Trump Calls For $2T Infrastructure Package In Phase 4 Stimulus

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    President Trump has called for $2 trillion in infrastructure spending in the upcoming “phase 4” coronavirus stimulus while Nancy Pelosi thinks it’ll give Americans even more helicopter money.

    “With interest rates for the United States being at ZERO, this is the time to do our decades long-awaited Infrastructure Bill. It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country! Phase 4,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday.

    Pelosi said this is a chance to make sure more businesses go under too. According to Market Watch, the California Democrat said she would like to see the next bill feature more money for state and local governments, increased protections for workers, more assistance for hospitals and nursing homes and “more opportunity for family and medical leave.” So basically, more restrictions on businesses, many of which won’t even be around after the economy is back up and running anyway.

    “The president said during the campaign — and since — infrastructure was a priority for him. So that’s why we believe that in terms of recovery, that’s probably the most bipartisan path that we can take,” Pelosi said on Monday in a conference call with reporters.

    “Still, infrastructure will be an important policy area to watch over the next few months,” Beacon’s analysts said in a note. “With low borrowing rates and a greater tolerance for deficit spending, some sort of infrastructure legislation could be enticing to include in the continuing response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

    One politician, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, for his part, has at least questioned whether a fourth response bill is necessary. If the economy is allowed to resume some semblance of “normalcy” a phase 4 stimulus is unlikely to be necessary.  But it also looks like politicians will use this as an opportunity to turn the shutdown into something they can profit from and continually expand their power with.  The coronavirus is not our biggest problem.  We should be more concerned about corrupt power-hungry politicians.



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      1. The ends justify the means fascist psychopaths Nicole Rousell and Richard Wolf just wont stop! It is hard to beleive that Richard Wolf even understands economics, let alone teaches economics based on his socialist Goebels style Nazi socialist propaganda, claiming that “Under a capitalist system, a business must pay dividends to its share holders. Everyone knows that.”

        No. That is not a requirement of a capitalist system at all. Under a capitalist system, businesses must repay bond holders, or file for bankruptcy, liquidate assets, and distribute those proceeds to bond holders.

        Nicole Rousell claims that economic, political, and corporate policies must be set by labor. Unfortunately, in many, but not all industries, policies ARE set by labor, which is why the businesses are under water, and not only not profitable, but run on financial fraud as a business model, like all of the Medical sector, Silicon Valley and the tech sector, all of the financial sector, and all of the government sector, and all of the utilities sector, who have all placed their needs above the needs of the rest of the world, and above the needs of their consumers, and have acted as parasities on their own consumers, sucking every last drop of blood out of them!

        In Iran, just immediately following the 1979 socialist Islamic revolution, which was a labor revolution that enacted democracy at work, voting on anything and everything about how that entity would function, it is not surprising that within a year and a half, the governments seized fascist control of those entities because all of the employees quickly placed their needs above the needs of the rest of society, attempting to extract as much as possible out of the government for the benefit of the employees at the expense of the rest of society, which is what we currently have in America.

        Richard Wolf is claiming that we do not have things in this society because of the capitalist system, but the fact that the governments have virtually made it impossible for any capitalist to survive through burdensome over regulations, fees, licensing, permits, and banks have refused lending to the majority of businesses.

        It is a failure of human nature, and not a failure of capitalism that is always the problem, just as it is always a failure of human nature in socialism, and communism. In agrarianism, obviously it is often a failure of the weather.

        Granted, there are many employees in service sectors that have been left behind and are struggling to make ends meet and even put food on the table, which were not included in the sectors mentioned above, those servuce sector employees obviously do NOT include the skilled trades like electricians, plummers, and mechanics who now frequently make as much as physicians and the average American cannot afford to pay for their services in an emergency.


        In this document, the Federal Communications Commission (Commission) amends its rules related to the two methods that may be used for determining and achieving compliance with the Commission’s existing limits on human exposure to radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic fields: Exemption—consideration of whether a particular device or deployment is so clearly compliant, based on criteria in the Commission’s rules, that it qualifies as exempt from the requirement to undertake a more thorough RF exposure analysis

        Source, the 5g Crisis group, 5gcrisis dot com, email updates.

        “FCC will not update it’s RF exposure limit guidelines.” Pushed through middle of the night on the federal register. FYI.

      3. ((((GET UM TRUMPY ))))

      4. pisslosi wants all the money dropped from a helicopter on sanctuary cities.

      5. The bullshit voluminously swells!

      6. “If the economy is allowed to resume some semblance of “normalcy”

        … they have made all these preparations.

      7. At this point, I do not not care about the future US economy. So, let’s have a new HUGE stimulus bill that gives trillions straight to the American people and nothing else. I’m talking all of it, directly into the hands of Americans (who make less than $50, 000 a year this time). Do it, just do it. Otherwise, this nation will collapse. Hahaha.

      8. If there was a black swan in any of this, from my outsiders perspective, it was Saudi Arabia ramping up oil production on March 5th. Following the Union Bosses has proven to be a losers strategy in Wisconsin, when they took control of recalling Scott Walker and failed, and took control of the election campaigns to get rid of Walker, and he got re-elected. If the Union Bosses just stepped aside, sat down, and shut up, Hillary Clinton would not have been the 2016 nominee, and Trump would not have been elected. Trusting the retards that got everyone into this mess will not get them out of it!

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