Trump Says Tariffs On Mexican Imports Go Into Effect Next Week; Mexico Threatens Retaliation

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 43 comments

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    Mexico is exploring ways to retaliate against the United States for taking the trade war south of the border. President Donald Trump isn’t content with the punishment levied on the American consumer just yet, so he announced the 5% tariffs on Mexico will take effect on June 10.

    Not only would the tariffs increase the prices of vegetables in the U.S., but some reports say up to 400,000 jobs are at stake as well. Wasn’t Trump’s goal to bring work and prosperity to the U.S.? I guess that means through increased costs of goods and lost jobs. These trade wars have never made economic sense and the U.S. is setting itself up for failure. The 5% tariffs on Mexican goods will especially hit Texas jobs hard, according to a report by CNBC.

    And it will get worse as it goes along. Trump has also said he’ll be rising the tariffs by another 5 percent per month until October unless Mexico stops all illegal migration into the United States. That will be a total of 25% tariff on Mexican imports. Congressional Republicans have begun discussing whether they may have to vote to block President Trump’s planned new tariffs on Mexico to prevent an imminent economic meltdown, according to The Washington Post.

    “We have a lot of members who are very concerned, I think, about where this is headed,” said Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.). Thune added that if the tariff standoff continues, “Congress is going to want to probably be heard from” in terms of trying to limit Trump’s tariff authority.

    Back at the beginning of May, SHTFPlan detailed how a proposed tomato tariff could affect food prices and amplify the food crisis that’s already underway.

    The perhaps unintended consequences of the Trump Administration’s trade war on China and other countries will be rising food prices for the American consumer. Food could also become scarcer as it becomes more expensive to move it around globally.

    For example, fresh tomatoes imported from Mexico are about to become scarcer and pricier thanks to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Tomato Suspension Agreement with Mexico. But the real problem is the imposition of a 17.5 percent tariff (tax on the American consumer) on fresh Mexican tomatoes, according to researchers at Arizona State University, as reported by the Brownsville Herald. -SHTFPlan

    This is a real problem, and we are trying to get the word out.  Prepare yourselves.  Stock up on food now.

    It’s a move that hits shoppers in the wallet,” Clarke said. “As a result of this decision and the establishment of tariffs on fresh tomato imports from Mexico, U.S. consumers will face higher prices on popular tomato varieties.” This is all a part of the upcoming food crisis problem we’ve been warning everyone about from the beginning.  Facing bankruptcies and flooding, U.S. farmers are going to have to work hard to keep up with the demand. The only logical result: those who can afford to eat will get to. All of these additional costs will be passed on to the American public; 78% of which already live paycheck to paycheck. -SHTFPlan

    These trade wars will never punish foreign governments.  It’s been known from the beginning. The basic and innate laws of economics clearly tell us that the American consumer is taking the lashes here, and it doesn’t look like it will ease up any time soon.


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      1. Tomato tariff ? We grow our own. F*ck Mexico!

        How else are we going to stop this invasion without violence?

        • Walmart is selling Mexican watermelons.
          I’ll be damned if I buy a beaner watermelon.

        • I heard a guy from Ford Motor Co on the radio this morning claiming that the cost of a new Ford maybe $10,000 or more higher this fall.

          I say fuck it, end all trading with Mexico and if Ford wants to sell cars in the USA they should mover their plants back to Michigan, and with no more taxpayer subsidies.

          • Bingo we have a winner.

            The car companies are part of the deep state corporotocracy, they are a target of Trump for shipping US jobs overseas.

            Recently, especially GM, now owned by its Democrat affiliated UNION, a gift from Obama in the engineered 2008 economic crash, is waging war against D. J. Trump.

            It is also a part of the continuing coup d’atat against our republic.

            The auto unions are not in it for their members, they are in it for the power, and their stake in the new world order.

            • @ Plan twice, prep once
              Agreed! I hope Trump taxes the hell outta them!
              Us Tax payers has bailed them out time after time, and how do they repay us, they move to another country, put people out of work, then they raise the hell outta their prices on the vehicles. In other words they screwed us American people, and now it is time we gave them the screwing. I hope Mr. Trump, gets it done!

        • You’re exactly right we have to suck it up and grow our own tomatoes and stop this damn invasion Mac this is why I’m not reading your website as often as I did because of dumb stories like this, that you print for a while everything is going to get tough because we just let everything go too long we need to toughen up and man up and get our country back in control

          • Well said!
            Mac is wrong!

        • Mac do you hate Trump? I am really getting tired of all the negative TRUMP this TRUMP that.

          Are we unwilling to stand a little pain in the wallet until AMERICAN companies can get things back in production?

          To me this is all a matter of economics. As soon as it gets cheaper to make and market goods here in the USA then that is what will happen.

          I believe it takes time, personally I am willing to pay extra for made and produced in the USA.

          I am very HAPPY that we have a president that is standing up to these people! More power to him !!!

          No CRY BABY here.

          • Don’t confuse Mac reporting the TRUTH with Mac attacking anyone.

            Reporting the truth always hurts someone’s feeling on some side of the political divide.

            But no problem, Mac also provides a minimally edited comment area. Just say what you mean, and mean what you say.

            Talk it out, you will never find a free forum like this associated with any liberal new site. They just don’t allow discussion.

            Be warned, liberal bull is not tolerated, you will be required to support your position with reality.

        • The invasion at the southern border must be halted no matter what the cost, as American Sovereignty, and ultimately our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Freedoms are at stake.

          The invasion is DESIGNED to radically change the racial & cultural demographic makeup of America to favor globalism & the NWO. Illegals are steered towards the largest Electoral College States to affect our future elections.

          The most recent report I have seen details a group thousands strong arrested; 300,000 so far this year. It also claims that a group of 100 Africans were detained. Africans ??? Also Bangadesh ??? WTF !!!

          Americans can grow their own fucking vegetables. Seal the border. Mine the border. Shoot any SOB who tries to cross and the invasion will end in a heartbeat !!! 🙂

        • “How else are we going to stop this invasion without violence?”

          Notice how, no matter what approach Trump announces he is thinking of taking – the America hating, globalist elites and their accomplices in the mainstream and online media will IMMEDIATELY start howling and bleating and conjuring up excuses and uttering dire predictions about any proposal that comes from the White House that deals with securing the border and stopping this illegal alien invasion?

          I’m sick of all these whiners. I want that border sealed and I want every last illegal alien inside the USA to be rounded up and sent back to the crap hole country they came from.

        • stock up on non perishables. may wanna start talking to ur neighbors instead of ur phone. protect ur family. buy some physical pm. AU up 50 bucks in 3 days.

      2. Oh no. No tomatoes from Shit bag Mexico with no taste? Bring it on. About time we did something about all this junk brought into America. Wish trump woulda been in there 40 years ago.

      3. Oh no. No taste tomatoes from shitbag Mexico?? About time we did something about all this junk from Mexico and China. Wish trump woulda been president 40 years ago before all this junk started.

      4. I will gladly pay more…for American products. Finally have a President who understands trade…You are correct Seminole Wind!

      5. What’s wrong with tomatoes grown in the USA? NOTHING.

        This is one of the easiest things to grow. There are a number of varieties that can be grown from seeds.

        Stock up on seeds.

        If you lack space or live in an apartment; fill a garbage bag with potting soil. Punch small holes, plant seeds. Leave some holes at the bottom for drainage. water.

        There is a planter sold by QVC T.V.

        I have grown tomatoes in this type of planter. It worked. I’ve grown many more tomatoes in the ground. They are not the prettiest plant. They benefit from having some wire fence around them to keep them upright.

        Give it a try. Then make tomato sauce and bottle can.


      6. I don’t like tariffs as they are a tax. I do not believe Americans are going to starve do to lack of Mexican produce.
        I don’t recall Tomatoes and Avocados( both fruits) being necessary for survival.
        I pay a lot of attention to where my food comes from,
        Most all my food comes from the USA and Canada.
        I think I have some pasta wheat flour from Italy and
        some coconut oil from SE Asia, but that is about it.
        Even my olive oil is American made.
        It is pretty easy to avoid Mexican produce.
        Full disclosure I live in a very agrarian area where we have year round farming, I don’t have to go to Safeway or Walmart.

        • Factually, much of American winter fruit & veggies do not come from Mexico but from Central & South America.

          Realistically, it doesn’t make sense to transport fruits & vegetables from Mexico, Central and South America, that can be grown more efficiently in Greenhouses, locally, with hydroponics and robots; eliminating the cost of transportation altogether while producing a much more nutrious and safe fruit and/or vegetable.

          (Hint: It would also eliminate illegals and Third World peasants from defecating on the lettuce !!!) 🙁

      7. HERE IT IS… Trump is doing this trade war shit on purpose in order to ensure passage of the coming USMCA. Say good-night forever to your local, county, state and Federal rights! North American Union is about ten years away.

        Watch closely for the USMCA, the deal very much like NAFTA which is the first step to forming a North American Union just like the EU.

        Both parties are going to push passage of the USMCA, it will end the trade war and everyone will be happy, and Trump will not be reelected.

        The truth be told it is the legal citizen American white male working taxpayer that is always taking it up the ass.

        • I love how everyone blames Trump for the shit world we live in?
          I guess he has been around a few hundred years aye?
          Because the shit hit the fan long before he entered office.
          Thank The Bush’s and OdumShit for a lot of it!
          Trump won’t be reelected? Want to bet the farm on it son? Just saying!

      8. If you’re not prepared stuff shit let er rip

      9. Hey, Mac Slavo! Do you have relatives in Mexico wanting to come over? Why are you not rallying citizens around the only efforts the Prez has done that have not been obstructed by Congress or our activist judges? But, I just read that Congress wants to try to limit his Constitutional powers on this matter, too. Who gives a fat-rats-@ss about 17.5 cents/dollar on fresh (imported) tomatoes? Grow your own! F#ck Mexico and anyone who supports their invasion of our country!

      10. If you started with heirloom seed just collect the seeds from whatever you planted you don’t need much just enuff for the next growing season. I’m growing this years potatoes from last years left overs. They are doing great. Growing shit is so easy my 6 year old can do it. The more you do it the better you get.

      11. Kind of a whiny report. Folks need to get up off the couch and go grow your own tomatoes. Very rewarding. We should look at the larger principle here which is to stop being so dependent upon our conveniences and imports from corrupt 3rd world countries. Hint, hint, here is a great business opportunity. Build a small green house and start growing tomatoes during the winter. Bet you make some $$. True capitalism at work. When are Americans going to start acting like real Americans rather than victims expecting an easy life and some kind of handout?

      12. Mexico Threatens Retaliation! What. Are the gonna stop sending us Mexicans?

      13. Fook it! Make it 50%! Might pay for 2% of what their shitwallowers cost us….

      14. Why not wait and see what happens . If it causes Mexico to curtail helping illegal invaders to cross their country and reach our border? Give it a chance to work. You know Monticello Ar. used to be the Tomato Capital of the USA. mexico imports ruined that market. There was a pickle plant at corning ark. and just reciently the Pickle plant at Adkins Ar. Closed. Possibly those indusrtys could reopen? Naw Mac is being Doom and Gloom. Tell Me Mac since congress will not change the asylum laws or fund the Wall. What do you suggest we do to solve the huge problem at the USA Mexico border? Or are you in favor of thousands of illegal invaders coming into the USA every month? So far only Trump has the balls to step on toes and actually carry out his plan. Watch what folks do not what they say. Many talk the talk but very few walk the walk. Like him or not. Trust him or not. Trump is a doer he doesn’t give lip service.

      15. How is keeping more American dollars in American going to hurt American ? And screw you corporate thieves with your stock options ! That is the main problem with America !

      16. its only a tax if you buy the product
        what trump should do is tax all wire transfers going to mexico and south america.

        • Great idea!!

      17. Whatever you can grow, grow!!! Stock up on food and ammo (always good advice)!

      18. Folks here are willing to pay more for US goods as am I. But reality tariffs simply force us to pay more for Chinese and Mexican goods and line government coffers.
        Trump promised to ‘Bring back American manufacturing’. Like Trump promised ‘The Wall’. It’s all a design to buy time as America is bled out. We need to build self-reliance like many here are doing. That is awesome! And parents need to homeschool their children. The republic is falling. The demographics will be changing as well as opportunities for liberty. KYPD

      19. What could Mexico do, stop selling their drugs to those in the US? LMBO! As far as food, that is good, are farmers would make more money. The Government screwed our farmers in the first place when they started buying from other countries. Yes at first it might slow down things, but in the long run we would be better off, and so would our farmers. We don’t need to import food from other countries. Anything they grow we can grow, because we have summer year round in some states. So piss off Mexico, we have to pay our fair share of import taxes, and You guys isn’t any better then we are. It’s time You all stopped screwing We The People! Period.

      20. I always wondered how you grow a tomato that’s as tough as a steak and tastes like cardboard. I don’t bother buying tomatoes at the store cause they taste like shit.

        • Shadow, sadly they don’t grow them that way. They pick them and then they freeze dry them or something to that effect, or I even herd of a of a chemical they spray them with does the trick as well, which it is not sure, but any who, when they do that the tomato doesn’t ripen anymore, that way it takes longer to turn bad. In other words it would be like You going out and picking a half age tomato and eating it. An it agreed is nasty. I miss the old days when dad and mom made a garden. The tomato’s was great. I would slap a slice in between one of moms home made biscuit, yum, yum. Man do I miss those days! Haven’t had a good tomato since.

      21. how come nobody says the billions saved spent on illegals if the invasion is stopped and we deport millions? if rabbi trump was serious he should start the tariffs at 25% and lower them as we see results. NOTHING is mentioned of taxing money sent back to messico. I would tax it at 80%

      22. Holy Prego Batman! Don’t shoot the messenger he’s only delivering the news. Don’t walk around with tomato on your face and your knickers in a knot.

      23. This is a mercantilist tax, not an example of nationalism.

        Throw it in the Rio Grande, afaic.

      24. This is a mercantilist tax, not an example of nationalism.

        Throw it in the Rio Grande, afaic.

      25. What will these tariffs do? It’s the cartels and the CIA who really call the shots in Mexico. Mexico sees all of this as a golden opportunity to destroy us. You think they’ll quit because of some tariffs? You’re dreaming.

      26. We are FOR tariffs.

        Tariffs were this country’s source of income for almost 200 years before there was an income tax, which worked extremely well.

        This INVASION of our country must stop.

        We will gladly pay more during the interim. We are tired of paying on the ‘backend’ for services and benefits for illegals. The cost differential (savings) for the USA would be significant.

        Full court press, DT

      27. Wait….why would AMERICANS have to pay the tariffs?
        It should go on the back of the importer, they’re the one’s that are supposed to be punished.
        Same idea with sales tax, why do you pay it at check out when you aren’t the one making a sale, after all it’s not called “purchase tax”? The merchant should pay it out of their end, not punish the end user.

        Time for a massive overhaul immediately or just a complete f’n reset. Being raped financially (just like with our rights due to the actions of others) because someone else is profiting isn’t right.

      28. To all,

        If your country is in a war, do you learn to grow vegetables and support the effort or do you beech on websites about cause and effect affects in price?////////

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