“Trickle-Down Poverty”: The Coming Cashless Society Is Making People Desperate

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    Forget about tax policies and left-right politics with the coming era of Trump.

    The real trend for the direction of the economy is in the rapidly-accelerating transition to a cashless society.

    This vicious move by the top of the pyramid to eliminate physical currency is a drastic step towards the near-total control of society.

    Already, plastic cards and electronic payments have taken over the trend of many point-of-sale purchases, not to mention the majority of online sales, which are now very significant.

    However, cash remains a major part of spending, and an important part of the individual’s daily economic life.

    Nonetheless, the cashless grid is setting in, and its consequences are coming down on society.

    Sean of SGT Report talks with David on the dire repercussions of the cash-smackdown that is taking place within the U.S. and across the global economy.

    They argue that the promise of electronic currency cutting down on crime, etc. is all just “smoke and mirrors” – and ultimately has nothing to do with reducing criminal activity and fraud, but rather with transferring wealth and power to the Deep State and the elite shareholders.

    As things go increasingly cashless, the banking system not only gets a percentage of every transaction, but also has access to revealing information about everything you do, everywhere you spend money, everyone you exchange with, etc.

    Banning cash if FOR the bankers. It is a closed system that only benefits privileged class, as David Smith argues in the video below.

    via SGTReport.com:

    A CASHLESS SOCIETY = Trickle Down Poverty — David Smith

    All the funds are put into the system, but very little flows back out…. this is typical of the pyramidal structure of the system, and the basis of the flow of “trickle down poverty” – a drying up of the wealth and fluidity of the ordinary people.

    At the same time, the system can target you whether or not you have done anything wrong – if they don’t approve of your politics, your speech or your actions, they can cut off your funds, and de-authorize everything that is managed electronically. It is guilty until proven innocent.

    If they take physical currency away, only those with gold/silver will still have wealth.

    India, the crackdown on large bills and the attempt to force all of its one billion people onto a system of biometric ID checks and a cashless system presents an enormous shift away from freedom – in this Asian country that has been rapidly developing into a 21st Century version of itself that wouldn’t have been recognizable in the 20th Century. According to Zero Hedge:

    As Jayant detailed previously, expect a continuation of new social engineering notifications, each sabotaging wealth-creation, confiscating people’s wealth, and tyrannizing those who refuse to be a part of the herd, in the process destroying the very backbone of the economy and civilization.

    “The situation is getting worse by the day… people are desperate”

    Jayant Bhandari – Cashless Society, Counterfieting , Capital Controls, and Gold

    Back in November, India banned 500 rupee and 1000 rupee notes – worth something like $7.50 and $15, respectively; as Bhandari notes, these are the widely used bills, and they have thrown the Indian economy into chaos, as the poorest people in the country brace for a forced-move to an electronic system, when the majority of the people in India have no bank accounts, and little to deposit into their accounts.

    The forced banking has created huge lines, and a total disruption to the low level economy, and the very livelihood of India’s billion poor people, who need their small daily allowance to buy board and other basics. The bureaucratic move is entirely burdensome, not to mention awkward, but apparently it is the wave of the future.

    That future will be very harsh on the poor and middle classes.

    The Federal Reserve Board, overseeing the financial system in the United States, tracks cash vs. non-cash spending in the economy, and is aware of the continued popularity of cash as form of payment among all ages, and especially among young people who are often less tied to banks and more complicated financial instruments.

    Just as in other countries, the lower and working classes use cash the most, and so restricting cash is first and foremost a penalty against those who are what the Fed refers to as “unbanked and underbanked”:

    Although all consumers use cash approximately the same number of times a month regardless of  income, those making less than $25,000 annually use cash for a much wider variety of transactions than do those with higher household incomes. These consumers typically have a higher number of monthly cash transactions with a ticket size valued at $25 or more than does any other household income group. Specifically, those making less than $25,000 annually have an average of 5.1 such transactions a month versus 3.2 for households earning more than $25,000.

    Consistent with this, the total value of low-income consumers’ cash spending, at $558 per month, is much higher than any other income group’s cash spending. Moreover, low income consumers use cash much more frequently for bill payments like housing than the average consumer. This likely is due, at least in part, to a lack of access to banking and financial products. This finding is not surprising in light of various studies of “unbanked and underbanked” U.S. consumers, many of whom also fall into the lower-income category. [A] study by the FDIC found, low income consumers use cash because they view most mainstream banking and financial products as too expensive or too difficult to obtain. (Federal Reserve Board report, 2014)

    This problem of decreased bank access among the poor has made the currency crisis in Venezuela that much worse, as inflation has necessitated stacks of money, and the government is taking bills out of circulation anyway in order to take back control, even at the cost of hungry and angry people in the streets.

    Similar events are sure to take place in the United States as well, under the right circumstances.

    Many people are not well-established enough within the system to make it without the use of cash; the transition a cashless society will not be without some dark tradeoffs. It could be enough to trigger unrest, depending upon how it is handled and metered out.

    From a prepping point of view, you should maintain access to several forms of stored value – cash under the mattress, as it were, silver and/or gold hard currency as well as barter items/services that can be traded during an emergency.

    If the system unravels, and especially if the grid goes down, the lines at the ATM will be very long – in the better scenario – or not functioning at all, along with all the retail outlets where you are accustomed to making purchases and gathering food and supplies.

    Don’t keep your eggs in one basket, and don’t count on the system being there when you need it.

    Read more:

    “Downright Sinister”: The Real Motivation to Ban Cash Will Shock You

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    “Policing For Profit”: Cops Claimed Couple Had Drugs, But They Were Really Looking for Cash

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    Secret War on Cash: “Discussions at Bilderberg Centered Around Capital Controls, Abolition of Cash”

    Want Cash? Next-Gen ATMs Demand Biometric Verification: “Smartphone and Eye Scan To Dispense Money”


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      1. I warned you all… it’s in the archives lol. I suppose I should buy a little more silver next year. Don’t need much else except some building materials. Oh and maybe some jihad joe doll stuffing 😛

        • jihad joe doll stuffing…… LOOOOOL

          • In just a few weeks, look how the demonetization policy in India has caused immense suffering to the people and is destroying the economy…at a rapid pace.

            “Demonetization Has Achieved Nothing” – India’s Rapidly Plunging Toward A Police State

            “Demonetization will have achieved nothing positive. But it will have seriously damaged the Indian economy. The human costs are immense and continue to pile up. This could easily – even likely – take India to autocracy and eventually, bloody and chaotic disintegration.”

            (Poor) people, “who earn a dollar or two a day, are now expected to use electronic media for transactions, in an economy in which electricity and the internet are unpredictable even in big cities.

            With no money to buy seeds or any opportunities to earn even $2 a day given the cash crunch suffered by potential employers, these hungry and desperate people are queuing up outside banks.”

            “Many small businesses are facing closure and bankruptcy.”

            “60% of shops shut down post demonetization.”

            “With businesses failing, poor people are quickly losing their jobs. Migrant laborers from across the country can no longer find employment and often don’t get paid what they are already owed.”

            ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-20/demonetization-has-achieved-nothing-indias-rapidly-plunging-toward-police-state

              • The heads of all central banks meet monthly. What is going on in India right now is a test to see if the globalist bankers can get away with it. They are testing a move to a cashless society.

                Notice in the conversion the Indian people are being fleeced. India has also banned the sale of gold coins and bars (investment gold).

                At the height of the wedding season Indians buy huge amounts of gold every year. This year there’s no gold coming in the front door to make gold jewelry, because of the ban. There is of course an exploding black market for gold now in India.

                Watch India, what they are doing is what bankers want to do worldwide.

                Also watch India because they are not just a nuclear power, but they have the Hydrogen Bomb and missiles that can send them anywhere on earth.

        • It’s all over but the crying!


      2. Lose Cash, Lose Your Freedom.

        You will not be able to purchase ANYTHING anonymously again.
        THEY will know how much you spent, the object or service you spent it on, and when you did it, thereby creating a pattern or Profile.

        That means not being able to:
        … go to a flea market and buy that object that you don’t want anyone else to know that you bought.
        … go to a store and stock up on preps.
        … go to a gun show and purchase anything.
        … without ‘Them‘ knowing it.

        Good luck with that once it starts.
        Bartering skills will become a necessity when this happens.

        But, if you like purchasing everything the ‘Digital’ way – that’s fine. You can do that.

        But please realize that any possible disruption to the network, grid, or other Power related systems, could render all your “Digital Cash” useless.

        Best to have at least some, just in case.

        Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”
        ~ Franz Kafka

        • LOOKS LIKE TRUMP WON THE ELECTORAL BY A LANDSLIDE. Good thing I’m not surrounded by black brains splatter or some other commies. But then,,, I might have some fun with them lol.

          • One way you can have some fun is randomly drop little bags that look like meth or coke and it’s really drano lol. Or drop a few joints laced with cyanide 🙂

            • Maybe some vodka with weed killer added. Or jerkey sprayed with habanero oil lol.

              • That kind of comment is not cool…

                • Yes it is.

            • Teenage kids are stupid they do stupid things they shouldn’t.
              You harm a child with your antics then may their family find your sorry ass.

              You are a Moron.
              Psychopath? Maybe a Demon worshiping Hillary supporter?
              Done any “spirit cooking” lately with Hillary?

              Sarcasm can be funny. Being a wise ass can be funny.
              But you Genius are NOT funny.

              My political comments are OFTEN screened. Never see the light of day here. Have posted very USEFUL and TIME sensitive info that might keep people here Alive one day. But I’m screened. Someone doesn’t want you to know the truth. Criticism and political truth not allowed. Must be a non critical thinking zone?

              But trash comments like yours, Genius, allowed? WTF
              Only “agent provacateur” and FEDS fishing allowed?

            • Genius:

              Ever hear the story about the genius who decided to get back at the teens snorting cocaine by doing that which you suggest. Word has it, he went down the toilet after being cut up and liquified.

              I spent time in the emergency room with a sick child. While I was there, a woman brought in a baby who drank drano. The doctor said “omg” and ran with the child in his arms to save him. It was a terrible thing to witness.


              • Geeez lueeezzz, can’t you guys take a joke?

          • Genius, don’t forget we still have the inauguration to get over. We’re not quite there yet.

            • Doooooh!

              • Back when I was a young we would go to a bar and drop joints made out of parsley or oregano or tomato leaves around the pool tables. Sit back and watch people look around then snatch them lol. We would also get a table by the bathroom and when one of us had to whizzz we would throw some change in the urinal and piss on it. After someone else used it one of us would go in and see if it was still there and if it was we put more change in the urinal and pissed on it again. Repeated this till we busted someone taking it lol. Ya I have a sick sense of humor 😛

                • care to tell me WHERE these urinals are??????hee hee……

                  • Haha ha, they are long ago emptied. It usually got up to about 2-3 bux before someone grabbed it lol. I have seen guys grab it at about 80 cents though lol.

                    • Dang! Next time i’ll wait a little longer before I make off with the loot!But thanks for not dumping it into the crapper!

                    • LOL thanks for the idea. How much would it take for you to dig it out?

                • What goes around comes around. Better check your pockets.

            • I know one thing from reading all of these articles of Cash Bans, is that the day that happens, most will be caught off guard. I then will be teaching people and merchants that Silver 1 Oz Rounds are Money. I also think Silver will be in the $40 an ounce Range, and will show then the value on my Cell phone for Market Price of Silver at that time.

              So when I need to go fill up with Gas and that Indian behind the counter sees me flip a 1 Ounce Silver round on the counter he will smile and give me credit for $40 worth of Gas. And guess what, I will win, because my average buy in for that 1 Ounce, is less than $17.50. Which means in SHTF, I will get to buy twice the gas, or double my investment from my original purchase at today’s Silver price.

              I will walk out laughing, and every body will be happy to see me and call me Mr Zeus, how can we help you Mr Zeus. Come back again soon Mr Zeus!!

              Then I will head over to the Pub, flip a silver round on the counter, and order a steak, and drink beer all day and walk out with some sort of change, or put my name on a list with a Credit balance Account at that Pub for when I come back next time. Good to see you again Mr Zeus!!

              Oh yeah, I like Winning. Do you? Better get busy, and git you some silver. You either have it or you don’t.

              • When cash is no more most people will not have gold or silver but they will have guns to take your shit…. do you really think when only those who have gold or silver are eating those with guns will watch you walk to some imaginary store ran by people with no gold or silver and no food…

                You people dont think things through…..

        • Cashless…Forget that…No cash is total submission… forget that…. keep driving, guns, property, growing food if you want, energy, water, frig all the executive orders by BO…Trump hopefully will knock them down..this is loss of freedom all around!

      3. 1984 was intended to be just a futuristic novel not a templet for society.

        • And “idiocracy” was supposed to be a funny movie NOT a documentary lol.

          • Those of us who brew will make do.

            • PO’d, how right you are! No matter how crappy the economy cash or not, BOOZE sells! I wanna grow me some terbacky too 🙂

          • Genius:

            Now, that’s funny!!!


      4. Bottom Line: Trump WINS The Electoral College today, with NO Defections. Hillary had about 5-6 Defections which switched their Electoral Votes to Bernie Sanders. lol

        Out of 3000 Counties in the US, Hillary only won 51 of the 3000 counties. Hardly a Popular Vote Win. Trump Runs the Table again.

        Time to Drain the Swamp!!

      5. They argue that the promise of electronic currency cutting down on crime, etc.

        My “cash” in hand can not be hacked.
        My “cash” in hand can not simply disappear.
        My “cash” in hand is more secure then being in a bank.

        Cashless Society = a compliant & satisfied Slave(s) to the System.

        I’ll pass on that idea – I’ll go rogue – I will not comply!

        • FTW- The Cash in your hand can be deemed Null and Void, at the speed of an announcement by the Government, like those who were holding Rupies in India with only a 4 hour notice. No worry though, you can always use it for toilet paper and guess what? Its already in your hand. bwhawhawhahahahaa

          Yep, You don’t need to comply with any one, nor does anyone else need to comply to accept your cash either, especially when it is announced to be null and void.

          • Zeus –

            Agreed with the “null & void” on cash.

            That being said … when cash is deemed unfit for purchasing power, it will only be a matter of time when TPTB deem Precious Metals & Stones, that we the little people possess to be obsolete as well.

            It should be very much noticeable to many, that the government is gearing up for confiscation on all fronts against the people.

            Things that will be considered illegal to posses, or they (government) deems it is their right to taketh away.

            [Gold/Silver, Diamonds, 401k/Pensions, Social Security, Checking/Savings Accounts … etc.]

            If this were to actually take place – then it’s back to what is really important – the Basics.

            Shelter, Food/Water, Guns & Ammo.

        • Ditto

      6. Have you ever been to India? Most of the people there crap in the streets and few even wash their hands. And this is the 21st century. Indians are even epically filthy by third world standards: Filipinos wash their butts and hands; Cubans wash their butts and their hands; Haitians even try and keep clean. But Indians? They seem to think it is okay to crap in the street. So, I don’t blame the government taking a hard line with them. Modi is a cool dude and he will whip this country into a 21st century, modern society.

        • With all this crapping and not washing hands I wouldn’t want their cash either! Thought it was only drug residue we had to worry about.


          ht tp://www.free-iqtest.net/

          take out the space in the t’s

          • Just above Average.

          • Yeah then at the end of the IQ test they ask for your email address, so they can email you your results. And if you comply, you basically have shit for brains, because you have no common sense re OPSEC.

            I figured that out, with the online IQ test I took. Out of about 25 questions of problem solving, I think I missed about 1 question. So why give them my email info, which shows I’m the Genius for not coplying. HA. Does that qualify me for Mensa International Status?

            • for NOT complying.. is what I meant to say. At least Mac can go back in and change his Typos. I type really fast, so read it fast and you wont notice.

          • Genius:

            No thanks. Communists kill intellectuals. Why do you think they are deliberately dumbing down American students. They want to eliminate anyone smart enough to be “trouble”.


            • True BUT they also kill dissenters. I think most people here are on that list. I scored a 90 and got a free pair of kneepads lol.

      7. There will be a sudden increase in people taking “five-finger discounts.”

      8. Since 1972 when the US Dollar was taken off the Gold Standard, the Federal Reserve has morphed into nothing more than a counter fitting Thief, printing more and more fiat paper backed and based on nothing but thin air. And the more they printed, the less the Dollar is worth. Saving money is negative wealth Growth.

        In reality you need to spend it faster at todays inflation, than you can make it. Turn the paper into something tangible like Silver or Gold. Food or Guns, land rural agricultural land or woods which you can harvest. Holding paper anything is Fraud. Except your titles to your property. And backed by a recording office and Title Insurance Co.

      9. You could use precious as local currency. Trouble with that is only one or two percent of people recognize pms as money when valued for metal content. Good luck with that.

        Another way would be to use FRNs as a local only currency where the most people recognize it as money. Hoard your twenties in number ten cans and become the local FRN banking tycoon when the fan shits.

        • JRS, Yeah you think you are king, then they ban $20’s also, and you will run like a scared jack rabbit to spend them, and find nobody is accepting them anymore. And all they are accepting now is Gold or Silver.

          So many people even on here yet today, are in denial, thinking Cash will be around forever. They are brainwashed or sumpthin? Re-read the article again and again, until it sinks in.

        • Home grown vegetables, fresh eggs and milk, those who make bread, blacksmithing. The skilled will do well and the PTB will become irrelevant as they mostly have to us here now.

          • I wish you were my neighbor lol.

            • Jeez I can see that now….you and me racing each other to see who gets to the bottom of the mason jar first.

              • Naaah, just swappin recipes and tryin’ eachothers stuff. Knock knock, who’s there? It’s me, can I borrow some sugar? 😛

                • LOL. That’s one thing I’ve got plenty of. Just the sugar alone would be worth its weight in gold/silver when it all goes dark. But yeah bouncing recipes back and forth, and critiquing product would be cool.

      10. “As things go increasingly cashless, the banking system not only gets a percentage of every transaction, but also has access to revealing information about everything you do, everywhere you spend money, everyone you exchange with, etc.”

        Most accurate paragraph in the article and most true.

      11. A person could go use their digital debit card and purchase a Prepaid Visa which is anonymous when purchasing goods or services. There will be various ways to keep transactions secret and will roll out in time.

        Remember, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

        • We can trade using Wendy’s gift cards.

          • Gift cards are for idiots. Just give them the money so they can buy what they WANT! I HATE getting gift cards! For instance some nice guy I did a favor for bought me an outback gift card for 25 bux. WE DON’T HAVE AN OUTBACK! It sat in my wallet and expired. What a waste, don’t be stupid, give them a 20 or something instead…

            • Sorry about your Luck G. The Guy probably re-gifted it to you, because he knew there is no Outback Steakhouse in your area. I have one in my area, and there is a Hot chick bartender working at it during the day. Used to go in for lunch, when I took many trips to the HD/Lowes last year. Maybe you need to go into town more often Genius.

              I had a neighbor who I helped give rides to when their truck was broke down for a few weeks, Warped Head. The lady gave me a $25 Winn-dixie grocery card. I used it for beer and Tobasco hot sauce. Spank you very much. I told them Thanks, but I didn’t need anything, and was glad to help them. I said maybe one day I’ll need a ride.

              • The closest town with an outback is 50 miles away and a mountain climb from hell. Not worth the 25 bux. He did not know we don’t have an outback and just assumed. If he would have just given me 20 bux at least I could have used it. I think he got the card because it was a tax write off. Please explain how gift cards are better than cash?

            • I’m talking about when/if cash goes away and you want something untraceable as a substitute.

        • Oh bullshit… I say “laziness is the mother of invention” lol. Inventions are to make shit easier 🙂

      12. You have folks stating that there will be wheel barrows full of paper cash only good for butt wiping. and then you have folks stating the only way to buy and sell is digital. and its bull shit. Cash will always be scarce and always be accepted to pay your taxes.

        • Whats funny is my state accepts METALS as payment. Pretty cool imo.

          • What forms of PM’s do they accept; coins, bars?
            What system is used to put a value on them

            Thank you.


            • I’m not sure, I read about it a few years ago. I have never actually tried it.

      13. A few good hacks on the cashless countries will put an end to this nonsense quickly!

        This shit keeps up am going meth lab to the max,one of 3 things happen:
        1.You get raided,thus not worried about room/board,cash kinda usless.
        2.You go kafoom!Again,cash a bit of a useless item at that point.
        #.You make a few great 100 pound batches,get it moved,and retire with all the goods you bought,meth,tis the new currency!Oh,and at that point,it whats for dinner!

        • Shall I start calling you Hiesenberg?

      14. A few good hacks on the cashless countries will put an end to this nonsense quickly!

        This shit keeps up am going meth lab to the max,one of 3 things happen:
        1.You get raided,thus not worried about room/board,cash kinda useless.
        2.You go kafoom!Again,cash a bit of a useless item at that point.
        3.You make a few great 100 pound batches,get it moved,and retire with all the goods you bought,meth,tis the new currency!Oh,and at that point,it whats for dinner!

      15. Venezuela is an oil rich country was at one point a very nice country great vacation desination. At some point I think very soon due to proximity help may arrive just in time for a new leader then crack down to get things back in order.
        India is one of the worlds largest populations and they are not happy about the cashless thing. Large revolts going on their. I imagine they could easily outnumber the gov, same in China and if they wanted could push the envelope. Hong Kong does not like the new arraingments under China.
        A good hack, well that may just do it!

        Warchild: Just say No to drugs; that fried egg may be you own brain!

        • Venezuela crashed, not because of socialism, but because of OIL Prices Crashed. If you try to live your lives with a “One Trick Pony” expect down turns. If they produced some other goods or services or something much more unique, they would be doing much better.

          Its just like Saudi Arabia, who is “All in on OIL” as their one big cash flow commodity. They too are panicking and cutting off many of the Freebees in their country. They just have deeper pockets and their cost to produce a Barrel of Oil is only like $4 a barrel, unlike the shale deposits in N Dakota which the cost is like $75+ a Barrel. N. Dakota now has Ghost towns once Oil, was too costly to produce. Oil is like what? $50 a barrel now? It has improved but, there is still a huge glut of several years just sitting there waiting to be used. The world has run out of Oil storage, and why so many Oil Tankers sit anchored, full and Idle on the oceans, waiting for a port that will accept them.

        • Eagle,you know I’m joking(I think)?!

          That said,do believe ALL drugs should be legalized,none of mine/govt.s business what you do with your body,just no welfare benefits,same with corporations regarding welfare.I want to end the cop/court/prison/drug cartels,drive under say like with booze then risking others and charged,otherwise,none of anybody elses business!

      16. Without California, Trump Would’ve Won 1.4 Million More Popular Votes Than Clinton

        And how many of those CA. votes were from illegals? And many more across the country? Thankfully, the fascist left in CA. doesn’t get to run the country – just as 200 years ago, the founders didn’t want NY, Boston, Philly and a few more places running the country alone. Otherwise, let’s just have a presidential race in CA. and be done with it. http://townhall.com/tipsheet/mattvespa/2016/12/17/without-california-trump-would-won-14-million-more-votes-than-clinton-n2261014?utm_source=thdaily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=nl&newsletterad=

        Also, if we were going on popular vote alone, Trump would have campaigned there, and not just ignored it. That is, he went with his game plan. Once the fascist left lost the game, they wanted to change the rules. But, that IS the nitwit left

        • Hillary only won 56 Counties out of 3000 in the US, which Trump won all of those. Hardly a claim to the popular vote count. The Map is Red all over.

      17. Anyone with half a brain knows cashless society is only about increasing and controlling revenue to the government and screwing the people,,,
        Better be careful you statist pigs, if its a criminal you want you may get more than you bargained for

        • No. It’s only about control. They don’t care about revenue one bit. Otherwise we wouldn’t be in such a debt hole.

          They will have a hard time controlling me. I am good at solving puzzles and finding ways to work around things, whether social, mechanical, or electronic.

      18. Great opportunity for economies to become local again. Bartering and local currencies will become the main way to purchase things you need. The Banks will have little or no control over these bartering activities. Farm products, furs, services will become the new “currencies”.

        • James H. Yep, and those who are ahead of the game will be opening up local Trading posts to exchange good and services, with the Store’s in-house Credit Calculator.

          Converting traded in Goods, for a Store Value Chit, then those chits can be used to purchase or exchange for other goods or services, creating a whole array of exchange. And of course the Trading Post Store gets a small percentage cut of every transaction. Say 5% service fee.

      19. Cashless society,
        Good for abusive governments that like subserviant subjects and
        Good for Socialist governments and societies, where people get free shit all the time,,,,,
        Right up until those having to pay for it get tired of it and stop paying

      20. Purchase gold necklaces of 14 carot solid gold. Those who know will weigh them and those who don’t will just eye them. But people who won’t accept silver or gold coins, might accept a gold necklace, or a gold wedding ring from off your wedding finger.

        People are emotional creatures and the very act of seeing a desperate person give up a treasured item, can in itself motivate them to be more generous towards you.

        Also: people who wait until they need something before being nice to others like neighbors, grocery checkers, store personel, waitors, etc., will regret it when the chips are down.


        • I have done things like that. I would go to yard sales and estate sales and buy sterling silver items. I paid right around melt value for silverware, joolery, candle holders, etc. I also bought a shipment of sterling silver rings, necklaces, pendants all by the gram. I figured that stuff would be a non confiscatable asset just in case and good for barter. You can put an ad in the paper or craigslist offering to buy joolery and pay 90% of spot on the gold content and give them a better deal than a pawn shop.

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