Trend Forecaster Gerald Celente Warns: Prepare For The Panic Of 2016: “History Will Remember This”

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    Earlier this week hedge fund manager Marin Katusa explained that up until the recent stock market hit all the easy money flowing into the energy sector was being exuberantly spent on hookers, blow and fancy toys. Now, as oil prices hover under $40 per barrel, Katusa said more pain is likely coming and oil, along with other asset classes, are going to go “lower for longer.”

    In a recent interview with Future Money Trends, trend forecaster Gerald Celente echos Katusa’s concerns. Having accurately predicted the Crash of 2008 nine months ahead of the bottom falling out on a global scale, Celente says another panic is coming this year.

    But if you thought 2008 was bad, says Celente, this crash will be so severe it’ll be one for the history books:

    …51% of the people in the United States that are employed are earning under $30,000 a year… Less than half the population is considered middle-class in America… the gap between the rich and the poor is as bad as it was at the worst times of the Gilded Age going back over a hundred years.

    So, what happens when the Panic of 2016 happens?

    The Panic of ’08 helped wipe out the middle class… this is going to eliminate it to a large degree, because they’re deep in debt…

    Watch Gerald Celente discuss his trend forecasts for everything from politics and the economy to wealth preservation strategies and entrepreneurship in times of crisis:

    Now, what this is going to do… it’s going to knock out the top… and the top survived the other crash because the top are the ones that are totally leveraged out… there’s no more savings anymore… there’s no more savings anymore… it’s only markets because of zero interest rate policy.

    The markets have been artificially juiced up… so when this thing comes down it takes the top down… the last time it pulled out the bottom… so this is going to be a top-down crash.

    And there’s not going to be anything to pump it back up because they’ve blown all their ammunition…

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      1. Celente is full of shit and I can’t believe he makes a living throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.

        • You took the words right out of my keyboard. Just do a search on this site and see how many specific forecasts he has made that never happened. Frankly, I’m surprised he gets any space on this site.

        • I guess I am going to have to dust off all my Y2K prep supplies. I have lots of supplies left unused from that panic!

          • How does that go?…. “If enough monkeys at enough typewriters have enough time, eventually they will type a novel.” Eventually Celeste will be right once more.

        • Fear shuts down reasoning. This site is aimed at stupid people. I suspect that if you did an IQ test on this site, most people would be a few points to the left. And fear shuts down even the limited logic abilities that these people have.

          But not you dear reader — No you are logical. Yea? Try this simple test.

          You are shown a set of four cards placed on a table, each of which has a number on one side and a colored patch on the other side. The visible faces of the cards show 3, 8, red and brown. Which card(s) must you turn over in order to test the truth of the proposition that if a card shows an even number on one face, then its opposite face is red?

          Failed it didn’t you. Don’t feel bad. 90% of average people fail it. But it points out something. You can not do formal logic. Just another reason that you are prey to psychopaths like who run this site.

          Normally I just ignore this site. I stumbled upon it because of the warning, and I failed to check before clicking. I wanted to see if celente would be wrong again.

          This site is run by fear mongers sucking money from stupid people who have below median incomes.

          • That was not difficult to solve. It’s the card with the number face down with the red side showing. That is the first answer, but the second is you must flip them all to verify the proposition. All it requires is processing the facts you presented. And in addition, a great deal of thought.

            Take it easy bashing the intellect of readers. You know nothing about the bulk of readers. You only glean a small amount of info from those who comment.

            Encourage your fellow human, we all need that from each other. But thank you for encouraging us to think.

      2. Yep , we are gonna have us a full fledged worldwide meltdown this year with a little side order of world war 3. Sprinkle on a convenient isis terror attack and it all falls apart

        The ZPOC will just have to be my retirement plan , cause the 401k ain’t gonna do shit !!!!

      3. A garden is my retirement plan.

        • I’m with you, but it is kind of an oxymoron to use garden and retirement in the same sentence due to the amount of work involved in survival sized garden. 🙂 <bb

          • bb , you are absolutely correct. A garden large enough to support a family would require a lot of work. I was brought up on a farm and I know. As the old saying goes , ” I would go out and peck shit with the chickens before I would pick up a hoe again”.

            • I agree, but you can do a lot up front and it will cost money to reduce the work in summer considerably.

              I spent this winter installing underground irrigation lines. Each line terminates to a solenoid valve that will water that section via drip lines automatically.The one advantage I have is I live in the mountains where my garden is on a slope. All irrigation lines will drain so I have no fear of freezing in winter. You can do it on flat land, but you have to add pressure sensitive relief valves that automatically open when the water is turn off.

              Most important is I put down landscaping paper and mulched on top of that to reduce weeds and weeding 95%. When I want to plant I cut a hole in the paper. I did this in the past and I pulled the paper up every three years, till and augment the soil and repeat.

              Come summer I will not have to do any manual watering and will not weed much at all.

              • I have used the thin soaker hoses placed into raised beds in the past. They worked great but have to be dug up if you want to turn the soil or if you use a cover crop in the winter.

                Do you have a link to the valves that you used and the lines? Thanks!

                Cardboard covered with wood chips works well to cover paths between beds, too.

              • Ottis

                I spent this winter building raised hugelkultur beds. I will never water them. When I plant fruit trees uphill, I bury deadwood in the larger planting hole and never water them. I have forest, so plenty of old deadwood around.

                • What does deadwood do? I’m plant three fruit trees tomorrow and I have LOTS of forest around me too.

                  • The dead wood holds a lot of moisture when buried.

            • yep it’s a lot of work but it is not stressful work. I never get tired in the garden. mankind started in a garden, and it’s high time we got back to it. thanks

              • Good points, Tn2p,
                Gardening, as we call it now; was not a choice for most folks, 60 years ago and prior. Most families were larger, which meant, more working hands in the fields and gardens.

                As with our situation, we have limited space for level gardening, so we planned ahead, and in some areas have raised beds, and other areas we terrace garden. All garden areas can be easily watered with gravity water from rain collection barrels, at the house and barn.

                Compost piles provide natural fertilizer with small amounts of pulverized lime mixed in. Pellet lime is easier to handle, but can cause hot spots and in some cases doesn’t break down as well or as soon as needed.

                Keeping a ground barrier in place will greatly reduce the time consuming task of weeding. Heavy plastic and mulching are two ways to cut out excess weeds.

                The rewards of doing things correctly from the set up, can make gardening a pleasure instead of a time consuming chore.

                • As a kid I hated my Mom’s garden. I would only weed so long till I “accidentally” weeded the real plants.
                  As an adult, I love my garden, I cannot wait till it is time to get dirty again. It is not only relaxing, but fun. When the mosquitoes come out it is time for dinner. And the food is second to none. My worst growing vegetables taste better alone than anything bought in the store. I feel healthier eating my own food, and I never get stomach pains or those interesting problems backdoors and downstairs from eating my own grown food. I am not as it turns out allergic to certain foods, but allergic to the chemicals and crap put in and on the store bought stuff.

            • Then do the garden wth aquaponics? Not only is it faster and has more produce per sq meter, but is cheaper too and you hv fish aswell.

      4. Where have all the “peace loving liberals” been these past 7 years? I haven’t heard them complain about the costs and waste of running a perpetual warfare state. Meanwhile, Hillary proudly sports Ghadaffi’s testicles as earrings with a necklace of Syrian ears to match (metaphorically speaking). “We came, we saw, he died. chuckle, chuckle” View it on YouTube.

        I also think the MSM has given Obama a pass on the homeless issue. You see almost no stories; there is no homeless problem under his enlightened rule. Anyone who says otherwise is just “peddling fiction”.

        • Hilary is perhaps THE most vile person on the planet. Period.

      5. I’ll believe it when they torch the cities and shoot each other over a slice of bread. Until then….

        • Agreed. He said the same in 2015. Believe it when it happens.

      6. Doesn’t this dude say this every quarter? He’s ‘starting’ to lose credibility lol. This isn’t the year

      7. Well, the idea Muslims, many of whom wear dirty underwear into swimming pools and can’t keep their hands off young women and little boys, are going to ‘juice’ the economy, wipe the asses of the elderly white population, and spawn the brain-power and drive to build the global economy of the 21st century using a culture that has produced fewer books in the past 200 years than are published in the English language in a month, well, they ain’t going to do it.

        This economy has fraudulent foundations so it will not have the vitality needed to overcome the debt. The economy will collapse and have to be built up again from scratch. But, because there are whole countries where millions and millions only survive because they receive welfare from the government (Saudi Arabia, much of the Middle East, parts of Europe), they will just die, either in conflict or from neglect, starvation, disease. This is the greatest debt bubble in human history and it has out-stretched the earth’s resources and the ability of the human population to work to create the wealth to pay it all off. The math does not work.

        • Sad but true, Frank. Very wise post. Thank you

      8. I once listened to Celente’s rants on youtube, always about the “money junkies”. He must be getting hoarse from all that hollering for nothing.

        • Agreed. IMHO, he has it right on the macro level, and a lot of wisdom; however, I don’t think he is an oracle. So, I do listen to him, but don’t think he has it spot on all the time. I have also read his paid for bulletins once in a while in the past. Again, I like him, feel he has a LOT to say that is good, but didn’t find he was saying much that was new.

          On the other hand, like investors (speculators? Which we now ALL are thanks to ZIRP, the Fed, Yellen, etc.) found out October, 1929, better to be a year or two early than a day too late…

      9. I read where people are proposing a Trump-Sanders ticket for president. That would really piss off the establishment toadies. That also sounds like a sure ticket to beat Clinton-whoever. They’re all the same, but those two together can win and give the middle finger to the neocon agenda.

        • Aljamo, you might be onto something. Trump said he was expecting Carson endorsement this morning.

      10. Celente will be right one of these years.

      11. You really don’t believe that THEY are going to let Trump ever become President, do you?
        It’s already decided that Hillary will be it.
        Like it or not, here SHE comes.
        ‘If voting really mattered, THEY wouldn’t let us do it.’

        • Credit goes to Mark Twain for that quote ~

          …and I agree: the fix is in. TPTB want Hilary because she is the consummate political animal. She can be depended upon to play ball, make deals, and scratch backs.

          It’s pretty obvious from watching the conglomerate-owned ‘news’ on TV: endless negative and alarmist stories about Trump; Hilary constantly displayed as calm, restrained, and “presidential”. (Not that the masses give any thought to how their opinions are being manipulated, though.)

        • The only truth I’ve heard on this article…..smh

      12. I hope she gets indicted. There will be nuts out this year trying to do in both candidates,too much division.

        • If she doesn’t get indicted, then Petraius should get a pardon.

      13. Well, Gerald, you say you’re seeing all this coming, but you got totally sucker punched when you lost your gold stocks. Why should we listen to you?

      14. Celente said exactly the same thing 4 or 5 years ago, and then blamed “schemes undreamed of” when it didn’t come true.

        He went from analyzing to ranting quite a while ago.

      15. They do have more ammunition. The central banks are buying gold. They will revalue gold up to 3-5K or more and recapitalize themselves that way.

      16. Robinhood …one would be inclined, at this point, to say “perhaps you are right.” It is a foregone conclusion that “the seated powers-that-be” are not adverse to murder if it promotes their agenda(s) …bye-bye Scalia (for one), and since it is only logical to assume that since Obama is doing all that he can to tear this country down and absolutely nobody in the beltway has said one word in defiance of him …they are either part of ‘it’, or have been ‘blackmailed, threatened or ??? to warrant that the POTUS would not have ‘a lick of back-sass.
        What I am saying is simple. THEY do not intend for us to live, so why in hell would anyone ‘up to date’ on the truths of the matters globally would automatically assume that the ‘election’ is just a formality “for We, the people.” In actuality, Hillary has already won (or she’d be “hustlin’ like hell, and she isn’t).
        Tell me, what election have we witnessed in what country that did not end up in civil war (over the past decade or so)? Not one? Nope …not a single one (in fact, the USA has had their face in at least HALF of global “resets” and made chaos out of each …and Kerry has done such a wunnerful job establishing that awesome nuclear agreement with Iran eh? NO country had an election that wasn’t discovered to be ‘rigged’. Ah… it stands to reason that we may well be next which would explain why police are (seemingly) in preparation for a ‘full-blown-riot’ if not worse. That may be true. In my neck of the woods obtaining ammo, cleaning or ‘anything’ supplies are in short supply. The owner was telling us how aggravating it is to not have any support from their suppliers …and all the while people keep coming and wiping out what little is left to chose from. “I guess everyone is arming up” is exactly what he said (today). If so, that’s fantastic.
        If anyone still is believing that Hillery is NOT going to win, then I am sorry for them or their pending demise. It’s like this:

        1. We are at war with several ‘artifacts’ all borne-of-Obama. These other nations want us dead …the sooner the better.
        2. Our very own POTUS is one of the driving forces within America for tearing her down and making her suitable for Muslim doctrines and beliefs, to include Sharia Law and the abolishment of The Constitution and all Amendments (say goodbye to all freedoms, if not your very lives). Hillery is also not going to be a president “for We, the people” either. She too is “in on this” and her first (and only) order of business is to disarm us “domestic terrorists” (funny how they name us what THEY are isn’t it?) so that nobody gets hurt when they deploy to abolish whites and christianity from within America.
        So there you have it. Everyone in federal government is in truth either a traitor, or just a foreign ‘plant’ that was slipped in. All of them are in collusion to “take us out” (why did The IRS outfit their personnel with pistols and mega-ammo-supplies …but the Border Patrol has to fight to get gasoline brought in, which usually doesn’t happen, and even more “Hillery-voters” cross into The USA. As Americans we should NOT allow the alien latinos to vote …that within itself is just unacceptable and ‘stacking the deck’ to boot (when they don’t need too, but they DO need to put on a good show for you, and wow we ARE getting quite the show eh?

        Americans will either ‘wake up’ and not smell roses, or perhaps it is that they already know and believe they are powerless against the elite? Dunno about that one. Every FFL in America is complaining they can’t keep their shelves stocked as everyone seems to be arming themselves. (So, SOMEBODY is aware that we are ‘under siege’ and far more and far worse is ‘any-day-away’.

      17. I remember when Mr Celente was yowling about the panic of 2013. We all know the collapse is coming. These guys who set dates endanger their credibility. I’ve been listening to this stuff since 1976, and we definitely are at the end of the game; but continually setting and resetting dates is ridiculous.

        • Yup, and the Banksters can drag this out a whole lot more. Eventually mathematics mother nature will have the final say but I’m also tired of the dates, hollering and ranting. Jim Willie is another blow hard with his “the voice” gave me this info.

          If they’re not trying to sell you PM’s it’s subscriptions or newsletters.

      18. Really Mac….Celente ?

        This whiny blowhard has been calling for the end of the world for at least 8-10 years. Why anyone would give him the time of day is beyond me.

        Few years back, he got taken to the cleaners when one of the commodity scandals (Corzine’s theft if I recall right) ripped him off for a bunch of his gold…..guess he was too busy running his mouth to have heard the expression “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”…ahahahaaaaaa….so much for his forecasting skills.

      19. My wife and I have a large superior garden every year. We also have an apple orchid that includes pear, peach and cherry trees and a couple of nut trees. We gorge ourselves on a great variety of non-GMO, non-herbicide, word class, delicious and nutritious food year ’round. We also have our own spring water supply. I bet even the super wealthy don’t eat as well or as healthy as my family does. And we possess the resources and the ability to protect it. I strongly suggest everyone grow something, even if it’s in flower pots. Never buy hybrid seeds.
        Otherwise, when the SHTF if you have items of value perhaps you can barter with someone who has food to trade so you may eat. Just to let those who may have other ideas, food will not just be given away, you better have things of high value to offer when you and yours get hungry. As for my situation, my friends and I know some will try to take what doesn’t belong to them, that will not end well for them.

      20. I always listen to Celente. However, he is not infallible. I think it was a year ago that he seriously predicted a downturn that never materialized.

      21. Rates are going down to zero in Europe.

        “The European Central Bank on Thursday cut its key lending rate to zero, pushed its deposit rate further into negative territory and significantly expanded the size and scope of its asset-buying program. ECB policy makers cut the bank’s key lending rate, known as the refi rate, to zero from 0.05% and pushed the rate on its deposit facility to minus 0.4% from minus 0.3%. The central bank also announced it would expand the size of its monthly bond purchases to 80 billion euros from its current level of 60 billion euros beginning in April and would include purchases of investment-grade, euro-denominated, non-bank corporate bonds. The ECB also said it would launch a new series of longer-term refinancing operations with maturities of four years.”

        ht tp://

      22. Fear sells. Just ask Alex Jones.

      23. This is pure bullshit …..I remember the celente , when the clock strikes 2011 nobody can deny the depression

      24. Weeds grow like weeds and they are hard to kill. Many are edible such as dandelion. Find out what is growing in your neighborhood. We can’t afford to be ignorant in a real crisis. Your biggest problems could be your saving grace.

      25. The quotation of Celente- most of the middle class right now is riding on debt. That’s true. Truer as you get closer to the cities and the malls where everyone competes to show off their new stuff every year. Watch divorce rates. When divorce rates slow down it will mean people cannot afford to split resources anymore. The car business is getting ready to tank.

      26. A lot of unfamiliar posters here and they, for the most part are refreshing.

      27. I’m surprised to see so many negative comments about Gerald. Our country has been slipping into the Abyss week by week over the last 6 month and it seems many of you are unhappy because we haven’t yet had the SHTF event.

        Gerald has been sounding the alarm like Steve Quayle, JWR, Alex Jones, Dave Hodges, Peter Schiff, Bill Holter Greg Hunter and many others. I see them all as Patriots.

        But since we haven’t had the SHTF event yet Gerald doesn’t know what he’s talking about right? Wrong.

        Hey guys, go over to Steve Quayle and read the trucker alerts…our trucking industry is collapsing, oh but the trucking industry hasn’t collapsed yet so Steve doesn’t know what he’s talking about….


        PS Cannibis Oil KILLS CANCER

      28. Yes
        I have been hearing predictions of the next crash for the last few years now.
        Their raving on is getting a bit tiring.
        I think the Central banksters are on top of it and want to keep the money stream going.
        Sure it will crash one day.
        But no one can predict that.
        It will take a Lehman Brothers style event to make it happen.

      29. Love Geralds in your face NY attitude and YES he will be proven correct very soon in my opinion

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