Trump Talks Gun Control, And What We Will More Than Likely See From The Government

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 91 comments

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    President Donald Trump was still appearing a little dismissive earlier today when he discussed the possibility of addressing gun laws in the future following the massacre in Las Vegas. Although his supporters were quick to say it was a “write off” and he would never enact gun control, Trump’s history before his campaign shows him to be not quite as friendly to gun owners as some may hope.

    Trump merely said he will be “talking about gun control as time goes by,” but that’s hardly comforting to gun owners who know his history on the second amendment, and it isn’t all flags and patriotism as would believe. More likely than not, some gun control laws will be written at the state level in places that are massive democrat strongholds, like California, New Jersey, or New York.  But the possibility of more federal laws now looms over our heads too.

    Back in 2000, Trump laid out his views on gun control. In a page-long explanation of his stance on guns in his book The America We Deserve Trump assessed the differences between the two main political parties’ gun policies. He called what he said was the Democratic party‘s desire to “confiscate” guns “a dumb idea” and said Republicans “refuse even limited restrictions,” noting that they “walk the NRA line.” Instead, he cast his stance as something of a middle ground. “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,” he wrote.  And if that isn’t evidenced enough, Trump also agreed with Barack Obama, one of the most anti-gun presidents in modern history, after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

    He then made it clear that he wanted to get rid of gun-free zones, but maybe he just hasn’t had the time.  We can give him the benefit of the doubt on this one, right? “My first day, it [gun-free zone ban] gets signed, OK? My first day. There’s no more gun-free zones,” he said in January of 2016.

    To be fair, after his election, Donald Trump did roll back an Obama-era regulation that required “mental illness” social security checks on people “unable to handle their finances.” Had this rule officially taken full effect, the Obama administration anticipated that 75,000 would be added to list of those who would lose their gun rights.

    Dismissing Trump’s statements outright is simply for those who don’t know what his stance on guns was BEFORE he campaigned for the presidency and how wishy-washy he can be on the issue. Those who do know, are not being so calm about his comments.  Of course, there’s no real reason to be up in arms (no pun intended) just yet, because nothing has been proposed, but it isn’t hard to see it popping up, and soon.

    That isn’t to say that gun control will get passed and become law.  Barack Obama failed to do anything even remotely meaningful when it came to new regulations, and some Republicans won’t be swayed. But it is important to remember Donald Trump’s history on the issue and how he’s changed sides.  It’s hard to say which side he’s on now that he is president and it’s difficult to assess what exactly he meant when saying the US will be “talking about gun control.”


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      1. The Federal government will always find ways to betray us.

        • The next thing to be outlawed will be the bump fire stocks.


            • There isn’t even any such place as Sandy Hook.

              It’s an FBI training camp run by the government.

          • Already commanding a premium.

          • They are useless, except as a novelty, anyway. You can’t aim worth crap with one of them.

            • Yup,
              Rather a good quality Magpul

            • NOT the point Archivist. Banning “add on’s) is a very slippery slope……

        • Not just federal. My state (CT) is now talking about banning bump fire (slide fire) stocks. Damnit, I got to get the hell out of this shi*y state……….

        • If Trump allows for gun control, we will have to admit that he played us. Without Guns we will be at their mercy. Cuba, and all terrorists countries did exactly that. I remember Castro saying constantly “Armas para que?” Why do we need to bear arms? Only that after doing it, we were at his mercy and savage and killing behaviors of his minions. Be careful America, we are in great danger.

      2. I think this was all planned far before the election with the intent of Hillary capitalizing upon it. In her absence they used it or lose it choosing the former. We’re certainly better off with Trump but he is no Dr Rand Paul MD.

        We will see but I’m not hopeful.

        • Kevin2, I’m not hopeful either. Just the very idea that Trump would even consider any gun control bills really did something to me this evening. As far as Rand Paul is concerned he is nothing like his father. I supported Ron Paul when he was running. It’s a damn shame he never had a chance.

          • I supported Ron Paul when Ron Paul wasn’t cool….. Wasn’t that a song?

            • Barbara Mandrell.

          • I think it is him acting properly Presidential at this horrible time.
            Use a non-descript, vague, statement to blow-off questions about “gun laws” and an open-ended timeline to “talk about it”.
            The quote used that Trump tweeted never expressed any agreement about gun control- only that he agreed with Obama’s speech about the heartbreak of the Sandy Hook event and that it was horrific to see kids slaughtered.
            The other quote cited as evidence states, “but I support the ban on assault weapons and I also support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun,”
            Newsflash–there already is a ban on “assault rifles” or fully automatic weapons and an extended waiting period doesn’t impede my purchase or ownership of any weapons I want or own……..
            This article is reading way too much into a very clever reply at a time when a direct denunciation of discussing guns would have been a bad move and looked heartless.
            Well done Mr President…………

            • Orange Julius ain’t my president!

              • Uh, yeah, he is…and being a whiney punk ass bitch won’t change it.

                • I don’t accept rulers like your statist ass does. If I don’t aknowledge him as such then he isn’t. Pretty simple there minimus…

              • He’s not orange. The TV people make him look like that for fun. In person, he’s normal looking.

              • You obviously are not the genius you think you are.

              • . . .but orange jew lee ass is. . .

                • Glad too see your still brainwashed by the political system douche canoe….

            • javelin, true.
              President Trump knows very well that the leftie loonie commies respond to any shooting event by calling for more gun control. Then they blame liberty-minded conservatives for creating a climate of hatred. The gun control libtards are the only people who cite the repeated failure of gun control laws as a reason for wanting more.

              • Same with great society- it has failed, proving we didn’t spend enough. . .

                Libs have a strange understanding of proof. . .

          • Rand Paul was the most tuned into Constitutional Rights of all the campaign hopefuls of the left, right and center. Trump is an authoritarian. Maybe perceived to be our authoritarian but an authoritarian none the less. The words, “I support the Second Amendment but, these weapons of war”, state that you will be allowed to have the means to defend yourself from criminals but not from me. If one supposes that there are degrees in the First Amendment with political speech being at the top and pornography being at the bottom certainly in regards to the Second Amendment the military style rifle rates at the top with the sporting over under shotgun at the bottom. Hunting, sport and even criminal attack are not in its scope.

            • @K2
              Last week, U.S. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Brian Schatz (D-HI), and Ron Wyden (D-OR) REINTRODUCED the Stop Militarizing Our Law Enforcement Act (S. 1856)
              And then this horrific incident occurs in the same week.

              The first time this bill was lintroduced was in 2015 and shortly thereafter the San Bernadino shooting occurred..

              Yep something seems askew.

              S. 1856, the Stop Militarizing Our Law Enforcement Act: 
              * Limits the transfer of military-grade equipment: Prohibits the federal transfer of militarized equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies – including MRAPs, drones, and armored vehicles. 
              Conspiracy or not … the crazies are putting us all at risk .
              My guess is the bill will be read again and then it’s back to the armed services committee… where it will rot.

      3. Hmmm…..,anywhere from 300-600 million guns in citizens hands,they will not get too many before they literally have a war on their hands,perhaps the intent?In to days getting more challenging daily society the last thing folks who want to protect themselves will do is voluntarily give up firearms(though there are many other tools of defense).

        To misquote a tiny bit the rap group NWA,”Fuck The Govt.”.

        • Warchild, BRAVO! I’m not giving up shit under any circumstances.

        • Who would. Have thought that poor ol Peter Greene that got duped by the nazi witches into a one way lsd trip would have outlived Tom petty? idk

          ht tps://

        • LOL!! I like that meme: “FUCK THE GOVT.” (A meme is something you say over and over until it catches on…) like permaculture- an extremely simple concept and yet extremely relevant to our times and useful…


      4. One man cannot save us or sink us. The whole of the Federal government are nothing but self-serving leeches and that will never change. Our country is finished and all that we can really do is make our stand when they push us over our personal line. It’ll be roll over or kill.

        • Menzo, the day when our weapons will have to speak for us is coming sooner than we thought. It’s going to have to be kill. No rolling over for me on ANYTHING, EVER!

          • They PRETEND they don’t know what the second amendment is for. Barack Bummer made me sick talking about us wanting to go out shooting turkeys/deer. He knew damn well the second amendment is for the peoples’ protection against tyranny. Yet he thought Americans were too stupid to know. And he majored in Constitutional law!!

            Now, this fruitcake (Trumpet) is doing the same thing– talking about taking away our rights to assault weapons.. Guess next they will say we can only own a musket.

      5. I hope they outright ban assault rifles,
        They can go fuck themselves too
        MOLON LABE

        • Nailbanger, let them try. They’re going to screw around and get themselves killed.

          • We can talk gun control after we talk about their 1 million dead babies each year.

        • sgt dale…3 stories back…they show pictures of the room and weapons…the picture with the door clearly shows that it was not breached in the way that we did it many years ago… there is no damage to the entrance mechanism and it is still hanging on its hinges…those are the areas where the c4 would have been applied… have they come up with an way to breach that does not damage the door and jam?

        • They already did ban assault rifles. The National Firearms Act did that.

          Now they want to ban anything the LOOKS like an assault rifle.

      6. The murder toll in Las Vegas on Sunday makes it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. Know what they call that in Chicago? June. (Y’know, Chicago, with some of THE strictest gun control laws in the nation)
        Actually, there were 84 murders in Chicago, just in June, according to, which keeps a running tally. There were 76 murders in July, 50 in August. And there were 59 murders in Chicago last month, so the death toll in Las Vegas — again, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history — was just a normal September there.
        – Joseph Curl in Daily Wire

        Breitbart notes a study by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), which found that “assault weapons” were only used in 27 percent of mass shootings during the years 1999-2013. And if you look at figures from 1982 to 2013 the percentage of “assault weapons” used in mass shootings is 24 percent. Northeastern University’s James Alan Fox, an academic who studies mass shootings/mass murder, summed his findings up by saying, “Assault weapons are not as commonplace in mass shootings as some gun-control advocates believe.”

        It was Fox who discovered that the number of mass shootings in America actually rose during 1995-2004–a time when the federal “assault weapons” ban was in place.

        The generally mendacious, disgusting Mother Jones actually got one right, for once, noting “As liberal Mark Follman of Mother Jones wrote in The New York Times, there is no one standard for a mass shooting; Mother Jones properly uses an incident in which four or more people were killed in public attacks, excluding gang attacks, robbery, or domestic violence. Follman came up with four mass shootings in 2015, not the 355th from January to December of that year touted by the media. In reality, by their count, there were 46 deaths in mass shootings in 2015, the last year for which federal gun homicide statistics are available; that year there were 12,979 gun-related homicides overall in the United States. T****hat means that mass shooting deaths totaled some 0.3% of all gun homicides in the United States.****

        DailyWire notes “According to FBI statistics, the vast majority of gun-related homicides involve handguns, not long guns (in 2012, for example, only 322 people were killed with a rifle of any sort, as opposed to thousands by handgun). But the Left doesn’t want to openly talk about banning handguns, since they are significantly more common and more popular than long guns.”

        People bring up Australia’s gun confiscations, but Australia and the United States ****saw similar declines in gun homicide since 1996 despite increase in number of guns owned per American and radical decrease per Australian.***

        And just maybe, if black lives matter – and they certainly DO – then they ought to ALSO matter to the FATHERS who sire these children, then abandon them. How many NFL kneelers have illegitimate kids running around with no father present

      7. Oh yes. Re. legally owned fully automatic guns, which it appears the LV shooter used (or modified to simulate such fire) HAVE ONLY BEEN USED THREE TIMES SINCE 1934 IN CRIMES. See

        One was a murder committed by a law enforcement officer, and not a civilian. On September 15th, 1988, a 13-year veteran of the Dayton, Ohio, police department, Patrolman Roger Waller, then 32, used his fully automatic MAC-11 .380 caliber submachine gun to kill a police informant, 52-year-old Lawrence Hileman.

        The 1986 ban on the sales of new machine guns does not apply to purchases by law enforcement or government agencies. The other homicide possibly involving a legally owned machine gun occurred on September 14, 1992, also in Ohio.

        In Targeting Guns, Kleck cites the director of ATF testifying before Congress that he knew of less than ten crimes that were committed with legally owned machine guns. No time period was specified in his testimony. Kleck said these crimes could have been nothing more than violations of gun regulations such as failure to notify ATF after moving a registered gun between states.

        A third crime was referenced as having been committed since 1934, but was not identified.

      8. Gun control no no no….. ban demoncraps from drugs!
        Gun control…no….ban demoncraps from hate speech!
        In fact ban them from, laziness, overindulging, welfare,
        child abandonment, television, cheating.
        Gun control ..NO….
        ban welfare
        REPRODUCTION……all the things they live for…..ban it..!!!
        Make demoncraps fight as hard for their freedom TO BE a parasite
        as we do for our freedom TO BE FREE of parasites!

      9. Surefire and bump stock will be banned soon.



          Every male I talk to feels the exact same way!!!!

      11. Mac, I’m sorry for my rant but this news was too bitter a pill for me to swallow. I gagged on it. We’re all living in one of Matt Bracken’s novels for sure now.

        • Are you sure is wasn’t something else you were gagging on?

          • JS, you don’t know what you’re talking about so STFU.

        • Don’t worry Deplorable Brave, when Trump realizes his supporters are angry he’ll change his tune and backpedal and then wait a while longer to once again pull the rug out. So there will at least be a delay.

          Look, you can’t say you weren’t warned about Donald J Trump. He is not a man of his word. I, and others here, witnessed hundreds of cases of that over the decades. There were plenty of warnings here on shtf about how he pulls shit on people by those who have a long history with him. I was one of them.

          I also said “she’s worse but he’s not much better”… many times. You chose to either ignore the warnings or call me a troll. You did both.

          Read my below posts to see why he wants gun control. It’s not a legitimate reason, but it is the reason.

          Scroll down to my 4 posts and read them. One of my posts below, not related to gun control, has 2 links you may want to click on. That tells you what he’s up to next.

          Like I said here many times before, he’s not pro-life. He had to say that in order to win. He said what he knew his base wanted to hear. He’s been doing this for 35 yrs now, it’s nothing new. He’s not pro-life and neither are Ivanka and Jared, both of whom are pro-choice, and they are highly influential in Trumps decisions. BTW, all Y ewz are pro-choice and those two Millennial know-it-alls are Y ewz.

          Checkout the below links so you’ll know ahead of time what he’s up to next in terms of not making good on his many (empty) promises.

      12. Rival investors seek to stop Chinese takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange
        ht tp://

        Remember this…
        York Stock Exchange sold to derivatives company in $8bn takeover
        “Sale of nearly 200-year-old institution to Intercontinental Exchange comes amid historic shift to electronic trading.”
        ht tps://

        Fall of New York Stock Exchange
        “On Dec. 20, 2012, the Atlanta-based Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced the purchase of the NYSE, ending what USA today called “a storied 220-year reign over financial markets.”

        The New York Times reported: “It was the temple of commerce, the symbol of New York’s status as the nation’s – and for many decades, the world’s – financial center.”

        “In the days of judgment, the foundations of a nation’s power are laid bare.”
        ht tp://

      13. Trump is not for gun ownership and had said so many times on Howard Stern’s radio show, mostly in the 90’s. He has always had a (armed) body guard, and the most sophisticated and elaborate home security systems and since he didn’t need a gun for self-protection he didn’t care about all of us who do need one.

        He has not changed his stance as he wants you to think.

        The same goes for abortion. He just signed a bill that would allow abortion up to 5 months. Beyond 5 months is a punishable crime. A 5 month old fetus is formed and can feel the pain and torture of slowly being ripped out of the mother. But Trump signed this bill into effect today. So much for his pro-life stance.

        I also mentioned in previous threads and right before the election he is not pro-life. He pretended to have changed his mind about abortion so he could win the election because if he was truthful he knew he would have lost.

        Trump and Ivanka and Jared are Democrats, RINO. Jared and Ivanka are also liberals. And they are pro-choice. And they have a lot of influence over Mr President.

        He even pressured Marla, his second wife, to abort Tiffany because she had tricked him into a pregnancy. That was why he didn’t help raise Tiffany and isn’t close to her. He resented Marla for that. He hasn’t changed his stance on abortion since then. Or guns.

        He said what he needed to say to win. He also plays both sides just to play it safe.

        That’s how he has operated ever since I first heard of him in 1980 when I was a college student, old enough to know he has the morals of a snake. The shit he pulled in the 90’s was even more appalling. None of this made national news then because he wasn’t a celebrity back then and it was only reported on here in the NYC Metro area. That’s why you didn’t hear 20 years of bs from him or about him.

        “When people show you who they are believe them the first time.”

      14. From Mandalay Bay policy on guns:

        Weapons of any type (guns, knives, nightsticks, mace, pepper spray, stun guns etc.) are strictly prohibited on Mandalay Bay property. Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies may carry weapons on Mandalay Bay property in the performance of their official duties. These agencies must contact Mandalay Bay Security Management prior to arriving on property.

        When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

      15. I’m back. I had to get away from the computer for a short time. It was either that or smash it to pieces.

        • Better if you stop watching porn and just read the news.

          • JS, I never look at porn.

      16. We already have gun control/laws….automatic weapons are illegal. Grenades, bazookas, etc…too, as they should be. Its obvious to any moron that if somebody wants to kill, they don’t need a gun to do it. As of late, trucks running over people, bombings, etc….are all to common. This Vegas shooter was a pilot and owned planes. What if he could not get his hands on an assault rifle and hi-cap mags (i.e., we make them illegal). Can you imagine what a Light aircraft loaded with fuel would have done to that crowd of 22,000.? Or a uhaul truck loaded w/ explosives? I believe there would be countless “100’s” of funerals this week, instead of 59……No, guns aren’t the problem my friends. The problem is the breakdown and collapse of our society. How many people do you think die everyday from street drugs. Last i heard, street drugs are illegal.
        The drug dealers don’t use guns to kill people. They use drugs to kill people.
        I contend that passing gun control laws will only result in MORE deaths, not less. Don’t forget, you don’t ever get the statistics on how many lives are SAVED by guns every day. Whether it be in self-defense….or just the fact that so many of us have a gun, the criminals are mostly kept in check. We would never know the total number of fatalities in this country if guns were outlawed. I suspect it would be astronomical.!!!!!!

      17. The things gov’t and officialdom should be dealing with they aren’t (and won’t), and the things they have no business doing they interfere with and inhibit and turn to sh*t. This shows they are not there to represent the people but to aggrandize themselves and serve the deep state/TPTB. Though sound, rational, and completely legitimate arguments are made against unconstitutional gun control on the basis of self protection against crime, that’s not the primary reason why the 2nd Amendment exists, it exists to protect the people against a tyrannical, over-reaching, power-grabbing, and rights-denying gov’t. Officials and TPTB really could not care less about citizens being crime victims; they want to take our guns away to deprive of us of the power to resist their never ending assault on our rights and liberties.
        All of our rights are being slowly but systematically and intentionally diminished. The last freedom to be destroyed will be private gun ownership; that’s because TPTB motives would be quickly obvious to the greater population (do you now see why it is necessary to dumb-down and propagandize students in the public school systems, and why the population is constantly being fed with distractions and issues causing social division). Make no mistake, citizens are seen only as managed resources and existing only for the benefit of the state. And it’s more than that, it’s also personal, frankly, they despise the people. To finally finish the job of eliminating our rights guns will have to be taken away. We all know TPTB have their goals, what remains is how their goals will be fulfilled. Perhaps a contrived national emergency will provide the pretext, and popular support from the unlearned and easily cowed masses provides the “authority” and “legitimacy” to finish off the Constitution to deal with a crisis. They know they are not able to confiscated hundreds of millions of personal firearms, bit they can get citizens to turn on each other to assist them (the tried and proven method of divide and conquer).
        Officialdom should be dealing with the absolute worst danger facing our country which is eventual financial catastrophe, and they know it. What are they doing about it, NOTHING, only making it worse and worse. Perhaps this will be the pretext. Keep prepping and stacking and keep your eyes open!

      18. Look how well gun control works for shicago. Where is the out cry for all the deaths there ! This shooting is by the deep state or someone like that.

      19. Damn…….another rifle fell off my boat into the lake…got to be more careful when I set them down…..thats the fourth one since yesterday,just sayin…

        • Careful and don’t drop your rifles in the same lake as I have. Whole lot of money at the bottom of the lake.

          • And don’t get caught with them after reporting them lost or stolen or otherwise disposed of.

            Meaning keep them buried somewhere so they are useless to you.

            Or get used to the idea of spending time in prison and losing everything you’ve spent your life working to get.

      20. More than one source is reporting multiple shooters. One man in the next room to the the official shooter said there was automatic gunfire next to his room and single shots from the room on the other side of him. Reports of the police shooting a security guard from the same man. Other people on the 32nd floor said more than one shooter also.

      21. “I avoid commenting on such events until I have enough facts to do so.”

        Here are some thoughts at this point:

        * Gun control: the gun-grabbers are calling for more gun control (surprise) because of 50 victims in the Las Vegas attack. BUT, France has every gun-control law the gun-grabbers want, except complete confiscation, yet 130 people were killed and hundreds injured in Paris in 2015 by terrorist using guns and bombs! A truck was used to kill 77 people in Nice in 2016. Gun control is the answer? Clearly not.

        * Bump-fire stocks: bump-fire stocks and other bump-fire devices have been available for years now and there are probably thousands of them in use. In all those years, this is the first time I’ve heard of one being misused. Heck, you can bump-fire a semi-automatic rifle without any changes to the gun at all based on how you hold the gun! Bump-fire is nowhere near as accurate as a machine gun and is mainly used for plinking.

        * Silencers/suppressors: while silencers were not used, Hillary Clinton implied that if the murderer had a silencer, the police would have had a harder time finding him. Pure hogwash. Silencers lower the volume of a shot to where it won’t damage your hearing, but each shot of a suppressed rifle is still almost as loud as a jackhammer. There is a company that has equipment to determine where a shot was fired from and they said that a silencer would not defeat their system.

        * Background checks: the murderer passed multiple background checks, so, as usual, universal background checks would not have done anything to prevent this tragedy.

        * Will there be a push for more gun control at the federal and the state level? Yes

        * Will this slow down national reciprocity and removing some of restrictions on silencers? Probably. Republican leadership (Rep. Scalise excepted) can get weak-kneed way too easily.

        * Will any gun control pass? Yes, IF gun owners don’t stay in the fight. Lobby Day in Richmond is Monday, January 15th, 2018. VCDL will also get involved if any serious gun control is introduced in Congress.

        * There is no compromising with gun controllers. Their version of compromise is for gun owners to give up everything and gun controllers to give up nothing. And, until all guns are confiscated, the gun controllers will never, ever be satisfied.


      22. After the singer on stage realized gunfire he ran off the stage to the rear. The stage lights were then turned towards the crowd at the concert. Was that to assist people at the show to see better to get away? Few easy escape routes as the venue was closed in, I’m guessing to prevent unpaid entry.

      23. Trump will enact Gun control of some kind. He has betrayed his voters on so many other things.

      24. Even if they stopped all gun and ammo sales today , There’s more ARs in civilian hands then the military? Terror is their tactic ? We will win in the end . It’s written. And will be done.

      25. Just went looking for bump fire stocks everyone is out. They’re gonna be banned you’ll see.

      26. Off subject. Got a haircut today . Asked cutter about hair straightening . Apparently it costs 200 dollars and only lasts Untill new hair grows in. So every 3 months? Chemical works to the roots . Ironing dosent. WTF?

      27. The children of Satan own the media ? You get what you see?

      28. This stinks. It’s rotten to the core.

        Really. I 64 year old male wealthy guy just decides all of a sudden to just go on a killing spree. Pictures show AR’s laid all over the room. Then we are supposed to believe he videoed himself in the act. He left a note. He had cameras in the hall to see the police coming. Nothing but a citation on his record.

        I believe nothing that the press says. This stinks to high heaven.

        • Hillary’s response was clearly scripted ahead of the event, showing that this was planned and she was a part of it.

        • As I hear more info on this incident, I’m not believing it.
          This guy was set up or is he even involved. Or did this really happen? In one interview via TV this morn, one guy was shot in the leg and he met his hero and they hugged. How is it the guy who was shot in the leg not in the hospital?
          When I first heard the news at 5am, my first thought was Obama and Hillary and if this really happended, they are involved.

      29. It’s the bump fire that enabled this guy to mow the crowd down. If he didn’t have it he wouldn’t have been able to put that many rounds down. I knew that shit was gonna be a problem first time I seen it fire on youtube. All atf needs to do is change the legal language to include the bump fire stocks.

      30. a lot of tough talk as usual-how many are really going to start shooting whey they come for you guns, because they are coming.

      31. gov from local to federal is full of communists and globalists

        agenda 21 NWO is what is being driven

      32. Very disappointed in Trump, this entire thing does not add up. From top to bottom, left to right. Gun laws will not stop a whacko, a man with a gun will. End of story

        Now where is my shovel, I have shit to bury.

      33. I’ve said this before. The Libtards pulled off a false flag or this bastard in ISIS/Muslime or he is Antifa commie.

        No man at my age would do this. The guy had money. One question is why did he send $100,000.00 the Philippines unless he was sending it to ISIS. Why hasn’t his girlfriend been brought in already from her vacation?

        LIBTARDS listen and listen GOOD.
        Come after our guns and the shooting that have been in the USA will be like a walk in the park compared to the HELL that will be unleashed across this country by the Patriots that believe in the Constitution and all of the Bill of Rights. You will find just how many of us have multiple guns and stores of Ammo. And my God have mercy on your souls, because we wont. We are sick and tired of the B.S.


        • ???

        • Sarge, good message. Libturds can receive ‘lead poisoning’ just like anyone else.

      34. “Mechanics buy wrenches and work on things with them.

        Cooks purchase new pots and pans and then cook with them.

        Homeowners buy lawn mowers and cut grass with them.”

        “Like these things, guns are tools with a purpose. Gun owners are buying them with the hopes they’ll get to shoot people or animals with them. Guns have no other use. There are gun owners out there right now imagining similar things. They didn’t purchase their guns to just admire them. They want to shoot animals or people. Otherwise they wouldn’t have purchased guns, because they have no other use.” Donald J Trump, Howard Stern show 1992.

      35. As I said in another post here yesterday that never got posted Trump had talked against guns and gun control on Howard Stern because he never needed one since he’s always had an armed body guard and a very sophisticated and elaborate security system. Or an armed 24-hour doorman for his NYC buildings. Why would he need a gun? Since he doesn’t need one and has never needed one he figured why do we need one. That is how he operates.

        You were all warned about this BEFORE the election by people who have a history with him.

        Yes, she’s worse, but my point was he’s not much better.

      36. Guys these people are determined to disarm us, they will NEVER stop. The real question is at what point do those of us that understand what is happening say ENOUGH. We aren’t there yet but it is coming soon. I am 58 don’t know how much longer I will be around but if TPTB do chose to make their move while I am still here I know what my response will be. It will probably lead to my demise but EVERYBODY DIES OF SOMETHING.

      37. Bigbluedrew, same for Braveheart. A lot of gun grabbers will die in a lost cause.

      38. This whole situation stinks to the high Heavens!! There was clearly muzzle flash coming from a much lower floor than the 32nd or whatever they are trying to pull…Think about it folks.

      39. No one says it better than Sgt Dale. I myself am leaning towards multiple shooters,and I am NOT a conspiracy nut. I also beleive a group was involved,be it Antifa or ISIS or both. Something strange about that woman in the Philippines. FBI clears her after a telephone call? Everyone hold on to your weapons,it’s going to be a rough time.

      40. I will NEVER, EVER give up my 2nd amendment right. The push is coming. I can feel it. they will say registration first then the big grab. Not gonna do it. If I become a felon because I refuse, then so be it. Just means no laws will apply to me anymore.

        remember if its time to bury it, its time to use it.

      41. A LOT OF PEOPLE are “unable to handle their finances”– crap, half the country! They just want to whiddle and whiddle until they got us by the (you know)… at least old trump rolled back that law.


      42. ALMOST MALE PERSON I TALK TO HAS A FIREARM— they got a lot of people they will be up against!!


      43. “Mechanics buy wrenches and work on things with them.

        Cooks purchase new pots and pans and then cook with them.

        Homeowners buy lawn mowers and cut grass with them.”

        “Like these things, guns are tools with a purpose. Gun owners are buying them with the hopes they’ll get to shoot people or animals with them. Guns have no other use. There are gun owners out there right now imagining similar things. They didn’t purchase their guns to just admire them. They want to shoot animals or people. Otherwise they wouldn’t have purchased guns, because they have no other use.” Donald J Trump, Howard Stern show 1992.

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