Trump Demands Mexico Deal With Cartels: “Take Care of Bad Hombres” Or U.S. Troops Will

by | Feb 2, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 99 comments

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    One thing is for certain, a new sheriff is in town.

    Well, the phrase is underwhelming given the enormous power now (unduly) vested in the executive branch. But President Trump’s stylings as an international negotiator and commander-in-chief harken back to a simpler and more brazen day from the Old West, and he isn’t just shaking hands and promising to work on nebulous issues of cooperation.

    With promises to build a wall, scale back immigration, send back criminals and welfare dependents and cut off the parasitism from South of the border, President Trump is now demanding that the Mexico President, Pena Nieto – widely viewed as a weak leader – stop the cartels if he could. As the Associated Press reports:

    President Donald Trump threatened in a phone call with his Mexican counterpart to send U.S. troops to stop “bad hombres down there” unless the Mexican military does more to control them, according to an excerpt of a transcript of the conversation obtained by The Associated Press.

    “You have a bunch of bad hombres down there, and we’re going to get them out,” Trump told Pena Nieto, according to the excerpt given to AP. “You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.”

    A person with access to the official transcript of the phone call provided only that portion of the conversation to The Associated Press. The person gave it on condition of anonymity because the administration did not make the details of the call public.

    The report described Trump as humiliating Pena Nieto in a confrontational conversation.

    Openly humiliating another world leader is not the path that the past several presidents have taken. So this is certainly news.

    If this report is accurate (Mexico has officially denied it, but another Mexican press agency confirmed that something like this conversation took place), it is a whole new ball game. Sending U.S. troops to take on Mexican gang violence that has claimed that lives of tens of thousands and made true stability and prosperity south of the border absolutely impossible, would be completely unprecedented in the 20th or 21st Centuries, and after decades of officially friendly relations – setting things back to about 1850 when the two countries were last at war.

    Of course, just the opposite has been offered from our neighbor to the South. Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs for Mexico, Jorge Castañeda Gutman, made a veiled threat on CNN to attack the U.S., supposing that if the U.S. ended the incentive for friendly cooperation, Mexico might unleash a new wave of cartel violence upon America – on purpose and with a vengeance.

    Mexico has a lot of negotiating chips in this matter, Fareed, but it also has measures we could take in other areas. For example, the drugs that come through Mexico from South America, or the drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the United States. This is not our problem. We have been cooperating with the United States for many years on these issues because they’ve asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship. If that relationship disappears, the reasons for cooperation also disappear.

    If anything can stop cartel violence, it may be an end to the drug war and prohibition, which has driven much of the illegal smuggling across borders, and a growing and heightened police state.

    Short of that, U.S. troops, or special advisors might make a serious dent, but also risk blowback of counterinsurgency and war in the streets – not only in Mexico, but in the streets of America as well.

    Let’s hope the best end surfaces quickly.

    Avocados and other produce may skyrocket in price; day laborers may be forced back into their failing country and relations could deteriorate into outright hostility towards the gringo.

    Trump is NOT willing to play friendly if playing friendly means congeniality in spite of a slap in the face to American interests. In his very first days, the new President-Sheriff has put Mexico, Iran, China and other players on notice, and has explicitly threatened to use American force to back up his tough words and straightforward demands.

    For better or worse, this is something no president in memory or recent times has every attempted. We are in uncharted and very dangerous waters. Let us hope President Trump knows what he is doing.

    The use of American troops is only meant as a last resort; but arguably, U.S.-Mexico relations are already there and Trump arrived at that point. Every other policy has failed for the past several decades.

    How do you think things will play out?

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      1. Defend our border AND create jobs. Build the wall AND put a bounty on illegal aliens. If Florida can pay $4,850 for every python captured, FedGov can easily pay $1,000 per illegal alien.

        • FedGov can easily pay $1,000 per illegal alien, dead or alive.

          • “Openly humiliating another world leader is not the path that the past several presidents have taken. ”
            UH.. Neither has this one! That was a private conversation. At least it was until whomever in the administration has an axe to grind decided to leak it.
            If Trump wants to get anything done without establishment insiders making every move into a PR disaster, he better start rooting out the traitors in his administration..

          • Illegal aliens had plenty of notice since Nov 8th, 2016 to “Vamoose out of Merica”. And Trump said DAY One they were going to be rounded up. If you ignored that warning and you are caught now, too bad. Mexico is just pissed they will have to suddenly take back in 2 Million Illegal Hombre Criminals. They have no place to keep them. So if they don’t take them back, Trump can cut off Mexico’s largest Cashflow economy and that is from Illegals sending Money back home to Mexico. More US Dollars flow into Mexico than Mexico exports Oil. Something like “$36 Billion” a year? So I would say Trump Holds all the cards, and Mexico can lick our boots. Watch them whine.. Mexico will also PAY for the WALL.

        • Diane..I agree

        • Send general Pershing in ,he may not be available but send in someone like him.

      2. I would rather spend the blood and gold taking care of that cesspool to our south than dicking around in the middle east.

        • The bad thing about Mexico is it’s full of Mexicans. Other than that, it’s really a pretty nice place.

      3. Mexico is and has been for decades, a leach upon the U.S. They should be dealt with accordingly, including sending ALL OF THEM back!!!

        • Yeah, I agree. Send them back; but consider this first…. they are to be sent back where? Over the border. How about round the illegals up – slave labor on the wall for a year (that is, unpaid besides meals and minimal shelter, no medical care other than simple release south, no benefits of any kind) and then boot their tails to the other side of the fence before simply letting them depart this country. Chain gangs – with real chain, 24/7 armed enforcement of those same with the penalty being a medical issue that would require a lead injection just prior to the above – being released to fertilizer the desert immediately south of the wall.

          • Yes use the illegals as slave labor first (The ones in prison. )Who have committed crimes and have killed Americans. Second Kill all Cartel members. The ones who cross the border with AK’s and threaten farmers (American and on American soil).

        • yes and get rid of islam and all that support it

      4. I think Mexico needs to use their military to patrol some of the open border. The only place I’ve seen them is patrolling the beaches in Cancun.

        • There’s been a lot of incursions of Mexican Army into US territory, some as far back as the CLINTON era and nothing ever done about it. I say the next time any Mexican military or even their cops come across our border, SHOOT THE BASTARDS.

          • Given that the Mexican “army”, the federallies, and the local police are all either extensions of the cartels, or in the pocket of the cartels, I’m totally fine with that.

            • Marcus, corruption, especially bribery, has been part of Hispanic culture for centuries.

            • I’ve seen the Mexican Army driving Jeeps with a .50 Cals mounted in the back, driving and patrolling the shore line roads in Cozumel. Standing on street corners of the tourist areas with M16’s. That was in the late 90’s. Their cops were funny, like about 5-7 tall, thin and looked like Barney Fife, and they did not carry any guns. I never had a bad time in Cozumel. Did a whole lot of scuba diving down there many times. Drinking and partying all night and dive all day. Hot Lil chicks down there too. $40 lol The people were friendly and appreciated our business. Don’t drink the water or eat the produce by the same water. Only drink out of a sealed bottle, like Coronas and bottled water. Agua..

          • DB Bad advice

            • Tacoma, why do you call it bad advice?

              • Tacoma, the US govt. has a right AND a responsibility to protect its borders and especially to determine who can and cannot enter our country. if my idea is bad, do you have a better idea to offer?

                • Tacoma, still waiting for a reply. Going once, going twice…..

                  • Tacoma, it’s OK if you don’t respond. So I stick with my original ides.

      5. IF the public knew what is and has been said in private conversations between countries and its leaders they would be shocked. this is NO different and NOT a big deal EXCEPT that Trump would and could do as he said!! IF Mexico was smart, he they might make a deal with them, and Trump is correct, lots of there military are either scared (rightly so- kill you AND your wife and kids)or being paid off. this would stop some of that and maybe greatly reduce the cartels power, WHICH the CIA won’t like because they are in BED with some of them!! WILL BE INTERESTING TO SEE HOW THIS PLAYS OUT!!

        • Trump Holds all the cards. This statement here sounds more of like an open offer, than a threat to help curb the cartels. “You aren’t doing enough to stop them. I think your military is scared. Our military isn’t, so I just might send them down to take care of it.” lol

          Trump is direct, not a weak person like Obama. So get used to it. Sounds good to me.

        • “How do you think things will play out?”

          The only solution to win the “Drug War” which costs the USA many billions of dollars every year in direct and indirect costs, is to eliminate the Drug Lords, in mass, by putting cruise missiles into their bedroom windows at 4 am after giving them 30 days to surrender.

          We know who they are. We know where they live. All we have to do is demand their surrender within thirty days and follow the frenzy of phone calls. Ducks in a barrel. The decades long “War on Drugs” would be over in a matter of months.

          Yeah, it could happen. 🙂

          • D K,
            your correct and we both know why it won’t happen, at least not for a while and that is because that is where so much BLACK OP money comes from. CIA has been involved since the vietnam, era !!

            • Yes, and TRUMP is revamping CIA and the other intel agencies to eliminate this sleaze, since these “black ops” do not serve American interests; only the NWO Deep State.

              I believe we will see this kind of action, IN CONCERT with the Mexican Government on the ground. Or unilateral strikes. Its great again to be American !!! 🙂

          • Drug cartels are like the Terrorists, You kill 1 and 2 more pop up to fill the vacuum. It would be a waste of resources to go down there. Cut off the US Flow of US Dollars to Mexico first. Which much of the money going there could be the “WesternUnion” Money Transfers which could be direct payments to drug cartels for their drug orders. Start there first to cut off the money supply. The Cartels will fade away. Build the Wall, legalize drugs here and stop the money flow to Mexico. That’s what I would do, and renegotiate NAFTA. And stop BS Programs like “Fast and Furious” arming the Cartels. So who’s fault is it? Reality Check!!

            • TrumpsDeplorable,

              you would not believe how much money goes south of the border, the drugs go north and the money goes south and mass amounts of it go by motorcycles across the border, YUP don’t ask the border patrol and the DEA know and about once every six months or so they make a bust, SOOOOO i am sure you figured out what i just said. wanna get rich??? just knock a few of the motorcycles off, of course they are GPS tracked and so you would have to be quick!!

          • Kill them and a new batch will rise. Guaranteed. They’ll move 5x day and everywhere they stay will be an orphanage. You don’t stop flies with a sledgehammer. You stop flys by stopping shit.

            Cut the access of illegal money into legal money. Billions are not moving in cash, its moving by with transfer. It can be traced, it can greatly be stopped. Unfortunately the international banks are in cahoots. Along as that continues, dope continues.

            Lock up the banksters.

            • Lock up Senator Chuck Schumer as well. Here are Schumer’s ideas of American values:

              1) Our values do not include half the country.
              2) We are willing to bring in people that will kill you and your family.
              3) We are willing to give up US sovereignty and be controlled from Brussels.
              4) We value taking your money and giving it to people that never worked for it.
              5) We will advocate for people who are not US citizens, but will not advocate for our own poor or disadvantaged born in the US.
              6) We value laws, but they only apply to us when it’s convenient for us.
              7) You have to change your life and beliefs to conform to our politically correct and approved view.

              Schumer is complaining that America does not want a mass migration into its territory. Which reveals the real game here.

              Schumer is a dual citizen of an apartheid state (Israel).

        • White house today acknowledges the comments. WTF?

        • Wilson, I get so skeerrrrred reading this scary article I just click all the adds and buy everything. lol

      6. He talked a lot about Eisenhower this morning. Wasn’t he the last President to send troops into Mexico ?

        • Ike was the last to do a mass deportation order. Back in the ’50s….way to much time has passed.

        • I thought that was Wilson in 1916. I think Lieutenants Patton and Eisenhower were both there, with General Pershing.

          We occupied Veracruz in 1914.

          • Ike did “Operation Wetback”.

            I was thinking about the other item, last troops to Mexico. I think the last time was when we were dealing with Pancho Villa. Early 1900s.

      7. Prez. Trump will not be the first Prez. to send Our Troops to Mexico. It has been done before and when it did happen Mexico was in peace again and the USA didn’t have the problem that was hounding us.

        Go kick some ass Prez. Trump. Jade Helm still has equipment on the boarder, US IT!!!


        • Patton went into Mexico as a young officer with Black Jack Pershing.

          One B-2 with a load of 2,000 JDAMs could hit all the big cartel hide out estates and really send a message.

          • 2,000 pound

        • Didn’t “JADE Helm 16” position a lot of Military Equipment down in the SW?? Maybe that is the staging area to Invade Mexico, or used as defense. I think some razing Apache Helicopter raids on known Drug areas and lite the place up would slow it down for a while, but that is just more BS War on drugs. Mexican Army is afraid of the Cartels, so they accept Bribes to look the other way and stay alive to live another day. So who armed the cartels? Fast n Furious comes to mind.

      8. It’s time to say what we mean , and mean what we say. Stop coddling these people, no more politically correctness. Get tough; these people expect us to bow down to them because they’re used to Obama doing it. President Trump needs to tell Australia there’s a new sheriff in town, and they can send those illegal immigrants to Obama’s mansion in Dubai. And tell Mexico to go to hell.

      9. President Trump called their bluff. And he in effect is offering Mexico our help. If we lose the lives of our people fighting drug cartels, as bad as it would be, it makes more sense than getting killed so a certain country in the Middle East can expand or hold on to land, or because a certain banking cartel has there feelers out to put in one of their central banks.


        • So the little ‘greaser’ presidente’ Nieto got butt hurt. Cry me a Rio.

      10. Unfortunately money can buy almost anything and money is one thing that cartels do not lack. Trump will need all hands on deck in his security force if he decides to take on the cartels otherwise we’ll be needing a new Personally I say, go for it. Kick ass, take names and start over!

        • Some years back there was a Mexican President to tried taking on the cartels, don’t remember his name. His efforts were undermined by the fact that too many of his own military and police were in the cartels’ back pocket. Corruption has been part of Hispanic cultures going way back even before drugs. A lot of innocent people died as a result. That was the only leader of Mexico who ever earned my respect. At least he had the courage to try.

          • If you cannot remember his name he most likely did not exist.

            • Although violence between drug cartels had been occurring for three decades, the Mexican government held a generally passive stance regarding cartel violence through the 1980s and early 2000s

              That changed on December 11, 2006, when the newly elected President Felipe Calderón sent 6,500 Mexican Army soldiers to the state of Michoacán to end drug violence there. This action is regarded as the first major retaliation made against the cartel violence, and is generally viewed as the starting point of the Mexican Drug War between the government and the drug cartels.

              As time passed, Calderón continued to escalate his anti-drug campaign, in which there are now about 45,000 troops involved along with state and federal police forces.

              ht tps://

              • Grandee, thank you. Felipe Calderon and his efforts began BEFORE Obola. My mistake about the timing. Tacoma, I only had a brain fart. I’m not stupid.

            • Tacoma, he DID exist and it was during Obola’s first term. In fact, he was voted out because of the casualties were so high. I still take my hat off to the man for making an effort.

          • Calderon, Pena-Nieto’s predecessor. He tried, the cartels took it out on the little guys, and the ordinary Mexican citizen just wanted it to stop. Here in MX, it is widely believed that Pena-Nieto is in the hip pocket of the cartels.

      11. Going after the poppy and coca plant producers and processors has some merit but in the end, to truly hurt them catastrophically, go after the money. Start prosecuting, convicting and sentencing those in the legal world of banking that make the illegal operation possible. It affords less danger to American service personnel, less street blowback and less graphic film footage of collateral damage.

        Grab them by the wallet. Wars are not won by killing the enemy but rather by stopping their capacity to make war. Eradicating crops, hid in vast jungle and inaccessible mountains is like exterminating bees one at a time, tedious and inefficient. Get the honey. Get the money.

        • @Kevin
          And when you say grab them by the wallet it translates to build the wall and lock down the border. Make it next to impossible to move drugs or traffic people across the border. Once we defund the narcos they will start to lose power.

          People don’t seem to realize that the Mexican gov’t corruption is coerced more than voluntary. “Plata o plomo” is the term the narcos use to induce compliance. Silver or lead, your choice.

          Once the criminal elements are defunded, the good citizens of Mexico can possibly regain control after some time goes by. Until then, we need to treat Mexico like a methhead cousin. You have nothing to do with them. Don’t let them in the door.

          Trump’s remarks and policies are going to do the Mexicans a lot of good in the long run. That he’s taking heat for them only shows the effects of weak, immature and hapless leadership of the past. Go Trump!

          • I’m not against a wall. Dope is flown in, boated in, smuggled in. In the end the cartels want Money. That is the Achilles Heel.

            • They also build drug subs, fly ultralights…

              This wall isn’t limited to concrete construction. Give our military/Borde Patrol the order that “nothing passes” to cut off physical access. Both directions. No vehicles enter or leave without being scanned. Find a drug sub, sink it in place no questions asked. Catch an ultralight dropping drugs, shoot it down.
              The US has allowed this problem to expand exponentially for 30+ years. Now we have to pay a price to get rid of the problem.

        • Grow all our own for personal use, and the Mex Cartels will dry on the Vine. US law is holding back the dissolution of the drug cartels. As long as we keep buying dope South of the border, the money will continue to flow there, because of our demand. You want to win the drug war, legalize it Nationwide and declare victory. If everybody has a right to grow or use, there is no market for it or very minimal tied to corruption. The cost will come way down and will be no profit left to run a drug business.

          Its like making carrots and peas illegal. People still want to eat them. So grow your own.

          There is a fight going on right now, “The Right to Repair” that is companies like John Deer getting the exclusive right to fix their equipment, and not a farmer. And they are holding back the diagnostics tools and repaid tools to fix the equipment. Farmers are suing for the Right to Repair their own Machinery.

          Drug Cartels are organized, have Monopolies and little competition. See how this works. Create a free market and poof Drug Cartels dissolve all on their own.

          Can you here me now Pres Trump?

      12. some smart Mexicans know that when silver is released from prison, Mexico has the ore and will become the richest nation on earth.

      13. Just read that that bastard McCain called Australian Ambassador to express support after heated call from President Trump. Will someone please tell McCain that he lost the presidential race and to but out! Also read where a bunch of federal employees are using encryption apps to enable them to express their dissent to media, etc. The agencies listed were the EPA and the good ole state department. POTUS needs to declare them a danger to US’s security and fire them. Also this group said they needed to watch for red flags to see if POTUS was doing something illegal; now why weren’t they watching Hillary? PLEASE DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW!

      14. The Mexican drug cartels rank with ISIS and Al Qaeda. World leaders expect them to do their thing and only hope they will do it in some other country. The cartels have associates throughout the Americas including the USA. They will go where a profit can be made and promote businesses that result in the destruction of people’s lives (even children’s). They are already operating in your neighborhoods! Wake up!

        • Brian

          Its far worse than that. More opium poppies are being grown in Afghanistan under US presence than under the Taliban. Wachovia laundered 378 billion and no one went to jail, they received a $160 million dollar fine. The CIA and banks are eyeballs deep in this.

          • The CIA is the biggest Heroine Dealer in the world. Right out of Afghanistan. How much drugs comes back to the states on US Military Aircraft? Tons.

            2 CIA official were caught smuggling 1300 Lbs of Coke across the Mexican Border and into the States. They were caught by Patriots Militia.

          • Kevin 2,
            in the late 70’s and early 80’s the cartel leaders in south American countries that did not do as the CIA told them to would be removed and replaced with ones that did. drugs been a BIG high level business for many years and our CIA has been in charge most of the time.

        • Mexican drug cartels ‘operating in the UK, France and Netherlands’
          ht tp://

      15. It will be as the picture imbues, “Kilroy was here”. His mark is already indelible. Pathfinders always are.

      16. I have a better idea. Legalize most all drugs for adults (18 and older). I understand the danger as I had a close family member die from the Heroin addict lifestyle she lived. To put it bluntly, if they want to kill themselves with drugs let them, make it an easy and crime free process . Sure some will get high and drive and kill someone, but that happens now. Drive the criminal supply line out of business. That part of the population that just wants to get high, make it cheap and easy for them. They don’t produce anything anyway. The ones that are productive can go on as they do now without the worry of cops and jail. If you commit a crime such as burglary, assault, DUI, et al, you end up in jail with no drugs, Keep out of trouble and you can get all the drugs you want at the corner 7-11, just make sure it is cheap.

        • take the money out of anything and it goes away, or finds a slow death into oblivion. question is how to do so, since the money goes places most people would NEVER guess, and those powerful people and forces will be hard to overcome.

      17. I lived inmetro Houston from 1977 to2014 as an adult in various stages of life. There have been notable changes in the demographics over that time. When I came over to Texas from La., I had no prejudiced feeling against Hispanics or Mexicans in particular, probably because my grandfather was a Spanish emigre’ from Barcelona back in the 1800s. Pure blooded Spaniard married a red-headed, hot tempered “Hinkle” (North European stock) and produced beautiful kids with a mixture of light hair, dark eyes or vice versa. I am a brunette with green eyes and my sisters are natural blondes because of two infusions of “viking” genes from other forebears.
        When I look at Nieto, I see nothing but pure good looking Spanish genetics. No admixture in him, or very little of the Mestizo type Mexican one sees here in the States. I daresay that there is a power elite strucure in Mexico that is well insulated fom the poorer garden variety citizen that crosses the border to try to make a living wage. And the powerstructure likes that just fine, since these hardworking folks send millions back to Mexico to supporttheir extended families… enriching their economy and draining ours.
        After so many years of watching the low/no class bunch of recent imports to Houston, I am happy to say that it is still possible to find a work crew of young white guys supporting a family, or long established black owned companies who work with concrete or tree removal. But we are now many miles from the metro area, where I was successively leered at, then jeered at over the course of almost 40 years. When we moved here, I had one worker that would invariably sport a shit eating grin as he moved around the yard. He worked for a guy that screwed up some things in the yard… I had enough and fired them. Found a crew with all local guys and they have been good as gold. Anyway… short story is… I find myself to be much more prejudiced against Mexican than I was previously.
        At the risk of being non PC, I found the immigrants that came to this area in the 80s-90s to be of a much higher quality of person than the people coming in now. I believe that all relates to conditions in their own country, which neither Fox nor Pena seem able to address.

        • Reason why, 2iosone: Lots of Vietnamese – who didn’t bring their religion of filth, aka Islam, and were vociferously against communism and it’s evil twin, the Free Lunch State.

        • My cousin’s daughter married a Spaniard. He is a handsome, hardworking guy and we all love Andres.

          He detests “the Mestizo type Mexican one sees here in the States” as you described.

          They are indeed two different types of people groups.

      18. Immigration is a weapon. Drugs are a weapon. Those weapons are pointed at us. We all have targets on our backs.

      19. Let the bodies hit the ground.
        Let the bodies hit the ground.
        Let the bodies hit the ground.

        Can used that song for many articles of the day.

        Never thought I would be into Heavy Metal Music. Or is it Grunge?

      20. Mexico is pretty much a failed state. The only trustworthy law enforcement in Mexico are the Naval Marines. Last I heard.

      21. FAKE NEWS MAC!

      22. Mr. Mexico… WILL begin the process of shutting down the cartels. You essentially have declared a proxy war on the US for 50 years by exporting drugs, criminals, and your uneducated, poor bottom of the barrel citizens. The gig is up. Comply or I will initiate an un-declared proxy way with you and the cartels. That is Trumps message. It’s about dam time.!!!!!!

      23. All you Mexico produce consumers beware.
        ” Si senor, we pee on your lettuce .”
        Time to start reading the stickers on those tomatoes.

        • joeybagofdonutsandbagels

          They use human waste for fertilizer. The Agriculture Department and FDA effectively end at the US border. We’re eating crops, fish and meat from filth countries.

        • solution…

          grow your own

          harvest and eat seasonally

      24. mexico has said that never happen in the phone call that associated press made it up.

      25. Publicly humiliating world “leaders” is ineffective. A public bitch slapping followed by choice of lead, or more lead would serve better. These assclowns have been actively engaged in screwing our country for YEARS. There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Donald Trump. A little too radical for some of you? Then go somewhere else and lie down for these POS, if that’s how you want it.

      26. holy cwapp!!
        What mexican dinkus said the drug problem is
        America’s problem not mexicos problem?
        Well alrighty then, I’ll take that as an invite.
        trump is either crazy or
        has some swinging cojones!!
        bettin’ on the latter.

      27. 2isone, your right about Houston, its a shitty city, not a good place to live anymore. Migrants and illegals have turned the city into third world status, Just look at the Wespark area of Bellaire. Its really bad, just nothing but Hispanic thugs and black criminals and gangs running all over the place. Physically it looks really bad, bad, bad. Their are reason why all law abiding citizens who are citizens who are conservative should be allowed to carry anywhere in the city. Cops tell me to never go anywhere in the city without a gun, and that if you have to use it, let the courts decide if your guilty or not, because if you don’t defend yourself, its your ass that gets killed, and the criminal gets away with it. I don’t carry on me, because I don’t need to. But its in my car for certain. I mean that area of town looks like a third world country, and like what Governor Perry complained about in 2014 was about Obama purposely dumping off illegals and migrants into Houston and Texas just all over, and it was being done intentionally. And before anyone starts calling me a racist, keep in mind, that I have good black friends and they agree with me 100%, and are sick of niggers and thugs making them look bad. Since personally beating the shit out of one of them at the back of the restaurant on Westhiemer 10 years back in 2005 just merely months after starting my own business, a nigger charged at me pulled a knife on me in the parking lot, demanding that I hand him over the keys to my Camaro SS. I beat the shit out of him and didn’t even call the cops. Why, its not like I need help.
        That piece of shit was lucky I made him live.


      28. The biggest drug dealer in the world is the Queen of England, a Druid, part of the line of Dan the tribe that dates back to biblical times. The CIA works for England. The Bank of London, the Rothschilds are the money.

        How is President Trump going to dissolve this. It will take God, and I don’t mean The Vatican because the Rothschild bank is in the Church since Musolini was murdered.

        __ you can slow them down though
        __build the wall
        __deport obvious criminals or let them die of natural causes behind bars here
        __keep the CIA busy and keep tabs on them
        __idle hands …
        __legalize Mary Jane for personal use home growers ok
        __treat addicts upon request & give them drugs supervised
        __stop allowing Big Pharma to sell antidepressants
        __teach doctors nutrition
        __most people medicate because they have nutritional deficiencies
        __people with allergies to food often become addicts
        __aim for natural health and natural cures

        • B from CA

          You been reading a bit of Lyndon LaRouche I see.

      29. It does not look like the US will be giving to many hand jobs anytime soon. Looks like change is coming.

      30. I say all illegal aliens arrested in the US . Go to Chinese prisons at one tenth the cost of American prisons. Transported on returning cargo ships.

      31. The folks manning the megaphone at the sjw rallies don’t speaka gud englis. It looks like whites covered up in black with rita mexicans out front in street clothes doing all the talking/confrontation.

      32. Legalize all drugs would go far to clear up the problem of gangs and druglords. The common sense approach that lessens the death and destruction of a police state on steroids. It is not a crime to put a substance in your body. Just the act of legalizing cannabis in all forms would get the police state off American backs, while already provably reducing big pharma toxic intake.

        • Your correct. Legalization would also take the street wealth out of illegal drugs reducing its use to loser status. The ghetto kid doesn’t see the 19 year old driving a Mercedes SL500 with gold chains, money and last but not least lots of beautiful women.

          Morality cannot be legislated. Any attempt at doing so feeds and fuels the Police State.

          • When someone can tell you at gunpoint what you can and cannot put in your body, you are effectively a slave. If there is no victim, there is no crime. How the hell did people survive the 1800’s when everything was legal? The war on drugs is pure bullshit.

        • @Alamo
          Would like to add…
          “Legalize all drugs would go far to clear up the problem of gangs and druglords.”
          These cartels are sophisticated. If they’re not dealing drugs they have kidnapping, protection rackets, weapons running going on. If that’s not enough, the cartels steal crude from Pemex. I believe I read that something like 10% of Pemex production was pilfered by the cartels in a recent year. If we legalize drugs, the cartels are still here and looking for a new revenue stream. They’ll find one too.

      33. Time to reveal Chuck Schumer for what he is. Here are Schumer’s ideas of American values.

        1) Our values do not include half the country
        2) We are willing to bring in people that will kill you and your family.
        3) We are willing to give up US sovereignty and be controlled from Brussels.
        4) We value taking your money and giving it to people that never worked for it.
        5) We will advocate for people who are not US citizens, but will not advocate for our own poor or disadvantaged born in the US.
        6) We value laws, but they only apply to us when it’s convenient for us.
        7) You have to change your life and beliefs to conform to our politically correct and approved view.

        Schumer is complaining that America does not want a mass migration into its territory. Which reveals the real game here.

        Schumer is a dual citizen of an apartheid state (Israel).

      34. Why are we spending so many lives and money on the middle East when we would get a HUGE and more USEFUL return on our investment by just invading Mexico? Because politicians that are bought and traded make policy from their own interests where a businessman ACTUALLY thinks in terms of PROFIT and SUCCESS. We can fix the border problem down south and make the USA better, drain the DC swamp AND clean out the Mexican cesspool too. WIN WIN WIN.

      35. the cartels exist for one major reason, prohibition of certain drugs. same thing for all of the cartels here in amerika, from the street dealer all the way up to the judge sentencing the victim. most of the “prohibited” drugs are available with a doctors note from the local brick and mortar dealer as it is approved by big pharma. it only took 13 years to end the prohibition of the very deadly, highly abused, addictive drug with no medical benefits, ALCOHOL. Nixon and erlichman were the biggest con artists and destroyers of this country, now only to be succeeded by soros. end the war, educate with the TRUTH and return to a civil society.

      36. The only way that the drug cartels are not “Mexico’s problem” is the Drug cartels and Gov are 100% in league with each other. For such a high ranking official to publicly announce such is amazingly brazen.

      37. If we are going to “invade” Mexico to root out the Cartels and the reason why most Mexicans come illegally across the US border is to escape the deplorable conditions there, why don’t we just go all the way and make Mexico the 51st state?
        That would save them the trip, reduce the need for a long wall and they could become US Citizens and enjoy the benefits of being a US state (i.e. laws, anti corruption, etc.).
        Given that most of the formerly US manufacturers are already down there anyway, we would be bringing manufacturing back to the states (literally).
        Win Win for everyone right?

      38. Unless you like waste, killing, destruction, and other violence, favor a more rational solution. Abolish the “War on Drugs” which provides price support for drug gang revenue. Read Johann Hari’s book CHASING THE SCREAM —

        Drug abuse is a mental health problem which is not solved by violence.

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