“Day One… My First Hour In Office… Those People Are Gone” – Trump To Deport All Criminal Illegal Aliens

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Headline News | 48 comments

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    After spending the day visiting Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto, U.S. Presidential candidate Donald Trump delivered a rousing speech to thunderous applause detailing his immigration policy in Phoenix, Arizona.

    Day One… My First Hour In Office… Those People Are Gone.

    You can call it deported if you want… the press doesn’t like that term… you can call it whatever the hell you want… they’re gone…

    Their days have run out in this country. The crime will stop. They are going to be gone. It will be over.

    We will issue detainers for illegal immigrants who are arrested for any crime whatsoever and they will be placed into immediate removal proceedings…

    We will terminate the Obama administration’s deadly… and it is deadly… non-enforcement policies that allow thousands of criminal aliens to freely roam out streets, walk around, do whatever they want to do… crime all over the place… that’s over.

    Since 2013 alone the Obama administration has allowed 300,000 criminal aliens to return back into United States communities… These are individuals encountered or identified by ICE, who were not detained or processed for deportation because it wouldn’t be politically correct.

    My plan also includes cooperating closely with local jurisdictions to remove criminal aliens immediately.

    Donald Trump Full Speech – Phoenix, Arizona – August 31, 2016:


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      1. Hell-F*cken-Ya.

        America FIRST.

        Trump 2016.

        • He’s got my vote.

          • Americans are a race of slobs, obese, addicted to all sorts of prescribed medications, OTC medicines and synthetic vitamins, extremely gullible and unable to think for themselves (trained not to think critically).

            Without the massive influx of immigrants, this race of subhumans are destined to perish: during the next two decades the United States will need the arrival of at least 200 million newcomers to help paying the gargantuan costs related to the care of these insult-to-humanity people.

            • Klas vonder dope, you sound like a disgruntled parasite. Go crawl back in your hole. For being so bad, America is the longest sustaining Democracy in world history. We are the leaders of Invention, and the world begs to come here. We have parasites like you who feed off our strength. In fact this website is US based, and you too crawl here to post your babble. Go try that in your country. Sounds like you were denied a Visa to travel here to the Good Ol’ USA, so you rant. So go back to eating your potato soup and barley with leather shoe scraps for flavor. We know how to straiten out our country when it falls off the curb. This election will be part of the solution, if the liars and thieves are locked up.

              ~WWTI… btw/ I am not anything of what you describe above. And I was cleaning my weapons tonight. Do you even have any in your country? Or is it that can you not be trusted to have them at all?


                His name sounds German, he may be a descendant from any of those other nazi trash, hidden from our democracy like roaches!!!

                Thank you for taking the time to answer this thing, even though it’s a shame to waste your precious time on this thing. Actually, he’s not worth your spit!!!

        • If you are academically inclined and want a job in corporate America as a p[rofessional; or if you want the knowledge necessary to own and grow a business beyond a mom n pop shop, then a degree is helpful because it does show a prospective employer what you know: particularly if that is a business degree or other specific technical field.

          Chances are the professional hiring you will have a similar business or technical background who already knows what you have learned.

          When I hired people for my company I hired individuals with a finance or real estate degree. I knew what they should know and I trained them for their specific function within my company.

          Eventually they moved on to build their own similar company. Some succeeded. Some failed, because there are many intangibles beyond a formal education that are required to succeed and thrive.

          Some people have those intangibles. Some people don’t. 🙂

      2. The Dems are fuming over Trumps trip to Mexico,lol.Than hits one out of the park in Phoenix!
        Hey Hillary do a rally,could use a room at motel 6 !!
        We’ll leave the light on for ya!
        Go Trump
        Maniac –out

        • Trump Knocks it out of the park. Send everyone you know this Trump Speech. Send the link.


        • Yea, Hillary wants Sean Penn for her Sec. of State.

      3. It’s about time that somebody talking common sense be brought forth and taken seriously. I hope he isn’t just another shill in “change” clothes!

        Hate Trump the person, (A wanna be ELITE, who is ignored by said chaste) but the things he says resonate with my own ideals much more than Hitlery….

        • So…then vote for him and have others open their eyes too! No politician is perfect, he’s the one for America at this moment of America’s life an NO OTHER, BELIEVE ME!!! :o)

      4. First, give em a good asskicking just like they’d receive in a Mexican prison…THEN deport em.

      5. Trump is leading by a landslide. Barring some trickery and or fraud, Trump is the next President. He has his work cut out for him. It’s going to be challenging, maybe it will work out and all this mess will get set straight. One can hope.


      6. And that should go for muslim also that won’t follow are laws.

        • And christians who do not follow our laws.

        • The hell with follow laws. Get rid of ALL the muslims… THEY will NEVER assimilate to be Americans. It’s sharia law OR death with them… I say deport OR death. Then, all of the (((tribe))) bastards THAT have been pulling the strings for a long time.

          • “They think they’re bringing heaven,
            but actually they are messengers of the devil.” Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres,
            talking about Orthodox Jewish Rabbis on CNN, November 14, 1995

          • WOW The Chauffer!!! LOVE YOUR SHORT AND EFFICIENT WORDS!!! I agree with you a million percent. Unless these savages are killed….expect continuous heads rolling down everywhere!!!

      7. That may have been the distinction that Trump needed to make to push him over the top. Get rid of the criminals.

      8. There are so many illegals living in Miami, Half the town will be emptied out on day one. Loads over staying their Visas. Watch Crime in LA drop by 50% within months of Trump Winning Office.

        ~WWTI… Watch Trumps Polls numbers skyrocket. Hillary will be shitting Ferguson skittles..

        • Yes, hispanic illegals abounding in Florida. If you know Spanish watch every day, twice a day, “Caso Cerrado” (just tape them) and you’ll see how openly they admit the horrors they do to come here and to live in here and how the persons in charge there, Dr. Maria Polos and the “experts” she always brings to her “court” give them free legal advice to remain here and to even come here!!! I see all of that and can’t believe my eyes/ears.

      9. Mexico should split the cost…to keep out all those that threatened to leave if Trump got elected.

      10. Who but the left could argue that this isn’t a good idea?
        You come here ILLEGALLY- you commit a crime- YOU GO BACK!
        The fact that this is a stance of only one political party and only one Presidential nominee- makes me really sad.

      11. Donating the first bag of concrete for the wall

      12. For Trump to do this, first, you must vote for him.

        If you stay home, and not vote, you vote could make the difference.

        Don’t listen to The main Stream Media.

        At the ballot box be sure you vote is counted. Can cross party lines to vote.

        Must make individual selection for president. Even when the sitting president is running. Voting a straight ticket thinking your vote for your parties candidate will be counted is not true. It goes to the sitting president if you are voting with the opposing party.

        I am still surprised how many of my friends did not know this.

      13. I am curious and would appreciate it if anyone here has an answer to this puzzling question. I get that illegals haven’t been processed because they entered the country illegally, but I question the system as far as those who do go through the system and are processed.

        Why is it that law-abiding Americans are spied on via surveillance cameras (to name one method of many) that are everywhere, and as of more recently eye/iris scanned, not too mention required to provide urine samples upon request. A cop would even know if someone with a warrant out for their arrest was shopping in CVS just by scanning license plates.

        Yet these refugees and immigrants, especially those in Europe (and as of lately Sicily) are not required to provide fingerprints and a DNA blood sample so if a female is raped they could match the DNA left on the victims to the rapists DNA in the database (the database that currently doesn’t exist) and find the criminal and deport him or kill him…. preferably the latter.

        They could also match their fingerprints for use in solving other crimes if they took fingerprint samples. But they don’t do anything. Why is is that law-abiding taxpayers have to submit to surveillance, tests and fingerprints, etc., and could be on a no-fly list just for using the wrong words and are treated like criminals and monitored, while the real criminals can enter countries without having to provide valid ID and DNA samples to be stored in a database in order to catch and hopefully later kill the criminals? WTF?

        • Jules: Best ever answer to Your questions here is…READ all or most of MY and B from CA and several Others here Replies to find out the whoms and whats and whys todays usa is so fucked royally.

          Everybody that has been here reading the reply forums for any length of time now, has just got to know the main answers and whom main culprits and perps really are eh.

          Most folk and most writers calls em all TPTP and Elietes and 1% etc and Banksters…However thats really a Lame attempt at best to really ID the true nation wrecker perps intent upon the abject total ruination of america as we knew her to be period.

          The wreckers are a Cult of a religious and cultural method of said ruin and 2000 to 3500 yrs past history well Proves it and in spades!

          It is Now America, 2016, we/you/they have had now at Least 15+ years straight of internet availability and infos to well determine these issues and whom perpas are.

          At This Late Date I am forced to admit that I believe now and from now on, all folks that go online to any regular degree and actually read stuff?…Then if they feign ignorance to what is the true deal?…It is either due to a warped mind set of Rejection of said facts and truths?…Or I rekon some folk will always remain in very Deep Denials period.

          Jules far as I know is rather new here eh?..So I give Her benifit of doubt…So Jules please read shtf forums replies often for the answers and be sure to alert us to how swell you have awaken to such issues once you do so okay…I can provide a wealth, a Ton of Links for more proof and truth info than a group of two dozen folks can ever live long enough to read and digest it all!

          So if you need website Links to such info and proofs etc? Please just Ask and I shall provide that for you. Them Guys

        • Because, Jules, president husein obama loves the terrorists and protects them, that is why.

          If you read other than the mainstream media, you’ll see all of this AND MORE, like how completely upside down our American society (actually the world) has been made to become in the last 8 years. Yes, perhaps it started earlier than this BUT it certainly it became much more openly WORSE since that fatal time in history when husein obama was elected not once but twice!!! Sigh…..

      14. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

        Sixty nine days and we shall see.

      15. Finland: Warning Citizens ‘Stockpile Food & Water – Prepare’ as US TANKS go on the move!

        h ttp://www.norwegiandefenceleague.info/global-news/14-world-news-europe/2161-finland-warning-citizens-stockpile-food-water-prepare-as-us-tanks-go-on-the-move

        • indeed an ominous development.

          we, over here, need to be on the same page.

          prep on, peeps!

          thanks for the link–have sent it on to family, who probably won’t do a thing. But, they are family. I try.

        • Satori

          Starting to look like we will not make the elections. Does it matter anymore? The country is in a death spiral and people are sticking their heads in the sand.

          One could say the whole world is primed to be set ablaze.

        • So Germany, Austria, Poland, and now Finland has issued the same order to stockpile food and water???

      16. Can’t remember where I read it, but out of the 1.2 million student visas given to muslims. Over 59,000 of these so called students go missing when their visas expire…….

      17. Trump’s next visit: Russia and China. Message: Only five more months of Obama insanity.

        The flip side: Russia and China see our lame duck pres and see the turmoil in the US. They are taking advantage of the chaos to advance their agenda’s and are likely instigating some of the chaos.

        • I definitely see it with china!!

      18. A lot of these illegals are not Mexican. they are coming up from places in south America. Mexico is being invaded from the south. They very badly need a wall on their southern border. Even with all his faults Trump is still better than Hillary. Compared to her he is a Saint. Hellery by far is the greater evil.

        • Yes Old Guy, get rid of ALL illegals. And create jobs too. Get them 48 hours to get their sorry asses out of our country. Then put a bounty on all remaining on US soil. Move over impotent Feds, our Rednecks will get the job done.

          • And Do NOT believe every TV NEWS MSM when they repeat over and over, “Theres 11 Million UNdocumented”(illeagle Invaders aka an Act of undeclared WAR! by the invaders and Their nation of origin!) and also when MSM TV tells you that “There is NO Possible way to get rid of So so so Many and thats just how it is folks!”

            BS! Because back in 1952…US Prez Eisenhower went on LIVE TV and Radio to state of his New Plan to Rid usa of all its illeagle mexicans etc.

            That plan as Stated BY prez eisenhower was called “OPERATION: Wetback”!!

            Yes he really did say WETBACK! and while his info told him we then had aprox 1.5 Million illeagles here in usa, once gone they really then had closer to 4 Million here!

            RAW facts period, like it or not. Operation WETBACK! and all it then took to rid usa of almost 4 million very Undesireable invaders was…Within First 6 months a full 2/3rd Left on their Own accord! and the remaining third began to exit usa back to mexico once eisenhower again went LIVE NEWS broadcast and told the illeagles refusing to leave, that he was Now calling out National Guard troops to assist local and state cops to go Street by Street and House by House if need be to Round up every last one and fast Deport them asap fast!

            That really lit a fire under their sorry asses eh!

            And in aprox Grand total time frame of just NINE Months total, every of close to 4 million illeagle mexican Invaders were GONE for Good!

            Operation Wetback, 1952 Prez Eisenhower…Look it up, if any Lib dem or mex naysayers are present here eh.

      19. When he starts (day one) all hell will break loose the big question is who will be the collectors to go around and snatch them up? Now the ones sitting in prison now will be smiling like a possum with a mouth full of shit cus they will be free and on a plane truck ect. All the others that are criminals or not but are to be gathered up will be out of control. Alot of them are established

        • I haven’t seen where Trump has ever said illegals now serving time will be freed and deported. Current policy is to deport after sentence is completed.

          Maybe the criminals will go on a bender when the roundups start, but it will eliminate their initiative and put it back where it belongs, with INS, and cut it short. Right now, they can commit crimes anytime and anywhere, until they become too old to do the crime. Round ’em up and they can’t do it anymore.

      20. I’d love to see it, but unless he has a magic wand theres no physical way possible to send them all back in an hour.

      21. Marcus: Read my Other post above this reply about Prez eisenhowers “Operation: Wetback”! 1952 when 4 million mexican illeagle invaders took total of nine Months to fully be gone. But with todays high tech abilities etc…We can get all 30-40 MILLION invader illeagles out asap pronto fast, quicker than shit flows thru a Tin Horn!

        Plus Trump may need help from twenty or so Million well armed Militia Patriots from the several states eh! so be ready for his Call-Up of Militia members and fellow travelers eh!

        • I don’t know about 1952, but when Eisenhower and Kennedy repeated the operation in late 1959-1962, they just had to deal with the southwestern states along the border and the farming regions of the interior west.

          Today, the illegals are in every state, urban and rural lifestyles, and quite a few occupations. It’s not going to be as easy to round them up, this time.

          I remember seeing lines of them at Nogales and Calexico, waiting to cross the border voluntarily. Hopefully, that will occur again, but I doubt it. They’ve been promised too much by too many people to just pick up and leave.

      22. I agree with his statement. If they are illegal and have been arrested for a criminal offense, other than being an illegal immigrant, then they should be deported immediately.

      23. Trump needs to deport all the Muslims back to Saudi Arabia so they can be with people who are like them, but the Saudis won’t put up with freeloader radical Muslims like the ones that are being brought into this country by Barack Obama to destroy this country.

      24. Trump needs to deport all the Muslims back to Saudi Arabia so they can be with people who are like them, but the Saudis won’t put up with freeloader radical Muslims like the ones that are being brought into this country by Barack Obama to destroy this country.

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