Tuberculosis Outbreak Of A Multi -Drug-Resistant Strain In Minnesota Is Hard To Fight

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 28 comments

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    Bacteria , Germ infection

    An outbreak of tuberculosis has surfaced in Minnesota, and medical officials are concerned. Normally, the disease is treated with antibiotics. But this new strain is resistant to multiple drugs, making it difficult to control.

    According to Fox News affiliate, Fox 9, Tuberculosis is treatable with antibiotics, but the multi-drug resistant strain has been more difficult to fight. This strain directly caused three deaths.

    “When you have multi-drug resistant disease what that means is the organism that’s causing the TB is now resistant to at least two of the usual drugs that are used, so it’s not that you can’t treat it, but it’s going to take second-line drugs,” said Kris Ehresmann, Director for Infectious Disease, MN Department of Health. The disease is difficult to catch but easily spreads with repeated exposure when someone with infected lungs talks, sneezes, cough, or sings.

    Cost is becoming a concern as well because TB is expensive to fight. The drugs which are effective against this multi-drug-resistant strain are much harsher on the body. They come with more side effects and treating this specific tuberculosis strain requires more time and money. A normal case of tuberculosis costs about $17,000 to fight, but when fighting multi-drug resistant disease, it jumps to $134,000.

    “We have a large Hmong community in Minnesota, so I think it’s really important that they’re aware of the situation and attentive and monitoring what’s going on with elders,” said Ehresmann. Last year, Minnesota had 168 cases of tuberculosis. So far this year, there have been about 160 cases sparking fears that this outbreak could not only worsen but kill many before it has run its course.

    “We’ve put a lot of resources into responding to this situation,” said. Ehresmann says the outbreak has mostly affected people in the elderly Hmong community. Of those impacted, 14 people are from within the Hmong community. Ehresmann believes 10 of those cases are connected because the people have shared activities at a senior center.


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      1. They could start by wasting the scum ass Somalis that brought it here.

        • ^ This!!

          Where do they think this disease sprung up from?? Spontaneous infection of some 3rd generation Americans??

          • Another virus update…

            Yet, flights still continue out of Madagascar…

            “Cases have increased by 8% in just a week with nearly 2,000 people infected by the deadly airborne strain.”

            Official figures are 143 people dead, 1947 infected.

            “Plague warnings are issued for nine countries surrounding Madagascar amid fears the disease could spread via sea trade and flight routes.”

            ht tps://

      2. Damn straight Menzoberranzan. TB was almost eradicated in the US; that is, until we imported so many 3rd world plagues into our land. What the hell ever happened to some entry quarantine? A medical check? We don’t let dogs and cats in without such. What the hell?!?!?

        • Our politicians are all traitors I believe.

          • Menz: Another agenda to trash this country down into the abyss. Never trust a politician. Another is bed bugs brought via luggage from third world trash, has over time, spread via motels into homes. TB and bed bugs can be spread many ways incl homeless shelters, taxi’s, buses, and cheap motels that aren’t properly cleaned/linens changed, etc.

      3. I know of someone that got sent to a TB facility back in the 1960’s. When they got released they had to take this very expensive medicine that was called gold dust. Decades later it was found out some of these people committed to the TB sanitarium may not even have had TB. And the TB sanitarium burnt down with all the records after it shut down. Very suspicious all the way around.

      4. if it is hard to fight, then extreme quarantine procedures must be applied for this person and that persons associates or anyone who has had contact, needs to be tested.

        And perhaps deported.

      5. Prepper nurse should come out with a video on this.

      6. Sorry. Patriot Nurse.

      7. If you find yourself with T.B. and antibiotics aren’t working. Try eating figs(ficus carica) or drinking tea of figs. Figs contain a chemical called Psoralen – Photosensitising activity. Also it is active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In the presence of ultraviolet light, it causes impairment of DNA synthesis.

        Also have some latin names of some plays that contain Pimpinellin which has Tuberculostatic activity against mycobacterium tuberculosis.: Impinella saxifraga, Heracleum sphondylium, angelica genuflexa, cyperus papyrus, and artemisia canariensis. Sorry don’t know their common names off the top of my head.

        And if you’re interested in medicinal plants

      8. A false complacency in the belief of the miracles of modern medicine to be able to continue to win the old wars (bacterial infection) we thought we had long since cured.

        I’ve got news, the bugs are making a comeback. Increased population density, increased (worldwide)transportation (facilitating worldwide transmission), increasing burdens on peoples’ ability to pay for treatment (often incomplete treatment due to costs, leading to increased chance of development of resistance), big pharma squeezing every last penny out of the public to pay for drugs, combined with sometimes legitimate costs of research and development which lead to costly dead ends, government corruption with big pharma health care providers, etc. all conspiring to the classic case of winning the battles, but ultimately losing the war.

      9. Could somebody explain to me, in a rational manner, how antibiotics can cost $17,000?….or even $134,000??????

      10. Minnesota has quite a few enclaves of third-world immigrants. Please keep them. Just another example of foreigners not being vetted when entering this country, even by legal means. We are f#@king doomed with the liberals, communists and all the other idiots running this nation!

      11. Bacteria live in our intestines and perform a lot of necessary functions which help keep us alive. Antibiotics kill the . beneficial bacteria as well as the disease-causing bacteria (pathogens). We need something tailored to a single pathogen. Wise use of such weapons is vital to prevent drug resistancre. If this gets out of control, even medical professionals will bug out when plague breaks out.

        • His name was Royal Rife.

      12. Do I hear the word quarantine?

        • I quarantine myself every fall through spring when infectious diseases are the highest. I don’t know what else to call keeping healthy away from the sick except hermitation.

          • Woogie: Agree, I shop early/run errands in the day when stores are dead (flu/cold season), wash hands. Suggest taking zinc, vit D and C and eating good, lots produce,whole grains, beans, and way way less meat, dairy and pastries/sweets.

      13. Menzo my thoughts exactly. What the hell is wrong with our common sense in this country. Should’ve put a stop to immigration a long time ago. I know yeah yeah we all came here but the house has been full a long time. These dirty people come here and this is what you get.

        • The globalist agendas: one is to kill off most of the population via disease which is low key (not on main news) because people can’t pin it down to where it started or why stupid politicians keep setting up sanctuary cities all over. Calif. has Hep A, TB, etc from Mexicans also. Leaders are unable to think logically and they don’t care about their family or future of their g’kids, gg kids. Why aren’t state and local politicians stopping this influx of this trash to their cities? Because they are low life scum, bought off by liberal agenda groups.

      14. Thanks to those filthy Muslims in MN. I hope it wipes out all of them.

      15. MN socialists have mini populations of every shithole nation there is from somali to hmong that were brought thanks to the cover of the “church” and their “good deeds”, bringing over these asshats and then dumping on govt welfare programs. the populace is then guilt shamed into accepting this shit.. you roll in the shit with pigs and your gonna get diseases

      16. Government says there are 115,000 Somalians in Minnesota. Somalians say there are 250,000 Somalians there. Who you gonna believe? And why didn’t the government the know the accurate number? Or did the government know the right number and lie? And why did they lie? Figure it out, White folks. Act accordingly.

      17. The more widespread the use of antibiotics, the faster the bacteria develops resistance to the antibiotics. Since antibiotics cause livestock to put on weight faster, there were places where the antibiotics were used on livestock routinely. There is a race between the scientists developing new antibiotics and the bacteria. Guess who’s winningz?

      18. Now people of Minnesota are seeing the many rewards of Obamas immigration program and the benefits of multiculturalism. Who in their right mind would import that many people to the US from a toilet like Somalia? I spend a lot of time in Saudi Arabia. Even here, the foreigners that give law enforcement and government the most trouble are those from Afghanistan and Somalia. As for diseases, Raw garlic is very effective in addition to conventional drugs. It is too complex for bacteria to adapt to.

      19. If the federal government enforced the laws 20 years ago, this would not be happening. BUT the RINO’s want cheap labor and the DINO’s want votes. Do not hope for things to change soon or ever

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