Trump Slams Clinton After She Blames Loss On Comey and Kremlin: “Perhaps Trump Just Ran A Great Campaign?”

by | May 3, 2017 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Former Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton took some shots at the Trump administration yesterday saying that her election campaign was thwarted by the involvement of FBI director James Comey and Kremlin-sponsored Russian hackers.

    “If the election had been on Oct. 27, I would be your president.”

    “I was on the way to winning until a combination of Jim Comey’s letter on Oct. 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me but got scared off.”

    In true Clinton form, Hillary pointed fingers at everyone but herself, and as you may have guessed, the President took to Twitter to correct the record:

    Trump did run a great campaign, but Hillary still hasn’t realized that perhaps if she hadn’t lied about her medical issues, didn’t have a sexual predator rapist for a husband, was a bit more likable, and had actually accomplished something meaningful during her long and illustrious career as a dirtbag politician she may have won the electoral college vote.

    Instead, this:



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      1. NAFTA and China Free Trade sunk Hillary Clinton despite the best of intentions of hiding Bill Clinton signing both and Hillary’s nonchalant attitude towards their impact upon the middle class. It wasn’t about likability as Trump had significant baggage in that regard too.

        • I am extremely pleased this psychopath lost the election.

          • Why can’t she get the hint and just go away forever.

            • Megalomaniacs “can’t” just go away. Psychologically, its impossible for them to admit they are hubris. They believe that they, and they alone are the solution to whatever problem is at hand, and only they have the power to fix it.

              Its a mental illness multiplied by every dollar the donors give her. 🙂

            • Why can’t she just step out in front of an eighteen wheeler on a downhill slope of the interstate.

              • Maybe she and her family can win a trip to Nice for the next Bastille day!

            • She will run again. She truly believes she deserves to be president.

              I am very disappointed that Clinton has not been prosecuted for her corruption.

          • Even Hannibal Lecter is on record as saying about Hitlery:

            “I think she is CRAZY! I would NEVER let me family or friends near her – at least the ones I didn’t eat.”

            But don’t worry! She’ll be baaaaack. And subsequent to that, we “get” Chelsea. Y’know… the zillionaire hedge fund wife who took that private jet to a global warming conference (see or or

            • Chelsea Clinton is a member of the Rockefeller/CFR, along with Bill Clinton, Lloyd Blankfein, Lynn Forester de Rothschild and George Soros. See member lists at cfr org.

              • There’s enough rope and trees for all of them.

                • yep, and right outside their doors lining the pond in front of the Washington monument

                  those cherry trees china donated should go to some good use with all those branches we could really send a complete message to all those tyrants in DC .. and it would be close to home for them..least they contaminate any more of my country

          • Trump is the better man.

        • Yep, Trump didnt get elected because he was better, he got elected because he was the biggest middle finger to the established politicians,

          • What a simply retarded comment….

            • But completely right.

          • Exactly. He can do what us without money and power want to do but are not able to.

          • You are right about that. Trump won this election by insulting people on Twitter. He understood how to win an election. Clinton thought she could win an election by calling everybody a racists or homophobic or misogynistic.

            She did not realize that the majority of America just plain hates her.

            I feel sorry for Bill Clinton for having to have sex with that fat old cow.

            • trust me Billy boy aint touched that thing in decades

              • why do you think shes such an angry beotch?

        • Yeah Trump ran a Great Campaign. Said everything Most Americans wanted to hear and see done for the best to make America Great Again. Then after we elected him. He renigs on 95% of his promises and we again got a raw deal still full of Swamp Creatures. Welcome to America stoopid sheep.

          • Keep in mind, laws are made in Congress. Nail and I have to suffer a single party state, we suffer a lot. DC is virtually the same. As long as Trump can pull off changing the Supreme court and the various circuit courts we win and the Basta$d Democrats will lose.

          • Trump got us a SSCC Constitutional Originalist on the bench. That alone was worth going out and voting. A few jobs saved by executive order is icing on the cake. Not happy with Syria . “You can’t always get what you want”.

          • YPDB, you’re right. We’ve been had AGAIN, but life still goes on, and so does my PREPPING.

        • Does anybody own a 100 round double drum mag for an AR?

          Do those things frequently jam up?

          • I dont own one, but extensively tested a few a friend of mine wasted his money on

            in my book, not worth it , 1 jam up brings death to your door

            just learn how to drop re mag and re battery your weapon in a proficient ability and you will out gun any jammed up POS drum mag

            it only takes one jam up to ruin yer whole day, and these jam ups can even occur with the standard 30 round mags , so why tempt a problem just because time isnt spent training how to use regular duty equipment?

            the Navy Seals dont use the drums nor does any of the military,, that should tell you all you need to know about their “reliability” or lack there of

        • What is hilarious, and of course the leftist lamestream media tries to minimize, is that the Obungler administration send senior people quite openly to advise (interfere!) with the Canadian elections so Boy Wonder Trudeau, who is utterly feckless, could get elected.

          Typical of the left. Rules apply to thee, and not to me. See Canada Free Press (Mac, these guys are GREAT. You should have them on your friends list a t left) at Or see or

      2. Hillary will never understand that people just plain didn’t like her or want her as President.

        That a good percentage of Trumps votes were people who wouldn’t normally vote at all because they didn’t really care but showed up to vote just to vote against her.

        That a good number of Democrats didn’t vote at all because they didn’t want her but couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Trump either.

        She doesn’t understand this, her mind simply doesn’t work that way.

        • Which is why she will run again unless she is finally prosecuted for her crimes. Contrary to FBI Director Comey’s stated belief, her ignorance of the many laws she broke is no excuse.

          LOCK HER UP !!! LOCK HER UP !!! LOCK HER UP !!! 🙂

          • screw locking her up

            if shes left to cry in a jail cell we will still keep hearing from her and about her

            There is a way better alternative and its just the right thing to do to a traitor to this country..lets get this job done right for once

      3. Obamacare breaking down,bad economy,no jobs,laughed at overseas,screwed up local policies….that plus she was a criminal is what lost her the election. She though she was entitled to it and was arrogant enough not to work for it and those yes people around her were too scared to tell her the truth. Her husband at least told her it was her fault for losing it.

      4. Hillary still hasn’t realized that perhaps if she hadn’t lied about her medical issues,and lie about everything , and didn’t have a sexual predator rapist for a husband,as she is one herself , was a bit more likable,and didnt have people murdered, and had actually accomplished something meaningful during her long and illustrious career as a dirtbag politician she may have won the electoral college vote…BIG MAY

        hard to argue with … unless your Hillary.. than all that “stuff” is immaterial to in her mind why she lost

        Its because your a hateful swine and lay with flea bitten dogs and are a man hater and a feminazi .. you deserve to live in exile woman your vile and probably smell like a 3 week old gym sock

        • EOTS, good description but you left out ‘dirty communist bitch’, LOL!

      5. After Obama’s 2008 campaign I never thought in a million years that his campaign could be topped in effectiveness. Say what you want about Obama but his campaign was a ****ing juggernaut.

        Yet, only 8 years later Trump’s movement squashed Obama’s 2008 campaign in terms of effectiveness.

        I bet if you were a fly on the wall when Trump first went to visit Obama as president-elect. I bet they both said things to kiss ass to one another to be nice, since all of their public spats were attacking each other. And I bet what Obama said to Trump is exactly that…basically along the lines of I thought nobody could have outdone what I did in 2008 but you did it handily Donald. And I’m sure Trump said something also to smooth things over personally between them in light of all their public spats.

        I wonder if there is an unspoken understanding between Trump and Obama. Where they both obviously know they have to say the things they say about one another publicly to feed their base, but then when together in a personal setting, actually like each other. And then understand they will still have to keep saying mean things about one another but are cool with each other personally.

        Same thing with Romney, they blasted each other, and then after Trump won, Trump invited Romney to come talk, about possibly being secretary of state. I bet the first thing Trump said to Romney is “how you doing you weak son of a *****.” and then I bet Romney said, “pretty good you fraud.” and then they both start laughing.

        • “There are no good men. No not one”

          • John “the wad” Holmes

          • Menzo, that’s what every feminazi out there has been taught. They’re a lost cause. The hildebeast ought to just STFU and move on but she won’t. She and all her supporters are just like spoiled kids who will never quit. As long as the Clintons and all the libturds are alive, they pose the greatest threat to us.

            • BH that comes from the Holy Bible and it covers women as well my friend. God said that.

      6. Hillary knows why she lost, her backers (Rothschilds, Goldman Sucks, and the rest of her clan) also know why she lost. These people always have their hands in the pockets of both sides. Although a Hillary win was preferable, Trump and Mossad Kushner are good for the Chew Bosses, so as always, no matter who wins and who loses, the Chews win.


      7. she BETTER go to PRISON! THAT is how you know the rule of law is DEAD in the divided states. you better FIX this, trump.

        • yup

          if it dont apply to her, it applies to nobody

          WOROL is total chaos , and will be every bit of it their fault

          F this judicial system .. if it cant get out of its own way ,, than the people should prosecute and arrest

          that Btch would shit if 20 armed militia men arrested her and took her to gitmo.. or the badlands

      8. Your 15 minutes (50 years?) are up, Hilary. Please go away now.

        And take the Kartrashians, Lady Kaka, Smiley Cysleaze, Mahdoona, Lois Lehrner and the rest of the Hollywierd Learjet leftists with you when you go. Thank you.

      9. BCOD, it’s better to just give her 2 quick shots to the head and be done with it.

        • Just like Vince Foster eh?.. yeah we can call it a suicide

          what difference would it make ?

      10. The Beotch lost why won’t she go away? FAR AWay!!!!!!

        • like i told my first wife, “how will i know if i’ll MISS you, if you won’t go AWAY!”.

      11. People weren’t buying what Clinton was selling (herself). The democrats just wouldn’t accept that eight years of democratic control, the people wanted change. The only downside is that Trump made a lot of promises that are going to be hard to keep.

      12. People weren’t buying what Clinton was selling (herself). The democrats just wouldn’t accept that eight years of democratic control, the people wanted change. The only downside is that Trump made a lot of promises that are going to be hard to keep.

      13. Sure he did, yea right. They are on the same side, Clinton will not be prosecuted and will never see a day in jail. The Clintons are busy installing a puppet government in Haiti, and the UN is down there helping them along..THE CLINTONS ARE 100% STILL IN POWER 100%. Incase you all may not know,they rigged that election, and a woman who is a doctor contacted Roger Stone on the Alex Jones who asking Trump for help to send soldiers to Haiti to remove the regime that was not elected by the people. She also complained about the child trafficking…They are still in power and all working around the clock to make think that Trump will be doing something. Not happening. Was Comey removed after the election, No he was not, did the UN equiment get removed, no it was not. Instead and American white couple was threatened at Gun point by UN soldiers and told to leave the area, and they were able to get that UN helicopter on video.. Here is the video, see for yourself..
        Go to and see it the facts. what has Trump done.. What has he done. Now they are trying to convince us that we are in charge.. yea right.


        Sounds like bullshit, smells like bullshit, taste like bulllshit, then guess what, its BULLSHIT.


        • HCKS< I thought you were talking about the 'agency ass clown trolls', LOL!

        • ht tp://

          heard Obama is setting up a government to unseat the current government
          heard he wanted the government to buy up a park in Shitcago to erect his seat of government to Fk with the one in DC

          I believe it , wouldn’t put it past these jerks

          ultimate treason

      14. That thoroughly corrupt old wicked hag would be in prison if justice existed. It does not. Too big to fail in the bigger crooks eyes. Jeb buying the MLB Marlins, WTF! People who should be locked up or worse are running the show. This nations freedoms are burnt toast.

      15. Nobody trusts a dike that wears Chairman Mao pants suits.

      16. Off Topic.
        While I was in Tenn. over Easter going and coming back I saw a ton of military vehicles on Rt24 and 57. Last week end I was going to Missouri and when it wasn’t rain I could look around and saw a ton of military vehicle on Rt55. Going down and coming back home. More than likely it is nothing or are they running them around so we get use to see them?

        • Sarge, funny you mentioned that. I passed one convoy of military vehicles Sunday Was I was headed to the BOL. I was going east and they were going west. I think something is up at the same time with all this talk of war in Korea. Let’s all hope not.

      17. Comey was faced with two choices, to conceal or not. He made the right choice. Hillary still stalks the woods, she ain’t out of them yet. Bad timing almost always digs the grave deeper.

      18. Hey HILLARY! At this point in time, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE why you lost the election? I would have literally voted for ANYONE who ran against that Sociopath. Dig up any dead dogs bones and I will vote for those dead bones instead of Hillary.

      19. I’m too frightened to roam in the woods after Crooked Hillary lost the election.

      20. Bet she runs again………she wants to be the first woman….

      21. Jim, I don’t think she’ll live long enough with the health issues she supposedly has.

      22. Ever since Eve we have let these stupid gullible bimbos destroy our civilization? How low will we let them drag us down ? What if we let everyone that wants to escape the rule of these third world rats come here before, because of their genetic ways. Create another third world hell hole? Isn’t it obvious that we are going down because of them?Look around what do you see ? Isn’t it obvious? Do we want to preserve our level of civilization of not? And at what lengths will we go to do that? It’s time? The tribulation must follow? The Tares must burn? Like it or not? Smart virgins unite. There’s a fight coming. The big one.

      23. Not sure how long Hill will be able to ambulate on her own…On 9/11/16 she was videoed dropping unconscious faster that a Mike Tyson opponent.

      24. Hitlary, just say bye, bye and leave this planet !

      25. She’s evil, and everyone with a brain knows it. Satan’s daughter she is.

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