Trump On Syria Attack: ‘Could Be Very Soon Or Not So Soon At All’

by | Apr 12, 2018 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 23 comments

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    President Donald Trump seemed so sure of himself yesterday when tweeting that Russia should “get ready” for a strike against Syria. He appears to now be backpedaling some, and it’s a small sign that just maybe we won’t go to war over what’s shaping up to be a false flag attack.

    He did post a tweet this morning, in typical confrontational fashion, saying he “never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS.  Where is our “Thank you America?”

    Trump may have missed his window for getting any “thank yous” as he almost singlehandedly stoked the fears of a third world war with his threatening tweet yesterday. The United States is said to still be considering a military response over a reported chemical weapons attack on the rebel enclave of Douma on April 7.

    Syrian President Bashar Assad has been accused of being behind the purported incident, but the US said it also holds Russia responsible for failing to prevent Assad from conducting the alleged attack. White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday Trump “holds Syria and Russia responsible for this chemical weapons attack,” and said, “all options are on the table.”

    According to RT, earlier this week, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN, Vassily Nebenzia, correctly pointed out that the alleged incident was beneficial only to the militants. Russian military specialists have already visited the site and said they found no signs of a chemical attack or any victims. The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, the UN’s chemical weapons watchdog, said back in June 2014 that all stockpiles of such material had been removed from the country.

    Russia responded to Trump’s threat by calling on common sense to prevail. “We do not participate in Twitter diplomacy,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said. “We support serious approaches. We continue to believe that it is important not to take steps that could harm an already-fragile situation.

    But the beating of war drums continues, although this may be a sign that the US is willing to back off some.


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      1. This whole threat of war and World War III, is more endless fear-mongering and endless war-mongering by an entrenched and evil U.S. government. EVIL. Do it or don’t do it. But STFU. Press the f*cking button. I am tired of you. I am sick to death of your nonsense. Bored.

        • Thatta boy blame-e, Good to see you’ve been reading my posts and you’re finally waking up.

      2. i urge you to look at the EVIDENCE again, mr president. how would gassing his own people benefit assad? who WOULD it benefit, when we go bomb the sh t outa them?……THERE is your answer, mr prezdunce.

        • These assholes would bomb us if they thought they could get away with it,

          • I am surprised they just don’t pull another 9-11 type of a thing but perhaps on a smaller scale but the same general idea. Those crooked, sneaky bastards ALL deserve to HANG!! they have ruined the U.S. and a good part of the world.

            And if you were going to bomb another country, would you not be quiet about it and just do it? Trump needs to control his mouth and his silly, baby-ass tweets.

            • Trump is just another one of these stupid donkey elitist who has an ego the size of patagonia, thats one thong in common these elite share, the fact that they dont know shit from shinola but think they know everything, they are sll the same, dont matter, R/D, same stench, DJT wasnt elected because he was the best,

        • There is a reason for the rhetoric. He tells one thing to the media, which is controlled by the intel organizations/ Deep State. Then he gets on the phone with Putin and tells him its
          all good. Putin is cautious and he knows that Trump is smart. Trumps own enemies are
          those in his own camp (CIA).

          • I think you give Trump too much credit.

            Remember his posturing during his campaign about the 2ND Amendment and his strong support for it. Then, after the Parkland Shootings he says to his cabinet: “Confiscate the guns first. Worry about due process later.” The guy has no honor and no character. This to an American public that can’t put together $400.00 bucks in an emergency. Lawyers, due process, costs a boat load of money.

            If he won’t tell the truth to the American people then why would he tell the truth to a foreigner, like Putin?

            • blame-e, Yes, now you’re talking my language. That’s what I’ve been saying all along and you doubted me. Good to see we finally can agree on something. Whew. I was getting a bit worried about you.

            • There was a reason why he said that, obviously you don’t understand.
              He tells the media what they want to hear, but he does not comply.
              Don’t just listen to his words, watch his actions.
              The neocons and Deep State were pushing for war with North Korea.
              Trump said a lot of things to make the MSM believe we were going to war.
              Now we are going to have peace. You get it? Don’t just listen to his words.
              Watch what he does. He has more brains before breakfast than they have all day long.
              Don’t buy into the MSM hype. It’s 99.9% spin and propaganda.
              Putin is not a stooge. He does not want war. Trump uses distractions to his advantage.
              Trump knows the gas attack was a hoax.

          • Very likely scenario. Let us hope so.

        • Who would benefit? Israel would benefit and that is all you need to know. Israel wants us there to target Iranians that are too close to Israel’s border. They have already hit a base this month, killing some Iranians and don’t want us pulling out now. If they have to stage a chemical attack on children, to get us to strike Syria, oh well.

      3. He forgot one of his campaign promises and that was not to show his hand when he would order a specific time/date regarding a U.S. Military Strike.

        By the way, I think one of the reasons The National Guard is being sent to the southern borders is to gather info on a potential “Red Dawn” invasion that , according to Dave Hodges Common Sense Program is to kick off when The Syrian Strike, which is supposed to start a Middle East Conflict. Now some of you probably don’t regard Dave’s commentaries but his site is not the only one that over the years has made the proclamation of such an event occurring. Can take or leave it.

        I was startled that Jerry Brown, Governor of California agreed to send a battalion size unit (500) to his States Southern Border and not for participating in immigration purposes.

        As most of you, I’ve read about the belief of some regarding an event as this that would come from Latin America area, West Coast, East Coast,to include Cuba. Yes, I am aware of The Red Dawn movie that was released in the 80’s early 90’s time frame, thus the title.

        Speaking of Cuba. Allegedly when Obama went there to mend differences, I understand Jay Zee? went before him to prepare the way , they or perhaps their Russian handlers, terrorized our embassy staff after with sub sonic frequencies that required a significant reduction in staff which included probably CIA intell officers.

        In 2016, U.S. government personnel in Cuba reported hearing these weird, loud sounds along with feelings of changes in air pressure in their homes owned and maintained by the Cuban government and hotel rooms. Although there had been no history of head trauma, the symptoms reported were consistent with brain injury.
        Now those reductions in embassy are permanent.

        As The U.S. has encircled Russia with Bases with help from Germany, so has they partially encircled us. The Russian and now Chinese involvement in Central America and including our own country is well known.

        Do not want to seem paranoid but take the U.S.A down, and the world is ripe for reshaping in the Russian/Chinese way. And Israel would be left wide open.

        If such an event was to occur, more than likely it would preceded by a limited Nuclear strike. I think well have a hidden belief that there are are already embedded in this nations foreign groups with surprising capabilities to inflict damage, injury and death.

        There is more to this than has been revealed in my opinion.

        But just my observation but it seems to be a topic of discussion and I just put my wordly thoughts in.

        I think we are in danger and need to be watchful. We assume too much.

        • Watch/Wait: I would not be surprised if what you mentioned takes place or even part or parts of it. I mean with the open border situation, God only knows what kind of very very bad apples are in Mexico and then to make matters worse, God only knows what rotten apples are already within the U.S. for the love of God. Think about the disruption, damage and chaos even a relatively small number of well trained individuals could cause…think about it for a moment. I have had the “thoughts” about the Mexico/U.S. border idea in my head for a good while now – it seems like it is just too easy to Not end up happening folks.

      4. Indictments are coming out soon. The Deep State is creating distractions everywhere.
        Desperation is setting in. Liken this to the bible passage about Satan getting busy.
        He hath but a short time.




        • Huh?

      6. While I may be called a conspiracy theorist, I do have some real doubts and reservations. Considering that the Clinton’s are globalists and truly want a world war with Russia, I wonder if the nerve agent used on the former Russian spy and his daughter in London wasn’t actually used by a member of the Clinton cabal. This particular “spy” was a contributor to the “Trump Dossier” that the Clinton’s paid for! Additionally, there are videos from Syria showing the staging procedures of making propagandist videos that infer gas attacks, which give an objective viewer pause at least in their belief of an actual attack ever occurring. Are the Clinton’s and Globalists so hungry for power that they will risk the lives of millions of innocent people … I believe the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

      7. In the picture – Pence, “I’d like to run my hands through his orange wispy hair…..”, Ryan, “and people wonder why I’m getting the hell out of Washington D.C.!!!”, Trump, “It’s all OK, I’m sending my son-in-law Jared and my boys over to Med to take charge of the fleet”.

      8. Trump is exhausting. Just reading his buls**it every day, his threats, we’re going to war, we’re not going to war and his never-ending unprofessional, non-diplomatic tweets, not too mention trying to keep up with the latest drama coming from the WH circus is absolutely exhausting. He is wearing and tiresome.

        • Biggest letdown of my lifetime. Still better than cankles, but damn, he really is a 5 year old. This country is freaking stupid.

        • He’s unconventional. You don’t get it. He’s not always going to show his hand.
          Bad actors don’t play by the rules and neither does he. Look what he is up against.
          So he fires a lot of people. So what. He doesn’t care how it looks. Circus or no circus.

      9. Hopefully Mr. Trump has read Sun Tzu, Art Of War. Methinks he is popping off his mouth to keep the deep state off balance. Time will tell.

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