Tulsi Gabbard Sues Hillary Clinton: “Obvious Malicious Intent”

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Tulsi Gabbard has decided to sue corrupt Hillary Clinton. Gabbard describes the defamation suit over  Clinton’s “Russian asset” smear as election meddling.

    According to RT, Clinton “lied about her perceived rival Tulsi Gabbard… publicly, unambiguously, and with obvious malicious intent” when she claimed Gabbard was “the favorite of the Russians,” the campaign alleges in the lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in the federal Southern District of New York. While Clinton isn’t technically running against Gabbard in the 2020 contest, the filing drily notes that the role of president is “a position Clinton has long coveted but has not been able to attain.”

    People seem shocked that Hillary Clinton has stooped to lying, but she’s a politician.  Lying is what they all do. None of them are good people; if they were, they wouldn’t seek power over others.

    The filing alleges Clinton harmed not just Gabbard but also “American voters” and “American democracy” by pushing the baseless smear, citing “scientifically conducted opinion surveys” indicating that millions of potential voters believed Clinton’s claims due to her status as a political insider and authority figure with likely access to non-public information. Over 200 articles have been published amplifying the smear since Clinton first uttered it in an October episode of Democratic strategist David Plouffe’s ‘Campaign HQ’ podcast, and the campaign estimates the former secretary of state’s attacks cost Gabbard $50 million in lost donations, lost votes, and reputational damage.

    While Clinton never retracted the inflammatory claim that Gabbard was working for the Kremlin – despite a formal request from the Hawaii congresswoman’s campaign – her representatives did attempt to retrospectively muddy the waters. After Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill verified that she was indeed referring to Gabbard with a snarky “if the nesting doll fits” after Clinton’s initial comments in October, he subsequently backpedaled, trying to claim that Clinton meant Republicans – not Russians – were pulling the candidate’s strings. The resulting “corrections” streamed unevenly through the media, confusing no one bar a few copy-editors. –RT

    Clinton has not publicly responded to the lawsuit as of Wednesday afternoon. She also has shown no signs of letting go of 2016-era rivalries either, recently claiming in an interview that “no one likes” or wants to work with Sanders, who recently polled as the most popular member of the US Senate.


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      1. One winter day, the skies will briefly clear, birds will sing, & we will have learned that Hillery has assumed room temperature.

        • I watched some animist or shaman-looking Mexican, performing an exorcism over a homeless encampment.

          As it so happens, the whole thing got bulldozered, immediately. Literal tree were uprooted and taken away.

          Were some Lilith, Jezebel, or Harlot spirit exorcised from this country, we had all ought to be contrite and mortified.

          Isaiah 3-4

      2. The justice system is too corrupt. Clinton will walk, again.

      3. Uh Oh… time to put a suicide watch on Ms.Gabbard…..

      4. Tul$i gots a boo-boo. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

      5. Good for Tulsi! I hope she is awarded every penny of it!

        Free Luo Daiqing!

        Chinese Minnesota University student, age twenty, sentenced to six months in prison while caught in China on break for posting 40 tweets while in America critical of Chinese government and Xi Xin Ping!

        Support free speech and free press!

        Speak now, or forever hold your peace!

      6. But neither can mention they lick Israel’s boots.

        How embarrassing to be a politicians who’s owned by that racist little apartheid state.

      7. Will no one rid of me of this turbulent witch?

      8. I was completely shocked to learn of Tulsi’s suicide tomorrow.

      9. Hillary…..please go away!

      10. Hillary’s scared because the walls are closing in on her crooked family now that Trump’s the president. The clinton foundation, and clinton global initiative are money laundering operations, and the democratic party are their puppet. Durham’s going to get you, Hil-dog.

      11. Wonder how long it will be before Tulsi is Arkancided?

      12. Kuru vs. CFR gungrabber

        This is a literal choice. Choose the good one.

        • Yes, Tulsi Gabbard was invited to join the CFR when she was a member of the Foreign Relations Committee. However, soon after she joined she dropped her membership…maybe she found out what it was all about.
          As far as her policy on guns, you can see that at her website. She has no stated policy that reflects a “gungrabber”.

          • A sovereign, self-sufficient, and neutral country doesn’t need a foreign relations committee. Let innocent bystanders know local laws, when traveling or in business.

            Here is the legal dictionary’s entry for chickenshi t —
            h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exigent_circumstance

            The word “sensible” as in sensible gun controls, is subjective. There is no way to interpret “shall not be infringed”, except you’re a reprobate.

      13. Over the years, a lot has been said about HC’s deficient character and disturbed personality. There’s no need trying to analyze her clinically. It has been amply shown, and can be simply put, that she is nothing more than a smug, self-entitled, conscienceless, amoral, psychopathic “elitest”, nothing more. She discarded everything in her that could prevent her from being what she is today, she is only a husk of a person. For her, the reality of truth has been reduced to be equivalent with lies. She has intellectually and morally dissolved any difference between the truth and a lie, it is only important what serves her at the time. This being the case, what is lying for her other than a convenient useful ploy to be wielded for personal gain, that is, her limitless thirst for power, wealth, privilege and one other thing. I believe that one other thing is she probably derives pleasure in other’s misfortune. If her soul could be seen it would be hideous, grotesque in appearance.

        • Confederate Bill,
          Excellent summary of Hillary! I agree! Unfortunately, the behavior exhibited by Hillary is basically the norm in America. When the majority of society exhibits deviant behavior, and pathological lying and psychopathy is the norm, which is the condition that America is currently in, the society cannot survive. Hillary never would have gotten to where she was without basically a very large segment of the population enabling, elevating, defending her, and ruthlessly attacking anyone for denouncing Hillary and others for their psychopathy.

          Consider that the faked 9/11 attacks occured with, in the very least, the complicity and cover-up by the government, media, and almost every major U.S. corporation.

          The only mystery is how America survived for as long as did.

        • I don’t literally expect it to happen, but tests for drugs and diseases used to be enforced before employment and formal marriages. I mean, clinically, you could arrive at a useful conclusion.

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