Trump May Or May Not Be Aware Of The Plan: “A Move On The Chess Board That Others Are Not Considering”

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    Why The U.S. Presidential Election Has The Entire World Confused
    By Brandon Smith

    Well, everyone thought it was a sure thing — Hillary Clinton had the White House in the bag; the entire political system from the DNC to the RNC and the mainstream media had already called the election over and done. Online gambling sites listed Clinton as a sure bet and Irish site Paddy Power even paid out one million dollars on the assumption of a Clinton win.  And then, one Weiner ruined everything — Anthony Weiner.

    The revelation of an October surprise re-opening of the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified data on private and vulnerable email servers does not come as a shock to me, but it certainly does to many people around the world.  Hundreds of mainstream outlets are scrambling to spin the news as misconduct by the FBI rather than a victory for the halls of justice.  Numerous alternative media analysts are rushing to cover their butts and admit that there is now a “chance” of a Trump win.  Confusion reigns supreme as the weirdest election in U.S. history continues to bewilder observers.

    The first issue that needs to be addressed is the lack of an open mind displayed by some when it comes to the real purpose behind this election.  The second issue here, of course, is one of timing.

    Through the majority of this election cycle the public consensus has been that Clinton will win. Some argued that Trump would not be able to compete with the leftist media empire standing against him, while others have argued that the entire system including the Republican establishment would ensure that Trump would fail.  The alternative media has in the past simply pointed out that elections have always been rigged, either by the elites playing both sides of the competition, or through outright voter fraud.  They have assumed that the elites want Clinton, and therefore, the election has already been decided.

    I tend to agree with the latter point of view, though I disagree with the conclusion.  U.S. elections are indeed controlled, and have been for decades, primarily through the false left/right paradigm.  However, as I have been pointing out since I correctly predicted the success of the Brexit referendum, I don’t think that Clinton is the choice of the elites.

    I outline my reasons for this conclusion in-depth in articles like ‘2016 Will End With Economic Instability And A Trump Presidency’, published in August.  For the past several months it seems as though I have been the only person holding the view that Trump will be president.  Only in the past few days have I received emails from readers stating that they used to think I was probably crazy, but now they aren’t so sure…

    To be clear, my position is that Trump is slated to take the White House and that this is by design.  This has been my position since before Trump won the Republican Primaries, it was my position when the election cycle began, it has never changed, nor have my views on the reasons for this outcome ever changed.  Of course, the election is not over yet, and if Clinton ends up soiling the already thoroughly soiled Oval Office with her presence, then everyone can color me confused as well.  That said, here are some issues that I think many people are overlooking when coming to conclusions on the election and the events surrounding it.

    Clinton Is The Worst Candidate The Elites Could Have Chosen

    I have been studying the activities and behaviors of establishment elites for over a decade and I have to say… they are not stupid.  They certainly have hubris, and I would not call them “wise,” but they are definitely devious.  They know how to rig a game.  They know how to play both sides.  They know how to cheat to get what they want when it comes to politics and how to manufacture consent from portions of the public.  They’ve been doing it a long time.  They have mastered it.

    So, in my view it is rather insane for the elites to field a candidate such as Hillary Clinton IF the entirety of their globalist empire hangs in the balance (I don’t think it does).  Though she is fond of BleachBit, the woman is unbleachable.  With a decades-long rap sheet from her work at Rose Law Firm (in which document destruction and “misplacement” was apparently routine) to her interference with investigations into Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions, to the strange odyssey surrounding her lies on the Benghazi attack, as well as her rampant mishandling of classified documents as head of the State Department, not to mention the Clinton Foundation’s pay to play scandals, it is impossible to endear her to the masses.  Her dismal crowd turnouts are rather indicative of this.

    On top of all this, Clinton’s anti-Russia rhetoric is coming off as absolutely crazy, and I think this is by design.  Many in the alternative media, while assuming that Clinton is paving the way for WWIII, forget that the average person may not be up to speed on the same information we are, but most of them aren’t ignorant.  Clinton’s ravings on Russian hacking and potential war are even putting liberals off rather than inspiring their confidence.

    One would think that if the elites have their veritable pick of any politician to represent their interests in the White House and convince the American public to go along for the ride, Clinton would be the worst choice. Even if the intention were to rig the election in favor of Clinton, she would be a lame-duck president the second she took office, and, her mere presence would galvanize conservatives to the point of mass rebellion.

    This is not generally how the elites play the game.  Instead, they prefer co-option to direct confrontation.

    Which President Is Better For The Elites During An Economic Breakdown?

    If you consider the premise that Clinton is NOT the chosen one, and that the entire election is theater, the situation changes rather drastically.

    Those that follow the underlying economic data that the mainstream tends to ignore know that large swaths of the global financial system are not long for this world. With Europe’s banking system plunging towards a Lehman-style event, the OPEC production freeze deal ready to fall apart yet again, and the Federal Reserve threatening to raise rates into recessionary conditions in December, our already floundering fiscal structure is approaching another crisis.

    My questions has always been who would the elites rather have in office when this crisis occurs?  I’ve said it a hundred times before and I’ll say it again here: with Clinton in office, globalists and international financiers get the blame for any economic downturn.  With Trump in office, conservative movements will be blamed.  In fact, I suggest anyone who doubts this scenario watch stock market reactions every time Trump rises in the polls or Clinton faces renewed scandal.  The narrative is already being prepared — a Trump win equals a market loss.

    For those that think it outlandish that the public could be tricked into blaming Trump and conservatives for an economic crisis, I suggest they consider that possession is nine-tenths of the law in the minds of many.  People can also be irrational when facing financial ruin.  I would remind readers that history is written by the victors.  The globalists plan to be victorious in the dismantling of America and our founding principles.  Whether or not they succeed is really up to average conservatives and liberty proponents, not Trump.

    The FBI’s Move Prepares The Way For Trump

    Clinton and the DNC argue that FBI Director James Comey’s announcement of a re-opened investigation is politically motivated.  And they are right, sort of.  The real motivation, I believe, is that Clinton was never meant to win the election in the first place, and that the elites want Trump placed in power during the final hours of the U.S. economy.  Everything else is just a Kabuki dance.

    The democrats are crying foul and accusing Comey of “working with Putin,” or working with the alt-right.  The nefarious Harry Reid has even accused the FBI of hiding Trump’s supposed ties to the Russian government and violating the Hatch Act.

    I think much of this outrage is real, as I believe much of the mainstream media attacks on Trump are coming from people who really think they are waging a propaganda war to get Hillary Clinton elected.  This, however, does not mean that the elites plan to install Clinton.

    Some might see my position as bizarre.  I understand.  But equally bizarre to me are some of the rationalizations people attempt to argue when dealing with the Comey revelation.

    For example, the argument that the entire re-opening of the investigation is a complex ploy designed by the establishment to distract away from the Wikileaks data dumps.  This makes little sense.  If anything, the re-opening investigation is only bringing MORE attention to the Wikileaks data, not less.  If the elites were hoping to create a distraction, they failed miserably.

    The FBI’s announcement ONLY harms the Clinton campaign.  Period.  Even if it fizzles out, even if they announce that nothing was found, the investigation hitting the news streams so close to election day refocuses all public attention back on Clinton’s corruption and will continue to do so for the next week at least.  The idea that the elites hope to use it to help Clinton is nonsensical.

    I have also seen the argument that Comey is acting to cover his own posterior, perhaps because of a fear that Trump may steal away a victory.  I find this equally absurd. Months back the consensus among alternative analysts was that Comey (placed in the FBI by Obama) was a traitor and the FBI was a puppet agency of the establishment.  Now, suddenly, Comey is worried about a possible Trump win and so takes an action which might self-fulfill the prophecy?

    Comey does what he is told.  The FBI is an owned and operated elitist franchise.  They do not go rogue.  If the rogue FBI narrative were true and Comey actually feels the need to cover his bases with Trump, then it is only because he knows something the rest of us do not.  With Clinton in office, his goose would be cooked after this little incident.  Comey only gains an advantage if Trump is slated to win.

    Trump May Or May Not Be Aware Of The Plan

    The bottom line, according to the evidence I have seen in terms of elitists influence over U.S. elections, is that if Trump wins it will only be because they wanted him to win. The FBI firestorm this past week  appears to support my view and we still have another week left for further Clinton ugliness to be revealed.  I also expect that if Trump wins, the reaction from conservatives and liberty activists will be that the event was a “miracle,” a shocking upset against the establishment.  Much like the reaction to the Brexit referendum.  I continue to hold that conservatives and sovereignty champions in Europe and America are being set up to take the fall for a coming global destabilization.

    I have not taken this position just to be contrary.  If I think about it honestly, my position is truly a losing position.  If I am mistaken and Clinton wins on the 8th then I’ll probably never hear the end of it, but that’s a risk that has to be taken, because what I see here is a move on the chess board that others are not considering.  If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.

    That said, if I am right, then I still lose, because Trump supporters and half the liberty movement will be so enraptured that they will probably ignore the greater issue — that Trump is the candidate the elites wanted all along.

    If I am right, I cannot say either way if Trump is aware that he will be a potential scapegoat for the elites.  With Trump on the way to the White House I can guarantee a Fed rate hike in December.  Imagine what a staged war between Trump and the Federal Reserve will do to the U.S. dollar? What a way to destroy the currency’s world reserve status and make way for the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights!  I also suspect that widespread rioting is on the schedule as well from various social justice mobs; a perfect excuse for expansive martial law measures, don’t you think?

    The point is, as horrifying as a Clinton presidency might be to conservatives (or to everyone), don’t get too comfortable under Trump.  The party is just getting started and our vigilance must be even greater with a conservative White House, because, like it or not, everything Trump does is going to reflect on us.  We can no more allow unconstitutional activities under Trump than we could under Clinton.  If you think the election has been chaotic and confusing so far, just wait until after it is over.

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      1. Every move, every announcement and every new development is all by design. As long as the Zionist ownership of the banks and the occupation exists , the scam will continue.

        Remember people were fed up during 2008 with Bush and the war and the economy and home foreclosures? They brought the current ape to the white house and suddenly the sheeple were happy and the tears of joy were all over the TV screens. * years later the same Tribe continued the looting and made zillions.

        I am afraid the same psychology is being used again. I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

        As long as the cancer of “Zionism” is occupying the country, an email related to a Juden named Wiener and a Saudi Muslim dyke named Huma is immaterial since again it would be a Tribal Game.

        • Stolz:

          I agree.

          To add; Huma being brought to us as a Muslim, she could in fact be {*}. This type of deception is prevalent. One of them J*ws got right up to the top, fooling even the Muslims. So, if they can be tricked, how much easier to trick us.

          I take all this with the old saying, “Don’t believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see.”


          • B from CA,

            Now imagine if 80% of the population of the USA had your intelligence to see the capabilities of the children of Satan, we would have the greatest country on earth along with peace and harmony among the nations.

          • Good grief, B from A, stuff it. I get tired of hearing that nonsensical ranting/raving. Get a life.

            Son of Liberty

            • Agreed Son of Liberty, these are the fools who make all of us patroits and converatives look bad. The second I see any bs regarding zionist, jews, or satan in a post it is instantly ignored and I move on to the next one.

              I wish they would realize it doesn’t help our cause by spouting crazy bullshi..

              • Armed in Connecticut …..Very Well Stated.

                Now go and fuck yourself since you can’t handle the truth you POS. Soon you’ll be eliminated for good.

              • I am right with you there on the crazy talk about the Zionist and jews being the source of the evil and is B of A suggesting Huma is a jew not a muslim, I have to give a big LMAO on that one.

        • Please remember, neither Trump nor Hillary will be inaugurated as the next President of the United States.

          • Get back to us on that the day after Inauguration Day.

      2. Definitely a possibility,
        Or perhaps they are just so arrogant and out of touch with reality that they dont get what is really happening. The elite have a problem, the chaos principal, not all outcomes can be manipulated or directed.

      3. Good article Brandon. Gone are the days of “resting” because we have a “strong” president. Awareness is now an ingrained habit thanks to the last 10 years.

      4. I just read a book, “Red Symphony,” written by Dr. J. Lankowsky. It shows what can be done by what Rakovsky called “them” or what we call TBTB or the elite.

        ht tps://

        Everyone should download a copy and read it.

        Also read “Hitler’s Secret Backers” nominally written by Sidney Warburg, but probably written by some other Warburg or another banker of similar ancestry.

      5. We’ve known for long time they have operatives in all factions of media, judicial system and politics. They’ve been at it for generations spreading their crap around. Don’t be shocked here folks. Our best tool we is the TRUTH and with God’s help (oh and he’s helping) we will be triumphant!

      6. Who are these “elites”? Are there 1,000 of them? 10,000? 100,000?330,000?

        • Six Million !

          • UFO/alien have a religion nowadays as well. Greek gods, Buddha, Egyptian gods, Aztec, Myan, ect of this kind are Fallen angel worship. Aliens are fallen angels. Jewish religion was infiltrated long ago by Satanist/fallen angel worshippers. Islam was given to mohammed by satan himself in a cave by his account of the angel(fallen angel). After Christ established Christianity, and almost right after, it had began to be infiltrated by the same mystery Babylon people who infiltrated Judaism and were the fallen angels of ancient paganism. Many sects of Christianity have grown out of that first infiltration of Christianity via Roman Catholic church. The roman catholic church is now the whore in revelation and Judaism is mystery Babylon. Neither are Christian, only in name. They don’t actually follow the Torah or The Bible. They follow traditions passed down from the infiltrators. Talmud/NIV(types)/book of Mormon/jahovah witness, you know not the actual bible or torah but their version of it passed down from elders or “new prophets” who saw “angels” like mohammed did and then taught something in place of Christianity but kept the name Christian even though they are not and do not actually follow Jesus alone but their twisted satanic infiltrated version. When you actually read it, it really makes sense and you see how corrupted everything is and where this is headed. Religion right? Here is what God said pure religion is(not man’s religion but his). James 1:27 King James Version (KJV)27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. That’s it. To be saved requires belief in Christ but our religion in its purity is James 1:27

            • So, is it a stretch to infer that older religious thought more closely mirrors “pure religion”? I mean, there was civilization before Greeks, Christians and Jews, right? Before a certain date, was there no “pure religion”?

          • B from CA…..Perfect answer Sir.

            • Why?

      7. So, let me get this straight: if Trump doesn’t know the elitists plan then he isn’t as smart as his supporters think he is, and if Trump does know the elitist plan then his supporters are a bunch of suckers. Interesting.

        • Sean:

          No. But thanks for letting us see how you think.


        • Sean, Study more, Read History. You think way too shallow.

          • I’m game. But if y’all won’t say then I can’t find out. Who are the “elites” that can control everything? How long do you reckon they’ve been at it?
            I like history, the conclusion I arrive at is that nobody is “in control”.

        • The whole damn country is full of suckers for thinking this is anything but a damn “dog and pony show”. It’s all for show and to get people to think; if they can think at all; they have a say in this crap of an election. It’s not even our lawful government.

          But I say they put Hitlery in and then replace her with Kaine. Remember, Kaine is a Jesuit, and that is even better than Trump. They can still crash the economy and blame it on whomever they want to. The People are so brainwashed at this point I don’t think they can do other than what they are told.

          Kaine will go after the guns and that will cause a hellstorm, which will get blamed on the “gun nuts”. Get the guns, crash the economy, take complete control, problem solved. Who’s to stop them?

          Mr. Charlie out.

      8. Ya, so what.

        Brandon you aren’t the only one to think of this. But it doesn’t change the facts we know with certainty. We haven’t been given a good alternative to Trump.

        So Trump gets blamed. If he’s not in on the plan he’ll just have to deal with it as best he can. If he is in on it, we’ll just have to deal with it the same as if he’s not. I know if he’s going to be Kennedyed they will false flag it as a white Conservative Lone Nut or member of a white Conservative group they want to destroy. Trump will have to be vigilant, either way.

        This Country is being screwed every which way. That won’t change. Get what you need, now. Who knows what lies ahead. Preppers are better off than others. Even if things smooth out, prepper skills and extra essentials are a good investment.



      9. As far as the blame game goes…Which President is still associated with the Great Depression these 80 + years later ?

        Herbert Hoover. Mr H took Office in March 1929 (they moved it to January sometime later) and the Stock Market Crash took place in the Fall.

        How could he get the Blame ? Same Democrat Big Lie tactics that they still use today…


        P.S. – I ain't in love with Rs neither….

        • Hoover took over from a Republican. FAIL!

          • What does “took over from an R” have to do with anything ? HE got the blame for the GD when his policies had very little time to cause or prevent same.


            • Democrats put the blame on Republican policies. This is simple partisanship. More importantly, the country it seems put the blame on Hoover. ‘Hoovervilles’ existed, not ‘Coolidgevilles’, ‘TPTBvilles’, ‘Elitevilles’ or ‘Bankervilles’.
              In your estimation, who deserves the blame for the GD?

              • The causes of the GD and discussion thereof can still earn you a Phd and I am the least of these my brothers/sisters to render an opinion. However, Mr H was the subject of withering propaganda from the Ds. I have at least one Democrat eyewitness (my Daddy) born in 1908 who told me the stories. I see the same slanderous propaganda machine alive and well today. That is my point – Hooverville by design of the Ds. <bb

      10. How can any of you folks who consider yourselves enlightened or “in the know” not understand at this late stage, with all the evidence (and I mean centuries worth!)…..IT’S THE JEWS STUPID!

      11. I have a question. I for one thought there was no way that the Powers that Be would allow Brexit. There was no way that the global elite would allow that vote to derail their utopian dream state. And IF they were going to make sure that happened it would make sense that THAT Vote would have been stolen but it wasnt. Brexit passed. Was there even an attepmt to subvert the vote?
        So my question is this. We are in the same situation. Most say there is no way for Trump to win and yet if there is a semi honest vote allowed I think it will be a landslide for Trump. Do we dare hope for an honest victory for Trump or are we giving up in the face of an overwhelming cooked election?

      12. Off to deer camp Friday.

        • I’ve been at the deer Camp BOL for 21 Mts now. lol..

          Its amazing to wake up, only to the sounds of the forest. What is that peace worth? Priceless..

          ~WWTI… No Rat Race for me anymore.

          • Must be nice 🙂

      13. Brandon, I normally agree with your analysis and conclusions evidenced in your articles. I consider you to be a very intelligent person. So I was surprised when I read this article and found I did not agree with you.

        While I agree the elites have a plan which they will execute regardless of the cost, I do not believe thay they intend for one moment for Donald to become president. I think a series of “unfortunate events” has occurred which has forced them to deal with the current situation which is not to their liking, to say the least. Hillary and Bill have been in politics for many many years. Enough time to get dirt on people, serious dirt, and to accrue political favors. It was known long ago that after Bill was put into the White House, Hillary would follow him as the President of the United States. They’ve worked their political magic, so to speak, using the dirt and the favors to get her nominated. For those more conspiracy-minded, there is talk she is a practicing witch (and not just one in name only to those of us that cannot stand her). So perhaps she has other “forces” working in her favor. By hook or by crook, she believes that this is her time to shine and this run has been blessed by the elites as her birthright. What they did not expect was the extreme discontent of the populace that led to the rise of Donald Trump. They figured we were too distracted, too stupid to fight their choice. They were wrong. Hillary herself wanted Trump to win because she felt it would be an easy victory. She was wrong and she knows that all too well now. I believe these leaks have come from government insiders, sick of the corruption. They did not expect that either. Now word comes that Trump raped a 13 year old? They are desperate – trying to fight back a movement they did not see coming. Like Hillary, their egos and arrogance rule them. It keeps them from seeing the truth – that Americans are not all easily-led sheep.

        • While I agree that ‘the elites’ don’t consider the current situation ideal… who is to say they don’t have plenty of dirt on Trump to use against him?

      14. I long ago figured out that TPTB are not my problem.
        It is the fools that enable and support TPTB.
        Every man has to look to himself to make decisions
        about what he wants to be, as does every woman.
        Democrats have decided to be my enemy, I did not
        make that choice for them. GOPe has decide to
        be my enemy, I did not make that choice for them.
        I’m so-so at chess, but I can hold my own.
        Problem is we are playing with guys that cheat,
        and we are not in a position to butcher them
        when they do so. One thing I can do, is stand aside
        when bad things are happening to them.

        • – “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke (in a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer).

        • relik, There seems to be a hungry hoard of political climbers that will do anything for a seat or position, or affair to escape their responsibilities to our country for self gratification and power. They are all Sell-Outs and Traitors. Point them out, call them out and expose them every chance you can.

          What disappointing is that the Clintons have been pulling this Clinton Foundation Scam of bribes for play for a long long time and nobody came forward to Rat on them or expose them until a Presidential election. Maybe that was their trap for revenge? Who knows.


          • I think this is because they were all in on the scams and getting kick backs and contracts.

            Look at the UN: Clinton bagman from China had been using the UN to money launder and distribute bribes under the cover of doing good works. This went right to the top of the UN. One of the senior guys even had a mysterious death at his New York home. Many are hiding behind diplomatic immunity but the NSA has all the intercepts connecting the dots.

      15. OUTSTANDING Article. Well Written. Sadly; with either of the Candidates; the United States is only going to see nothing but SEVERE Turmoil from 2017 – 2020. The Russians will be the least of our problems.

        • Agree: it will be a total hellstorm 2017 onwards. We do macro trend tracking and none of it is good. The only bright spot is with accelerating science and technology but most of this is focused on developing and delivering future tech to 10 percent of the population. None of it is for the masses.

          For most people, it will be a mad scramble for the basics of life with a growing population of low IQ Muslims and Africans, as they flood into the West. Whole cities will be entirely Muslim: no-go zones to anyone else. And if they are like these communities now, they will be dirty places with little to recommend them, gloomy streets with women wearing black and men doing nothing but praying five times a day. There will be sleaze: an underground network sex trafficking young white and Asian girls to service the horny male population.

          • Syria was beautiful until (((they))) destroyed it. Libya the same. I think you listen to too much propaganda. The only enemy is the jew, keep it simple stupid. Get rid of the enemy and there are no more problems

      16. Trump gets elected, ‘Russians’ (lol) shoot down Air Force One with Trump and Pence onboard, Paul Ryan becomes President. Everybody (except us)wins.

      17. Anyone think that the FBIs new info they found might be to clinton’s benefit?

        When she was ahead in polls, they sat on the info (weiner’s laptop). When trump is ahead in polls, they suddenly find incriminating info on the laptop.

        Maybe this to keep her out of jail. If trump wins, then obozo HAS to pardon clinton. If for no reason to keep her from singing about his (obozo) involvement. BUT… he cant pardon her until she is convicted. The least politically damaging would be after conviction, before sentencing. For there to be enough time to pardon her before Jan 2017, the ball needs to get started now on her indictment.

        Just a hunch.

      18. Any pardon has to be for crimes delineated between a set of dates, and cannot run in to the future. So if pardoned, for crimes committed between Jan. 1st, 1995 and Dec. 31st, 2016, say, just to put a timeframe here, Hillary, her family, and her whole entourage are such criminally rotten people that there is no question crimes are going to be committed in the future. Even if the future happens to be in the White House. These people just cannot keep their hands out of the cookie jar.

        If elected, she will be impeached in 2017, guaranteed, even if Obama pardons her on his last hour in office. It will be a matter of weeks, not months, before she’s caught again, and this time, there will be no second pardon.

      19. If Trump wins, they blame the collapse on him. If Hillary wins, the collapse happens anyway, and they start WWIII to cover it up. Trump is clearly the better choice, if you value peace, and there is still a chance that the power of the Internet can show people who is to blame.

      20. Who are the elites? There are a few influential organizations that promote a certain world philosophy. That philosophy is one world government. In the US, the elites are the top echelon of both major political parties, sometimes called the establishment. Also included are the big bankers, big oil, the defense industry, etc. The Council on Foreign Relations trains many top officials in the US government. Then you have the Trilateral Commission. There are more organizations but those are the most prominent. As for the Jewish issue. Many, but not all secular Jews, are on board for the New World Order. Communism and the NWO seem to be very appealing to secular Jews. I feel that it’s part of their cultural background. Not all communists and NWO fanatics are Jewish. There are Asians and everything else on board. It’s easy to think it’s just a Jewish thing. The names of most of the leaders of the elite are Jewish. Oh, hell, I guess it is the Jews after all.

        • I just couldn’t resist the humor.

      21. I don’t know why anyone reads Brandon Smith anymore. The guy just spews conspiracy wackiness every time you read him. I guess I’m the only one with an attention span, because nobody ever seems to remember all the previous psychobabble he’s spewed, like his endless claims of false flag attacks just around the corner that never materialize. Or his constant references to Operation Gladio, his favorite topic of discussion.

        It’s one thing to understand the system and how it works and try to explain it to others, but you look foolish when you spout unfounded conspiracy theories and constantly make predictions/declarations of what will happen next, only to be proven wrong time and time again by real life.

      22. Everything said and done will not change the outcome.

        I believe Hill will be the next president because a wicked queen will punish a wicked society that have turned their backs on God and God’s laws.

        God’s people who live there better protect themselves from what is to come and living in city will become dangerous for them.

        The bible prophecy from Revelation says that once there is a queen, the great city of Babylon will be destroyed in that time of her reign and then later Babylon.

        All clues point to New York city being the great city of Babylon the great and later even the US is defeated.

      23. You are voicing the suspicions that I have had all along, myself. Things have become so screwed up in the world that nothing seems to be able to function in an honest environment. The national and world politics are nothing more than professional wrestling in suits.

        I would add that it is becoming more clear everyday as the jesuit pope injects himself more and more into politics, that the catholic drive for world control is now coming to fruition. Investigation into the vatican and its banks will show that if you want to find where the queen bee is hiding in the hive, look there.

      24. Excellent article, and I think you’re right. I was just struck the other day by the thought “what if the plan was for Trump to win all along?” I didn’t analyze it like you did, but my gut was telling me something isn’t quite right with all of this.

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