Trump To Democrats: The Government Remains Shutdown Until The Border Wall Is Funded

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    President Donald Trump didn’t mince words when he declared that the government will remain partially shut down until his long desired dream of a border wall is funded. Democrats, however, still remain opposed to approving additional funding for a border wall as part of a new government spending package.

    So who will budge first? We all know the government is far too power hungry to permanently shut itself down, so at some point, the Democrats will cave, or Trump will decide the wall isn’t all that important. According to Fox News, Trump, while speaking to reporters Tuesday in the Oval Office during the fourth day of the impasse, also revealed that he will be going to the border in Texas for a “groundbreaking” ceremony for a portion of the [border wall] project at the end of January.

    “While we’re fighting over funding, we’re also building, and it’s my hope to have this done, completed, all 500 to 550 miles, to have it either renovated or brand new by Election Day,” Trump said.  The White House also warned over the weekend that the shutdown standoff could extend into the new year, and Trump on Tuesday made clear he’s not planning to budge either. “I can’t tell you when the government is going to be open,” Trump said. “I can tell you it’s not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they want to call it,” he added as reported by Fox News. “It’s a barrier from people pouring into our country. It’s a barrier from drugs.”

    Trump went on to insist that a border wall would be effective in keeping illegal immigrants from entering the U.S. “There may be a case of an Olympic champion who may get over the wall, but for the most part, you’re not going to be able to do it,” Trump quipped.

    Several Cabinet departments and agencies have been closed since Saturday after their funding lapsed. Trump excused federal employees from work on Monday and Christmas is a federal holiday, meaning the public [those who actually need the state to control their lives] could begin to notice the shutdown’s effects on Wednesday. Some 800,000 federal workers must either work without pay for the time being or stay home and wait to be paid later.


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      1. As far as I’m concerned the ALL worthless POS agencies, can STAY closed!!! ESPECIALLY the IRS, DES, EPA, …..

        • I second that. It’s so funny hearing the media whining and making a huge deal over this partial shutdown to make Trump look bad. I wish the whole fucking thing would shut down permanently. They need us but we do not need them.

          • Republicans fear the 1996 shutdown, but I think attitudes have changed.

            People now welcome the shut down.

            On another note, the democrats are telling people that their social security checks will not get paid during the shutdown. I had to correct my mother in law that this was a lie. Propaganda in full effect.

            • The only negative effect I see is it will delay people’s tax refunds.

              • No, because the IRS has enough time to designate those on furlough as necessary to come in. Not a problem unless they make it one.

              • They can keep my refund if they just shut down all the worthless alphabet agencies permanently. We don’t need or want them. Stop taxing us to death.

      2. build the WALL =TALL……..-SHOULD have ordered it day one in office.

      3. 5.7 billion means very little. The less than 2 billion that trump gets will mean nothing. Trump is a joke I am afraid. However, a joke is still better than Hilary

        • Other things that are better than Hillary:

          1. A potato
          2. A brick
          3. Adolph Hitler

          • 4. Dead Hillary.

      4. I hope Trump is willing to stand behind his words.

        It’s our country and our economy, not theirs. They have no right to take it from us as a nation anymore than someone has a right to lay claim to my home and my possessions and take them from me as an individual.

        Let them fix their own problems in their own homelands, not come here and create them here as well as there.

        FWIW, I have absolutely no problem with anyone immigrating here to become Americans and make a real contribution to America as such.

        • The biggest problem is the political class in the USA and their appointed and hired bureaucrats, in their mind you and i are nothing more than mules to supply what they need to run their scam of so called government.

          • True.

            Can anything be done about it?

            We should know within the next year.

          • Nailbanger, I don’t have any problem seeing the whole govt. shut down permanently. That should solve a lot of problems.

        • I TOO have no problem with anyone immigrating here to become Americans and make a real contribution to America.

          So long as they don’t come wrapped in their flag


          Viva la Raza on their lips.

        • “…anyone immigrating here to become Americans and make a real contribution to America…”

          Historically, when immigrant arrived on our shores, that’s what they wanted. These people usually became avid patriots.

          Currently, many illegal aliens just want to make some money to send home. These people don’t really care about the USA or becoming an American.

          Big difference in attitude.

      5. During the budget sessions last year, the democrats promised Trump they would approve funding for the wall in this years budget, if he would sign off on that one. But of coarse, the democrats can always be counted on, not to honor their word.

        • A polite way of saying they can be counted on to lie.

          IMO, in their innermost natures, all Democrats and (probably) most Republicans are liars willing to tell any lie needed to get whatever it is they want at the time.

          • Anonymous, you hit the nail on that one.

      6. End all free shit handout programs, stop all the incentives for them, make life in America very difficult and unwelcoming for them, then there will be much lesser of a need for a wall and reduces the burden on the taxpayers.

        Unfortunately what makes sense will never happen. Democrats want their votes, and are counting on all those little brown shitstains they let in to vote Democrat.

        So, Trump better not cave in.

        • Thats also the reason why its pretty much better to just flip them all the bird and do as much under the table as possible

          • Nail,
            Well spoken!
            That is why we can never allow
            them to eliminate cash.

            • There will always be a work around bud
              Merry Christmas Rellik

              • Nail,
                Merry Christmas to you too!
                To all on this site, I wish you a happy
                New Years and good fortune in the upcoming year.

        • “End all free shit programs”
          Hmm , only if that is to include all who receive a government paycheck. Useless eaters all.

      7. How come we can spend millions building walls around the nation to keep out “noise” but can’t build a wall to keep out people? Check out those walls off to the side of major roads….lets move them south!

        • Near Highland, CA, a cinderblock noiseblocking wall has been built, tens of feet off the ground, where there is an aerial freeway, built on cement pillars.

          Democrat strongholds put razor wire around the roadsigns, to keep them from being gratified. There are bullet proof walls of glass in the gas station store, and metal bars, welded to the ice cream truck windows.

          So, I think they understand the concept of a boundary.

          • (graffiti-ed)

      8. My moral support will remain on shutdown, until “conservatives” in power know how to play favorites, on the overcorwded lifeboat.

        • I hope everyone had a good Christmas. While I can appreciate Trump fighting the libturds, I think it’s way too late for a wall. This should have been done back during the Reagan era before illegal immigration started getting out of hand. Had it be done then, I don’t think we’d have the problems we have now. Civil War 2 will break out before a wall ever gets built then it won’t even matter any more.

          • You can tell, wherever some leftist interest has passed a busbench, payphone, movie theater, buffet, or flat writing surface, yet we still have to hear about their good jobs numbers and obstructionism.

            RINO’s are holding a place for those radicals, while preempting traditionalists from the traditional, social contract.

      9. The $17 million raised privately for the Wall would only cover .7 miles BUT is a symbol of how vital the issue is to common citzens especially considering the money was raised at Christmas time.

        That factors as political ammunition to give the politicians at least the semblance of political representation out of a sense of duty. They owe no such duty to criminals which is what every illegal alien actually is.

        $5 billion without cost overruns (which are inevitable) would only complete 1/9 of the Wall. However consider that 255 billion is what these illegal aliens cost America! Not only that, but if traitorous fools admit them legally and have another idiotic amnestry (which as FAILED to be effective 11 different times!), then effectively we will see a sea change where the American people lose self-determination due to foreign invaders meddling in our political process.

        Already it is estimated that at least a tenth of the Mexican population is illegally residing in America! We have become Little Mexico! Is that what you want for your descendants??? America will be ruined and openly socialist because every illegal will vote for the DNC.

        It’s either act now, or concede by letting foreign invaders seize the country. There are no safeguards as to who these invaders are and of course some are terrorists and subversives.
        65 nations have border walls! Even Nancy Pelosi has a border wall! Even Mexico is now strictly enforcing border security with Guatamala!

        There are belly aching cowardly fools in Congress who are angry that we are about to eject illegal aliens who are Vietnamese and Hmong who have been here 20 years yet they had opportunities to apply for amnesty in the past! And many are criminals as well. This is ridiculous as we harbored them by looking the other way for 20 freakin’ years!

        • The $17 million raised privately for the Wall would only cover .7 miles
          Maybe not, if you keep the government out of it and build private??

          • Scratch that. 77 nations have started walls post 9-11, yet Nancy Pelosi dares say that they are as ineffective as beaded curtains.

            Well, fine. I reckon landmines, trip wires, machine guns will do, and when it gets overrun…use flechettes since those can take out whole football fields of invaders with high confidence kill ratios.

      10. Right now, the Democrats are pretending to have a mandate when it’s not only historically common to see such change in the House every two years, but obviously there was extreme voting FRAUD.

        Their plan is nothing less than passing the largest governmental overreach since FDR’s New Deal! If that passes, we will never recover. They will have effectively won and the middle class, being now hopelessly fragile and crippled, will be annihilated.

      11. This wall won’t work can be smashed through with sledgehammers. Waste of $. The Berlin Wall fell and so will this. Walls don’t work. I smash shit with my sledge from time to time. Cement walls don’t stand a chance. I’m for it if Mexico pays like trump promised otherwise no.

      12. Mexico was NEVER going to pay for the wall and they said that from the beginning. And $5 billion ain’t gonna cover no wall. That’s a drop in the bucket.

        He used “Build The Wall” in his campaign to get sheeple fired up about it and to vote for him. Hillary had more than enough enemies that he didn’t need to make promises he knew were unrealistic.

        At this point, it’s too phocking late. He doesn’t have enough money, he’s not going to get nearly enough funding to do it right and also complete the entire 1,880 mile length, so what’s the point. The taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for it but looks like it’s going in that direction.

        It also won’t be completed before his term is up in two years. The next president isn’t obligated to finish it unless he wants to stiff the taxpayers. At this point it could easily end up being a huge waste of money and resources. A big disappointment.

      13. The good thing about a shutdown is the CITIZENS may soon find out how many useless Federal departments are unnecessary. The original Constitution had very specific & limited tasks to be done by the Fed. Govt. All, or most, of the subsequent power-grab by the Fed. govt. is against the founding of the country. How do you like them apples Nazi Polowsy & Stupor Shoomore?

        • I agree. If they are a “non-essential” “do nothing paycheck collector”, why do they have a government job in the first place?

      14. Well it appears Trump is actually trying to keep his campaign promises. And so far the lions share of that invading caravan hasn’t been able to invade. And better yet Trump Fired Mattis. When he went into Office he told mattis you have 6 months to get the troops out of Syria & Afganistan. And Mattis didn’t do as he was ordered. So like Harry trumand did Mc Arthur. Thump Fired Mattis. Donald Trump best Prsident since ole give them hell Harry.

      15. I fear that if this wall actually gets built, it will someday be used not to keep them out, but to keep us in.!!!!

        • then you can climb the wall to the other side!

      16. we poor US citizens NEED the WALL,
        WE DO NOT need the Democrats or their CRAP ALIENS or their CRAP WARS!

      17. Most illegals fly in and overstay their visa or fly in and give birth here in the US so the child is a US Citizen eligible for benefits and they get to stay that way.

        Others take one of the many underground tunnels they have access to and stay with family that are already here. Once the wall goes up, if it ever does, they’ll just build more underground tunnels.

        The wall may cut down on illegal immigration but I don’t believe it will be nearly as drastic a difference as Trump is claiming it will be. Total exaggeration.

        There are laws and policies he could have changed to reduce the number of illegals. Ineffective comes to mind.

        Engineers have visited the border area/site and the entire team concluded a 500 ft wall for almost 2000 mile span is insufficient to keep them out where it would really make a difference, even though some parts are treacherous or rivers, etc., too dangerous to cross.

        Just because it worked almost 100% at the Hungary/Serbia border doesn’t mean the US will have the same results. Apples oranges.

        First we were promised an 1800 mile very tall solid border wall, now its 500 miles of steel slats, and wonder who gets a kickback from the steel. Whatever. I’ve already given up on Trump.

      18. I don’t see anything wrong with a wall but that will not stop the flow. Manage it better for the lower wage seeking American corporate class. Give us your big strong and young gringo hating workhorses. Women also as they know the value of a dollar and how to keep their mouths shut, appreciative interlopers. NWO is about open borders. Trump is trying to foster the illusion that he is not one of them. The pivot to where? Now if all of the troops were brought home from everywhere the sane American people will celebrate.

      19. IMHO, “viva Trump!”

        Taking the boys home from overseas, shutting down the government, and fighting illegal migrants from invading on the border; pretty much fulfillment of his campaign promises.


      20. Trading those American Syrian troops for a bigger war plan elsewhere seems in the works. So Trump is a level headed peacemaker? A Christmas-New Year gift to America. Strange days indeed.

        • Our troops will be needed here in the USA. When the grid goes down. And Trump enacts Martial law. The Troops will secure the borders. The troops will keep those in the citys & towns inside. Road blocks to regulate who comes and goes. The military will be well fed and comfortably housed. The rest of the population will become fema camp slaves or live a stone age lifestyle. It will be a orderly SHTF not the all out mad max WROL that some envision. The usless eaters and dissenters will be culled.

          • Sounds good to me

      21. It is really time to admit that the biggest problem facing America is Democrats. We don’t need a wall, we just need to enforce the laws we have. But Democrats don’t want to obey those laws and we let them get away with it eg sanctuary cities, lack of voter ID, refusal to vigorously enforce laws on employing illegals, refusal to fund hunting down and ejecting all people here in America illegally.
        I’m done cooperating with Democrats. I will do nothing save save a Democrats life. My assumption is everyone is a Democrat unless I know otherwise.
        This is my wall.

      22. Remember when the R’s controlled both House and Senate?
        We couldn’t get the wall, then. How we gonna get it now? Flabbergasted.

        • To be fair you gotta admit many republicans in the house and senate are just as bad a enemy against Trump as the Dimocraps are. Trump is more of a independent than a republican anyway.

      23. I agree hold out for funding then just do away with the closed gov parts cus if we can make it a day without them then we never really needed them ..

        Trump is a labor Democrat ie e what used tobe called a Rustbelt Demcrat or a Reagan Democrat. He also acts like many Dixiecrats ie Southern Democrats who traditionally crossed the aisle and joined forces with Republicans. He shows that as he’s pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment and anti-immigration unless there is a bonafide rationale.

        Pence is a conservative Republcan that nearly is an archconservative. It remains to be seen and is largely based on will.

        What we need are John Birch Society type archconservative Republicans.

      25. A wall would be a deterrent. Just like the locks on your doors. A determined person can break into the most secure home. The same with that wall some will sneak over or under it. But it will stop most of the culls from entering illegally. Yep those folks in that caravan are culls. Those who fly in and overstay a visa at least have the money to buy a plane ticket. And are not likely to be illiterate culls from some shithole country. We don’t need anymore culls . We are already overstocked with culls. We need to deport a great number of culls.

        • A cheaper easier solution would be to just dig a trench along the border and fill it with cobalt 60. Nobody would go near it!

          • I prefer a DMZ along the entire border. No wall, just a 500 yard wide strip of landmines will work nicely.

      26. The invasion of illegal immigrants will continue until the SHTF all across America. When conditions get so bad that no one wants to live here, we won’t need a wall. Who knows? Maybe, Mexico will build a wall to keep Yankees out? Sure hope not!!!

      27. then you can climb the wall to the other side!

      28. I can’t handle another shutdown Dammit!

        The last one by the end had zombies on the wire/food/ammo/med supplies almost ran out and lost a lot of friends.I survived but have barely replenished my supplies,I can’t take this insanity any more!

      29. Back in the seventies and eighties, Mexican men would illegally work in America and live in a bunkhouse to minimize their expenses. They would send most of their money home, and then when they had made enough, go back to Mexico and start a business, often a vehicle repair business.

        This irrevocably changed as the drug cartels got powerful and the Mexican government got even more corrupt and infrastructure was so terrible that they lacked even clean wells. They started staying and put down roots and it largely went from younger single Mexican men living in dorms to whole families in neighborhoods.

        Then these children had to be educated and the family members started getting driver’s licenses and getting into accidents and having illness and injuries drawing down on city services. They transformed politically from a temporary nuisance that were exploited as migrant workers to full time residents causing massive underfunding of city services…even STATE services.

        Wait that’s not all. They had the gall to expect amnesty…which they pushed for an received eleven times, yet the goal of amnesty was to end illegal immigration.

        It gets worse. Then Democrats used them as a way of getting illegally elected. And now they blatently cross the border many times, as they are often ultimately caught. This means American politicans actually enrichened the criminals who make money by acting as coyotes, using them as drug mules, use them as prostitutes…even kidnapping them. And it empowered the drug cartels who use beheadings and torture and creates a massive cycle of violence that drives even MORE illegal immigration!

        Why is it every legal immigrant or refugee from anywere else used to have to follow the LAW which might require THREE YEARS OR MORE, yet these criminal invaders can cross on a whim and are not punished???

        Face it, the Democrats are TRAITORS using subversion and illegal immigration to maintain power in some states. Kentucky is largely free of this as less than 1% of Hispanics are in Kentucky. In the last election, we maitained our robust Republican hold…so the issues are NOT in Kentucky.

      30. Based upon past performance, the Democrats will be calling for riots. I hope they do.

      31. Ways and means:
        #1. landmine the southern border.
        #2. Build the damn wall on the border.
        #3. Allow patriotic Americans to patrol the border and
        shoot to kill anyone caught sneaking across.
        #4. Any illegal caught in America to be surgically sterilized before deportation.
        #5. English is our official language, no more ballots, TV stations, radio or billboards in Spanish.
        #6. No drivers licenses, EBT, Welfare, Section 8 Housing or ID’s for illegals.
        #7. Create repatriation camps that are located well away from prying eyes.
        #8. Each camp to feature showers and cremation ovens that can
        process 15000 a day.
        #9. Should anyone question what happened to all of those illegals sent to the aforementioned camps they are to be told that they were deported back to their country of origin. False documents attesting to same would be provided to the


      32. President Trump is tweeting his open mockery of the Obummer’s wall around their property!

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