TRUMP WILL NEVER CONCEDE!: America Is Now Two Countries

by | Jan 11, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    This article was contributed by Future Money Trends. 

    What we’re about to discuss should not shock anyone: The United States of America stands at a crossroads. In the past, when such trying times occurred, the binding glue that propelled the country forward was cherishing the freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness set forth in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The country also united under charismatic and optimistic leaders that had magnetic personalities, such as Abe Lincoln, JFK, and Theodore Roosevelt.

    Today, the situation is much more complex. No one thinks that Joe Biden (not even those who voted for him) is a one-of-a-kind political magician who will rally the country after him. He doesn’t possess the personal charm of Kennedy or the oral talents of FDR. When in crisis, the country usually elects a born leader, a person deemed to have extraordinary qualities, but the Democrats did not produce such a person.

    This isn’t a political opinion; it’s a reality that few would argue, if any.

    The mission of the Democrats was simply to ensure that Donald Trump doesn’t stay in office for four more years and to gain a majority in the Senate. Most would argue that until the coronavirus showed up, Trump was quite popular with many who ended up voting for Biden (swinging away from him).

    There was growing discontent with the government ever since the 2008 bailouts for Wall Street and it only intensified in the years that followed, culminating in a complete lack of trust in elected officials by a growing number of people. This is not an American phenomenon, but a global one. We’ve seen civil unrest in a great many countries.

    Democracy only functions when the minority feels that the majority won’t abuse its power. The minority (according to the certification of Joe Biden), which are the Republicans and Trump’s supporters, do not buy into this. They refuse to go along with the status quo, protesting the lack of real investigation into voter fraud allegations and election irregularities. They’re also concerned about the following: reckless spending, higher taxes, Radical Left ideas, socialism, open borders, restriction of free speech, too much government, and pro-China policies, among other things.

    They protest censorship of free speech, double standards in reporting of rioting, assault on their rights, and show their hatred of the Radical Left, by taking a stand.

    On the flip side, Trump haters are celebrating and can’t wait to see him gone. They couldn’t stand what he stood for since he attacked the establishment.

    This is, of course, an overly-simplified explanation of the forces at play. What really matters is that it seems like the left and right are growing further apart, with fewer people in the middle, less and less of them wanting to compromise and to settle on ideological matters.

    In other words, remaining neutral is becoming harder since the two agendas are so far apart that staying in the center shows a lack of courage to follow one’s heart.

    No one can simultaneously like and hate that Twitter banned President Trump. One can either see it as a violent act of censorship, which could be even construed as inciting violence (since Twitter is backing Trump’s supporters into a corner), or as justified since Twitter is acting responsibly – you’re either here or there.

    Future Money Trends believes that Trump will never concede, nor will many millions of his voters. This is not a small movement, nor a weak one; their votes will likely form a large third party in the 2024 elections.

    The United States is one of the only Western countries with only two big parties. We tend to think that the various factions within the population are not represented by the two main parties and that we’ll see the rise of a pretty large new party led by Trump or other politicians who share his views.

    It’s a big prediction, but it’s certainly where the country is already heading.

    A person working in one of the tech companies and living in San Francisco, Seattle, or New York City has little in common with a person from the rust belt or the heartland.

    The fabric of society is definitely falling apart and what we’re afraid of is that politicians will resort to an age-old tradition in Washington, which is to find a “new” enemy, a common foreign enemy, to rally the people against.

    Watch this narrative and be ready to call it out!


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      1. “A person working in one of the tech companies and living in San Francisco, Seattle, or New York City has little in common with a person from the rust belt or the heartland.”

        Unless you’re performing independent work, or have creative freedom, you’re effectively a ward of the state, afaic.

        • My Fellow and Feline Patriots, How we got here and whats next. Trump won 49 states, all but NY.
          A Century of Cabal to Take over America. Time to WAKE UP THE SHEEP- MUST SEE VIDEO

          Try this link: Remove the spaces between the http
          ht tps://
          Or this link:
          ht tps://

          • 190,000 Sealed indictments about to be unleashed against the Deep State of cabal Criminal Traitors. Trump did not spend $200 Million on New GITMO Jail cells for nothing this last year. At any time now this massive arrest round up unrolls and goes HOT!! Special Forces and as Rudy said, TRIAL By COMBAT!! The common thread the deep state has on both sides of the isle is human and child trafficking and pedophile slavery. VP Pence has been compromised from the beginning in Child Trafficking and 50+ child murders, and is the Mole that passed insider TRUMP Info. Pence will be arrested also.

            • The Pope at the Vatican went dark, he has been arrested with 80+ charges, including child trafficking, involved with G Soros to steal the US Election. US Borders have been mostly locked down as the deep state tries to flee the country. Trump to make a big speech at the Alamo soon as this 190,000 indictment round up and arrests goes HOT!! Grab the popcorn, and let it rip!!! Stay Frosty Patriots, prepare to support Trump in all ways to save our country from the commies. Ignore all MSM Psyopps Propaganda and listen to TRUMP messages only.

            • Please stop with the Trumpland fairy tales. He will do no such thing because there is no trove of sealed indictments, no expansion of Gitmo, no military on standby.

              Trump would have to arrest himself first as a long-standing good buddy of many global paedos (Jeff Epstein etc.) and having run casinos for many years (notorious hubs for sex trafficking).

      2. Please stop making references to future elections which either will not happen at all, or will be sham elections. Elections are dead in America. SCOTUS killed them.

        • Gad to see you awake JayJay. Same Link I just posted. Stay Frosty

      3. Lots of people stopped reading or commenting here because of the moderation which is BS.

        • The video has been removed.

      4. They Stole the election. We all know it. Now they have censored Trump from all social media platforms and delisted the one not with the plan. The MSM is in on it. Communism is here. What is the plan?

        • The 3 steps for Commie Control
          1. Silence You.
          2. Disarm You.
          3. Exterminate You.

          Are you all awake now?

      5. TPTB are calling those protestors who went into the Capitol Bldg. traitors, and want them prosecuted with insurrection and sedition. This is outrageous. Sure, they can be prosecuted with a variety of crimes, but sedition or insurrection or treason? Truly outrageous. It meant as a warning to the citizens to not challenge their power.
        I’ll tell you what is treason though. Officialdom running up debt into unpayable trillions and trillions of dollars, which will and must eventually destroy the dollar, our standard of living, and quality of life. Sending our young people into foreign wars where there is no existential threat to the US. Rather, to fight and die for foreign entities (so-called allies), for corporations and for the Mil. Ind. Comp. Allowing a network of neo-cons, many who are not actually officials, to dictate American foreign policy, who do not put America first. Passing legislation called the Patriot Act which allowed uninhibited and illegal spying on American citizens. The constant, ongoing effort to undermine the Constitutional rights of American citizens in its ceaseless quest for more and more power. Creating a two-tier system of justice in this country, one for those with vast wealth, influence and connections, and one for the people. Officialdom’s chief fidelity is to the State, officialdom facilitates State control over the citizens, to make citizens subservient to the State. The list is endless. You can also be sure the State and its officialdom are more corrupt, and hypocritical, and power hungry than all of us can know.
        They will not stop until the middle class is destroyed, when all power and wealth is concentrated in their hands. Until we all own nothing and live where and how they want us to live.
        Do not be deceived, they are as two-faced as can be. They smile and wave at us, but inside, they despise us. Their real attitude is shut the f*ck up, pay your taxes, and vote for me, otherwise I don’t want to even know you exist. Where I come from we see them as they are, we call most of them white trash.
        The truth is they are useless, I mean they are actually unnecessary, parasitical. They serve no purpose that enhances freedom, progress, peace or justice. Don’t forget that.

      6. i know that after seeing this – i wont be back here again ,, talk about funding the people who hate you ,,,,,,,,

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      7. In just 4 short years Donald J. Trump executed the concept of ‘American exceptionalism’. The so-called patriot movement is finished, the laughing stock of the world.

        What many do not know is The Donald’s secret mission since the 1990s: to be the pied piper for right-wing groups in the US and to expose and eventually delegitimise them in front of the whole world. Job done.

        Kamala Harris will carry on the work of Obama and complete the New Order.

      8. Does not matter anymore… President Trump will not be in the Whitehouse. The Republican Party hung themselves out to dry after four years of not supporting Trump. I will never again vote Republican.. Not that it matters being the Democrats now have the system to change the elections and the branches of gov do nothing about it.

        Country is gone…

        • TC – You are so right, the Dems. want socialist authoritarianism, and the Reps., well they just love the establishment and power. Basically, DT supporters have almost no representation. Everything DT did for the people will be undone. The State and its officialdom is disgusting, everything it does is just sh*t.
          Dems. and Reps. are equally responsible for the sh*t mess this country is in. There is a difference in party ideology, but none in practice. I believe just about everyone in officialdom has skeletons in their closets, no one person of either party will in the end rat the other out. They are a bunch of two-faces, most of them are close friends, regardless what the news wants you to think. By their pure hypocrisy, dishonesty, and fecklessness they no longer deserve my vote.

      9. The only thing left is to disarm the population and the plan is in place to do just that. They will purge all this who oppose them.

      10. I, too, will never vote for another republican. They had a golden opportunity to work with Trump & improve life for the middle class. I will vote for whoever is on the communist ticket, at least I’ll know who I am dealing with.

      11. All of a sudden people turned on TRUMP like a bunch of rabid dogs. He’s not to blame for the riots. His supporters are mad as hell.

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