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    This article was contributed by James Davis with Future Money Trends. 

    Going into 2020, Donald Trump was the LEADING CANDIDATE. He was a champion of finance, a wizard in terms of stock market returns, fighting for Americans against the rising power of China, in charge of overseeing the lowest unemployment in U.S. history, and winner of the impeachment hoax and various other legal and congressional battles. On January 15th, he even signed the Phase 1 trade deal.

    For a man with ZERO POLITICS in his background before getting sworn in TO OFFICE, he was doing pretty well. During his term, two of the Middle East’s chief terror architects were killed, a wall was constructed to stop illegal immigration from Mexico, and globalist-focused trade agreements became null and void.

    Americans from rich to poor were pretty happy, even if they didn’t like Donald’s bullying of the media or his overall attitude, which many don’t connect with.

    His Twitter victory laps about the greatest economy ever, record stock market returns, low unemployment, and his feud with the Federal Reserve over zeroing-out interest rates made him popular with his base.

    I loved his achievements, personally.

    COVID-19 is Trump’s Achilles’ heel. In private conversations inside the White House during March and April, he was often quoted asking, “Why is this happening to me?” This shows his mindset was not on solving this pandemic, but on remaining popular and on top.


    We can easily see the change in sentiment with businesses and individual voters since
    COVID-19 engulfed our lives.

    He is just not himself. To me, at least, having been a close student of his presidency, it seems that Donald feels like his work ended the day COVID-19 began.

    In his mind, what he set out to do in 2016 worked fantastically and a once-in-a-century GLOBAL PANDEMIC can’t be the thing that defines his period in the White House.

    It almost seems as if he is torn between not wanting the job anymore and wanting to win an election again just for the sake of it.


    The United States is so large and so varied that the different states are going through COVID-19 at separate times. One state could flatten its curve while an outbreak occurs at another.

    This is why a “V”-shaped recovery is impossible, even though it is beyond any shadow of a doubt that this disease is not the DREADED MONSTER the media hyped it up to be in the Italian case.

    Trump’s mentality, always geared towards celebrating personal achievements, just can’t make the leap and switch to CRISIS MANAGEMENT.

    This isn’t the time to divide and conquer, but rather bring the country together.

    His ace up the sleeve is his SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN DOMINANCE.

    On Facebook, the Trump campaign spent roughly $33M just in the month of April, which is more than double what Biden had.

    The way both candidates use Facebook ads is completely different. Biden tries to raise funds while Trump is virtually and digitally targeting the actual individuals that will end up CALLING THE ELECTIONS.

    Inside the swing state, within the swing county, penetrating almost to the individual swing voter, like having him knocking on your door… that’s how targeted it gets.

    In 2016, Trump was a clear underdog and he pulled off the greatest upset in democratic election history.

    In 2020, it’s hard to call him the underdog, but he is probably behind Biden as of now.

    Can Facebook and social media deliver another prestigious win for him?


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      1. James Davis, thanks for the interesting read. As a political junky, I have a slightly different assessment of the upcoming Presidential election. First, the Demonrats have provided the country with another inferior candidate (the debates will make that readily apparent – remember when Mueller testified before Congress). Second, the TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD [Snowflake ANTIFA & Black Lives (only) Matter] have perfectly demonstrated the results of catering to “entitled” morons, I call it the spoiled brat syndrome]. Thirdly, who in the world would want a Presidential cabinet populated by Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, Crazy Mazie, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the PARADE OF IDIOTS ?

      2. “Why is this happening to me?”

        H.R. 6666
        Patent WO/2020/060606

        It took only a matter of days, to figure out why this was happening to you, yet, we’re all still doing this.

      3. President Donald Trump Wins the Election by a landslide
        10 Billion for the Donald Ten or Twelve for Sleepin,Hidden little baby-boy cryin joey biden. The dems weren’t sure if it was 10 or 12 they can’t count but to ten maybe twelve. They said it could take weeks for a recount.

        • Every new Gun Owner is a Trump Voter. Many democrats love their guns too. The Dems have been Hijacked. The Repubs are polluted with insider looting. Trump is our party to protect the American people. There is no other choice but to Vote for Trump, if you want to see America remain a republic. Be prepared after Trump wins the Soros paid chaos makers to rattle the Country. Stay armed and aware and protect all of yours and your property and your neighbors property from looters or lefty anti-Constitutionists. Now until the end of the year is our Generations time to step up to save America.

      4. O trump gets it all right…..

      5. # W W G 1 W G A

      6. I don’t know about anyone else but I have noticed in about
        the last year or so the gov. has been spraying chemicals on us here in globe very heavy. But what I’ve noticed is I have more energy I’m over 65 I have been going water skiing, dirt bike riding haven’t done any of that for 30 or 40 years. It’s really been
        Invigorating. I hope they continue. As quick as what ever it is there dumping on us I’ll be ready for the UFC in a few months.
        I feel so good I can’t believe it. I haven’t been to the Dr. office in years, don’t wear a face mask couldn’t make me wear one. Won’t take no vaccine (GFY). The best time to get this is early in the morning breath deep. I know that there are many more people out there that are feeling the way I do. (KATN)

        • Its even better with a vaccine. It improves the chemical dust and gives you even more energy and power. Hop on board. Im part of the vaccine trial and loving it.

      7. You must be kidding. Trump has Destroyed our economy. Please come join the rest of us in the real world.

        • You must be a liberal nut job? We had the best economy in history before this Kung flu!! What a stupid comment? Go back in mamas basement and ask her for a bowl of milk to help down you meds? LOL!!!!

        • Real Republican my a**. If people like me could hold their noses and vote for Romney, Dole, and McCain; then you can hold your nose & vote for a man that’s trying to straighten out the mess we call a federal govt. Unless you have gone full libtard and want Biden, Ocasio Cortez, Maxine Waters, and the rest of the Parade of Idiots. Not really CONSERVATIVE, are you?

          Once the communists take over with Biden and his henchmen and theychange all the voting laws, No Republican will ever have a chance again. Watch the incredible Demonrat cheating in November.

      8. The real world is that I ask…Who could have done better on the Coronavirus that Trump? That includes leaders the planet over. Everywhere they are having problems, good leaders or bad. China messed up the whole planet with it and it doesn’t appear to be leaving but keeps coming back. You think Hillary or Biden would have done better? there seems to be a perfect storm of events happening and you may see a couple more before the year is out…….and of course you will be told its all Trump’s fault.

      9. “During his term, two of the Middle East’s chief terror architects were killed, a wall was constructed to stop illegal immigration from Mexico, and globalist-focused trade agreements became null and void.”

        While it’s true he knocked out *some* globalist trade agreements, Trump has continued the neocon/zionist illegal wars, terrorism, murder and theft in the middle east. Trump has engaged in false flags in Syria and at home (Vegas). He’s stealing Syrian oil (an act of war and piracy).

        It gets worse. Trump is throwing sanctions (acts of war) against countries simply trying to engage in commerce — like the pipeline between Germany and Russia. Of course, his business background has more than a few stories of him screwing business partners so we should not be surprised.

        At the southern border, a major portion of our southern boundaries are *still* unsecured and now that idiot Trump is talking about embracing DACA illegal aliens. Could it get any worse?

        Worst still, Trump is embracing vaccines and the Bill Gates crew. Well Mr. Trump, you can take your vaccine and GFY. That’s from the heart.

        I can’t vote for this criminal clown. I simply can’t. I guess that means I’ll be sitting this election out. I won’t take part in this national fraud.

        • You will be sitting this election out? Sounds like you are riding a very righteous horse Anon? Just ride that righteous horse around in your fantasy world, and set this election out! It’s self righteous people like you that has stood by, while men like me when and fought to keep this country safe gor for you and yours? I’m sure you know all about foreign policy? You have no clue what real men do to keep idiots like you safe!!! Trump is the best thing that has happened to this country in my lifetime!! You get out of your little safe, self righteous environment, and run with the real men that keeps this country safe, then get back to me? Vote while we still have the freedom too! Sorry if I hurt your feeling?

          • Self righteous? I simply refuse to take part in this dog-n-pony show. A dog-n-pony show where 21 trillion can be stolen by fedgov …. and no one seems to care.

            I guess I know a bit about history and “foreign policy”. The “foreign policy” of the US empire at this point is little more than an international crime spree — a policy pursued by both major political parties.

            You sound ex-military. Good. Great for training and discipline. But the chest-thumping roar about defending Americans rings hollow. If anything, the federal regime is creating victims and enemies worldwide — and that will come back to haunt us all. Some of us that served have opened our eyes to what is really happening. Maybe it’s your turn to pull your head out of your a**?

            Trump is not a good guy. He’s a swamp critter that has surrounded himself with the worst denizens of the swamp. If you don’t think he’ll just play along as these commie-fascists disassemble this country, you’re kidding yourself.

            • Well touch a nerve didn’t I? You don’t have the foggiest clue about how the real world works? You sit around on your hands and tell yourself what a good righteous human you are. Of course the world hates us, how damn naive are you? It’s about power, and what you have, this world is a cruel hard place!! There are many countries in the world, where a 10 year old kid would slit your throat for the shoes on your feet, and never think twice?!! That’s the culture they live in? In your self righteous world that wouldn’t happen. Study history, and see how the weak faired? You are either a wolf, a sheep, or a sheep dog? Plain and simple! You are a sheep. I’m a sheep dog. Vote or stop whining? If you don’t vote you have no right to whine!

              • Sheesh. Even your handle screams “adolescent”.

                I’ve traveled in Europe, Asia and Central America. Never had a problem. Of course you have to use common sense about where and when you travel.

                You’re no sheep dog, you’re a very small man who still thinks this political works as advertised. Go ahead, waste your time. It will not stop TPTB from doing what they have planned. I wish I could see your face when you finally realize that “the Donald” was in on it.

      10. Dear SHFT,

        How is your refusal to post responses in a timely manner any different that the far left censoring posts? Seriously. If you believe in the first amendment, why are posts not being printed in a competent manner?

        Inquiring minds wanna know.

        • You are absolutely right

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