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Do you LOVE America?


    This article was contributed by The Wealth Research Group, and we deem it important!

    In 2020, our inbox got filled after each and every letter we published that mentioned either Trump or Biden; it’s like walking on eggshells. I want to address this topic of favoritism or bias towards either Republicans or Democrats, Biden or Trump, America First or Globalism, socialism (communism) vs. capitalism, free speech or censorship (Section 230) and all the other highly inflammatory subjects that Americans, from both sides of the aisle, are not seeing eye-to-eye on and find no middle-ground to compromise on.

    Hopefully, this will put to rest any confusion about where we stand on these issues and, instead of a flood of emails each time we express commentary, there will be an understanding of expectations, so that you’ll see our point of view.

    The first thing to note is that we have heard and looked into all of the arguments from both sides:

    * We have heard and looked into Trump supporters consider the following to be indisputably true: Joe Biden is a pawn of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the mainstream media and tech giants are suppressing the evidence of voter fraud (creating a false narrative), they’re purposefully not reporting about Hunter Biden’s legal issues (since it would have reflected horribly on Joe’s presidential aspirations), globalists agendas are hijacking America’s middle-class jobs and sending them overseas (the Deep State and its operatives), bankrupting the wealth of the average American (through debt and currency creation). They are also rewriting history and creating a radical left policy (“woke” Americans and “Cancel Culture”), which will rob Americans of their God-given rights and freedoms set forth by the Constitution, by trampling all over it (propaganda and BLM, for example). If Biden gets his way, America is toast and there will be nothing to stop Democrats on their quest to implement their own version of 1984.

    On the flipside, Americans who hate President Trump also believe they’ve got all of their ducks in a row and take the following to the bank:

    * We have heard and looked into what they live and swear by, which are the following: President Trump is a liar and a clown, who is not to be trusted. He destroyed America’s prestige among world leaders by ruining relationships with other countries, disregarding climate change, colluding with Russia, creating racist policies, helping his friends with favors, exaggerating and cheating, allowing people to die from the pandemic by not sticking with the science (he closed the borders first, but did not enforce masks…) and creating a more dangerous Middle East by removing troops, creating a power vacuum that terrorists will fill instead.

    We are well aware of, highly familiar with and constantly checking various media sources in order to absorb all narratives and digest the data from all angles.

    We listen to many channels, which have been taken down from YouTube and now publish on alternative platforms and we also listen to the mainstream narrative, in order to understand where most Americans (certainly most of millennials) get their “facts” from.

    There are no blind spots or areas where we’re being naïve or complacent. There are no areas where we’re bending over and accepting tyranny or allowing any media source to dictate reality to us. By wearing a mask, we are not saying that CNN is right and by not wearing one, we are not saying that coronavirus does not exist and that this is all 5G-related. Said differently, we are not “persuaded” or brainwashed.

    We’re not a political publication at all, but because politics is woven into the market behavior, we certainly must comment on it, which creates friction, when the letter does not conform to the reader’s view of the world. It’s impossible to publish any worthwhile insight, without aggravating a single soul, unfortunately.

    Therefore, whenever we incorporate politics into our letters, it is done for the purpose of showing not what WE believe is the truth about Biden, Trump or their respective agendas, but what “the street” (which is to say Wall Street) believes to be the truth, since our mission is to highlight financial and investment opinions and reporting.

    If I think the moon landing never happened, that the Earth is actually flat and that Area 51 is filled with aliens and I’ve got all the supporting evidence to back these claims, it will do me no good from a financial perspective, if Wall Street is not trending in this fashion.

    Over 80% of money invested in stocks is transacted by large funds and massive pools of wealth, and Computer Algorithm Trading, so the value of knowing what the street is thinking is ENORMOUS.

    If, for instance, you believe that Joe Biden is going to hand over American interests to the Chinese, or, on the flipside, you believe that four more years of Trump will result in America losing its respect with world leaders, the BEST and first thing you can do in either case is become financially independent, so that you can protect you and yours from what’s coming.

    Your highest priority in life should be to live your BEST LIFE, since politics will never be just how you want it. One cannot be a victim of the times he is living in and this doesn’t mean being silent about injustices or not saying what you believe, but it does mean to not allow these issues to bring your quality of life down with them!

    Bottom line: our publication projects the sentiment of the street, not that of the author, because the street is what matters!

    After we release information, we dissect the potential opportunities it creates. This is how we showcased Bitcoin at $450/coin, when Jamie Dimon was threatening to fire employees, who traded it. We saw that the street was bullish. We released information and offered our opinion. This is how we turned bullish on stocks in late March, when we saw the FED would do anything to get the markets functioning again.

    When we say that one should tolerate the opinions and notions of the very people he despises, we do not mean one should ACCEPT them by any stretch of the imagination. If someone came to me explaining Marxism, for example, I would listen with an open mind in order to understand how he thinks about the world, but his opinion would then be challenged with facts, from my part. I refuse to accept bullshit and unsubstantiated opinions, but I also refuse to be closed-minded, impatient or not exhibit courtesy, by turning away. Tolerating does not equal agreeing with or succumbing to the other side!

    It means that we respect the diversity of opinions and the right of others to believe what they want. In the end, we lead by example; therefore, openly discussing issues and getting down to the root causes of why people think certain thoughts will help rid the world of foolish notions. Not being tolerant actually adds fuel to their convictions and puts them on the defensive and back them into a corner. We see it with teenagers all the time; whatever a parents warns them not to do, that’s what they’ll be obsessed with doing to spite their folks.

    So, after this long background explanation of the purpose of this newsletter, know that when we state that President Trump just signed into law the $600 stimulus checks, there will be those who claim that he had caved, while others would reject that and believe that it’s part of his greater strategy.

    Both could be right, but where is the VALUE in analyzing it?

    The value is in understanding what the big money thinks, because that’s where opportunity exists. This is the main mission of our newsletter, which deals with financials.

    The street is convinced that 2021 will be a bit more inflationary than in recent years and that’s important for you to know!

    With the Treasury General Account holding $1.5tn, which they’ll spend into the real economy, with oil prices and agricultural commodities breaking out and with the GSCI on the verge of breaching a 12-yr resistance line, that’s the most important piece of information from a financial point of view – which is what you’ll always get from us.



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      1. Keep kicking the can down the road. You might fall off the fence. Take a stand on something!

      2. Society’s most expensive, entitled demographics are being prioritized for dangerous injections. The rest of us are getting strange money. Though, not quite as set as the Boomers, yet.

      3. Even before this State-sponsored fraudulent general election occurred, the plan was to have JB installed as Pres., with a little help of a dirty election of course. His “handlers” knew he is completely malleable in their hands and will perform their agenda without question. They selected KH to be the Vice Pres. (she was their original choice to be VP but she could only garner less than 2% in the primaries, but we all have now learned there is more than one path to the Presidency). However, JB is not aggressive enough for those who are the power behind the throne, and JB may still maintain a few policies that stand in the way of totally transforming the US into their new vision.
        The solution to their problems already exist, they will have JB step down for KH to assume the Presidency sometime after Feb. 2023. Why this date? The answer is the 22nd Amendment. A person can only be elected twice to the Office. If a person has filled an unexpired term more for more than two years they can only be be elected once more. You can be sure the plan is for JB to serve until at least Feb. 2023, KH assumes the office sometime shortly after that, and then hold the Office for two more elected terms after that.
        By then the nation is irretrievably politically, socially, and culturally transformed with massive 3rd world immigration, and Wash. DC and Puerto Rico (Dem. strongholds) are states so that Congress, both Senate and House are perpetually majority Dem. You may not see huge new nation-altering socialist type programs put in place from now until Nov. 2024, until after KH is actually elected in her own right. This is because they don’t want to possibly jeopardize her election chances. However, again you may be assured the implementation of these plans and policies and the time tables already exist. The country by 2033 will not be recognizable in any way to today, and that’s the way they want it. This is a big part of their plan.
        However, all is not lost yet. There must be uprising against all this, there must be a sizable part of the population that will not be pacified, that will positively be ungovernable, that will proverbially throw a wrench in the gears for everything. We must implacably demand our rights in every way in the fullest way, and keep doing it. There is an adage that says “first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win”. I don’t always understand the laws of human interaction, or the mechanism how it works, I can only say it does work.

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