Trump/Clinton After Round One: “Who’s Fit to Run the World?”

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 127 comments

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    Who do you think won the debates? What were the most important moments?

    It seems that both candidates are taking shape in a different way than they’ve been seen thus far on the stump. Many are arguing that the night was won by Hillary, who put on display her strongest performance so far in the race. Trump seemed all-too-aware of the his perception, and played a different tack that was not his best moment.

    Perhaps, one gets the sense that the we are witnessing two people eager for power and ready to use their new access to fancy toys and dangerous weapons in order to get their way.

    Of course, their approaches to power are totally different, and it remains unclear how Trump would use that power on the world stage, and it remains equally unclear how the power of the establishment could be stripped of its power over the status quo empire that is holding Americans back.

    Here’s RT’s summary of the debates:

    Who has the best temperament for having their finger on the nuclear button? Whose judgment will get the US out of its financial woes? Here are the first presidential debate’s top moments that made Americans laugh, cry or book their next flight to Canada.

    As much as watching Hillary slip up has proven to be epic on the 2016 campaign trail, she is creepiest when shows up perfectly wound and ready to strike out. She was calculated and heavily rehearsed. Obviously, she listened to the ‘Come to Jesus’ speech and bucked up for the win. Yes, I will be the first female American president…

    Trump, on the other hand, seemed over coached on why he must talk down, play nice and stick to the talking points. He held onto this approach, even as Lester Holt and Hillary had him on the defensive nearly the entire time. The Trump who won over Republican voters cared nothing about playing by the rules, and thrived on taking down his competitors like only a billionaire CEO can.

    Trump is in a blood sport with Hillary. She played up a polished and professional side during Round One. There is speculation that she used an earpiece, and a silent voice feeding her punchy responses and ready-checked campaign “facts,” but either way, the Clinton team stops at nothing to win, and they showed it here.

    Ironically, it came just weeks after Hillary punked the nation and ‘played dead/weak-and-near-death’ just to come back as the undisputed heavy weight of below the belt politics. Trump is learning the rules of the Matrix, but Hillary designed the system. She can move faster, break all the rules, and even antagonize her opponents, all without taking damage. Oh yeah, and she created Trump, too.

    She owns the game, and stopping her rise to full power is only possible through decoding riddles, paradoxes and gamed outcomes.

    Don’t count her out no matter what the polls say, or how few people you meet who are supporting her.

    Here are ABC’s highlights:

    But there’s also the part of the debate that centered around Trump’s advocacy for unconstitutional stop & frisk police stops. Hillary Clinton actually talked a more constitutional game than the populist favorite. Sure, it was just rhetoric, but… just very troubling for the type of culture that is setting in. Very police state.

    Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton Debate:
    Race, Stop And Frisk FULL SEGMENT 9/26/16

    There are very different directions this country could go. But both with bring some type of war with ISIS, and confrontation with Iran. Civil war between police and inter-cities will continue under both presidents. Both candidates expressed support for the “No Fly, No Buy” list that is based up a very flawed terrorist profiling list.

    Jobs and the American middle class has been Trump’s strongest card during the entire campaign, and now Hillary is mimicking his talking points and also offering working people a better day.

    Fear, terror and censorship are all by-products of a system that has tossed out civil liberties in favor of greater control and lots and lots of data (yet security camera footage missing when it counts the most).

    Both candidates are investing in and being advised by the wrong kinds of power.

    Which way will the polls go between now and November?

    Which way will the country go after the election?

    Let the games begin!


    Read more:

    Here We Go… IS Hillary About to Cheat in the Debates? “Wearing an Earpiece” Not Prohibited


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      1. Neither…

        • Agreed…yawn.

          • You are not fit for anything eppe clockpuncher. Useless Liar.

            ~WWTI… Trump is right, Hillary is a typical Lying Politician, all talk, everything is rainbow and puppydog tails, and she has created so many disasters in the world causing so much pain and destruction, She needs to be locked up, as to not destroy the rest of the world.

            • Keeping an eye on this. This is being compared to Lehman…

              Deutsche Bank Stock Crashes Near Single-Digits As CDS Spike To Record Highs
              “The “most systemically dangerous bank in the world” is in grave trouble.”

              ht tp://

            • Deutsche Bank Is Going Under: Is The Real Reason Germans Were Told To Prepare For A National Crisis?

              ht tp://

            • Deutsche Bank Is Going Under: Is The Real Reason Germans Were Told To Prepare For A National Crisis?

              ht tp://

              • Yep KY Mom, Chanselor Merkle is in a panic saying the D.Bank needs a bail out. I say let them all fail. Let them all burn to the ground wiping out all debt.

                Anything printed or written on Paper is set to default and just a written promise IOU. The Only thing real is tangible, what you can hold in your hand, like a battle rifle and precious metals. Neither of these 2 items will default on you.

                ~WWTI… Get rid of your digital money, paper money and trade them all for something real and pay off all debts. 401K’s an IRA will become worthless and bail-ins for the Government and Banks. You all have been warned here plenty of times, its in the archives. There are those who read and act, vs. those who continue to fiddle.

              • Make sure to include glutinous free flours in your preps. Also purchase plastic food grade buckets in order to keep your preps safe from bugs and rodents. Amaranth and Buckwheat are both glutin free. Buckwheat is not wheat at all. It comes from the Rubarb family. Amaranth is a powerhouse of nutrition. It has all the amino acids including Lysine, which helps control herpes outbreaks (cold sores), and protein, iron, zinc, manganese, and B12 along with other B vitamins, magnesium, and more. Arrowroot is glutinous free and is better as a thickener than other thickeners because it thickens twice as much as flour and cornstarch, and freezes better than cornstarch.


                • B from CA,

                  Good advice! Thank you for sharing!

                  • BOTH OF THEM ARE FOR HORRENDOUS GUN CONTROL! Stump and his stop and frisk/ no fly list or watch list banning! How the fuck do you get on or off those SECRET lists? The whole thing is as unconstitutional as it gets (not that we corp. citizens have a constitution)! IF THE GUNS GO IT IS ALL OVER WITH, WE ARE FINISHED! No other thing matters near as much!

                    • I am fit to run the world! But then most people cannot handle freedom and resposibility so it might not go over very well… 🙁

                    • Genius, the worst part about those lists is the secrecy surrounding them. The feds won’t say what criteria they use to determine whether someone should be on the list or even say what kind of process there is for getting off that list. So to me the lists are null and void and have no legitimate basis to them whatsoever. We also have ‘lists’ of our own. Lists do work more than one way.

                    • Genius
                      Both are for gun control, nsa spying, no fly lists, etc. No constitutional rights.

                • Amaranth is quite easy to grow as well, will easily cross with plants in same family so need tobe aware of those, can also be eaten as a whole grain as well.

                  • You can eat the Amaranth greens like mystard greens. It is yummy. I’ve never eaten them raw. They grow fast and go to seed fast like buck wheat. It can be mixed with rice when boiling to add additional nutrients. The grain is one of the smallest of the food grains.

                    Louisiana Eagle

                    • Nailbanger and Laeagle,

                      This is good to know. Thank you!

                      I will have to get seeds and try to grow Amaranth.

                    • KY Mom~

                      ht tp://

                      This site has a full page of different seed varieties. I have used this site before and really like what they have to offer. My corn crop seeds came from them.

                • Gluten-free is another diet fad. Only a few people really need a gluten-free diet for health reasons. All it does for the majority of people is make them think they’re healthier and cost them more.

                  There’s no telling how many items I’ve seen on the grocery store shelves that trumpet being gluten-free, but there was no reason for gluten being in the product anyway. It’s just like cholesterol. Products that are pure vegetable are trumpeted as cholesterol-free as if it’s been removed. It would be like advertising caffeine-free distilled water.

            • “Many are arguing that the night was won by Hillary, who put on display her strongest performance so far in the race.”

              Sadly, I have to agree.

              I turned the debate off a couple of times because TRUMP’S lack of aggressiveness made me cringe for him. Hillary should have been on the defensive all night long, instead, TRUMP was maneuvered into defending himself, instead.

              Let’s hope in the Second debate he comes out firing on all cylinders, attacking Clinton for her CORRUPTION, MALFEASANCE, BRIBERY AND GLOBALIST POLICIES.

              This debate will not move the needle towards Hillary as ALL the Polls showed: with only the Clinton News Network proclaiming Hillary the BIG winner.

              TRUMP needs to quit calling her “Secretary” and start calling her Hillary, if not “Crooked Hillary”. 🙂

              • Trump hugely disappointed me over his comments in favor of the NYC stop-and-frisk illegal searches, and the desire for MORE FUCKING POLICE in Shitcago and other criminal infested cities instead of allowing and encouraging people to protect, defend, and police themselves, and for siding with the UN.

                Trump has no value for people’s gun rights, and the NRA’s endorsement for him makes the NRA a fucking joke.

                Of course, Hillary will doom this country much more than Trump, but we’re fucked either way…

        • agreed, i give up (I’m not going to put much more thought into these two ass clowns any longer), were hosed either way, going to keep prepping and stacking, i know where i’m going when physical body expires.
          Peace Out Everyone!

        • ..remember neither Trump or Hillary will be inaugurated as the next President.

        • All I seen was two Democrats trying to argue witch one is a bigger crook. Lookiing bad either way

          • Which is precisely what she wants you to see.

            The old “But these are cute little puppies… you can’t be against cute little puppies, can you Mr. Trump?”

            – “Well… no…”

            *whipser* see? He’s juuuust liiiike meeeeee *evil voice*

            Masterful. If all she does is damage him in this way she doesn’t need to be more popular. People just won’t show to vote for him and she wins by default.

          • And to reiterate. ANYONE BUT HER. I would literally vote for Chairman Mao just to keep her out.

            • The Guy
              very melodramitic, but then you are stuck with Mao.
              Could just nominate a decent candidate instead of Mao?

      2. Trump thinks its Ok for the cops to stop you and search without a warrant. I don’t think I will approve of Trumps kind of law and order. Hillary wants folks to pay their fair share. The fair share argument was used to justify redistributing the middle class wealth and jobs to third world places. I always knew there wasn’t any viable political or ballot box solution. Pretty hopeless outlook. Prep even more you are gonna need it.

        • How about the TSA? Frisk and search and steal your stuff. Hillary wants to expand the TSA, another Zionist controlled Organization, to bus, train and other transportation systems. Trump stop and frisk is more targeted to certain people with known terrorism ties. The rest of you fine folks can pass.

          Trump has racked up a lot of endorsements, ICE, Border Patrol, Police, police chiefs, and Military commanders.

          ~WWTI… I wonder how many drugs Hillary was hopped up on during the debates??

          • Stop and Frisk is Nazi Germany at its onset. You “look” like you’re gonna do something bad. You “look” like someone who might do something bad. You “look” like someone who doesn’t look like me, therefore, you’re bad.

            Do you want to be at the whim of any passing cop?


            • That stop n frisk is for City Dwellers where there is mass concentrated populations. That would affect problem areas, like Shitcago, NYC, ghettos, known drug and crime areas. To fight terrorism you need to take the gloves off. Or do you think bombing people is just more freedom of expression and covered under the constitution?

              There are those who exploit our freedoms who wish to do us harm.

              We don’t live in a perfect world where terrorists obey the laws.

              -WWTI… I choose to stop flying. I dont like to be molested. Haven’t flown since 2009. I flew on 28 planes that year. F-em!

              • Stump is all for a totalitarian police state from hell and disarmament. Enough said…..

                • Genius, that is obvious from his comments in favor of the UN and for increasing the police force. His goal is a police state. Control over the little people. And more gun control, despite his NRA endorsement.

              • Those who choose to surrender their liberty for the sake of security have neither. — Benjamin Franklin

                Wait until you’re the one they are looking at to frisk.

                You’re under some delusional belief that those in power can and will limit themselves to “City Dwellers” and people that don’t look like you.

                Maybe you’ll drive the wrong kind of vehicle with a “questionable” bumper sticker. Maybe your child will write a paper in school that a teacher finds threatening to their way of life.

                You didn’t “choose to stop flying”…. the ptb FORCED you to stop flying. You have already allowed those in power to alter your existence and make you believe it was all your idea.

                I’m not criticizing… just don’t play the “assume” game when it comes to my freedoms.

          • Hillary gave a big smile at the beginning. Maybe Bill was feeding her a compliment. Or could have been a joke. I resent being kept out of the loop.

            Hillary admitted taking time out to prepare for the debate. I wouldn’t doubt if she makes an abrupt improvement in her health as soon as the debates wind down. She is without ethics. This debate was so biased in Hillaries favor. The question of Trumps decision regarding the birth certificate was worded in a very accusative manner. The moderator argued and cut off Trump and interrupted Trump but allowed Hillary to speak. That’s not how a debate should be handled. I thought Trump did well, but Hillary did great. Considering Hillary’s abdominal record, I only hope Trump is holding back so he can destroy her in the last debate. I also hope he runs an ad of the former President of Haiti talking about bribery, drugs, and a total rip off via the Clinton Foundation.


        • I was gagging waiting for Trump to turn the inner city crime problem back onto Democrats running the economy into the dirt. Of course the inner cities are crime ridden, they have 40 to 60% unemployment after the fine work of progressive policies.

          I hear it here when people discuss a system wide collapse, people will do anything to feed and protect their families, well in America’s inner cities, the Shit Has Already Hit the Fan. Minorities in the one party rule inner cities are living in survival mode.

          Trump left me disappointed, smug Hillary just creeped me out. I’m annoyed with them both. Neither won.

          Hillary arrived with the same old bag of beads (democrat promises) they hand out to the Indians just before they rob them blind.
          Trump had a few ideas that he poorly articulated because Hillary played Trump, got under his skin by attacking him personally. Those attacks he could have been turned back on the Clintons for running a money laundering operation at the Clinton Foundation.

          I can’t ever vote for Hillary, that would be like getting to pick your own firing squad and pricking the most accurate shooters that all hate you! I have no doubt Trump will shake up the government and if he does half of what he promises we will be far better off. But as for this debate, I was disappointed.

        • Yeah well it’s over man. Accept it. The question now is do you want it in the ear or in the asshole, and how hard.

          Revenge vote. At the bare minimum.

      3. people was looking for a little more red meat last night. He’ll need to rip her heart out next time around. Make her pay for all those sins. The people don’t want another Mitt that how he came across. They want bold and a knockout. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. so get with what made you the man or stay home your blowing it. If you can’t handle Hilary your not the man America needs. Your talking one way on the trail another in the debates.

      4. The whole show – the debate and the entire election process in general – is a terrible farce. We are not electing what we as a people would choose if we were free to choose the right person(s) for the jobs needing to be done. This is like some Hobson’s Choice (to pick from what we are offered or just not voting at all) where we elect a psychopath (pick based on your own opinion of the two that strikes you as most accurate a descriptor) or a very dangerous, manipulative and malevolent human being (again, your choice which that suits best in your mind). I’d vote for my last week’s socks I forgot to wash found in the bottom of the hamper over either. At least they just might clean up well.

      5. Neither have any Libertarian and hence Constitutionally restraining views. Trump would be less likely to push foreign policy into WWIII willingly but inept enough to get prodded into it by advisors and false flag incidents. Hillary desires to mold the US and will have the ability to appoint US Supreme Court Justices to do just that.

      6. I would rather trump as a bit of a unknown,billary we know!That said,still tell folks believe trump may just be another power that want to be fill in,though will back fire on the backers as the way he presents himself show that a lot of folks are awake and not alone.

        The bs about stop and frisk goes against the 4th/constitution so seems at least at first glance willing to make exceptions for constitution,still hope he wins and then we will see whether it matters or not.

        I will say that powers that want to be will dump all economic problems and blame trump(which is bullshit as building for over a century now)and use those actions to get in more billary types.Yep,good tomes!

        • Warchild, the NYPD is well-known for their fascist, anti-public mentality. They’ve always been corrupt. They’ve always been against the concept of individual self-defense, except for themselves. They don’t care about the public or crime or anything else. THEY SERVE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC, AND THE FEDERAL AND STATE SUPREME COURTS HAVE SAID SO MANY TIMES. Anyone tries ‘stop and frisk’ on me will have a fight on their hands. I won’t play their game.

      7. The nice thing about “stop and frisk” is that you don’t have to go to the airport to get groped. Now, all you have to do is is step out of your front door. Since I am not into being groped (unless it is by a beautiful woman), life will be more interesting. Hopefully, it will be for drugs or a weapon and not for “excess food”.

      8. What bothers us the most is that we know what needs to be done. There is no candidate that projects an image that can be firmly trusted by all voters to do the job.
        We have scraped the bottom of the barrel. The one candidate is slightly better than the other so again we have to hold our nose and vote. We don’t completely feel safe with either of them.

        It’s not over, till it’s over.”
        Yogi Berra.

      9. Clinton said she is for free college and wants more gun control. Trump said the nation is $20 trillion in debt and we need law and order (enforce the laws already on the books).

        When in a hole the first rule is to stop digging. The nation is busted, broke and bankrupt. They first have to take your guns before they can take your stuff. I think we need a man like Trump.

        • Subsidizing or paying for college in some instances could work as all of the Military Academy’s do it. Break the back of the AMA by opening up competition creating more Doctors. I know of several people, unable to get into a US Medical School that went to school overseas, one in Granada another in Mexico (Wife’s OBGYN Dept Head). Have the graduate work in a government clinic for a livable wage for 6 years and then go into private practice. Unfortunately college today has become a business that has no business creating employable people for business. I’m not subsidizing party time or academic curiosity with zero job prospects in your chosen field of “higher” learning. China is graduating more engineers annually than the US is graduating all college students.

          • Oh so Hillary is forcing Colleges to give away Free education and college?

            If we got the Government out of Guaranteed College loan rip-offs, you would see College tuition costs drop back too $5000 a year and affordable. Same thing with health care. As long as the Government comes in and pays for Medicare or Medicade or Obamacare, the costs skyrocket. End the Govn’t Program subsidies and we get back to a free competitive market standards of supply and demand. And medical costs would drop back down big time.

            Commie Socialism never works. We have plumb run out of Tax Payers money.


            • Itll be like all that free healthcare were gettin from obummercare

              • You said it nailbanger!

      10. How about just announcing the real real president: Benjamin Netanyahu

        • Lol Stolz ?

          I’m still laughing, not because it isn’t true, but because it is. “We control America. And the Americans know it.”

          Since when does a foreign President take the podium before Congress as Netenyahoo did. And got 29 standing ovations. Or was it 39, I’ve lost count. Never watched groveling like that before in my life. It was a moment of shame for America. I can’t wait until the day when we return the favor. Probably the day we defeat the anti-Christ. Until then: Keep the faith.



          • Screw das juden… Get rid of these juden rats, the muslims and ALL of the shitskins. Make America great AND white. 1965 immigration act opened the flood gates for third world garbage to pour in. Who was behind it??? Theodore Kennedy and the juden. Look it up you shills for isrihell…Look it up. We were 90%+white in the early 60’s…

          • B from CA, the problem is, majority of Americans really don’t realize that.

      11. From what little I saw, because the whole thing from the start was tilled. Holts start by saying that the Economy is grown for the last 6 years, Income has grown up. B.S.

        Now I’m hearing that Trump was picking on Hitlery???? If they thing for one second that he was picking on her, just wait until we get into a PISSING CONTEST with a country that doesn’t respect us now. What is she going to do run to the UN and tell them that they aren’t playing nice. Give Me F#$RING Brake!!!


        • SGT Dale.

          Oh it was growing alright! A little over 1 percent per each year of Obama’s Presidency.

          • Unfortunately, we need around 2 per cent growth just to keep up with population growth. The OBama economy is stagnant.

          • The Obama economy has had less than 3% growth for 8 consecutive years which is the worst economy on record in the US. We don’t need 4 more years of Hillaryobama. We need a Guy with business sense to fix the economy.

            Oh the next Supreme Court is the biggest item on the election agenda, Under Hildabeast, these shills will be ripping the constitution apart. Expect Civil war.

            Under Trump we still have a chance to wipe out liberalism/ communism.


            • WWTI

              Election Day is the New D-Day. Which kind of D-Day will it be?
              One for Freedom
              Or one for Tyranny

        • She was picking on him. Everybody in Trumps circle besides family addresses him as Mr. Trump. She addressed him as Donald. He began the evening by addressing her as Secretary Clinton.

          She was very disrespectful and was doing it on purpose. Near the end of the debate he finally decided she would not come around so he began to address her as Hillary.

        • Another Candy Crowley entering the debate, a la Romney, where the fascist media has to help the floundering fascist Hitlery

        • She will demand her safe space

      12. Lots of “bias” in the debate…


        In debate, Clinton gets no follow-up questions, Trump gets 6

        Holt interrupted Trump 41 times, Clinton 7 in debate
        “Holt interrupted Trump a record 41 times, either to “fact-check” the Republican nominee, or to ask a follow-up question. Clinton was only interrupted seven times during the course of the 90-minute debate.”

        Trump pulled off presidential
        “Like Reagan in 1980, viewers saw a Trump who was better than the liberal talking points.”

        “It was strange that the truth-challenged Clinton would want to make an issue of facts.”

        • I don’t know WHY Trump (or Romney) back then didn’t call out this Holt/Candy Crowley horse manure. If I were in a debate, I would stop the debate and tell the moderator to moderate impartially, or I would leave. And I would leave. Not THAT would make an impact on a lot of people, and in a good way, if it was done graciously but firmly

      13. Trump/Clinton After Round One: “Who’s Fit to Run the World?”

        Ahh … this must be the joke of the day?

        That’s a good one Mac ツ

        • well, one of them HAS to be fit to run this shitshow…

      14. Even Glen Beck says Trump won. lol

        I’ve watched some of Hillary’s foreign policy speeches. She speaks in code, which is the opposite of what she means, and how the policy plays out.

        When Hillary was talking about exports, I was sure Trump would have responded with, “Yep Crooked Hillary gave Russia 20% of our Uranium for bribes.”

        There was hundreds of these comments he could have used, and instead, he let he off the hook. I would have indicted that witch.

        Ask any Democrat if they know about the 20% hand off of US Uranium to Russia deal by Hillary, and the Clinton Foundation got approx. $35 Mil for that deal? I bet 90+% have no idea. That is Trumps Job to inform the viewers, to expose her crimes. Because the Dems sure are not getting any of this info in the MSM or Hillary speeches.


      15. Hilary is not fit to run a dog pound. However, she IS fit (depending on what the meaning of “is” is) to run the National Socialist Workers’ Party (aka Nazi) Fourth Reich.

      16. Man, I wanted to watch it,had to pay the bills!From what I’ve read he didn’t go for the throat!If he pulls a Romney I won’t vote,PERIOD ,I’m getting to old to hold my nose anymore.TRUMP advisors beware let Trump be Trump!
        Maniac –out


        • Mexican tap water
        • A wolverine with a ‘pet me’ sign
        • A mixed drink made by Bill Cosby
        • A straight edge shave from Jodi Arias
        • An elevator ride with Ray Rice
        • A night out with Aaron Hernandez
        • Brian Williams memory
        • Michelle Obama staying at a Motel 8
        • Visiting the capitals of all 57 states Obama thinks exists
        • Pinocchio
        • The Boy that cried Wolf
        • The Cleveland Browns going to the Super Bowl
        • A Nigerian inheritance email
        • An unconscious pilot alone in the cockpit
        • Harry Reid’s exercise equipment
        • An IM from Anthony Weiner
        • Anything Nancy Pelosi has ever uttered
        • A factory packed parachute
        • A kiss from Judas
        • An Afghan wearing a backpack
        • Whatever Bill Clinton’s definition of “is” is
        • If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan
        • A North Korean trial
        • A BIC pen that doesn’t leak
        • A tuna fish sandwich left on a city bus for three days

      18. 10 things the leftist media will never tell you about Hitlery:

        1.) How she made those “miraculous” cattle future trades
        2.) How Vince Foster “flew” into Ft. Marcy park AFTER he was dead
        3) Whitewater still a scandal
        4.) Travelgate still a scandal
        5.) BenghaziGate caused by a video? Really? Meanwhile, people are still DEAD because of her fecklessness.
        6.) That idiotic “sniper fire” in Sarajevo BS
        7.) How those Rose Law firm files miraculously appeared
        8.) Why is she hiding all those emails
        9.) Has she EVER done *ANYTHING* not a result of Bill’s coat tails? And “I was dead broke” when I left the White House in 2000
        10.) WHERE was she for Paula Jones, Juanita Broderick, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, that poor junior worker abused by a workplace superior named Monica, ad infinitum?

        • Good one!

      19. Just for a quick reprise, in case you missed it:

        THE WRECK OF THE HIL’RAY FITZGERALD (Sung to the tune of… oh, never mind!)

        The legend lives on, from the Chippewa on down, of the big fake they call Hil’ray Gumi;
        Hil’ray’s emails, it is said, were a-bound to be shred, when transparency turns tot’lly gloomy.

        With her load of BS ore, 26 thousand emails or more, the Hil’ray server was emptied;
        The public and the truth were a bone to be chewed, when the lies of November came early;

        Hil’ray’s server was the pride of the of the Communist side, coming back from fund raisers in Wisconsin;
        As big liars go, she was bigger than most, with her fibs and deceits well-seasoned.

        Including some terms shaking down firms, for money from LA to Cleveland;
        then later that night when the BS bells rang outta sight, could it be yet more lies we’d been feelin’?

        Her lies in the newswires made a tattle-tale sound, as her techs did their email a-slashin’;
        When afternoon came, Hil’ray was fibbing again, with the force of a hurricane west wind.

        When suppertime came the IT guy came on deck, sayin’ fellas there’s more lies to feed ya;
        at 7 PM Hil’ray’s main campaign caved in, he said fellas is been good to know ya.

        Hil’ray’s spin meisters wired in, they had water comin’ in, and her tissue of lies was in peril.
        And later that night, when her lights went out of sight, came the wreck of the Hil’ray Fitzgerald.

        Does anyone know where the love of truth goes, when her lies turn our faces so dour? The bloggers all say, Hil’ray’d be raking in political hay, if she’dput 15 more bald lies behind her.

        Th’server might have split up or it might have capsized; but it sure rolled deep and took water;
        And all that remains are the blank emails and the games of Hil’ray and her Wall Streeter bankers
        Old Bill Clinton rolls and Hil’ray flings, in the rooms of her ice water mansions. Harry Reid steams an old liars dreams, and Pelosi’s pronouncements ring hollow;

        And further below, the lamestream media all know, they take in what the leftists can send them.
        But as the big liars go, the public now knows, Hil’ray will lie in November.

        In a musty old hall in DC we prayed, for the restoration of the Constitution;
        the church bell chimed, it rang 29,000 times for each email “lost” on the Hil’ray Fitzgerald

        • Nice!
          Thanks Test!

      20. neither

      21. If you want a polished performance from a script, then Hillary won. If you prefer policy over insults, then Trump walked away with it.

        Did anyone catch the bit where Hillary implied this was a racist country and promised ‘programs’ to work on that? She tried to say it was about herself, but said ‘we all do it’.

        • Hillary scares the living hell out of me. Trump is not very articulate but I agree with his overall political philosophy. I have to vote for Trump.

          If she gets elected she will rule like an empress. Empress Hillary. If anyone thinks she’s out of control now just wait. Anyone who is not on board with her will need “re-education”, after they are disarmed.

          • Lost Karma,
            Re: Trump not very articulate.

            I agree, I’ve heard it said Trump is one of those people who is sufficiently intelligent that the spoken language is just to slow for, so he speaks in a shorthand using incomplete sentences etc expecting you to be able to fill in the the obvious that he skipped. I saw Trump do that at the debate. Anyone not able to keep up with Trump, which is a lot of voters, are unable to follow him.

            It doesn’t help his image, some people need to be spoon fed. When Hillary attacked him personally, Trump fell for it and let his NY mouth take over. That side of Trump is less than presidential.

            • No doubt. He reverts to his NYC instinct to fight back – are you trash talking to me? and off it goes.

              When Trump says he will build a wall I take it as a fence, electronic barriers, increased on-border patrols and every thing else that constitutes a “wall” against illegal entry in to the U.S. Basically, get control of our southern border.

              Trump has two more chances to tone it down and act above it all. That’s what Hillary does and it works very well for her.

        • yep , the bitch called us all racists ( and deplorable before too)

          funny but as my fact checker shows this government has been the biggest ones stoking the race bait, and whos been in government for the past 30 years? Not Trump

          and all the shit we have had piled on us in the past 30 years has been done by all her friends and family including herself “In Government”

          I say time to clean them all out ,, if Mr Trump wont fire them.. Maybe we all need to get off our asses and fire them all ourselves , Including Trump!

          • Am I being censored Mac?
            Free speech?
            Is it the few 4 letter words I used on a site that starts out with using a 4 letter word as its name?

            • Rebel, what you experiencing drove me fricken’ nuts for over a month. Stay with it and you’ll have every post up.

              Mac really needs to explain this policy on the home page.
              And maybe do a little moderating, or at least blank out the REPLY button more often.
              Because the small scuffles keep going and I think it has driven away a lot of posters, women especially.

          • Its time for some real change

          • for the moment Trump seems the least likely to get us in a war with Putin. But remember he was buddy buddy with the Clintons not very long ago? Ive decided that in all probability neither one of them have a soul. Their Soul,s gave up and left them a long time ago. Trump may not have run for office. But he is a politician. He is a parasite just like the Clintons. Casinos like politicians produce nothing. The both cheat rob and steal from the public coffers. The public coffers in a robust economy are filled by Taxing (robbing) the making producers. The margret thatcher quote came to pass long ago. They have Run out of other peoples money. So they funded the parasite,s with debt. 20 trillion dollars of debt for some future producer to pay? So the election actually don’t matter.

      22. It was a joke! All rigged, and it was her and Holt against Mr. Trump. Keep prepping, understand, “we the people” mean nothing to the elites who want it and all of US. America The Beautiful, is America Imprisoned by yep, THEM. To THEM, I say, F-YOU!

      23. Two demons psychopaths from the inner bowels of the pits of hell trying to get control of the most evil, most vile, most criminal, most corrupt, most disgusting, most genocidal government in the history of the world, and the boot licking coward toxic dump Americans get to choose between them. Epic, fascinating, and completely horrifying times to be a real awake human being, Historian, and Watchmen as the Police State hell on earth of collapsing America descends further and further into the abyss, while the boot licking coward toxic dump Americans actually and truly believe one of these psychopath demons from the pits of hell is going to save their dumbed down, disease ridden, depressed, indebted, dying, damned, and already doomed collapsing society.

        • Ron why sugar coat it. No matter what we are getting screwed. The USA of out founders is pretty much over. No group of armed ageing baby boomers is going to save the USA. If Hick,s NIBIRU doesn’t happen , all they gotta do is stall along another ten years. It don’t matter what they call us. Hillary calls us a basket of deplorables. Trump calls us suckers. The NWO calls us usless eaters. You know how little we care about them. They care even less about us.

      24. Am I being censored Mac?
        Free speech?
        Is it the few 4 letter words I used on a site that starts out with using a 4 letter word as its name?

      25. Ditto on what Eppe said,,,,

        • Same here

          Absolutely neither fücking one of them

          Keep stacking. Don’t bother praying , God left this planet eons ago. Good luck

      26. I think Trump came off better than Clinton. While Hillary is clearly the more polished politician and political operator, I do not think that is a good thing, nor does it come off well with regular “folks”, as Obama likes to call us.

        Clinton was nasty and bitchy with Trump. Most people are going to ask themselves: “Hey, okay, she is really, really experienced in how government works and she was in the White House with her husband, the prez. She knows how things work politically and how to work the system. And she can really open up an unpleasant can of Wicken Witch of the West bitchiness on anyone she either does not like or disagrees with. And one day, that could be me. Naw, I will pass and vote for the guy who, well, has as much trustworthiness as a T-Fal/Shopping Channel salesman, at least I know the type and how to tweak that shit.”

        • I know what I’m getting if I order something from the Shopping Channel, with Hillary I know I’m not getting what she tells me she’s selling.

          • True: I suspect Trump will offer a pretty simple menu of policy changes – lower taxes, less regulation, better trade deals – and use that simplicity to juice the economy. Whereas Hillary will offer complexity, disassembling, geopolitical gamesmanship leading to epic war, false identity politics garbage, and a general atmosphere of bitchiness.

            Trump’s pitch is simple: “Hi, I’m Donald Trump. I believe the new Make America Great plan is the best plan on the planet. You get lower taxes, fewer regulations and my new Knock-Out Trade Deal thrown in for free. “But?”, you ask, “Can’t I get this from other politicians?”. No! I will not only throw in the three Big Hitters but also for free I will throw in something called Pure Americana: an unapologetically freedom-loving marching band of patriotism. So, you get the three Big Hitters and the Freedom-loving Marching Band of Patriotism for just $19.99 plus state and city taxes. I believe this stuff is so good I will rush it out in January 2017 without delay. But wait! This is just too good a deal to pass up I will also throw in this: a ceramic-titanium frying pan for every house: Roosevelt talked about a “chicken in every pot”: well, you can’t do much with that chicken without a pot to cook it in. I will give you the frying pan, a pot cause I’m a nice guy, the Threeeee Big Hitters and the Marching Band of Patriotism for just $19.99. It’s a deal that is a steal. Don’t delay and do it today!!”

      27. To Vlademir Putin – Please hit DC first sir. Thank you

      28. The only question of importance is how the undecided (i.e. uninformed, dumbed-down, non-critical thinkers) saw the two candidates. They will be influence by style over substance. And being uninformed, they can not identify outright lies.

        Hillary won a much great share of these undecided voters.

        • Diane.

          There is something to be said about the length of time Hillary did not respond to the News Media for interviews.
          At this late point in the game there is less time to ask the questions that need to be asked.
          Delay, delay delay, then deny. Once she is president she can blow off any reporter that is not to her liking.
          If that can be, as the News Media is in her pants suit, kissing her ass.

      29. Hey Folks.
        Lester Holt started in Shitcago In the Commie State of Illinois.

        Now I knew just how this was going to go from the beginning.


        • Trump had to debate 2 people. Hillary and Lestor Holt. I swear Holt let the chatter box ramble on and on. Kept cutting Trump off.

          Keep stacking and prepping its all imploding in SHTF a few months anyway, or either way this Election goes.


          • Holt did exactly that. Trump was interrupted by Holt over 40 times, and Hillary 6 times.

      30. Im thinking they will somehow stealthe election for Hillary. That it might be a blessing. I don’t know how they got that corpse revived good enough to be able to go 90 minutes standing up? However old cankles is still almost dead. So she makes it and wins the election. That’s not the end of the world. All that needs to happen is the Supreme Court justices out last her. She is very ill on her last legs. I always say DTA Don’t Trust Anyone. Something about Trump he isn’t trustworthy. The willingness to allow you to be searched by the cops. His failure to pay contractors. He used Bankruptcy to avoid paying a honest debt. Trump has a inferiority complex that drives him to want power. He is a bully. Hillary is just evil and greedy. Neither one has any moral integrity. Did you ever see what happens when a bully get power. They get a job like being a Cop or boss and they try and lord over every one else. You want a unprincipled asshole for president? Trump will make Obama look like Harry Truman in comparision. For the first time since I was 21 Im not even going to bother to Vote in the presidential election. Both of the cantidates are exact same thing. a deplorable basket of shit. Piss poor dog and pony show. Piss on it time to water Jeffersons tree.

      31. This is off the johngaltfla site…
        Say one word and get attacked…

        Welcome to Bullfest 2016, America’s every 4 year fertilizer spreading festival known as the Presidential Debates.

        In the Blue corner, we have the nastiest woman alive, willing to kill soldiers, lawyers, and interns to stay in power regardless of how much bonking her husband engages in and regardless if they are of legal age or not. Her qualifications are that she performed illegal acts during the Watergate Hearings, flunked the Washignton, DC bar exam, married a sex addict who became President, figured out the cattle futures in 1/2 the time it took 20 year vets in the pit, demonstrated that Fort Marcy Park in D.C. is not just for walking, bought a U.S. Senate seat in the least intelligent state of the union, and as Secretary of State recommissioned Fort Marcy Park 2.0 at the American compound in Benghazi by getting rid of any witnesses that could have testified about her illegal acts.

        In the Red corner, hooooo doggies, we have a winner here. Not in the traditional sense of winning but by golly he has all the trappings of a man who won his nation’s elections by huge margins in 1924. The candidate has a series of hotels and casinos that bear his name, both still in business and bankrupt. This man used the NJ mafia(allegedly) to help get his building done and when they were determined to not be ruthless enough, he enlisted the Russian mafia (allegedly) to make sure his buildings got built on time and with lots of borrowed money from the banksters. His original ideas including a religious themed casino where one could worship the beautiful naked women of New Jersey then gamble the night away in America’s first strip club casino. Recently his interests in politicians has deviated from his historic loyalty to the Democratic Party and donations to his debate dance partner tonight into seeing the light.

        His religious conversion was assisted by Jerry Falwell Jr., Franklin Graham, Jr., and 2 Corinthians he met at the casino strip club. Now considered by many to be the only viable conservative alternative to the Clinton Crime Family, Donald Trump has turned the world on his ear by promising to enforce America First idealism until he his no longer interested in doing so as President of these United States.

        For purposes of this debate any key phrase mentioned by anyone on the debate stage qualifies for a shot. Since one candidate believes in major gun control but endorses drug use, the phrase “shot” refers to a shot glass of either malt liquor or liquor and not the use of firearms on one’s television set.

        The rules for this debate are simple:

        1.“email” – 1 shot each mention
        2.“liar” – 1 shot each mention
        3.“classified” – 1 shot each mention
        4.“NAFTA” – 2 shots
        5.Mexico – 1 shot
        6.Wall – 1 shot
        7.“Putin” or “Russia” – 1 shot
        8.Hillary gets mad – 2 shots
        9.Trump gets mad – 2 shots
        10.Lester Holt cries – 3 shots
        11.Hillary says Trump has the wrong Temperament – 2 shots
        12.Hillary mentions “minimum living wage” – 2 shots
        13.Trump mentions Bill Clintons sex problems – 2 shots
        14.Hillary passes out/collapses on stage – 8 shots
        15.Trump glows more orange – 1 shot for the night
        16.Hillary blames Trump for Obama’s policies – 2 shots
        17.Trump blames Hillary for Obama’s policies – 2 shots
        18.Hillary says Trump is just a rich person trying to buy the office – 2 shots
        19.Any mention of Goldman Sachs – 2 shots plus bonus shooter of one’s choice
        20.“Federal Reserve” or “Janet Yellen” – 2 shots
        21.“Corrupt Hillary” – 1 shot
        22.“Lyin Hillary” – 1 shot
        23.“Cheatin’ Hillary” – 1 shot
        24.Trump ties Hillary to the establishment – 1 shot
        25.Hillary is discovered to have an earpiece or teleprompter or other method of cheating – 4 shots
        26.Hillary trembles – 1 shot
        27.“Black Lives Matter” – 1 shot plus 1 shot of water
        28.Hillary screeches like an insane old lady – 4 shots
        29.Any commercial break that is not supposed to be there – 5 shots plus pee break
        30.Lastly, any time you see anyone roll their eyes – 2 shots

        And being a man of my theme, yes, I went to the local “hood” EBT store and found a 4 pack of Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull for which I shall consume as a warm up to tonight’s debate before switching to a nice malt scotch, Haig Club which should compliment the hangover of watching this nightmare. I shall be live Tweeting this event for some stupid reason and my Tweets will appear in the box on the right in the “JohnGaltFLA” Twitter Feed.

        • Eppe, one of your best ever. and is a damn good site.

      32. some of these comments are just too funny

        sour grapes aplenty
        excuses all around

        bottom line is…

        Trump didn’t prepare and it showed

        hopefully he learned his lesson

        the dog DID NOT eat Trump’s homework

        he just didn’t do his homework

        • Any truth about a ear piece in her ear?
          Invisible coaching can swing a powerful

      33. Since we all are in good spirits.

        The Prep Tip of the day.

        Depending if you have the space to store these.
        Some is better than none.

        Tools for salvage or recovery.

        Full axe
        Entrenchment tool
        Pry bar/ crow bar
        Meat cleaver 10 in.
        Heavy duty survival knife. Can withstand batoning. K-Bar style
        Muti Tool (Gerber)
        Hammer Framing or framing
        3/8ths chain 50 ft. include hooks and shackles.
        Heavy duty come along.
        Hack saw with extra blades
        10 pound sledge
        Bolt cutters large and small
        Fence pliers (barb Wire)
        Snatch rope 25 ft.

        Most hunters and woodsmen will have these items and more.

        • anon, got most of your list. Do I get extra credit for having 7 machetes? 🙂
          One in each vehicle, one in the house, rest in the shed.
          It’s the national tool here.

          • Ketchupondemand

            You sure do. I collect knives and swords and all sorts of sharp edged weapons.
            Some of these tools you do not use very often. It is when you need them the most is when it pays to have them.
            How many stores will be open should things go south.

            A good set of sockets and combination wrenches will help.

            I’ll tell ya. Nothing beats a chain saw.

            Build a home. Block a street with a tree. Firewood.

            If an intruder in your home heard the sound of a starting chainsaw. Would that have the same effect as racking a shotgun or better? I would be saying, Holy Fuck!

        • Got all that and much more. Steel traps and snares fish hooks. frog gig. Fire starting kit containing candles, matches, lighter and flint & steel. bit if charred cloth. all sealed up in waterproof container. Instead of the sledge a splitting maul and a couple of wedges. instead of the hammer a hatchet hammer combo. Sharp chisel and files and sharpening stones. Digging tools like the small WWII army pick and shovel.

          • Old Guy.

            You don’t live in Manhatten, do you? ;0)

            • I live and own property in the Searcy ,Newton and Boone county region of Arkansas. Yep I own land in three countys. Used to live in the NE corner Randolph county. Grew up there. It was and still is the most corrupt biggest den of thieves murders and corrupt officials in the entire USA. nepotism is rampant. greediest folks on the entire planet. The police, Prosecuter and judges are the dope dealers. Damm glad I was able to sell out and move away. I wish the New Madrid would happen and that whole place liquefy and slide off into the gulf.

      34. She has exercised bad judgement time and time again!! Btw Satari, a true loser laughs off the TRUTH!!

        • She’s exercising bad judgement today, claiming she won the debate. Seems the polls don’t agree with that, except for a CNN poll.

          I said a few days ago she was going to be very nasty in the first debate and Trump was going to be on his best ‘nice guy’ behavior, only to get hammered for it.

          This is not over, but let the Dems think that, maybe they’ll get complacent again. They just don’t get it that someone has spent far less money, in the face of constant and universal media bias, and is running neck and neck with Hillary.

          • Smokey

            Could it be that Trump has absorbed the first salvo and is now bringing his big guns to bear on Hillary in the second debate.

      35. Vote and support either one of these psychopaths, and you get the pleasure of spending eternity in hell with them-NO TRUE believer in a good and just creator would have anything to do with these two haters of freedom and liberty, who BOTH support expanding the Police State hell on earth, could give two shits about the Constitution, and could care less about the HEALTH of the disease ridden dumbed down victims of the American Holocaust by way of chemical attack. If you think Donald Trump is anything but a very good Globalist Fascist pacifier, you have consumed way, way, way too much toxic ALCOHOL, taken far too many Big Pharma toxic pills, and you consumed so much poisonous toxic chemical filled GMO fake food garbage, it has left your dumbed down brain with absolutely NO ABILITY to critically think

      36. Trump’s “I got this – I can handle her” know-it-all-ness and monster ego prevented him from preparing. Like I’ve said here before he has always, throughout his entire life, called all the shots and has never answered to anyone — something he will suddenly be forced to do if selected POTUS…. but won’t be able to do. Both of them are poor candidates, sick and disordered, each in their own way.

      37. Riding in the big rig have seen many trump signs in yards and such. Almost none for hillary.
        Am sure that varies from state to state.
        The debate – hillary seemed rude. (To me)

      38. Repeat after me: “The election will not take place.”

        Very good.

        Now here are the REASONS the election will not take place.

        It will either be due to a bank collapse– banks closing and people panicking and then looting food stores, etc.


        It will be due to a national power outage, by what the government will tell us are terrorists who “hacked our grid”. They won’t be lying, because they themselves will “shut off” the power.

        The country will “rally” behind Obama to “get” these terrorists. Then the Chinese and Russian soldiers will be deployed from the woods they are hiding in HERE to “keep calm and maintain order”. And then the takeover by the New World Order begins more rapidly.

        And shortly after that, Canada, the U.S., and Mexico get handed over to the Antichrist as the “North American Union” [NAU].

        So STOP wasting VALUABLE time and energy and breath on the election.

        As of Saturday, October 1st, OUR Internet becomes ruled by the U.N. VERY soon there will be no shtf website.

        Each of us will be on her or his own.

        You prepped?

        You getting right with God daily and praying?

        Human suffering like the world has not ever known will become unleashed.

        The Bushes, the Clintons, and this current President have all acted and presided in ways to stage all the above. You read the same reports I do at this site and elsewhere. You may have been born at night but you weren’t born last night.

        They sold themselves out, like Judas Iscariot, for a few pieces of silver and empty false promises, lies. Christ told John Leary that the Antichrist will see to it that all who helped him into power are killed (that’s scary) and He said they will all go to Hell (also scary, unless, of course, they repent, ask for forgiveness, and change their wicked ways long before their deaths.)

        God has withdrawn His Divine Protection of the “one Nation, under God” because most of us Americans have become GodLESS: we worship NFL football on Sundays for HOURS instead of giving just one hour to Our Lord; we kill His babies; we human traffic; and that’s just for starters.

        Until there is both individual and collective repentance, the U.S. will not be able to withstand nor repel the above-mentioned evils.

        With true repentance and conversion, we can shape the future. Without it, we will be suffering the forces of all the evils this and other websites have warned us about.

        It’s nice to have a boat to withstand a flood, right? But when you have prepped your boat and are in it, you are no match for a tsunami.

        What is coming is a tsunami of evil. If people would just turn to God and get right with God, and live the Ten Commandments and do both Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy, that Tsunami can get reduced to just a high wave.

        Right now, right this second, you must make your choice and act on it: you must choose either the lordship of Satan or the Lordship of Christ. There is no other choice and no in-between.

        Remember also that NOT to decide right now IS to decide!

        May God bless you all, and have Mercy on us all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • The Lone Ranger…… You’re definitely on point!! There isn’t any straddling the fence, there isn’t any gray area.

        • Yeah, if god loved you so much, he’d save you, right? Unfortunately that’s all a bunch of Big Lies, because everybody dies.

          Stoopid brainwashed sheep spend their lives getting fleeced.

          -WWTI… Religion is like Fluoride for the brain. It quenches your thirst but destroys all rational thought of seeking facts or proof.

          • WWTI…. Yes, I am saved! The lord my God helps those who help themselves. Yes, I am prepping daily. And have received some great pointers from this site.

          • Well, there ain’t no atheists in foxholes.

            Not one person dies forever.

            Your free will determines whether you choose Eternity with Christ, or Eternity in Hell with Satan.

      39. Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide . . . . . .

      40. I get a kick out of folks who think God gives the USA or even one religion or one person preferential treatment. The fact is the Sun shines on all equally. We all breathe the same air. Everyones shit stinks. Everyone dies. No matter who you are or what your occupation. All that is necessary is to do what Jesus said on the sermon on the mount.

      41. Has anyone read the Washington post? Where the U.N. said we owe the black people for slavery ect….. Total bull crap, and now we are handing over the internet to them…..CRAZY

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