Trucker Vaccine Mandate Continues To Worsen Canada’s Vegetable Supply

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    The chances that this “vaccine” mandate for truckers make things worse at the grocery store for people are incredibly high.  Canadian government-run media is now even reporting that this mandate is harming Canada’s vegetable supply.

    Of course, it’s being blamed on those horrible truckers who continue to refuse to comply with the authoritarian police state being rolled out all across the globe. In an article by Quartz, the author literally blames the unvaccinated for having the audacity to want to choose what goes into their bodies.

    Extreme weather and supply-chain snarls are among the reasons for shortages in grocery stores. Here’s another: Unvaccinated truck drivers. –Quartz

    It’s the fault of the un”vaccinated” truck drivers because they won’t roll over and comply with further enslavement.  In Canada, where as much as 90% of the country’s fruits and vegetables come from the US during the winter, a vaccine mandate for truckers is slowing down food shipments. Drivers who aren’t fully vaccinated against covid-19 have to quarantine for two weeks after entering Canada. Just about half of US truckers are vaccinated, according to industry estimates. And the rest don’t appear to have any inclination to start rolling up their sleeves in obedient compliance to the police or their handlers in the ruling class.

    Vaccination rates among Canadian truckers are roughly in line with the national average, which is in the 83% to 87% range, according to the Canadian Trucker Alliance. –Quartz

    The United States is still expected to make its own mandate, however, for drivers coming in from Canada later this month. A COVID-19 vaccination requirement that will bar unvaccinated drivers of freight trucks coming from Canada to deliver goods across the American border this month may exacerbate supply chain issues for auto parts, experts said according to NBC News.

    An estimated 12,000 drivers could be prohibited from entering the United States under the mandate that may take effect Saturday, according to the Canadian Trucking Alliance. This could put a big dent in our already destroyed supply chain as well.

    The U.S. mandate, announced in October, requires all essential foreign travelers, including truck drivers, who cross U.S. land borders to be fully vaccinated. Essential nonresident travelers had been able to enter the U.S. during the pandemic regardless of their vaccination status, in part so as not to disrupt trade and to give them more time to get vaccinated. –NBC News

    It sure looks like the supply chain is going to continue to take a beating from the ruling class. Until we all stand up, in mass noncompliance, and know that no one owns us; the police, the military, the government, or anyone else, we are doomed to live a life of oppression under a totalitarian dictatorship.

    Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform



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      1. Dear Boy,
        the new world order doesn’t need truckers for the coming smart cities. American infrastructure is in terrible shape rating from C- to D, the roads and bridges most notable in these terrible reviews. Trains and ports are in B rated condition, these are important in the coming future, but not the individualist trucker.
        You will see the further proof of this as current vaccinated truckers die from the shots given them. No truck replacements, the cargo will be shifted to railways, as people are herded into smart cities where new tracks will be placed. Here automation will reign supreme, truckers are now a dying off anachronism.

      2. Many people are conforming because they are scared shitless of losing everything. They’re going to lose everything regardless. So just not conform. At least we’re fighting back against tyranny.

      3. But, but, I thought Kanaduh grew tons of frozen vegetables. 😮

        • Ho ho ho, Green Giant.

      4. “Let them eat pot!!” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, 2022

        Canada could be food secure but it would mean a dramatic change in the diet. Also, Canada could grow all it needs in the winter months by switching to geothermal green houses. The population versus land mass is still VERY small so Canada could make the switch.

        This is a great time for Canada to stop mainlining its food from the US and to switch to a pan- Nordic food model. Here is how you do it:

        – Summer: freeze all the fresh fruit etc. grown. Trade the rice, wheat, rape seed for cash and clothing from Europe. Smoked and preserved fish.
        – Winter: fresh vegetables from green houses, fresh fish (have native people do this), mandate every neighbourhood has a Tesla renewable powered battery storage facility to provide energy for green houses.

        Diet: grains, fresh vegetables, lots of fish, tofu, no more junk food.

      5. Canada has plenty of vegetables. Mostly in the National and Province governments!

        • Yeah. Trudeau is a cauliflower head. I can’t stand him.

          • Cauliflower head? Hmmm

      6. “In the early 1990s, Canada emerged as the leading producer of greenhouse products in North America.”

        “Canada produces over 1 million metric tonnes of vegetables for fresh market annually (excluding potatoes, mushrooms and greenhouse vegetables), worth about $600 million at the farm gate.”

        “There are currently over 500 fruit and vegetable preserving, specialty food manufacturing and frozen food manufacturing establishments in Canada (about 210 in Ontario, 130 in Québec, 70 in British Columbia, and 40 in Alberta). ”

        But, globalists are ultimately pressing for a closed-loop supply chain, in which nothing comes from nature. Upcycled trash, bio-sludge, turdburgers, and life in the Metaverse.

        ¡The Internationale! —

      7. January 23rd, 2022 – Worldwide demonstration – unite and march – January 23rd, 2022

        • Well, that came and went with little or no effect on the current status quo.

      8. Short term, this is well-timed to attempt to disrupt fresh food and other supplies sourced from the US at the peak of winter, likely to goose the pandemic one last time.

        Longer term, there may also be a Globalist agenda to decouple Canada from the U.S..

        Preventing North America from functioning as single economic unit competing with the EU, prolongs EU viability as a geopolitical force.

      9. Short term, this is well-timed to attempt to disrupt fresh food and other supplies sourced from the US at the peak of winter, likely to goose the pandemic one last time.

        Longer term, there may also be a Globalist agenda to decouple Canada from the U.S..

        Preventing North America from functioning as single economic unit competing with the EU, prolongs EU viability as a geopolitical force.

      10. You Canucks best prep now. I’d have a minimum of a year supply of food on hand. Cunuckistan will starve without U.S trucking.

      11. A lot of fuss is being made about the vaccine mandates impacting truckers moving goods across the US/Canadian border. Apparently there is a big protest by truckers and citizens supporting the truckers protesting in Canada. Truckers and supporters from all across Canada are converging on Ottawa, the capitol, to protest the mandates. I understand the protests are Jan. 28 and 29. I haven’t heard of a similar protest here in the US. Check out some of the videos on youtube about the Canadian truckers and convoys protesting the vax mandates. Yes, some of them do have some strong language.

        • Freedom Convoy 2022 is the search I used on youtube.

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