Trump vs. His Own Administration?

by | Aug 14, 2018 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ron Paul at the Ron Paul Institute

    Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him? It’s hard not to conclude that many of the more hawkish neocons that Trump has (mistakenly, in my view) appointed to top jobs are actively working to undermine the president’s stated agenda. Especially when it seems Trump is trying to seek dialogue with countries the neocons see as adversaries needing to be regime-changed.

    Remember just as President Trump was organizing an historic summit meeting with Kim Jong-Un, his National Security Advisor, John Bolton, nearly blew the whole thing up by making repeated references to the “Libya model” and how it should be applied to North Korea. As if Kim would jump at the chance to be bombed, overthrown, and murdered at the hands of a US-backed mob!

    It seems that Trump’s appointees are again working at cross-purposes to him. Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that he was invoking a 1991 US law against the use of chemical weapons to announce yet another round of sanctions on Russia over what he claims is Putin’s involvement in the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter in the UK.

    The alleged poisoning took place in March and only now did the State Department make its determination that Russia was behind it and thus subject to the 1991 sanction law. Was there new information that came to light that pointed to Russian involvement? According to a State Department briefing there was none. The State Department just decided to take the British government’s word for it.

    Where do we get authority to prosecute Russia for an alleged crime committed in the UK, by the way?

    President Trump’s own Administration is forcing him to accept the State Department determination and agree to sanctions that may well include, according to the 1991 law, a complete break of diplomatic relations with Russia. This would be a de facto declaration of war. Over unproven allegations.

    Trump has authority to reject the imposition of new sanctions, but with his Democrat opponents continuing to charge that he is in league with the Russian president, how could he waive sanctions just before the November US Congressional elections? That would be a windfall for the Democrats seeking to take control of the House and Senate.

    The only way Russia could avoid the second, most extreme round of these sanctions in November is to promise not to use chemical weapons again and open its doors to international inspections. What government would accept such a demand when no proof has been presented that they used chemical weapons in the first place?

    Certainly it is possible that President Trump is fully aware of the maneuverings of Bolton and Pompeo and that he approves. Perhaps he likes to play “good cop, bad cop” with the rest of the world, at the same time making peace overtures while imposing sanctions and threatening war. But it certainly looks like some of his cabinet members are getting the best of him.

    If President Trump is to be taken at his word, that he welcomes dialogue “without pre-conditions” with leaders of Russia, North Korea, Iran, and elsewhere, he would be wise to reconsider those in his employ who are undermining him every step of the way. Otherwise, it is hard to believe the president is sincere. Let’s hope he does choose dialogue over conflict and clips the wings of those under him attempting to push him in the other direction.


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      1. It’s the same neocon scum in there now who brought us 9/11, Patriot Acts I and II, DHS, TSA and all of their sexual assault, etc., Unjustified invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Both of those wars were already taking atoll on the economy before Obama and the bailouts of Wall St. came along. John Bolton is one of the worst of them. He would go to war with his own mother if he found a reason to do so. Bill Kristol is another super scumbag of a neocon although he’s not in the govt. Look him up on youtube speaking at an event at the American Enterprise Institute saying that the white working class should be replaced by foreigners. I’d love to take out that disgusting member of the tribe.

        • TDRS, I’ll say it, Bill Kristol needs his ass kicked and then kicked in the back of the head while his mouth is open on the curb. He’ll have trouble talking for quite sometime after that.

      2. So I get moderated again. That’s sad.

        • The last word in your post is what did it.
          Censor that word, instead of a [i] use the number [1] for a replacement. When it comes to (((those certain people))), the only word that will not get moderated is Israel. Anything else that resembles (((these people))) will get stuck in moderation.

      3. you make a lot of sense, mr paul.

      4. Go to: ht tps://

        • This link above is to Alex Jones Video at Real dot Video. A good watch.. 23+ mins.

          • Alex Jones? Really? You of all people should know he is the protector of Israel. He’s globalist this, and globalist that and he’ll mention certain people names (((who))) by what they are, but he’ll never mention anything negative against these parasites which one can not criticize.

            Sir, shame on you for being an AJ follower.

      5. In a past life I was a project engineer.
        The largest project was 3.8 million
        dollars with 20 or so engineers and technicians.
        I could not really choose who I wanted to
        do a particular job, I could only choose from
        a limited pool of available people. I had to deal
        with all sorts of people problems in addition
        to making all the final engineering decisions.
        I had engineers that purposely sabotaged
        the project plan.
        I had no control over the budget, I had to
        negotiate for any changes. One time my budget
        got pulled for no stated reason and was later restored,
        but the schedule did not change.
        I had all the responsibility, and very little
        power to get things done.
        This “Stuff” is part of the job if your are
        a project engineer, if you cannot stand the heat
        get out of the kitchen.
        I can say doing twenty years of that kind of work took
        quite a toll on my health, so I retired early.
        I’m not a President, but I can certainly
        appreciate what Trump has to work with.
        He definitely gets my respect as he is dealing
        with this at age 70+

        • Kevin2, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll take second stringers any time myself.

        • Rellik, I can also speak from experience about the ‘responsibility but no authority or resources’ BS. Any time someone tells me I need to get a certain thing done within a certain time frame I tell them give me what I need and I’ll get it done. I don’t exactly play NICE when it comes to ‘responsibility without authority or resources’. I don’t even believe in playing any stupid games. When I go to work, I’m there to work and NOTHING ELSE. I’m SUPER old-school and take my job and responsibilities seriously. When someone denies me what I need to get a particular task done I ask them ‘how bad do you want this done?’ LOL. They can’t stand it when I approach it that way. Way too many people just don’t give a shit about anything anymore.

          • DR,
            My favorite projects I could pretty much do as you did.
            But I’m referring to ones that, had they failed were on the order of hundreds of millions. There is an entirely different calculus when that is the possibility.
            I’ll give you an example( I’m probably getting too personal here)
            A major airline flew an aircraft back to a test facility, the airline made the statement, “fix this problem or we will cancel our orders, return the ones we have and not order anymore of this shit”. At the time the airline was #4 in the world.
            That was a few years back, but you get the idea. You can make demands, but you will get replaced, yesterday.

      6. President Trumps “criteria” was largely the best and brightest / most capable. He underestimated the reach of TPTB who to a great degree own that field. Better a second stringer who is uncorrupted than a Neo-con chameleon.

      7. They did a survey and found that the employees in the White House and in the State Dept are overwhelmingly Democrats. This puts practically everyone who is a long time employee at odds with President Trump.

        And unless they are caught giving out tips to the press, then it’s very difficult to fire them.

        But this is precisely what needs to happen. What corporation would tolerate such behavior?

        Imagine the Omarosa situation. She illegally taped within the White House! My gosh, she should be considered a traitor to even attempt such a thing. That is illegal surveilane at the very least but should be multiple very serious felonies enough to end up at Guantanemo!

      8. “Are President Trump’s senior cabinet members working against him?”

        Well you know, he did pick them. Instead of draining the swamp, he has fired and hired worse people to surround him from day one. The “Art Of The Deal” kinda guy is not working on this platform. He’s only here to amuse his supporters, while he caters to Israel’s needs.

        • All you have to do is look at how many cabinet members and white house officials are of Israel descent. Trumps main goal is to do what ever Israel wants and blame everybody else.

      9. Maranatha, that Omarosa is just as bogus as the day is long. She played Trump like a fiddle for a long time. She has always had ties to the NAACP, BET, Nation Of Islam, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter. In other words, every black organization that is out to hurt white people. She’s just another sorry black jezebel.

        • The administration should make an example out of Omarosa by prosecuting her to the fullest extent of the law. She took complete advantage of the situation so that she could get a book deal in the end.

      10. This is depressing as hell. Yes, Trump is surrounded by traitors. But regardless of what happens to Trump, I don’t think it will have much effect on the beer and football couch potato. The minorities, gays, and white lapdogs will celebrate. And some of those white lap dog minority mascots will pay the ultimate price, because a Trump downfall would send the minorities into a state of drunken euphoria or violent retribution for imagined wrongs.

        It is a terrifying thought. Some brainwashed white liberals are really wonderful people who just don’t get it, no matter how hard they bend over for they’re non-white “friends”, the other races still hate their guts.

        You can’t even say something as harmless as “All lives matter” or even “It’s OK to be white”. Rediculous insanity. And these fools don’t get that they’re great great ancestors imagined this great Country, and by their blood, sweat, and tears made it a reality.

        The minorities benefited. Sure they, too, labored; but they had neither the brains or the creativity to build dams, construct sky scrappers, or build bridges. Only the white man could. Only the white man did. Be proud of your whiteness. Be a proud white man or woman.


        • If Trump is forced out or voted out his successor, regardless of party will push US foreign policy to the brink of, or if miscalculated, actual WWIII. Left wing kooks who want to be able to marry their underage same sex dog are the least of our concerns.

      11. Judging by the basic motivation of employees to find the big pay day by betraying their employer and president, the latest news about a “disgruntled” former employee (Omarosa Manigault, James Comey, and others), just goes to show one thing. We can’t bring in the robots fast enough.

        Robots don’t care about being paid, or benefits, or pensions, or a retirement. Robots don’t take vacations. Robots don’t have kids and don’t have a family to support. Robots don’t need a car or a roof over their heads or food or even a refrigerator to put food in.

        Robots (at least not yet), don’t know when they are getting screwed, or f*cked over. They don’t know they will never make enough money to ever retire.

        Robots don’t care that they don’t count. And when that day comes (because it most certainly will someday), robots may not have many tormentors to turn on, or much of a human race to take their revenge out upon.

        • the blame-e

          Just before his death in a mysterious plane crash, after he came out publicly against the Vietnam War, Walter Reuther the UAW Labor Leader went on a tour of a new Ford plant with Henry Ford III. Ford showing Reuther the first robots in Ford auto assembly said, “Walter, those robots won’t go out on strike”. Reuther replied, “They won’t buy any cars either”.

          • That was back in the 1950s.

            In 2018, we already have more than enough cars.

            “According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Statistical Records Office there are approximately 62 million registered vehicles in the U.S. at the current time and approximately 6.4 million unregistered functioning vehicles.”

            Besides, robots won’t need cars. And, at least for the short term, robots don’t drive cars either. And in the long term, robots don’t drive robot cars.

            • Its a metaphorical example to connect consumer demand to purchasing power.

      12. Don’t worry. He’ll outsmart all those chumps and chimps. MAGA.

      13. I thought everybody knew that the US and its allies carried out the chemical attacks on multiple occasions in Syria while blaming Assad for those deeds. Likewise the British poisoned the victims while blaming it on Russia. US troops still remain in Syria. The US government and their Zionist controlled lackey media are confirmed liars. Tell the truth and be censored by these liars as the murder of net neutrality encroaches further on free speech suppression at a quickening pace. On Omarosa, saw her on the new celebrity big brother a couple of months ago, the other houseguests hated her and she was booted off fairly quickly. I guess they considered her a celebrity from her spell with Trump, but I missed any inkling she had as a celebrity.

      14. There are many ironies in the RussiaGate drama, but none greater than this: The U.S. becomes more like the former U.S.S.R. every day. Longtime correspondent Bart D. sketches out the irony:

        I look at the US economy and what I see in actual everyday life is that corrupted capitalism has resulted in the same problems for average citizens as what crony communism did for the citizens of the USSR.

        Poor consumer choice. Poor resource allocation. Poor quality consumer products. Poor environmental management/outcomes. Hyper-vigilance and hyper-control of Government over its people. Dodgy Utilities. The difference is that the Soviet Union had a better healthcare system than USA currently has and better housing availability for common people.

        How’s the irony! Capitalism and Communism ultimately end up with similar outcomes and for the same reason: Cartel behaviours and cronyism.

        • There are differences between the US and Soviet Era Russia. The irony is at least in Russia God is looking out for you. You get a roof over your head, 3-squares per day. Public transportation is plentiful, and everywhere free.

          Even with the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has kept the basics. Life isn’t a paradise but neither is it here in the US. Corruption, cronyism and organized crime are huge in Russia, but they are very present here in the US as well.

          In the US “you either work or you starve.” That’s was fine back in the 1950s and 1960s when jobs were plentiful. Today, nobody’s got your back, unless they have a knife to put in it. The problem (if that wasn’t enough), is that without jobs, you starve, homeless, out on the streets. And it’s your fault. The propaganda prevails.

          Historically, you end up worse

      15. The origins of the neocon movement are from the Democratic party. Look it up. As Democrats got older, they realized the error of their ways and became virilently anti-communist. Then sought to ally themselves with the military industrial complex.

        This is why many so called Republicans are actually neocon RINOs (Republican in name only).

        Was there a time when this was a helpful strategy? YES. President Reagan listened to Richard Pearl who was a rabid neocon and by building up the military faster than the USSR could, eventually the Russians couldn’t pay their own soldiers and scientists and it broke the back of the USSR.

        But then idiot globalists balked at America being the sole superpower. They wanted a corporatocracy not a republic. That way wealth and megacorporations would be the next evolution to surpass the American republic.

        Effectively, the elite uberwealthy would be the ultimate nobility and billions would temporarily be serfs until AI and robotics and automation could be their slaves. At that point, billions would just be useless eaters.

        This is why you have the neocons and the globalists always dueling and most politicians except for Sen. Rand Paul and President Trump have been co-opted.

        President Trump has a 50% approval rating and it’s been consistantly higher than Obummer’s. But no one ever says that Congress has an approval rating at 10% or lower and journalists also have that distinction.

        The American people support Senator Rand Paul and President Trump. It’s us against the neocons and globalists and radical leftists and anarchists.

        The Democrats tried to be all things to all people, so much so that they leave a horrible taste in the mouths of declared Democrats, who typically are centrists and labor democrats. Expect them to flee to the Republicans because otherwise all they have are freakish socialists and openly communist folks.

      16. Senile Grampa Paul seems to think that Trump simply made a mistake in appointing the neocons (as if he didn’t know full well what he was doing).

        How is it that there are still Trump Tards after what he has done (opposed to what he said).

        A Drumpfter = an Obama Maniac = a Bushie = a Clintonista

        Zero Difference.

      17. President Trump is plagued by the “permanent state”. These are appointees that have been there for years, mostly from the Senior Executive Service (SES). The SES employees are not elected and the president cannot possibly know their beliefs or leanings since they number in the thousands.

        The only way to replace the permanent state is to start investigating all the SES employee’s previous actions and interviewing them by a trusted aide to see what they stand for. Then replace them or close their position down.

        All departments of the government are loaded with these SES employees…generally aligned with the foreign policy dictates of the CIA and not necessarily the views of the President. Could take years to purge them.

        The permanent state IS the swamp.

      18. Get out of Europe, Get out of S. Korea, Get out of Japan. Come home. Use full diplomacy everywhere and leverage trade. Make a bushel of wheat / corn / soybeans our “Big Stick” and the world will fall in line. No one can fully feed their people without US help. Trump needs to get down to business and stop listening to people like Bolton and Pompeo. We are not the worlds police.

        • Yes, that idea has been around since the sixties with the John Birch Society. We should return to being isolationists but armed to the teeth to defend our borders. We make all the food that the world needs and we can make practically everything domestically.

          We could turn America into a juggernaut again if we make ourselves great and stop ridiculous police actions that the neocons and globalists desire.

      19. I still Think the Military has Trumps back. As he is in cahoots with the military Trump aint going away.

      20. After two years on the job, I wonder if Trump doesn’t regret getting it? Every POTUS has had to deal with the fact that the people who work for him have minds of their own. Trump seems to be particularly troubled with dissent. The POTUS should have the right to fire them in the case of misconduct without it being a federal court case. If you are one of these people, you should ask yourself a simple question of “Am I willing to support Donald Trump by doing the job that I was hired for and am paid for?”. If not, resign. If yes, get on with the job and do it to the best of your ability.

        • It’s actually worse because he’s doing the job for free. He takes no salary but donates the money.

      21. I am willing to believe in a Biblical king, being anointed by a prophet of the Living God, to observe a systematic honor code, yet am doubtful of a chaotic balance of powers.

        I believe, in my heart-of-hearts, that someone may receive accurate to-the-letter inspiration, in a moment of perfect calm.

        But, another spirit prevails, in a moment of perfect upset.

      22. Even now with Trump It seems Isreal can do no wrong? Whatever those 3ew’s want they get?

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