Trump, The War Monger, Criticizes Biden, The War Monger

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    Former President Donald Trump has criticized the master who took the throne after him for “sleeping” through the “Russian invasion.” Trump’s criticism comes as Biden “failed” to make a public appearance in the immediate hours after Russian forces allegedly bombarded the Ukrainian military infrastructure across the country.

    This is an obvious distraction from what’s really going on, but those who still bow to master Trump will eat this up. The White House issued a press release revealing that Biden will only address the massive escalation “tomorrow in the early afternoon,” presumably after he has woken up, according to Summit News. 

    Former master and ruler Donald Trump wasted no time in responding to the crisis, appearing on Fox News last night. After host Laura Ingraham told Trump that Biden was “monitoring the situation” and would speak with G7 leaders about it later on Thursday, Trump slammed the president’s slow response.

    “I don’t think he’s monitoring, I think he is probably sleeping right now,” said Trump. The former president went on to assert that Putin would have never attacked Ukraine if he was still president and the 2020 election hadn’t been “rigged.” Rigged or not, the ruling class will keep installing whatever master they want, and Trump was no different.

    This is nothing more than an obvious distraction and divisive way to keep the public fighting amongst themselves about which master is better to rule them and their neighbors.

    Has Humanity Won? Almost…Here’s The Next Step

    The Freedom Convoy Is Great, but Justin Trudeau Is Only the Surface of the Problem

    If we want true, lasting freedom, it’s going to require genuine structural change. The system we have is broken. The “checks and balances” we thought would protect our freedoms aren’t working. If the past two years haven’t made that clear, I don’t know what will.

    So rather than seeking salvation in Constitutions, Charters, politicians, and judiciaries, we need to step back and reevaluate the system as a whole. –The Foundation for Economic Education 

    “Structural change” will involve the abolition of the entire system, not the installation of a new or different master. It’s a tough pill to swallow for those who advocate the enslavement of mankind to just the right master. Government is slavery. That means whatever master is selected to rule everyone is, indeed, our master. The only solution is to reject slavery in all forms, including government.



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      1. Trump a warmonger? You are a fucking idiot.

        • Aside from the chicken-shyte act of luring Solemani to a supposed peace conference and then murdering him with a predator drone missile – an act of absolutely nauseating and dishonorable cowardice, which soured me on Trump – the one and only thing Trump promised he would do when he ran in 2016 – he did do. He refused to let the RINOs and neocons drag him into starting any new wars.

          So, by that standard, calling Trump a warmonger is a bald faced lie.

          In fact, I have a strong sense that his refusal to start any new wars that the Israel First America Never lobby demanded was a big reason why they tried to impeach him and run him out of office, and why the Deep State worked alongside the Democrats to steal the 2020 election.

          • Solemani was an honorable warrior who held to the highest standards of nobility in war, he deserved better than being killed like he was just another Muslim terrorist.

            • I could not agree more. Murdering Solemani who was a hero and a highly respected and admired military officer – using the devious and dishonorable tactics that Trump let his neocon war mongering, Israel toe sucking advisors talk him into authorizing — revealed just how sick and corrupted Trump’s personal morals are and what a nauseating fellator of Israeli salami this guy has revealed himself to be.

              Trump never served 10 seconds in any branch of the US military, so one can assume that he was clueless about the historical military code of conduct and ethics when engaged in warfare. But, that is no excuse for his disgusting and dishonorable behavior.

        • Yes; trump is a warmonger.

          He did his level best to start a war with Syria, North Korea and Venezuala. His intended victim nations did not rise to the bait. But it gets worse.

          Trump is more than a warmonger. He’s a first order swamp critter and he flooded his admin with all forms swamp vermin. He pardoned 6 Wall Street megabanks for fraud. He pardoned a merc doing time for murdering unarmed Iraqi civilians in broad daylight. Those actions define his integrity. But it gets worse.

          Trump carried out false flags in Syria, Vegas (the civilian massacre) and the covid genocide. He gave Fauci a platform to spew lies and misinfo. He destroyed the real economy by shuttering uncounted “non-essential” businesses while the big-box corporations made record profits. But it gets worse.

          Trump refused to take action against the big-tech social media who were/are attacking the 1st Amendment. Trump pubically attacked the 2nd Amendment (redflag) and he attacked the 4th Amendment (random stop and frisk). But it gets worse.

          Conservatives still somehow think this FPOS rino is the best thing since sliced bread. How did that happen?

          • Rachel Madcow has programmed you well.

        • Seriously. Trump being a warmonger is one of the dumbest claims I’ve ever heard.

          • Wait a minute — you think launching 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles against Syria was not an “act of war”? What god-damn planet do you live on?

            Trump should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity but it will never happen. Just like the shrub will never be prosecuted for 9/11. Just like Obama will never be prosecuted to fake identity documents. Just like Clinton will never be prosecuted for all the women he raped. Too many people are simply asleep at the wheel.

            We deserve the government we allow to operate. This country is “done”.

            • That depends on how you determine what a warmonger is.

              Trump didn’t start any new wars, and worked at de-escalating the ones he inherited.

              If your apparent standards for “crimes against humanity” were applied to all Presidents then every President since Clinton should also be prosecuted.

      2. Someone made a comment
        somewhere that the goal
        of these rulers/ masters is
        to keep tearing humanity
        down until there is nothing
        left except slave drones.
        They also mentioned what you often say: that no master
        is better than any other. That
        our current system does not need to be changed but needs to be completely obliterated because they are
        ALL corrupt. That as a people, we need to start over completely and realize we are sovereign human beings
        with no need to be “ruled”
        over by anyone.

      3. Do you really believe that sleepy Joe brokered a deal last week to sell Poland $6billion worth of M1 Abrams tanks?

        Ha …you might start with getting a clue as to who the ??? ???? are first.

        As far as a bunch of Meat Head from all in the family …anarchists ? vague jive about shit canning the whole operation and starting over.

        I’d love to see the plan.

        • “Meat head from all in the family” careful there slack, you’re giving away your age.
          I loved that show.

      4. The only organization committed to abolishing the current system, with the chops to maybe succeed, is the Globalist Socialist WEF and their Reset.

        Then there are a few loose oligarchical financial warlords like the Soros Group.

        The idea we’re going to overthrow government and suddenly be free, ignores that non-government governing bodies already exist and would simply impose their own rule.

        National governments by the people for the people based on the Westphalian model remains the only reasonable middle ground.

        • Your comment begs the question, so I’ll ax.
          Is the big guy getting his usual 10%?

      5. I much preferred Trump to the current puppet. I understand that you are pointing out that it is pretty much all political theater, and it doesn’t really matter who is president. Trump must have been a bit of a thorn in their side, or they wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths to cheat him out.


        • EXACTLY, your spot on!
          Trump is the ONLY president that has HELPED the citizens of this country, NO OTHER president in the last 100 year did as much to help us. the rest are just liars and thieves sold us out to the highest bidder!

      7. Ever see “The Shawshank Redemption”? Just like long term prisoners, the public would not know what to do with freedom since they have been told, their entire lives, what to do by the government.

        • AMEN!!!

      8. Pot vs kettle? Trump needs to disappear and take the drooling pedophile with him. There is no workable solution that includes Mr. Clot shot.

        We need trials and prosecutions now. Right now. We need to purge the globalist corruption that has overwhelmed Washington and the world. That part definitely *includes* trump.

      9. BroooklynSez:
        I am shocked that Americans in America are cheering Putin, including a former U.S. President Cheering a murderous commie scumbag. As for criticizing Biden, I seem to recall that when Youknowwho was president Congress wanted to impose sanctions on PUKIN and his ilk but those sanctions were A. watered down by the Conservatives and B. The Manchurian candidate basically would not enforce those sanctions a few years back, Now we have INNOCENT people being murdered because a commie scumbag thinks he can get away with it. I believe the commie (fu k oh) miscalculated badly the Ukes are fighting back and this is not going the way commie (Fu k oh) thought it would. I do not like war but I pray for the Ukes and hope they give as good as they got. and I hope we funnel a boatload of stingers and javelins and shove them up their arse! if this excursion goes on more than two weeks then Pu Kin is toast.

        • Your 50 years of cold war, anti-Russian programming is deep.

          Many still Baaa! to their masters and the mental programming they received.

          About 1 in 25 people are capable of objective thought. Thats roughly 4%. 4% realize that the Russia of today is not the boogieman the USGov propagandized us with.

          Break out of your fear-aholic stupor they have used to scared you.


          • Pukin is a commie Russia Today is more dangerous than Russia pre 1989, if you and your ilk like Russia so much why don’t you go live there and see how much your 1st amendment, and 2nd amendment rights are (cough, cough) respected. Here is the bottom line most people voted for Grifter because he made being a racist good again thats it he didnt do a damn thing for the U.S. except make dictators more emboldend because the orange gibbon thought HE was going to be a dictator. Every single person who voted for him wanted an America of the 1920’s thru the 1950’s and when they didn’t get it they blame Biden, I know history and it never ends well for DICK-tators. PUkin is a commie through and through He said it himself he wants a PRE-1917 Russia Well too Fukin bad PUKEY you aint getting it just like the ones who wanted the orange gibbon to bring back “America” well they aint getting the Great America they wanted.The one with segregation, Racism and Oppression of people simply because they are brown black or hell a bit light in the loafers, Seems the Boomers liked it when they could smoke weed and take LSD and have all the sex and free love they wanted but when others were expressing themselves i.e. pointing out the serious police brutality in this country well, poop they must be put back in their place. Yea good luck with that.

      10. Wag the dog. That movie was spot on. Got a problem you want people to forget? Create more theatre. Distraction is so easy these days.

      11. The more I interact with other people, the more I find it to be true.

        About 1 in 25 are capable of objective morality.

        The rest are desperate and servile for whomever yanks the right chain, just so.

        Sincerely sorry, voluntaryists. Your memes have been cool.

        • Objective morality?

          As in moral codes and standards created to achieve a specific end result?

          That would be anything you, as their source, want it to be according to your desired end.

          Which makes the source of those standards of utmost importance.

      12. I don’t care who you like or who you dislike. Here is what I know:

        My wages have not gone up significantly.

        The prices of EVERYTHING has gone up A LOT.

        People are out of work.

        People are getting fired because they won’t allow themselves to be medically raped.

        They’re lying about everything, especially Ukraine.

        Illegals are pouring across the southern border.

        Since O’Biden was elected, our country has gone to shit.

        I regret that I only have one sentence left to type:

        Let’s Go Brandon!!!


        I’m not dead set on any one fuel.

        Except, Christians might ponder that the Russian oil interest has a nexus in Damascus and extends through NATO countries, surrounding the Russian Federation.

        • I am a fan of hydrogen.

          • I’m a fan of the Amish.

      14. True to form, I see that Trump is again succumbing to his uncontrollable outbursts of narcissism. I see this as an attempt by this egotist to try to capitalize on the pathetic weakness being shown by Pedo joe with regards to the Russia-Ukraine fiasco and remake his own image into that of a bad-ass, hyper-macho ‘tough guy’ who he wants us to believe Vladimir Putin is terrified of and that he single-handedly kept Putin reduced to a pants-peeing state of terrified cowardice during his 4 years in office.

        Most recently, I am seeing headlines on articles over on where the Orange Blowhard is claiming that if he were President and Putin moved on Ukraine (not a NATO member; so this would be illegal) or if China moves on Taiwan, that he’ll bomb both countries back to the Stone Age.

        This kind of irresponsible blathering makes Trump seem like he is a wet behind the ears, dumber than heck, 14 year old teenage punk. Nobody loathes Pedo Joe more than I do, but if Trump thinks for a second that Putin is scared of him, he’s living in some kind of dream world. Trump is not a bad ass. What Trump is can be summed up: He is a fat cat billionaire real estate tycoon who is a loud mouthed, narcissistic, egotistical gas bag who is unable to control his habit of constantly blowing his own horn.

        Furthermore, if Trump were still in office and Putin decided to invade the Ukraine – he’d be in the same spot Pedo Joe is now in. Putin laid it out. Anyone who interferes is going to suffer consequences like none they have ever experienced in life and those consequences are going to be nasty and brutal. So far, at least, Pedo Joe keeps promising that American troops will not be sent to fight Russians. That could change, but if it does, it means WW3 and this means Putin will uses nukes on the USA. And, here is the thing about these criminal psychopaths who’ve hijacked America. They like to beat up on small and defenseless countries and they like to do that because they are bullies. Bullies are cowards, because they seldom are interested in picking fights with someone their own size.

        Are we to seriously believe that Trump, who ran on a promise to not get America involved in any more of these endless wars (for Israel’s sole benefit) and he actually did keep that promise of no ‘new’ wars – is all of a sudden willing to do a complete reversal and not only attack two nuclear armed nations, but willing to kick off a nuclear WW3 that would end all life on this entire planet?

        This is the absolute worst example of political posturing and political gamesmanship I have witnessed in my entire life. It’s almost as if this irresponsible gas bag from the sewers of NYC is trying to goad Pedo Joe, Mr. Alzheimer, into sticking our noses into this Ukraine quagmire and that could actually start WW3.

        • ^^^This^^^

          I watched a little of Trump last night at CPAC before I had to turn it off. He is the same blowhard he always was…promising the same things he promised in 2016 that he never delivered on and setting himself up as some kind of strong strategic leader…which he never was.

          Donald…forget about the Presidency…the Mar-a-Lago buffet line is calling.

      15. Thank You to those who see the Trumps B.S for what it is, as a life long NYer alot of us smelled his B.S. from the beginning, I have been noticing a change on this site and a few others. The smoke and mirrors of his circus act is wearing thin and I am seeing a shift in people, folks do not like to admit they got conned, Trump played on emotions and fears and continues to do without adding any substance or actual solutions other than infantile dreams of being a psuedo dictator, and taking donations and putting them right into his pocket, he was given 4 years and all he did was give the rich a mega gift in the form of his millionaire/billionaire tax cut and it did not help the economy, the economy was doing well way before that he temporarily elevated coal and oil, but in the end coal is not the way to go and lots of people know this but do not want it to be so, but it sure helped the rich line their pockets, other than that he did Putins bidding by dividing us I am seeing some signs of healing, more and more people are reaching across the aisle and help one another we can agree to disagree in the end were all Americans, extreme ideology on both sides is dangerous. I am praying for the ukrainian people and I hope they kick as much Ruskie azz before they are overwhelmed. This excursion by Pukin has the very real potential to spread, if you have children of fighting age I pray for you and them, WW3 seems more and more likely look at the parallels before WWI &II, and to those that blame this on Biden because of Nato expansionism, If a free and sovreign country wants to sign a mutual defense treaty to counter a more powerful bully nation Who is Putin or anybody got a right to say no you cant do that?

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