TSA Director Nominee Says He Will Monitor Anti-Government, Survivalist Types

by | Jan 13, 2010 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    Prison Planet reports that Obama’s TSA Nominee Targets Anti-Government Christians:
    (Video follows excerpts)

    President Obama’s nominee to head the TSA and boss the naked body scanners now being installed at airports across the country says that white Christian “anti-government” types will be the primary target of suspicion for authorities.

    Former FBI agent Erroll Southers has been under scrutiny following Republican efforts to block his confirmation after it emerged Southers had abused his power to run a database check on his ex-wife’s new boyfriend.

    Back in October, Southers told the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, both of whom voted on his confirmation, that he carried out the search because he was concerned for his wife and son. However, after the committees had approved him, Southers admitted that he had lied under oath by failing to reveal that he had personally conducted the search and had done so on more than one occasion, as well as sharing the information with the police (so they could harass the target of the search, according to the Ace of Spades blog).

    Another government appointee that believes he is above the law.

    Video of Erroll Southers discussing domestic monitoring:


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      1. This woud be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

        I wonder if he’s been asked what he thinks about racial profiling at airport security…and if so, I wonder how he responded.

      2. Yes, since it was a black Yemanese muslim who tried to blow up the plane, it only makes sense to target White Christians for terrorist activities.  Keep in mind, the Bible clearly states that in the end days, it will be “his people” who are oppressed by the heathen peoples.

        Who are “his people”? The Israelite s,  and I don’t mean today’s modern state of Israel, I am talking the Israelite s, who are the Anglo-Saxon and kindred people … ie – the Caucasian race, better known as “the West”.

        Who are the lost 10 tribes of Israel? See below:


        Scripture proving who the “chosen ones” are, and they are NOT today’s self proclaimed Jews:


      3. He is the poster child  for whats gone wrong in America. The clock is ticking in this country and he will be on the watch list for sure. Be afraid ,very very afraid. The Americans will be coming with torches and rope. Tick,tick,tick…

      4. Interesting interpretation of what a ‘primary target of suspicion’ is for the TSA director nominee who had willfully and inappropriately accessed the personal files of the boyfriend of his former wife for his personal gain. Most US federal agencies would have terminated an employee for such a brazen act.

        Perhaps the alteration of ‘standards’ falls in the category of ‘fundamentally transforming the United States of America’. 

      5. Good , Go ahead TSA  , Look over my sholder , and while you are about it peek into my computer too .  You will get a good dose of christian values and Jesus Christ !!!

      6. …. and the horse they rode in on…..

      7. ANOTHER schwartzer appointee? Sheesh. WHO’S a racist?


      1. Media Blackout: Mexican Drug Cartels Seize Texas Ranch - [...] question to ask is, if survivalist-types, right wing Christians and ex-US military veterans are prime suspects for domestic..., then…

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