Trust In MSM Is At An All Time Low & They Say It’s YOUR Fault

by | Jan 22, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Americans’ trust in the mainstream has never been lower. But they aren’t taking responsibility for the lies, propaganda, and misleading news reports, it is all our fault for using our own minds and our own discernment to logically understand what they are doing.

    We all know the mainstream media is the public relations arm of the Federal Reserve, the ruling class, and the elitists. We all know we shouldn’t trust them. We have all gotten the sense or seen in front of our own two eyes evidence of their biased lie-filled reports.  So it’s our fault we aren’t trusting them anymore.

    Rather than attempt to repair the relationship with the public, media outlets blame their audience for the distrust and for poor “information hygiene,” according to a report by RT.  Long headed for a complete collapse, Americans’ trust in the media establishment hit an all-time low in 2021, falling three points overall to just 46 percent, according to Edelman’s most recent annual survey. The figure marks the first time Americans’ trust in journalism sank below the 50 percent mark.

    Americans’ trust in social media also hit rock bottom, clocking in at a miserable 27 percent, according to Edelman’s annual “trust barometer.” Globally, people’s faith in social media wasn’t much better, with just 35 percent of users deeming it a trustworthy source for “general news and information.”

    Survey respondents did not hesitate to expound on their dim view of the journalistic profession, either – 56 percent of Americans agreed the media was “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations,” while 58 percent agreed most outlets were “more concerned with supporting an ideology or political position than informing the public.” –RT

    Some suggested that reading or listening to “independent” media,  including Edelman itself,  was the problem. When applying truth and logic, however, the trust crisis has a lot less to do with the media losing its touch than it does with Americans becoming savvier regarding the manipulation of their opinions, thoughts, and behaviors.

    The only group trusted by a majority of Americans out of Government, Media, NGOs, and Business in 2021 was, ironically, Big Business – even though corporations largely pull the strings of the media, politics, and the other institutions so many Americans seem to agree are not trustworthy. –RT

    In other words, there’s still some realization and waking up to do about this horrific system of oppression we all live under.

    Even while admitting that media distrust was a global issue rather than a function of Donald Trump’s war on ‘fake news,’” Axios appeared to blame its audience for their refusal to put their faith in the Fourth Estate, posting a series of links tipping worried journalists off on why their propaganda might be missing the mark. Clutching pearls on topics from the Covid-19 pandemic and “vaccine hesitancy” to the US election scandals, the overarching message was simple – don’t confuse your audience with opinions other than the one you want them to have. –RT

    Welcome to 2021, folks. This all about the global system of totalitarian control being rolled out at break-neck speed. Wake up, stay aware, and alert.  Go gray if you have to and make no mistake, the totalitarian power grab is not over. For all intents and purposes, we are now living through Obama’s third term.


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      1. The left and twitter is hammering on S Hanity for telling the truth about Biden and the he looks and acts, but the left and it’s media and the dems ( chucky, nancy and all the rest ) hammered on Trump, lied about him, insulted him and everything else they could think of. But you /we can’t look cross eyed and say manure ( political correct word instead of what I thought about saying about him ). I’m going to make a wild rear ended guess say that if he is still after 9 months, I’ll be real surprised. Alright everybody, feel free to jump all over me for saying that

        • … But you /we can’t look cross eyed and say manure SHIT

          Don’t be afraid to be vulgar when necessary. Sometimes it’s the only way to make your point.

        • I believe JB will step down sometime after Feb. 2023, here’s why. The 22nd Amendment states a person can only be elected for two terms to serve as prez. However, if a vp fills a vacated term for more than two years, then he/she can only be elected in their own right for one more term, if he/she fills a vacated term for less than 2 years then they can be still elected for two more terms in their own right, it’s pretty clear.
          I would make a bet that JB, who is 78 now, will not run for a second term anyway, when he will be 82. The way I see it; JB serves from Jan. 2021 and steps down sometime shortly after Feb. 2023, KH assumes the office maybe Feb. 2023 and serves to fill that term until it expires in Jan. 2025, meanwhile she runs for the term of ‘25 to ‘29 and hopes she has been re-elected. If so, she runs again where she may serve a second full term of ‘29 to ‘33.
          To maximize the possibility of KH being elected as prez in her own right in ‘24, it would help if she had some experience in the prez’s seat already. That way she can run from a position of strength by stating her experience.
          You can bet this has already been calculated on the part of the Dem. party to maximize the time they hold the prez office. I would be totally surprised if this has not already been worked out.

      2. The Media – all media are the enemy of the people.
        We are a socialist Country already – The media tells us everyday.

        I can’t wait to see Biden’s plans for our guns – will he start slow with small bits or try to go big? This will be the real test to see if our Republic will survive.
        It could get real ugly – real fast

        • ^^^ He’s right you know!
          And ya it probably is my fault. Whenever someone quotes msm shit to me I ridicule them and in a round about way tell them how stupid they are. They learn to avoid me and I’m good with that.

          • ht tps://

            Popcorns Cousin?


          • ??for not being a fool.

        • @Jakartaman,in reference to what you said about guns – Knowing the preferences of touchy feely prez Bidet,he’ll probably start with the small bits.????

      3. So they blame us,do they?Yeah,it’s our fault they lie to us constantly,our fault most of their material is scripted,our fault they only report/regurgitate the false narratives,our fault they are bought and paid for,our fault they hide the truth,and our fault they don’t work for, but,rather against the American people! Yeah,all of that is OUR fault!,?

      4. poor “information hygiene” That is truly rich coming from one of the filthiest groups on our planet! There isn’t enough soap in this world to wash away the lies,garbage and stench that blows our way from the filthy msm!!!?

      5. The mass media? Drop the m in the word before media and you’ll have an idea what I think of them. One of the reasons I like coming to this website is because you don’t “alter” your articles to fit an agenda or a particular narrative.We are free to make up our own minds.If only the same could be said for the lame stream media.

      6. M.aking A.merica S.o S.tupid M.aking E.veryone D.umb I.n A.merica ?That right there is the job of the liars in the msm and they apparently appear to excel at it.?

      7. Even worse than the outright mistruths/lies is when they don’t even cover or just totally ignore anything that doesn’t fit their agenda. These same people then actually want us to have any faith/trust in them???

      8. Only idiots believe what the Juice tell them.

      9. the more they deceive the gullible the better you deserve to be stupid

      10. Sending this out to all the Patriot Brethren that arose to the occasion.

        ht tps://

      11. It’s our own fault for believing in governments, religion and other psychopaths. And the world is full of them. Young and old, they are everywhere in society trying to suck us into their deceit.

      12. Everything is always the masses fault. That is a a lie.

        Every revolution in history has been the elites fault. The rulers excesses, criminal activities, brutality and repression is what causes revolution. The American Revolution, The French Revelation. The Russian Revolution, the USSR Revolution and the Cuban revolution. But if we look at history, only one actually helped the people immediately, that was the American Revolution. The French Revolution took a long time, and the rest were abject failures, as even more corrupt people were able to usurp power.

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