Trump’s 4th Of July Gift: Approval Beats Obama’s Independence Day Numbers

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Entertainment, Headline News | 14 comments

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    According to Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll, president Donald Trump entered the holiday with 48 percent of Americans approving of the job he’s doing. That’s better than former president Barack Obama’s 2010 ratings, which were around 43%.

    According to The Conservative Tribune, Trump’s doing it in the face of a mainstream news media assault his predecessor could never have imagined. Yesterday’s July 4th marked the 45th president’s second Independence Day as the person in the Oval Office. Trump saw his approval rating sitting above former President Barack Obama’s at the same point in his first term too, news of which is likely to send liberals scattering to safe spaces across the country.

    This is the news you won’t hear from the mainstream media.  With a blatant and obvious bias against the current commander in chief, and continued fawning over Obama and his totalitarian dictator-esqe personality and policies, the media is unlikely to mention the fact that Trump is looking good in the eyes of the public.

    However, a new Quinnipiac poll is showing that about 49% of the country believes Trump is racist. According to Real Clear Politics, 47% of Americans do not think Trump is racist. But, as some have pointed out, most mainstream media outlets have been telling the public that Trump is racist and a divider for two years now.  It is a little surprising they couldn’t get that poll up a little higher as much as they cram that idea into the brains of those who have little desire to think for themselves.

    As an extra little gift to Trump for his numbers, let’s all take a moment to remember this lovely poll done by CNN.

    What could be easier than getting someone to admit they hate President Donald Trump? Not much, yet CNN managed to botch their own “Trump-hater” poll, which ended up showing support for the president by a landslide. Had Hillary been elected, we’d be reading articles by CNN with so much sugarcoating and added saccharine that most of the country would be diabetic by now. –The Daily Sheeple


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      1. It is what he says and tweets that rubs people the wrong way. The only reason he got elected was he ran against Hilary. He needs major improvement on all fronts to get re-elected. The economy is up but that’s only 1 area.

      2. Rebel; the dems are screwing up enough that it will help get him control of congress again. We have no idea what will happen after the midterms but if the economy continues he has a good chance of getting re-elected.

        • Pelosi and Maxine Waters are why the Dems will lose bigtime. Those two imbeciles are really making their party look bad.

      3. I’d like to know WHOSE economy is improving? I don’t see it in my area. Allegedly unemployment nationwide is OFFICIALY at 4% but I know the REAL figure is between 20-25%. More people than ever REFUSE TO WORK. That same bunch wants to become parasites and sponge off working peoples’ tax money. Takers are now outnumbering producers and that situation can’t and won’t last forever. While there might be some more jobs available the labor market is killing everyone. And at my company alone I see more female than male applicants coming through the door and that started during Obama’s 2nd term. What needs to happen is DITCH THE WELFARE STATE.

        • Where I’m at SW Florida there is significantly more construction. The “low hanging fruit” of foreclosed homes has been picked through. Home prices have about doubled from the 2009 / 2010 low. This increased construction are single homes on lots here and there (but a pretty good amount) and generally not entire housing developments of the boom period.

          • If I had to guess the money is coming from stock market gains. Those who had the courage to buy back in are taking their money out. It all has the appearance of individual success not vast numbers.

      4. Trump is already one of America’s greatest Presidents.
        He made promises and he has kept them – Wow
        He is fighting Rino’s in his own party, The MSM, and the Hating Democrats.

        He is a 72 year old energizer bunny and I am now proud to say I am an American.

        • I see comments like this and I have to imagine the commenters has Aspergers or some retardation. Honest discernment would never allow such an outright lie.

      5. Censored 4 attempts at posting comment despite none of your commenting policy applying to my comment.

        • 1st ammendment is banned on this site.

      6. You were not prepared to satisfy the campaign promises, ahead of inauguration, any more than Barry was prepared to prove his eligibility, much less, have you restored the social contract, to normal people. Sorry, not sorry.

        Think about, if the ‘pre-game show’ was worded this way.

        Who and what do you think is normal.

        Prove that you can satisfy these campaign promises.

        Have you ever heard the fake news, even on your own side, asking you these kinds of questions, no matter how gently — a showing of accounts and burning of rhetorical bridges.

      7. “I don’t care how he compares to all the other recent POTUSes, the fact that the Cheeto Monster’s numbers are better than our beloved BHO proves, once again, that ‘Murica is Raycist and White Supremacist!” is how a typical Liberal might answer this factual situation…


      8. Considering the relentless criticism and blatant lies voiced by libtards in the government and echoed by their lapdogs in the mainstream media, it’s surprising that Trump has an approval rating over 5%.

      9. Proving the lemmings have zero discernment. Nothing changes.

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