Trump’s New Deal: “Hillary Offers A Welfare Check, I Will Produce Paychecks”

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 68 comments

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    In terms of rhetoric, which has historically made major departures from actions, this campaign boils down the economic uncertainty that is enveloping this nation.

    With millions of people out of work, worried about finding employment or facing grave doubts about a future transformed by technological labor, Trump is honing in on the most psychologically pressing issues on the minds of the real Americans in flyover country.

    They are the ones who are feeling the hurt financially, not Wall Street.

    It is they who must be convinced to support the government again.

    The politics of Obama and Hillary have left large portions of the country feeling alienation, and angry at their government. That growing sense of dissatisfaction has been fueled by the unethical tactics of those in power. Lying and corruption has gone way too far.

    It has affected them personally.

    And whether Donald Trump will prove himself in hindsight or not, he is masterfully tapping into that sentiment in a way that Hillary Clinton cannot even pretend to attempt.

    Trump’s speech in front of the Economic Club of New York highlighted the choice between a declining welfare state and an economy that is booming and providing good paychecks. How does that sound to Ford workers who just lost another factory to Mexico? Or to the thousands of other rust belt Americans who face a similar predicament?

    As Real Clear Politics reported, :

    DONALD TRUMP: Instead of driving jobs and wealth away, America will become the world’s great magnet for innovation and job creation. My opponent’s plan rejects this optimism. She offers only more taxing and her tax increases are unbelievable. More regulating, more spending, and more wealth redistribution. A future of slow growth, declining incomes and dwindling prosperity.

    The only people who get rich under Hillary Clinton are the donors and the special interests, but bad for our country. In Hillary Clinton’s America we have surrendered our status as the world’s great economy and we have surrendered our middle class to the whims of foreign countries. We take care of them better than we take care of ourselves.

    Not one single idea she’s got will create one net American job or create one new dollar of American wealth for our workers. The only thing she can offer is a welfare check. That’s about it. Our plan will produce paychecks and they’re going to be great paychecks for millions of people now unemployed or underemployed.

    If the rhetoric sticks, and this becomes a major point of the election, then the choice will be obvious.

    Virtually no one actually wants to be on welfare, and do nothing with their lives, and virtually everyone has already witnessed Hillary’s penchant for wealth redistribution – from her billionaire pals, into the Clinton Foundation, and back out from the state into the pockets of her donors.

    Plus a pittance for the starving little people their contracts service.

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    Trump’s Labor Day Message As Unemployment Nears 25%: “The American Worker Is Getting Crushed”


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      1. The problem is majority of people have been conditioned to take the free stuff rather than earning it.

        The conditioning of the western societies have been in place for decades by the Zionist Jews and their Muslim counterparts along with the new phenomena named Zionist Christians.

        See the video below and note that the name is not a Buddhist name either.,d.cWw

        • majority of people have been conditioned to take the free stuff rather than earning it.

          This. A thousand times this!

      2. He has factories in China to make his ties, he has factories in Bangladesh to make his shirts and he has factories in China who make his ties. His paycheck talk is what you WANT to hear, what he actually does however is something else entirely.
        Secretary Colin Powell who had his own private server when he was Secretary Of State under Bush said about Trump (from when Russia hacked his E-Mail) “Trump is a National Disgrace and an International Pariah” So get your head out of your butt, and realize you are just getting duped!

        • Most of the jobs he creates in the US are service jobs. He’s not making much physical product here I’m sure. But he needs people to run is hotels and such.

          Meh. We’re screwed.

          • So, you choose to not believe anything he has said. Or maybe you hate him so much you just refuse to listen to anything he says.
            I bet you believe every sacred word that comes outof the bit bleach’s mouth though.

          • Me boy, Billy,
            Sorry Mac , fuck you!!;!

            Maniac –out

            • One major Fact none can deny is: Hillary and all other polititions have Had the past 40+ years to do a usa fix job…Like create masses of good pay jobs fixing usa roads etc.

              Trump NEVER Yet had such a chance.

              I recall seeing Live on CSPAN TV about 7-8 yrs ago, when GW bush was still us prez, some new CZAR guy was Live on cspan tv talking of how us congress Just passed a bill and GW signed it into fed law.

              To Spend $287-BILLION to create good jobs to repair usa infrastructures etc.

              Then a few weeks later I also on cspan tv Live saw that jewish guy Midget Robert Riech a klinton apointee, and Now a GW apointee! as Labor state dept Head honcho or some type honcho as that.

              Riech spoke to a us senate comittee hearing all about that new huge cash expence to repair roads and create good pay jobs.

              i SAW and HEARD with Own eyes and ears him tell us senators at the hearing that “NOT one single us dollar is to get spent to create nor hire any WHITE for any such Jobs period. And that Every dollar is only to get spent on jobs for peoples of color aka blacks and mexicans..Illeagles too…”

              When a senator asked him “What of very skilled trade work jobs eh? Whos going to supervise? operate high skill Dozers and machinerys etc?…Riech told the senator to Train blacks and browns to do those skilled jobs since ZERO dollars are to get spent for a single white hired period. He told seante comittee that came straight from the whitehouse top level”

              THEN!!! EVERY of $287 Billion dollars was instead SENT to Goldman Sachs and several other jew bankers to start NEW Banks in Mexico to Loan Cash to start-up buisness’s for ONLY Milority Mexican females in usa lands, and other mexcian illeagles for various incentative programs etc!

              Loans that were very LOW intrest rates for new buisness start ups for ONLY mexican single females that wish to get ahead etc!

              Thats where every red cent of that highway/freeways fix and good jobs plan went to and got spent on.

              Trump has never yet done such a scam.

              EVERY OTher Pol Has period.

              So nobody can as Yet say for certain what will happen if trump is next usa prez.

              go look at article at incogmans dot net site.

              On whom are those FIFTY neocon repubs that co signed that letter of NO support for trump! just the short list of less than half of neocon signers are jewish zio repubs.

              With Linsey Grahm and McConnel et al as the usual shabozz goy sell outs as co signers to it.

              Now hillarys TV anti-trump ads shows a bunch of them stateing how bad trump is etc!

              The VERY TOP neocon repubs that for decades assured Us voters of how concerned for Our welfare and benifit they all always were/are eh!

              yet every one has always and Only done “Whatever is very Good for israel and jews”…regardless How Bad it is or may be for Americans! With left over Crumbs going to only Blacks and mexicans!

              If ziojewry are such high intelligencia as claimed by them, and such self chozens as always claimed?.

              Why then does israel require fundings constantly and never ending from usa taxes?

              Can anybody else here spell P..A…R…A…S…I…T…E…S?

              It took me untill the age of Fifty years old, to finally Get it and realize just how wrong I was in the belief that “Nothing can possibly be worse for whites and america other than savage afrcian negroes”

              But…Then at age fifty yrs old finally I got very jewzied up! and it dawned on me how totally wrong I was!

              For I finally discovered that “yes Virginia, there really is something even far worse for whites and america than afrcain negroes…and that is those whigger folk also called jews. The orig white “looking” nigger population of the world. Todays usa is plagued with Two absolute satanic curses…Blacks + kikes period.

              Just like that smarmy kommie kike Robert Riech is!

              Meanwhile duped fools worry of a sharia takeover in usa!? As if ziojewry is going to ever allow for that eh!

        • me, man

          The alternative is someone who supports NAFTA, China Free Trade, the abandoning of Glass-Steagall and willy nilly overthrowing stable governments in the Middle East that don’t play ball with globalist Wall Street. Looking from these perspectives you have nothing to lose with Trump.

        • Yep, and hillary is at least 10 times worse. It appears that this selection will be the lesser or two evils. The known psychopath (hillary) and the unknown quantity (Trump). Good luck and keep your powder dry.

        • I have two trump hats and they both are marked made in USA. Trump is foremost a Businessman. What has Hillary ever made in America but socialism, certainly no jobs.

      3. Trump has the knowledge and ability to turn things around and put America on the path to prosperity and peace. What’s not to love. Oh, I forgot, he stiffed a few people. No, he didn’t turn them into stifs like Bill and Hillary, he just forgot to pay them. Big wow. If that’s it. I’m in with Trump 100%.

        Hillary, go take a vacation. You need one.

        ___. Give Peace A Chance. Elect T R U M P ___


        • Yeah until he F’s you too!

        • Thank GOD Trump has absolutely NO chance of winning!

          • me

            Would you say that Bill Clinton was a good President for middle class America and why in light of NAFTA, China Free Trade and de-regulating Wall Street?

          • Me,you lib take a hike!What you think
            Hillary will be better???? Dumbass!
            Maniac –out

          • Right, that’s why he’s rising in most polls and ahead in several, because he has no chance of winning.

            Thanks for clearing that up for us, moron.


      4. Welfare all democrat have to offer & not for much longer.

      5. Wake Up people! Trump is only in it for himself. His clothing line is not made in America. It is made in, Mexico, Bangladesh and China. He says what you want to hear, and does something different. He dupes, and you blindly follow. Why doesn’t he release his taxes? why did he ask for another 5 week extension on his Trump University lawsuit till after the election? Why is he in bed with Putin if not to sell his brand to Russia?

        • me

          You desire war with Russia over Syria or the Ukraine?

        • Are you trolling for hillary or just another disgruntled liberal?

          • There is just only ONE real honest logical reason that Both Dem and neocon repubs polititions and every of msm tv news etc are so against Trump.

            That is because EVERY single last one are either ziojew swindlers or gentile shabozz goy sell outs period.

            Polititions And TV/newspaper medias alike period.

            And the Only real great Fear each of them shabozz and zios has is.

            That as us prez Trump can and may/probably shall, Demand and GET, most of the well Hidden Documents etc that so well Prove all I say here beynd all doubts.

            And then trump Can and probably shall Demand usa TV air time to go LIVE on TV stets nationwide so to fully EXPOSE all these sell outs various mis-deeds, scams, Crimes etc etc.

            Which would Then create the Only Other situation of abject Fear harbored by those same anti-americans and anti-gentiles and anti whiteys.

            That second great Fear they ALL maintain 24/7/365 is that if enough usa folks gets wized up to it all…

            They just might all go all Out Nazi on those sold out fools asses!…And with americans being a bit different from Birth compared to those whiteys in 109 Prior nations also wrecked in same way as usa has been and By the Same type folks as named here by me.

            Americans being so well armed and so birthright Freedom minded peoples…the greatest ever Fear them sell outs has is that americans may Not do a huge Boot out!

            And instead may go all out Nazi on their asses and Take them all Out!

            In the Past 100+ years life in usa…Never before has ANY potential us prez candadit ever yet so created such mass hysteria Fears within these kommie bastards.

            Look Close at their Eyes as seen on TV sets…One can See their abject Fear of what I stated here…You can almost Smell their fear thru the tv aka talmudvision sets or as many refer to TV the Electronic Rabbi in Your living rooms!

            ps: If I were Trump and elected new us prez?

            Two firsts I’d do is #1 Command FAA to GROUND ALL outbound Flights and all outbound Ships!

            #2 Go on LIVE TV and Command/Order every usa States Citizen Militia to get out and Joiin up forces to go into every nook and cranny and HUNT down every single last bastard we ALL know whom they are and Arrest and Hold every one for Traitor and swindlers trials asap.

            And Big WOE to any Jury or fed judge that Dares to not convict or sentence properly!

            Then as us prez my #3 policy would be Demand usa decalres a brand New Holiday like 4th july is now. To yearly celebrate the day americans took back america from these demonic zios and shabozz goyims.

            Then after a weekend of rest…On to DE funding Israel and most every other global welfare state nations so used to Our taxes! and retrun EVERY usa military persons to protect usa Borders at mexico and every border we maintain as ours.

            Citizen Militai can also then round up every last defiant illeagle and Boot em all out asap fast!

            Anybody don’y like it? No problem then just Kiss MY Whiety ASS! as You too exit usa fast.

        • What do the psychologists say about people who write blogs that begin with grandiose statements like ‘Wake Up people’,or some such juvenile tripe? Now we know that you have issues with a controlling personality projection, seeking to offset a mistaken sense of superiority that is frustrated by an actual overwhelming inferiority.

          You need to work on that.

      6. Yeah until he F’s you too!

      7. Govt. at all levels needs to be backed off and we will produce,we can do it without destroying the world in the process,oh,and end the crazy taxes again at all govt. levels,and the crazy spending supported by the crazy taxes.

        Great article on Lew Rockwell about how to bleed the govt,buy less junk/buy used in the open/free market with no taxes/i.e. used goods in excellent shape/learn to live with less and be more self sufficient.Support other businesses that are local near you,creat your own niche markets ect.

      8. Off topic
        Gave my Rem 870 to my grandson need replace it, does anyone have experience with Black Ace tactical new shotgun.

        • I guess I’ll have to be the first to buy one, 8 inch barrel, 20 rd drum mag and exempt from short barrel rules. got gun fever again

          • Did you mean 8 inch or 18 inch barrel?

            I just trying not to think about controlling a 12-gauge pistol for 20 rounds !

            • Its got a 8.5 inch barrel. Its a pump 10 round mags or 20 round drum

              • Comes with sig brace overall 26 1/2 long with brace extended

      9. “stiffed a FEW people” ?

        “forgot to pay them” ?

        either that’s your attempt at sarcasm
        or you are woefully uninformed on the subject

        • Cum!

          • BH, Think we got ourselves a brand new troll. New Troll move along nothing to see here we have enough resident trolls as it is don’t need another go light someplace else.

            • Mallardhen, AMEN. New troll needs to move along or I’ll get HCKS after him.

              • Hicks can be located in the airplane modeling Glue aisle typically Braveheart! Try KMART Glue sale aisle!

                Hicks gives new meaning to “Brown baggin It eh”!!

                Like that Old Kenny Rigers band song “Eight Miles straight Up! Found my Mind in brown paper bag!”

                Just stopped in to see what condition my condition is in.

                With the black Motown girl back up singers singing “Sniff Sniff Sniff that airplane Glue! Sos ya can figure outs whos who and whats what eh.

                But beware upper Lip don’t get stuck to mustache!

        • Satori, and you’ve nothing to say about the Clinton body count? It’s been listed here several times but you’re OK with that.
          May you have an important job in her administration and make a mistake, lol.

      10. if you have any evidence about this alleged body count
        that we have been hearing about FOREVER

        then by all means TAKE IT TO A COURT OF LAW
        and let the prosecution begin

        until then
        it’s all just talk,conjecture,conspiracy theory etc etc etc
        if there was ANY real evidence I’m sure the RNC with its unlimited funds and access to the very best lawyers would have jumped on this by now,what an easy way it would be to knock Hillary out of the race

        what Trump has done to numerous people and small businesses
        is well established
        there are court records to PROVE it

        and what really galls me about the whole matter
        is that Trump claims to be a Christian
        and the evangelicals are wetting themselves showing their support

        just one question

        is this how a “Christian” does business ???

        enough said…

        • Satori –

          You can’t possibly be this much in denial about the trail of dead bodies associated with the Clinton’s?

          Take a good look at this – Mike Rivero at WhatReallyHappened-DotCom has this information all laid out like a wonderful buffet.

          I would also suggest you take a gander at his other articles posted up on his website – you will actually learn something of value (value = facts)

          • LONG LONG list
            so apparently your saying the Clintons have been slaughtering people left and right for a good decade or more?

            and yet no evidence to prove or even come close to proving that they are behind all this mayhem

            many of those descriptions don’t even mention any real association with the Clintons or ANY reason they would be murdered

            and just who is doing all the dirty work all these many years ?

            and the Clintons have MANY enemies much worse than a lot of these people who were mentioned
            hell most were bit players to say the least

            show me some DNA,a smoking gun,payoffs
            no real evidence here

            this all reminds me of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon

            • Satori, I don’t mean this like it sounds, but where have you been? The Clintons were having people knocked off back in the 80s when Bill was Attorney-General of Arkansas AND when he was Governor of Arkansas AND ater he became POTUS. When he was POTUSm the hildebeast was the REAL power in the WH. She personally directed Waco, OKC bombing, the coverup over TWA Flight 800, even more people died under questionable circumstances on Hillary’s orders than in the Arkansas days, etc.

        • Satori

          What is your opinion of the Free trade Agreements specifically with China and Mexico? Have they been beneficial to the US Middle Class?

          What is your opinion of US Military involvement directly and indirectly in Iraq, Libya and Syria and were the respective outcomes good in the first two and what is to be accomplished in light of them with Syria?

          What is your opinion of the overthrow of the democratically elected government in the Ukraine?

          I’m not trying to be a smart ass as I’m seriously asking the above.

          • I literally cringe every time I hear the phrase “free trade”

            what about FAIR TRADE ?

            trade agreements should be mutually beneficial to both parties,anyone with half a brain knew what was going to happen the minute NAFTA was signed
            and it has only gotten worse since then,don’t get me started on the TPP
            the US has made one horrible treaty after another
            I have to STRONGLY agree with Trump on this
            why in the hell is the US signing these bad treaties?
            we are the economic powerhouse of the world
            we should be dictating the terms
            US politicians have been absolutely treasonous in their support for such horrible agreements

            military and CIA covert involvement in the Middle East has been disasterous on every level
            all part of PNAC
            which of course has gone bad
            even Brezinski admitted recently that it was all going south
            unfortunately the neo-con philosophy isn’t just the Rethug’s,it’s also owned by the Demonrats as well
            it’s not left/right,it’s government its EMPIRE

            even slimeball Tony Blair admitted the Iraq war was based on lies,and in a speech awhile back even Darth Cheney slipped up and admitted the same thing
            the decision to invade Irag was make long before 9-11
            just EMPIRE doing what empires do

            and as to the Ukraine?
            we’ve overthrown or subverted a number of valid governments
            why stop now ?
            not sure what the motive is?
            idiots trying to restart the Cold War ?

            • Satori

              The list above that you disagree with from “Free Trade” through foreign affairs is 100% supported by Hillary along with USSC picks that would guaranteed eviscerate the Second Amendment. Regardless of Trumps flaws its him or Hillary which includes all of the above.

              “not sure what the motive is”. Its absolute and complete global control.

        • Sat, obviously you are a Yankee! Have a friend,La. State trooper,ALL of the Clinton’s body guards from Ark. have been done away with!Sometimes you have some good posts ,educated idiot!
          Maniac –out

          • bzzzzzzz
            WRONG answer

            “must be a yankee”

            LMAO !!!!

            if only you knew

            I’m just a southerner with an open mind,open to different points of view
            and who likes to see a little evidence before I believe something
            make that a LOT of evidence

            FACTS talk bull shit walks

            and AGAIN

            if you have some hard EVIDENCE
            then BRING IT
            meanwhile I’ll listen to the crickets chirping…

            correlation is not causation
            you do realize that don’t you ?

            must be a yankee? LOL !!!!!!!!
            well at least I’m starting the day with a good laugh

            • Santori, Hillary WALKED from the FBI investigation…are you gonna say that they had NO evidence? Either you are a dumb ass or YOU ARE a troll…which is it. When you suck kike cock, YOU are untouchable… period. You asked who and why (((THEY))) do the shit (((THEY))) do??? (((THEY))) dear boy are the (((Zionist Jews))). (((Their))) goal…World domination with a reduction of the world’s population by 90+%…Agenda21

      11. Both candidates are a pos, disgusting sub-human beings on the take. Both of them. Trump will skillfully hide his crimes and wrongdoings and make them appear as though they happened naturally or weren’t his fault or were a matter of unfortunate circumstances. By the time his supporters wise up and realize he’s screwed up in the head and that he also doesn’t care about the average person it will be too late.

        Hillary is just as screwed up and corrupt as Trump, but she doesn’t cover her tracks that well and her corruption and wrongdoings are easier to point out. Neither will make the country a better place. They are both morally bankrupt and in it for themselves.

        • Jules makes these stupid comments like Trump hides his crimes. So Jules, either post some facts to back up your hollow comments or STFU. Your Claims are baseless.

          Yeah Trump must have really hid his crimes well, because I have not heard about a single incident where Trump committed any crimes ever period. And if he did you would think the MSM would he out every day outlining the proof. You have no proof, you are just a useless babbler.


      12. Trump’s economic plans could cost U.S. loss of 4 million jobs, according to new analysis

        ht tp://

        • Satori

          You are 100% that raising tariffs will raise prices. Are you of the opinion that we are on the correct course with the Free Trade agreements? If so why?

        • Satori, I hope you don’t accept any article from DAILYKOS at face value alone. They’re MSM; just as bad Huffpost.

          • Braveheart

            KOS was merely the messenger

            the study they cite was from an independent group

          • Brave,forgive Sat. he is famous for quoting the huff puff!!!
            Geeze Sat really?
            Maniac –out

            • and yet AGAIN

              reedin’ KomperHenSHun is yer friend

              apparently you missed the part about “independent” study

              your grade on that test was a solid F

              gonna have to keep you back a grade

              you guys crack me up
              your entertainment value to me is absolutely priceless

              keep ’em coming

              • I think you’re either a government disinformation agent or a paid independent troll.

                • no
                  just someone who can think independently and has been trained in critical thinking skills

                  and someone not afraid to challenge the group think
                  or the status quo

                  I would think those qualities make me a good American ?

                  for some strange reason when you challenge people to think for themselves and reason things out
                  they don’t seem to like it much
                  go figure

                  • Satori – like you I gain enormous amusement from the people who post the most outrageous and frequently incomprehensible, ill thought out nonsense on this site.

                    One of the posters (a notorious anti Semite) was trying to argue his case stating that the new testament was the only true word of God and that the old testament was Semitic lies. In the next sentence he quotes Genesis (spelt incorrectly)! Talk about muddle headed thinking…

                    English is not my first language, however I’m still amazed at the incorrect use of it displayed here by people who were supposedly taught it from the cradle, most here sound as though they’re still using baby talk!

                    What did American schools teach students in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s? How to cuss and insult? It surely wasn’t, as you’ve pointed out, critical thinking.

                    Without the ability to rationalize and analyze all evidence, people on this site are truly turning into the ultimate “sheeple” spouting whatever the powers that be want them to say!

                    • Satori and Debunked, right there with you. This used to be a decent prepper site but Mac has devolved it into a room temp IQ quagmire of dipshit douchebaggery……

                • Maybe it’s just hillary in drag posting on these sites or another disgruntled liberal trolling for hillary.

                  • you want me to believe what you believe ?
                    is that it?

                    I’ll let you in on a little secret
                    converting me to your way of thinking is easy

                    just show me the FACTS

                    name calling,attacks on my character,spreading conspiracy theory and half baked theories etc etc

                    ain’t gonna do it buddy

                    FACTS TALK
                    BULLSHIT WALKS with me

                    now show up in court with some evidence
                    as Judge Judy would say

                    “case DISMISSED,your wasting my time”

              • Let’s not confuse ‘independent thinking’ with merely reading the Daily Kos, the two are mutually exclusive.

                Nor is there any such think as an ‘independent study’ when it gets ink from the left. That’s like calling a study performed at the request of Big Tobacco about lung cancer to be an ‘independent study’.

                I give you an ‘D-‘ grade in your self-determined role as a pseudo-independent thinker. It seems heavily dependent on partisan diatribe and juvenile retorts.

        • Right, a plan for 4% growth is going to cost millions of jobs, we get it now, thanks for clearing that up.

          What did the Daily Kos print last week, something about the 0.95% growth under Obama created millions of jobs and how good we should feel about it?

          The left needed a National Enquirer for the gullible yokels who follow them, so they came up with the Daily Kos.

        • Santori, can you post anything from a real news outlet…you can only post from Marxist Bullshit websites… are you a REAL southerner or are you a decendant from some carpetbagger…

      13. The president(it)cannot bring jobs back to America.
        “It” is however in a position to destroy jobs in America.
        “It” is the boss of the bureaucracy that kills jobs.
        Until I hear a president promise to remove
        all the entrenched Democrats in the Federal
        government, then I have to believe I need to kill
        that government in order to be free.

        • I agree with rellik. Half the Federal Government is useless space wasters collecting a paycheck.

          ~WWTI… I would love to go work for Trump cleaning house, in the Federal Government. I would walk into each Dept and just start firing the useless dead wood.

          • You can recognize dead wood employees just by walking in the door?

            You must be in great demand in the private sector as a seven-figure consultant.

            • If THEY work for the federal government… THEY are DEAD wood. 90% of ALL federal government jobs are bullshit…go back to the constitution and read WHAT the Fed’s are authorized to do. The rest is up to the states.

      14. I’d endorse a castrated Beagle before that Witch. She is so profoundly corrupt and on such a tight globalist leash I do believe it’d be the end of even the semblance of our nation.
        Godspeed Trump.

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