Trump Off And Running But He Can’t Do It Alone – Six Things Americans Must Do To Make Real Change Happen

by | Jan 26, 2017 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    One of the best things is the fact that we can now say “President Trump.”  Fawning media pundits and those armies of liberals who worship propriety will use the term “president” to address his predecessor; however, he is just “Obama,” plain and simple.  It’s good to be rid of him.  Now the real work can be done.

    The primary focus of the American people from a perspective of priorities should be to convince the president to rally the Congress on one hand, and to use executive orders on the other to reverse the damage done by Obama over the past eight years.  This is where it will take the American citizens to get the ball rolling on this.  For those who may think it cannot be done, look at Prohibition.  That heinous law was repealed, and in this light so can the evils pushed through Congress when the Democrats controlled it and the bureaucratic and executive fiats ramrodded upon us also may be negated.

    Such actions as repealing all the hideous quackeries and Draconian edicts follow a logical series of steps to complete.  The President has enough time, however, he and Congress need to work swiftly.  Here’s how it can proceed:

    1. The most pressing issues (such as Obamacare, the border fence for the illegal aliens, etc.) must be brought toward both the Congress and the President…in a listed format…a petition
    2. This petitioning must also be supplemented by letters, e-mails, and telephone calls to each and every Congressman and Senator regarding these issues.
    3. Organizations that are nationwide must carry out these “campaigns” of changing the existing legislation and heinous pieces of bureaucratic rules and statutes…in the manner they campaigned for the President before the election. With the unity of different groups (such as voting groups, veterans’ organizations, and political party associations), the attention of Congress and the President can be obtained
    4. The petitions and letters must be sent to the President in duplicate, so that he will be aware of these issues that need to be changed, and that Congress (Representatives and Senators) is requested to act upon these matters
    5. Legislation can be initiated, and action can proceed, on repealing Obamacare, for example.
    6. If it should hit a stall in some way, the President can influence it, and possibly take those same Executive Actions that Obama brandished for almost a decade with impunity.

    The bottom line is that the President promised to repeal existing legislation and initiate the changes himself, but he is not solely responsible for this: the American people (who hold him accountable at the booths) must not forget it is their job to monitor his progress and to help it along.

    Here’s the deal.  Around November, the Congressmen and Senators will begin to campaign.  They will be a year out, and in order to keep their seats in the midterm election in November of 2018, there will have to be a good track record for the next year, with visible results within 6 to 8 months.  There is also no excuse, now.  The Republican party holds the House and the Senate.  There is nothing from a legislative perspective that the President cannot accomplish, at least for the next year and nine months.

    Of course, this will take solidarity within the Republican Party, and the Republicans have not had a very good track record in this department…with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan being the prime example.  Ryan refused to back the President before the elections when Hillary Clinton was conducting the “smear” campaign with the closet conga line of “damsels in distress” videos and “boo-hoo” interviews.  Then when the President won, Ryan did a complete-180.

    That solidarity may not be able to be coaxed, but it can be coerced, by the people with the power of their votes.  This will take action: by individuals writing and phoning en masse, and by groups (as mentioned earlier) and organizations.

    When these Representatives and Senators realize their jobs are on the line, they’ll act: not for the good of the issue, but to keep their job.

    So, the President is off to a good start.  We need to wish him as much success as possible.  We also need to help him out.  How?  By being proactive with the Congressmen and Senators of our States to bring matters to their attention.  The election is over, and Donald Trump is now the President, but the real work is just beginning.  If the people do not push these politicos with correspondence backed with the power of the vote, then the politicos will take a Merovingian stance and sit around idly.  We the people have a chance to make a change, and it’s in our hands.  The president is off and running, but even a champion racehorse needs a jockey for direction, and the jockey in this case is an informed and active public that keep him on the right course: the one to reflect the will of the people.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. He can also remind all members that the armed majority of the nation is backing his decisions. That 2018 campaigns are gearing up soon.

        Provided earth quakes don’t split the nation in two, Aliens fail to arrive to be Baptized by the pope, and the poles don’t reverse -dumping our atmosphere and suffocating us all before then…

        Then everything should be okey dokey.

      2. I hope Trump doesn’t back down from banning Muslims from seven countries and closing down these sanctuary cities. This satanic death cult (disguised as a religion) needs to stay in the middle east. Here’s what patriots can do now! Ditch the gov. schools, home school or put kids in Christian schools that are not common core (some have sold out to C.C. in my area). next is: to leave these apostate gov. controlled 501c3 churches with PC clergy pushing the NWO (change agents) and stop throwing time and money down these rat holes. These two things folks can do now will impact the whole country and make a real statement, stand up and tell these pastors why if they ask why you quit. I did it in the ’80’s and now meet w. small group off gov. radar. This is real commitments patriots must heed.

        • The grass is not growing under the TRUMPSTER. He has already moved on these all of these issues, and more: as promised.

          Never has a President been so organized, or moved so quickly to consolidate power. Ryan is falling in line so as not to be steamrolled. Even at State where all of the top bureaucrats have resigned today, the TRUMPSTER will TOTALLY “repeal and replace” and its still January 2017.

          I call that, DRAINING THE FUCKING SWAMP !!! 🙂

          • DK

            I thought the globalists were so organized, power so omnipotent and then like spoiled children in masse their supporters quit their positions at the State Department. All one can say is from the bottom of my heart, “Thank You”. Across the board President Trump is doing that needs to be done letting the chips fall where they may. I have no doubt that virtually no one that voted for Trump now thinks that they made a mistake and many that didn’t wish they did; and these numbers will grow.

            • Exactly. Those neo liberals who have resigned from State did US a YYYYUGE favor. They could have influenced or monitored policy as a deep state mole had they remained in office.

              The RIGHT is going after the source of everyone’s problem aka George Soros, all over the world. He can run but he can’t hide.

              I suspect that the investigations that are ongoing will diverge toward Soros once his phone calls, and emails are uncovered.

              Soros is the one going down. And none too soon. Give asshats with SFB enough rope and they will hang themselves.

              The Clinton’s will be a prime example when all is said and done. 🙂

            • The globalists are still arrogant and hard headed, and they don’t respect the will of the people of the world. The Supreme Court of Great Britain ruled that the British can not exit the EU without the permission of Parliament, even tho the people voted for Brexit. Now members of the EU are saying that Britain can’t exit until the EU says they can exit.

              The globalist thugs are still trying to stop the populist movement in the US and throughout Europe. Even their sponsored fake media is still trying to hold on. The ‘elite’ are refusing to admit that it’s over for them, couldn’t care less that the people are rejecting their agenda for world governance. The enemy is in a state of confusion, but still holding on to what little power they have left.

              However, the tide of the populist movement is moving so strongly, that they will eventually be swept away by the people of the world. Nigel Farage said recently that he feared civil war in Britain. It could just take a bit more decisive action on the part of the people to finally kick their badasses back to square one.

              • The European Union is getting crushed, as countries pull out. Here is a smoke signal to come. Trumps Ambassador says the EU is set for demise along with its Currency, and says Short the Euro.

                Trump’s EU ambassador hints euro ‘could FAIL’ in 18 month

              • Trump also going to bring down Bug Pharma’s No-Bid Monopoly Scam. Said they are going to Bid for the Governments Business. And will save Americans Billions of dollars.

                So nice to have a Real President with BALLS, on the side of the people, fighting the Corporate Fascist Rapists embedded with their bought off shill politicians.

                Republican traitor Paul Ryan now trying to protect Big Pharma from Trump’s monopoly-dismantling reforms

                Tuesday, January 24, 2017 by: JD Heyes

                • so nice to have FLOTUS with NO balls and NO dickbulge

          • I would like to know why everyone is asking for repeal and replace. Why not repeal and remove some strangling regs and let the market work. I understand that some people cannot afford health insurance. What they need is health care and not at the ER which has ridiculous wait times in large metro areas. Perhaps more urgent care clinics are needed that are easily available at any time. These are more affordable and the treatment is usually pretty good.

            Maybe basic health care that can be done at home could be taught in school. Gym classes used to do a little of that. I remember my ancient gym teacher haltingly explaining what happens to girls at that time of month. The same idea could be expanded to what to do for other common ailments treatable at home vice the overworked ER. Seems common sense things that parents used to pass on aren’t getting passed on. (Could write a book on that.)

            For those that can’t afford insurance at all or obtaining health care is not feasible, chances are they aren’t getting what they need currently either. If their insurance is subsidized, they still might not be able to get regular care if they can’t afford the copay or a needed prescription.

            It’s a complex problem but a one size fits all gov solution sure isn’t the answer.

            Then there is dental care. Insurance for that is nearly a joke. I won’t get on that soap box now.

            • What’s needed is repealing both Obolacare AND Congress’ healthcare benefits, and require Congress to have the same benefits available to the general public. They should not have anything better than what we’re stuck with.

        • Trump’s not backing down on the immigration, he’s issued the Executive Orders, Congress has committed to funding the Wall, and Mexico is in a snit fit about paying for it.

          All this back and forth about 20% Tariffs, cancelling meetings, and stuff, that’s preliminary negotiation. The President of Mexico is going to bluster a bunch so he can look good for his people, and Trump is setting that up for him. Then they sit down and get realistic.

          • If the Mexican Prez doesn’t cooperate with Trump’s plan, his own people will act against him because they won’t be able to sell their produce and other goods across the border, causing a hardship for their own country.

            A secure border between the US and Mexico will also deter undesirables from coming into Mexico from their own southern border.

            It is in Mexico’s best economic and security interests to “pay their fair share”.

      3. Stop feeding the beast:

        1) Stop subscribing to liberal-biased newspapers and magazines.
        2) Stop watching liberal MSM newscasts; they get their funding from advertisers based on the number of viewers.
        3) Stop paying for hypocrite Hollywood movies; don’t go to theaters or rent their DVDs; even merely tuning to them on cable/satellite invokes royalty payments to them.

        Put a stake through their vile hearts by stopping the flow of money to them. They will become much less influential if they are broken down.

        • “They will become much less influential if they are broken down.”

          That was the strategy of the NWO against the Middle Class. It didn’t work for them but it will work for US, because there are so many tens of millions more of US than there are of them, and they rely on our dollars to support their industry and perverted way of life.

          Boycott Disney and Disneyland.

          Make the “Happiest Place on Earth” the Brokest Place on Earth until it closes down. The Hollywood Rich have used the wealth we have transferred to them to push an Anti-American Agenda.

          Make them pay for their Globalism !!! Dump Disney !!! 🙂

        • B. Moe: We cut cable several years ago, folks, quit paying a small fortune for TV trash shows. Get HULU, $12. a mo. etc. and an indoor antenna for local stuff you attach to window near TV. Watch the Waltons, pawn shop shows, Amer. pickers, travel shows, science shows, and home building/flipping- remodeling shows. People who watch MSN and cable trash have nothing better to do by watching junk. Haven’t been to a theater since late 70’s!

          • Same here, cut the cable and save $900 a year for 7 years, now. Haven’t missed it a bit.

            I’m a big movie buff, so I hit the pawn shops and such, pay $2 for a like-new DVD, $4 or less for a Blu-Ray in perfect condition.

            Stumbled into some Audie Murphy westerns last week at an estate sale, got a bunch of them for a song. If you like 1950’s westerns, he made some pretty good ones.

      4. I agree 100% JJ, but I know you remember this;

        Be careful with whom you place your trust,
        for even the Devil was once an Angel. ~ A Arizonian

      5. I am curious why Trump excluded the Saudis from the ban. If you recall Bush also protected these barbarians from any and all criticism, prosecution etc. Actually both Bush junior and senior were walking hand in hand with their so called child molester kings and obama went one step further and simply bent over for these mother fuckers.

        Steve Quale posted this video and to be honest with you it made me feel sick. These barbarians are monsters and without exceptions they should be eliminated from the earth.

        • Saudi’s are the most extreme form of Islam called wahhabi a branch of Sunni, (all branches are satanic). Saudi’s were used (MKULtra?) to take down the twin towers. Can’t trust a Muslim period. Saw that video, seems head removal is quite common in these countries. Allah worship- a death cult- is satan worship.

      6. Best wishes America!

      7. One particular frustration many of us have is location. Writing and calling my congress critters is an absolute waste of time. I am a NRA member for life, but they focus (poorly sometimes) on just one issue. There is no national organization to petition for change and the range of other issues. The Republican national party sure as hell isn’t it. I’ve taken BlackMoe’s starvation tactics to more extremes and have a pretty large boycott list, plus I write and call the organizations I boycott to let them know of my concerns.
        The best I can do is to prepare to survive the mess and leave something my family and extended family can use to survive when I am gone. Keep on prepping!

        • Who is John Galt!

      8. Why is it for eight years zero did a lot by EO and we all bitched up a storm about it but we’re OK with Trump doing everything by EO?

        There are millions of posts about rule of law, congress, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.

        Sooooo???? Why is zero’s EO’s wrong and DT’s right?

        Fire away!

        • Really, I understand where you’re coming from IN PRINCIPLE, but look at the agenda the showshine boy was pursuing with EOs. The shoeshine boy and congress had 8 years to something about the economy and failed. all they cared about was ruining the country. Trump is only using the same tool to undo the damage the shoeshine boy has done. And don’t forget that a certain percentage of congress will still fight Trump any way they can. Even Trump’s supporters in congress acknowledge they’re going to have a tough time. so Trump is doing everything he can through EOs. I don’t see us losing the rule of law due to the Trump administration.

        • that was one of the first things i said to hubby.

          there’s D.T. rattling his EO pen box just like O did.

        • that was one of the first things i said to hubby.

          there’s D.T. rattling his EO pen box just like O did.

        • It’s simple, Obama was elected to do what he did, and he did it. Trump was elected to do what he’s doing, and he’s doing it.

          Obama made some illegal EOs, and Congress did nothing about it. Some were turned over by Federal Courts.

          Trump hasn’t made any illegal orders yet, but he could. They’ll get the same treatment.

          When Congress does not act, the President will. Sometimes it’s a matter of whose ox is getting gored, as you say, but so far the right thing is being done.

          It’s the man, not the method, I believe.

        • EO’s are orders to those who serve within the executive branch, just like a CEO issuing orders down the line to those who work for him.

          So when a President orders his employees to do or not do something it is lawful as long as what they are being required to do is constitutional. If it is not constitutional they are required by their Oath to say “No”. If an EO is created as a law/regulation/etc requiring the people to follow it would be unlawful.

          Hope that helps.

        • Trump is destroying the EOs of the Kenyan in the MAGA shredder. I hope he trashes every single one of the illegal Kenyan’s illegal EOs. If another law is going to be written, let it be done Constitutionally through the Congress.

        • Boils down to agenda,
          Using his socialist pen to screw us over, bring on bigger more restrictive government?
          DT reversing that crap and fixing stuff that is killing our republic,,,,
          Go ahead and grumble,, if your ok with having our country trampled by the leftist garbage i know where you can sign up for your giant pussy costume for the next march

      9. He can’t do it alone!!! So we the Patriots of this country MUST keep our Reps in DC doing our bidding and if they don’t get rid of them.


      10. Excellent article, Jeremiah. It is now over to we, the people.

        Extra credit for your reading pleasure, relative to that idiot feminazi march a few weeks back:

        Venerable Fulton Sheen was right when he told us: “To a great extent the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood. When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her. The higher her virtue, the more her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her. The history of civilization could actually be written in terms of the level of its women.”

      11. Trump tweeted that Chelsea Manning is an ungrateful traitor and deserves to be in prison. So telling the truth about war crimes is a crime itself. Trump is just another warmonger itching to rain down destruction on whoever is the target of the day. Simple as that.

      12. Trump has his own military its us THE DEPLORABLES

      13. President Trump:

        Keep us out of wars and keep us safe at home. I am proud of your performance so far. I expect you’ll get better and better until things are so good, even your worst critics will begrudgingly admit they were wrong.

        The thing we Americans must do is to let President Trump know that legal immigration threatens our security almost more than illegal immigration. The number one most important thing that President Trump can and must do is to repeal the 1965 Immigration Act which opened the floodgates. It was an Act of Treason.


        • The 1965 Immigration Act is an act of treason.


          • Same thing happened in Canada and now the country has black ghettos where it never had them before. It also has the ‘black plague’ of gun crime, knife crime and drug dealers. It also has radicalised Muslims where it once had none. In fact, one even shot his way into Parliament and nearly killed the prime minister and the cabinet. Canada has truly been enriched by this experience!

            • Remember when a cell of muslims in Ontario was arrested on Canada Day, 2004? They were plotting to kidnap and behead the Prime Minister, planning to put the video on the internet.

              I was in Victoria that weekend, many of the people were stunned that this kind of thing even existed. The blinders were on.

              • the whole worlds blinders are still on when it comes to Muslims!! that has got to change or we are doomed!!

      14. Petitions like will,s and Trust,s are not worth the paper they are wrote on. The founders Petitioned the king and it gained them nothing. The threat of revolution is what should make congress do the right things.

      15. What made the difference was voter registration and voter turnout. We must never ever become complacent again. We must remain active. Make sure every member of your family and all friends and neighbors are registered to vote. There is another election in 2018. Stay involved. Look at cray cray Robert Reich’s website. He is an activist professor at Berkely who give marching orders to leftist crybabies and used to work for the Clinton White House. We have to get in this for the long haul. They have been in it for the long haul while we were asleep.We have to win we do not have a choice.

      16. -blackmoe-

        Amen, brother. I stopped watching that Hollywood garbage a long time ago. The movies
        that they crank out now are pure commie pinko anti- American crap. Mr. Environmental
        Warrior aka Leo Di Caprio flies every damn where in his private jet. His carbon footprint
        is way bigger than anyone else’s. Hypocrites, what they are. I might watch a Mel Gibson
        movie, but thats about it.

      17. Just wait until President Trump starts on welfare programs,like:
        EBT, Welfare Checks, Section 8 Housing, TANF, WIC, AFDC, SNAP,
        Earned Income Credit,Free School Lunches and Breakfasts, Public Housing, Obama Phones,Medicaid, Medicare…..Welfare careerist and assorted moochers who feel they are “Entitled” to the fruits of others labors are in for one hell of a shock.
        The free ride is coming to an end! Time to start putting job applications.

      18. Just wait until President Trump starts on welfare programs,like:
        EBT, Welfare Checks, Section 8 Housing, TANF, WIC, AFDC, SNAP,
        Earned Income Credit,Free School Lunches and Breakfasts, Public Housing, Obama Phones,Medicaid, Medicare…..Welfare careerist and assorted moochers who feel they are “Entitled” to the fruits of others labors are in for one hell of a shock.
        The free ride is coming to an end! Time to start putting job applications.

      19. Trump will have to be very careful with Canada’s prime minister: a top globalist operative pre-positioned to hand the country over to China and Islamic finance interests. He is currently trying to enslave Canadians in catastrophic debt via various bubbles (property etc.).

        On the plus side, Trudeau has had his arrogance and entitlement slightly rattled, as he has had to publicly step down from having secret, Hillary Clinton-style cash-for-access, pay-to-play fundraisers.

      20. Hey Kids!

        Want to know if you will have a country to grow up in? Take the simple test!

        Term-limits? Yes means Yes, a country continues. No? No means no.

      21. Heres the thing,
        Congress, and specificly democraps in congress can still obstruct,
        The biggest thing we can do is say NO.
        John Galt it is,,,,

      22. I am very glad Trump is doing all that he is doing.
        It is like a breath of fresh air.

        Just don’t ever tell Anyone or Admit to Anyone that
        you Voted For Trump.

        You are liable to get punched, a brick thrown through your home or car window, or receive a profanity ridden expletives until the person doing so is removed from the plane.

        I am a Silent Deplorable, there are many of us, and we
        all support Trump and what he is doing.

        • Now the Pole-Smoker-in-Chief and his Transgender Good Buggy are out of office, the real work of fixing the world economy can take place. And Trump is the man for the job.

          It takes BIG BALLS to handle a calamity of this scale. There is literally nobody else in the US with those balls and the solid communication skills that Trump has. He has carefully built up his ability to speak directly to the public without obfuscation and mealy mouthed pussy words (Obama’s specialty). There is no room for those words. And what is good is people can compare the lofty and empty words of Obama in his last days, with the direct and clear words of Trump.

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