Trump to Collapse the Dollar in 2017? Analyst Sees “Economic Crisis Coming”

by | Dec 29, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 82 comments

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    The demise of the dollar and the collapse of the economy could impact us in a big way during 2017, or in the near future.

    For better or worse, the age of Trump could soon become synonymous with financial crisis on a scale that has never before been seen.

    The system is looking for a scapegoat, for someone to blame, as a massive debt bubble – across several industries – threatens to burst, and a host of other systemic financial problems threaten to collapse down upon us.

    via the Silver Doctors:

    Jeff Berwick from Dollar Vigilante joins Silver Doctors with a word of warning. A Trump presidency will bring with it an economic crisis and collapse of the U.S. dollar, Berwick says.

    Is there a way to prevent collapse? Berwick is concerned we are past the point of no return. Regardless of who runs the U.S., an economic crisis is coming, he says. Stay tuned to hear Berwick’s perspective on how gold, silver, and bitcoin may perform in the coming crisis.

    Trump to Collapse the Dollar?: Jeff Berwick

    As SGT Report notes, the heavy-handed controls on cash are part of this game, and a very strong indicator that the powers that be are clamping down, and won’t be satisfied until there is total control over individuals who will be forced onto the digital, cashless grid that will bring surveillance, fees and limits into every transaction.

    via SGT Report:

    It’s becoming increasingly clear that the move to ban cash is going global. What started with Modi in India is now moving to Australia and Spain, and if people don’t revolt en masse and soon, the passivity of these populations with embolden the Federal Reserve and bankers to ban cash in the United States. And while the tyranny against cash only grows, the global bond bubble is beginning to pop – with many experts predicting total systemic collapse in 2017, and possibly as soon as January.

    Banning Cash & THE GREAT CRASH OF 2017

    As SHTF has noted before, there is reason to believe that the bankers have chosen Trump as a vehicle of their own destruction.

    Time will tell if this is the dark direction these overlords intend for America to go in.

    Read more:

    Trump About to Preside Over New Global Financial Crisis: “Not His Fault, Merely His Misfortune”

    “Fed Risks Triggering Panic and Turmoil”: World Bank Warns Against Raising Rates

    The Federal Reserve Has Unleashed a “Virus Of Radical Monetary Policy”… and There’s No Going Back

    Oil Endgame? Pushing Point Where “Exporters No Longer Able to Fund Their Welfare States”


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      1. Ok, before I even begin to watch the vid’s.

        $20 on ‘buy (PM’s) from us’…..

        Now to see if it’s true.

        Either way, don’t matter, hopefully another 1/4 oz on the way tomorrow.

        • Ahh….right out of the box, some sweet Asian thing for SD metals…. BUT it IS an SD video, so that goes w/o saying I guess.

          • Well, for a change, the SD video was actually a good interview. Overall, they’re coming for the cash, get Au, Ag and BC anyway you can.

          • Jeff Berwick is a whiney dope. Zero credibility in my book. I hope Trump crashes the Dollar ASAP. That woyd be a GREAT THING to making America Great Again. Burn the toilet paper and get the Fed predators off our Backs. And I will hope every body who has credit cards is to GO MAX them all out ASAP, before they cancel them on you, and then stop making payments on them, and Crash the Banks into bankruptcy as well. After all this is ALL their FAULT!! They deserve to be punished for their predator lending practices and loan shark rates over the decades.

            Go take out a Cash Advance on your credit cards and pay off your vehicles ASAP, so they are free and clear. lol Make sure all your debt you default on, is non-collateral or is not secured by any of your assets, just signature loans. In a collapse you will be in the herd of Hundreds of Millions also defaulting, and most likely it will just be written off as uncollectable. Trump may cancel all debts public and private, as this will be his reset to making America Great Again.

            • Zeus

              That guy can sure talk.

              • i’ll bet his mouth moves like the clatter-bone on a ducks ass!

                • Funny nothing intelligent comes out of a buttcrack but low IQ BS. Now get back to your cartoons.

            • You are 100% right on!!!!!!!!!

            • Zeus, I remember a blathering idiot on this board last summer predicting silver would hit $26.50 per oz. I think it was WWTI. Were you here then? Bwahahahaha

            • If it is indeed The Yuan is 4% of the Global Economy, this is quite a massive number since it was just added to the basket of currencies just a year ago.

              IMF Approves Reserve-Currency Status for China’s Yuan
              by Andrew Mayeda Monday, November 30, 2015

              *China’s currency to have 10.92% weighting, topping yen, pound

              *Lagarde says China’s currency meets `freely usable’ standard

              ***And during this last year, how much has the US Dollar lost its reserve status, as everybody in the world is moving away from and dumping the US Dollar?? And now trading oil for other currencies, or for gold.

              • “If it is indeed The Yuan is 4% of the Global Economy, this is quite a massive number since it was just added to the basket of currencies just a year ago.”

                I’m still LMFAO !!! 🙂

                Everyone in China uses the Yuan, that’s 1.3 BILLION people. The Chinese economy is part of the Global Economy. After the New Year, individual Chinese get to allocate another $50,000 EACH towards offshore investment (IE CAPITAL FLIGHT) !!!

                Can you say CONFETTI ??? 🙂

              • “*China’s currency to have 10.92% weighting, topping yen, pound”.

                Yes and it should, since it is the number two economy in the world with 3 times the population of the USA. What is important to note is that China’s voting rights were pared from others, leaving the USA with VOTING RIGHTS VETO POWER over all IMF activities.

                Nothing happens without approval by the FED. That is the MECHANISM. BTW Legarde can say anything she wants but FACTUALLY, China is in breach of the conditions required for membership and will remain so without massive reform to its financial sector.

                TRUMP will use this weakness to kick China’s ASS !!! 🙂

          • DK- Go back and read our exchange again and again till it sinks in. I said that China is moving to back the Yuan with Gold. You said no way, you have not read a single article relating to that, and bet me a Franklin. Then I posted 3 articles saying China was moving to back their Yuan with Gold. You lost the bet, So did you send MAC your $100 Franklin yet.

            Hey Mac, did DK send you the $100 yet? lol..

            And BTW/ DK just to appease you I did read that article link, and it is so exaggerated it is funny. That guy is trying to say, off on some ridiculous tangent, that Countries will try to price Fix the price of Gold to $50,000 an ounce to back their currency. WRONG!!! China is not doing that, and in fact I will explain it to you.

            China is opening up their own Gold Exchange based on real physical Gold, supply and demand, NOT Based on some Rehypothification scheme that is going on right now here in the US, where 252 paper gold orders to 1 physical gold backing and is highly manipulated.

            So bottom line, your link you posted is an exaggerated hypothesis, from some guy I never heard of. The price fixing of Gold is going on now, to deflate it, all to help prop up the US Dollar as long as they can. And why China is moving to dump all US Treasuries, and Buying Gold to create a real legitimate gold standard based solely on physical Gold. And they have been setting the stage as their Yuan was added to the basket of world currencies. You think the IMF would add a currency as you claim to be confetti?? You are so wrong on various issues here. Did you pay Mac for the last bet you lost? Pay the man!!

            • I have been aware of the CGE in Kunming since its inception. Its essentially for the Chinese people/investors, not foreigners.

              Foreign corporations and banks will still use Hong Kong, London, and Switzerland.

              There has already been MULTIPLE RE-HYPOTHECATIONS and MASSIVE FRAUD in the metals in China. The coming crash in China will expose a whole lot more fraud.

              The Chinese will not back their currency with gold, (meaning fiat is convertible to gold on demand) anymore than any other country will. Granted in the past, world currencies vacillated between fiat and metal backed money, but that was before the digital age and block chain technology.

              The bankers will create their own digital money which they will claim is as secure as gold backed money, with the advent of quantum computers.

              There is no escape without political activism or revolution. Take your pick. ENGAGE. 🙂

          • Article is pure caca by (((edelson))).

        • ” … if people don’t revolt en masse and soon, the passivity of these populations with embolden the Federal Reserve and bankers to ban cash in the United States.”

          Under TRUMP America will be returning to Constitutional Principles. The Gangster banksters at the FED will not dare making any changes that severe, yet. No need to panic now.

          Digital money is coming but that is many years away when quantum computers are the norm. 🙂

        • I thank My Lucky Stars I loaded up Big Time on 1 Oz Silver Rounds. Let the Dollar Crash, GOOD!!! Sooner the better. The US Dollar is an EVIL tool by the Bankers controlling every aspect our our lives. CRASH THE DOLLAR AND HANG THE FED AND THE BANKSTERS. They don’t even deserve prison, go strait to the Hangman’s Noose via Patriots Pitchfork.

          Silver up today to $16.16 Gold up also $15 to $1155

          I posted a few articles back Trumps Newly appointed Budget and Finance guy, was the CEO of Bitcoin who hates the FED and all their manipulation. Oh Yeah Baby We’ll see the US rid the predator parasites in 2017. So you better get out of all your soon to be worthless paper IOU fiat toilet paper called the US Dollar ASAP.

          Now I don’t have much confidence in Bitcoin, as it has been hacked before. I don’t like digital currency period. Credit cards are digital currency tied with interest rates, tracks every purchase time and date stamped.

          • Zeus, you told me before I was an idiot for not using cards? I argued that cash was king. Now you have flipped? Make up your mind man. I say cash is king and no tracking and private (same as metals) and now you change your tune? Please explain…..

            • Genius,he called you a idiot?!That is clearly a “disparaging”remark,Zeus needs to be final solutioned off the site!

              Of course,any who say they have too much ammo,well,they are,eh,hmmm….well,a idiot!

              • Troll

          • I chuckle when I read a cash going away article for U.S. currency. No one ever addresses the fact that as the worlds reserve currency half of U.S. cash is in foreign hands. I do not see our government eliminating cash as long as foreigners hold so much and Trump is president.

            This does not mean other socialists government will not shut down cash. These socialist societies are in much worse shape than the U.S. and are determined to get every cent in tax revenue possible as their systems fail. Eliminating cash allows for taxing anything that moves.

            The opposite has been happening to the U.S. dollar than what the pundits screamed about a few years back. The cash settle U.S. dollar (do a $USD weekly chart) has gone from the 80s to now more 100. This is happening because we are the last safe haven in the world. If forefingers thought they could not get their investments back in U.S. dollars we would have quite a panic. However this does not imply you should not own PM’s. What it says is the U.S. is currently the best of the worst…

        • LOL! Yep! Buy GOLD! Buy SILVER! Buy MY PRODUCTS ON THIS WEBSITE! More fear porn….

          • I agree with you! Lets see it was the coming crash back in 2012, OH no, now it’s the coming crash in 2013, wrong, it’s then coming in 2015, then 2016. No, No, No, now it’s the coming of Trump, and 2017, this is just more doom porn. Let’s all remember this, so when next year comes, we’ll all be hearing the crash will be coming in 2018, then they’ll tell you, you need to buy your gold now, ya right! Same crap every year.

        • Trump is going to get BLAMED, BUT it is the DEMOCRAPPERS (obutthead) that drove the final nail in the coffin. Trump needs to END the FED reserve and make a reset , IF that does NOT happen this country and the worls are doomed to a “out of control crash” and it will be far worse than a controlled crash!!

      2. Trump to Collapse the Dollar in 2017? Analyst Sees “Economic Crisis Coming”

        Well … it that is the case, at least Trump has experience handling Bankruptcies. Overall … this fake u.s. economy, and debt ridden nation is going to fall, regardless who is President.

        The continuation of destabilizing America is still in their (tptb) playbook – they are not going to let anything get in their way.

        I say “GAME ON” – the sooner they crash it, the quicker America will be great again ツ

        • The sooner the markets correct and crash as they always do at the end of a business cycle, the sooner the hubris can be swept away, and the TRUMP long term economic program put in place.

          A delay in a market crash until 2018/2019 could make it more difficult for long term restructuring. 🙂

        • Can I suggest for most of us Little people a good strategy plan. Right now you need to fully assess your situations financially. You need to start this weekend by holding a massive yard sale and getting rid of everything, that is not a necessity. Go through your entire house and sheds, garage and create a huge pile of stuff to sell, and get a yard sale going and sell everything you don’t need for your survival. This is a warning!!!

          This does several things. It will free up more cash to buy Food and Preps. After this all crashes, all of that junk in your house will be worth nothing, ZERO. If you have 4 flat screens in your house sell half of them now, Sell all your junk, your junk jewelry, sell all your Art work, books other than survival books, get rid of everything that is not a necessity. This is NO JOKE!!

          I went to several Flea markets in my area for months now, and NOBODY HAS MONEY right now. They want $20 items for .50 cents. $80 items for $25. It is getting crazy, and if you don’t sell your junk right now, you will abandon it in this coming crash, because nobody is going to want it. Get rid of it while you still can. Clear out that extra bedroom and get it set up to take in another room mate who can pay you rent. This is no joke. The economic tidal wave is coming, and the better positioned you are right now, the better your survival. Hold a yard sale and you will soon find out most of your stuff is worth nothing already.

          Loose a job, half your income and see how quickly your world turns to shit. You better have some fishing poles and hunting guns to procure meat. You think this can’t happen here in America? Think again.

          Those with more money sitting in the banks, yes empty your bank account and flip 75% of that, into PM’s right now while they are on the cheap.

          Trust me on this strategy, its going to get really Fugly coming up. Game over for many, as many will loose their place to live because it is unaffordable. You do not want to have piles of household junk you will abandon, because you will have no place to store it. Or pay high rent for a storage locker. Then what. Keep paying till you run out of money, then abandon it. Sell it ALL right now except for necessities. Get rid of everything that is big or heavy. All you want to own right now is what you can carry on your backs. So time to clean house big-time, and raise some extra needed cash for Months of food storage and an emergency fund!! Just read those articles about Venezuela and what the people are doing just to get food. Its coming to every town in America. Are you prepared?

          • Damn about 24 hours and this still hasn’t been posted?

      3. hahahhaha
        ht tps://

        aint even worth that

        • Best link of the day!!

        • Gives new meaning to “a penny for your thoughts”

      4. Clinton, Bush and Obama didn’t hurt the country at all? Now the news is going to blame the guy that’s not even President yet. I personally don’t think that the economy or the country can be saved. It will crash and burn because of government actions that took place over the past several decades. Something else will rise up from the ashes. Brace yo’self!

      5. how did they put it OFF so long, is a great question?

      6. Meh

      7. Any financial crisis is due to events that have taken place long before Trump, and mostly during Obama fiasco of a “presidency”. But, now you’re going to start blaming Trump? SHTFPlan can GFY! You just lost a loyal reader.

        • Moss500 –

          Read above in the article:

          “The system is looking for a scapegoat, for someone to blame, as a massive debt bubble – across several industries – threatens to burst, and a host of other systemic financial problems threaten to collapse down upon us.

          Obviously, SHTFplan/Mac is not blaming Trump – refer to the “SYSTEM” as setting Trump up as in “OPERATION: SHIFT BLAME”

          No need to leave …

        • Easy Hoss…. I mean Moss.

          Mac is saying Trump is being set up. Slow down, s l o w l y read the article.

          And if you must go away, don’t go away mad, just go away.

          But really – stick around. 😉

        • Exactly Moss500. As I said here a week ago. Trump has just arrived at the Biggest Train Wreck in Modern Day History. And Trump has not one single finger print on the train wreck disaster he is about to inherit. Its just a Blame Game. Anybody who thinks this is already Trumps fault is ignorant as hell.

          So all you American hating Liberal scumbags. Ditto to what Moss500 said, GFY’s. You think one guy is going to give you a pacifier and a trophy, so you feel better about yourselves? What have you done today, to make America Great Again?? If nothing, then STFU.

          Ask not, what your Country can do for you,
          But what can you, do for your Country. ~JFK.

          • No, Moss was correct-maybe yall need to s l o w l y r e a d t h e h e a d l i n e….


      8. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE treasonous psychopaths controlling the inner bowels of the pits of hell in Washington DC, I humbly request and beg that you collapse the dollar ASAP, shut down ALL ALTERNATIVE MEDIA, or just shut down the entire Beast of the Internet, so the dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum KEYBOARD COWARD Americans will be forced off their disease ridden obese fat asses, and we can begin the process of arresting you and starting your Nuremberg Style trials for TREASON, GENOCIDE, AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!!!!!!

      9. Let me guess buy gold and or silver? Seriously guys….

      10. Blaming Trump has been in the works ever since he announced,the dems figure a way straight into the office(good luck with that!).This happens,Trump has balls will say fuck the fed and imf ect.,tell those PRIVATE bankers our country was sold out to a bit over a century ago to fuck themselves.We could long term pull this off,life would change but mostly just a lot of less junk/useless people ect.,ugly,but necc. one way or another.

        I in no way blame Mac or say Mac is for this,but,by same token rather more solid prep articles for surviving and less on why it happens when things go wrong,will say am here mostly for the forum and idea exchange,not the articles.

        • off,life would change but mostly just a lot of less junk/useless people ect.,ugly,but necc. one way or another.

          Yep, thats what I have said for years. Aint perty but HAS to be done! Fuck you anti abortion muslim all lives matter muther fuckrs! Learn some 3rd grade math and figure it out! Your overpopulation self rightious shit is the cause of all this! ARE YOU THE STUPIDEST ASSHOLE THAT EVER LIVED? God how I hate peoples ignorance!

      11. I’m more worried about being nuked by our own current president and the ilk than I am about the dollar collapse. They will blame it on Russia! Then there is all the ammo etc. bought up by the feds. Maybe they sent it to wage proxies??? (Syria/Ukraine)

        Maybe its time to hit the reset anyway. Nothing like a good cleansing we all know who are the trouble makers.

        Reestablish the Constitution and BILL of RIGHTS and Gold Standard.
        Get out of: Nato and send bills for services rendered; UN and all its AGENDAs; World policing (Thanks B. Clinton/W. Bush) and Arrest and bring to trial those against the United States as intended by forefathers; IMF; WHO; Cut Federal Funds to all universities who spew anti-american/communist hate doctrines; Send expelled notice to all students receiving federal loans for communist type degrees; Cut all federal agencies except miltary and allow states to manage themselves without federal funding.
        Investigate the Senate and House for insider trading, acts against the US, instigating foreign wars for captial gains, … just a nice start.

        Get rid of all spying on americans, cameras, internet, Patriot Act and the Public Safety set.

        Asset forfeiture Soros and all his groups, Gates, Clinto MSM owners, recipents of Bailouts.

        I have managed to pay off almost all debt (owe very little) and know how to live on very little and prepared to live like 1800’s.
        If I truly believed that the aforementioned items and more could be done to hold those accountable I would not be to unhappy for about 1 year! After that might start get’n grumpy!!

      12. Im shaking my head, because I am perplexed to no end as to why people DENY what is happening in real time right in front of them.

        ATMs and cash ONLY means something to people who CANNOT exist without being able to use a GREY or Black market (barter society)

        People are incredibly LAZY and thus their reliance on easily TRADED TOKENS of money or paper currency as placeholders of value that can be passed easily as a universally accepted means of “value”, and they can carry it around in their POCKET, but its a whole ‘nother story if those same people had to RELY SOLELY ON THEIR SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE TO DO FOR THEMSELVES..Money, cash, zeros and ones in ELECTRONIC BANKING ACCOUNTS THEY DO NOT CONTROL make people lazy and take for granted a society LOCKED INTO A TECHNOLOGICAL PROSON OF THEIR OWN CHOOSING, and thus giving up their freedom for the ease of living.

        What a paper currency turning to CASHLESS society fails to under stand is what do you do when ALL of your systems are 100% RELIANT on functioning and that ELECTRICITY SUDDENLY VANISHES and all the systems cease working?

        Without a physical tangible or intangible but universally accepted and recognized trade/barter tokens, people will be forced to trade bulky, hard to contain trade and transport PHYSICAL and also perishable end use items (clean water/food /fuel). The simplicity of the “value” placeholder of credits, cash, electronic bank funds is replaced by the REALITY of the value of the ACTUAL TANGIBLE and PERISHABLE things they REQUIRE TO LIVE.


        IF you want FREEDOM you MUST destroy the system that enslaves you. If you do not have the understanding of WHERE TPTB derive their power to enslave you come from, then you cannot ever over come them and achieve freedom. It is really that simple. if you will not let go of the complacent and controlling system because you are scared and skill-less and DEPENDENT upon your masters generosity of the products his slaves create and willingness to offer you EASY comfort over freedom, then you deserve the velveted manacles and chains of your masters slavery. A silken prison is still a prison if you never have the desire and willpower to say no.

        You don’t know how “real” real is going to be until real is HAPPENING TO YOU until AFTER that first second technology stops working…

        At 2 seconds past the event, you will already be thinking about when the next time and last time was you have an awesome cup of coffee, or restaurant made grill cheese burger with fries, or a pizza delivered to your door, you know the comfort of a warm dry comfortable home…..

        BUT YOU WILL MISS IT TO NO END as you are huddled next to a smoky fire in the rain, its smoke blowing in your face, wrapped in damp blanket, shivering, dry heaving from empty guts that thirst for clean water, simmering pot roast and a soft bed, and the comforts and ease of yesterday (the WAY we live right NOW) is so very very far away in the past… you wont be sneering then at preppers who understood what was at stake, nor patriots worthy of standing up and FIGHTING to keep it from the very people who are destroying that standard of living. hindsight always sharpest when you suffer the most from the error of your ego that will not accept the stark reality of where we are DEFINITELY GOING in the next couple days to come. You can only deny what is happeing right in front of you that the media is HONESTLY reporting about things in the uSA, like all the shit Obama is ACTUALLY doing, and going to war with Russia over the UNPROVEN and UNSUPPORTED pretext of Russia interfering with the recent US elections.



        • @Neal- “restaurant made grill cheese burger with fries”? WTF is that? I make my own grilled cheese, and its but a burger, along with my own fries and pizza. I cant remember the last time I had delivered pizza either.

          *Very True, I would say Electricity is more important than Water, as it is harder to come by. You can take a water filter to any lake to get water, or buy it bottled in the store, but you can’t pick up a month’s supply of electricity at the store, can you? That’s the difference and why electricity is more important to get locked down on your terms now, because it is harder to come by than water.

          *When prepping always try to get the hardest items to get items first. Like a solar system. $5K Min.

          *You can function quite well with your own Solar System Power Plant Off their Grid. The Sun is free, and I have not had an electric bill in 22 months. The ultimate F-U to Utility Companies raping you, is to get off their Grid and stop feeding the beast. What are you waiting for? Christmas? That just passed. lol I am running my Internet right now via my Solar Power and satellite dish. 4-5 years is my ROI- Return on Investment for Solar. Invest in your future first, and not the Power Co’s, or their stockholder’s future.

        • I for one would love to see them go to cashless,
          Wonder how many poles they keep on hand or how many times they can re splice them fiberoptic cables before they need to replace the whole thing?
          If i cant work gor or use cash ill just work for something else and for all other transactions just get creative,
          The more control TPTWTB exert, THE LESS THEY WILL HAVE!

      13. Sounds like another sales pitch for silver and gold, to me. Purchases of metals and all preps is down by the board since the election, a lot of folks would like to see demand kick up in their favor.

      14. The damage was done before Trump. It would be a ruse for blame to fall on him.

      15. Plant an herb garden. They don’t take up much space. I put mine right outside the Backdoor, close to the kitchen.

        Speaking of back doors, if you haven’t seen “Communism Through The Back Door” by: Dennis Wise; free on YouTube, in 20 (15 minute) epidodes; you owe it to yourself to see it. I keep it and watch an episode or two every day. I have to take a break from watching Hitler speeches with English subtitles.

        If I keep this up I’m going to get deprogrammed. Ah, too late. I have learned the shocking truth. We were lied to in order to get us into wars in Europe which were against our own best interests. The forbidden knowledge will blow your mind wide open before the Communists get around to blowing your head to pieces, because that is the future if we don’t do something to change.


        • Correction:

          Communism BY…

          21 episodes plus A 22nd with credits

          Little time. Watch Episode 21, summary and conclusion; most info in subtitles. Only 15 minutes. Well worth the time.

          After watching episode 21, go back to the beginning.


          • Part 4 has been deleted ???

        • Also checkout the hidden secrets of money series by mike Maloney. It will piss most off.

      16. Any questions ?


        • Yes. You never replied the LAST time I asked when you last took your meds, nutjob. You give the rest of us “rednecks” a bad name you psychotic freak show!

      17. The fake money scam is a

      18. Ok the fed creates money out of thin air. the fed buys US bonds Those US bonds are not backed by any collateral they are IOU,s. then the fed sells those bonds right back to the government and the government loans that newly created fiat money to the banks. the banks then loan it to others. and interest is paid to banks on money created out of thin air . As long a dollars can be used to buy oil the fiat money is desirable. when others refuse to sell oil for petro dollars that’s the end of the dollar. and when the fed created those fake fiat dollars it is all digital just numbers on compueter,s not any actual physical paper money was printed.

      19. That is what the dais about the Stock Market. Look it is over 19,000

        • That is what they said about stock market. That is what it supposed to read.

      20. So what is the verdict?

        Do most of you believe there is going to be financial trouble for the country ? Or is this one BIG ADVERTISEMENT for selling precious metals.

        • Answer: financial trouble for the country and Globally. PM’s are the insurance you use to preserve your wealth.

          I don’t care if someone tries to sell me something, if it has a benefit. I will listen and make my own decision. PM’s are the Currency of choice in a financial collapse. What part of that don’t you get? In a collapse you either have them or you don’t. I sure don’t want to be that dopey guy standing in line all day like a schlep to deposit cash to get some digital card. I will swing by in my Vehicle, find the hottest chick in line, and say hey lets go to lunch, and after lunch, she bangs be for a can of beans to take home for dinner. Those who prepared in many ways, will be the king. I will pull into a gas station hand the Indian a Silver round and fill my tank with gas, then head over to the grocery store flip another 1 Oz round and buy a months worth of groceries. While you cart in a wheel barrel full of worthless fiat toilet paper in exchange for a day’s worth of groceries. Any questions? You are being forewarned.

        • do some 3rd grade math, anon. any idiot, possibly even a congressman could figger THAT out.

          • BCOD

            Sorry, I am a victim of Common Core.

      21. DMONIC, you are a troll. My grandmother was raped and murdered in WW2, by Japanese soldiers. Who the fuck are you, fuck you. Who are you to talk shit to me you fucker. My Fiancee, the women I was to marry, was adducted and gang raped my niggers and dumbed totally butt ass nude, on North Houston, that was on the local news. Who are you. What do you think was going on in my mind at that time. Weak minded people don’t get over shit like this. You have to be strong. You are the one that’s on drugs, you seem to keep accusing me of drug use, when I am starting to suspect your on drugs.

        Who the fuck are you to talk shit to me about me giving red necks a bad name, my friends are red necks, cops, ex military, and Vietnam veterans. Who the fuck are you punk? Collapse for me is a concern for me and for good reason. You see I have a woman, while you are busy masterbating to porn. So don’t talk crap to me boy. You are not a red neck, red necks do not attack me on this site. You seem to believe that turning America into a war zone is a good thing and not a big deal. For me this is not a joke, and I am the pussified type like what you think. I practice martial arts and am one tough son of a bitch, who does not get frightened vey easily. And even I am concerned. That video was my way of demonstrating how the regular everyday people can stand up to bullshit..

        FUCK OFF AND EAT SHIT demonic. fuck you, piece of shit, fuck you. You ever have happen to wife, your daughter, you sister, your talking to shit me punk. You think this is funny, I have reason to worry.


      22. Oh boy , another year and another ANALyst sees a crisis COMING !!
        I just find these articles humerASS now , I used to live by articles like this till I WOKE UP

      23. If it happens, it happens. I’ve got my house full of stuff for SHTF and more coming. If I get something that is needed for SHTF, I have to get rid of something else to get the space that I need. Effectively, I have been on my guard for at least six years. When if happens, I still will not be ready.

      24. Trump is the bankruptcy master. Wife told me she read trump was rich then ended up flat broke living out of the dumpster and built it all back up. To raise yourself out of the gutter you have to know how to game the system cause your not coming out of e gutter by playing by the rules. You have to know how to leverage debt. America needed a debt expert because there is gonna be a collapse of America like never seen before in the history of the world. Nobody realizes the magnitude of this epic disaster. the death will make the holocost look like child’s play. People better be ready to suffer hardship. Start sleeping on cement with just a thin blanket. take baths with ice cubes in the water so you will bathe less. Eat gun powder. Drink dirty water get the shits for days. Eat questionable stuff like roadkill. Run down gravel roads barefoot for miles. This is what I mean about putting yourself through bullshit voluntarily. If you harden yourself up to this you will have a better chance of making it than just about anyone. You cannot buy a hardened resolve on Amazon. Your gonna need to eat nails and shit cast iron. This should be the goal of all training. I laugh at people who think they are gonna thrive like nothing happened. This just isn’t reality. You better harden your heart too.

      25. Presidents don’t collapse the dollar; bankers do.

      26. 666 on the foreheads of the sheeple is next. And they will have ZERO idea what that even means, as long as it is “convenient.”

      27. Trump isn’t going to collapse the dollar, that has been slated for decades of statist rule.
        Get a grip folks, We the people set the value of the dollar every time we spend one on our commodities…it’s called capitalism, and it works. Don’t let these crony statists set the standards anymore.

      28. They need a chump; why not Trump. Trump as the figurehead who’s out there front-and-center gets blamed; he himself can’t/won’t personally crash anything (contrary to the stupid headline). A President is not an almighty dictator, he’s there to take directions and do as he’s told.

        • He’s called a buttpuppet. FYI

      29. The sky is falling…
        The sky is falling…
        The sky is falling…
        Buy our products, it’s good 4u!
        Spend your cash here, because the dollar WILL COLLAPSE!

        Mac, stop going down the road Alex Jones did. Stick to useful, relevant information about preparedness, and reporting the tyranny of the ruling class the average people deal with.

        Trump can no more collapse the financial system than BO could. The office of President is a perch for the elitists’ puppetry, nothing more. The choice of how to handle the economy originates from the old-family banking cartels, the consolidated industrial monopolies organized under them, the government to legitimize their scams, and the religious cabals created by the elites – the sole purpose of which is telling lower classes it’s OK to be poor, you’ll be rewarded for your complicity (not complacency) in the ficticious afterlife.

        In order to change the system, the masses who are most harmed by it must “Withdraw Consent” – here’s a few ideas:

        1. Stop paying for your houses/land with credit – this is probably the biggest scam being levied on the low to middle class demographic. They (multi-billion dollar corps.) give themselves negative interest rates – which amounts to free money for which they do nothing to earn, And inflates prices out of reach for buyers of average means, who are  stuck paying untenable interest rates of 4-9 percent over “prime”? Talk about an elitist GOT CHA!

        2. Reduce traceable income as much as possible – the scumbag elites’ thuggery can’t tax what they can’t see. Barter and trade are “Wealth Neutral” meaning equitable value to both parties, and in most instances, cashless.

        3. Reduce spending on time-wasting (entertainment) services. Got that $200.00/mo. Cable/satellite bill? Football all day simulcasts? How about that $10.00/day Starbucks habit? Eating out 6-10 times/week? There’s plenty of fat to trim in this category in most people’s budgets.

        4. Drive the speed limit, the goons with badges can’t ticket you so easily to financial extortion. If you do get a ticket, FIGHT IT! the system for traffic revenue operates smoothly by the voluntary compliance offered by the victim – you!

        5. Move away from cities/states who make money by extorting people with common pitfalls – parking meters/paid lots/tickets, code enforcement, HOA’s, high vehicle registration / smog extortions, building codes, state income taxes, excessive sales/property tax…is that $50.00/hr. job REALLY better than a $35.00/hr. income, considering all the BS that flows along with it? How much is that belief of convenience costing you each month?

        For example, If you think code enforcement is to protect YOUR investment in property, think again…That house next door that gets sold by the BANK 4-6 times every 30 years is THEIR gain, not yours. You just pay the inflated property tax assessments, higher mortgage payments and house insurance.

        6. Stop wasting time voting on federal ballot canidates. Your state level government has much more influence on your day to day life than the fed. Get politically active at your state and county levels of guberment. Go to jury duty if you have the time, that’s your opportunity to put judicial injustice down!

        I’m sure I could think of more ways to back-out of the system, but it’s more important for you – the one reading this, think for yourself…. champion your own interests, spend less time feeding the rich, and more time with your family. We all die too soon, and never take the time to say our minds before it’s too late.

        • Great suggestions.

      30. The shithead in the white house is passing all sorts of laws according to Drudge. Dump so much crap on Trump so he gets nothing done. Republicans didn’t do that to Obama. Hope you democrats are ready to catch hell should the country go south.

        Democrats are becoming no better than home grown terrorist.

        • Well Anonymous, at least Trump should be able to wave the magic marker of the executive branch to repeal the E.O.s scribbled out by B.O.

          It could read something like this:
          I, Donald J. Trump, as President of the United states, hereby waive and hold void, all previous Executive Orders created by those who have held this office before me. Such decrees are not enfoceable upon the American People. As an elected president, I understand the United States is not a Dictatorship. My position does not allow the generation of regulations on The People or their privately held possessions. Such policies levied upon The People are un-ethical, and un-Constitutional henceforth will no longer be tolerated….

          In service to the People of the United States, Donald J. Trump

          …ahh, how the mind does wander…

      31. Ahhh, another 1,000 oz’s last week. Damm this shit is heavy…. Still stacken and packen. Happy New Year to all my fellow Preppers.

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