kidding. That 7.7 did a lot of stress release on the fault, enough for it to snap. I am going to continue to keep checking back all night long. Cascadia fault goes, next is the San Andreas and after that the New Madrid like it has happened before in 1700 and then in 1812.

      • copperhead

        BI: Did you see my comment about the USGS and the WVSZ.

      • Norse Prepper

        Thanks BI! Keep up the updates!

    97. copperhead

      The Survivalist Pledge

      To help all that can be helped,
      To defend all that can be defended,
      To save all that can be saved,
      To free all that seek freedom,
      To stay alive as long as I can and stay free as long as I live.

      • JustOneGuy

        @ copperhrad,

        I like it….thumbs+

    98. johnny reb

      Let them come for mine Im ready willing and abel to send then strait to hell, only they have to find me frist its time to stand your ground our fore fathers must be turning in there graves i for one have had enough no more I will not live in the peoples republic of america I will fight for my god given rights all enemys

    99. Be informed

      @ Norse Prepper and everyone else. 96 hours, 4 days. If the Juan de Fuca plate, Cascadia fault has not gone off by then, this means that it has relocked itself for at least until Thanksgiving. Everyone needs to watch for several indications. First a larger quake in the general area, 6.4-7.5, if this happens I give a 70% chance of the mega quake coming with 3 days. Look for polar earthquakes of 5.0+, especially the Antarctica region west of New Zealand, OR the Arctic region north east or directly north of Iceland. Any earthquake of 6.6+ south of the Cascadia fault to about San Francisco. And any Pacific earthquake of 7.5 or larger. Any of these within 4 days will dramatically increase the chance of a mega northwest earthquake. Look for these signs of stress.

      That 6.3 is way more of an indication of SHTF will a fury up there than the 7.4 on the Caribbean plate. The 7.4 on the Caribbean plate completes the western cycle of it, now the mega quake on the eastern Caribbean fault is in the mix.

      • clint hospo

        thanks again Be informed, was watching today on history a bit about the plates etc. thank you for posting this daily.

      • Norse Prepper

        Thanks Be Informed! Keep us posted. I think this could end up being a tipping point.

        • you don't need to know

          3 by the antartic ridge….Hang on…=(

    100. CocoPuff CrackHead

      Zionist VAMPIRE Jooo’s Have Over-Run AmeriKa ;0P

      AmeriKans Better Wake the Puck Up !!!

      The Zionist VAMPIRE Jooo Mafia have Literally taken over AmeriKa from the Top to the Bottom .

      The is “No Section” of AmeriKan politics , industries , banking , media that is not Dominated by ZIONIST VAMPIRE Jooo’s at the fedgov and stategov levels !

      Just like Cockroaches and Rats they are pucking everywhere !




      ~N.O. ;0p

    101. slingshot

      @ Be Informed

      All I want to know is when Feinstein’s place drops in the ocean. Hope her and B.Boxer are sipping wine together when it breaks loose.

    102. canuck

      Holy crap is she ugly.. at least Ann Coulter is hot. I’ll keep my guns to defend against looks like that! Why are the head Dems so freakin ugly?

      • Satori

        have you seen that adam”s apple on Coultergeist ??????

        I’m not sure she’s of the female persuasion

        • JRS

          Satori….you’re a hoot. Never noticed that, but I don’t really follow the Fox comedy tour.

        • PO'd Patriot

          No but with her giraffe neck she could graze grass on the other side of the fence.

      • Anton Hackl


        Because they inbreed!

    103. David Ayer

      YES….YES!!!! GREAT IDEA!….Come get’em.

    104. Unreconstructed Southron

      “Whatever happens at first, we are certain to have triumph at last, even if we had for arms only pitchforks and flint-lock muskets ; for every bushand hay-stack will become an ambush, and every barn a fortress. The history of nations proves that a gallant and free people, fighting for their independence and firesides, are invincible against even disciplined mercenaries at a few dollars per month.” — General P.G.T.Beauregard

    105. The realist

      I would like to give her 2 things..

      1- A bag for her ugly head
      2- show her my big black steel banana clip!

      It’s said.. Once you go Black.. You”ll need a wheel chair after!

      Looks she needs a good Dickin’

      • Gravlore

        “It’s said.. Once you go Black.. You”ll need a wheel chair after!”

        Or about 50 showers.

        Over the line?

      • roger

        only a blind fucker with no sense of smell would plunge into that nasty gash.

    106. Musashi

      There’s a strategy for dealing with those that would attempt to go door-to-door and confiscate weapons. It does not involve barricading yourself inside you home and making an Alamo-like stand-off.

      • GOP4EVER


        Can you elaborate?

    107. aahrats

      Come and get ’em!

    108. braveheart

      Clint Hospo, I’m with you all the way. I’m willing to stand with anyone and everyone on this forum for the 2A and everything else we hold near and dear. The anti-gun crowd will go full speed ahead with their efforts now. the globalists are running out of time to establish their NWO and we are the only thing left standing in their way. If they come for my guns, they’ll receive some ‘precious metal’ aka hot lead! Braveheart

    109. Anonymous

      Try it big government and you will see a bloody revolution like you have never seen!

    110. y2k8

      Try it big gov. and you will see a bloody revolt like you have never seen before!!!

    111. Casull

      Gun Grabbing is a mental disorder. Use this documentary to educate and spread the word:

      Alex Jones Calls Out Gun Grabbing, President Obama Calls for New Gun Control in Speeches



      • yental

        Evidently missed that episode (one of the few things on the idiot box still worth watching)but got a truely excellent belly laugh from it. Sense of humor, check. That and the rest of the “preps” will come in handy in the rapidly approaching future.

        I would tell you to “watch your six”, but that would be like telling a “male dog” to lick his own ……! Know what I mean Vern.

        Accelerated timeline emerging at warp 9 crew. “Beam-me-up” isn’t an option.