Trump: ‘Pocahontas’ Should Apologize For Being A Phony And A Fraud

by | Oct 16, 2018 | Headline News | 29 comments

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    President Donald Trump is demanding Elizabeth Warren apologize for being a phony and a fraud.  Warren infamously claimed Native-American heritage to give her privilege at Harvard in what Trump called a “fraud” against the public.

    Trump has been severely mocking Warren, who he dubs “Pocahontas” after she recently released her DNA test which the president claims is “bogus.”

    “Pocahontas (the bad version), sometimes referred to as Elizabeth Warren, is getting slammed. She took a bogus DNA test and it showed that she may be 1/1024, far less than the average American. Now Cherokee Nation denies her, ‘DNA test is useless.’ Even they don’t want her. Phony!” Trump tweeted.

    Minutes later, Trump added: “Now that her claims of being of Indian heritage have turned out to be a scam and a lie, Elizabeth Warren should apologize for perpetrating this fraud against the American Public. Harvard called her a ‘person of color’ (amazing con), and would not have taken her otherwise!”

    Warren denies using her ancestry to advance her career at Harvard and elsewhere but released the DNA test results in a bid to support the Native-American bloodline she had claimed while working as a professor before joining the Senate. But that all backfired, according to Fox News.

    The results, as first reported by The Boston Globe, revealed “strong evidence” that Warren had a Native-American ancestor dating back six to 10 generations. According to the analysis, this means she would be between 1/64 Native American and 1/1024, or .09 percent—which would be less than the average European American.

    Everyone else who has been following this debacle is doing the following:

    Warren’s test results confirmed that she has far less Native American ancestry than the average white American, yet she insists it’s enough to earn her special privileges. And we aren’t the only ones who noticed that this little lie would be a much bigger deal if she attempted to play in a Hollywood movie about Native Americans.  The left would lose their minds if any other white woman attempted a fraud like this, yet Warren is given a pass because she slaps that (D) behind her name and promotes Communism.

    And the memes continue to get funnier:


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      1. Ex-Dem??Latina
        Why can’t Elizabeth Warren just be proud of being white?

        Why can’t anybody, asshole?


        • Today, Harvard is a Fraud teaching center, Where I heard 75% of those accepted into Harvard are 3ews, and the rest well good luck in getting in. The fix is in and Harvard is a Fraud school run by the (((Cult))).

          I am 1/16th Mohawk, but never claimed any special treatment status for anything.

          • TSB, ALL libturd colleges and universities are fraud teaching centers. Libturds are as bogus as anyone can be.

          • I’m 1/8 Cherokee and 1/8 Choctaw, which makes me 1/4 all together. My ancestors who were once on the Dawes Commission Rolls gave up their allotment in Oklahoma to return to Arkansas, losing their roll number. You cannot be part of the tribe without this roll number. I always list myself as white on any applications, because I’m told I cannot list my heritage without listing a number. So how did Warren(Pocahontas) get to list herself as native American at Harvard without a number? I don’t want any special treatment for my heritage, but I should not be denied my heritage either. BTW I thought I was never going to stop laughing at those pictures of Warren in an Indian chief’s headdress or the one of the Jeep Cherokee.

      2. Trump should know about perpetrating fraud because he has done the exact same thing his entire life proving any liar can occupy the US presidency. You can’t be president without being a liar. The #1 job requirement, lies stacked upon more lies, lies to cover up past lies. A government of liars, backed by more insider liars.

        • aljamo,
          Your an idiot and Pocahontas is a liar
          Face the facts fool.

          • If you are going to claim Trump is a liar, then post some facts you idiot. Just throwing out wild accusations, without any proof make you a liar aljamo.

        • Aljamo, that’s the damn truth. Well said.

          Also, I don’t particularly care for Elizabeth Warren but please, this endless name-calling is so effin juvenile.

          Its also unbecoming of a president who is setting a poor example for today’s youth. Very unprofessional too. Its beginning to look like bullying which is exactly what we are trying to end, all while he is perpetrating it. While he’s busy name call bullying, his wife is launching an anti-bullying campaign. Unreal. I am getting sick of this shit. Reminds me of when I was a kid and my parents and other adults would fight, it was very disturbing and set a poor example. It sure isn’t a very good quality for a country’s president or any leader for that matter.

          This crazy, juvenile name-calling bullshit has to stop. The only people it appeals to are adults from both parties with the emotional maturity of an adolescent.

          • “This crazy, juvenile name-calling bullshit has to stop. The only people it appeals to are adults from both parties with the emotional maturity of an adolescent.”

            Think about that comment portion for a little bit..These are the “voters”……Yeah, its pretty obvious how far the USA has fallen….Sometimes we deep down understand the truth and accidentally speak it without seeing the truth that is really there. It is called cognitive dissonance.

            Now ask yourself WHY you should give a rats ass if the US collapses in on itself when you realize what the mindset of your neighbors and communities around really is.

            You can see that for all you wish the best of the morons around you, they really don’t deserve your best wishes to be better than they really are, and these are the people who are WRECKING this country through their voting, their mindset and actions.

      3. See my comment on the other article about Elizabeth Warren. Scroll to the bottom of the comments section.

        Thank you.


      4. Viva la Trump! What liberal idiots do not get is Trump is the first President in our life time to say what the majority of us think about the insane propaganda we have had to endure for decades from lying politicians.

        For years the politicians would spew their hype and then go back in their little world and screw the voter. I would much rather have someone like Trump in a mud slinging contest that reveals the hype BS we are all spoon feed from the media than the closed off world before where these slimy weasel politicians ran over us roughshod…

      5. Why is this even news? Who gives a flying fuck about that identity politics witch?

      6. Filling a position at Harvard University that is set aside for a person of color is stealing ethnicity for private gain. Unlike racial slurs that may be psychologically and therefore difficult to quantify damaging this is overtly tangible. Attempting to justify her selfish inconsiderate behavior adds insult to those the left (ostensibly) claims to protect.

      7. If you don’t like Pocahontas’ victimhood narrative, then, you should quit using inarticulate minorities for your spokespeople, and quit telling us about their jobs numbers. As I recall, reparations have been paid by Radical Republicans, in the form of Reconstruction.

        • “reparations have been paid”

          They were paid with Union casualties. If the north didn’t make new state admission being free the south then had no issue thus the civil (actually war of succession) would have been prevented. Regardless I was once in a debate with two black guys who kept saying, “You white people” regarding slavery. I reminded him that my ancestors arrived in the US in 1915 from Poland and 1920 from Italy. Neither were met with brass band and my Italian grandfather was thrown off a trolly car in Philadelphia because he was a wop. No group in the US received greater benefit to make up for the injustices blacks were subjected to. Conversely its likely that no group squandered these attempts at bringing them up the social / economic ladder as blacks have. Dr King would be appalled at their general distain for education, their out of wedlock birth rate and absent fathers along with their indigenous murder rate.

          • Some have theorized that Reconstruction was intended as a punishment for the death of Lincoln. Reconstruction was considered farcical — not just give blacks 40 acres, a mule, and civil rights — but to promote them to high stations, well above their former masters and assume they could do no wrong.

            We have associated Democrats and the breadline with the Klan, when Republicans gave them champagne socialism. Those people from Gone With the Wind were put in concentration camps, by the Republicans.

      8. The hole Democratic Party should sacrifice themselves to the Volcano God.

      9. How much does she have to pay back? That’s usually what happens with fraud.

      10. I consider Elizabeth Warren a very beautiful WHITE woman and she should be proud of that. She has aged very well and is still a hottie in my books. I like smart women and find that very sexy.

        The whole faux Native American thing is a symptom of the disease of victimhood and political correctness; that she had to find some means to show she had some “dark” in that lovely freckled skin. But, why? She is beautiful on her own terms and does not need to feel ashamed of being white.

        I remember my nephew coming home from school after being told white people do not have a culture. He then was told how much fun he was going to have during African Culture Month and Diwali, etc. I sat him down and gave him an hour-long story about white European culture and history and what we have achieved. He stopped buying the lie he had no culture.

        • You think Elizabeth Warren is hot? Get your prescription checked.

          • Warren has aged well especially compared to other women who are Democrat ‘leaders’. But she just blew up her chance to be the Democrat nominee with this poorly timed stunt. If I had 1/1024ths on a DNA test I would have stuck by my unprovable story and not released the test results.

        • FT, you say Warren is HOT? What are you smoking? I might want to try some.

        • Frank, I thought you had better taste than that, to think Elizabeth Warren “a very beautiful WHITE woman”. Look again.


        For this to happen, 10 generations in her past, does not disprove anything she has told you.

        A dark haired person, rumored to have mixed blood, could have been treated that way, by sensitive racists.

      12. Going forward, Elizabeth Warren should be referred to as Rachel Dolezal Sr.

      13. Donald Trump and his father used his wealth to get into Wharton/Univ of PA.

        When Trump was denied admission to Wharton he went to Fordham Univ in the Bronx for 2 years because they accepted anyone there, including blacks with barely average IQs.

        After completing 2 yrs at Fordham Univ he tried again to get into Wharton/U of PA as a transfer student and was not accepted, denied again, so his father gave the school a large donation and voila he was instantly accepted even though he transferred in with a 2.0 (C grade level) GPA and Wharton required a minimum 3.0 GPA.

        He also graduated Wharton with a 2.0 (C grade level) GPA. Not at all in the top 10% of his class as he claims.

        Warren is a crazy lady for sure and not to be trusted but was accepted into top schools because they were trying to attract and graduate more females not because of her so called questionable American Indian ancestry.

        It had everything to do with her GPA & Gender, not her DNA.

        She lied or exaggerated her ancestry to get the votes of those people. She got into good schools and landed good jobs because she had a very high GPA and also at the time they were giving women priority so they could meet upcoming quotas.

        The point: they are BOTH exaggerators and liars. BOTH of them.

      14. Ever get the feeling these demoncrap have all being let out of some mental health institution with all their head bobbing and deluded fantasies. Their support base is just as weird with the Antifa fascists, mob attacks and tantrum throwing children in adult bodies.

        Who in their right mind could vote for the loony left where anything goes.

      15. 19 business days to midterm elections. What makes you think they will happen without the leftists and Antifa terrorists not INTERFERING WITH THEM or just outright attacking voting stations?

        Better start thinking harder outside of the box…we see their political terrorism already being dished out. With all these self inflicted losses to the Democrats message going into these elections, you have to realize that the desperation factor is hugely setting in that they are going to get slaughtered at the polls….so delegitimize and interrupt and attack the elections IS the game plan. It is being telegraphed out blatantly and loud and clear. They WILL STOP AT NOTHING to continue to hold any kind of power they once had. These are unique days in American history, stop believing that things will be all right when your world is in fact melting down around you with ALL of the political terrorism by the Leftists and Marxists in America.

      16. If you believe that race is a non-issue, and it’s not being weaponized, and you hate identity politics, remove anything race-based from the public domain, quit measuring race, and quit subsidizing it.

        If Warren, or a full blooded Indian, or some albino isn’t hurting you, I don’t care about their pow wow cookbook or bad Halloween costumes or whatever rhetoric. Make up a pronoun for yourself, if that’s free to me, and your own private problem.

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