TSHTF Inflation: “What YOU Will Pay for What You Need to Survive”

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    This extremely informative article has been generously contributed by John Galt. Follow his John Galt FLA web site for essential news, informative analysis and a truly unique perspective on global happenings. Be sure to check out his widely popular The Day The Dollar Died series available for free online, as well as John’s latest The Year After the Dollar Died.

    20 cans of Tuna? Check

    100 MREs? Check.

    20 bushels of Corn? Check.

    2 rolls of pre-1964 ‘Junk’ Silver dimes? Check.

    400 rounds .22 LR? Check.

    500 rounds .223 ammo? Check.

    Sounds like a nice stash of survivalist/prepper goods to start with doesn’t it? I could continue on with the list but it only begins to belie the myth that sadly so many members of the prepper community believe to be their ideal that they are 100% prepared for the collapse of America and perhaps Western civilization. How can I make such a statement and not back it up with facts? I shall provide my readers with one fact, the lowly Twinkie:


    $200,000 for one box of Twinkies? What the hell does that have to do with survival when the proverbial situation arises as TSHTF (look it up if you don’t know what it means)?


    This was the case last year when the Hostess Bakery filed for bankruptcy when the unions failed to find a reasonable deal with a corporation which had overpaid for their services for years yet nobody who worked their thought it was enough. In the end, the company filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the unions lost their jobs, and the thought of no more Twinkies ever being made ever again thus causing a Twinkie panic and prices to be driven out of reality as there was this belief that people were stupid enough to pay this much for a so-called piece of Americana junk food history.

    But this is an isolate incident, right? Uh, no, there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of stupid eBay listings like this:


    So what does a Twinkie have to do with TSHTF, inflation, and the fallacies of the survivalist community?

    Once again, EVERYTHING.

    To begin with, this article is neither to demean the starting prepper nor launch into my fellow bloggers and authors about their version of what being prepared for the worst case scenario might well be; even though the criticism is valid and should remind everyone of the old adage that NO ONE is totally prepared for a societal collapse.

    The theory that many of the Pollyanna view of the end of modern convenience then in the end civilization is that indeed, mankind would seek his brother out and be at his best working together to rebuild and save humanity and rebuild civilization. The other view is the darker perspective, the so-called “Jericho” scenario on steroids where no one can or should be trusted and if one works within a community structure the enemy, in often cases the new or what’s left of the existing government will either extinguish or work with other groups to seize control from any opposition to their way of thinking.


    This brings me back to an old posting, a portion of my past where I pointed out the original barter spreadsheet, something most individuals have forgotten about:

    (click on the thumbnail to enlarge to full size)


    In 2010, I too thought that mankind would be somewhat, not totally, but somewhat reasonable in its assessment of civilization and how and what we would do to deal with each other. I published the spreadsheet based on current prices for 2010 and thought that this guide would provide anyone a basic price list for trade should TSHTF soon after that time.

    I was wrong.

    If you look the version updated on March 20, 2014 the prices have varied some, only because of the value of the dollar and deliberate efforts by yours truly to find the cheapest prices for commodities; however for meat like pork and beef the ratio has exploded beyond belief compared to the staples in the spreadsheet below:

    (click on the thumbnail to enlarge to full size)


    The problem with the spreadsheet above is that the current regime of pricing might well be extinct within the next 180 days as the world shifts from the petrodollar to a true, commodity based currency. I warned about this problem two weeks ago in the article:

    Russia’s Financial Nuclear Option against America

    yet only a few American financial outlets took the Russian threat seriously.   Fast forward to the news linked two sentences above, a conflict openly possibly involving NATO troops in a mode of retreat and protect, along with a Chinese government electing to engage its long time enemies as an aggressor. The US Dollar Index would collapse from its absurdly overvalued level of just over 80 as world governments abandon its potential future as the peg for their currencies:

    (chart via INO.com 03/21/2014)


    Imagine the impact far beyond groceries of a US Dollar 50% lower than currently valued. There is a lot of insane analysis that in fact the American citizens will indeed behave in a “civilized” manner despite the initial premise that civilization is collapsing. Thus why the chart I present below, priced in only estimated gold and silver valuations might well wake some of my readers from their Pollyanna perspective that we will continue to exist as a normalized group of people despite every civilization’s collapse indicating otherwise:


    The first question is why no comparisons to other commodities like the previous spreadsheets? That answer is easy:

    Screw you, I’ll charge whatever the bleep I want.

    You have 100 bushels of corn. So what the hell up?

    You have 50 bottles of Jack Daniels for trade? Great, find an alcoholic who is a surgeon to operate on your child who needs his or hers appendix removed.

    You have 500 gallons of motor oil and diesel fuel? BFD. I have a gasoline powered vehicle, enough motor oil to make the trip to Mexico and back. And really don’t care if your wife has a disease and she needs my gold to buy her cure.

    The reality is that all perceived norms of civilization are out the window once organized governments and currencies collapse. Inflation is the reality of the day as all items are in short supply. Does anyone really think the snipers in Croatia and Bosnia gave one rat’s ass about how many eggs your chicken could poop when they held the high ground, the ammo supply, and enough precious metals to reload until the freaking USMC showed upon the scene?

    My friends, and enemies, everyone still thinks in the norm. The two spreadsheets about fair barter only apply in a semi-civilized society. In reality, TSHTF inflation occurs when those who have the most toys, the most gold and silver, get to dictate what YOU will pay for what you need to survive. If you do not have what it takes for barter, you will starve, your children may well die, or worse, you might get turned in to the new “authorities” of the upcoming DHS wet dream era.  It is time to dismiss the insane, insipid, and antiquated idea that America will continue to function as a “Christian” or “Judeo-Christian” society when it all collapses. The truth is that it will look more like the South in the 1865-1867 time period, or worse, the Balkans when Yugoslavia disintegrated.

    At that point in time it is survival of the fittest and those who need goods had best have an ample supply of real currency, a 4000 year old plus monetary system, if they wish to survive. If you, my reader does not believe this, do like the 1939 Jew, get in line, get a number to exist and avoid freedom guaranteed with real money within a dictatorship, that of gold, silver, and cunning. As a merchant of life, I would not accept anything less for my family that what I would need in the future to trade or bribe my freedom out of a region for to survive. I need not a truckload of corn, wheat, or fuel. I need not 50,000 rounds of ammunition, three thousand pounds of steak, nor 5,000,000 Advil tablets.

    I need what it shall take to move on foot or via transport, using real money to buy my freedom or maintain it behind enemy lines. The alternatives are quite real, quite stark, and quite accurate if anyone has witnessed a FEMA trailer assembly after a natural disaster.

    Of course there are alternatives: One could  just move to Venezuela before we collapse here, which is duplicating the errors of humanity’s past:


    This extremely informative article has been generously contributed by John Galt. Follow his John Galt FLA web site for essential news, informative analysis and a truly unique perspective on global happenings. Be sure to check out his widely popular The Day The Dollar Died series available for free online, as well as John’s latest The Year After the Dollar Died.

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      1. We all need to have a little of everything, and have it hidden. Unless dealing with a well known person, there will be no “fair” dealings.

        • Waiting with bated breath to read what this sites “self described” economic authority has to say about this essay.

          Oooh it’ll be good.

          • Less than a month ago 93% lean ground beef selling at $3.99/ pound at the everyday price. Today it is priced at $4.99/ pound at the everyday price, at the same store, same brand. A 25% increase.

            • You’re lucky(?). Ground sirloin is $5.99 a pound here, and regular 80/20 ground beef is $5.29. Generic ground beef is $4.79. I experimented with canning hamburger this summer when a sale was on. Had mixed results with the ground beef, but the roast I canned is superb. If there’s ever another sale, I’ll can as much as possible.

              • A good friend of mine has a large hog farm down in Indiana. He said prices of his hogs has never been higher. There’s some sort of disease that’s killing a lot of piggies. Buy your pork now cause it ain’t getting any cheaper.

              • I’ve found Keystone canned meat, a great brand and sold at walmart for $6.28 for a 28 oz can. Tried it along with their chicken and it’s pretty good stuff. Their mfg. dates are on the can ex:B3237 is beef canned on 2013 on the 237th day. FDA rules say canned food must have a minimum of a 5 yr shelf life. If the best by date is there it means that is the approx. mid-life of the canned goods. Here are some links for your info. 1. https://www.google.com/search?q=mfg+dates+on+cans&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=sb

                • Is he kidding? Get real! I have between 10X and 1000X times what he lists as a stash and don’t even consider myself close to ready.

                  • I believe he is only giving these amts. as an example of the notion we have that we are prepared when we achieve a certain amt. Just as you believe you are not prepared with what you have. I believe in the notion that two is one and one is none. Extra is never good enough but at some point we are going to run out so learning to do without is better…God bless

            • The price here went from $3.99 to $4.50…I saw the DG store circular.
              I have all I can hold in the freezer.
              Grass fed, free range, antibiotic free…$3.30 a lb.

              • That is ground beef..the other cuts are different prices.
                I still buy 13 pieces of ‘out of date’ cuts at Piggly-Wiggly for $20 a box when I can.

              • Better not count on that freezer

            • Yes, Food prices SKYROCKETING. !2-16 months ago my average family grocery bill was around $400 bucks a month shopping bi-weekly. this month over $700 total and climbing, even things you would not think of as climbing in price- Lorna doone shortbread cookies used to be $2.98 now $4.68 a box at local Wal-mart.
              Obama’s destruction of the middle class is almost complete- Move people form high paying jobs to minimum wage (or government dependant), Double gas prices from inauguration price, now make food and health insurance affordable for a relative few (placing even more on government dependance)
              WAKE THE F^%$ UP AMERICA!!!!

              • The cost of living is skyrocketing in our little city in Wisconsin as well. They just past a bonding issue for a new school which will raise our property taxes by about $450. a yr
                With the cost of food and other things this is probably going to force us out of the city since I’m on a fixed income. The destruction of the middle class is nearly complete is correct…

            • Consider yourselves lucky, 93% GB sells for nearly $12/lb here on the road system in Alaska.


          • Good evening, YMWW. I always read the exchanges between you and the self-appointed economic authority with interest, regardless of the subject matter.

          • YMWW: Everyone here knows I am a BIG Twinkies fan. WE had that conversation here a couple years ago. Stock up now while they are really cheap. They have a shelf life longer than a Big Mac!

            You will be able to trade ONE for a five gallon bucket full of Bit Coins!!! 🙂

            • DK, I’m betting the street value of a bag of Cheetos will skyrocket.

            • The durango kidd says:

              Everyone here knows I am a BIG Twinkies fan. WE had that conversation here a couple years ago. Stock up now while they are really cheap. They have a shelf life longer than a Big Mac!”

              DK is that sarcasm? Or is that your official authoritative economic position? Go long on “Twinkies”

              You apparently missed the point of the essay, so I’ll point it out to you.

              “At that point in time it is survival of the fittest and those who need goods had best have an ample supply of real currency, a 4000 year old plus monetary system, if they wish to survive. If you, my reader does not believe this, do like the 1939 Jew, get in line, get a number to exist and avoid freedom guaranteed with real money within a dictatorship, that of gold, silver, and cunning.”

              You’re cute DK, but you’re still a transparent fraud.

              While you may accuse me of not seeing your post as sarcasm, I doubt it was. After all, anyone who would defend the fiat money fraud of modern central banking would certainly buy into the Twinkie bubble, and the mindless #10 can theory of economics as well.

              • @DK

                Oh, BTW. You have still not answered a question I posed to you earlier.

                Q: Do you support “fractional reserve” banking?


                • I’ll answer that. I support honest banking. Fractional reserve is a side issue. It has a tendency to allow bad banking, but what we have is crooked banking, and you can have that under any system.

                  • Paranoid says:

                    “I support honest banking. Fractional reserve is a side issue.”


                    Hey kidd: As the leading economic authority on this site, please educate your “Fan Boys” about the workings of fractional reserve” banking, and it’s relationship to “honest banking.”


                • Maybe, just maybe DK thinks your a self-appointed jerk and doesn’t want to waste his time corresponding, Maybe…

                  • much ado about nothing says:

                    “Maybe, just maybe DK thinks your a self-appointed jerk and doesn’t want to waste his time corresponding, Maybe…”


                    Na… that ain’t it. He loves to bloviate on economic issues. He considers himself to be the final word!

                    The truth is, the durango kidd has been exposed!

                    He can’t defend his establishment economic positions because his BS is transparent, and he knows it!!

                    He won’t answer my question because he knows I’ll have a field day with it!

                    If that wasn’t the case, he would answer the question.

                  • MAAN: I usually don’t get on the Net before late afternoon. The weather is great and there is just too much to do outside.

                    Responding to Your Mama is one of the great joys in my life. Really. Its sooo easy to defeat his rants that its starting to bore me, must the Alt Media Sheeple need to be educated about finance and economics, so I try.

                    I am likely to cut my commenting back here in another month or so as plans I have been working on for some time appear to be coming to fruition by the end of the month, so I will be very busy after that.

                    I mentioned that to Mac over a year ago. Until then I will engage! 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “I am likely to cut my commenting back here in another month or so as plans I have been working on for some time appear to be coming to fruition.”

                    Say it’s not so! What is the community/collective to do without you? How will we know what to think?

                    “I mentioned that to Mac over a year ago. Until then I will engage.”

                    Whew, that’s a relief. The kidd will be back!

              • YMWW: That is my official economic position on Twinkies. Smokey NAILED it. Snacks will have value on the street, just like smokes or whiskey. They will store in the vacuum sealed bag indefinitely. And the comfort factor, OMG!

                As I have stated here many, many times, everyone should invest in gold, speculate with silver and hoard their lead. So Preppers should have what metals they can afford AFTER they have their snacks!

                Fractional reserve banking is a great financial tool and modern civilization would not exist without it; but like so many innovations and inventions it can be used for well or ill in the wrong hands.

                Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. 🙂

                BTW, YOU have never explained how to replace the dollar, the MECHANISMS of the FED, or fractional reserve banking for that matter.

                You prefer private usury, a barter economy, and garage sale economics, I presume? 🙁

                • the durango kidd say:

                  “YMWW: That is my official economic position on Twinkies.”

                  So you weren’t being sarcastic. LOL.

                  In a SHTF scenario, trying to barter with Twinkies will gain you one of two outcomes: laughed at; and/or shot. Both probably ending with your Twinkies being confiscated.

                  Do you think anyone would trade ammo for Twinkies? NO!

                  Do you think anyone would trade meds for Twinkies? NO!

                  Do you think anyone would trade real food for Twinkies? NO!

                  “Fractional reserve banking is a great financial tool and modern civilization would not exist without it; but like so many innovations and inventions it can be used for well or ill in the wrong hands.”

                  The Establishment Kidd finally comes out with it.

                  Spin it DK, but FRB is not a “great financial tool.” It’s a bold faced fraud, and you know it to be true!

                  The idea that “modern civilization would not exist without it” is pure fantasy. FRB is the scourge of “modern civilization.” Just take a good look at the world today. Is the world on the incline, or the decline?

                  That’s what I thought!

                  Central Banking has no right or wrong hands! For liberty to exist, Central Banking should NOT exist.

                  Centralization is the problem.

                  Decentralization is the solution!

                  “BTW, YOU have never explained how to replace the dollar, the MECHANISMS of the FED, or fractional reserve banking for that matter.”

                  The world went round long before fractional reserve banking, the Fed, and the dollar. Why on earth would you think it wouldn’t spin without them?

                  Oh, I know… You’re a bankster troll. Without a central bank, the sun would never rise!

                  • YMWW: I have NO intention of trading my Twinkies for anything! You must be fucking NUTS!!!

                    But I knew that already. Now everyone else knows!!! 🙂

        • I don’t believe a person or family can ever be totally prepared. At least not those of us of normal means. Common sense will go a long way. All you can do is just prep to the best of your abilities. Unless you happen to win the lottery I guess.

          • Very true. No one knows EXACTLY what will happen…we can only look back and try to find patterns and do the best we can. But just do something. I know people who say “I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that”. Well guess what? You probably will, so what do you plan to do, S-L-O-W-L-Y starve to death? Don’t be arrogant. Do what you can. Cover as many bases as you can. Get at least a little of everything…then pray and hope for the best.

            • @Outlaw and Me here,
              I think you are both exactly right. Do what you can because it is moving you in the right direction, and you will know you tried. I admire people who are willing to try and willing to learn and not willing to give up. KUDOS to both of you.

              • Thank you Wilson. Theres is only three choices the way I see it. Move in the wrong direction, the right direction or stand still. I have never been one to stand still, so I choose to move in the right.

            • *** I know people who say “I wouldn’t want to live in a world like that”. ***

              My answer is always, well, you probably won’t; not long anyhow! 🙂

          • Jarred 7 quarts of pinto beans last night, shootin for 14 quarts tonight. The first batch look a little funny. I have canned pickles and pickled okra for about five years now. Canned corn and tomatoes last year for the first time, they came out good. This is the first time I have canned beans, not much, but better than what I had yesterday right? And even if we screwed up the first batch, I guess we gained something, more experience.

            • My corn and tomatoes got dehydrated.

              • I’d love to do more dehydrating. I only have a couple of those $40 atwoods type dehydrators though. An exalibur or similiar is not in the budget for my near future. I’d like to eventually build a smokehouse/dryer type of building outside, but we have so many projects we’d like to get around to and so little time/money, don’t know when that will happen.

                • I hear ya Outlaw—My dehydrator cost $35 and I am extremely pleased. I bought 4 more extra trays, 4 mesh trays, 4 fruit roll up trays, and have a nice working machine for most anything to dry.

                  Excalibur?? Not yet. I’m still practicing with my frugal one!!

                  • @ everyone
                    first off, good article, thanks for including it mac, it reminded me that I am not an axxhole, or ignorant.
                    second, thanks too all of you that post, I have learned much from a culmination of you all, I appreciate it.
                    third, silver is at about $19.75 an ounce, I would say buy as much as you can… it may go lower, and that’s great, then buy more.
                    and then some, when the shtf, we will need to lay really low, I would guess for about 3 months, before we would even consider bartering for anything. the major cities will be scary to say the least, but even in the outskirts, it will be touch and go. lay low, live off the preps you have, and no, emerging a hero is not an option. survival is key, for everyone in the group, or just your family. that is up to every individual from there on, like I stated in a previous post, mistakes will be deadly, and there will be no room for a learning curve at that point.
                    water, food, ammo… yeah sure, can’t go wrong there, but what about the approach of like minded individuals after that initial embarrassment of a societal break? the trust factor from there will be nothing short of absurd, to fruitless.
                    I wish I could put my true thoughts into sentences.
                    there is no way any of us can consider every angle of opportunity/demise that lays ahead of us, and we all know it.
                    southern 1865 was mentioned, but that wouldn’t even be close to what lays ahead, your talking weak minded, weak in physical, and needy in most general. very ugly indeed, and trains to no-where are all to real.
                    if your not growing surplus to your needs, or proficient in something that is/or will be needed you truly can kiss your ass goodbye.
                    even with the extended knowledge that we now have, tech and all, we will be nothing without electricity, we are so dependent its not even funny.
                    I wish only the best, but I will plan for the worst.

                • Man you nailed it with “So Many Projects…” I feel like the perverbial (sp) 1 legged dog with a bad itch…
                  can’t find time to get enough sleep now adays with soooo damn much to do. I, like so many others on here, do a little (or a lot) every day be it another plant in the ground, seedlings started, jam made, rice/beans/water bought…. you get the picture… dj

            • When I can pinto beans, I wash, then fill my jar about 1/2 full of dry pintos, fill with boiling water, then pressure can for 90 min @ 10# pressure. Works out great.

              • Thank you munchkin. I believe that is the mistake we have made is overfilling the jars. Will try this method next round.

                You do soak them and boil for thirty minutes before jarring? or just put them in dry?

                We soaked overnight and boiled for an hour, which I have now learned should have been 30minutes. Then filled with beans to 1″ and then poured in the boiling cook liquid to within 1″. My wife wants to try and fill them about 3/4 with beans and then fill the rest with liquid.

          • Outlaw, bargains are where you find them. Your right alot of us don’t have the money to run out and buy everything at once and a lot of people figure if they can”t get it all at once they just won’t get any, Big mistake. I just got a good buy today at the local dollar store, not a big deal, but a deal none the less, they have a cart at the front where they put items that are marked down because they’re going out of date, today they had Hunt’s canned whole tomato’s for .25 cents a can, “best buy date” is only a weekaway but I bought 12 cans for the price of a large order of fries at Mickey D’s They’ll be good for a few years and if I have to throw them out, what the Hey. I’m not normally a dumpster diver, but last fall I asked my friend at the local grocery store, at closing time to leave the meat scraps on the ground by the dumpster and I would pick them up for my bear bait, long story short, next to the meat scrapes was a case of bacon,that was out dated. Looked as good as any on the shelf, guess where it went. I ain’t proud, the bears didn’t get it, still some in the freezer and it’s good. Trekker Out.

            • MT.

              One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

            • Aint nothin wrong with that MT. I was so freaked out when I started prepping in 2008. I was overwhelmed by the amount of changes that needed to be made and stuff aquired. Also frustrated by all the time and money I had wasted. I used to pull in a good amount of money, but it was all wasted on the typical shit americans buy. You know electronics, clothes, eating out, that kinda stuff. Nothing left to show for it. I lost my good payin job in 2006. Was livin off credit and tryin to build a new business. The wife was not on board. She and her family thought I was crazy. She enjoyed the bling life and it was engrained into her by her family. She is gone now. That cost me even more money. Well it is 6 years later and by just doin something towards my goal each day I feel very comfortable. Miles ahead of where I was at in 2008, and I make 25% of what I did in 2006, if I am lucky. I have done my fair share of dumpster diving. I also find free stuff on trash day at the curb. Never been lucky enough to score any food, but I sure wouldn’t pass it up if it was good. Just last week I drove by a new construction large apartment complex, landscapers were planting. I asked and recieved appx 100 1 gallon black nursery containers they sell new plants in along with about 25-30 black nursery containers ranging in size from 5 gal to 50 gal. I added that to my growing collection. Me and the new wife are trying to start our own micro-farm for food and profit. Similiar to the one talked about in the new article, however we don’t have $40k to plink down not to mention we still have to work our other business, so ours will be little by little. You should be damn proud of that bacon man, that stuff is going through the roof in price!

          • @ Outlaw –

            Most of the emphasis seems to be on what ‘stuff’ you are able to put away prior to a SHTF event. Eventually you will run out of ‘stuff’ to barter for what you need.

            I would suggest that some emphasis needs to be put on the acquisition of skills that can be used as a barter item.

            1. A single needle hand sewing awl for repair of web gear and other heavy fabric and leather, complete with spare needles and a lifetime supply of heavy duty thread will set you back less than $50.
            2. A professional set of diamond hones and guides that will allow you to sharpen almost anything can be had for less than $100.
            3. A lady friend of ours recently scored an old treadle style sewing machine at an estate sale for less than $200. It needed some minor repair and refurbishment but was otherwise in near perfect condition with all the attachments included. Now she can sew and repair clothes without the need for electricity.
            4. The ‘Tinker’ who can fabricate small parts and repair firearms, etc. won’t have any problems making ends meet in a ‘grid-down’ sort of a situation.

            This isn’t just going to be about what you have on the shelf ….. you’ll also need to have some skills and abilities that others need in order to get by.

            • Great points MadMarkie. I do not plan on any bartering, the way I figure is that I’ll need everything I have. I have been learning to repair everything we own that breaks and even modify/improve our existing things that aren’t broke. My dad is quite the tinkerer, so have been trying to learn from him waht I can. I still have a pretty strong back, a sound mind and have been building up the tools, so the plan for me is to perform services that others will need. Our current business is service related, but dependent on disposable income. It will not be required after the shtf, but many of the tools and skillsets will be transferable, the clueless people just don’t realize they need those services yet, and the aware are mostly already doing it themselves.

          • Anyone remember that movie Jumanji? Four people sat down to play the game. Someone asked “are we ready?”. Another character replied “There IS no ready”

            Being prepared is like being educated: there’s always something to learn, and always something to do

        • Civility remains only in proportion
          to the severity of the collapse.

      2. I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

        • Today is Tuesday… Payment please!

          • It’s a soup burger. These are difficult times. Burgers can’t be choosers

            • Wimpy, beggars can’t be choosy. Pay up now. And I DON’T accept EBTs.

              • Gentlemen, you know the rules – there *are* no rules. This is a fight to the finish.

          • WOW! I got the first thumb down.

            I must have been the leading
            contender to piss off a troll.

            • OutWest: No your fans just posted before mine! Get use to it. It grows hair on your ass!!! 🙂

              • You must have on hairy butt durango…:-)

                • I have to shave it twice a day or live with a five o’clock shadow! 🙂

                  • Do you get up at the crack of dawn for the first shave? 🙂

                  • Too bad Durango cuz its always 5:00 somewhere.

                • Where is butt crack of doom, seems appropriate for him to comment on this! J.K.

            • My thought is, if you don’t get a few thumbs down, you’re doing it wrong.

              • US: I gave you a thumbs down so you could feel “Love” too! 🙂

                • Thanks.

                • @DK

                  Is that why you become so indignant when challenged?

                  Because “your fans” show you the “love?”

                  “Butthurt” is not a medical condition DK.

                  You appear to be able to dish it out, but taking it is a different matter.

                  Try getting over yourself. You won’t feel so aggrieved.

                  • Butthurt is a gay condition.

                  • “Butthurt is a gay condition.”

                    Yeah, and DK is full-blown!

                  • YMWW: Coming from a limp wristed faggot like yourself, I am sure that it was meant to be a compliment. Water on a ducks back to me. 🙂

      3. Keep prepping, preparing, praying, prepping, praying, preparing. Do not let up!

        • fag sheep

          • RGI, Speak for yourself! I respect your service to your country but that does not give you the right or the privilege to call me a fag or a sheeple. If you think all of us in Louisiana are homosexuals come on down here and say it to my face. Be prepared to face a large clan and bring your weapon of choice! Watch what you say, Sir! I and my family have served our God, country and countrymen with pride and honor and do not take kindly to someone insulting us or our beloved country and state. The eagle is our national symbol and has been my totem for over fifty years. When you insult the eagle you insult the country. I believe a public apology would be in order.

            Louisiana Eagle, laeagle for you!

        • Anybody heard of the planetary devastation earthquake in Chile?

          • They got a Suemommies wave too.

      4. The ‘barter’ system has in been in place for hundreds and hundreds of years and is very useful in any culture.
        Of course thieves and robbers have been in place just as long in every culture as well. The trick is having something that YOU need but also having enough to barter with others as THEY will need it too.

        It all comes down to what both parties agree on, and making sure that one transaction does not end your life or jeopardize OPSEC further down the road. I believe Selco has written about not ‘having all your eggs in one basket’ and being able to quickly adapt to changing conditions. Common sense really, as rare as that seems these days!

        • Barter is for civilized societies that obey the unwritten agreement or rules of purchase and exchange.
          But as this article points out (and one I agree with) you cant have barter until the calamity of chaos and total lawlessness has decreased to a level where barters can take place. In the beginning of total pandemonium there will be more theft or looting than bartering. I for one aint planning to barter a thing when hell is breaking loose unless its buying my safety or security for some reason.

          • Calgacus, I agree. While there is any violence taking place, I won’t even think about bartering. I’ll have my hands full fighting off 2-legged animals. You’ve got to get thru the chaos and anarchy alive first before you do anything else.

        • Socrates, I will do some bartering myself in any post-SHTF scenario, but only for certain items, plus, you must have means of protecting whatever barter items you have stockpiled from the 2-legged animals out here. one item I won’t barter under any circumstances is ammunition of any caliber. that can backfire and be used against me at any later time.

        • Its not about what you need or what you have. It is about what you can produce. If you cant produce, you are dead meat. Saying that you can survive off of your stash is like saying you are going to retire tomorrow and live off your meager savings of 2 years worth of expences. It aint gonna happen….

        • You must have skills that you can barter. Learn to weld, blacksmith, carpentry, gunsmith, Ferrier, Medical field that focuses on simpler and less tools and so on. You also must have a good team (Selco talks about this), you must be able to defend your stuff. You need to be sustainable… Gardening, poultry, pork, beef. You need to live somewhere that it away from large population areas. They are a death trap and a target for ANY enemy. Time is running out to get out. Your prep now needs to include as many scenarios as you and your team can think of and afford. It also needs to be cached. DO NOT PUT ALL OF YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET! PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS. We are one major train wreck from total collapse and the government knows it.

          • Would love some input… Have been prepping for several years. Husband not on board but will allow me to prep (purchase stores, items for protection, etc.). I believe it is long past time to get away from the city. We are in a suburb of a large Rocky Mountain town and there is a county jail two miles from our home. I have repeatedly stated that we would not be able to stand alone and fight off the hordes. He thinks this is all for naught as “we’ve been in tough places before.” No matter what I show him or what I tell him, he remains glued to his position. I am concerned that his refusal to deal with reality will cost us both our lives. Short of walking away – which other than this issue (a HUGE issue nonetheless) is the only grounds I would have for leaving. I have thought about purchasing a small (circa 1970) and getting it “ready to go” but I am reading that we need to be able to reach at least 150 miles outside of any metropolitan area and survive there. So, going alone doesn’t seem smart and I have met few like-minded people in my area…at least like-minded and talking about it. There was a day when we were all talking about our “preps”…not anymore! For good reason we have all clammed up. Also, as to hiding what I have… Where? How? I have read great articles and know the importance of establishing caches but again, alone? And, where? Input (not assassination) would be appreciated.

            • G-force: Check the American Preppers Network for like minded people in your area, and approach cautiously. Be there to get there.

              The Lord has a place for each of US so go within and discover where HE wants you. Not everyone in the boonies will survive, and some of them will be at as great a risk as those in the Inner Cities.

              Some suburbs with certain characteristics and with cohesive neighbors will do quite well. Organize, communicate, volunteer, and socialize. There is strength in numbers. 🙂

            • G-force: If you are beginning to prep… work on a 14 day supply of food, water, ammo, clothing, camping gear (including a cook stove, Sanitary needs, a couple of GRMS radios, a CB, vitamins, and a good first aid kit with one month of meds you need. This will all fit in the trunk of a compact car for the two of you. Also get three 5 gallon gas cans and keep them full at all times. Reuse and rotate the gas you put in them once a month and refill. All of this is a little work but once you get a system in place it is easy. Your food should be freeze dried type of food. All of this is relatively cheap for just 14 days. If you have no fire arm GET ONE. Start with a pistol and work your way up to 500-1000 rounds of ammo for it. Then get a 12 gauge pump shot gun with 200 rounds. Then a rugger 10-22 with 1000 rounds. Then as your prep grows get a good long rifle (7mm, .308, 30-06, .223). Your pistol should be one you are comfortable shooting. Stick with 38 special, 9mm, 40 cal, or 45 cal. All very common and easy to get rounds. Once you have your 14 days and a good backpack (don’t forget comfortable shoes/boots) start working on long term prep. You do not need all of your stuff to be freeze dried. Buy the dry goods you normally eat (can goods, soup, pastas, rice, flour, oatmeal’s, canned meats, ect.) JUST BUY MORE THAN YOU NORMALY EAT AND BEGIN TO BULID UP. Work to have one month on the shelf, then two months… you will be amazed on how quick you build up. Start putting some cash in a safe place. You put 20 bucks a week in a safe place and in 50 weeks you have $1000 as an emergency fund. Put 50 a week and you have $2500. Have a bug out plan and a bug in plan. Bugging out is not running to the woods. It is going to a family or trusted friends house in the country. Start quietly looking for folks of like mind. Try your place of worship. FORM TEAMS: If your man won’t then you do… he will eventually get on board. If you have the financial ability and he will let you buy a small piece of good land away from your city. Call it the vacation site. If it comes with a small house, out building , or trailer… Bonus. If it comes with a well and septic, double bonus. Get Holly Deyos “Dare to Prepare” book. Get there “prudent Places” book also. Survival Blog : http://www.survivalblog.com/ is and outstanding starting point for all things Prep. Take the Shit Hits The Fan School from SELCO: http://shtfschool.com/home/ This site lists the top 50 prep sites: http://www.survivaltop50.com/ . Good luck and God bless. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

              • G-Force>

                Per Man-Inside’s weapons advice..I would concur w/ getting a pistol 1st..however, I would recommend a revolver chambered in .357mag..because you can shoot .38specials w/ it also..plus, all you have to do is point/aim & squeeze the trigger.

                ..a semi-auto(9mm/40cal/45acp etc)..all require you to rack the slide/chamber a round prior to firing said weapon.
                In a life/death situation, where split seconds may count..a revolver is simpler to operate/function…especially w/o substantial training or practice.
                That said: ..a semi-auto has the advantage of higher capacity(more rounds) and in rapid reloading of the weapon, once you’ve emptied the 1st mag.

                Man on the Inside’s advice is solid indeed, per a prepping agenda…ditto, pay attention & ask questions of the canning/gardening/medical/animal husbandry etc..etc types who frequent this site.

                ..there is a wealth of “sharp cookies” here!

                BTW…welcome aboard ma’am!

                • 45ACP Condition One. Cocked and Locked. When needed just flip the Saftey off,ready to go. No need to rack the slide when in a hurry, seconds make the difference. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus

                  • New to forum. Always carry a Colt .45 , but recently acquired a .45 ACP. Seems to shoot good, but need help on how to sight in? Any help there ?

                • This is helpful to me, too. I am currently working on getting my first fire arm. I just completed a class (an all women class taught by women) and obtained my permit. I am at a loss as to what to look for–I need something that is fairly uncomplicated–and your suggestions have given me a direction to pursue.

                  Thank you so much!

                  • Go to your local gun store and start asking questions. Touch and feel is a great way to see what you like. Revolvers are simple and easy.

              • Well, I found this very helpful for me, too, and I wanted to thank you so much for your comprehensive steps to take.

            • at one time i would have said to buy a .22 cal. its cheap ,versatil ,and easy to store ammo ,but now with the dificuty getting ammo ,id buy somthing that shot nato ,ie. 9mm ,223, 308 ,there will always be black market military ammo

            • the “150 miles” from a city is just not true. Terrain is what determines how far you need to be. You can be 30 miles in some very rough mountain area and be just fine, and you can be 100 miles on flat land and be a target.

          • BI: … 8.1 off Chilli….

      5. OH YEA move to venezuela and get an ID card to buy food .
        maybe not……
        Great article @MAC !
        I have yet to figure out what i should be putting away.
        There is just too much, so i do my best.

        • Hammerhead, food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, guns, ammo, for beginners. things that will help to guarantee your survival.

        • Start with shelves, 5 gallon buckets with gamma lids, water, white rice and pinto beans, and honey.

          • And chocolate-5 gallon buckets full!!!!

            • Amen to the chocolate!

              • I like that one too.

            • Make sure it’s that healthy medicinal dark chocolate.

        • Hammerhead, you can still buy from the LDS Cannery at least hear just east of the Rockies. You cannot can your own food stuffs but you can buy already canned items in #10 cans and get a good start on your preps that way. Check it out! I don’t know where you’re located but if you’re a days drive from Utah or Idaho, you can avail yourself of much in the prepping arena that the LDS still have to offer (and I’m NOT LDS by a long-stretch). Some of their prepping websites are outstanding as well. Also, check out Holly Deyo’s “Dare to Prepare.” Excellent volume on prepping. God Bless, Protect and Provide for you, my Friend!!

          • The canneries in Oregon are still working.

      6. People will always be people. When the larger society breaks down, people will gather together in smaller communities. Some will die, but, perhaps not as much as some people are thinking. The norms or civilization may not be recognizable but many will attempt to be human. Situations may arise when the animal instinct dominates but man is unique from other animals and I am hopeful that humanity, with God’s help, will eventually pull through the great catastrophes that are approaching.

        • “People will always be people.” Yes, you are right. However, DESPERATE “people” do desperate things. When someone is going through tremendous stress, facing hunger and fear, once better known as “people” will soon turn into “animals” for a survival.

          • I was shopping in a new survival store today and overheard another customer tell the store owner that he has all the supplies he “needs”, but has no problem stealing things he “needs” either. The owner just stared at him and said “good luck with that buddy because we’re all armed”. He left without buying anything…big surprise! I couldn’t help but be disgusted as I know many people have that attitude rather than prepare and plan. I have no doubt that people will lose it within a few days.

        • We’ve got to get past hating on each other first.

          • I do not hate the person that wants to steal my preps, with that said I am still going to kill that person if they try and steal my preps, I just will not hate them.

            • Mr. Magoo, that’s not what I was talking about. I was talking about the in-fighting, arguing and name-calling that goes on, for no other reason than a difference of opinion.

              Some people hate others because they are poor, of a different religion, race or nationality. Because they are educationally challenged or disabled. The list of reasons why some people dislike others is alarmingly long.

              My point is, we have much bigger problems ahead, to spend so much time trying to make people fit our ideals. That’s all I meant.

              Someone stealing your preps maybe should be shot…but then again, it would depend on the circumstances to me. Sometimes, just sometimes, killing isn’t the first, best answer.

              • @Sixpack,

                I get what you are saying, but its just wrong to talk about stealing from others when you are in a survival store full of preppers. I was shopping in there because I want to take care of my own family… And if he is already thinking he will have to steal, he obviously doesn’t have as much as he was boasting about. I plan on helping others and prepare accordingly, but don’t try stealing from me because then all bets are off.

          • sixpack, You are absolutely right! Thumbs up!

      7. The focus should be on the creators of the collapse and artificial inflation Vs how to survive as slaves. For cancer you don’t take aspirin rather you try to destroy the mother cell and its sub cells. Hint….Who prints money? Who makes billions in profit with free money and doesn’t pay the corporate taxes?

      8. You will have to produce something. It may be is simple as a days labor. Just remember that what the scripture says about what a days labor will get you.

      9. Horseshit. Useful items will still be useful items. Gold is not the be all end all. If you have all this physical on you, someone is likely to pop you in the head from afar and then it is their gold. Learn skills and trades. Trade skills and items. We will survive. Don’t have a victim mentality. A victim, entitled mentality will be the downfall of the masses. Keep your head up.

        • Actually, I rather think I will keep my head down whilst observing what is happening around me….I doubt that I would barter anything other than skills…(maybe seeds)….don’t want anyone to know/or THINK they know exactly what I have. Low profile…dress/act as if I am in the same sinking ship as everyone else…basically, hide in plain sight…..as I will do with what I have – hide it in plain sight. As I’ve mentioned before…value lies in WHAT you know when you need to know it…

          Have Faith, Keep the Faith, Share the Faith

          • ADDENDUM: While we all can imagine any types of SHTF scenarios…NO ONE really knows exactly the what/when/where/how of it…..we all know there is no “if”….my point is that no amount of money will insulate you from the eventuality of having nothing….so, IMHO, Knowledge should BE the FIRST prep you attain….having immediate supplies is critical, but not the long range scope that some vendors claim you need….Learn NOW how best to provide for yourself and others…

            • And be prepared to eat your enemy. Humor, but maybe not.

              • I have a recipe…. (hanible chili)… Mmmmmmmmmm….

              • I think Warchild calls it “Long Pig”

          • Tru dat Feisty. I plan on staying below the radar for at least 3 months when it happens as well. This should allow for enough time for a lot of the trash to kill itself off. How about…stay positive out there?

      10. I agree with Shootit. Be able to PRODUCE something, anything of value. Clothes, food, reloads, milk, butter, anything that can be extracted from the land, the animals or through your labor and skills. Skillsets will be the order of the day as we all can not be farmers. I am terrible at growing food, but I still try every year and get a little better each time, but overall still terrible and I do not count on my ability to grow my own food. That said, I can install a solar system start to finish. I have always been a hobby leathercrafter, and leather is a durable good that will be in high demand after Walmart is picked clean of cheap China clothing.

        And before you say solar is no good for whatever reason, take a look around at your local, state, federal and educational facilities nowadays. Solar panels EVERYWHERE! They were paid with by your tax dollars, keep that in mind when you liberate a few to keep your community alive. Also when the grid is down, there will be a whole bunch of worthless cars and trucks with no fuel, but perfectly good batteries! Maybe not optimum but the price and availability can not be beat!

        Skills, knowledge and skills is where you will survive. Prepping is only for the transition phase The new paradym will be similar to the old in that nothing is free, and you must work to obtain your daily bread. There will just be a lot less taxes!

        • Town, I’m with you on the panels. I’ve kept track of where large PV panels are in my area, after all, I’ve paid a few thousandths of a cent on each and every one!
          Standing ready in Daytona

        • Some interstate signs/cameras are solar. Use your imagination, but don’t do anything illegal.

          • …wouldn’t dream..of it….

          • Often they are odd voltage todiscourage theft. You must think “series”.

      11. -All 586 episodes of Naruto. Check!!!

        -Planetary Devastation downloaded on computer. Check!!!

        -When the economic collapse comes, the first place I may go to is taco bell. Check!!!

        -Getting angry because the gov. may take my $10 in the bank. Check!!!

        -Having some gas in the car so I can drive around to watch the riots. Check!!!

      12. I might pay $50,000 for a twinkie. But never $200,000 !!!!

        • I thought it was for a whole box. Now I REALLY feel stupid.

      13. I personally dont think bartering is going to be that big in our society after the shtf. I think there will be some but i think the people in this country will kill and steal to get what they want. People in this country are too use to getting everything handed to them. They dont know how to work for things any more. I think there will be a time and place for trading but in the event the shtf people will loot and steal what they need. I think along with storing up supplies you will need security the most. I think you will need to protect yourself, family, and supplies. You will have to protect what you have because only 3% of the population is preparing. The other 97% have no clue and you will have to protect yourself from them. People will get hungry and crazy and that is when they become dangerous. Also dont forget about your fellow preppers they are even more dangerous because they are prepared. Not everyone is nice, some will be out there to take what you have too. So its the saying “its you against the world” Good luck all and keep working because things are not looking good.

        • Azam, I agree. Bartering will be more likely and more common to occur in rural areas and small towns. Not bartering at all myself unless some extreme situation forces me to do so.

        • Evidently the three people who voted you down didn’t watch some of the LA Riot videos. Human psychology will rule the day. There may be massive suffering/die off, especially in urban areas. There will not be enough EMS/Police/NG to assist. We may enter a full scale war with someone like China at that point. Remember, The U.S. is more than just Wall Street, NYC, and Hollywood; it is vast pine forests, fertile plains, and oil reserves. On a side note, I have just begun to read this post in the last month and am appalled at some of the morons out there. Twinkies? Really.

          • Why would China attack their biggest trading partner that keeps their people employed, while their Uber Rich buy up large tracts of American land and some of its largest businesses?

            Russia needs to worry about the rise of China as a great power, not the USA. China is buying US with OUR own money. Russia, not so much.

            Siberia is virgin and virtually unspoiled with minerals, forests, and WATER! Once the Chinese annex Siberia, they will be selling bottled water in their cities labeled:

            “Fresh From Lake Baikal”. 🙂

            • Best comment thus far.

              Forget not: governments do not always to the wise nor beneficial thing for their nation or people.

          • TS, I watched those LA riot videos. You’re right the biggest die offs will be in urban areas. And yes, we do have some shitheads that come on here. one thing I know for sure is this: let those animals come to my place for anything and I’ll have 00 buckshot waiting for them.

            • BH, you might want to consider No. 1 Shot instead of 00 Shot. Ball size reduces from .33 caliber to .30 caliber, but ball quantity per round goes up by about 50%, or 2 rounds of No. 1 throw as many projectiles as 3 rounds of No. 00. Shot pattern is essentially the same. You get more hits on the target, if you are accurate, and a greater probability of a margin hit if you are off a bit.

              • Smokey, thanks for the tip. I’ll get some #1 and try it.

                • 7 1/2 shot is cheap and at 10-20 feet, will put a big hole in you @ 1200fps. Buck shot cost 5 times as much and not needed in a close memphis environment.

                  • What is a Memphis environment?

        • This question is for everybody out there. I know there are lots of variables, like the power grids, but if the electricity were to stay on how high do you think the unemployment rate would go after the SHTF? 30% unemployment? 50%? Higher?

      14. I have no plans to trade with anyone after it hits the fan. I don’t know anyone who’s prepping. I won’t trust anyone after the collapse. I won’t be answering the door after it hits the fan. We’ll bug in. I won’t be going outside except to dump poop and garbage at 3 AM. It’s going to be a complete economic collapse when maybe 3% of the population is prepping but at least 30% of the population is armed.

        • 2nd that. i’m not trading either.

          i got about 3 months worth of stock up and enough unread books to read in the closet with the shotgun doing my “i am legend” impersonation while the usa loses its mind.

          (i figure if society doesnt reset in 6 months, i probably dont want to live with what’s left after that.)

          • Totally agree with your take,,
            If its anything like the walking dead, count me out!
            Just going to sit tight, stack up dirt filled drums, hog wire cages with geotex liners filled with dirt and tubs full of dirt all around the house for ballistic protection, and sit tight,

          • It won’t take long to discover that you are in there. They will simply burn the house down. However, if they have some idea that there is anything of value in that home, then expect to be driven out by CO, pesticides, tear gas, etc. If you are hiding in a closet reading books with a rusty shotgun, then you should be in a place so isolated that nobody gives a damn if you are alive or dead to begin with. Anywhere else, and expect to be driven out by roving bands.

          • *** i probably dont want to live with what’s left after that.***

            Lena, with 3 months of food stocked, you probably won’t; I can not express enough—think in ‘year’ terms, not ‘months’ terms.
            Stop smoking, drinking, hair appts., sculptured nails, Starbucks, theater, new clothes, cable, fast food, new car payments, bottled water??(puh=-leeze), dining out often, the latest gadgets (to only have to update later??)…lots of things to give up and use that money for food, supplies.
            I will NOT feel sorry for any coming to my door hungry–they know what we know.

        • There is a man a 1/4 mile from me that grows and sells produce.
          I will barter with him if he has gas for that tractor(which I doubt).
          As long as he swears to not tell where he got that TP.

      15. The twinkles is when Hostess stopped making them.

      16. Bullets, band aids, booze, boobies, food, and smokes are the future currency. Think like a pioneer in the old west. Whorehouses, saloons, hotels, and dry good stores made up a town.

        • As per Galt, we are all billionaires???
          Just kidding, of course, but I did not see land in the line up… Any idea what productive land and housing secluded, of course would be worth???

          CHURCH FART !!

          This says it all about getting older & the whole aging thing.

          An elderly couple Pauline & Frank were recently attending church services at
          The Villages.

          About halfway through the service, Pauline took a pen and paper out of her
          purse, and wrote a note and handed it to Frank .

          The note said:” I just let out a silent fart, what do you think I should do?”

          Frank scribbled back: “Put a new battery in your hearing aid.”

          • We as kids used to call them “SBD”, silent but deadly.

        • Dang-it!!!! I KNEW I was forgetting something in my preps!!

          The BOOBIES!! I had completely forgotten the boobies!!

          (Crap, I AM getting OLD!)

      17. One of yesterday’s headlines was way more disturbing and involves a man named Richard Sullivan who wants to buy the biggest US gun maker, yet he owns no guns.

        The gist of the article (found in BloombergBusinessweek) is that a really small company named Global Digital Solutions put forth a takeover bid of $1 billion to acquire Freedom Group, the largest gun and ammunition manufacturer in the U.S., which is allegedly a privately-held conglomeration controlled by the New York-based private equity firm, Cerberus Capital Management. THEIR BRANDS INCLUDE: Remington, Bushmaster, DPMS/Panther Arms, Marlin, Para USA, and Barnes Bullets.

        Cerberus’ stockholder wienies are believed to be so afraid of their involvement with manufacturing guns that they put feelers out for recapitalization that would take them away from the gun business.

        Here enters Global Digital Solutions. Global Digital Solutions’ founder is Richard Sullivan and Sullivan “wants” to create guns with “digital features,” yet HE OWNS NO GUNS!

        After reading the article, which is a must read, a blogger stated a company called VeriChip and Applied Digital (its former owner) had been pushing RFID chips for human use (as we already know), BUT that Applied Digital’s CEO was none other than a man by the name of Richard Sullivan, under whose direction VeriChip was spawned.

        The blogger then posed the question: IS Richard Sullivan of Applied Digital and VeriChip the same Richard Sullivan who is proposing to acquire the largest gun and ammunition manufacturer???….a man who allegedly does NOT own guns???…and who wants everybody and their brother chipped???

        After a Google search, the answer appears to be yes.

        This worries me immensely.

        • Good!
          Let them sell and buy,,
          That will open up opportunities for smaller manufacturers to expand and new manufacturers to develop,
          A guy with a decent mill, lathe, and broaching machine could become a millionaire overnight.
          We need to worry about right here, right now, 10, 20, 30 years down the road? We may all be dead anyway!
          Just sayin

          • I get where you are coming from…but it is NOT just about buying the biggest gun manufacturer. Richard Sullivan wants to create “smart” guns and have all the laws that go with making sure your DNA is coded into your gun.

            His own press release states…(AND PAY ATTENTION):

            “About Global Digital Solutions, Inc.
            Global Digital Solutions is refocusing its business strategy on providing knowledge-based and culturally attuned societal consulting and security-related solutions in unsettled areas.”

            His company also just merged with Airtronic, a company that is a manufacturer of grenade and rocket launchers for military and police use.

            From Guns: “We’re extremely excited about the potential for GDSI Gatekeeper,” said Richard J. Sullivan, Global Digital Executive Chairman and CEO. “This revolutionary suite of services represents a real breakthrough by leveraging the power of web-based, digital technology to enhance safety and security in the small arms arena, both in the commercial and military sectors. We think of it as personalized gun control and we believe the accessible worldwide market represents a multi-billion dollar opportunity for GDSI.”

            Personalized gun control?

            This man should be considered dangerous to the Constitution. IF he gets his way, this will NOT be a problem 30 years from now, but a problem in the very near future.

            • Its only gun control if they get people to comply,
              How do you think thats going to work for them?
              I would bet a weeks wages more dont comply than do.
              Then what? They force us? Pffft’@”
              I dont think their goals are attainable even if they have ALL the money and ALL the politicians,
              They can try,
              They can also all be targeted.

              • When one of these companies has a ‘blow up’, will the owner/manufacturer then have his ‘come to Jesus moment’??

              • “Its only gun control if they get people to comply”

                How could one NOT comply if it’s the ONLY THING AVAILABLE TO BUY?


          • This is correct, I also believe that big money is behind the bid on Federal. They want to put under these big brands of traditional arms. No matter. The people that want that type of firearm are the most stubborn among us. We will support the next upstart that produces what we want. Maybe the name Remington or Bushmaster is no longer around. We will just start the next company to fill the void.

            • You forgot about a govt that controls BUSINESS REGULATIONS. It might be so costly to start up that new business in the near future, that only Soros himself could afford it—and we should be thinking that Soros will be the funding behind this Sullivan takeover. As I understood it, Sullivan himself doesn’t have the money…so who does? And what is THEIR AGENDA?

        • You know what causes me alarm about that Sullivan deal? The media is portraying it as “mundane”. Why are they even mentioning it if it is so “non-news”? Personally, I think he intends to use it to further gun control, by taking it over and making all the guns with those digital tracking/govt shut off devices in them. that is, if he doesn’t close it down altogether. We’re getting gun control/disarmed one step at a time—and I believe this deal is just another step that most people won’t see coming…until it’s already done.

          • Sixpack: You and I are on the same wavelength. Led by Obama, they have already outlawed the use of lead in making bullets through EPA regulations, causing the last smelter in America to close down.

            President Obama bypassed Congress, signing an executive order to completely ban the importation of guns, ammunition and even parts and accessories related to firearms.

            NOW this 70-year-old Richard J. Sullivan wants to implement gun control through Smart technology (and I mention his age because it seems that all the idiots behind the magic curtain are older than dirt: Buffett, Soros, Koch Brothers, and now Sullivan; what is up with that?).

            They are backdoor’ing gun control right under our noses. The ONLY good thing is, like cars, they will be computer-running their goods, which is their Achilles heel….but it STILL remains gun control because it will make them almost impossible to manufacture by the average company, much less purchase by the average American.

            • Exactly, and what are all these Putin haters gonna do, when the ONLY means of securing a usable firearm will be to smuggle them in from somewhere else… like Russia?

      18. I found this guy several years ago, listened for about a year. He’s pretty good, but,,, he’s prone to the occasional slip of reason. Then again, aren’t we all. He is entertaining and I still listen now and then. Like many of you guys said, he’s going to be sorry if he thinks we’ll “barter” with good faith.
        Standing ready in Daytona

      19. once again I love how the unions are to blame for the closing of hostess and not the f****** greedy corporations that has turned this whole country into s***. If it wasn’t for unions we would all be making $2.35 an hour and get fired because the boss didn’t like the way we looked. Unions have their faults too but hostess CEO’s bailed out nicely or they would have worked an agreement or they could have done what most corps. do and close the doors and move their operations to china or mexico thanks to all of our crooked politicians that get kick backs from the companies

        • It was the Unions dude. A high school dropout wanting $50/hr to schlep bread. Get real. At one time Unions had a great deal more value than today. These days their not much more value than a glorified temp agency. They read a companies financials, figure out how much they made, then demand triple the wages they were getting before.

          • Union demands that bread and cake could not be on the same truck really don’t help the bottom line. I think Hostess had dozens of unions a d retirement/health insurance plans to work with. Unions were once a good thing, but just like the ‘eeeevil’ business owners, they can get greedy and bite the hand that feeds them. How are Hostess’s unionized workers doing now? Companies try to exploit their employees, and employees try to exploit their employers. Case in point, the UAW. How much is screwing wheels onto a car as it goes down the production line really worth?

        • Unions are dying because they have gone too far in their demands. Protecting bad workers. Unrealistic pensions. And a host of other crazy demands.

          I’m not against Unions in general. But what we have now are corrupt and just Demoncratic fund raising machines.

          Sierra Dave

          • …with political clout.

      20. Buy stuff now as they are a bargain. When shtf, it will be too late….

        • Invar:

          Galt makes lots of claims in this piece. Personally, I think the tone of the article is somewhat hysterical. I am
          thinking that the chances of hyperinflation are greatly exaggerated. Good try Mr. Galt, but no cigar.

          • depends on how you figure inflation

            the cost of our electronic doo dads has dropped considerably

            but the cost of everyday things like food and energy
            are rising at at an ever increasing rate

            one day we’ll be sitting cold,hungry ,and in the dark
            but our faces will be illuminated by the glow of our
            iPhone 10 !

            • The only items I really need for everyday survival currently, are the items EXCLUDED from the inflation index. I don’t need TV’s, or Movie tickets, or Iphones, or Disney anything… but I do need FOOD, SHELTER, ENERGY, and SECURITY, items not listed in the inflation index. These are the only items of real value, and the areas to focus on. Also, skills can never be taken away.
              I do like the “Old West” analogy as Faith of the Fallen mentioned above. I think that’s something to work towards. It wouldn’t be fun but could be survivable, and maybe even more fulfilling than the current lifestyle.
              Just my thoughts today.

        • Perfectly put Ugly. The new “hard currency” will be long life food, guns and ammo, stabilized fuel, transport, cleaning and medical supplies, batteries, the ability to keep warm and clothe yourself …… the list is almost endless. But it will never be as cheap and as easy to get as it is NOW!

          And like Barn Cat said – 3% preppers and 30% armed (probably nowhere near that % in Aussie but a baseball bat, axe or knife can be just as deadly if some desperate gets the jump on you) means a lot will have the means to take if you wont give.

          When the world goes belly up I’d much rather be in the position of defending what I have that will ensure the survival of myself, my 2 kids and 1 grandchild than looking for stuff that will but which will almost certainly no longer be available.


          • Aussie.

            No doubt. The supplies are here now. In future, there will be much less and much, much more expensive. A Prepper does not have to buy everything needed. Just get the main basics, buy many, and buy simple. Having a year’s supply will save a ot of headaches of running out and needing to go shopping. Also, know a farmer–buy direct.

            • And of course Ugly, we’d have a few cases of Fosters or Boags Premium stashed away as a special treat or in case “family” members were to visit right? 🙂

              To JoeKan, Mac’s links to Tess make good reading and a good baseline to kick off from. Modify to suit your own tastes. When prepping don’t forget some luxuries too. Hair shampoo, razors, soap, even some deodorant, laundry powder for washing clothes and so on. Don’t need much to make a person feel human again. Another thing I have stored a few bottles of is stuff to kill head lice, and some athletes foot cream – both will drive you nuts if untreated!


              • Olive oil kills head lice; rinse with vinegar to remove oil. 🙂

                • She made Popeye’s life more pleasant as well.

                  • Not to mention Bluto’s life.

              • I’m stocking up on citronella oil for pest control.

                Ive found something that kills AND repels at least 6 fly species, gnats, fleas, mosquitoes and I know it kills/repels ants. It is also safe to lightly use on cats (it doesn’t have permethrin in it) and dogs and around people.

                There is one brand (I’m not affiliated with) called
                “WIPE II”. it is for spraying on horses. About $12 for a 32 oz spray bottle. I got some and tried it and I can say from experience that it does work. And it doesn’t smell like Raid or Black Flag.

                I’m getting a few more bottles for my preps.

                • It kept a barrage of those little piss ants out of my food storage. I needed something to stop them in my kitchen, they never even tried to get to my food stores. THAT was worth the $12 bucks to me, right there.

                  • Diatomaceous Earth is $12 for a 20 lb. bag at Tractor Supply.
                    I sprinkle a little around the door entries (like now, it’s time) and I NEVER have ants that I had every spring for years.
                    Clean up is better than sprays; just vacuum a few hours later. Great for insects around gardens too.
                    I haven’t even made a dent in my bag yet.
                    Okay for your cabinets too, but I like Bay Leaf better–another extremely cheap way to keep insects out of your cabinet; all natural, no chemicals.
                    Well, I guess that was my TIP FOR THE DAY! 🙂

                  • JayJay, you are exactly right about D.E. the uses for that stuff are endless. I always add a little in w/chicken feed (they free roam but Long Winters & even Summer they need some food supplements. I also sprinkle a little in my dogs food. I keep bags of it for preps, along with the Salt from tractor Supply it’s cheap & if needed could be used for lots of things in SHTF, including curing meats. Great mention on your part.

                    For common house ants there is this poison called terro, you pour a little nickle size on a couple squares of cardboard out of reach of food, kids, animals. It’s a thick sweet syrup & there will be a line on ants to it eating it takes about 3 days, the ones that ate go back to their colony & die & the other ants eat them & then they die. It’s a Wal-Mart like $3.00 or so it will take care of ant problems, & no poison spray that gets in lungs, water supply & much more.

      21. This is silly. The Fed can just print more dollars so we can buy whatever we need.

        (Channeling Durango (Krugman) Kid here, and I’m in full sarcasm mode)

        • If they don’t print them, they will have a big problem.

      22. Bartering…..? Perhaps, but more likely stealing at gun point, or just shoot and collect what you want will be the norm….. I don’t have much confidence in humanity if/when things collapse.

        • Hell, it happens right now, today. People will rob you, beat you, steal when your back is turned and cheat you if they can, as we speak…

          I can only cringe at the thought of after SHTF.

      23. Never forget the Ferengi rules of acquisition.

      24. All we can do is our BEST!
        I know that I’ve been prepping for more than 30 years. I’m I fully prepared? Who knows.
        What I’m saying is that the world has never been this advance before, and none of us really know what is going to happen (EMP, Money, Bugs, ECT.)
        Will we revert to the Barter system? More than likely. Will gold and silver serve as money? More than likely.
        I just hope that what I learned as a kid about Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Farming, will get me through it.
        One thing I do know is that I have several skills that I can do that I can trade for food, water, clothing, shelter, ECT.
        I just pray that I did it right to survive and help my family and friends make it through the toughest times.

        • That’s all any of us can do.

      25. What are the top five foods to store besides beans and rice?

          • Tess really did a good job with the articles you referenced, Mac. In the article about 25 must have survival foods there is a list of the 25 items. After the list, in the next paragraph, there is a link to a calculator that will help you determine how much food you will need based on the number of people and calories per day. I found the calculator to be very helpful as well as the articles. Kudos to Tess.

        • Top 10 Foods To Store (and why)
          rice….cheap, carbs, lasts over 10 years
          beans…fiber, protein, cheap, lasts 10 years
          oats…fiber, easy to store, easy to cook
          peanut butter…protein, vitamin E
          cornmeal…iron, fiber, cheap
          honey…healthy, many preventive enzymes…lasts forever
          salt..lasts forever
          canned fruits/veggies…vitamins
          pasta….stores well, carbs, cheap

          I have all. Add crackers, sugar, lard, canned butter, spices and you are good to go…says JayJay 🙂

          • I forgot; canned meats like tuna, chicken, beef stew, chicken dumplings, salmon, Vienna sausages, 1 lb. hams. Veeewwee important.

            • Tuna as well as most other critters from the Pacific will last forever indeed. Radiation…oh yeah.

              Fukishima is not a myth.

              • My tuna was bought days after the Gulf in 2010 screw up and I haven’t bought any sense–my little voice came through again..I bought when it was still 50¢ at Aldis.
                I bought only one case from Aldi’s not long ago when I was in my fugue state of mind..it is in the back and will be eaten if we are really hungry.

                You are right; I don’t buy/eat seafood any longer; not even at restaurants.
                I read just one bit of radiation eaten now could cause cancer 10 years later. 🙁

          • I don’t see Chocolate on your list. I know you have some stashed some place…

            • In my vacuum sealed mason jars right beside the 20 gauge.

              • perfect


        1. Stay calm. Don’t run or panic. If you take the proper precautions,
        the chances are you will not be hurt.

        2. Stay where you are. If outdoors, stay outdoors. If indoors, stay
        indoors. Most injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.
        PAGE 94

        3. If the shaking catches you indoors, stay indoors. Take cover under
        a desk, table, bench, or against inside walls and doorways. Stay away from
        glass, windows, and outside doors.

        4. Don’t use candles, matches, or other open flames either during or
        after the tremor. Douse all fires.

        5. If the earthquake catches you outside, move away from buildings
        and utility wires. Once in the open, stay there until the shaking stops.

        6. Don’t run through or near buildings. The greatest danger from
        falling debris is just outside doorways and close to outer walls.

        7. If you are in a moving car, stop as quickly as safety permits, nut
        stay in the vehicle. A car may jiggle fearsomely on its springs during an
        earthquake, but it is a good place to stay until the shaking stops. When
        you drive on, watch for hazards created by the earthquake, such as fallen
        or falling objects, downed electric wires, or broken or undermined
        PAGE 95


        1. Check for injuries. Do not attempt to move seriously injured
        persons unless they are in immediate danger of further injury.
        2. Check utility lines and appliances for damage. If you smell gas,
        open windows and shut off the main gas valve. The leave the building and
        report gas leakage to the authorities. Don’t re-enter the building until a
        utility official says it is safe.
        3. If water pipes are damaged, shut off the supply at the main valve.
        Emergency water may be obtained from such sources as hot water tanks,
        toilet tanks, and melted ice cubes.
        4. Check to see that sewage lines are intact before permitting
        continued flushing of toilets.
        5. If electrical wiring is shorting out, shut off current at the main
        meter box.
        6. Check chimneys for cracks and damage. Unnoticed damage could lead
        to a fire. The initial check should be made from a distance. Approach
        chimneys with great caution.
        7. Stay out of severely damaged buildings. Aftershocks can shake them
        8. Do not heed or spread rumors. They often do great harm following
        disasters. Stay off the telephone, except to report an emergency. Turn on
        your radio or television to get the latest emergency information.
        9. Don’t go sightseeing. Respond to requests for assistance from
        police, firefighting, and relief organizations, but do not go into damaged
        areas unless your assistance has been requested. Cooperate fully with
        local authorities.
        10. Be prepared for additional earthquake shocks.


        A tsunami (pronounced soo-nam’-ee) is actually a series of waves
        caused by an underwater disturbance. Although most tsunamis are associated
        with large earthquakes whose epicenters underlie or border the ocean
        floor, the generating mechanism is not positively known. In this century
        more than 200 tsunamis have been recorded in the Pacific. Some of these
        resulted in coastal waves more than 100 feet high that smashed into land
        with tremendous destructive power.
        The major tsunami detection and warning system is the National
        Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Tsunami Warning System,
        with headquarters at Ewa Beach Observatory near Honolulu, Hawaii.
        PAGE 98


        1. All earthquakes do not cause tsunamis, but many do. When you hear
        that an earthquake has occurred, stand by for a tsunami emergency.

        2. An earthquake in your area is a natural tsunami warning. Do not
        stay in low-lying coastal areas after a local earthquake.

        3. A tsunami is not a single wave but a series of waves. Stay out of
        danger areas until an “all clear” is issued by competent authority.

        4. Approaching tsunamis are sometimes heralded by a noticeable rise
        or fall of coastal water. This is nature’s tsunami warning and should be

        5. A small tsunami at one beach can be a giant a few miles away.
        Don’t let the modest size of one make you lose respect for all.

        6. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center does not issue false alarms.
        When a warning is issued, a tsunami exists.

        7. All tsunamis are potentially dangerous, even though they may not
        damage every coastline they strike.

        8. Never go down to the beach to watch for a tsunami. When you can
        see the wave you are too close to escape it.

        9. Sooner or later, tsunamis visit every coastline in the Pacific.
        Warnings apply to you especially if you live in any Pacific coastal area.

        10. During a tsunami emergency, follow the instructions of local
        authorities on what to do and what not to do with respect to the

        • 3. If the shaking catches you indoors, stay indoors. Take cover under
          a desk, table, bench, or against inside walls and doorways. Stay away from
          glass, windows, and outside doors.
          -Please do not get UNDER a desk or chair or other raised structure- Get on the floor NEXT to it. If the roof comes down you will be safer in the triangle formed with the floor and the side of whatever is now squashed to the floor than under whatever was formerly held up with a few spindly legs designed to hold only the normal load placed on them, rather than that plus the debris that squashed it.

        • In the office, get next to a heavy file cabinet and stay low. If the ceiling comes down, the cabinet will provide a triangular space and hopefully save you from crushing.

          Tables and desks will just flatten out, with you under it.

          At home, your gun safe is where you want to hunker down, it’s your filing cabinet, and better. You want to bolt it to the floor or wall, or strap it like a water heater.

        • Do not reenter a building until a utility official says its safe? I’ll make my own assessments. Make a gas shutoff wrench (preferrably SS) and hang it on the piping near the meter.

        • You put a lot of faith in “the authorities”.

        • Must be from the FEMA or Red Cross site,

          “Cooperate fully with local authorities.”

      27. I’m gonna do some bargain shopping!!!

      28. Regardless, none of it will be good. As one blogger wrote, I too would prefer to keep a very low profile, talk poor mouth, let those who go into the streets, go onto the streets and don’t open that door.

        A problem I think many people will have when a woman and her dirty hungry children are whining out side your door and in an act of compassion, you open it and well, it was a trap. Many people will lose their lives like that. We will have to harden our hearts in some cases and be able to say no.

        And I don’t care what anybody says, nobody can’t say it like Smith and Wesson!

      29. people just love to criticize and look down on people on food stamps

        well guess who else is “on” food stamps ???

        JP Morgan’s Food Stamp Empire



        did you know that part of Walmart’s business model is
        DEPENDENT on food stamps for their profits ???

        Wal-Mart: Food Stamps Spending by Customers Key to Its Profits


        there are welfare queens
        and then there are WELFARE QUEENS

      30. So you’re saying I should buy a shit load of twinkies?

      31. OFF TOPIC…8.0 in CHILE…

      32. early reports of big earthquake off of Chili

        tsunami warning for Pacific coast

        • 8.0 off the northern coast of Chile.

        • A tsunami is one thing I don’t need to worry about. If we ever get one big enough to get up here on the mountain, we’re doomed anyway you look at it.

      33. Just like forecasted, a huge earthquake on the Nazca Plate. I thought it would be a tiny bit further north in Peru, but this is close enough. 8 pointer. Too obvious from all the pressure build ups from the South American plate. I have worried about the Nazca plate for over a month now. This is right on the Peru and Chile border. I said northern South America, this is only the start. Alaska and the Australian plate are still in danger.

        Comment # 2976418 March 25, at 8:37AM warns of Chile as one of the areas to watch for a big earthquake.

        • 33 minutes before the 8 pointer in the Southern Mid Atlantic Ridge there was a precursor earthquake. This is how this works, before large earthquakes the outer plate boundaries have distant foreshocks to warn of what is to come. This was very fast though.

          • Always look forward to your comments after these eathquakes. You have taught me a lot about the subject just by reading what you have to say. Props to you for being very accurate, and prayers to all the victims of this latest quake.

          • That area in the Mid Atlantic Ridge did have an earthquake back on Sept.22, 1974, same spot today, and 11 days later Central Peru was hit with a 8.1. This was about 520 miles north of the 8.0 earthquake today. See how these precursor earthquakes work and predict future earthquakes.

            • BI.


            • I was reading an article on drudge this weekend about earthquake storms and the guy had written a book and said that earthquakes occur in patterns, much like you predict….did you write a book? I swear they coulda been talking bout you!

              My point is, I don’t understand why the general public is not given more information regarding earthquake patterns. Just sayin.

              • It is easy to spot patterns. It isn’t easy to provide conclusive scientific proof that the patters exist.

                It is obvious to most folks that the fracking boom is leading to increased earthquake activity but proving it scientifically is difficult in the same way.

            • so I want to know why the folks at the USGS wont come out and admit this stuff,,,
              they deny that there is any connection between various quakes,
              Typical government bullshit and government idiots,,
              I hope you are not one of them,,,
              I have a huge amount of respect for your analases and you, and am fascinated that you can keep tabs on all of these events,

              • Luckily, we’ve got BI.

          • Chile is on the pacific side so what are you talking about the mid Atlantic ridge for? Thousands of miles away.

      34. Finally some good waves….

      35. Absolutely great post. Look at the run up in ammo prices recently for one example.

        • Remember when you could walk in and see tables covered with cases of .22 for five bucks a box of 500? Can’t even find a box anymore unless it is online.

      36. BI you are an amazing guy. Zero Hedge just reported this quake and they have issued tsunami warnings. Thanks for looking out for us and keeping everyone informed.

      37. Jacob,have seen prices lowering lately even occasionally on the missing .22 lr on occasion.That said,would say when funds available always get a little more,but,leave some for the next guy/gal in line!

      38. Upgraded to a 8.2. Hawaii MIGHT see a 5 to 7 foot tsunami, probably not though because of the distance and an 8.2 is usually not big enough to produce a long distance tsunami. It was about 12 miles deep which will add a little bit of force to a possible tsunami, not that deep. Kulafarmer might like to go see the tsunami swell come in about 12-15 hours from now.

      39. very early reports of tsunami hitting the South American coast

        no info as to how big or if any damage happened

      40. Be Informed,

        When the wife told me there had been an 8.0 in Chile, you were the first person I thought of. Keep up the good work, you provide our community with invaluable information.

        Thank You!!!

      41. 8.2 Magnitude! Ouch.

        Back to worrying about super volcano Yellowstone and images of Woody Harrelson in my head!

        Earth Crust Displacement… good stuff.

      42. Everything is too damn high priced already. Capitalists demand ever higher profits. Where are the checks and balances on this gouging? How much profit is enough? For instance, oil is down in the commodity market but rising at the pump. Demand is down, so why the price hikes? These bastards have declared open gouging season year round. Instead of selling at a reasonable profit, grocery prices are outrageous. I can’t eat any cheaper, but this diet is quickly becoming unaffordable.

        • For those that prepped with bulk foods the past 4/5 years, it is a savings. Not like a gold mine, but a few dollars here and there allow us to have a Porterhouse every now and then.
          Okay, I must use another example. My steaks and roasts come from Piggly-Wiggly and I get a box of 13 for $20. I don’t mind out of date meats.

        • The answer is to stop buying food from the stores that you claim charge too much. Guessing you don’t produce any food by yourself, so you starve, and there you have it… The whole world is better off. We all win.

      43. Powerful earthquake strikes off Chile, triggers tsunami


        “A tsunami warning was in effect for Chile, Peru and Ecuador.

        A tsunami watch was issued for Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

        The tsunami threat to Hawaii still was being evaluated. The U.S. National Tsunami Warning Center was working to determine the level of danger for Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California, as well as Canada’s British Columbia.

        “Sea level readings indicate a tsunami was generated. It may have been destructive along coasts near the epicenter and could also be a threat to more distant coasts,” the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said in its evaluation.

        Tsunami waves of more than 6 feet generated by the earthquake had already washed ashore on the coast of Pisagua, Chile, said Victor Sardino with the center.”

      44. We all know the line. i.e. A days wage for ONE loaf of bread. Its coming and cannot be stopped. Enjoy what you have and have PLENTY of what you enjoy. Because this runaway freight train cannot and will not be stopped until the second coming of the Lord.

      45. Am I psychic, or did this same artice already run here?

        Also, why would you have 900 rounds of ammunition and only 20 cans of tuna and 100 MREs? You’ll likely be doing more eating than killing.

      46. My mother said that there was barter during the Depression. People on farms had no money, but otherwise were okay. She said there was a shortage of eggs for people in town, so local country stores would accept eggs in payment at the rate of 5 cents per egg. Also, she said her school would take 1 quart of her grandmother’s canned tomatoes for a week’s worth of lunch tickets. That would be 50 cents per quart.

        So I think people in the country who produce things will do much better than anyone in town.

        • Hi Archivist

          My father (born 1920) lived through the depression here in Aussie and he said much the same. They lived on 5 acres and had no money but otherwise lived well, swapping what they had excess of for what they didn’t. I speak to him at length about this and he is a goldmine of information. If any of the “family” here know someone in their 90’s who lived in a rural town or on a small farm tap them for info NOW! They had ways of producing, preserving and storing food very, very few people now have.


        • My mom and her sisters grew up in the depression on Oahu,
          They used to pick up the seed pods from the kiawe trees (a cousin of mesquite) they called them kiawe beans cause they look like long yellow string beans, they would collect them and trade them with the chicken farmer and dairy farmer up the road from their house for eggs and milk, the farmers used them for feed. My grandparents house on Oahu still had the blackout shades on their windows when i was little, they had a huge garden in their back yard and traded with the Hawaiian man next door for fish, he and his sons were divers and fishermen, they traded with a Japanese lady for rice she got from her family on the other side of the island,

        • @Archivist, You need to remember that your mother’s generation were more God fearing than today’s generation.

        • Archivist…Many here know this, but I have unflavored gelatin in a sealed jar.
          It is a substitute for eggs when cooking and baking.
          1 tsp. gelatin with 3 TB cold water, then 2 Tb hot water.
          I use it when out of eggs and it works fine.
          I also have dried eggs with my dehydrator–but I like back ups.

          • I cheated when I got my small inheritance, and got cans of dehydrated eggs, butter and cheese for my preps.

      47. Preparing physical preps isn’t the only answer. If considering a societal collapse of any kind'(coma key currently missing) information is worth its weight in gold. I can create energy several different ways with things in my backyard/house’ not to mention the research/expirementation I do as a hobby with solar power.

        If you can charge peoples batteries’ and give them power’ you’ll have all the food and ammo you need. But don’t be mistaken’ you’ll likely need ammo to start to protect you’re…enterprise’ so to say.

      48. 5.4 aftershock being reported in Chile


        1.6 meters high

        • That is why i prep,
          Things happen in an instant and evolve into much much more quickly.
          Could be nothing or could be the beginning of a whole lot of construction jobs here in the islands, hopefully nothing!!!!

      49. B.I. calls it again! Thanks for your services. You know, I’m starting to wonder about this Yellowstone nonsense. That would be some game over shit though. Ash would clog any filters for engines, collapse roofs, turn water to shit and prohibit growing food. The ash cloud would catch you before you got to your bug out location waay down south or east if you had one. Even if you had a couple days the roads would be clogged.

        • You don’t have to look no further than Mt. St. Helens (WA) to see what all will go wrong in a few minutes.

      50. I will trade you 100 dollars for 100 german marks……

      51. Off topic:-


        A MSM news article describing how Putin intends to destabilise the Ukraine and several neighbouring nations from within. It describes non-military methods of doing this.

        Replace some of those place names with ones more familiar to you, and insert OB/Scamerloon/Merkel instead of the word Putin and you begin to gain an interesting insight into the destabilisation of somewhere far, far closer to home. (Switch up ethnic Russian for Mexican and think of Texas, or try E.European for Londistan if this game really appeals to you).

        At least that was my thoughts, upon reading the article. The BBC is the propaganda mouthpiece of the elite nowadays. I’d be interested to see if that chimes with anyone’s else’s gut.

        • It blows my mind how these asshats in government are going out of their way to accomodate the mexicans,,
          I have nothing against them but come on,,, enforce the freaking immigration laws, if a business knowingly hires an illegal immigrant freakin hold their feet to the fire and fine their ass, and deport the bloody ilegals,,
          not this drawn out bullshit they are doing, I mean load them on a plane and drop them off at an airfield in southern Mexico!
          these politicians and their idiot lackeys make it out like it is our responsibility to help these people,, In what fucking dystopian society is that I wonder???
          total bullshit.

          • we will NEVER have true immigration reform

            both political parties are profiting too much by not enforcing the laws

            corporations profit from the cheap labor
            and it keeps wages down for US citizens
            and keeps unions in check

            cui bono ???

            this is just another perfect example of a “wedge” issue

            keep us proles fighting amongst ourselves

            • The government does that here in the islands with the pacific islanders, they move here, suck up all the jobs that local kids and folks took as second jobs just to make it, then they get stirred up by the progressive rabble rousers in government and get all sorts of discriminatory programs,
              They are all on welfare and every freakin assistance program possible,
              Freakin disgusting, then you hire one of these monkeys and they get injured i dont know how and suck your business down the tube.
              Were living in Atlas Shrugged,
              Who is John Galt

              • It’s all about votes/power. Even if they didn’t vote, and they do, bleeding heart public opinion and perceived guilt rule the day.

        • I fall back on my prime directives:

          If the MSM says it, I believe the exact opposite.

          If The MSM is for it, so is the NWO and I am instantly OPPOSED to it.

          Whatever the NWO wants, I DON’T.

          The details don’t even matter to me anymore.

        • Survivorblog.com the best preparedness website for actual learning from others, anything & everything is in the archives there & with their monthly contest you really get a lot of expert knowledge on every possible topic, & scenario.

          I like the comments here when people give great how to tips, ideas, & prepping deals.

      52. Update on Tsunami info for SA
        This from the NOAA website
        NOAA HNL


        ORIGIN TIME – 2347Z 01 APR 2014
        COORDINATES – 19.8 SOUTH 70.8 WEST
        DEPTH – 10 KM
        MAGNITUDE – 8.2


        ——————- —– —— —– ————— —–
        CALLAO LA-PUNTA PE 12.1S 77.2W 0158Z 0.12M / 0.4FT 38MIN
        SAN FELIX CL 26.3S 80.1W 0137Z 0.67M / 2.2FT 06MIN
        ARICA CL 18.5S 70.3W 0116Z 1.83M / 6.0FT 18MIN
        MATARANI PE 17.0S 72.1W 0127Z 0.58M / 1.9FT 08MIN
        PAPOSO CL 25.0S 70.5W 0125Z 0.26M / 0.9FT 22MIN
        PISAGUA CL 19.6S 70.2W 0055Z 2.01M / 6.6FT 12MIN
        MEJILLONES CL 23.1S 70.5W 0103Z 0.86M / 2.8FT 34MIN
        TOCOPILLA CL 22.1S 70.2W 0109Z 0.42M / 1.4FT 10MIN
        DART 32402 26.7S 74.0W 0044Z 0.05M / 0.2FT 44MIN
        ANTOFAGASTA CL 23.7S 70.4W 0034Z 0.25M / 0.8FT 18MIN
        PATACHE CL 20.8S 70.2W 0015Z 1.51M / 5.0FT 10MIN
        IQUIQUE CL 20.2S 70.1W 0005Z 2.11M / 6.9FT 12MIN

      53. Prepper Tip Alert

        Walmart.com is temporarily lowering prices on a
        lot of their Augason Farms products

        • Thanks Satori, gonna check it out, haven’t been able to afford Augason Farms but sounds like time to check it out, thanks for the tip!

      54. The U.S. government has already imposed global capital, currency, and banking controls on Americans wherever they are to keep dollars inside the U.S. in preparation for the next major economic meltdown which may occur as soon as late next year.

        Most foreign banks are no longer accepting Americans for clients according to numerous recent financial articles. The noose is being drawn tighter around Americans’ necks. They’re just too distracted to understand it.

      55. FEMA is now taking volunteers to take the RFID injection and then they tattoo you so others know from looking that you already have been “chipped”.
        It’s a brave new world ya’ll.
        Have you had your chip today?

      56. A lot of good responses thus far, keep em coming.

        @River Rat- Valuable information being shared with us everyday, thanks for all your efforts!

        @BI- You are definitely awesome with seismology, take a bow! Any good with lottery numbers? 😉

        Many replies about ‘bugging in’ and sitting out the initial mayhem are true to an extent. They are good advice until the hordes that are still alive come to your neck of the woods or city, wherever that is. That’s why having your community teams in place NOW are paramount to survival. The hordes know that there will be power in numbers, just as you should. Problem is when the numbers are already against you. Find like minded people, team up and get your plans& training done NOW, while you still can.

        Cheap pre-prepper tip of the day (Hat tip to River Rat)

        Diarrhea- A real crappy topic.

        Face it, NOBODY is immune to this and everyone knows how unpleasant this is today…let alone when it hits the fan blades!

        When people are eating nasty food (or whatever) drinking potentially disease ridden water and under stress…your body is NOT going to be happy. Quite the opposite. What good does it do to have cases of TP if you have to use half of it due to diarrhea?

        Also- anyone that didn’t see RiverRats tip on emergency fluids replenishment the other day better take heed.

        PLAN AHEAD-

        Buy bottles of anti-diarrhea pills NOW, cheap and readily available. Costco/Sams have great prices for the pill counts and the bottles themselves are small, a double bonus. Since you won’t be able to run out to CVS/ WalGreens when YOUR SHTF, you should stock up now, today even.

        • @ Socrates. With the earthquakes I use past data from the outer plate boundaries and then use a type of triangulation on a globe to get an idea where the next big quakes are going to strike. These earthquakes usually always have some distant foreshocks that are away from the main future major earthquake. Foreshocks are rare because the fault is so jammed up that the energy is focused away from the main future break. These plates that pull apart from each other and slide by each other pick this up. Thrust faults don’t however, the plates that collide with each other. System has worked for the past 12 major earthquakes and almost 90% of the time before.

          The lottery is another story. I have used the notion that the balls are not perfectly weighted and there are slight differences with each of them. I have tried this theory with the lottery balls that have not been switched for awhile. NO DICE. The best I have ever come up with is 4 out of 6 numbers. I have tried to pull cards with each number on each playing card. This is even less successful. Tried to use lucky birthdays, nope. The one bit of advice I give to everyone about the lottery is to pick one set of numbers and stick with them. It may take a hundred thousand years but those numbers would come up eventually. Each time you change the numbers you are betting against yourself from the previous times. This using the same numbers each time at least increses your odds a little statistically. It sure has worked for this person in Florida that has won several times doing this. Of course he probably plays thousands of dollars each year on the lottery.

      57. You do know why we armed ourselves to the teeth after WW2 and after we went off the gold standard, right?

        For the day described above.

        The day when we have nothing to sell to the rest of the world.

        Except we DO have something to sell to the rest of the world.


        From us. Mafia style.

      58. While silver and gold have worth and keep their value, when I’m down to my last Twinkie, my Twinkie will taste a whole lot better than a handful of mercury dimes. Best to be well rounded with food, medical supplies, etc. along with gold and silver.

      59. The Survivalist Pledge:

        To help all that can be helped,
        To defend all that can be defended,
        To save all that can be saved,
        To free all that seek freedom,
        To stay alive as long as I can and stay free as long as I live.

      60. When the economy comes to a chaotic halt. The population will match the food supply in a few months. Any food not hidden in some preppers’ pantry, is going to be eaten and not replaced.

        Buy cheap CB radios and set up the neighbors with them. If there is no more gas. The car battery should be taken out and hooked up to the CB radio and some kind of channel/code/day set up.

        If you prepared in advance. Some small Solar trickle chargers will keep the car battery going.

        Strength in cumbers.

      61. So while at work tonight I was thinking…. hmmm…
        If we had an economic collapse, major event, west coast earthquake of huge magnitude, natural disaster, or civil war, civil unrest and or Marshall Law…. what better time for China, Iran, Russia, Syria to declare war on the U.S. and take advantage of us while our pants are down… They will have no problems fighting us because we will already we weak from fighting ourselves… Wars are won by coming together but if we are all fighting each other as the enemy… what is going to stop the foreign threat??

      62. I allways highlight Salt and Seeds.
        Salt to preserv food and to make it in what we call in Jars to preserve it in a fluid made of salt and “sour wine” (sorry I cant remeber the name in english), done in milleniums.

        Salt can be bougth in hughe sacs, and even the salt you use in your driveway is stil salt and is sometimes mutch better than the refined shitt in the store.
        And if you fish, you better have a massive amount of salts, or find one mineral natural depositt, and from then on, salt is and will have a value far beyound Gould, witch isnt ediable at all.

        Seeds is obvious and have ONLY seeds that have the largest ottentiale for growth, and keep it simple, trade if you can with outhers to have a diversifyed nutrishious food.
        Shuggar is totaly unnesecery and is found everywhere in nature.

        And diversify with in our comunety, no matter the size of it, diversify the growth, diversify the fishing and so on.

        Otherwise, use comon sense, and ask your granny for advice, moust of them knows this and also knows how to make food and preserv it in an world without power.


        • mikael…

          I got a chuckle about the “sour wine”. I believe the English version is called vinegar and I have had a few of my wine making efforts turn into “sour wine”.

          I call it “pickling” and you can jar just about any fresh vegetable with a brine of vinegar and salt. You can make sauerkraut with just salt and cabbage that will keep in a bucket or crock for months if kept in a cool spot.

          I have gallons and gallons of vinegar for preserving since most home made wine vinegar is pretty weak. I do need to get some more salt. It will be more valuable than gold where we are heading to preserve food.

      63. Soon it could cost a days wages to buy just bread.

      64. History teaches us we face just two scenarios and outcomes to prepare for:

        1) An authoritarian state which doesn’t give a fig about human rights, or your rights, and does whatever it wants. Think the NAZIs, the Soviet Union, innumerable dictatorships, North Korea etc. The US and most Western democracies are on this path.

        2) Complete state authority collapse and the rise of paramilitaries and/or criminal gangs. We have seen this in many places, from the breakdown of the former Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, the Central African Republic, Sudan, Somalia etc.

        How you prepare for either of these scenarios is very different. In the first one, you will not be able to make a brave stand outside your log cabin with an AK, protecting your gold and tins of beans. To be frank, the state will put a Hellfire through your front door and call you a psychotic traitor and crazy. And most people will believe it.

        In scenario 1, you have no choice but to get out of Dodge. It is the choice between being a smart 1935 Jew and a dumb 1939 Jew. The 1935 Jew will have seen the writing on the wall, paid the fee, whatever it is, and left Germany and Europe. The 1939 Jew will have shrugged their shoulders, got a new tattoo and been carted off to a death camp.

        In scenario 2, you will need to meet the new boss or bosses. Either paramilitaries or criminal gangs will have the muscle and the weapons to make you fighting them a dangerous response. You will need to ascertain the new currencies of exchange and then pander to that. If it is gold, get some, if it is food, get some, if it is women, then buy the wife/daughter a new miniskirt. The rule of the day will be brutal and unforgiving. You will be kept alive as long as the new power groups believe they can extract a tithe from you. That will be the only thing keeping you alive. Smart people will pander; dumb people will resist and be taken out. The only way for such a scenario to change is if a hegemon comes in and changes the power dynamic on the ground. In the past, this often was the US military (think Yugoslavia etc.).

        There are no other scenarios based on real life, history and experience. So stop kidding yourself and stop being immersed in a deluded ‘prepper’ lifestyle. Become a real-world prepper.

        • Frank, some interesting points here, to be sure.
          However, just know I will NEVER sell MY wife or daughter. I will however sell yours.
          That is all.

      65. @BI, Could you please help me? If you could, could you please look up and post any seismic activity from April 14, 1999 through April 30th and see if there is any noticeable similarities between what is happening now and back then?

        Thank you,

        • Be Informed…

          If I could add the dates of August 21 through September 7 as an additional time period to look for similarities?

          Thank you and God Bless,

          • @ Norse Prepper. Interesting dates 15 years ago. For April 14-30, 1999:

            6.4 Kermadec Islands
            5.8 Hawaii
            5.7 South Africa
            5.5 Guam
            5.9 Ecuador
            5.7 South Japan
            5.6 Chile
            Bunch of 5’s from New Guinea to Fiji

            August 21 to September 7, 1999:

            5.7 Tonga
            5.5 Costa Rica
            6.1 South Sandwich Islands
            6.4 Chile
            6.5 Vanautu
            5.7 Philippines
            5.5 Alaska
            6.0 New Guinea
            5.6 Mid Indian Ridge
            6.1 Ecuador
            5.7 Calrsberg Ridge
            5.8 Greece
            5.5 Pacific Antarctica Ridge

            Just wondering if I may ask, anything special about those dates 15 years ago?

            I will give you the link if you would like to look up any other dates. You can go from all the way back to 1900 to the present. I will post the link below in a seperate comment so you can get this message immediately. Hope all is well with you.

            • Thank you. Things are good here. It struck me as interesting that the seismic activity has increased at a time where the Mars Opposition is to occur on Saturday.

              Mars oppositions are common and occur about every 26 months so it’s not that this weekend’s is special. The two dates that I mentioned were picked because of the time of year and closeness.

              April 8th of this year (Saturday) will be the time of this year’s opposition with Mars being closest on April 14th. The April 1999 date was chosen because of the time of year that the opposition occurred (April 24, 1999) is reflective of the Earth’s time of year we are in now. The 2003 date was chosen because that was an opposition where the relative position of the Earth to Mars was much closer than other oppositions.

              My theory is that since all of the earth’s crust is basically floating on a melted core and everything in the universe with mass has a gravitational pull, that possibly there would be a seismic activity correlation between either of those dates and this time frame that we are in now.

              It is kind of like having a hollow metal ball floating in a bathtub and getting a magnet closer to the surface of the tub would attract the ball, basically simulating the pull of another celestial object.

              They call it the opposition because Mars, Earth and the sun line up all with the Earth in the middle so Mars and the Sun are “opposite” of each other.

              Imagine the bathtub example above…and then have two separate magnets on each side of the tub. The metal ball would be affected by the magnetic pull in opposite directions much like the Earth is being affected by the pull of Mars in one direction and the sun in the other.

              JOG would be much better at analyzing this. 🙂

              Do you see any commonality with either of those dates seismic activity and what’s going on? It is interesting that on April 3, 1999 there was a 6.8 in relatively the same position as the 8.2 was. This occurred 11 days prior to the opposition at the same time of year as we are in now.

              I think much of our world is acted upon by forces from the solar system more than we think. Much like you forecast quakes from historical quakes, I would imagine that there could easily be a correlation between the location of celestial bodies causing different gravitational pulls.

              Add to this, that on April 15th there will be a total lunar eclipse coinciding with the April 14th date. This is quite a unique phenomenon to have a total lunar eclipse during the Mars opposition which will put both the moon and Mars on the opposite side of the earth as the sun.

              Maybe this is nothing, but that’s where theories start.

              Thank you for the information and the link and the constant education and predictions. I hope I wasn’t rambling in this post.

              God Bless,

        • Be Informed…

          If I could add the dates of August 21 through September 7 of 2003 as an additional time period to look for similarities?

          Thank you and God Bless,

          • @ Norse Prepper.

            For August 21, 2003 to September 7, 2003:

            7.2 New Zealand
            6.2 Southern Pacific Rise
            6.0 Vanautu
            6.1 Eastern Russia
            6.4 Tonga
            6.0 Central East Pacific Rise
            6.3 Loyalty Islands

            I used 6.0 and above because there was about 40 earthquakes 5.5 and above.

            • @ Norse Prepper. Here is the link for the earthquake achives:


              Just key in you start dates and the end dates, then the mininum magnitude you wish to want to know. No need to key in the maximum magnitude. Hit the search button towards the bottom of the page. You will then get a screen that coems up asking do you want to open it up. Hit the open buttonn. The it will say what you would like to open with, I just hit the Internet Explorer button. The just open it and a new screen will apper with the earthquakes showing the latitude, longitude, date, magnitude, depth, location decription, and exact time. You can narrow the search by using the latitude and longitude parameters below this archive search. Hope this helps.

      66. I am totally prepared because I have the only thing that truly matters. Jesus’ love. Everything else? HA Father will not let you down nor leave or forsake you if you do not leave him or forsake him. Now that is out of the “norm”. People don’t normally and truly rely on God. That why when you read the bible you see basically the entire world sells out. Gold won’t save you, food won’t save you. Only God manifest in the flesh as Jesus can.

        • Amen!

        • So true, but God taught us to prepare for famine etc. many out there believe they have to do NOTHING and God will just provide.

      67. The only way to survive in a post apocalyptic world will be alliances that you can trust. The cities will be highly dangerous but the rural setting even worse. The city you can form alliances in the rural area your enclave could be easily stormed and no one would know perhaps for months as the perps rape you and rape you and rape you until one day they decide they’re bored and finally kill you all the while eating your food, water, supplies, etc.

        Keep in mind Katrina, racial tensions will be totally heightened. Diversity will not be your strength. Sure homogenous societies like Japan work together but anti-White societies like AmeriKwa agree that you planned and stored and thus should share because people like you have always repressed them. Militant street justice is already in play in AmeriKwa now. Imagine when there’s no government at all. AmeriKwa is already looting itself, stealing pipes and anything else not nailed down and sent to the scrap yard for quick cash. These types will descend upon you and divvy up the goods for barter with others of their type.

        Your only hope is to ally with like minded people of similar mindsets. Your enclave WILL be stormed by the millions of entitlement zombies that will see you as the new source of supplies to replace the government cheese truck. They will stop at nothing to get at you and your supplies. Death to them is your only option as you would have to throw out all your previous fears of repercussions. It’s your life or theirs. If they didn’t plan, that’s not your problem, aim and pull the trigger and forget about remorse. You did the right thing, you protected yourself from someone that would have killed you once they were done with you.

        • Vox,
          Well stated. Take heed.

      68. Maybe I am off my rocker, but when I read articles like this I always feel like it is an article with a subliminal message that says, “hey you go to my site and buy gold and silver from one of my friends!!”. The owner of the site gets a nice little kick back on trying to get everyone to believe that having gold and silver is the best thing one can have. Not sure I agree. God bless and good luck to all!!

      69. Here is something you can ‘believe’. The repercussions are building faster.

        W(h)ither Petrodollar: Russia, Iran Announce $20 Billion Oil-For-Goods Deal
        Spot what is missing in the just blasted headline from Bloomberg:

        If you said the complete absence of US Dollars anywhere in the funds flow you are correct. Which is precisely what we have been warning would happen the more the West and/or JPMorgan pushed Russia into a USD-free corner.

        Once again, from our yesterday comment on the JPM Russian blockade: “what JPM may have just done is launch a preemptive strike which would have the equivalent culmination of a SWIFT blockade of Russia, the same way Iran was neutralized from the Petrodollar and was promptly forced to begin transacting in Rubles, Yuan and, of course, gold in exchange for goods and services either imported or exported. One wonders: is JPM truly that intent in preserving its “pristine” reputation of not transacting with “evil Russians”, that it will gladly light the fuse that takes away Russia’s choice whether or not to depart the petrodollar voluntarily, and makes it a compulsory outcome, which incidentally will merely accelerate the formalization of the Eurasian axis of China, Russia and India?”

        In other words, Russia seems perfectly happy to telegraph that it is just as willing to use barter (and “heaven forbid” gold) and shortly other “regional” currencies, as it is to use the US Dollar, hardly the intended outcome of the western blocakde, which appears to have just backfired and further impacted the untouchable status of the Petrodollar.

        More from Reuters:

        Iran and Russia have made progress towards an oil-for-goods deal sources said would be worth up to $20 billion, which would enable Tehran to boost vital energy exports in defiance of Western sanctions, people familiar with the negotiations told Reuters.

        In January Reuters reported Moscow and Tehran were discussing a barter deal that would see Moscow buy up to 500,000 barrels a day of Iranian oil in exchange for Russian equipment and goods.

        The White House has said such a deal would raise “serious concerns” and would be inconsistent with the nuclear talks between world powers and Iran.

        A Russian source said Moscow had “prepared all documents from its side”, adding that completion of a deal was awaiting agreement on what oil price to lock in.

        The source said the two sides were looking at a barter arrangement that would see Iranian oil being exchanged for industrial goods including metals and food, but said there was no military equipment involved. The source added that the deal was expected to reach $15 to $20 billion in total and would be done in stages with an initial $6 billion to $8 billion tranche.

        The Iranian and Russian governments declined to comment.
        Two separate Iranian officials also said the deal was valued at $20 billion. One of the Iranian officials said it would involve exports of around 500,000 barrels a day for two to three years.

        “Iran can swap around 300,000 barrels per day via the Caspian Sea and the rest from the (Middle East) Gulf, possibly Bandar Abbas port,” one of the Iranian officials said, referring to one of Iran’s top oil terminals.

        “The price (under negotiation) is lower than the international oil price, but not much, and there are few options. But in general, a few dollars lower than the market price.”

        Surely an “expert assessment” is in order:

        “The deal would ease further pressure on Iran’s battered energy sector and at least partially restore Iran’s access to oil customers with Russian help,” said Mark Dubowitz of Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a U.S. think-tank.

        “If Washington can’t stop this deal, it could serve as a signal to other countries that the United States won’t risk major diplomatic disputes at the expense of the sanctions regime,” he added.

        You don’t say: another epic geopolitical debacle resulting from what was originally intended to be a demonstration of strength and instead is rapidly turning out into a terminal confirmation of weakness.

        Also, when did the “Foundation for Defense of Petrodollar” have the last word replaced with “Democracies”?

        Finally, those curious what may happen next, only not to Iran but to Russia, are encouraged to read “From Petrodollar To Petrogold: The US Is Now Trying To Cut Off Iran’s Access To Gold.”

      70. First of all, I object to blaming the unions for the temporary demise of Twinkies. It was the vulture capitalist–who owned the company and who stole its assets–that killed it. The unions had previously accepted a 30% reduction in pay to keep the company alive–and didn’t know that the execs were paying themselves millions at the same time. I wish you rightwingers would do some real research.

        Now on to prepping. The only way to beat inflation, to live past the demise of edible fish from the sea, to eat food that isn’t full of antibiotics and pesticides, and to avoide GMOs, is to grow and raise your own food. It would also help if you understood that the corporations are killing the planet for profit and got your elected reps to pay attention to something other than women’s wombs.

      71. So glad I found this! Ive been writing some “end of the world” scenarios for my site and I love coming across articles that have solid facts I can use. Keep up the great work!

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