Trump Hammers Mexico: “Mark My Words… The Wall Just Got Higher… And You’re Paying For It”

by | Feb 10, 2016 | Headline News | 148 comments

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    border-wall2 border-wall1

    (Pictured: What a Trump border wall might look like. The Israeli West Bank Barrier is 26 feet high and stretches about 400 miles. It is believed that the wall is responsible for reducing suicide bombings in Israel by 83% after it was raised)

    Amid recent reports that the Obama administration has unleashed a free-for-all on the southern border, Donald Trump has doubled down on his claim that he will build a wall to separate the United States and Mexico should he be elected President. For the first time since making his announcement, which left pro-immigration supporters accusing him of xenophobia and racism, Trump explained how his wall would be built and that it would cost a staggering $8 billion to complete.

    “It’s a very simply calculation,” said Trump.

    “What we’re doing is we have 2,000 miles, right? 2,000 miles. It’s long but not 13,000 miles like they have in China,” he said, comparing his self-declared great wall with the Great Wall of China, which took hundreds of years to build and reportedly resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of workers. “Of the 2,000, we don’t need 2,000, we need 1,000 because we have natural barriers … and I’m taking it price per square foot and a price per square, you know, per mile,” he said.

    The candidate added that his wall will probably be 35 to 40 feet high — a “real wall” he said. And that it will be one that “actually looks good, you know, as good as a wall is going to look.”

    Source: MSNBC via WND

    Former Mexican President Felipe Calderón responded to Trump’s suggestion by calling it stupid and saying that there is no way Mexico is paying for such a wall. Calderón added, “we are not going to pay a single cent.”

    That, of course, was enough for The Don to hit back in classic Trump style:

    “Mexico makes a fortune. Mexico is going to pay. And I heard he said that we will not pay. Guess what? The wall just got higher.”

    Despite Calderón’s claims that Mexicans don’t need to come to America because there are plenty of jobs in his own country, the fact is that millions of illegal aliens cross into the United States every year.

    Trump argues that those undocumented and unauthorized immigrants are taking American jobs. Moreover, as has been revealed in recent months, individuals with ties to terrorist cells have been detained while attempting to cross the border. In a shocking report that was denied by the Department of Homeland Security Congressman Jason Chaffewtz said that four Islamic Terrorists were detained on the souther border by Border Patrol agents and most recently eight Syrians were caught trying to cross into the United States.

    With so much aid and tax incentives going to Mexico, it’s quite plausible that Trump’s promise to make the country pay to secure the U.S. border will become reality should he be elected President. Mexican leaders may be appalled by the strict approach Trump intends to take on illegal immigration, but it’s a well known fact that Mexico often jails those attempting to enter their country without authorization, highlighting the hypocrisy that pervades the Mexican political class.

    Interestingly, the Obama administration and supporters of their policies claim that a southern border wall is somehow racist and wholly ineffective, yet Homeland Security recently began building a fence to prevent border crossingsfrom Canada. And perhaps more notable is that the Obama administration recently outlined a counter-terrorism strategy that included the building of a security wall in Nigeria in an effort to to prevent incursions by Boko Haram forces.

    Apparently, a security wall is an effective means of keeping dangerous Canadian cartels out of America and preventing ethnic cleansing in Nigeria, but according to the Department of Homeland Security, will not deter illegal immigration from Mexico.

    One thing’s for sure, Donald Trump has a proven track record of getting things done. Trump’s eight billion dollar estimate to secure the border appears to be a heck of a deal, especially considering that the current administration committed nearly a billion dollars for illegal immigrant healthcare and spent some $850 Million on an ineffective and incomplete virtual fence that secures about 53 miles, or 1%, of the border.


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      1. joke!

        they already have tunnels , and they are probably digging more as we speak

        wall wont stop this ..ask ElChapo

        • now driving armored steel sheet piling down 100 feet (if possible) might slow them down a few more days
          while on top side make the passage more inhospitable than it already is with a 50 mile buffer zone where its any game you wish

          that might slow it down some

          what would really stop this shit … stop funding them, stop giving shit to them when they get here , and stop giving them american services for free ..once the meal ticket is dry,, they will stop and some that are here already will head back home

          • But,but, but…. that’s raysis. Sooooo raysis.

            • Look, sanders won the NH primary popular vote but did you know Hillary “won” the most delegates. I’m thinkin she’s gonna “win” the majority of electoral college votes in the election the same way. BY CHEATING.

              • Same shit, new day…

              • Er, no. Bernie the socialist got 15, Hillary the criminal got 9. Must be that *new* math.

                Does anybody care if Bloomberg the gungrabber runs? I would be willing to see him spend billions and billions on his candidacy if he moves to a state with debtors prisons.

                • I vote for Hillary. 15 to life

              • They tried a similar approach in Berlin. As I recall, it didn’t work out so well for much of the society.

                If you ascribe to the notion of Governments owning people, you realize they pen their cattle in. Free roaming livestock has been unacceptable for the bulk of human history. Don’t think for a moment that the wall is for your protection. History rhymes.

            • Dont you get sick of hearing that crap??
              I know i do,, people got no balls now days,,
              I swear, i get the feeling we are living Atlas Shrugged now,,,
              Who is John Galt

              • Agreed Kula. We’re most CERTAINLY living in Rand’s world now. Let’s all do what we can to go Galt

            • You bet it is !

              And last I checked it ain’t against the law … Yet

          • Enemy…..Bingo!

          • Fine and lock up the employers that hire them.

            • Kevin2
              everify is supposed to penalize employers for hiring illegals. Snort

              • Oh go to bloody fucking hell you red hat bitch.

          • IF they really want to stop them they CAN, our ground penetrating radar would show ANY tunnels!when you look the other way you won’t catch a thing!

          • You are partially right

        • I suppose it depends on the intended goal… It won’t stop drug cartels from smuggling operations, I agree with that, but it would most certainly stem the tide of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing over open land. The cartel issue must be solved a different way — drug legalization, at least for marijuana, is one option. The other is military force — cartels, in my view, should be treated just like we treat a terrorist organization, that is, if we are serious about the drug “war.” I think strategies that include drone surveillance across the entirety of the border as Trump recently mentioned, is one way to hit the cartels hard.

          In my view this is somewhat of a double edged sword… The wall could just as easily keep Americans imprisoned in their own country, though I don’t think many of us will ever want to migrate to the southern border, even in a serious debacle.

          Strictly from an economic perspective I think such a wall will pay itself off in one to two years given the amount of money being shelled out for basic services for illegal immigrants. Health care alone is nearly a billion dollars a years. That doesn’t include housing, schooling, and incarceration.

          What we know is that our current strategy, if we want to call it that, is wholly ineffective.

          • the liberals LOVE to say “we can’t AFFORD to send them home!”….two things is all you got to do…make hiring illegals a CRIME, and stop the free everything,…..and they find their OWN way home…in SHORT EFFEN ORDER!

            • Men! Stop the free shit train.

            • buttcrackofdoom,two things is all you got to do…make hiring illegals a CRIME, and stop the free everything, so true.

              But they will never stop it. I didn’t vote for Baby Bush because he was so pro-immigration. They love slave labor.

              They have been F****** us for a long time.

              • How does a wall stop a tunnel????

            • Can’t afford a bus ticket to send ’em south across the border, but your commies’ tax money will keep ’em comfy. What a deal for communism.

              The illegal invaders are counted as “population” when allocating a state’s electoral votes. Calicommie gives ’em a drivers license to help the commie counters fraud and that’s just one example.

              Build it high, Trump. Stack ’em deep.

              Tunnels need a big Mole trap and Trump’s Border Patrol will find the tunnels.

              f ’em

          • Agreed. There is no such thing as a 100% effective strategy to prevent anything. Human beings are intelligent and many will consider it a challenge to their intellect to defeat such systems. However, the majority of them will not. If it stops 90% of the illegal border crossings then the system just got a whole lot less porous.

            Are most of these people coming in through the southern border bad people? No. However, many of them are being exploited by the cartels once they get into the illegal border crossing system. They aren’t able to just walk across the border on their own and instead are being forced to pack in drugs or as a slave labor force once they get in the country. Some are held prisoner once in country until a ransom is paid for their release. If the ransom is not paid then they are executed as a warning to other families who cannot pay for their relatives to get to the US. Doing a giant border wall will drastically cut down on this trade by the cartels and the suffering it inflicts on vulnerable people. Human trafficking is a despicable business and we need to destroy it whenever possible.

            • Place a bounty on illegals…
              Then you’ll have at least a 100 million doing the hunting.
              If they know, that bounty hunters are around looking for illegals, and they have a legal right to detain them, that’s it, game over.

              • I think you overestimate the number of people who would join in such a hunt!

                • Prove it Smith.

                • W. S.,

                  Dead or alive, you’d be surprised. Send the left ear to Bernie. Demand payment in large caliber cartridges.

                  And the band played on.

                  • There are plenty of sociopaths who lack real human compassion, but it would be about ten steps farther than what any reasonable person would be willing to support. If you really think that there is a plurality of people who would support hunting to extermination people whose only proven crime is a violation of immigration laws then you need a strong dose of reality. I may want a border fence and mass deportation, but would defend their lives if someone was trying to outright massacre them out of irrational hatred. They are human beings after all and as such they have value.

                • Agreed. He’s WAY over estimating this. There would be hundreds or maybe thousands. Tens of thousands at the most.

                  Could you imagine how quickly the problem would go away even with a few hundred? LOL!

              • Place a bounty,
                Make THEM build the wall,
                Then deport them.

          • What about the thousands of construction jobs for Americans who will be building the wall & the money they will spend in border towns along the southern border!

          • * billion dollar wall??? Wow we could have 4 more b2 bombers for that LOL

        • It doesn’t have to stop them all to be effective. Border patrol must be allowed
          to do what they were hired to do. According to border patrol agents, they have
          orders to let them go. If illegals understand they will be prosecuted if caught, the
          wall gets a whole lot higher.

          • LFM, go back to shooting them if they cross the border illegally. That would be more effective.

            • Bravefart…If it could be done from a keyboard all the hot lead and brass from you the problem would be over.

        • EOTS:
          so… by your rationale, having NO physical security currently is exactly the same as building a 30 foot high wall because they “already have tunnels”..?
          Wouldn’t it make more sense to build the wall and keep out the people who simply walk across so we can focus our resources on finding and plugging the tunnels..???

          • sure

            • wait.. what..? this is the internet, you can’t just agree with me!!

              You just destroyed the entire “internet comment section paradigm”. The center will no longer hold!!


              • I’m a real son of a bitch ain’t I?

                • LOL!

        • Walls work. East Germany built a wall to keep their people in. Morocco, which is about 99% Muslim, is building a wall to keep other Muslims out. Israel built a wall to keep Palestinians out. There is a wall around GITMO.

          China built a wall to keep out the Mongols. Hadrian built a wall to keep barbarians out of Roman territory in Britain. The jews built a wall around Jerusalem to keep Arabs and Persians out. Walls work.

          Finally, South Korea built a “wall” across the DMZ to keep North Koreans out. Walls work. Seal the border. Mine the border.

          Shoot any SOB that attempts to cross. When people start dying trying to cross a border with a 40 foot wall. The message will be crystal clear.

          Walls work when coupled with other measures. That is why prisons are built …. with walls. 🙂

          • What we really need is a good war with Mexico to justify a 10 mile “no man’s land” across the entire Southern Border, beginning on the Mexican side.

            Sterilize this 10 mile wide strip of land. Fence it with razor wire on the south side. Mine it. Put machine guns on the Wall on the north side of this strip.

            Give the Drug Lords a cruise missile wake up call at 3 am. The message may not be well received, but it will be heard. Its time to eliminate the politically correct pussies in the District of Criminals, and defend American Sovereignty. 🙂

            • Let’s start the killing with you. You won’t be a big loss to humanity. Oh, I forget, go to hell you and your american sovereingty.

        • And we have seismic sensors and explosives.

        • During WW1 both the British and German armies use to dig tunnels in an attempt to plant and detonate explosives under the enemies trenches.

          The fear of being blown to kingdom come at any given moment was so unnerving that both armies trained men to listen out for the sounds of enemy tunnelling activities with little more than rudimental technology.

          I’m pretty sure that one hundred years on we now have more than enough sensitive equipment to listen out for human moles.

      2. Always be afraid of the ones who promise the perfect world.

        • Indeed — I am not necessarily supporting Trump, though at least he is a breath of fresh air given the Stiffs we’ve had in the running the last couple decades.

          I do, however, support the building of wall.

          • Ron White had a skit about the USA just take over Mexico, then just work our way down to Panama and get the canal back.

            Probably cheaper/ sarc….

          • show me ONE other candidate that would do right by america….just show me ONE…career politicians, indeed.

          • I am not supporting him either but do agree with him on many key issues like immigration and toxic trade deals that have done nothing but take American jobs. On many other things I see him as too authoritarian and potentially dangerous to the constitutional liberties we enjoy as Americans. Two of the key issues for me are gun control and healthcare. Until his Republican run for president, he was in favor of an “assault weapons” ban. To me, that makes him about as pro second amendment as Romney was pro life. I also do not like that he thinks that Obamacare didn’t go far enough. This puts him in the same place as Bernie Sanders on this key issue. For me, these two issues, as well as abortion, are why I am likely to vote Republican. Take them away and I have to question whether or not I should just go third party.

            • Third party, Winston.

              • Call it the becca party.

              • Fuck off you communist fucking bitch.

            • Third party?? Why vote at all especially if you’re trying to change things?? Voting either way is giving your consent to the system. You vote you consent to the system that’s abusing you. So again…why vote when you could make a larger statement by doing the opposite and not voting or participating in this goat-fuck of a govt at all?? Voting does nothing except make you feel better. Counting the votes is where the real power lies but that’s for another day…

        • Who is promising utopia? Sanders and Clinton are peddling that pablum 24/7 to the young and the foolish. The lie of the communist and the socialist is that they can improve your life by taking things from other people and giving it to you. Anyone that believes that nonsense is a complete moron and has their head up their ass so far they will never see the light of reality.

          • Philo, AMEN. I was right. You’re my kind of woman.

            • Braveheart, thanks. I tell it like I see it. It terrifies me that young people, with college degrees, are so ignorant they would vote for a socialist. Obviously they didn’t learn anything useful while they were supposedly being educated and are completely oblivious to real news and the facts when it comes to living under communism in counties like North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuala. Oh and let me add a few African countries in for good measure: Liberia, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are basically being run as communist countries. Where was Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the female president of Liberia, educated? At Harvard.

            • Cuz you and Philosopher make a good pair, your full of shit and she is a shithead.

              • Panties in a wad? Not my problem. Fuck off troll.

      3. Lots of construction jobs,,,
        Our borders need to be secure,
        LaRaza,,,,screw you,, you want to immigrate? Ellis Island,, we have a system, use it

        • Damn straight Kula.

          • First, NOT one of these candidates has the balls to stand up and demand that the federal reserve be abolished… NONE, cause they’re ALL bought AND paid for by the tribe…And they are ALL shown the video of JFK getting his head blown OFF…YOU gotta take out the Fed and the tribe… And ALL the dual citizens in the government.

      4. If Israel can build a wall to protect it’s citizens.

        The US can build a wall to protect it’s citizens.

        • Agreed. It’s not rocket science. It’s a friggin’ wall. The Chinese built one a thousand years ago and it’s still standing!

        • Protecting Israeli citizens: judaism DOT is/genocide.html

        • Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein, Debbie Wassermann Schultz and the rest of the
          Jewish members of Congress are all for open borders in America. I bet you won’t
          hear them criticize Netanyahu’s wall. The politicians and media who are critical of
          Trump are at least as racist and xenophobic as he is.

          • Neither will you hear them call for gun control in Israel.

            • Their hypocrisy is epic & their controlled US media says nothing & the sheeple in the US have no clue.


          • LOL, ya think? For gun haters they have no problem hiring someone else for wet work.

      5. viva mexico

        • Make Mexico a state..their southern border is a lot easier to defend.

      6. The idiots in Washington have talked about the wall for years. Trump will do it. Look for subversives and communists (Progressives) to attack Trump and any other conservative willing to do something substantial. Cruz is my guy because he actually understands the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. Cruz also understands that the idiotic concept of anchor-babies and many other Progressive ideas end up penalizing American citizens. And for you young people, if you want good jobs and good choices in life then you better support a conservative candidate. Communism (Progressivism), socialism, and fascism have always led to huge numbers of citizens being killed. Please learn something about history.

        • Trump could do it and finance it privately,,, its time this government got a lesson in economics.
          To be 19,000,000,000,000 in the hole plus hundreds of trillions of unfunded obligations is mental,,, heres where Acid boy is on the money, because the last generation or so of so called representatives are at fault for this crap,,,not the people, but the so called representatives and DC insiders, add to that the wasteful attitude prevalent amongst government employees and there it is…
          Run it like a business and cut the fat,,

          • Kula, there is a ton of waste at the VA right now, no wonder they are always crying poverty. Many of the hospital wards are no longer there. Where did they go? Oh they were converted into offices for employees. The last time I got an MRI I almost up chucked on the guys desk. Why? The employee was also a union rep and the whole office was plastered with stickers for the federal employees union. Conflict of interest? Yes. I will know the US is teetering on the edge of insolvency or bankruptcy once the Federal employees start being laid off and their pensions stolen. That will make my day.

        • Cruz is a tool and a puppet. He is also an idiot because he hooked up with that babbling idiot, Glenn Beck, and what did he and Cruz do? Oh they went down to the border to hand out teddy bears. Get a fricken clue.

      7. It would be easy to hammer Mexico into border security arrangements that would require their coooeration.

        Just ban any transfers of money from Mexicans living here (legally or illegally, but most are illegal) to Mexico.

        Mexico makes a huge financial gain from their illegals here sending money back home through currently legitimate channels.

        That could be done by executive order.

      8. I would MUCH rather My tax dollars go towards paying for this wonderful wall than to simply dole out billions of “FOREIGN AID” to Islamic nations who wish us harm…. Let’s see -Pay muslim nations to kill us or Make a wall to keep out foreign invaders….. DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

      9. Walls work and Trump is right. I have never understood why people keep making the claim they do not work. It worked in Israel and the evidence is easy to look up. Border controls also work. Good on Trump for insisting Mexico pay for it too. Bush made the Saudis pay for Gulf War One and it worked. Bush II should have made the Saudis pay for the second war. Then there would not have been an economic crisis.

        All countries rise or fall based on setting standards. These standards are a complex mix of sophisticated laws, regulations, culture, social attitudes, etc. Our borders ensure the economic foundations to support this are not undermined. Open and undefended borders undermine this and is the reason why the first world is quickly turning into the third world. Look at France: what a sh#t pit it has become, with refugee camps all over the place and festering Muslim slums. The French are pretty well lost and Sweden and Germany are following them, with the UK picking up the rear.

        • ” Bush II should have made the Saudis pay for the second war. ”

          Remind me again why we had the second Iraq war? Oh, I know, trading oil for Euros not US dollars. Yea, thats worth Americans being killed and crippled.

      10. Joke. We have had technology to shut that border down for over 20 years. A lot cheaper than an ugly wall and more effective. Trump is on the kiddie kar.

        • you could buy a lot of infrared scopes for 8 billion dollars

        • Rebecca,

          We’ve had land mines for a lot longer than 20 years.

          And they’re cheap and efficient.

          • We need guard towers, landmines, and attack dogs.
            We need to turn the border into checkpoint Charley.

        • Rebecca, whose message is any better? Doesn’t matter what technology we have, it isn’t going to be used to stop any race from coming into the u.s. I think trump only says what the group he wants to impress at the time wants to hear. BUT, he is saying the right things now, and if that’s what it takes to move in the right direction then good for him and us. A wall will eliminate a lot of our worries. Illegals, terrorists, diseases, drugs!!
          Molon labe

        • The next administration can’t turn concrete and steel on and off as they see
          fit. Of course they could make it disappear like WTC7.

        • “We have had technology to shut that border down for over 20 years”

          …but we haven’t bothered to use that “technology” do so.

          so, a wall it is I guess.

          • Marcus
            The D/R corporate machine has kept the border open for Baas Hawg. Trump will not get that past Congress. Trumpster himself has always hired illegals. Technology shows tunnels too. The wall is another boondoggle. If our government wanted that border shut down, it would be shut down in a week. $8 billion debt for a pile of fat ass contractors that will cost overrun to $100 billion more debt. A new jobs program for illegals.

            I want the border shut down NOW and no more bs.

            • Red Becky do you ever stop lying? Obviously, no.

        • Enemy of the State says:
          Comment ID: 3518865
          February 10, 2016 at 8:01 am
          Rebecca , your thoughts on this ?

          ht tps://

          (remove the space between T’s)

      11. Except for citizens and legal green card people, no government freebies. Any commercial business employing illegals would lose its license to do business. The officials of “Sanctuary Cities” would face criminal charges of aiding and abetting criminal actions.

        Implement those ideas and the flow of illegals would slow to a trickle. I doubt that a wall would be needed.

        • Desert at: Yes. As far as I can tell E-verify is never used. Also make so that illegals can’t rent, they can’t buy property, they can’t open a bank account. There would be a flood of people going the other direction.

          I am guessing when the EBT cards are not refilled that will happen anyhow. As Margarat Thatcher said, “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Exactly.

      12. I knew this was coming,, yep I mentioned it here too

        ht tp://

        White House pushes ahead with plan to slash pensions for up to one million retirees

        shits gonna get real, really soon

        • not suprised.

          i am still working because i expect my vet benefits at some point to be taken away or me offered something like take 50% now or take your chances on nothing later.

          i have no faith that the govt will be able to hand out a dollar when the crash comes.

        • Also happened in Ohio. This was from Pete Santelli last fall. People woke up and had their penstions cut in half. Approved by Obama, of course.

          ht tp://

      13. Joke is on Trump(and the american people).

        Even if he builds a wall and kicks out any illegal and every visa overstay, Texas is still going to flip to purple in 2020 or 2024 at the latest. When that happens, the usa goes top-down, socialist system with two classes of the elite and everyone else full of corruption.

        Trump is right, but it’s too late for the usa; the time for a Trump to fix the border and keep it from changing the usa was 25 years ago.

        If you want to live in the usa you grew up in, i suggest moving to montana, idaho or utah.

        • Won’t last long up there. The Government is just sending the new Syrians to these areas. Look it up. Missoula, Twin Fals, Boise. You get it. They will breed their bodies and minds and before too long, there will be blood in the streets. Muslim vs anything other than muslim. That’s the only thing they are good at.

      14. Build it already!

      15. To who this may concern Any one who buys or rents property lives behind a wall or fence ! To those fools who state our REPUBLIC needs no clearly marked fence or wall to control our Sovereignty are at worst Fools who believe a Free country means that it must be free to enter and occupy our Republic. But to those like the demorats or the repubcraps I see their TREASON And because of this simple fact one day they will find out why THE TREE OF LIBERTY will never Die !

        • Mhmmm, spot on MD

      16. The wall wont work. Drug lords will start delivering with drones following Amazon’s business model.
        But I still like the idea of Mexico paying for it.

      17. My principal worry about the Mexico border is that now the Jihadists can move en masse into the US. And I expect they are now doing so with the help of the drug cartels. I’m not sure whether a wall or the US Army with infrared scopes would be the best option, but it needs to be sealed ASAP.

        • Is there enough public land to house a new division of Marines spaced along the border?

          Trump says he’s going to increase the size and strength of the military, including the Marine Corps. Well this is a start: Say a 20,000 man division divided into 20, 1,000 man battalions.

          Hell, Trump might even bring back the cavalry. Keep the horsey set happy. Marines already cross their bandoleers for the M60. Pack mules will carry extra ammo.

          That will increase both government and private jobs.

          Good training for the Marines. Limit their camps to within sight of the Trump Wall. Issue each Marine live ammo.

          Special ribbons for Cartel kills.

          Semper Fi

          • SF: excellent ideas! Hey I have worked with the horsey set, as you call it, and those folks bust their asses! The US still breeds some of the finest horses from around the world. From thoroughbreds to dressage to three-day eventing to quarter horses to draft horses: you want a quality horse you can buy it here in the US! Plenty of excellent stock horses used to covering ground are raised in Texas and Oklahoma! Good! Put those horses to work!

      18. Make Obama help to physically build the wall after his term in office or Leavenworth.

      19. I went to Mexico back in 2009. Do you know what met me on the Mexican side of the border? They have huge ass tanks there. They have a guy sitting in a tank with a gun. There are nets and weapons and police. They do NOT want us to just traipse into their country. If you want to go over there, you typically have to prove you can support yourself and get your own care without putting any financial pressure on their economy. No drain. If you sneak over there, you will be arrested if they catch you. They DO NOT WANT illegals.

        I know a gal (cousin by marriage) who has a Mexican husband. They live in South Mexico. They take advantage of poor Guatemalans who are in Mexico illegally. The couple have a coffee plantation and their entire family finds no fault in treating the Guatemalans as slaves. They actually buy clothes and shoes at our thrift stores to sell to the Guatemalans at inflated prices.

        I have friends from Mexico who work here in the states. They only want one thing – our cash so they can retire after three or four years of working here. What they do is they get housing. Then, they rent that out to newbies while those newbies wait for housing. They stack them ten to a three bedroom and sleep in shifts. When newbies get their housing, they sometimes double up and sometimes rent that housing out to other newbies. That’s what they do. They also drive labor costs down for companies around here. They also get to claim kids in Mexico on their taxes and don’t have to produce proof they even exist (and some claim the same kids) But. . .

        They are nice people. They are incredibly nice, for the most part. Should they be bending rules? No. But think about this: How much does your gramma cost to keep in a home? Chances are, all your cousins and yourself are not enough to pay for grandma’s medical care and housing if you’re fortunate enough to have an 80 year old grandma. I did the math. There is no way that our tax dollars, all of us, in my generation all totaled, can pay for grandma’s expenses while it’s so important for rich kids in New York to get free bicycle helmets and nonexistent libraries to get free computers, the sex habits of monkeys explored and drinking issues of hookers in China. Her hospitalization and nursing home care is over $100,000 annually and that’s if she isn’t sick or not having heart issues.

        So here’s part of the problem. The solution? Well, how about we let doctors work off medical school in clinics? Dentists? I mean, have you noticed medical care is horrible lately and the cost keeps rising? I had a melanoma. Luckily, I have okay insurance, but every year it’s over $1000 for testing, labs, x-rays, office visits, and the like just to make sure it’s not back. And that’s if they don’t find anything at all! A dentist wanted $600 to pull my son’s babytooth in 2007. She asked this because she could. It was either pain . . . or financial pain, our choice.

        I can guarantee you that someone pushing power has a relative studying the shrimp, hookers, blm, and monkeys that needs money so they don’t drain the trust funds. Heck, in my little town there is so much of that garbage – family helping family, friends helping friends, money thrown here and there – that the corruption smells like a cesspool but nobody can or will stop it.

        BTW about the tooth pulling, we went to a denture place and paid almost $200. The baby tooth was stuck btw and there was another one growing under it crooked. Something totally not right about the cost of all this. Obummer promised savings. We all got even more shafted, and now those medical benefits you get from your job are a new way to tax the working folks.

        Only two of the five of us have a doctor right now btw. Doctors don’t want to be general practitioners (pay too low), and those who are won’t take new patients. We’ve been searching for a few years and can’t find any doctor for our family. I have my cancer doc. My son has his specialist because of a thyroid problem. Everyone else in our family is out of luck and will likely die of something preventable because there is no doctor who will take new patients. We’ve called dozens of them. College costs are the excuse for the high fees. So what’s the answer? How do we fix this country? There are too many problems and more pop up every day. What happened? I didn’t let it get like this. My vote won’t/never did/never will count. I wasn’t asleep in government class when they explained the electoral college votes for whoever they want, and they don’t have to follow the vote of the people plus all the redistricting bs.

        So here we all are, thinking about a wall. Will a wall fix this? Heck no. It’s symbolic. Will a wall fix the country? I think this country is about like the person who passed away at home, ambulance shows up and the emts pretend the patient is still alive so they can cash in on providing that one last ride.

        • KRM: Thanks for the report about Mexico. It doesn’t surprise me. There are other countries that are the same way. Try moving to Canada or Austrlia or New Zealand or the UK as an American. Sure, you can visit. If you are a student you may be able to work a limited number of hours, I think 20 hours a week but no more. Unless you are a doctor, have a critical skill, or you have $500,000 cash to invest in a business you can forget about immigrating to any of the countries I just listed. Try buying a one-way plane ticket to Australia. Oh and if you do want to move to Canada, get ready to list every speck of property you own on a list. And I do mean every speck. And it isn’t free, either. It costs several thousand dollars to get a residency permit. Not to be a citizen, just a residency permit to live in Canada. Same for some of the other countries. Unless you are hired, prior to moving to the UK, Amercians cannot work there. There is also a large fee (1000 pounds the last time I checked) which a UK employer has to pay when they hire an American. Most Amercians don’t realize they are trapped until they try and leave.

        • There are doctors taking new patients here in eastern NC.

          If you want a good dentist who doesn’t charge an arm and a leg, I would recommend Dr. Jones in Elizabeth City, NC. I believe it was about $75 the last time I saw him. And he personally called me the next day to make sure I was doing okay. There are people who drive over 100 miles to see him.

      20. Trump will be a much better President than what we have had lately.

        • That may be true, but then so would a gerbil.

      21. I have first hand experience on the border and with the laws as an EX Border Patrol Agent. Let me say it again EX!!!!!I don’t need to hear the crap about it! I left remember? I will tell you this the wall does work out in the desert. Take Yuma, AZ the wall spans some 90% of that sector and they have 98% control there. But people are right the tunnels (in the cities) the cranes yes cranes that lift cars over, and lets not forget the good old we can make a ramp and jump it like Bo and Luke Duke. How in the hell do you stop it? I will tell you snipers and harsh jail time. Hey you may not like it but get caught illegally in Mexico and see what happens. Everyone should watch the Mel Gibson movie Get The Gringo the prison is how it really is there. It gets better the frderallies can take you out in the desert do things to you and leave you to wander and die in 2 to 4 days of dehydration or wild dog/coyote attack. And if you are lucky the cartel finds you and turns you into a pack mule for drugs can you say up the sphincter?

        At the end of the day we as a country are soft. Illegals do the work we are to lazy to do i.e. roofing, framing, field work and general labor. And then they live 6 families to a house buy a brand new truck crew cab 4X4 yet all while being an illegal? so lets stop all of it if a car dealer sells a car to an illegal he goes to jail or pays a hefty fine along with the restaurant owner, the construction foreman and the little old lady that hired some to do yard work and paint here house.

        It is time for America to get tuff quit whining cause you got a degree in art and can’t find a job and be proud to shovel cow patties to feed you family.

        There are some very good Hispanics out there that just want to feed their kids and the come over on a work visa and stay 6 months and then go home just like the are supposed to. and then they come back and repeat the process every year. they drive average cars and are very hard working people I know a few of them and they work harder than most people that I know including me. These people are not the problem it is the free loading overstays that wont go back and some how get food stamps and welfare? I still do not understand this?

        And the our Commander in Grief wants to bring in 20,000 refugees? hell we have 50,000 homeless vets we wont help. I say help all the homeless in this county and then we can discuss helping refugees.

        Rant over!

        • Oh I forgot to add I support who ever can fix this country. As of right now Trump is top of the list. I am just worried about his running mate?

          • I agree, but whoever gets the job is gonna be left holding one helluva big bag.

          • Good post, agree, theres lots of good hard working folks from all over the world who have come here, is definitely the freeloaders that are a problem, we have tons of our own freeloaders as well, who would have thought an art history major couldnt find a six figure job,,,pfffttt’
            Definitely same thoughts on backing anyone who seems like they could put us back on track, anyone who has held office at all isnt it!

        • I hear ya ..and if it we treated them the way they treat us, there wouldn’t be this problem

          as it is right now our commander in grief has the BP sitting in their truck doing nothing

          they went from catch and release to sit and jackoff ( not calling you a name)

          its sad and it starts at the top weren’t to blame for it

          im sure if you were told to cuff and stuff em or send them back, thats exactly what you would have been doing

          but when the almighty mouth piece says no.. the foot soldiers do as told or its their ass on the line

          and this regime just loves to put holes in heads of the ones trying to undermine their purpose.. this is being done on purpose .. its no mistake
          this is to destabilize this country and its working as scheduled and planned

          • It wont work out the way they think though,,,
            More and more waking up all the time, think we are way beyond III%

            • Kula, I agree. And just think, now we have CBP agents that are pissed of and waking up! Holy moly! And those guys and gals know how to use a gun! Yaya! Welcome to the right side brothers and sisters in arms!

            • I listen to breitbart news on Sirius patriot XM. Lots of folks awake. Some more informed than others, but we’re getting there. Breitbart. Com has London Rome and Texas bureau that report on local stuff. The crap coming out of London/Rome is horrible.

              • NPPH: I listen to Breitbart every morning on XM, too. As soon as Glenn Beck comes on I change channels.

                Europe is totally fucked. Every day it is just more shit gone crazy.

          • No worries, I keft for personal and family reasons. I still have friends there. I will tell you that in the Yuma Sector they give them Cup-o-Noodles 3 times a day and water. San Diego sector gives them (detainees) Mc D’s and Grubway with sodas. Yuma sends them to Tijuana or Nogales to go back not right back across the same stretch of desert they were caught in like other sectors.

            Also while I was there the Mexican Consulate brought a letter in from the Mexican government asking if we could not send their people back due to the fact the van not handle the influx of people with no jobs or money. Makes you wonder?

      22. These guys really justify their jobs in these Senate committee hearings, don’t they? Talk about a headline that gives you the warm and fuzzies!
        The defense structure wants you to be afraid… be very, very afraid. Apparently it isn’t bad enough that the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper claims ISIS is now a “preeminent global threat” that should attack America any day now.
        In a recent Senate Armed Services Committee known as the annual “worldwide threats” hearing… a hearing they apparently have every year now, in case you didn’t know… Clapper claims America now faces a “litany of doom”.

        Seven countries are facing a collapse of their central government authority? Regime changes, perhaps? Ya don’t say. It’s funny how Clapper says that like the American government was just an innocent bystander that had nothing to do with any of it.

        ht tp://

        • so we’ve tried the two mentioned below

          soap box
          ballot box

          all we got left is
          ammo box..

      23. the damage from forced immigration has already been done and much more will be done this year. Maybe the talk should be about prosecuting those who let it happen and deporting illegals, and all who support islam and all refugees

      24. “Trump has a history of getting things done.” So did Hitler. I swore to uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” I still will to the best of my age related abilities.

        • So, basically you’re saying that a Vote for Trump is a Vote to “get things done” is a Vote for Hitler? Well then, I’m on board – the new Hitler has my Vote! And, he will get things done – like begin restoring the Constitution I, too, took an oath to uphold.

          He might even enforce policies that deny the dual citizenship Chosenite Oligarchs the POWER their ill-gotten Money Changing influence has bought them since 1965 – the year the Kikeservitives opened the 3rd World flood gates to this once European majority Country. We been on our downward trend ever since. It’s taken them 50+ years to bring us to our knees – it may take that long to remove the traitors and restore order again. We may not live to see the revival – but I will fight, along with other patriots, to remove the brood of vipers.

          TRUMP is that Start of our Rise from the Matzah slime – just as F.D.R. prompted the beginning of our Kosher Konversion. Israel recently built a wall to keep out “wild beasts” (Haaretz news) and preserve it’s “uniquely Jewish character.” America will build it’s wall, better and higher, to ensure our uniquely Christian European character – that which our Founding Fathers thought we’d be intelligent enough to preserve for their (our) posterity.

      25. Made two comments today….guess they were not important enough. I am not a robot or spammer.

        I live in the Southwest I have seen this illegal problem spin out of control and get dangerous. There are parts of LA, Las Vegas and Phoenix and other places where Spanish only is spoken and the Mexican and La Raza flags are flown. They are declaring their own territory on U.S. soil. You don’t dare challenge them.

        I have been around hispanics most of my life. They are contemptuous of white people and resent learning U.S. history. That is their word: “resent.” If you say something like “national sovereignty” they laugh at you. Just wait until they become a majority. They will erase European history and replace it with their own as well as requiring Spanish only as a language. This has been tried many times already. The New Mexico Supreme Court over the years has ruled against several towns that have tried this.

        Assimilation is a one way street for them. Their way.

        I watch Fox news a lot and they have many people there, especially Geraldo the Idiot, who believe we should have open borders. They keep thinking this is the early 1900s where people arrive in America for a new life. Back then there was no welfare, someone had to sponsor an immigrant and assimilation was mandatory. There was scene from The Godfather II where a younger Vito Corleone knocks off the guy in the white suit and goes sits with his family. He put an American flag in baby Michael’s had. Today many immigrants, legal and otherwise, despise the American flag and openly walk on it.

        I can’t discuss this anymore. I have steam coming out of my ears and I get too upset. I’m called a racist because I want orderly legal immigration. By the way, although I am of European descent I want all illegal Europeans deported as well and visa overstays.

        Trump is the ONLY candidate who is taking this head on. I don’t trust Kasich, Bush or any of them to put up a fence and go after illegals through e-verify and other means. Sanctuary cities have to be ended. If a mainstream GOP candidate becomes president then we will hear “I am proposing for the next fiscal year an increase in funding for more border patrol agents” and that will be the last we hear about it. The Chamber of Commerce and other business interests want open borders for cheap labor. Universities and churches are for visa overstays and illegals because it means money and numbers for them. Of course the dems want them as a potential voters.

        We Caucasian males are the target of special interest groups. Women, minorities, and everyone else wants accommodations of some kind. But it occurred to me that we are a minority. Whites make up 72% of the population in the U.S. Around half are males. So for every 36 of us white guys there are 64 of someone else. However, we have to put up with and baby sit all of these other people, especially the fence jumpers and minorities like muslims who detest America. We are held accountable for all of their shortcomings and failures. Since when do we white guys get a pass? Never. We are held accountable and have to pay for their law breaking and lack of discipline and responsibility.

        I have to stop. I’m losing it. It’s 1 PM here and I don’t want to start drinking already. I’m not kidding, I’m really pissed off over all of this.

        I remember in the early 70s a Mexican woman runs across the border into the U.S. at the Tijuanna border and has a kid right there on the spot. The kid needed lots of medical attention that cost $150k or $500k or so in today’s dollars. Meanwhile my dad as well as millions of other WW II servicemen were begging for better care from the VA. The VA said they have budget problems and are doing the best they can. But the U.S. Government has limitless money for millions of illegals and it keeps getting worse. This has got to stop.


        • LK: there are more people than you that are pissed off, mad as hell, and sick of the hypocrites.

          Hard times are coming. Thank you for the front-line report on reality. Spot on dude!

          • Thanks. I live in a retirement community and when I vent about the illegal problem to one of my fellow geezers I’m surprised on how many agree with me. Many people are afraid to speak up. I hope that’s changing.

      27. Amidst gathering gloom elsewhere, an incredible light appears…

        Hilary’s server. Muslims rampaging through Europe like it is 1529 at the gates of Vienna. Men going in girls’ bathrooms and gay Nazi Brownshirts. The wasteland of television…. then suddenly this:

        CHINA — You’re about to hear first-hand testimony and see video of an unprecedented Christian revival happening in parts of China. What is unique about this story is how God is moving among communist-controlled government churches. CBN News traveled to southern China and obtained exclusive, never-before-seen images, from inside these churches.

        When God Shows Up in a Communist Church: It’s Thursday evening in Fujian Province, southeast China. Scores of men and women are dancing, waving flags, blowing shofars, singing and worshipping God. You might think these images come from a charismatic service in the United States. But they’re not. This is communist, and officially still atheist China…

        See the full, uplifting story at

      28. If Obama thinks a wall or tall fence is so bad, why doesn’t he have the one removed that surrounds the White House. I don’t feel that his safety or the safety of his family is any more important than mine or my family.

        • Nice!

      29. If Obama thinks a wall or tall fence is so bad, why doesn’t he have the one removed that surrounds the White House. I don’t feel that his safety or the safety of his family is any more important than mine or my family.

      30. Hmmm, build a wall or continue studies on why most lesbian women are fat…

      31. Ok, I’m not really advocating for this suggestion, I’m just trying to get a view from all angles. Also, I really wouldn’t know how to implement this either.

        I see the border problem and us trying to PUSH the immigrants out of the country. I agree that the border fence is a super idea, but then there are just so many illegal/criminal/leeching immigrants left in our country. I’m not saying I’m opposed to removing them to their own country, but it would be a huge undertaking.

        I also see Mexicans as still having national pride, they just can’t make it in Mexico. They still want to eat their own food, celebrate their own customs, etc. I don’t really see them wanting to assimilate, just take advantage of our country.

        To that end, what would it take to create a PULL back to their own country. I know it sounds like some liberal bleeding heart idea, but would it be at all possible to build the fence AND start to work with Mexico just over the border to create opportunities on the Mexico side to draw them back. I’m just looking at cause/affect. Sometimes it is easier to pull than to push.

      32. Make Ford, Chevy, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and so on pay for it. 8 billion is nothing to these corporations and the thousands of others that exist off the backs of the Mexicans who work in those plants in Mexico. Tax the shit out of all those corporations and they will pass on the price to us the consumers. Unless Trump can somehow stop them from doing that. This is totally realistic and possible. Also make those corporations pay the Mexicans fair wages, not the bull shit they pay them now and force them to immigrate here. BUT! I somehow foresee Trump being a casualty if he succeeds in doing any of this. “They” (military industrial complex) will “accident” him. You know (plane crashes) or some other “way” Even if he wins nothing will change, he is and he will not be in charge of anything. “They” will pull his strings and he will dance like every other puppet if he refuses “they” will let him know what will happen. So he will go along with it and fuck us all like all the rest of the politicos.

      33. Give me a break, Trump is just another warmonger like the rest of them, having made multiple threats against Iran. He is another Israel first babbling joke. The endless warmongering is the end of the American peoples livelihoods, antiwar voices are this cabal’s greatest enemy. The money spent on death and destruction by this criminal government is more than enough to remedy every problem facing this nation and the people within.

      34. Obama not only told INS and Border control to stand down, but Obama also told DEA to stand down on the border. As a result drugs are flying across the border. Drug cartels stop illegals and tell them carry a backpack of drugs onto the US or die.

        If you have a family member, friend, or acuantance who died of a drug overdose, in the recent resurgence of heroine, yup, it falls directly on Obama. He murders American Children with his illegal anti law enforcement policies.

      35. 8 billion is a friggin’ bargain. One month payout. Trump’s math is already startin’ to look good. Once the wall is built, Mexico’s drug trade would trickle off. Once the cartels are defunded the Mexican gov could get a handle on their derelicts.

        Overall, the report found illegal migrants cost taxpayers a total of $113 billion a year. The report then “accounts for taxes paid by illegal aliens [which is] about $13 billion a year, resulting in a net cost to taxpayers of about $100 billion.”Aug 24, 2015

        • Hey Rednek thanks for the link! I read BB a few times a day but missed that article! Appreciate you posting the link and waiting for it to be cleared!

      36. I live here in so.calif. right in the heart of all this
        crap going on with the illegals and its not pretty- our stores have mexicans peeing outside on the buildings – drinking in public and passing out in front of the stores or grassy areas as the police have there hands full -you have to keep everything locked up as the theft of any thing from lawn /garden decor vanish in the day or night and did i mention even hoses- anything that can be carried off is off to swapmeet or craigs list – this is just hitting the tip of the iceberg -crime is rapid and i could go mad im sick of hearing were here to take back our calif and texas from you stupid pigs- yea were living the dream here in ca just like you other people!!!

        • Just substitute Muslims for Mexicans and it is the same in Europe and Canada. They are also treating everything like it is a giant Fire Sale in the West, and they are just loading up the shopping carts and running for the exits. I have seen it many times – a Muslim man comes in to the shop and just loads up the trolley with something that is on special. The cashier asks “Hey, buddy, got enough there?” The guy then claims it is gifts for family, but it is clearly going to be sold on Ebay or Craigslist.

          They aren’t interested in integration or contributing to improving the West or making it wealthier: they are interested in looting the West because they see it as a ‘done’ project with a sell-by date and you just have to grab what you can before they move on somewhere else.

      37. I’m for the wall. I’m also for the ground penetrating radar to discover the tunnels. I’m pretty sure we have a device or two, that would allow us to seismicly collapse those tunnels, preventing entry…A few could be drilled into and filled with gas….or petrol and set afire….We could “test” a variety of weapons in this manner without waiting for volunteers.

        But I also see a new world arising…. A world of walls. What a frightening future we are watching take shape…There is also the possibility that this wall could be the match that begins a civil/ethnic war, leading to martial law. So many possibilities…

      38. They will never go back.

        The worst day in America is better than the best day in Mexico for freeloaders!

      39. A great big concrete wall doesn’t bother me at all.

      40. The rhino republicans are so afraid their financial way of life is going to go by the wayside, they would actually, as traitors, vote for hillary because Bush just doesn’t have a chance. The rhinos just don’t want to accept that the American people don’t believe them, don’t need them and want a change. We need new blood and someone who has been successful in some endeavor and has a positive background in finance.

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