Trump: Muslim Migration “Destroying Europe, I’m Not Gonna Let That Happen To The U.S.”

by | May 4, 2016 | Headline News | 113 comments

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    Fresh off his massive victory in Indiana, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump told MSNBC’s Morning Joe earlier today that he would stick by his controversial policy on Muslim immigration because the migrant crisis is “destroying Europe”.

    Trump’s proposal to place a temporary halt on Muslim immigration to the United States was perhaps his most incendiary of the campaign, but the New York billionaire shows no signs of walking it back.

    Asked if he still believed “Muslims should be banned from entering the country until we can figure out what’s going on,” Trump said that he didn’t care if the policy hurt his chances in a general election.

    “Look at what’s happening. It’s terrible what they have done to some of these countries of they are going to destroy — they are destroying Europe. I’m not going to let that happen to the United States,” said Trump, chiding Obama for refusing to even use the term “radical Islamic terrorism”.

    Heralding the fact that “a civilian in the truest sense got the nomination of a major party,” Trump asserted he had been guided by “common sense” and that he would continue to follow that path.

    “We have to be careful. We’re allowing thousands of people to come into our country, thousands and thousands of people being placed all over the country that frankly nobody knows who they are. They don’t have documentation in many cases. In most cases. We don’t know what we’re doing. Let’s see what happens. This could be a very serious problem for the future,” added Trump.

    Despite facing a substantial media backlash after he made the comments in December last year, polls taken immediately after the remarks showed that a majority of Americans supported a temporary ban on Muslim immigration.

    At the time, the Obama White House said Trump’s stance on the issue disqualified him from becoming president, but after the attacks in Brussels and with the inevitability of more Islamist terror on the horizon, Trump’s position could end up being a rallying point rather than a hindrance in his bid to take the Oval Office.

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      1. Amen Trump…

        • The Islamic savage is the true trash of any society. They beat their women and treat them like shit. Kill their own children for trivial matters. They threaten others with death for not agreeing with their twisted ideology. They worship the devil and a paedophile prophet. I knew I was buying thousands and thousands of bullets for some reason.

          • The “TRUMP TRAIN” will take the Donald to DC and then it will be used to DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT!!! 🙂

              • Very encouraging, many have seen the same scenario in visions since George Washington.
                ‘Son of the Republic, what you have seen is thus interpreted: Three great perils will come upon the republic. The most fearful for her is the third. But the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land, and Union’.

            • The first ‘family’ of subversive, anti-White, anti-American treasonous cockroaches I’d like to see Trump deport would be every last member of the loathsome Bush Family.


              “President George H.W. Bush and his son President George W. Bush have no plans to endorse Donald Trump, their spokesman told ABC News. ”

              No plans to endorse Trump because these Bush turds endorse a continuation of the diabolically evil, treasonous destruction of White, Western Civilization by burying Western Civilization under hundreds of millions of turd world invading aliens, who once here, will give the diabolically EVIL DEMONRATS a permanent, peacefully unbreakable one party dictatorship – whereupon these evil totalitarians will abolish the First and Second Amendments, and proceed to resurrect the USSR right here in North America.

              • Tucker, AMEN. He also needs to deport a certain ‘tribe’. THAT would solve a helluva lot of problems. 109 other nations have already done the same. Let the US become No. 110.

          • Menzoberranzan, I’m right there with you. Muzzies need to go back to whatever sandbox they came from.

            • Several hundred years ago, “new faces” came to North America. At first, the people of the land welcomed the new faces. They gave them food and helped them survive.

              But after being helped, the “new faces” refused to assimilate into the existing culture and customs. They brought their own religion and language, and demanded that the people of the land worship their “new” god. They took their women and slaughtered their families, They brought new diseases, causing death and destruction, destroying the existing way of life, and took over their land.

              And the people who had first been living on the land died by the hundreds of thousands because they had welcomed the “new faces.

              Now fast forward 400+ years…

              • There are significant differences as, “The New Faces” ended up creating and facilitating technology, manufacturing, in effect progress. The Islamic Fundamentalists desire that society go back about 1000 years.

                • I don’t think you folks are getting the point, which is:

                  People who won’t assimilate come to destroy the existing culture. We are just on the other side of the equation now.

                  As as aside, I doubt that the women, children, and men who had their genitals hacked off as souvenirs by the “new faces” would think that electricity and manufacturing would be considered a good trade-off.

                  • Preach
                    I get what you are saying and I agree that is the way it went down; therefore, we would be awfully foolish to invite the same thing to happen to us.

                  • PWYPreach

                    You make a valid point. The Islamics however committ atrocities and move a society technologically and socially backward.

              • We will not be welcoming the ‘new faces.’ We will be blowing their faces off.

                • If things do not change this nation is going to be fighting for its very existence.

                  We have about lost all our History. Everything we have learned about the American way is bad. We must except other peoples customs or go to jail.

                  Americans are SCARED SHITLESS to do something about it because we have made so many stupid laws that you can be put in jail for anything.

                  • Why should any advanced race wish to assimilate with a lesser pagan heathen race?…if the orig race already present were half as smart as some think of them, then they’d be smart enough to realize it is to all involved advantages for the former occupants to assimilate into the new better advanced society.

                    Just consider one major difference between most of the european white race Vs every heathen race like indians, afrcians, arabs etc etc..

                    That difference being most every white when they must kill another human in self defense or real war events not only regrets doing it, but most whites also have the same attitude with that as they do when hunting Deer for the freezer…Ie: if they must do killing they then do it as humanly and fast as posible so to Not cause undue sufferings.

                    Not so with those heathen races…They do exact opposite and it is more like a religion for them to cause massive suffering and also to invent kill methods that extend time of great suffering before final death, and so that it lasts three weeks or so before one is dead finally.

                    These type differences prove that no such thing as all races or peoples are equal exist in reality.

                    Equal in regards to obey laws and bill of Rights yes.

                    Equal in every way, No.

                    Discalimer: Yes yes yes we All know there are most always exceptions to most every “rule”…I suppose somewheres in past history one can locate proof some apache injun said “sorry Mam” after he and a dozen other injuns raped some white woman in arizona in 1860….and likewise one can always locate a couple bad whites that are depraved.

                    But as on the whole NO other race has proven to be as compassionate and shareing and forgiving as whites has and especially usa whites.

                    Too Many has fallen for the leftist marxist “Melting Pot” claims and the real biggie of “We are all a nation of immigrants”.

                    Which nations were not?..None as every nation began Via imigration into that land.

                    Today an honest number of Native Born usa whites and other races also is probably rated at around 98-99% are Native born by factor or two or more gens now.

                    So todays usa is NOT a nation of immigrants any longer and hasn’t been so for some long time now.

                    One More Key issue is that back when usa was a true melting pot of actual immigrants, then it was 99% of them were white europeans that had different languanges and customs and foods etc etc…However…They ALL Had far More in common as euro whites when compared to the additions of africans and Latrineo’s etc.

                    I wonder how many that so promote all races are same and zero difference but skin colors ever admit how bad they wish their beautifull daughters will one day announce shes pregnant with a black african baby arriving soon eh?

                    Two things I Never yet heard at casual party talk are.

                    #1 Never yet heard any parents state they “Hope and pray their Son or Daughter ends up a Junkie!

                    #2 Never yet heard any whiteys state “gee I sure hope our suzy hooks up with a african thug and births a few black babies with him, it would make me and her daddy so so happy!”

                    Yeah sure it would eh! Cannot wait to show off little Sambo to the relatives at sunday picnic at grannys crib!!

                    Just admit it…Yes differences between races abound and it IS Okay. Even ok for whites.

                • Anyone from a country with “stan” in it’s name is an undesirable.

                  Name one invention islam has given the world. And no, the car bomb and suicide vest don’t count.

            • Coming to America unless we can get a true leader in the office of POTUS who loves our country, is not part of the globalist ‘elite’ plan for the NWO, and has the balls to stand up to them! (Trump is the only one who matches that description):
              England Bans Its Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims

            • Muzzies have been steadily making their way (quietly) into our country for longer than Obama has been president (I use the term loosely).

              Most likely it won’t be blue helmets climbing into your windows and kicking down your doors, but rather it will be the millions-of-muzzies (who are peace loving people unless you aren’t a muzzie too) seeking to kill our asses.

              So, to prevent this, we do nothing and keep allowing ALL OF THEM to continue to pour into the country unrestrained.

              As many have stated, it is going to be a “long, hard road.” But, American will NOT fall …not as long as there remains a single American standing. And even ONE man/woman can wreak-devastation on the entire country if they employ the needed ‘things’ to take down the heathens presently trying to run things into the ground to make it harder for us to regain what’s being lost, at a terrifying pace.

              I was caught off-guard by this Washington ‘vision’. Will Google it… How many here are aware that George Washington ‘stole’ from what there was of a treasury way back when? Covered it all up with the “cannot tell a lie, I chopped down the cherry tree” story. (There was never an axe nor a cherry tree (they don’t grow that far north to the best of my knowledge).

          • I knew i was quenching my katana blades with bacon grease for some reason, that and the bullet thing,
            Wing em en wack em

          • The Muslim Migration into Europe is not the Muslims fault. They were escaping Bombings in their country of mainly Syria, by the US and NATO forces trying to overthrow the Assad Government. So WTF, Get the Facts. This is a war refugee migration is a devious plan by the New Jew World Order, that is attempting to destroy white culture in Europe. And control Oil Flows through Countries, that doesn’t want to use the Petrodollar to sell their oil.

            So wink wink, Trump says he will not let that happen to America, he can kick the Muslims out, and Kick all the Jews out as well, Who have already been here for decades, destroying America with their influence in the Socialist Commie Democratic Open Boarders party scam. I hope Trump can go after and break up the Jew Main stream media and the the Banks, who are the destroyers of White Euro Culture.

            I sure hope you all can see these set of facts, of Who’s really behind the World Chaos and phony wars. The Bankers, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Neocons, Conservatives, Commie, Military Industrial Complex Mafia, Oil Companies, Israel and Saudis. Those are the enemies to world peace, for their Greedy Fascist NWO Agenda.


            • WhoWTF: I tried several times to post up proof info I copied from an incogman site article of what you stated.

              It remains always stuck in moderations or is deleted.

              Basically it was an article with actual documented quoted excerpts and the actual meetings minits as recorded word for word of…

              A Celebration event held in Israel, at Jeruselem, between the EU honchos-+-Adenhauer foundation org of germany-+- Various rabbis and israel jewish top officials and noted persons of israel.

              it was held back in March or May of, 2013…and the quoted minits statements praised those present efforts and pre-plannings that Caused this current huge influx of arab muslims into EU states.

              One top german jew there wrote some book about these issues prior and in it he states that current whites of EU states as well as usa whites and canadas whites as well deserve such 3rd worlder non whites flooded into white nations, as Pay back for “Allowing gods chozens to get harmed during the holohoax event” I kid you not!

              That same guys book excerpt adds that…The main prime goal of him and his pals at that meeting are to cause and or Force not just assimilation by whites of those savages, but to if necessary make new laws that force whites to only marry and mate with NON whites in order to acomplish creation of a totally Non white future race and the final End of all white race globally.

              I will Again try to post it up directly after I post this reply…Maybe it will be allowed to post up here eh?

              I personally see zero reasons to not have it posted up since all it contains is, actual recorded verrified as acurate and truth and facts of said israel based meeting held in 2013 and it Is directly about this articles very same issue.

            • You omitted the Domestic Enemies of America, our own Federal Government, “across the board” up to and including The President and Administration, Congress, Senate ….the whole nine-yards needs tearing down to the damn ‘grout’ between the tiles, then rebuilt (after slaughtering everyone who intended to slaughter us, but of course).
              Then again, why not just send THEM to Mars, to populate the planet and ensure it will be safe for us when we get there too. They’d never survive the voyage so nevermind worrying about landing.

          • Words from an ignorant racist. First of all, your arrogance shows you’re a lowly person. Second, Muslims are not savages. Native Americans were called savages too. Many Muslims don’t mistreat women or children although undeniably there are those who do same as non-Muslims. Third, there are Muslims in the third-world countries who are not really educated who threaten others with death, but for the most part, many Muslims don’t threaten others for insulting their religion, which is not twisted. For, instance we don’t insult other religions and people who are atheist simply because of what they believe in. Fourth, devil worship is your wishful thinking. The Prophet never abused children; it is a fact. Your bullets would do you no good because they should be confiscated from hateful people like you.

            • Bring it on you muslim loving trash. They are everything I said they are. I probably have understated their evil.

            • Sam.

              You can see the PUSH BACK with Trump becoming the nominee for President for the GOP. Will he make it? Lots of violence out there.

              Fifty years of Help me, Help me. Give me money. Make me equal and trying to force a change in attitude toward others we dislike, has only divided us more.

              We are tired of being told what we can say and what we can do. Who we can rent to and who we can hire.
              Being called a racist as illegal immigrants do harm to our citizens and you wait until enough of the Muslims get here. Then you will see what their religion is stands for.

            • Sam, whose fantasy world are you from? Muslims are savages and need to be kicked out of our country and wherever else they’re causing trouble. So go troll somewhere else.

        • Keep them out, help set up a safe area over in the middle east where they already share a common language, culture and religion, they do not belong in the United States unless they are willing to assimilate and become American and only on a case by case basis.

        • Double Amen Trump!!!

        • I have to say that this is one of the things I really like that Trump says he’ll do. I also like his stance on the TPP and TPIP trade deals as well as the border wall and trade with currency manipulating nations like the PRC. I do find some things alarming though like his stances on eminent domain and health care. He has a weak history on the second amendment and that worries me. However, he will have my vote. Why? because the second amendment is the single biggest issue for me this election and while I don’t completely trust him on the issue, I KNOW that Hillary Clinton is definitely going after it. So, my vote is going to him to block her.

      2. What do you mean “temporary” ban on Muslim immigration. Keep those pedophile fanatics out of here. And send the ones Otraitor brought in back to where ever the Phuck they came from.

        • Oh, way to go Trump!

        • Temporary ban “until we can figure out what the hell is going on”, then when that’s settled and confirmed it will be permanent, i.e. temporary until further notice…

      3. If Something Is Going To Destroy Humanity

        h tp://

        “If the H5N1 bird flu became easily transmissible between humans, by some estimates, it could kill as many as 1.7 billion”

        it’s still out there

        • Satori:
          In that case I’ld say Muslims are for the birds.

          • Here’s: The LINK’S to my Above Reply so folks can read every word of transcript of israel meeting on EU affairs/Muslim immigrations etc…

            By Benjamin Garland @Renegade Broadcasting

            Hmmm..Seems all the other related links, when I try to copy and paste here, all just show up the same as this one to renagade broadcasting site link.

            if this wont work?…Look for article contained at incogman dot net done back around Dec 2015 era…Search his site for article as he posts up several per week same as here shtf does…Plus many more similar articles there on same anti whitey issues abound at his website.

        • If a infected mosquito with Zika virus bits a bird flu host what ya get cus Zika is transfer via sex also

          • Wull tharts easy, just don have sex wif no moskiters,,,,,
            Just kiddn bud

            • Does it count if your taking a piss and they bite your stick

      4. Islamic savages belong in hell. The Europeans can’t defend themselves. Not the case here. We will send them to their god the devil.

        • Menzoberranzan….The Muslim migration is all planned by the Zionist Jews and their banking cartels to destroy the non Jews so the tribe can control the entire Europe and this time a complete control. The funny part is most of the savages are also very Jewish looking.

        • In countries around Europe that were 99.9% white, crime was probably a novelty.
          People really didn’t see the need for firearms, except maybe for a long gun for
          hunting. I doubt very few were upset at giving up their weapons. They were being
          set up for what is going on now. Americans having experienced the joys of multiculturalism, knew that weapons were necessities. If we get through this
          summer without major riots it will be a miracle. Trump is the last chance to maintain
          our freedoms. Bernie Sanders would be run over like a Mack truck by the “elite”.
          Clinton will have Americans longing for the good old days of the Obama administration.

          • Clinton, Hillary would “lose control of the country” within days (or less) of making president, if she’s even allowed to do that. There is an awful lot standing against her and her damned server and she hasn’t a leg to stand on in her defense …notta. So, let’s all watch as the feds allow her to get away with treason times the number of years she did it KNOWINGLY (yet claiming ignorance of it). Oh come on Hillary, and be real. We the people are NOT THAT STUPID. (She must be to think we’d buy that story).

            IMHO I seriously doubt you’ll see Trump make it into office. TPTB are NOT ABOUT TO LET YEARS AND YEARS OF PLANNING OUR DEMISE TO SLIP AWAY – – and so something “big” cometh, and is going to knock us on our asses, at first.

            • So many people don’t understand, how the globalist/corporate interests are not going to go away quietly. They are going to fight to keep what they have already won. We are facing an enemy that is determined to protect what they have already stolen from the American people.

              Globalists have shown their hand. They are after a lot more than our guns. They are after our way of life, our institutions, our faith in God and if we do not conform to their flavor of tyranny, they are after us.

              Our enslavers are not going to let Trump and his people just grab the reigns of power. The Criminal elite will not suddenly acquiesce to the will of the people and our Constitution. They are going to fight, and anyone who does not understand this is naive.

              Even if you do not support Donald Trump, if you are an American who supports “America first” kind of rhetoric and are a member of any traditional part of the middle class, you are an enemy of the state and if the criminal elite get their way, you and yours will be done away with.

              From Dave Hodges

        • you only need to look at Europe to see what is happening and it will come here if we let it.

          • Jim (hey neighbor!), wouldn’t you say that it is already ‘here’? We have immigrants pouring in through our Southern border, every day there is less and less “law on the streets” and it matters not if the media covers it or not, but we are experiencing “near riot” conditions in many of our larger cities already. It is simply being “hidden” as The Feds have done the same as Russia, in that we are now listening to nearly “government controlled TV” …gee, we are going to be just like all the other nations! Yay!
            I’ve always wanted to be a slave, beaten, sodomized, beheaded, reanimated and do it all again…

      5. Well trump might be a loose cannon. However the Obama Cannon has taken dead aim at the rightful citizens of the USA and the nations Sovereignty. And hillarys cannon would do the same and include the second admendment. We do not need any unvetted immigrant,s no mater what country the come from. no matter what their race or regilon we don’t need or want them here.

      6. Go donald Go.

      7. It would be far simpler to just
        halt all immigration. We have
        over 300 million people already.
        We are the world’s 3rd most
        populous nation. Let’s clean
        up the mess we have and then think
        about inviting the whole world in.
        This is perfectly constitutional,
        and can be done with the stroke of a pen
        in an executive order.

        • Immigration was halted after WW2 , then JFK opened the flood gates .
          I say slam the damn door shut now !
          Then clean up Dearborn and Hamtrammck .
          Immigrants need to assimilate and speak english or LEAVE .

          • Hammerhead.

            Go to the Flea Markets and see how much English is spoken. I can go from Manila to Port au Prince to Tijuana in a few steps. Fifteen years ago everyone spoke ENGLISH.

            • Its not a question of getting foreign people as my ancestors immigrated legally from Italy and Poland. Initially entire neighborhoods spoke a foreign language. They assimilated. The push today is to not culturally assimilate except of course we do have opportunities in the military.

              • Kevin2

                The time at which our family come to the US is way different.

                Today they want to make our country into the one they left and I doubt that it would have been tolerated 60 years ago.

                A More Kinder Gentler Nation. Hmmmmmm.

                • Part of the psychological preparation for globalization is the media push for this diversity. From my vantage point it started in the 1960s. Its psy-ops molding society.

              • A nation cannot accommodate the rule of law AND a “tolerant” respect for Shariah law, as well; the two are incompatible.
                Sharia Law demands no allegiance to the US Constitution. The Koran forbids assimilation, but they can USE the West to defeat us.

            • Yea, somebody said i need to learn how to speak spanish so i can comunicate better with their hired help, instead i sicked immigration and the state labor guys on them,,, they were begging me to come work for them, needless to say i ignored the phone calls… Stupid people

            • That doesn’t completely bother me. I do not mind people speaking in a language that is native to them so long as they also can converse well in English. Freedom of speech also gives people the right to speak other languages as nowhere in the Constitution or Federal law is English the official language of the US. It only becomes a problem when they try not to assimilate into the greater society and they use it to start friction with the native born citizens of their new country.

              I actually like the variety I experience in places like flea markets. It adds to the whole experience for me to see all of these people from around the world engaging peacefully in commerce with one another. It’s the way the world should work. Maybe it’s just me though as I have a variety of friends from different racial and cultural backgrounds and very few of them have ever been white. It lets me understand a variety of perspectives and helps me have a more complete world view than what people would normally think that a Born Again Christian, middle aged, white, conservative, straight male would have.

              • I will also add that I do not understand why people who hate America want to come here. If you really find this country so distasteful then why did you choose to come here in the first place? It’s not like there isn’t a whole world of other options to choose from. If your home country was so much better then go back there. It’s obvious that you would be happier living in that culture than ours. if you choose to move here than it is you, not us, who needs to change and adapt to your new surroundings.

                • Winston: It’s the FREE SHIT!!!

          • It was LBJ, not JFK, Hammerhead. Check your history.

            Oh, and I’m not fan of JFK. He was a Kennedy and all Kennedy’s are enemies to White Americans who have an ounce of healthy racial survival instincts.

            JFK was reluctant to ram rod the anti-White Civil Rights legislation through – not because he was necessarily pro-White, but because he feared that it would cause a stampede of White Southerners out of the Democrat party and into the Republican Party. Which is exactly what it did. Ever since, the Democrats have gotten increasingly anti-White with each passing election. For a long time, the Democrats made an effort to try to camouflage their hatred for Whites and cloaked their anti-White agenda using various techniques that required an IQ above two digits to recognize. Today, though, their anti-White hate is right out in the open and they make no effort to disguise it.

            • Tucker

              The Constitution and Bill Of Rights includes everyone or it includes no one.

              Civil Rights are just that; CIVIL RIGHTS. Rights, not privileges for some at the expense of others.

      8. Meanwhile Obama will increase the importation of Muslims into our country. On the southern boarder there will be open arms to enter our country to anyone that can make the trip.

        I hear Cuban’s are on their way through Mexico.

      9. Menzobarrazan. Get ready for your first Agency ass clown troll attack. Your facts at the truth..


        Agency ass clown super moderator. Moderating free of cost just for the hell of it.

        • Need to buy a limb shredder to toss them in it will be faster than digging holes and save space in the mass graves

          • Or you could take them out to the pig farm, pigs eat everything.

          • I was thinking more like a 10′ tub grinder, can dump em in there by the dozen

          • 10′ tub grinder with a 1200hp CAT running it and an outfeed conveyor and winrow builder,,,

            • Kulafarmer

              On the off time we can used it to dig for gold.

              Holy smokes a 10′ tub grinder. ;0)

      10. I’ve yet to hear Trump say anything controversial. Muslims should be vetted.
        Most people will agree. There should be a wall. America and Mexico are two distinct, seperate countries. The Trump protesters in California were burning
        American flags and waving Mexican flags. They belong in an American jail.
        They don’t belong on the taxpayers “Go Fund Me” page. Trumps foreign policy
        speech was excellent. Make trade deals fair to Americans. Bring jobs back to America. Instead of antagonizing Russia – try being allies with Russia – while
        maintaining military superiority. Our worst enemies are within. Trump is 100%
        right about Europe. Muslims are destroying it. Muslim enablers like
        George Soros should spend his golden years in solitary confinement. He’s the first person since Ron Paul that’s created interest in politics.

      11. European history has always involved a give and take with various cultural identities. Today is no different . . . awaiting another fateful event . . . military conflict.

      12. I think trump has the potential to be even worse than obama. they are both thin skinned bullies that you cant tell them anything and dont think any further than 2 weeks on the consequences of their actions.

        But if trump keeps the muslims out and sends any here that do not place nice on the next plane to mecca, then he was an awesome president. illegals, huge debts and men marrying men all take a back seat to people that want to lord over you or kill you.

      13. The shit is coming to America soon now. Prepare for it.

        • Europe was once about creating a prosperous homeland for European people. Then, suddenly in 2013, it became about creating a ‘New America’ for Muslims. Somehow Europe became all about creating a frontier of tasty pussy and welfare for Muslims and Africans. WTF.

      14. All of this doesn’t matter at all, because
        the vote COUNTERS have already determined that Queen Hillary will be our next President!
        Go ahead and vote, if it makes you feel better.
        I will too, just for the hell of it.

        • The People are awake. Get involved, be a Poll Watcher at your local precinct. This is our last chance for a peaceful revolution at the ballot box.

      15. Go Mr. Trump! You had better keep your word on ALL the immigration talking points this far. I wonder what the liberals would say if we sent all those “unaccompanied children ” back to Mexico or Panama, Belize or wherever.

        He should “take the handcuffs off ” our troops on the rules of engagement too. He spoke of his plan to have a strong military and that would be a great starting point.

      16. I don’t like the Muslim illegals being transplanted here either, obviously a NWO dictate. Now that cabal will have the perfect scapegoats for the next false flag attacks that they themselves have planned.

      17. Trump is 100% correct. Anyone who comes to Europe and sees what it is like now will know he is right. The US and Canada do not want to repeat Europe’s mistake.

        Cities have been ruined, women raped, children raped, economies wrecked – all to give welfare-supported help to Muslims. Why? You know why: to wreck white European culture, forever. Is that good for humanity? I do not think so.

        It is BS borders cannot be controlled, borders can be controlled. There is precedence for calling a halt on migration; on placing known or suspected threats in camps until we know they are trustworthy. Is that inhumane? No. They will be fed and have a grand time in the camp until released or deported.

        We owe nothing to Islam. Islam has wrecked its countries and despoiled the lands they sit on with an ecological and population catastrophe. We do not need to ruin our lands to help them; they need to help themselves and sort their countries out.

        • Look at history. We owe something to Islam . To wipe them out for what they’ve done.

          • “To wipe them out for what they’ve done.”

            Specifically what?

            • Let’s start with the murders of hundreds of millions of Christians, Hindus, Zorastrians, Druze, Armenians, etc., etc., over the last 1400 years in their convert-or-die conquests.

              Never has Islam come to any nation peacefully. Not once.

              • Smokey
                Shooting someone because an ancestor committed murder 1400 years ago? Definition of insanity with a dollop of hysteria on top.

      18. The Obmination has already released 10,000 into New Orleans, our southern border. And Canada has already been flooded with 25,000 at our northern border. And who knows how many more over the Mexican border to our west. Obama has appointed Fatima Noor to head our US Citizenship (she is a muslim).
        We have enough of our own problems in this country without taking on these so-called refugees (mostly young men of fighting age) who in Germany circle people, rob and assault them.
        They ARE NOT appreciative.
        They don’t respect us.
        They don’t want to blend in.
        They want mosques .
        Go to you tube and search ‘with open gates the forced collective suicide of european nations’

        Please close our borders Mr. Trump.
        ‘Hell’ary is owned by these people. Her top aide Huma Abedin who was raised in a strict muslim household stands at the borders just waiting for illegals to lie to for votes.

      19. I think this summer is going to be a roller coaster with dozens of twists and loop-d-loops. If Trump can make it alive to be sworn in, he will still have to watch his back.

        • “If Trump can make it alive to be sworn in, he will still have to watch his back.”

          His pick of VP will be vital for his own protection. He needs to have a successor very undesirable to TPTB. Kennedy’s huge mistake was taking LBJ who was as crooked as a winding road.

          • So is NJ Gov Chris Christie. If Trump picks him for VP, which is a possibility, we are screwed….talk about ‘as crooked as a winding road’… not too mention, Trump also promised Omarosa/Teresa Manigault a Cabinet position if he wins. Think Hellary is bad?… she is worse, imo.

            • So crooked he has to screw his pants on.

          • It happened with Reagan, who swore he wouldn’t select an “Establishment” VP. But he was threatened by the powers that shouldn’t be that if he didn’t choose H.W. Bush, they would make sure he didn’t get elected, then the attempted assassination on the 70th day of his presidency.

      20. President Obama wants us to take in thousands of muslim immigrants yet he finds it necessary to raise the fence around the White House 2 feet to keep out citizens that have not been invited.

      21. You’all miss something here.
        the biggest threat to America
        is not immigrants, it is American
        Democrats. I’ve worked with
        such a variety of immigrants
        that I can’t even keep a track
        record of. Vietnamese, Iranians,
        Ukranians, Asian Indians, et al.
        The scariest bunch were the
        American Democrats and white
        Europeans, they have no concept
        of personal responsibility and
        freedom, they idolize the government.
        Moslem’s by definition despise personal freedom
        and eschew personal responsibility as
        their God gives them permission
        for their perversions.
        The world will not miss Moslem’s, Democrats, and
        most European socialists.

        • So you like the democrats,,,,
          Funny how we live in a place that is almost entirely democrap,,, sometimes i do wish i had left when i had the chance, now im stuck here so got to make the most of it

          • Kula,
            Dude, Bra you are on fire today!
            We are the canaries in the coal mine.
            Luckily, the Democrats we have to deal
            with are so stupid and corrupt, we can
            piss on their bodies, kinda like
            Marines and Taliban.
            Prep on and never comply!

          • Kulafarmer

            “They’ve got us right where we want them. We can fire in any direction now!”

            Lt. Gen. Puller on being surrounded.

      22. I was anti Muslim before trump made it cool to be. I’ve always hated minority’s they come here and undermine wages fuck all them. I’ve no compassion for them. They are a blight on working people. I hope trump deports all of them I will turn them in if I find out they are illegals. I’ve wanted them gone for as long as I can remember. Fuckin cockroaches. businesses that hire illegals should be shutdown. It will piss of legit workers and they protest illegals. Fuck all this tolerance crap. Who benefits from the cheap labor. People need to smarten up I’m surprised people aren’t bullshit about illegals. They just snuck into America and showed up in your town looking for work. The greedy corporations were all too happy to have help for peanuts and told all the other workers they had to take a paycut or Jose was gonna take your job. The pussy cowards said ok and now everyone makes shit $ and kills themselves like slaves to live week to week. This is the truth as I see it. I will say it again keep your $ do not spend $ in retail stores only buy what you need to survive because your only paid enough to survive. Fuck corporations their greed has fucked you over. You’ve been cheated and most are too fucking stupid to realize it. Mexicans live 3 family’s to an apartment and they have ruined your ability to live like a human in your own home land. Fools. Trump brings up the truth and now everyone is on board. I was screaming this shit forever. So once again a rich person gets to decide what the issues are in America. Can’t wait till this bullshit collapses. I wanted to bust heads from day one.

        • Obama’s ‘surge operation’ will clear 10,000 Syrian ‘refugees’ and get them to the United States by his deadline of September 30.

          No one but Trump will put up a Wall to stop illegal immigration, which provides cheap labor for corporations. The goal of the criminal cabal now occupying DC is to keep their own gravy train coming with suppressed American blue collar wages and zero blue collar jobs for American workers.

          This election is about American Sovereignty & Freedom. Trump is our last chance to stop the tyranny of the GOPe ‘elite’ & socialists, all part of the NWO agenda to take down America, using the influx of immigrants to overwhelm and destroy the system and infrastructure of our country.

          Trump is also the only one to say we should stop the endless, unwinnable war business, which is another reason the Establishment hates him. War means big money for the banksters who fund both sides.

      23. The systematic destabilization of the Middle East sending millions of Muslim refugees into the Western World was no mistake.

        Obama knows exactly what he was doing when he brought down Egypt, the birthplace of the Muslim brotherhood, which created the Taliban, Palestinians, Al Qaida, IS, ISIS etc. Obama’s policies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya etc have done nothing but promote Islamic terrorism.

        The refugees of today will be your worst terrorist nightmare tomorrow when they live next door to you, smile at you, practice at the range on the pad next to you.

      24. OK, so Trump is the Republican nominee. Donald, if you want the Patriot (Tea Party, etc.), endorsement you need to read and understand the Constitution. Please spend a little more time reading the Federalist Papers written by James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton. The limitations on the Federal Government by the Constitution need to be reinstated. The arguments for the colonies’ approval of the Constitution as presented in the Federalist Papers are necessary to educate us on the context of the Founders intent in designing the Federal Government.

      25. Trump Knows that if they get a bunch of them turds over here and they pull the same shit here as in Europe. There will be a lot of trees you will find them hanging from. The Good patriotic male won’t let the women in his life or area be attacked like they have in Europe. Target rich areas I’m afraid!

        If they think for one minute that I will stand by and let them ban Daisy Dukes shorts, Mini Skirts, Bikinis, and low cut shirts. THOSE ARE FIGHT WORDS!!!! Sorry I’m just a Red Blooded Male. Dirty Old Man LOL!!!


      26. Walls are good but land mines are better.
        Deportations are great but executions are more permanent.

        GO TRUMP!

      27. Trump is right. Keep them out. Send the ones that are here home.

      28. JUST MY 2 CENTS….


        The Biblical Prophesies cite that during the End Times, the earth will be attacked by Satanists. They will attempt to poison and destroy our world with seven bowls, a metaphor used to describe different avenues. Here is the interpretation of the details for projects currently underway. This is extremely disturbing.

        Poison the AIR with chemtrails, a Rockefeller project closely associated with Agenda-21, whereby the air is filled with benzene and aluminum particles. The former is pure poison. The latter advances Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases, the radical rises already noted. The cover is global warming, a widespread ruse by the banker cabal to tax the air we breathe.
        Poison the WATER with fracking procedures done by Halliburton, where toxic chemicals are injected into the water table. They are protected by USCongress laws on what is injected. Also the ocean is rumored to be contaminated by Halliburton also, where they systematically dump radioactive cesium off the California coast, only to blame the noted cancer rise on Fukushima. Other fracking firms do not dump additional toxins like Halliburton.
        Poison the FOOD with Monsanto and their aggressive Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) program. It is rumored to be an elaborate virus delivery system with designed infertility in humans just like with crops (no seeds in crop output). The pesticides also produced by Monsanto are associated with vast sweeping deaths of the global bee population.
        Poison the MONEY with the US Federal Reserve monetary policy of Quantitative Easing, which is hyper monetary inflation in African style by any other name. The global reaction has been to bring the USDollar into a retirement and phase-out. This has been explaining for over three years that QE kills capital.
        Poison the VACCINES by directly infusing them with the disease they are supposed to protect against, with a few zinger extra additives like mercury and formaldehyde. In recent reports, they have been found to include immune system suppressants.
        Poison the ECONOMY with endless war, under the false flag of fighting terrorism, and under the ruse of fomenting color revolutions. The real motive is to interrupt the Russian energy supply to Europe, thus the Ukraine War, and to stop the Iranian gas supply to Europe, thus the Syrian War.
        Poison the SOCIETY with the Arab refugee influx, all sponsored by the Western Elite leaders, with national laws all bypassed. Their passage is routinely paid by USGovt and Soros Foundation NGO organizations, but the Austrian Govt intelligence revealed the connection. This critical step aligns with the 1900 Pike Cabal designed plan for creating a world war of Christianity versus Islam.

        Following the planned economic collapse, Agenda 2030 will enforce the most brutal austerity programs ever conceived of, or ever enforced. Just as it was in the Hunger Games movie, all food, water and medicine will be rationed. Inhabitants will be forced to take the Mark of the Best, the dreaded but largely unkown RFID chip. We are already witnessing the birth of a cashless society. Soon, cash will be banned. Automation will bring promises of unlimited food production. The public will be sold on the widespread use of robots to achieve this goal. It will be a ruse. The goal is to replace human workes with robots. The globalsists will horde the food in order to help wipe out the ‘useless eaters’ through starvation. Then the population will be forced into a devastating World War III. Subsequently, Ted Turner and the other globlaists will be able to achieve their goals of reducing the world’s population to a low of 500,000,000.

      29. It would be really easy to jump on the Trump bandwagon. However he is sounding too good to be true? I will continue to remember DTA. Don’t Trust Anyone. I would bet no matter who is elected those who have prepped will have to make use of all their preps. We need to be very vigilant and not be lulled by smooth talking politicians.

        • Old Guy

          I do believe that Trump may be the last shot we have at holding the country together. Have not heard too much about the Negro In the White House and what he is doing to continue to weaken and jeopardize the country. I do believe that this President and his administration that has called God Fearing people of the United States, Terrorist, Cowards and Militants, because we do not bend to his policies. That his actions to usurp the Constitution by Exec. Order and willfully open boarders and resettle immigrants. Transported and paid by our taxes, that are not fully vetted into our country. Will have no conscience to have authorities invade our homes and place us in confinement. The same goes for Hillary as she will advance the façade of Hope and Change.
          That being said we should continue with our preps.

          Too much shit. Not enough sneaker to fit it in.

        • Old Guy
          Trumpster has a history of the con taking money from folks without anything but hot air. Vote for who you will, but that guy has been a fly by night crook for 69 years. Family tradition. He thrives in corruption. Maybe I will vote for Other: Mighty Mouse, fitting for a cartoon election between Trumpster and the Hills.
          People are so afraid they are grasping at straws thinking any one person could save the nation from this tyranny of corporate rape. Amazing that folks have put their trust in a corporate rapist.

      30. I think Obamas handlers have reighned him in. I think he went beyond what they told him he could do. (the old give them a inch they will take a mile saying has some truth to it) and now the military guy Dunsmore is now running foreign policy and lot of other things. Obama is actually rather stupid he believes he is the chosen one. His brainwashing and grooming made him a useful puppet . I hope im wrong I still believe it is a dog & pony show. Logic tells me there is not any viable political or ballot box solution.

      31. You go Trump!!! About time we get someone who will go against the grain.

      32. About time we get someone who will go against the grain.

        • I am going to chance it, stick my neck out a tad, and state that I do not believe that this election, or non-election if Obama decides to remain via Martial Law, will make one iota of a difference nationally or internationally.

          * Europe will still be flooded with immigrants and all the horrors thereof.
          * Africa will still be largely 3rd World.
          * Countries will be JOINING the 3rd Word arena, instead of climbing out of it.
          * This is not progress, and so every ‘scheme’ to heal each country was actually a “long-term destroyer” of societies and countries, religions and trust. Sort of like we’ve been doing to The Middle East, under the guise of taking down Assad (as if we couldn’t do it if we wished in very short order)?
          *As many have said, there is an element to the entire culmination of events that ‘smells of something’ – meaning it is being purposely imposed upon us and apparently we are powerless to do anything about it (it’s hard to thwart an advance against you when you are unaware of its existence).
          *It has long been known that “The Shadow Government” is nothing more or less than the extremely wealthy/elite. They truly control the entirety of everything. At least they ARE humane in some aspects, yet largely completely uncaring.
          *What “drives” The NWO? The Elite or wealthy. One and the same, though some let their money do the talking, and the rest do the talking because they have the bucks to shut anyone up permanently, and do it daily.

          As for what in hell is going on now, I do believe it would be nigh-near impossible to determine such a thing as it must be buried so deeply, and in so many different facets, that we’d never figure it out. So, it’s best to just wait for it and then push back just as hard as they want to give it, and a bit more to put an end to the bastards. IMHO

      33. The lights are rapidly going out on Europe and the rest of the world. Turkey is on the cusp of going full sharia law and will soon be flooding Europe with its people. Christians are nearly extinct from the Middle East, the former birthplace of Christianity. And now London, the world’s financial center, has a Muslim mayor who hangs out with Islamic extremists and calls moderate Muslims ‘uncle toms’. After a summer of jihad (already troops have to guard schools in much of Europe), freedom will be on the wain. Trump will have to build a strong America able to re-take Europe again in alliance with Russia.

        • Frank Thoughts
          The only reason tptb would insert millions of Muslims would be to create instability and institute martial law. When Bush started his war against terror and flooded this country with Muslims at the same time, I smelled the stench of lies and manipulation to get The Patriot Act that killed the Constitution. Obama has only followed Bush. Trump or Hillary will add to the police state. Trump is a despot who would hound anyone who disagrees with him… don’t expect freedom of speech… that’s part of the Constitution he will destroy. Bush destroyed illegal search and seizure. Obama tried and failed to take out the right to keep and bear arms. Clinton promises to destroy that piece of the Constitution. Trump is completely after freedom of speech. Cruz would destroy freedom of religion.
          Step by step, the Constitution is under attack by all of them.

          • Without The Constitution and Amendments, we are dead, and even The Constitution makes a ‘semblance of mention’ of such a thing. That’s why we have a right to ‘string their asses up if we’d just take a mind to’.

            Otherwise, sit back and watch each one be destroyed and then witness your own demise, due to doing nothing to stop ‘the sobs’.

      34. Agree: with the extent of the surveillance (everything and everyone watched and tracked 24/7) there is no way in hell this is happening by accident. They know it is happening and they want it to happen. The only question that remains is this: where are they taking us?

        It is happening so fast but it is pretty clear we are being press-ganged into a hard-right, Islamic political system. God knows what the world will be like under that: Islam isn’t exactly enlightened and has rarely coughed up innovations in the past 500 years. They don’t like women much, or gays, or books.

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