Trend Analyst: “Yes, There Will Be Riots In Major Cities”

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If you’ve watched a documentary about America’s economic situation in recent years there is a strong chance it was produced by Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends. He’s covered topics that include everything from the massive college debt bubble and the future of real estate,  to water wars and what it will look like on the day the U.S. dollar finally crashes.

In the following interview Daniel shares a wealth of knowledge and takes a practical approach for how to thrive personally and financially during an economic collapse.

This is a must-watch guide from an extremely well informed source and delves into a wide range of scenarios such as what happens with our currency and our systems of commerce within two weeks of a collapse, as well as the months that follow.

As highlighted in the video, preparing for a worst-case scenario isn’t just about putting food in your pantry, but involves a dynamic strategy depending on your specific circumstances, capabilities and needs.

Yes, there will be riots in major cities… Yes, the U.S. is going to lose its dominance in the world…

In 2008… I think that was just the beginning… That was scratching the surface of what’s to come… the truth was almost revealed.

Within the next five, not later than ten years, I think the truth is going to come out… It’s fraudonomics… Everything is built on fraud and manipulation… and I think once this thing hits and once it comes out, and the U.S. dollar loses its reserve status, or at least there’s a change in the global currency system, I think Americans are in for a huge shock. 

(Watch at Future Money Trends)

If the U.S. does poorly and the economy goes into some type of monetary crisis these things [hard assets and resources] are going to be dramatically risen because people will be looking for value. Just like Warren Buffet buys railroad companies… he’s getting rid of those dollars and buying assets.

The first thing I would get [if a collapse were imminent and days away]… hopefully, number one, I’m at home… of course last minute food… fresh foods… it might be the last time you’re getting apples for a few weeks, depending on how bad it is…

What’s the currency in two weeks? This is a tough one. If it gets really bad the currency in some cities could be sex, alcohol, tobacco, food certainly, water certainly…

In a general sense, what would the government do? The government will have to come out with a new currency… I don’t think the free market’s going to supply the new currency only because the government won’t let it.

… For sure silver will be used… ammunition… and again, the collapse could be on so many levels. The worst case scenario would be where there’s a complete breakdown… and that wouldn’t probably come from an economic collapse… that would probably be more like somebody striking at our energy… our utility system… and EMP.

I think if we had a lack of power in major cities, and all of a sudden the millions of people in Los Angeles aren’t able to feed their children, or turn the stove on… that’s when you have a major crisis.

Will this last for two or three weeks? That’s very possible.

Will it last for months? Much less likely, unless we’re talking about a global event.

As we’ve discussed in detail over many years, there are a whole host of scenarios that could lead to a complete meltdown in our infrastructure and systems of commerce. The bottom line is that whatever happens, should supply lines be disrupted for even a few days on a national level, there would be widespread panic across this entire country.

Those are the worst case scenarios and they are certainly plausible.

Other possibilities include what we’re already seeing happen in the United States right here and now – a continued degradation of the middle class. That trend is likely to continue unabated and may require a slightly different approach than preparing for a post-Apocalyptic scenario:

I think it’s definitely in their [government] interest for us not to be smart, well thought out thinkers out there. Because then you’re a Libertarian and an anarchist and that’s the last thing you want.

They want you to feel good about the government pointing a gun at somebody else’s head, taking their money and taking their stuff and redistributing it to everybody else.

Is it their goal for us to be impoverished? Probably not too much.

They don’t want us to be too poor to where we have revolution. But they also don’t want us to be too wealthy and smart to where there’s a revolution or the realization that we don’t need the government or the bureaucrats regulating our daily activities.

I’m very optimistic, but I have to admit I’m very realistic.

When this shock happens, I definitely see a situation where there could be rioting in the streets… so even though I want people to thrive, I think the first thing we do is we prepare.

I tell people, ‘you prepare for the worst, but then you’ve got to look at the next twenty or thirty years.

For years I identified with being a ‘Doomsday Prepper,’ and I would bet everyone in my life would call me a Doomsday Prepper because of what I’ve done… But, the thing is you don’t want to get stuck on it.

We’re going into the depression. The U.S. is going to change dramatically… how we make our money… how we save for later in life… how we teach our children… It’s all going to change… I don’t want to wait for it to change.

I’m changing now.

The winds of change are all around us. There are a wide array of potential scenarios that every concerned person should be looking at and preparing for. But that doesn’t mean we have to live our lives in a constant state of fear of the unknown.

It’s got to be more than just preparing for the worst and being stuck in that state… The new economy that’s out there… you’ve got to choose your own destiny. 

Daniel Ameduri
Future Money Trends


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    1. Unreconstructed Southron

      And soon.

      • hillbilly SC


        Just remember:

        Yankees 1

        Southerners 0

        Half time…

        Shit will happen again brother, this time it will be different. 🙂

        • Mr. West

          I agree is what you mean is the US Government vs the rest of us. However the next civil war will be fought conservative libertarians vs all the socialist lib tards. They caused this and their going to pay!

          • clint

            At least the nice thing is Not many liberals will be owning an ar-15 so you know who is friendly and foe to a point. They dont like guns as much as us.

            • Be informed

              I hate to be a downer, but just look at history. Every single major war has been because of the economy, lack of resources, and/or the failure or expansion of an empire. The U.S. is a golden example of this. Fall back on the military and war to get out of your problems. It is a sick reality. Below Ugly gives examples of what is to come. WAR. A depression is something that the banksters won’t allow, they will take everyone down with them.

              It is something that people don’t even want to consider but need to. Each one of us has prepared for varying degrees of disaster. Yes, varying degrees. There is nothing that says that a person CANNOT survive World War 3 or even a supervolcano or some worldwide asteroid impact. People have survived world catastrophes before. Unless the Sun goes Nova or the atmosphere is ripped away, almost all global disasters are survivable.

              Each time someone like me brings up World War 3, people become depressed and desponded. In reality World War 3 is even more possible than many of these disasters that people prepare for each day. People prepared vigorously for an economic collapse, which is very likely going to bring about a full exchange of nuclear missiles. Much of surviving WW3 is about being in the right place, but also about knowing about as much as someone can about fallout and protecting yourself from it. While many places in the world will only be fit for cockroaches, others will be livable. The planet can and will heal itself as it has done many other times after calamities.

              Some people will be in the wrong spots when the missiles drop their nukes and it will be over in a flash. Many others will be much distance from the bombs. A few people will survive in deep fallout and bomb shelters very near to ground zero. People should at least give it a shot at surviving what is coming.

              Preppers/survivalists are more ready than they give themselves credit for. It is the deep fear of dommsday that we have all been conditioned to think that WW3 is not survivable. Well it is. It is a lot more difficult than most true SHTF events. Hollyweird has made many untrue movies about WW3 for example.

              I again advice everyone to get the book “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson H. Kearny. Another book is called, “No Such Thing As Doomsday”, Underground Shelters, How to prepare for Earth Changes, Wars, and other Threats. By Philip L. Hoag. Also in survival book stores, online and in walk in bookstores there are other fine books on WW3 survival by authors that feel that it is survivable and worth at least a try. Some people worry, others prepare. even for what seems like the end of everything.

              • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

                Nuke weapons will not be the only problem we face. When the SHTF and nobody shows up to man the Nuke power plans, those power plans will melt down. The Earth will become a roach only planet.

                • Chris McClelland

                  Very few people even think that far ahead. I hear a lot of people say that if the power goes off that it will just be an inconvenience. I ask them what if it’s a year or longer? They tell me, ‘no problem’. I then tell them about the nuclear power issue and their faces turn ghost white.

                • East Tenn

                  I work at a chemical plant with some very nasty stuff. No where as bad as a nuclear power plant ,but I could see the govt. sending people here ,so I can’t leave to either keep this place running or to shut it down safely. I’m sure that will be the same at a nuclear power plant. Somebody will be there either to keep it running or to shut it down due to a barrel pointed at thier heads. Off course, if it due to an EMP or something like that then their are interlocks that will shut it down relatively safely due to a power failure. I’m sure if a chemical plant has interlocks to do this, then a nuclear power plant will have something in place to.

              • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

                Nuke weapons will not be the only problem we face. When the SHTF and nobody shows up to man the Nuke power plants, those power plans will melt down. The Earth will become a roach only planet.

              • McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

                Nuke weapons will not be the only problem we face. When the SHTF and nobody shows up to man the Nuke power plants, those power plants will melt down. The Earth will become a roach only planet.

                (NUKE POWER PLANTS not plans)

              • GV

                I ordered Kearny’s book when you posted about it before; just received it and have started reading it.

                Thanks again for the recommendation, BI!


                • Calgacus

                  No need to really buy “Nuclear War Survival Skills” by Cresson H. Kearny. Its free online. I snagged it a few months back.

              • lastmanstanding

                Being a downer is a very realistic of what may be coming.

                I am preparing for the dark ages…I hope the sun shines enough and few timely drops of rain fall to survive.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

              • John Q. Public

                Look a layer deeper, BI. For many centuries every war is “about resources” to the extent that a group of psychopathic Master Race banksters have wanted to seize resources.

                The modus operandi of the synagogue of Satan has been the same for centuries—stir up a war between groups of Gentiles, fund and indebt both groups, stay out of the line of fire while the Gentiles kill each other off, then after the war steal everything. Occasionally the tribe miscalculates and they suffer some losses or get booted out (and, oh, the wailing when that happens!), but they succeed often enough that they stick with their plan.

                Unless you name the command and control of our woes, you will NEVER head off the trouble and NEVER defeat Satan and his synagogue.

                NAME THEM AND THEY WILL SLITHER AWAY—”the synagogue of Satan, those who SAY they are Jews, and are NOT, but do LIE” and, of course, their goyische accomplices.

                • Brane Frees


                • Pissed Off Granny


                  I hope some posters here really contemplate your post to BI.

                  If we are not willing to recognize who the true powers that be that are wrecking our nation (and the world) how will we ever hope to win the battle?

                  Try researching who is behind trying to erase Christianity out of America, who is behind most of the smut coming out of unholywood, who are the OWNERS of the MSM that most SHTF posters know are lying to us daily and the reason for the lies. Who is rich enough to own our presidential candidates and congressmen and their votes? It sure is not you or me and with very little research you will find it is not muslims either.

                  Jesus Christ told us over and over again who the enemies of Christian peoples were and still are. HIS WORD AND HIS PROMISES WILL NEVER CHANGE…..

                  Knowing who your TRUE enemies are and preparing as much as possible for what evil they have in store for you, me, our children, and grandchildren trumps any other disaster that might be on the horizon.

                  We may have earthquakes, tornados, etc. in our future. They will come and go, but the enemies of America and Christianity are relentless in their plan to destroy both. They are winning the battle while most American’s haven’t a clue about who the enemy really is.

                  It is not a comfortable journey to find the truth, but for the sake of your family and this country that we love, I hope you spend the effort to find the truth.

                • John Q. Public

                  Yes, Granny, but sad to say… the combination of talmudvision, H✡llyw✡✡d, the public fool system, and Judaized false religions has brainwashed many people and seriously and permanently impaired the ability of many to think critically.

                  The good news is that despite all that brainwashing much of the world (and maybe ⅓ of Americans) has awakened from their coma.

                  Wait until the goyim get hungry! They will regain their faculties in a hurry—but will that be in time?

              • kimintn

                @BI we felt the little rumbler on the new Madrid. anything precursor, or just stretching? thanks again for your hard work and valuable input to help keep us informed 🙂

              • t-zulu


              • David

                when the SHTF and I personally think it will in very short order,, many people in America whom have had it so good for so long and have no idea what it’s like to have to do without with even the bare necessities are going to go into a severe shock when their $millions become absolutely worthless. America is going to act like a spoiled child and brat and yes,, WW3 will be America’s tantrum. however there may not even be a nuclear exchange by the united states. Russia has submarines in and around the gulf of Mexico and they are quite stealthy and undetectable. all it takes is a small emp nuke 200 miles above Kansas and we lose our ability to launch any kind of offensive. we will be back to the stone ages in a flash. about a year after an emp attack 2/3 of America’s population will be Dead with only 1 nuke. After the lights go out can anyone say sitting duck?

                • East Tenn

                  Even if we could not do much from the US main land, we to have nuclear subs, aircraft carriers, destroyers, and other deployed warheads over seas that would do the same to them should they decide to do that. Nuclear war is essentially game over for the human race.

            • Red Leader

              My wife works with mainly liberals. She tells me that even the liberals are buying guns. However, buying one and knowing how to use it are two different things!

              • Mikey

                There will be a balance of both having guns. I can see the Liberals being more likely to attack without thinking out of fear (for that is their steady diet in regards to all us ‘rednecks’ right. And to be a redneck you only have to own a gun, according to them.) However, on the bright side, I think there will be more division in their camp as do-gooder extreme lib-tards will sabotage those in their own part, then come out waving a rainbow flag singing Kumbayah and wanting to talk it out. lol

                • Buck

                  I take the terms “hillbilly” and “redneck” as a compliment. And yes my liberal friend( we don’t talk politics) is buying a gun.

              • Confederate

                The liberals are buying guns so they can look the part of patriots, not the scumbags they actually are.

                • Ya But

                  Ya but can they shoot straight?

                • Dave

                  Don’t get caught up in liberal versus conservative. Just make sure you’re Locked & loaded. Seems like the majority of the people here have bought into the liberal versus conservative narrative promoted by the powers that be. It’s a scam used to keep the masses at each other. Keep the news filled up with manufactured “non issue” controversies. A country divided is easier to control. If the grid goes down, is ANY of that bullshit really going to matter any more?

              • wrong

                They can buy all the guns they want.

                1 – How many guns can you put in a Prius?
                2 – There’s no ammo left anyway so whats the use?
                3 – Really though… How many libtards would buy a gun?
                4 – Most of the idiots live in cities and will be dead in a couple weeks anyway.

                The list continues…….

              • Mountain Trekker

                Kula, you can’t be using the N word. Trekker Out. I Just Love Misprints.

              • t-zulu

                free guns?

              • SonOfSam

                @ Red Leader,
                Yes the hypocrisy of liberal dumbasses knows no bounds: they’re buying up guns then turning right around and voting for the assholes who are trying to take them all away.

                Like Ron White says, “you can’t fix stupid”

                • Anonymous

                  Bush (REPUBLIPUKE!) GAVE US THE PATRIOT ACT TO US… REMEMBER, dumbass?!

              • Anonymous

                Mike ruppert is a liberal. Mike Ruppert was top-notch LA police officer until he realized the CIA was dealing in drugs and tried to recruit him…He refused, kept getting shot at by them, and left the police dept.

                Point is– he was LA police officer, had lots of guns, was a LIBERAL and yes, he knows how to use them– a lot better than you, I dare say!

                I wish you people would stop the division shit– it only helps the cause of TPTB!!

                • Anonymous

                  “The police aren’t arming themselves; they’re being armed– a give-away. This came with the Patriot Act– totally, patently Un-Constitutional…As I read the Patriot Act, I thought, “Oh, Holy Jesus! this is the Federal govt. taking over every police department in the country– and all that money! Tons of money started flowing in to local police agencys, but the deal was, every police department had to use a uniform computer system that the CIA and FBI could get into.

                  It used to be if I ran a Sheriff department, the FBI couldn’t get into my computer. But now, with this software technology, the U.S. Gov’t. can not only get into law enforcement agencies’ computers, they can shut them down! Radio frequencies were synchronized, standardization of weapons… was done with the intent to turn American Police Departments into a defacto army… same equipment, same radio frequencies, for the purpose of command and control. So, that’s pretty much been accomplished.

                  So that, as we reach the point where we are now, where everything is falling apart, no county sheriff anywhere is going to turn down armored vehicles, but there are strings that come with all that. So we see DHS buying 1.3 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition– handgun ammunition– that’s to shoot Americans! Its a fact the U.S. government has declared the American people to be the enemy. NDAA– Americans can get jailed, anywhere in the world, without trial, and held indefinitely.”
                  — Mike Ruppert, former LA police officer

            • Mountain Trekker

              Clint, Just a question, Or maybe I should ask Mac. if a good quality AR is now selling for around $1200 and a 1 OZ. Gold coin is right around $1300 where should a man invest his money, if he intends to make a profit after the SHTF? Do I sound like a Capitalist? Trekker Out.

              • PO'd Patriot

                MT, I’ll weigh in on your question if you don’t mind. My hard earned money would be on the AR along with this: Plenty of ammo to keep it fed, back up parts to keep it running,(BCG, FCG and plenty of Slip EWL for lube.)If you get a DI AR, run it wet. If you spring the extra money an get a piston AR, lube sparingly. I run all piston ARs with gas selection knobs. They need to be cleaned but very little. I’ve got four firearms currently on the internet up for sale. Three of the four are considered “curio and relic” (before 1964). The prices that they have reached thus far has astounded me. If you can, buy a couple of extra basic, no frill DI rifles, they’ll be worth more than PMs anywhere, anytime. If you belong to a gun club that is affiliated with the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program), you can order an M1 Garand (30.06 caliber) through them for around 350 bucks. They might not be a collector piece but they will go bang every time. One thing a firearm will do: Feed and protect you and family. Gold and silver…. you better be armed to keep it or when you go to sell it during the dark times.

                • clint

                  MT, I just saw PO’d patriot and i agree with him on that as well. It’s a more deadly round and cheaper.

                • dirkeasterly

                  Totally Disagree. When SHTF there will be so many weapons on the ground save you hard earned money on supplies to sustain yourself. Buying 5K in AR 15 parts when you can field strip one after a firefight is a waste in my book. They are overpriced anyhow. Keep what you got store what you have and stay alive. Those who were to survive will most likely thrive.

                  I would spend the money learning new skills. Welding, Agriculture, Chemistry, Mechanics. Learn to build a solar panel from scratch, make an water collector with nothing and feed your family first. Then buy AR 15 parts if you need them.

                • stealth

                  Cheapest one is now $625.00

                • t-zulu

                  say no more

              • clint

                Mountain Trekker, I would not buy another gun if you have the guns that you already need. I really don’t know to buy more gold or not. I’m not an expert on that so will stay out of that. I 41 years old and these so called experts seem to always be wrong. An ar-15 now without the right type of bullet can go right thru someone quickly and make a small wound. In afghanistan we had shot a couple of guys and we pumped 6 rounds into someone and they didn’t drop like you see in the movies. It’s shot placement that will do it. we even seen a guy shot 4 times in the center mass not drop dead. Ar-15’s are excellent guns dont get me wrong, but shoot a deer with an ar-15 and see what happens and then shoot a deer with a larger caliber weapon and see what happens and decide.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Curious if you think varmint bullets would be a better choice for my 223?
                  Have been loading Sierra Blitz King 55g over 2230 and like the ballistics on them
                  If you watch the videos they shock the hell out of koyotes or other varmints, i suppose a two leggid varmint is still a flimsy ole varmint, kinda like that the bullet tears up whatever it gets shot into, FMJ just pokes holes.

                • socmarine87

                  We us 75gr HP. We don’t have any problems putting down anyone or anything. It’s all about trauma. 55, 62gr FMJ etc is like stabbing something with an ice pick. Your right about shot placement, but as you know when the heat is on a tight center mass isn’t always possible.

                  Keep your head on a swivel.

                • PO'd Patriot

                  Like the old saying goes, “mission drives equipment”. I shoot a lot of 55 gr fmj at paper for enjoyment. When it comes to serious situations I switch over to the 69 gr. I also like it if they have a cannelure so they’ll break up when they yaw. Of course a couple the AR platforms I have are in the .308 caliber and are piston driven. The 55 gr soft point is a good close up round but is not barrier blind and will even have a hard time on auto glass.

                • SonOfSam

                  I like AR 15s and I would love to own one. However, when I see that the “low end” models are at $625, and thats what I paid for two SKS modded to accept 30 round mags with some left over for some 7.62 x 39 HP, I honestly just can’t justify it. They’re beautiful, like a Mercedes is beautiful. My problem is my budget is set at “Toyota Corolla”

              • Paranoid

                Depends on what you have. If that’s all, neither one, The AR is a fine gun, but you can get a make do for $1000 less, spend the bucks on ammo and food. If all you can put into PM’s is $1000, DON”T buy gold. Get Silver, dimes and Quarters, You cannot buy a loaf of bread with Gold, no one will have change.

                • clint

                  kulafarmer, without a doubt I would use those and feel very confident. We are supposed to use FMJ but a lot of the guys didnt do that. I have never reloaded a 5.56 believe it or not. I reload 45acp and .338 laupa and use the sierra match king. I personally haven’t tried the blitz polymer tipped. Yes those do some nasty work with expansion. Folks that is everything, yes 5.56 tumbles and so do 5.7×28. But everybody has their beliefs what works and experts get into debates all the time saying this just like anything, if you believe in it, your going to support it regardless what the data says.

                  The key for you ladies to realize is the bigger the bullet (the thicker) and speed matters, sometimes is bad, but will expand on impact and have a greater chance of hitting an artery or an area which would cause severe blood loss or shock to the body which is what you want. I have had buddies that have been shot 7 times in the chest with a .38 and live normal lives and have seen an ak-47 round go thru a hum-vee side door and miss the balistic plates that some have and some don’t and go right thru the lower leg and shatter the lower leg completly.
                  That is why a .22 can kill someone if shot in the head or heart of a human it can penetrate, bounce do all sorts of things. And a 45 pistol round will cause bigger damage because of the surface area that its hitting. Don’t ever think it people that get into this. Just picture a BB hitting something and a rock hitting something with similar speed and you can tell what is going to do more damage. But shot placement is everything with anygun! Don’t be afraid to protect yourself with a .22 ladies if you feel more comfortable with it and are efficient with it. You will just have better damage with a bigger bullet in most cases.
                  Kulafarmer, I’m going to have to try those out. I have the dies for them and the shell holder but havent loaded them yet to be honest.

                • Kulafarmer

                  Thanks bud,,
                  That 338 is a bad ass round, have had a Savage BA in 338LM staring at me in the local gun shop, just a shame to waste that round here cause theres limited places to shoot it,,
                  A friend is loading speer 22 bee bullets in his 223 Rem is a 47g? Flat nose jacketed bullet, shoots pretty good from his AR, no feed issues, is his home defense round

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Paranoid have you been AWOL? Anywho I think I am adequately supplied. On the AR and Gold question, I was just talking from an investment stand point, since they are both so close in price. Just something to blab about more than anything. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

                • HisArmsWide

                  @Mountain Trekker

                  In all my years of using the AR platform and it’s variants I’ve never used the FA. FWIW. I wouldn’t buy or not buy a weapon that’s otherwise a reasonable deal because of the FA.

              • Jack Hammer

                Heck, you can get a good AR complete for $500. Classic firearms had one of their models on sale recently and it may still be on sale for $499. I’ve seen name brand (Bushmaster) AR’s going for $499 in the past few months. Stock up on guns and ammo is my suggestion. Silver coins would be useful for bartering. Gold not so much since it has a much higher value and you would have to find someone willing to take it for a large amount of goods.

                • Mountain Trekker

                  Jack I guess good is in the eye of the beholder. Haven’t seem any quite that cheap, but I think those gun have a polymer action and no forward assist. I think I’ll pass. Trekker Out.

                • slingshot

                  Gold coins + Hammer, chisel and scale for making change.

              • Paranoid

                Trek I’ve been in Panama and now in Ohio. I know you don’t need the comment. But it’s amazing how many people do. Just to you, I’ll say; the machines can make all the AR’S we can ever use, plus. They cannot make PM”S, AMMO or food to last. I’ve got a Springfield 03 made in 1921 still shoots fine, I doubt ammo will last that long. I think you will always be able to find guns. Best wishes.

              • East Tenn

                I have looked at buying an AR but a Ruger mini 14 also fires both the military and civilian rounds of 223 and semi-auto. They are a little heavier but also a few hundred dollars cheaper. Probaly more rugged as well since they are designed more for hunting.

            • JohnFornaro


              The problem with your pithy analysis depends on the liberal telling the truth about his or her gun ownership. So-called liberals, like everybody else, are not required to tell the truth. Those liberals who have hedged their bets will certainly take survival stragtegies because it would be foolish not to.

              You do say that one would know friend or foe up “to a point”, so I’m pretty sure you know this already.

              • clint

                it was just a figure of speech.

            • vincent

              The biggest mistake you can make is not knowing your enemy. If you really believe that hardcore progressive thugs are not gun owners with violent urges, I have a MyRA I would like to sell!

              There was an NYC Occupy organizer caught with semiauto weapons and ammo. The Naval Yard Shooter was a progressive Obama Fanatic, as was the Colorado FRC shooter (and a gay rights worker), as was former Mayor James Schiliro, as was Christopher Dorner, the New Black Panther Party, the NOI, and so on.

              And if you did not watch Hugo Chavez utilize the Caracas street gangs to hammer his opposition, you missed a key lesson in dictatorial tactics. Eric Holder is allowing the low-grade race war to burn, and no one will even discuss the knockout “game” that is inflicting casualties from coast to coast.

              It is not as exciting as stockpiling our seeds and our canned goods for a solar flare or a nuclear device, but it is the beginning of something far worse.

              • slingshot

                “Knock Out Game”. That is one I will take revenge for those who could not. Damn SOB’s

              • no justice

                The socialist-communist favorite hero, Mao, said that the power comes out of the barrel of a gun, or something like that.

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Great, factual post….10 thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!

            • efmbman

              You are probably correct for the most part, but it may be a mistake to generalize about liberals and guns. I have found in my experience that the liberal mouthpieces on TV and in government have those talking points, but that is not shared in the general population.

          • BigB

            And those same Lib Tards will lose and lose very quickly. They have railed against the independent survivor type for so long that they have lost the ability or even the will to survive. Darwin’s theory of the weak being weeded out is about to be proven once again.


          • Paranoid

            Not sure, I think the next Civil War will be fought inside the major cities against themselves. As long as the Gov buys people off things will be fine. When that stops the riots start. There are no conservatives inside the cities now except some old people who cannot move or fight much. The welfareites will start shooting each other in 5 days. By that time they will have looted the Walmarts and bars and will be stealing from each other. That goes on for three weeks and it’s all over. The US no longer makes money from the Big City population, they cost money, lots of it. Getting rid of this group maybe the Gov plan to balance the budget.

            • Buck

              There is a civil war going on in big cities already…black on black killings as well as the trouble that gang bangers.

            • Anonymous

              YES !

          • T.J. Thomas

            “will be fought conservative libertarians vs all the socialist lib tards…”

            That’s the common idea, but there’s unification in suffering . I think when those who were conservatives and liberals in better times are starving and looking at more affluent non-suffering people in their walled and gated communities, those who have even radically different political bents will ultimately join together against those they believe are responsible for their suffering.

        • Blackcat

          Hillbilly S.C.
          Remember not all of us Northeners live in New York, Boston,etc. There are a hole lotta country boys up north that you would probably have more in common with than the rich boys on there plantations.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Blackcat, welcome aboard, and as long as you’re against the NWO we’ll be happy to have you.

          • hillbilly SC


            In upstate NY, we call’em hillbillys. Hence the name. 😉
            I love the southern way of life. Had a few true rednecks teach me the true meaning of life, how to treat people and have a positive outlook. Some even wanted to take this ol’boy snipe huntin’ when I got here as soon as I could. 🙂

            Your right, it’s not the place, it’s the person. What I found so profound about SC, was the attitude in live and let live. Y’all mind your business and we’ll mind our’s.
            Stick your nose where it don’t belong and you might not keep it long. 🙂

            I found more in common with the southern way of life, then all my kin left back in upstate.

            Y’all enjoy your day.

            hillbilly SC

          • mark

            Black Cat, You are right, country boys have alot in common wherever they live but you are wrong about us Southern boys born and raised on the plantations. I was hunting with my own gun by five years old. By eleven I was rabbit hunting by myself on the ditch banks of the farm. My dad farmed cotton, soy beans, and some corn for fifty one years in the Mississippi Delta. We also had a cattle farm. He worked us boys like runaway slaves. We would operate farm equipment, build fences, vaccinate cattle, and bale and load hay all day and half the nite sometimes. Don’t under estimate the Southern boys regardless where they come from.

          • Kulafarmer

            It takes all kinds dont it,,
            Here in the islands you have democrats, with conservative viewpoints who own guns and like unions! Go figure,,,
            The older generations were more prone to the out of the norm views, younger generations not as much but you still see it quite a bit, mostly the transplants from the contiguous 48 who are rabid dems or staunch repubs, is interesting

        • durango kidd

          I agree with Daniel that Changes are coming; but what those Changes will be, depend upon US. WE can sit by and let someone else do it; or WE can take some initiative where WE live, and at every level of government.

          The list of countries where the people have rebelled against the status quo is as long as your arm, against the NWO. There is no reason in the world for Americans to not add themselves to that list.

          Engage your employees …. by ballot if possible. Make a list check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice, in your neck of the woods. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands.

          The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Just saying. The numbers are with US, and WE know who they are. Life is plastic. Make an impact. 🙂

          • River-Rat

            DK: I’m afraid the Ballot Box has already been stuffed. We are in option #2.

            • BJ

              dk is controlled opposition, a troll, shill and a f.a.g.

              federal ass goon…….

              He has the education from the system that taught him to be in and BE the system…..he has the docs and trophies to prove it too 😉

              • durango kidd

                Yes, BJ, I have all of that, but once I was dirt poor (but without the farm)living on the edge of the ghetto where I was one of two white kids on my grade school basketball team, living on fried potatoes and ketchup sandwiches, on a good day.

                I know poverty and ignorance and that is why I have such pity for you. You will be working poor all of your life and you will probably consign your kids to that life as well.

                I started where you did, and without a father to show me the way, but I made different choices in life than you have, worked hard, sacrificed more than I want to admit, and applied myself as best as I good at every opportunity.

                If you do not know what is inside the “box” that is the system; you cannot think outside of the box. Don’t envy me. You made your choices,and I made mine.

                You reaped what you sowed and so did I. 🙂

                • BJ

                  You really are a fool in the highest sense.

            • durango kidd

              Depression is not a dollar collapse. It is an economic collapse. There is a difference. If the dollar collapses, it would happen by EMP, solar flare, or nuclear war. Otherwise, it would have to be deliberate.

              In a deliberate collapse of the dollar, the NWO Uber Rich would lose the most as their assets are by and large in dollars or dollar denominated assets.

              Why would they shoot themselves in the foot? To take what little wealth is left in America that is divided up between the working poor? Totally irrational. That happened with the crash of 2008. This is what QE is all about and why it will not end.

              If WE are going into a Depression as Daniel claims, then dollars will be in short supply so put ten dollar bills in number ten cans.

              The dollar is the currency of choice of the NWO Uber Rich and it is the life blood of their global commerce system. If the USD tanks the rest of the world will tank too. China would fall next and Europe immediately thereafter. Actually, these two regions are likely to crash first.

              In fact, the Anglo American NWO GB are forcing China to look internally to grow its economy now, as originally planned, by shutting down the economies of the West which stimulates the Chinese economy.

              Excess world production now produced in China will be transferred to Mexico, and to Central and South America as soon as the ink is dry on the TPP Treaty. 🙁

              • hammerhead

                “Excess world production now produced in China will be transferred to Mexico, and to Central and South America as soon as the ink is dry on the TPP Treaty. ”

                YEP, and this is why we have the NAU to take central power following WW3 , or some catastophic collapse.
                Its all planned .

                • durango kidd

                  Hammerhead: Absolutely correct. 🙂

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                The durango kidd says:

                “The dollar is the currency of choice of the NWO Uber Rich and it is the life blood of their global commerce system.”

                The dollar is only a vehicle, a means to an end, nothing more. The Globalists/NWO don’t need the dollar, and they will flush it when their ready. The easiest way to destroy a country is to debauch it’s currency. American needs to be brought down, and make no mistake; it’s deliberate.

                “In fact, the Anglo American NWO GB are forcing China to look internally to grow its economy now, as originally planned, by shutting down the economies of the West which stimulates the Chinese economy.”

                China now exports more to non-Western economies than to Western economies. China certainly has it’s problems, and they too can be laid squarely at the feet of the “peoples printing press,” The BOC.

                The greatest single event that would rid us of the evil now stalking the land, would be the elimination of Central Banking and it’s fraudulent “fractional reserve” scheme, and the restoration of sound money.

                Without central banking and the fractional reserve model, the NWO withers and dies. It’s that simple.

                If you grant a small number of people a monopoly on “money,” evil will walk the earth!

                • durango kidd

                  YMWW: Eventually the GB will eliminate the USD but that day is a long way off and they will let go of it, kicking and screaming.

                  For now there is no alternate to the dollar or central banking. 🙂

              • JohnFornaro

                Durango Kid:

                “Excess world production now produced in China will be transferred to Mexico, and to Central and South America as soon as the ink is dry on the TPP Treaty.”

                Possibly so. It struck me that the Great Game must happen on many levels. Certainly the chinese economy is being manipulated by its own political insiders, who are probably well aware that our political insiders are attempting to manipulate their economy. There are all sorts of other players too. The Europeans, the Arabs, probably Africa and South America too. Andorra is probably not a “player”.

                One thing that just struck me is a parallel with the card game “Spades”.


                Obviously, the luck of the draw dictates the original hand. Still, the game is only skill after that point. “Shooting the Moon” is when a player takes all of the spades and wins the game. I’ve done it a couple of times, and it is a thrill. There is the moment when you realize that your hand has the potential to shoot the moon, but for the cards which you know to be in your opponent’s hands. You have to play several hands very carefully so as not to ruin your chances. If any of your opponents has any inkling that you are attempting this maneuver, they will take one spade and crush you.

                I’ve been crushed plenty of times. Fortunately, it’s a card game.

                Everybody who cares to remember, will remember several high points in their lives. I remember my first “Moon”. I had maybe a half dozen cards in my hand, and I threw them on the table at my turn, and instructed the other players to forfeit, as the game was mine. I had arranged my hand in the winning order of play. It was just great to watch my three buddies, still holding their hands, successively drop their jaws and throw their hands on the table.

                I was crushed in the next game, but hey. I got the memory.

                Obviously, the Great Game is not between friends sharing a joint, drinking, and playing cards. Assets and strategies are being played on the world stage, no doubt in part to get to the point where terms are dictated, not negotiated.

                Which gets back to Mexico and South America, all of which I would welcome into the United States, which is what the people want, if only the ballot box were not already stuffed.

                • durango kidd

                  John: Nice analogy. I don’t think the American people want to include Mexico, Central America, and South America into the United States. Not by a long shot.

                  South America I am pretty sure wants to retain their Sovereignty. 🙂

                • JohnFornaro

                  Durango kid:

                  Thanks. I think the “shoot the moon” analogy is spot on.

                  As to the US getting bigger, by adding more states. It’s interesting to see how the thumbs down votes out weigh the thumbs up votes. I mean heck: Look at Puerto Rico.

                  As a kid, with AK and HI coming online during my childhood, I thought this was the natural progression of the US. And actually, I always thought that the Canadian provinces would become the next states.

                  But what do I know about expanding democracy?

        • flubber

          I wasn’t aware the term ‘Yankee’ was still used to describe people who lived in the northern part of the United Status. I suppose it’s a testament of how easily people allow themselves to be divided. Miniscule differences are amplified in order to push people away from each other; divide and conquer.

          If you are somehow trying to suggest a second civil war between ‘North’ and ‘South’ is again upon us, that is quite sad as it appears you might be trapped in the past.

          We are all Americans. I would hope it would not be so easy to divide us.

          • slingshot


            “Closet Yankee’s’, are the worst.

          • Bill

            Too bad your relatives forgot that sentiment 150 years ago…when they usurped our states rights over something that had nothing to do with abolition, declared martial law, and burned their way through the South, dont forget the J EW carpetbaggers as well.

          • Jenn

            @ Flubber: LOL, bless your heart!

        • sd mule

          The only thing you slow-witted Southerners are good at is being impoverished!! You knuckleheads got your ASS handed to you in the 1800’s. Why not wise up and recognize what the real issues are, instead of holding on to something that happened 150 years ago??!!??

          • Mountain Trekker

            sd, ain’t that the truth, bet Atlanta wishes it could be prosperous like Detriot. Seems like the South will never learn. And I bet all them Southern States wish they had the Freedom, New York, Mass, Conn. and all them other highly educated Northern States have. And back in the 1800’s we put an end to any notion Y’all had about States Rights. If California wasn’t so far West it would be a Northern State, cause they’re highly enlightened too. Trekker Out. Patriots Unite!

            • hammerhead

              LOL , nice MT
              But really , we better put thise old divisions aside.
              And soon .

            • Kulafarmer

              That brought a chuckle,,,
              Ten thumbs up!

            • Mountain Trekker

              To be truthful, I started to erase my comment 2995594 before I submitted it. I came from Missourah to Wyoming and all my ancestors were Southerners, and we lived in what is known as Little Dixie. I started to make the comment, now that I live in Wyoming I could out flank those Yankees. But to be serious, as the saying goes ” Divide And Conquer” So we must becareful, we sure don’t need that to happen to us! There are great Patriots from all over this Country, so let’s agree to disagree, and stand strong against TPTB and not against each other. Trekker Out. Cuz, I Love You Man!

          • PWYPreach

            Heard a wise ol’ southern man once say, “You northerners may have won the war, but we southerners always win your women.” The man knew what he was talking about.

          • the renegade braveheart


            • PWYPreach

              Renegade: Upon secondary review, I would reckon that MT’s response was sarcasm/satire.

            • JoeSchmoe

              Dude. Chill.
              MT was making fun of SD Mule.
              “prosperous like Detroit” – are you aware that Detroit is bankrupt?
              “wish they had freedom like New York, Connecticut…”
              are you aware of the LACK of freedom in NY & CT?
              “put an end to any notions about state’s rights”
              MT is OBVIOUSLY ridiculing SD.

              take a breath.

              • the renegade braveheart

                JoeSchmoe, IF MT was only ridiculing sd mule, OK, I’ll let it pass, but I could clearly tell sd mule didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. sd mule can get f#$%ed!

            • gun

              Brave.. re-read MT… its called SARCASM.

              • the renegade braveheart

                I re-read MT’s post and I misunderstood it. I now recognize it as only satire/sarcasm. I stand corrected. MT, my apologies. But I still stand by my response to sd mule.

                • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

                  Cuz I think maybe sd mule musta been talkin about you, when he called use slow-witted Southerners.

                • the renegade braveheart

                  NGIC, I KNOW sd mule was talking about us and that’s why I jumped on him and I stand by what I said to him. Yankee moron!

            • JAFO

              Sir – you are correct the US civil war was all about money! It’s power and control. The slave issue was at best a side bar to the whole issue. US history has turned the side bar into the reason to put a nice spin on it for posterity. If you study the real history good old Abe acted much the same as Berry is today. Suppression of the media, executive orders etc.

              Just so you know I’m not from the south …. I’m a Canadian who loves the original Constitution and BOR … Wish we had it up here ….

          • slingshot

            sd mule

            Knuckleheads? Must be related to Moooo Shell.

            As far as I am concerned YOU YANKEE’s can stay in the North. You all come down here and think you own the place. Don’t give a shit about nothing but your retirement and what is in your pocket. Think twice when your are freezing you ass off and hungry. Don’t come south! Go West.

            • the renegade braveheart

              Howdy, slingshot. I had to take issue with what he said about Southerners. not surprised about it coming from sd mule but Mountain Trekker shocked me by agreeing with him. they can both stay wherever they’re at. Don’t need them in the south.

        • Cjf

          Send them back our fierce defiance,
          Stamp upon the cursed alliance,
          To arms to arms to arms
          In Dixie

          • the renegade braveheart

            CJF, AMEN to that!

        • DMONIC

          Hey, Im a “yankee” by birth, but a true southerner at heart! Dont shoot! Its not my fault I was born north of the mason-dixon line =(

          • ENFP

            DMONIC, me too. When I wrote a fictional account of a new civil war, it was not a north/south divide, it was a blue state/red state divide. Except, I had eastern Oregon and Washington joining the confederate State of Idaho. Then Russia invaded Alaska. Canada stopped aiding corporate US against the Confederacy and led the fight against the Russians. Then Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua invaded Florida and Mexico and Colombia invaded California, Arizona and New Mexico. China “came to the rescue” of the West Coast invading Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California. Nevada, being surrounded, joined the Confederacy and Brazil arranged a cease fire and scheduled a UN Peace Conference in Paris. They gave Arizona and New Mexico to Mexico for “reparations” and China got to keep Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and California except for the counties that ceded to Idaho. This civil war/foreign invasion is the worst case scenario I see happening, but we must be realistic about what a civil war could lead to now that the rest of the world is so close.

        • kfilly


          Don’t think all Yankees are bad. I live in Wisconsin, and I am on the side of liberty.

          • the renegade braveheart

            Kfilly and DMONIC, welcome aboard.

          • hillbilly SC


            No, I don’t think all yankees are bad… I’m still reminded that I’m a “G.D. Yankee” by the people I’m with.
            (That’s someone who came here for a visit and won’t go back.) 🙂

            They will still try to push my buttons from time to time, but it won’t work anymore. 😉

            flubber, Blackcat and Mark have it right. It is what is in a persons heart.

            Y’all play nice now. 🙂

            hillbilly SC

        • WhoWuddaThunkIt

          I say “Let it Rip!!!” America is well overdue for hitting the “Reset Button.” When the Lazy get their Food Stamp Cards cut off, it will be open season as they try to pillage. The political criminals will all be in hiding and therefore ineffective to carry out any orders. We will get back to neighborhood home rule. There will be no law enforcement as they will be overwhelmed and at home protecting their own. Oh sure the US Government will call in foreign troops to maintain Martial Law, just like what 3rd would countries do and it will be Red Dawn. Our Government is Broke and Bankrupt, and the Petro Dollar is already getting Crushed. Buy Lots of Food, AMMO, Guns, MRE’s Bucket for food storage and lots of hand tools, so you can grow a garden with seeds. Lots of seeds. Stock up on Cigars, and lots of lighters. Have more than one bicycle and extra tire inner-tubes. stock up on lots of Gasoline, and hide your preps, Kerosene, and have at least 5 ways to cook food, stock up on fire wood, and cast iron cook ware for open fire. Rain barrels to water your garden. And right now go through your entire house and list and sell all the needless crap on Craigslist. Knowledge is power, so study up on survival. Medical supplies and fish antibiotics. A few extra paid of boots, walking shoes, rain gear, ponchos, hats,sun screen, canteens, body-armor, expandable batons, watch out for Feral Dog packs and hoodies. Raise rabbits, chickens, fruit trees, gardens, animal traps, snares. Food is security.

      • Ugly

        In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In the end He allows the Evil One to destroy it….prepare. Bad Tribulations ahead. Hug your loved ones….

      • Mordecai

        Thanks to articles like this and comments from many of you I have learned much and am able to better prepare for what may come. While my preparations won’t be perfect, they will be better than nothing. Thanks to all who contribute ideas on this site.

        • admin

          thanks for being part of the conversation Mordecal! It’s always good to bounce ideas off each other!

      • admin

        Let’s hope not UC.

        I am certainly not looking forward to a multi-generational depression, but I think it’s better than a total collapse of the system to the point where supply lines are cut and our currency is complete garbage. I’m prepared like many here, but if this thing buckles then the violence, pain, and suffering are going to touch every single one of us.

        Things will go bad in a hurry.

        Sometimes I dream of how great life would be if all those economic stats they are dishing out to us via the mainstream were actually true…

        • Ugly

          I agree. A Great Depression I can handle. WWIII or total collapse is almost impossible to prepare for. It is sad, but let’s do a poll:

          What are you preparing for?

          A. WWIII
          B. Total 100 percent collapse (Mad Max)
          C. The, The, The Great Depression
          D. A and B but not C
          E. A and C but not B
          F. I am not preparing but will start in 2016
          G. I am 47 and live at home

          • Vicky

            Definitely “C”. As a gentle soul, I’m hoping that Mad Max doesn’t happen, but can see there is a possibility. After Ohio’s terrible winter, I’m anxious about our orchard and berry patch. I’ve been counting on them for Vitamin C, trace minerals and fiber. It seems impossible, after all our preps, that we could be in the same position as the clueless, because of the great freeze this winter. BTW, I’ve added Vulcanite (lava granules) and gravel/limestone “fines” to our garden to help furnish those trace minerals. This is a good time to have your soil tested. Blessings to all!

          • Rodster

            I don’t rule anything out at this point in time. I’m doing the best I can and leave the rest to the man up stairs.

            I’m with Paul Craig Roberts that there is the real threat of nuclear war if the psychopaths decide they want to go M.A.D. because they don;t want to lose.

            • Mountain Trekker

              Rodster put your faith in GOD, cause the man upstairs is going to steal your preps the first chance he gets. Trekker Out.

            • vincent

              Best way for BO to get those ratings up; start a war with Russia?

              Worst case scenario: All the sheep will line up and “Support our Pre-e-e-e-e-e-e-esident”, and the midstream media will make sure that opponents are maligned and ridiculed. The 47% will march in lockstep, jobs will open up in the defense industries, and Bill Ayers’ disciple will accomplish his goal of a 10-20% reduction in population.

              Or not!

          • Slingshot


            What I am preparing for lies between B and C.

          • Stan522

            It’s always been “B” with me and my family. Anything short of that will be doable…..

          • Be informed

            @ Ugly. H. Prepare the best you can for ALL possible SHTF events from a super virus to a super volcano to super SHTF. Don’t anyone sell yourself short, anyone that prepares has magnitudes better chance of seeing the aftermath of SHTF event(s) than these idiot non preppers that have their heads buried in dirt. That would be in deep trouble if the supply chain of walmart and convenient food ran out for more than 3 days.

            • Mikey

              I had some religious guy (who used to be a punk rocker) tell me he is not preparing. He will simply go to other people’s houses and take what he needs. lol I acted like it did not bother me-what he said-but what is with this guy’s thinking? Use excuses instead of take action? I think he might have a screw loose because he can barely move with his bad back and does not even own a gun. This has got to be the weirdest…maybe he has more than one personality???

              • Eagle 1

                Weird. Even Jesus said go buy yourself a sword.

                • Ugly

                  Being prepared is taught in the Bible. Being stingy isn’t, but preparing is. The old popular axiom of ‘save for a rainy day’ was told many times pre-1990. It died in the 1990s. I think a lot of things died in the 1990s….When was the last time anyone heard someone say that ‘you should prepare for a rainy day?’ For me, it was 1989. America started dying in 1990.

              • DAMed in NY

                Wow, I think I know this person. How can a Christian even say these things (?)…it’s beyond my comprehension. The sad part is, it will happen.

                • JayJay

                  Mine says WE DON’T DIAL 911. 🙂 on the door already.

              • egore

                Thank him for the warning and get the shoot on site posters made up ahead of time.

            • Ugly

              That is true. Nobody knows exactly what the shtfplan will be and exactly what to do. Thus, just prepare. Soon we will know that water is gold and food is silver….

          • JohnFornaro

            H. I’m 60 and I live in my own home.

            • wrong

              Hey!! Me too. Well, my wife stays here too. And my dog.

          • Former Cal Girl


      • Stan522

        When those EBT cards go bad, the riots will become vicious……

        • SLick One

          In the event of rioting in large cities, B52’s loaded with napalm bombs will quell the rioting, and as a bonus reduce the number of career welfare moochers.

        • Texas Slouch

          10000%+ You are right my friend! You hit the nail on the head! Country: Things won’t be all that great, already filled with plenty of poor, but there are still opportunities. Suburbs/small towns: worse, suffering, but better prepared, more independent people, but still a calamity. City/Urban: Hell on earth, unsustainable, rioting, mass die off, a literal no mans land. Do not get caught in an urban environment lest you plan to fight your way out of it. LOC will be cut immediately, panic and traffic jams within hours.

          Surprised that nobody has mentioned this before, but Hurricane evac in Houston was a good SHTF exercise a few years back. People waited til the last minute and got stranded on highways out of gas in August. Old people dying from the heat as they roasted in their cars. Had a relative who got the idea to try to flee from west Houston with his family. He got caught in traffic too. He had (2) 5 gallon gas tanks on the trunk of his Corolla and had them lashed down with straps. Had several people ask him for gas and he said “Sorry, but No.” Then, Had some POS just come up and grab one of the tanks and that’s when he got out and pulled his snub nosed .38 on him. The grocery store parking lot looked like a scene out of Mad Max. It was up on 290 just NW of Houston. Remember, August in H-town: 100 deg F with 100% humidity. Trash was all over that lot and people camping out, sweating in their hot boxes.

          Don’t let ANYONE try to convince you that nothing bad is coming. History tells us otherwise. This administration has given me ZERO confidence that anything will improve. You don’t just get handed my trust, you must EARN it, and that they have not. Look at the dumbasses around you. These Kartrashian wannabe fools…the ones in the Mercedes who can’t change a light bulb if their lives depended on it. These people who laugh at your claims and even your existence will be the very ones who explode into a fit of rage when and if they find out that you have put food, supplies, etc. back. They will send their roided out, tattoo covered son or relatives to kill you, but that’s when they get smoked at 50 yds. Yes, it will be hell, depending upon where you live. I failed to mention that we have the largest prison population in the world…6 million…what will happen to them? They will be unleashed on us. Yet those sh$T bags like Malloy up in CT have nothing better to do besides find ways to disarm the lawful citizens…yeah, that just ain’t happening.

      • posseecom

        hmmm..seems another trend analyst predicted this exact scenario some 6 years ago..

        Trends Journal comes to mind..

        Then again so many

        so many “red alerts”

        Civil war looming
        Riots in the streets
        Silver to 100 an ounce
        Gold to 2000 !
        Dollar to crash.
        Total collapse imminent.
        Martial law to be imposed
        WW 111 to start
        Hyperinflation imminent

        All these red herrings

        All distractions

        They ain’t even close to finishing us off..just yet.

        There’s way too much residual wealth yet to be extracted

        Once the 401/ira’s are looted and what little savings are Cyprused…then that’ll be the trigger point for my future trends analysis..

        Plus they’ll need to install a new banker owned puppet in the white house to seal the deal..

        Yes, all the cards are in play…just a matter of time now..


        • slingshot


          Too much wealth to be extracted. Good point.

      • The long slow collpase

        I love this collapse.

        I have a great job.

        And it’s so much easier getting a table or even…you get our pick of hot strippers for a nice lap dance. ha

        Let it all collapse.

        There’s a funny thought…

        If we get to mad max life…
        Then I’d open a strip joint and take payment in goods and let the folks dance.

      • Rain Maker

        This is not filmed this year if that is important. This is a month of May in some year

    2. Anonymous

      Ok with all due respect what is his point? We’ll face disaster in next 10 to 30 years. Be ready for the worth but when SHTF it will last only few weeks. The end of the world won’t happen but the end is near. Maybe I just don’t understand his concerns since for most of the SHTF readers all of his points are obvious and nothing new. How about talking specifically about who are the tyrants causing the suffering…..Fear mongering is always being and have been used by would be tyrants and dictators throughout history.

      • admin

        If you watch this video I think you’ll find that Daniel covers a number of different scenarios. You’ll note that he discusses the potential for a a near instant collapse such as a monetary event, as well as the possibility of a slow economic decline over a period of years rather than weeks or months.

        With respect to the information covered, I’m not sure you got into the video itself, where he goes much further than “traditional” preparedness advice and he focuses on thriving in a long-term depressionary environment, and he does so in such a way that it can apply to just about anyone depending on their specific personal needs and financial capabilities. Well worth the time if you have it available.

        • Out O' Time

          We’ve been in a slow, deliberate economic collapse for decades. The speed at which it has progessed recently is what is so worrisome. ..

      • Eyesopenanddisgusted

        I agree with you anonymous 5 to 10 years my ass. 2 to 3 weeks my ass. These articles contribute Zero to what we don’t already know and that is HARD TIMES ARE COMING, but they do offer something & that is to add confusion as to when & how long ( who knows but it isn’t going to be good) and seems like they encourage procrastination about trying to put a little something away for these hard times.

        He claims a depression but most likely won’t last that long, look how hurt we still are from 2008 there are no jobs, inflation ( food up 19% this year alone from last years high prices) and the fiat dollar is still accepted as the world currency, just wait til it isn’t. It will not be the same in the good ole USA for a very, very long time….

        Please don’t procrastinate!

        • ENFP

          I am preparing for C; to some extent B, but how do you prepare for WW3? That is beyond me.
          I have been preparing for C since May 2011, but only since the Crimea incident have I felt it to be really imminent. This is because the BRIC nations can and are already crashing the petrodollar in retaliation for Obama’s sanctions. This appears to me to be like an avalanche starting and it will go faster and faster until it buries us with inflation like we have never known before.
          The other thing that is happening is Israel withdrew its embassy personnel all over. I don’t believe this is because of wage disputes. They either know they are in for an attack or they are planning an attack. I don’t think the Arabs are ready to engage them, but then, the bible predicts they will lose. They could become enraged enough by Jews having their Passover celebration on the temple mount and attack April 15. If Israel is planning to attack, say Iran (have they crossed that red line?), I think they may do it when the moon is dark, April 29th. That is how close we could be to war in the Middle East which will affect our gas supplies and prices which could push us over the edge financially.

    3. angrycitizen


      Indeed, the world is going to change, and being able to adapt to the changes is the key to survival.

      A very powerful message.
      Thank you!

      • Mich

        Indeed, the changes are happening so fast,
        the centrifugal force can almost be felt
        like a fast spin on a merry-go-round.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, the world will change over time and people will die over time. Thank God I read this article.

    4. European American

      Foods gonna’ be the Biggie, or lack of. It will dictate the pulse of the collective.

      • Hammerun

        They won’t let this happen until they make a big move on our guns. Period!
        All know, we know, you know, they know what will happen if we go anarchist.
        One good thing though, we won’t be seeing much of Obama, Pelosi, H Clinton or Reid.

        • JohnFornaro

          If there should be an artificially induced scenario, then the move on guns will have to come first, followed about a year later, maybe, by the artificial inducement. Guessing that “they” will need a year to round up stray guns.

          The earthquake scenario would happen if the geological forces so determine. the hurricane scenario would only be “temporary”, like the Katrina experience.

          If “they” nuke NYC or LA, it would be important to know who did it, “us” or “them”, but I can’t imagine the pragmatics of immediate survival changing if one lives near one of those targets. But what would the multi-decadal survival situation be in that event?

          If the financial system collapses, it could be deliberate, but that doesn’t make as much sense as it should, since it would be a case of the rich hurting themselves mostly.

          The financial system could collapse on account of the same greed and systemic falsehood that surrounded the financial system in 2004. Even so, the rich would tend to their own, and the poor would at least have entitlements. What the problem is, with business as usual?

          If the move on guns is successful, then there will be an obvious move against free speech. 1A and 2A are under deliberate attack today. There is no pragmatic need to do this, therefore, the deliberate attack should rightly be considered as against personal freedom.

          There is no reason needed nor given for such a diminution of personal and individual freedom, because “they” simply want arbitrary power over other people.

          Hari Seldon, say, might foresee another thousand year Dark Age, before liberty gets attempted again.

          • hillbilly SC


            Love the foundation reference. 🙂

            I’ve always enjoyed Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and so many other Sci fi writers.

            Enjoy your evening.

            • JohnFornaro

              Thankee kindly there, Hillbilly.

              I kinda wonder if there is a Hari Seldon figure behind the scenes somewhere.

              • durango kidd

                Some would say ” George Soros “, others might say, “the Koch brothers. I would say that WE should rely upon the wisdom of OUR Founding Fathers for the correct Foundation. 🙂

                • JohnFornaro

                  As to the Koch brothers:

                  I heard that things go better with Koch.

      • Oathkeeper209

        Figuratively speaking, they could risk a double play by citing hoarding in general. One neighbor may want to have a share of your food, another your generator, and a third your gun, either way, i can imagine the ending scuffle to end like the car/van jacking scene from the newer war of the worlds.

      • Mississippi Delta Farmer

        E A, I agree with you that food will be a key. I grew up on a cotton farm in MS. My grandparents had a small farm in MS and one in Arkansas. My grandfather died in 1929 and left my grandmother with the farm and five young children to raise during the depression. I asked her once how was she able to survive during the depression. She stated that she hardly knew that there was a depression. She had a couple of milk cows, a large garden, some hogs, and lots of chickens. She stated that they had plenty of food and when she needed cash, she would take fresh eggs to town to sell. God, in his Grace, allowed me to remember my conversation with her. My wife and I are now in the process of moving back to a small farm so that we may be better prepared for what’s coming.

        • Kulafarmer

          Good post,
          The thing about living close to the bone and just bouncing along the bottom and making do is there is nothing to fall off of, so when the bottom falls out your already there,
          Thats been my direction, people shake their heads at me, but then as the natural market fluctuations come and go im still cruising along, and people around me freak out that sales are down, or weather is bad or theres labor problems,,,

      • Mikey

        Heirloom seeds….

    5. TJWarner

      I dont know if there has ever been a time in human history like this where so many black swans are lined up in a row.

      Its good to know there are others who have the eyes to see and the senses to act. Good luck gentlemen.

    6. Ugly

      You cannot thrive during an economic collapse. You can survive though….

      • Joe

        Sure you can. It all depends on what you have to provide.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        We can’t, but those that pop the bubbles thrive on their collapses. For every thing one loses, the other gains.

        • Slingshot

          There are going to be more people after those who pop the bubbles this time.

          The movie, “Purge” comes to mind.

      • Eyesopenanddisgusted

        Ugly you can thrive because thrive doesn’t just mean financial prosperity. After things collapse, & settles to the new, new we could see families, communities, morals, strengthen, more non GMO foods & heirloom seeds to improve health, and a return to Jesus Christ. Give me all that and that is thriving, they can keep their fiat dollars!

    7. Barn Cat

      I expect a complete economic collapse with total anarchy. I expect the federal government to blockade cities. I think what they did with Hurricane Katrina was a trial run for the after the collapse. They won’t let people out of the cities and they won’t let people come in with aid. They want as many people to die as possible. It fits in with their Agenda 21 goals.

      • laeagle

        BC, I was there in NOLA during and after Katrina. There were a lot of rumors and hype. It is true that they restricted who could come and go but it was not done to maximize deaths. I had close friends who stayed all the way through until electric and water was turned back on. They got a lot of help from various agencies government and non-government. I was evacuated one week after Katrina and came back to inspect my house about two weeks later. I did not witness or hear of any activities that would make me think TPTB wanted as many to die as possible. A lot of things happened because no one really appreciated or anticipated the full scope of the disaster. Many of us volunteered to come back and help but most people had left and those that remained were holding their own and self sufficient with very little outside help.

        Sometimes I feel we are overly paranoid and suspicious about people’s motives. There are still a lot of good old-fashioned Americans with generous and kind hearts out there. I am not so naive as to think that there are no malevolent or evil people out there but we may be underestimating how many civic minded fellow citizens are out there. After the collapse we will all need to join forces to rebuild this country.

        • Barn Cat

          From the New York Times on 9-5-05:

          When Wal-Mart sent three trailer trucks loaded with water, FEMA officials turned them away, he said. Agency workers prevented the Coast Guard from delivering 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and on Saturday they cut the parish’s emergency communications line, leading the sheriff to restore it and post armed guards to protect it from FEMA, Mr. Broussard said.

        • Barn Cat

          From wikipedia:

          The Federal Emergency Management Agency was heavily criticized in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, primarily for its slow response and inability to coordinate its efforts with other federal agencies relief organizations. Chicago Mayor Richard Daley (D) said of the slow Federal response, “I was shocked. We are ready to provide considerably more help than they have requested. We are just waiting for the call. I don’t want to sit here and all of a sudden we are all going to be political. Just get it done.”[34]

          FEMA was accused of deliberately slowing things down, in an effort to ensure that all assistance and relief workers were coordinated properly. For example, Michael D. Brown, the head of FEMA, on August 29, urged all fire and emergency services departments not to respond to counties and states affected by Hurricane Katrina without being requested and lawfully dispatched by state and local authorities under mutual aid agreements and the Emergency Management Assistance Compact.[35]

          FEMA also interfered in the Astor Hotel’s’ plans to hire 10 buses to carry approximately 500 guests to higher ground. Federal officials commandeered the buses, and told the guests to join thousands of other evacuees at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.[36] In other instances of FEMA asserting its authority to only ultimately make things worse, FEMA officials turned away three Wal-Mart trailer trucks loaded with water, prevented the Coast Guard from delivering 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, and on Saturday they cut the Jefferson Parish emergency communications line, leading the sheriff to restore it and post armed guards to protect it from FEMA.[37] The Wal-Mart delivery had actually been turned away a week earlier, on Sunday, August 28, before the hurricane struck. A caravan of 13 Wal-Mart tractor trailers was reported in New Orleans by September 1.[38] Additionally, more than 50 civilian aircraft responding to separate requests for evacuations from hospitals and other agencies swarmed to the area a day after Katrina hit, but FEMA blocked their efforts. Aircraft operators complained that FEMA waved off a number of evacuation attempts, saying the rescuers were not authorized. “Many planes and helicopters simply sat idle,” said Thomas Judge, president of the Assn. of Air Medical Services.[39]

          Senator Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana), was particularly critical of FEMA’s efforts in a statement: “[T]he U.S. Forest Service had water-tanker aircraft available to help douse the fires raging on our riverfront, but FEMA has yet to accept the aid. When Amtrak offered trains to evacuate significant numbers of victims—far more efficiently than buses—FEMA again dragged its feet. Offers of medicine, communications equipment and other desperately needed items continue to flow in, only to be ignored by the agency.

          In a September 15, 2005 New York Times opinion column about the privately owned Methodist Hospital in New Orleans, Bob Herbert wrote, “Incredibly, when the out-of-state corporate owners of the hospital responded to the flooding by sending emergency relief supplies, they were confiscated at the airport by FEMA.”[42]

          A September 16, 2005 CNN article about Chalmette Medical Center stated, “Doctors eager to help sick and injured evacuees were handed mops by federal officials who expressed concern about legal liability… And so they mopped, while people died around them.”[43]

          • slingshot

            Barn Cat.


          • laeagle

            Barn Cat, Thanks for shedding more light on the issue. Don’t forget the sources (NYT, Blanco, Landrieu, CNN, people with axes to grind. The whole thing was politicized from the gitgo by the governor, mayor, senator, and the MSM. A lot of issues regarding command and control, state vs federal, who was going to pick up the tab, who was liable, etc., was not easy to sort out so quickly with a disaster of such massive scale. I think our folks in Louisiana could have done a better job coordinating and working with the feds, FEMA, and NGOs. It is now almost nine years since Katrina and there are still issues and problems being sorted out. Why hasn’t the MSM criticized the slow relief efforts for the folks in New Jersey? I haven’t heard of anyone accusing FEMA, Christy or BO of purposely wanting to kill off the citizens of New Jersey by delaying aid. We need to get real if we really want to survive.

      • Slingshot

        Barn Cat.

        People do strange things when the lights go out. Had power out for five days and you would be surprised at what sounds are in the darkness.

        • Mikey

          Slinshot, I so agree. We had our power out for 17 hours a couple years ago. After just four hours people could be heard wandering outside (apartments, but I won’t be here much longer) saying, ‘I have no milk’ and things of that nature. And the one lady said, ‘wow, they robbed the corner store’. Unfortunately, so many are trained that the government and/or their neighbors are responsible for them. It is foreign for them to even consider being responsible for themselves. The world owes the, don’t ya know.

          • slingshot


            It was like the cockroaches came out all at once. Gunshots, screams, yelling, laughter. Sound of footsteps of people running. Cars playing music loud. Tires screeching. Mostly young people I assume.

            Imagine when times get tough.

        • Calgacus

          Was thinking this very thing last night around 10:30, walking back from the barn and the only light was my headlamp and the crescent moon. All I could think of was the city and suburban types who say theyll get to the hills or live in the woods when theyve never been in the dark before. I mean the DARK – no street lights, no solar garden lights, no big flashlights. Just you and a moon against things that might go bump. If people aint never heard the blood curdling scream of a bobcat to remind them of natures wildlings, they dont have any idea what they are up against.
          Might be good for some to get lost in a forest for a day or three, then go home and readjust the plans to bug out in the big wild.

          • slingshot


            Moonlit nights that reflect off the sugar sand and walking roads between 60 ft. pines which simulate a canyon. Listened to a large boar sharpening up his cutters with a few chomps. Was lucky that night.

    8. Kulafarmer

      Just a heads up,
      The fed LEOs think they are “good people” who are doing whats best for the country.
      Horse shit is what I say,

      • the renegade braveheart

        Kulafarmer, on feds I agree 1,000,000%. The only use I’ll have for them is target practice. Only good fed is a dead fed.

        • Kulafarmer

          Dont ya love the red thumbs,,,
          Theres people out there defending all these POS Fed LEOs and others and saying they are good folks doing a job, yea, Hitlers Brown Shirts were a bunch of good folks doing their jobs too, on another site i posted that and the posting got deleted,,
          So much for freedom of speech, sorta like the first amendment zone at that ranch in Nevada or wherever it is,,
          Last i checked i can say whatever i want wherever i want,
          To the red thumbers,,,
          It doesnt matter!

          • wk

            Was that on the economic collapse blog

          • the renegade braveheart

            Kulafarmer, AMEN and I feel the same way. F#$% the red thumbers. They can have their opposing viewpoints all they want, but it doesn’t mean we have to consider them.

    9. ready down under

      Food, water, shelter. The 3 necessities. You have to be able to keep them though and the only way to do that will be to adopt a siege mentality. Stay outta sight, hunker down and live off your preps until either there is a massive die off or order is restored. Then you can start to rebuild. You wont be able to do that either unless you are armed. Forget your backyard garden – that wont last a week. If you go out to tend it someone will shoot you – if you don’t, looters will strip it clean. Let ’em have it, it isn’t worth the risk to look after it – you WANT your place to look like it has been stripped clean!

      Economic chaos will be bad enough – your folding notes will be TP. “Hard” stuff – ammo, food/water, fuel, tools, some metals – will be the new currency. Where the real worry starts is if we are blindsided by something else when the depression hits – pandemic, EMP, WW3.

      Combine one or more of the above and it will be uglier than anything the world has ever seen.


      • Hammerun

        To bad you Aussies gave up your guns.

        • ready down under

          It’s not really as bad here as most think Hammerun – sure “they” banned some useful and non threatening guns (my Ruger 10/22 for example) but we can still have a great range of useful stuff. Rem 7615’s in 223 and 308 for example are perfectly acceptable and they sell a hellava lot of them here. Join a pistol club and shoot there a few times a year (6) and you can have pretty much anything you want there too although mag capacity is 10 rounds.

          Also, never underestimate the lethality of a good ejector double barrel 12 gauge as a home defense piece – like “family” member Braveheart suggests, if a bunch of you are gunna try and loot his house don’t be one of the first two through the door!

          And if the you-know-what hits the you-know-what and there is real anarchy and you bug out, I really think the Police will have a lot more to worry about than looking for some guy who all his life has been as clean as a whistle who wasn’t where they thought he’d be.


          • Slingshot

            ready down under.

            Wow! No Lee Enfield Mk4 .303 British?

            • ready down under

              Rule three oh three is alive and well down under Slingshot! Not a bad battle rifle either just quietly – been doing the business for about 120 years!


              • Slingshot

                ready down under.

                I do regret not buying the Battle Rifles of WW2

                K98 Mauser 8mm. Mosin Nagant 7.62×54. M1 Garand 30.06. and the Lee Enfield .303.

                You could put a “Stick’em” device on the end. Hammer down a door and each had a bullet that could pack a punch.

              • Smokey

                My favorite deer rifle is still a Lithgow 1942 SMLE, sportered stock. Slick and smooth action, accurate, and ten rounds aimed rapid fire from the shoulder.

                Must have ten Enfields kicking around, No. 1, No. 4, or No. 5, in original condition, just keep on picking them up now and then. Should have enough for a squad by now.

              • JohnFornaro

                Rule three oh three.


          • the renegade braveheart

            Good evening, Aussie, and one correction about “Bertha”; she is a 12-GA. pump; not double barrel. Her chamber will only hold 4+1, but she can still get the job done.

            • ready down under

              Evening Brave, sorry, for some reason I thought Bertha was a double …. I love doubles anyway, those pumps and auto’s are just a passing fad anyway – never gunna catch on y’know!! Aussie humour there guys in case you missed it 🙂


    10. Anonymous

      “U.S. issues threats to Russia and NATO”– new essay by Paul Craig Roberts

      Great post, above, but just wanted to get this one in… scary stuff–looks like the collapse of the dollar near at hand.

    11. Slingshot


      Oh, Goody, goody, goody, goody.

      Rocket Science for sure. ;0)

    12. SoapDish

      To everyone out there, just having an open mind to what can or could happen, puts you ahead of the masses of those living in their little bubbles.
      By no means, will it be easy even for those of us that have been preparing, but our odds are much better in surviving a collapse.
      Remember, keep your head in the game!

    13. Ugly

      I’d rather be a hammer than a nail. Yes I would. I really would, if I could….

      Can’t remember name of song, but it was a 60s classic. (Peter, Paul, & Mary?)….

      Prepare to be the hammer….

      • yardfarmer

        simon and garfunkel

        • This Texan Has Had Enough

          El Condor Pasa-Simon & Garfunkel
          I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail…

      • Slingshot

        “If I had a Hammer”

      • db427

        @ ugly
        I don’t know about that, I think I’d rather be the nail. sure you get hit a few times, but then you spend the rest of your days hanging out with your new found friends, telling that story over, an over again. that hammer, he’s going to have one hard life.

      • the renegade braveheart

        “If I Had A Hammer” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. 1960s folk music. I was only a kid when the song came out.

    14. orm

      No matter what we envision the collapse to be like it will be totally different. Prepare for the completely unexpected.

    15. justin

      holy shit!! i really truthfully think this gonna happen, soon… im just a kid that turned 21 but i am alot more aware you could say than my counterparts. MMA takes most of my time along with meditation from the regular festivities everyone my age goes with.. If you look at all the media n stars and the riff raff in the country it feels like it is all distractions from the figurative tital wave that is forming right in front of us.. The debt in the world is reaching the ceiling and its just a matter of time, except there wont be no liquidation( or whatever is the correct word for bailing us out) this time like in 2008.. All the chaotic wars that are forming, and yes i have a couple buddies in the marine corps down at camp pendelton n they say theyre getting ready for something..

      I truly think there is going to be turmoil across the world on biblical scale especially in countries that wont be protected by the us because are hands will be full with ourselves.. In a 1000 years from now the people who do survive and form new civilizations are gonna look back at us as we do the roman empire who had a iron clad fist on the world…
      It sucks that it’s taken this long to come to this realization but i honestly dont think even if u are prepared doesnt mean your going to have a higher chance of survival. Especially down here in orange county where the population is about 3 million crammed into this small county. I really think the human mind will not be able to fathom what is going to take place, everything is going to change and nobody is goin to be safe.. The strong will always survive though..

      yo my e mail is [email protected]
      e mail me if u have any tips on how to start preppin for cheap, also if u have any informative videos!

      Einstein- the enemy of information is not ignorance, but it is the illusion of knowledge..

      • Slingshot


        Check out all the topics here at SHTF. Good place to start with many tips and leads to other subject matter.

        • the renegade braveheart

          Justin, welcome aboard, and we’ll be glad to help you with any survival-related questions. You’re in the right kind of company.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        @justin..the comments section on SHTFPLAN is priceless, maybe even MORE expensive. usually the comments are MUCH more important than the article itself, in my sent.

    16. Sierra Dave

      We don’t have 5 more years of a Bull market. It’s looking like it’s ready to pop now! Expect 500k jobs lost a month when it crashes. AT LEAST a few million more Americans out of work before it levels out.

      If something doesn’t come along like an attack or Black Swan. Then the main stream media will grudgingly call it a depression. I expect riots across many cities.

      If the government steps in to contain. The question is, do you get involved when there are violent police encounters all over. I fear the LE/Military more that random roving raiders.

    17. This Texan Has Had Enough

      Scary times in the land of plenty! I met John Galt this week in my small town. He has 5 degrees but fled the city and does blue collar work. He says Atlas is shrugging.
      Hope it comes sooner than later. I’m not getting any younger.

      • Kulafarmer

        +1 Texan,
        Sure as hell not getting any younger,
        Rather not die because im too slow from old age.

      • Vicky

        Same here. Every year that passes means more arthritis, less physical strength and increased weariness. We’re trying to fight that, but eventually, time will catch up. Good luck to you.

        • logicrazy

          Try Sytropin a HGH spray for under your tongue. I use it to fight arthritis, which I have on my spine….

    18. Slingshot

      If you are inside the Beltway of any major city you may have a problem. Delta Force. The military has been practicing to save the infrastructure and that does not mean you. Make your decision now, to hunker down or get out of Dodge. They will airlift supplies into the city. Lots of house to house clearing once the lockdown is complete. Think expressways with check points and the lesser roads being patrolled.
      You all have seen the portable concrete check point buildings.

      • Southern Gal

        We escaped the beltway in December of this past year…

        We have started our garden and have a spring on the property and just set up our back up water supply today. It has been hard work but I sleep so much better at night…

        • the renegade braveheart

          Southern Gal, congratulations. I’ve got some people looking for some property for me out your way as an alternative to going to my cousin’s BOL in GA but the way things are looking I may still be going to GA. I have lived in urban areas all of my life so I already know what to expect from certain “undesirable groups”. It’s only a matter of time until riots break out here in Memphis and all of the other cities across the US and they WILL. You can bank on it. I just hope I can make it out of here before anything happens. I have another trip planned to GA this month to move some more supplies over there.

    19. PO'd Patriot

      Even if there were to be a collapse of a couple of months before another currency kicked in, food supplies would still be tight afterwards. Most people at that point would not forget what had happened and food hoarding would be rampant. Then you might have here what Venezuela (food I.D. cards) has just implemented.

      • Kulafarmer

        Good reason to be well situated to not rely on others for your food. Gardening, scavenging, hunting if possible, stored foods.
        Just got to open our eyes and look around and you can see things are not as they seem.

    20. Lanny

      I’ll give it till the end of the year tops, probably sooner; much sooner. Get right with Jesus; tribulation & great deception are coming soon; IMHO. I don’t wish it this way, but seems unavoidable at this stage; too many pieces coming together to deny it…
      Every time I hear someone talking 5 to 10 years out, I just shake my head and think: dream on. God bless… L

    21. Nopittypartyhere

      I have two questions…

      1. I read a blog post about a survivor of the Colorado floods. They were given 3 minutes to grab what they could carry and leave. By boat. Water had flooded the car already. Would you have a bag in addition to your BOB or GHB? What would you put in it? I’ve been working in a SHTF binder with copies of all necessary documents, family contacts in case of flood, etc. got the idea from survival mom dot com.
      2. In a near collapse situation, if you must bug in, I think it will be obvious to your neighbors if you never have to leave for food handouts, etc. I believe we would be putting ourselves at risk leaving our homes, but should we make some attempt to look like the sheeple around us, searching for food? Thoughts? Ideas?

      • ready down under

        nopittyparty – I’ll play the cards as they fall. If I think it will be a long period of lawlessness I’m bugging out to my retreat. Conditions are fairly spartan there though but it is remote with horrible access so about as secure as it can get. If I expect law and order to be somewhat restored I’ll probably bug in.I am totally convinced if one is to bug in in the city you must stay out of sight – if there is trouble a block or two away it is not my problem.

        At home I am in MY environment – I know every square foot of my house, the angles, what I can use for cover and how best to defend every bit of it and use it to my advantage. I know where the fridges and freezers are to give me ballistic cover – a looter wont have that advantage.

        Anyone who comes through my door or a window is at a disadvantage – just like you will be if you play neighbourhood vigilante and head off to the sound of trouble intending to help.

        I can survive a year in either place – longer at the retreat if I am able to take some supplies with me when I go.


        • Mikey

          Ready down under, I guess that will work for you since your city may not have like 5 million like my area, where there is only a couple roads in and out. That is why I decided to get out to the outlying areas this summer, as soon as school is over. Considering all the many aspects of this whole scenario, the move will be to the rural areas. I want to get there first and have a good position instead of wait and then be stuck here. thanks. Sure wish I was over there. Something tells me it will be much better than the U.S.A when it hits.

    22. SCOTT

      If i were not using the Bible ,specifically ,prophesy as a gauge ,I might give us more time . The stage is set ,the players are in place and we have the four blood moons with a solar eclipse right in the middle over the next 18 months . All of them fall on jewish Holy days . Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles . I noticed the first two won’t be seen by Israel but the second two will .Im not sure of the significance of this yet . Something big is going to happen soon and it will probably effect our reserve dollar thus ushering in the antichrist . He will proclaim himself to be god and the whole world will follow after him . All those not written in the Book of life that is. The next currency will be the Mark of the Beast ..Strange thing , the USA is not a player in end time events after the destruction of the oldest inhabited city of the world , Damascus. Peace

      • laeagle

        Scott, I was taught that the next big war is not the tribulation but will usher in TNWO and the Anti-Christ after the devastation that will eventually culminate in the Tribulation. Do not be surprised if you are not raptured from this next great calamity(s) that will sweep across the world. It will not be global warming either although climate will be affected.

        Many of the players are in place and may still be getting in place. Daniel and Ezekiel 38 and 39 are relevant here, along with the first parts of Revelation, and Isaiah has a lot of pertinent prophesies as well. The love of many will grow cold and ‘knowledge’ and evil will abound more than ever before.

        The prophesies and warnings of Jesus in Matthew 24 and 25 were seemingly given for the first peppers but are still as fresh and relevant to us today! If you don’ have one better get yourself copies of the Good Book and start studying it, it is my number one survival manual both for now and for eternity. Blessed are they who do not stumble on the Chief Cornerstone but are able to build on it, as their foundation for the ‘rains and floods’, wars and calamities that are coming.

        Pray, plan, and prep. None of us will be able to plan for all eventualities but ‘chance favors a prepared mind’ and without God we don’t stand a prayer. Be informed, pay attention to details, ASMS as the good Sgt. says. TEOTWAWKI has occurred and is occurring for many even as we speak. It is not if but when it will effect you.

      • Okie rebel

        Hey them guys!!! What is your take on the four blood moons and other cosmic activities during the Jewish holidays?

    23. River-Rat

      CAUTION: Proper use of the brain is not endorsed by governments nor huge corporations involved in serious financial profit from a brainwashed and enslaved population. Mild discomfort may occur as confusing independent thought challenges popular views of the world.

      • the renegade braveheart

        River-Rat, I love that one. I’ll keep it in mind.

    24. logicrazy

      I am ready to wade through what comes, and then some. I am not worried as I have been on almost every major continent. From -30 to 115 degrees, with little or nothing I can make it. My family and friends however I worry about, mainly because if it gets crazy most of them would be useless because they don’t prepare. Most people don’t till it is in their face, yet by then it is to little to late…

    25. River-Rat

      Put 2 tablespoons of oil, then 2 tablespoons of flour, stir in skillet until flour is a pale, pale brown. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly, until it’s the consistence of buttermilk. Stir and cook until gravy is covered in bubbles (boiling), add milk as needed to keep it from becoming too thick. Make SURE mixture is boiling when you slowly add about 4 tablespoons of canned tomatoes. Add salt and pepper to taste, dash of sugar. Simmer on very low heat stirring constantly until gravy is thick and bubbly.

    26. River-Rat

      A great way to use that 1 pound canned ham is in Ham, Noodles & Peas!
      1 canned ham cut into cubes
      1 T. dried onions rehydrated ( or more to taste)
      2 C peas ( rehydrated, canned or frozen) adjust to your taste ( we love peas)
      1 pound noodles cooked and drained
      1 can cream of mushroom soup+ ½ can milk ( any kind)
      In fry pan add a pat of butter, melt and add ham cubes and onions heat thru then add peas and noodles. Stir till heated thru, add soup & milk heat till sauce is bubbly.

      • PO'd Patriot

        That does sound mighty good. Love peas too.

        • NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin

          I eat my peas with honey, I’ve done it all my life, It makes the peas taste funny, but they stay on my knife.

    27. River-Rat

      In 3rd world cultures many are short on fuel, they would get a pot of water boiling, put pasta in it and cover the pot. They would turn off the heat and let the noodles sit in the hot/boiling water for at least an hour as it cooled. This used the least fuel to cook the food.

      • Educated Sinner

        Another great source for carbs are quick grits. They can be eaten for breakfast, served with gravy like mashed potatoes, of allowed to “set” then fried the same as cornmeal mush.
        They take 5 minutes to prepare, little energy to heat, and because they contain no fat, when vac packed have a long shelf life, because they won’t go rancid.

        So eat your grits, the breakfast of Redneck’s everywhere!

        • VaFarmBoy

          Do you kill the grits before you put them in the pot? Is it harder to capture quick grits than slow grits? I prefer shrimp and grits…

      • lonelonemum

        Look up haybox recipes. You bring your stew to the boil and then pop the box in the haybox to finish cooking instead of using an electric crockpot. If you can bake potatoes in the ashes of your summer BBQ you can cook like this.


        Or make a thermal cooker bag. They are so cheap to make, but VERY useful in case of power cuts etc.

        An ideal rainy day homeschool sewing or science project for the kids as the sewing required is not complex and could easily be done by hand. make to fit your favourite stockpot from scrap fabrics.

        We use ours to keep stews/soups/porridge hot on winters days when various visitors will be arriving at different times. (I’m tight on fuel use).

    28. River-Rat

      Purchase 4×8 insulation foam board, cut it to fit inside the window frame. It will fit snug with no need to nail or staple. Cover with a fabric to match your decor if you desire.

      • wrong

        This is a great idea but remember to pull them out once a day to allow air flow. Condensation builds up between the board and the glass.

      • Jenn

        @ River Rat: you are on a roll tonite with all the recipes & advice. One word: THANKS!!

    29. clint

      Use common sense, if this is on a grand scale there is no way in hell they can clear the cities, they may go to secure the major ones or buildings that need to be guarded but they will probably have most people go to certain areas or stay in their homes, there is physically no way to have room with all the people in the US. If they went door to door they will win but also lose. They will take down house by house but people like me and you will take out 1-2 each time and they will slowly lose resources. There is way too many people and way too many people that would cause anarchy in the cities. it would be a free for all and they would need every single person and some just to stop these people. Sniper shots could be fired from any window in Chicago area and it would be a man hunt like no other. They couldnt. That is why they want our guns so badly to stop this type of behavior. Lawlessness would be so bad. Once it starts it will mushroom out quickly. Then the police and forces would not know enenmy from good people like us who are just minding our own business or trying to help others but are carrying a weapon outside. be careful of police officers trained or told to confiscate anyones weapons on sight regardless if they hold a permit or not in some of the cities and that will cause anger and more resistance.

      • Frank Thoughts

        I think the police and the army will pick their fights very carefully. I don’t think they will try and lock down everywhere. If we look at recent events (UK riots in 2011 etc.) then we see the police do a tactical retreat and basically let certain neighborhoods burn until the riot burns out. That will most likely be the strategy. Hold the fort on the main control areas (Wall Street, rich neighborhoods, business parks – Apple, Microsoft etc.) and retreat the government back to the Continuity of Government facilities sprinkled around the country (underground bunkers, military bases, airports, mountain caves etc.).

        As for the rest, let those places fend for themselves. Use drones to police the boundaries and take out any gangs who try and march out of the ‘hood. After a year of that, the population cull will do most of your work for you. The elderly, the weak, the dumb, will most likely be gone. The violent gangs can be targeted and eliminated using the same tech that was used in Iraq.

        The remaining population will be the best of the best. Something worth rebuilding with.

        • Educated Sinner

          My DW has to travel to Paris on business 1-2 times a year. Like you said, there are Muslim controlled sections there that the Cops, don’t patrol at all.

          The new problem in France is that the male “Rags” have formed “rape squads” and go searching for non-Muslim females to prey upon.


          • Frank Thoughts

            True: in France and the UK there are already well-known ‘no-go’ zones that are effectively majority Islamic. The UK has just introduced sharia law and is trying to make peace with this reality.

            France is a mess and it is sad to see.

            The European approach historically is to allow ghettos to form and try to manage the tensions across the boundaries. Over time, this can lead to sharp divisions in society as was witnessed in the run-up to WWII.

            • Cassie

              The UK has not adopted Sharia Law, the muslims have tried in many areas but have failed.
              Interesting to hear about the Muslin rape gangs, they have targeted young white girls here and used them as sex slaves. Despicable scum. Unfortunately our gun laws are the strictest in the world, but we can still get crossbows, sling shots and such like. Ukraine was brought down by home made weapons. If the people are angry enough they will find a way to defend themselves from the corporate owned governments and police

              • Frank Thoughts

                Pretty hard to have the strength to bring down the government when you can barely make it a few yards down the street in a gentle jog, or are carting around an enormous beer belly. The most oppressed in the UK tend to be the most out-of-shape and brain dead as well.

                I’ve been in the Ukraine: those are very tough guys who pump iron every day. They have hands like boxing mitts. Half of them are uber-mensch Nazi types: not much of a comparison to your Lidl hoards in the UK.

                • Burt the Brit

                  Frank, you have no idea what you’re talking about mate.

                • lonelonemum

                  Frank Thoughts – don’t EVER under estimate the humble British working class. They form the basis of a military that is respected globally.

                  You don’t need to be a member of a neo-Nazi group to land a good punch. The Brits don’t often kick off, but the riots of 2011 and the Blitz of WW2 demonstrate just how hard we are to bring back into line once we do. Our gun laws are so restrictive precisely because the elite understand the national character and are rightly terrified by it. That’s also why there have been such concentrated attempts to dilute the populations in our cities with so many non-natives in recent years.

                  Any attempts to bring in Sharia Law would result in burning skies.

            • Burt the Brit


              The UK is NOT under sharia law and never has been. Parts of some cities are dominated by Muslims, or blacks or Chinese or believe it or not, whites. I have lived all over the country and being British I can assure you that yes, the Muslims would love sharia law here, they have even attempted to ‘take over’ a few schools…they failed.

              If there were ever serious attempts to install sharia here the fires in Muslim areas will burn long and bright. It would NOT be tolerated.

              Take care

          • Bill

            Watch the interview on Utube of Jewess Barbara Spectre stating clearly it is Jewry responsible for brining 3rd worlders to Europe….

        • JohnFornaro

          Pretty positive outlook, Frank. Thumbs up.

    30. Gerard

      I felt great after watching this video.

    31. YesWeCan

      Of course I dont want something horrible to happen to the innocent hard working people, but deep down inside of me actually wants this to happen. this WILL BE the biggest event so far that will AWAKEN the mass in unprecedented number and finally have the great riot that will spark the beginning of Civil War which will naturally turn into the beginning of the World War III aka the last technologically advanced War that will take place during our last days of civilized societies, which will leave majority of the country into the New Third World countries aka the New World Order. (Global governance by the “Winner/New Ruler” of the earth Kingdom.)

      • JayJay

        Nature cleansing the ‘gene pool’.

    32. jaydi

      apparently there will also be a generous dose of fear porn

      • Educated Sinner

        “Fear Porn”, yup. Does not mean that something like this won’t happen, but we Survivalists do like a good scare 2-3 times a day.

        “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout!!!!!!”



    33. ROBER


      • Mich

        Maybe not, ROBER

        That was salt peter at heavens gate,
        not Saint Peter.

        • ROBER

          meaning ????????

      • ROBER



    34. Red River

      Mac, this is the best article/video I have seen in the past year. Thank you.

      I cancelled my cableTV last year because all the great movies/documentaries were on Youtube for free. So yes, there are easy way to economize & invest.

      Buy a can of beans today for $1 (expiration date 2017) then eat it in 3 yrs. when it’s selling for $2-3 a can. Save $2 & you don’t have to pay capital gains! See…there are ways to save.

      • JayJay

        Red River–I dropped cable/directv in Nov., 2008(we only paid $70 a month), and saved so far over $4500. Used for prep food and supplies.
        I have Netflix.
        I survived without cable! 🙂

        • Red River

          Good for you! That is about how much I saved along with cancelling my home telephone.

          It’s not difficult to save lots of money if people would just take a moment and look into their personal life for ways to save.

    35. Frank Thoughts

      There is a wide spectrum of options for a government to take in a collapse scenario. I don’t believe the US will end up like the film The Road (apocalyptic scenario). I can see more a government like a Latin American government circa 1970s. A heavy police state, diktats from el Presidente, and crazy inflation. History shows us this is the route governments take when they decay.

      The thing to prepare for is to at least make sure you are part of the small middle class. Ideally, part of the even tinier elite. The small middle class will be the well-educated and necessary people to keep the state going and the commanding heights of the economy. The elites, on the other hand, will be the people who hold large assets and no debt.

      I want to be part of the elite. That’s my goal. Others may be happy with middle class.

      I do think sex will be a major commodity. You have to look at the state of society today and the low morals. Now throw in collapse and you will have p#ssy for sale on every street corner. Think about Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union, by comparison to the US at the time, was a very conservative place. There was no such thing as ‘gay rights’ etc. So, they went from a much more conservative place to pretty well every pretty young woman working in the sex trade. That is how far people fall in a collapse scenario. You do tricks and eat, or you don’t do tricks, and starve.

      Be able to do business: business is the only currency that stays active in all political systems. The Russians call it ‘biz nes’ but it means basically the ability to get things done for profit. No matter what the political system, business needs to be done to keep the state alive. Be the guy who knows how to get things done. That will go further than a few tins of beans or a sack of gold coins.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        i got a feelin’ that “pussy” won’t stay healthy, if it goes down like you THINK. there will be mass sexually transmitted diseases, with no way to treat them. condoms will dissapear in short order. the prettiest girls with brains will pair up with the “leaders” of the gangs that will form out of necessity. the average girl may be selling their body, yup. you WON’T see girls in “power”…it will be like mideivel(now, where’s my spellCHICK?)times when it all goes to hell.

        • Educated Sinner

          Oh No, Not That?, ANYTHING BUT THAT!

          Maybe Mac should change the name of this site from SHTF Plan to STD’s Plan?

          • gigi garden girl

            Regarding STD management after the SHTF; having a stockpile of the amino acid Lysine (Blue Bonnet is a reliable brand that has passed all kinds of extra testing) will help treat any herpes outbreak and can be taken as a preventative. No, I don’t have herpes 🙂 but I do have a stockpile of homeopathic remedies, supplements and herbs/spices etc. that have medicinal benefits. So this is just a tip that I am passing along.

          • ROBER

            4tube oil you can do the rest no hus no fuss no VD just clean up

        • Frank Thoughts

          Au contraire: it is like when there is a recession and all the smart girls with PhDs in chemistry start working at Starbucks and all the high school flunkies can’t even get a job cleaning floors. In a crisis, it tends to be that everyone gets knocked down a level or two. So the super hot babes become the gangster molls, the hot babes become the Grade A prostitutes for politicians, foreign businessmen and oligarchs, the pretty and natural girls with university degrees become the ‘girl friends’ of upper middle class guys, and the average, healthy nice girls become the prostitutes to average foreigners, while the total skanks end up dying of AIDS or a drug overdose. Life is very cruel in a crisis…

        • White Fox

          The women in your life will stick to you like glue. If you are man and into preparedness, you are an alpha male. You are a warrior who knows the enemy and studies them religiously, and you are a leader because you know so much and are able to take care of and protect your friends and family.

          Kind of like a tribal chief who has the foresight to stockpile food so there’s a feast for everyone during the harsh winter and so the warriors have the strength to fight the invading tribe.

          I wouldn’t romanticize SHTF as a license to go exploit others. If you’re lonely, then I can’t blame you, pick one-preferably someone you know-that you love and will love and protect her with everything you have.

    36. River-Rat

      Off Topic:
      WTF; this BS about Congressman being under paid. Sounds like a P-P to me (PERSONAL PROBLEM), and
      they want ever one equal. I say load them up in the OLD TURD HEARSE and take them home!
      Just my view from the river bank.

      • CrabbeNebulae

        @RR… Politicians are con-artists and thieves. They are getting frantic trying to steal as much as they can before shit hits the fan and they can’t steal anymore. They are paranoid and now openly running scared like the rats and roaches they are. A Louisiana state senator thinks they are targets and believes they should have special privileges to be armed, yet they are the first ones to try and disarm us. Just look at the fat disgusting lard ass in this article. Just goes to show us that New Jersey doesn’t have a monopoly on fat slob, disgusting shit fuck politicians.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Rat-Ta-Tat… Bag you a Cat!!

    37. Anonymous

      Smart guy… that was a good listen…

    38. Satori

      just a little essay to get ya thinkin’


      couple of excerpts

      “Collapse Will Be Sudden

      “That’s the thing about the collapse of civilization. It never happens according to plan – there’s no slavering horde of zombies. No actinic flash of thermonuclear war. No Earth-shuddering asteroid. The end comes in unforeseen ways; the stock market collapses, and then the banks, and then there is no food in the supermarkets, or the communications system goes down completely and inevitably, and previously amiable co-workers find themselves wrestling over the last remaining cookie that someone brought in before all the madness began.” ― Mark A. Rayner – The Fridgularity”

      “It is unlikely that collapse of civilization as we know it will happen due to some extreme event such as nuclear war, super volcano, or asteroid. When our central banker masters of the universe trigger the next financial system collapse, with no monetary bullets of debasement left in their pop gun, the resulting chaos when ATMs stop spitting out $20 bills and EBT cards for 47 million people stop functioning at Wally World will be epic”

    39. JC75

      Some days I look around & feel like I just woke up in the twilight zone. Don’t you?

      Is it me or does the sky look fake nowadays – unnatural cloud formations, multiple criss-crossing trails, strange weather phenomena, etc. I try to point this out to others & they give me the usual blank stare. I have no definitive proof but I believe that TPTB are screwing with the weather.

      Gadgets & screens everywhere, whole families at dinner together staring at their “phones”. Einstein predicted that technology would turn us into idiots but he probably didn’t know just how SOON it would occur…

      Not too many people tend to realize this but we are already living in a neo-fascist society. We are OWNED by the banks – birth certificates are a note of collateral. Follow the money. Government is a massive cartel, a front, if you will, for the bankers who own most of the corporations. Drug & slave trafficking, gun-running, all owned & operated by THEM. Media – owned. Violence & degradation passes for entertainment. We’re in denial & have been brainwashed about our involvement in world affairs. Why are our veterans committing suicide in record numbers? They know deep inside that they were used & discarded.

      Sorry if this rant seems random & long-winded, but I still see people here subscribing to these ridiculous memes: liberal vs conservative, reps, dems, yankees, southerners, etc. These are all labels meant to divide us. With the exception of TPTB we are all still human beings & if you’re on this site that means you KNOW that something is terribly wrong.

      • Cassie

        Have you not heard about HAARP?

        • Anonymous


          Or chem trails?

      • Southern Gal

        I can’t agree with you more…just last week we had the strangest weather that I have ever seen…one minute it was snowing…then it was bright and sunny…then we had (no joke) 40 to 50 mph winds then rain…and then the whole cycle repeated a few times.

        Can everyone say HAARP?

    40. watching and waiting

      It is being reported that in one Latin American Country (Venezuela) you can only go to the grocery store once a week and they have issued registration numbers allegedly. Due to food shortages.

      Point is, if this started to occur in The USA it would be tougher to prep. Look at the major closings of retail stores.
      Suppose grocery stores started to close where you only had one or two per city depending on size. I know places, like New York and such would have more.

      Waiting out 20 30 years would not be a problem because look at what has happen to America in the last 50 years in regard to judicial decisions and their impact. Your and my grandparents would not recognize the country.

      However, in regard to civil unrest, it is coming sooner than later. For a while, it seemed that race relations were getting better. It is not. The pot is being stirred. Recently, my mother who is 81 years old said that a lot of people are getting ready to die and neither her or I are racist or hate anyone. It is just a fact that one culture seems to be planning action action against another and the movies regarding past history of slavery, of which I am sorry but I bear no guilt is fanning the flames and there can be no healing when one party wants revenge.

      The media is not reporting race crimes other than Fox it seems and it is on the increase. It is also being reported that it is expected that 30 per cent drop in the Stock Market is coming.

      Also, consider the sleeper agents that are here(imported/home grown), in place, ready to hit malls,schools, and Churches. Those of us who go to Church may have to start carrying concealed weapons as they did in the old west. It is coming to America.

      All this may happen sooner than later.

      As of April 15th 2014, the world will have our first of four Blood Moons (moon not actually blood) a tetrad called by Nasa.

      So what, blood moons happen all the time…..
      But, there has been 55 reported tetrads in recorded history as I understand it.
      Since 1493- there has been three (3) and all of them on or near major Jewish feasts and they have usually mean dire times for the Jewish people according to scholars. I am incline to believe that also.

      -1492-93 or so-Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Jews expelled from Spain who would not convert.
      -1948–Reestablishment of Israel-Hebrews return to the Land(Fulfilled prophecy).
      -1967-Recapture of Jerusalem(Fulfilled prophecy).

      All of these on/near major Feasts. April 15th Passover.
      October 8th (my birthday) Feast Of Tabernacles and repeats in
      2015. This will be number 11.

      My information may be slightly off but as accurate I can. My point is, we, the world seem heading into serious times

      Some will disregard this saying BS, but if you were not concerned about events going on around us, you would not be here.

      All I can say is be safe, be aware, as Selco said, recognize
      the situation regardless of how unimportant it seems.

    41. Be informed

      War is coming.

      It is so hypocritic that certain segments of Ukraine want to be with Russia is a disaster. Yet the craving up of Yugoslavia was perfectly okay with the west back in the late 1990’s.

      Meanwhile Poland is requesting all sorts of NATO military. Estonia is going to get more attack aircraft to “protect” their sovereignty.

      The U.S. is now arming Syrian rebels, that is al qaeda the supposed enemy of the U.S.—raising-war-stakes

      Then there is two U.S. destroyers heading for North Korea.

      Old BO and his puppet masters would rather have a war time economy than an economy that is dying from an U.S. dollar collapse. History repeats itself with the same old fall back to war rather than face a worse than 1930’s depression.

    42. YAWN-

      Really? I dont think so. As long as the porn, drugs and booze keep flowing and the cell towers keep beaming there will be no riots. If there ever was a riot it would be crushed immediately like the Vets protest(Bonus Army riot) in the ’20s, with live fire, tanks and lethal gas……………these people aint playing games………… riots, ever…just slaughter.

      • YAWN-

        Aint no riots gonna happen…………….move along, nothing to see here.

    43. Thinker

      Mac;An excellant article @natural on How to overcome the fear of failure to lead to a healthy,wealthy,and balanced life! I don’t remember any articles covering this at SHTF, all though it has been discussed from time to time,but i personally think it will be extremely helpful against the dis-info and fear that people can find themselves in, in so many SHTF events that we face.

    44. Calgacus

      Hell yes there will be riots in major cities. We have rioting now but its on small scale and the press dont cover it unless its the occupy crowd.
      Ill have to watch the video this evening but lookin forward to it. I can really identify w/ this quote posted in the article. Damn good article too.

      “We’re going into the depression. The U.S. is going to change dramatically… how we make our money… how we save for later in life… how we teach our children… It’s all going to change… I don’t want to wait for it to change.

      I’m changing now.”

      We been sold down the river and its just best to admit it and get moving. Here were prepping as best as we can for a deep and long depression. Dollar might collapse, might not, but it aint worth what it used to be and most see that. Plan accordingly.
      Dont much matter what the shit will be to bring us down, but were all on that road and it aint lookin good. The US is broke and corrupt. We been sold out so shore up the homefront and prepare for battle.

      For more than a half year we been spending the entire paycheck on personal investments for our redefined future. Before we know it the paycheck is gone and we are in a holding place til the eagle flies again. Aint been that way for us in years because we used to save like others in working class trying to be careful w/ the paycheck. Now we spend it all so we might have a better chance for tomorrow.
      Seems like war is on the horizon. Even if we dont see all the players in position we know war is profitable for the big boys. Those big boys know they can sound the bugle and the young’uns come runnin. Those young’uns wont get rich though, but theyll fight for a cause that weve been told is the American way. Is corruption the American way? How about Big Oil? Id like to finally see the young’uns follow through w/ that old phrase “what if they gave a war and nobody came?”

    45. Sgt. Dale

      It think the big cities will have some major problems this summer. So you guys that still live in the City get out or Lock and Load, and Pray.
      For us in the country You might want to start setting out your early warning system around your house. And Pray.
      After what I saw all week end with all the military movement. I’m setting mine out today.

    46. VRF

      they sure were trying hard when those 11- 12 “locals” in Detroit beat up that innocent man that was being set up for an insurance suit.

      that kid and those people knew his normal route , it was a trap. While he was getting the crap beat out of him he was robbed in the process

      now no AL Sharpless, or Jessy Jackass has come to denounce these acts of savagery , or racial acts of war these perps brought forth..and surprisingly they cant seem to find anyone f- the assailants that beat this innocent man almost to death, who knows what he will be like when he’s let out of the hospital..if he ever does.

      If its a race war they want, they really dont understand their out numbered , at least for now

      • Aurelius

        VRF, It’s not that they don’t understand that they are outnumbered, it’s that they simply don’t understand! They, the Blacks out of Africa, suffer from the genes that assure their collective stupidity! These poor, pathetic people who never should have been removed by the Jews from the dark continent of Africa have been used and abused and in the last half of the twentieth century and in the beginning of the twenty-first century have been very successfully used in the weakening power of the White race, the only power on Earth that could oppose global Jewish power! Our Southern Fathers taught us that the Black folk ultimately loved us because we took good care of them and the Jews finally realized that the Blacks would never rise against us and finally came to the conclusion that the introduction of the millions of Hispanics and Mexicans would be necessary to Democratically destroy the United States Of America. They have done an excellent job but I would say to the International Jew, You are not there yet and to get to where you want to be, there are certain hurdles you must overcome! We await your efforts!!!!

        • Pissed Off Granny


          It is heartwarming to read a post from someone who has “eyes to see and ears to hear”. How long must we wait for enough people to see the truth in your post?

    47. Steve

      Keep shoveling it Slavo. You’ve been dead wrong for years now. One day, you might get it right. Meanwhile, I’ll keep calling you out for the fraud that you are.

      • slingshot


        How many readers do you have? How many articles have you written outside the “Mad Max” that could help people everyday like self reliance. So I guess all those over 50 years that comment here are frauds too.

        Whatever turns your motor.

      • This Texan Has Had Enough

        STEVE:What a rude comment!

    48. Frank Thoughts

      America seems a sad place: all we can do is pray for you and hope the cleansing, when it comes, is swift and merciful.

    49. Townsaver

      Send in the clowns…

    50. Poon Tang

      Riots are a real good time to even the score with those who have been attacking us for decades. MSM at the top of the list.

    51. Chimera

      I would also add to the list of the continued uprising islam and implementation of sharia law.

    52. nightshiftsucks

      This guy is a joke,if the US which is the largest economy in the world goes down then every country will go down.

    53. Weedhopper

      If you are serious about food storage and you live in a city, make sure you stock up on good quality rat traps. My city in the Mid-Atlantic doesn’t allow hunting, but we have TONS of squirrels. I just screw a rat trap to my pecan tree about four feet off the ground and bait it with peanut butter. It takes less than an hour to kill a squirrel…and the neighbors are non the wiser. Thinking outside the box will keep meat in the crock pot.

    54. sunshine

      Off topic: please go to and read about the rancher in Nevada that has been battling the BLM…there are two articles…once just posted. The cattleman is Cliven D. Bundy, and he is to be greatly admired in how he has been fighting this battle…as he says, it is not just about him…in involves everyones right of freedom…the cattle are on about 600,000 acres and the BLM is there with lots of people and equipment to get them and plan to sell them…well, it is a story you must read…plenty of videos too…here is hoping the people in Nevada will rally to his side…the BLM has a “roped” off area for people to gather that may come to protest…it is their “free speech” zone allowed by the feds.???? I am just becoming aware of this situation…would be nice if Mac would give it further publicity…

    55. Truth avenger

      And so IT begins. If you still have not put the puzzle pieces of the “Ukraine drama”, flight 370, in combination with the “Syria/Iran drama” into their appropriate place “within the puzzle board”, then you will be caught with your panties around your ankles.

      OUR current situation is going BALLISTIC, in more ways than one.

      The “DAY” many have prepped for, anticipated, feared, and dreaded will be a NEWS HEADLINE VERY, VERY, SOON. 90 day window MAX. If “you” are still “short” of particular preps, COMPLETE THEM NOW!

      For any/all that still believe the U.S. Dollar will “save the day” due to it’s status TODAY, “YOU” will be blind-sided and left with NOTHING!

      • Late to the Party

        I feel as though we are so late to the prepping party that we won’t survive a week. I confess, I am losing sleep over it. My husband isn’t as worried but I more than make up for it. I (we) have been educating myself in every area I (we) can; Learning to garden, use a weapon, storing food, moved to a rural spot, keeping animals, etc.etc…But we are nowhere near ready. I guess I am looking for something kinda definitive in terms of absolute basics that we must have. So, can you suggest a resource or five possibly? I know it is late, I know, I know….but every little thing helps at this point. I am kicking myself for not moving sooner but I just didn’t wake up. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and now, here we are, with 6 children and some of them very young and one with health issues and I am too much of a lady to be caught with my undies down.

        I guess I want a list of ‘must haves’ and then a list of ‘must learn’. Suggestions?

        • lonelonemum

          If you are just starting out then go right back to basics

          1. Water – do you have a way of obtaining clean water?

          A water filter, chemical tablets, and a method of boiling in the event of a power cut covers off this basic life requirement 3 ways.

          2. Shelter – how secure is your home?

          In an emergency how would you get back from work to home ?(think about roadblocks, alternate routes, keeping a pair of walking shoes in your desk/car boot etc).

          If it isn’t secure do you have somewhere else to go?

          3. Food – look up Tess Pennants 52 weeks of prepping guide on the left hand link on this site or google for the Organic preppers 3 month pantry builder. Either of these guides will get you started.

          If it helps ease your fears think of building a pantry like your Grandma had to start with. Extra staples that you eat anyway put away in case of a bad money month or a short term weather event.

          4. Medical – do you have any pre-existing conditions? How would you cope if your regular doctor was unable to prescribe your regular medication for a month, 3, 6 months?

          Once you’ve done this, then think about building a basic first aid kit.

          5. Sanitation and hygiene.
          I know there are a lot of gun nuts on the site, but actually poor sanitation and hygiene causes more deaths in emergency situations around the globe than bullets ever do. Don’t die for the sake of contracting something totally preventable like cholera. Lice, vermin and general pestilence always increase in shtf conditions.

          Start with how you will keep your body and clothes clean, and then move onto the home.

          A few rat/mouse traps, a way of ridding your family of hair/body lice and a generous supply of soap and toothpaste will help ensure your family aren’t totally miserable. (Food always tastes best when your protein isn’t derived from weevils and women are always happier when we can keep ourselves fresh during Aunt Flo’s visits).

          5. Security – there’s a lot on these forums about guns and the like. being in the UK, I’m not best placed to advise you here.

          Keep it all simple. Aim to secure supplies for the above for just one week. Then when you’ve done that for a month, then 3 then 6 and so on.

          If you are thinking about acquiring skills then I think everyone should just start with a basic scratch cooking and first aid course and then build from there depending upon their own strengths. (If you can cook basic food dishes then learning to make soap is a doddle for example). Technical types might progress to ham radio, practical sorts to a paramedic course etc. In a true disaster being able to entertain the children and injured is very valuable.

          • Late to the Party

            Thank you…your response is encouraging as I can see I am on the right path in some areas but do need to shore up lots of others. There is just so much to do.

          • JohnFornaro

            Nice, short, concise list there, Lonelonemum.

        • Truth avenger

          @ Late to the Party: You do not need a rural off the grid location. What you will need are the Basics.

          Food, water, necessary and potentially beneficial medicines, defense (two firearms/ammo is better than nothing regardless of caliber and one is like none/two is like one). If semi autos, as many additional FACTORY magazines as possible.

          lonelonemum has done a fine job of describing the OTHER necessities. Remember, whatever preps you have puts you FAR AHEAD of the vast majority. DO IT TODAY, DO IT TOMORROW, and keep DOING IT until the opportunity is gone!

          • Late to the Party

            We are rural but still do not have the garden producing and our animals are young, so we don’t get anything in that respect yet.

            I have emergency medical experience (EMT).

            I think my biggest concern is experience in gardening, raising and keeping of animals. I hope I get the time needed to better understand how it all works.

            Additional magazines…didn’t think of that.

      • JohnFornaro

        There certainly are a lot of “puzzle pieces” these days, such as the drama in Ukraine, Assad and Al-Q’s continued murder spree in Syria, the “lost” airliner (I lost my pocketknife a couple of months ago, so I know how frustrating it must be to lose a plane), ObamaCare, NASA’s inability to launch Americans into low Earth orbit, the new Supreme Court decision to give the dollar power over the individual, and on and on and on.

        It’s like a puzzle of the polar bear on an iceberg in a blizzard, except we don’t even have the picture on the box to go by. And both sides of the puzzle pieces are white.

        Glad to see that so many other people already know the solution to the puzzle, and that until April 7, at 5:56pm, it had not yet begun. But now it has.

        I guess I’d better check my undies. Shoot. They’re on my blind side!

    56. Incriminally Sane

      The things written in this article are misleading in that the scenario’s given show what it be like if the government was a legitimate one and not wanting to kill it’s own population. When this collapse happens, they will be searching for dissenters to kill and others to re-educate for their personal slaves and many will be confused and think they must kill each other to survive this coming chaos but if we all get educated as to why these things are happening, we can all work together towards a common goal of eliminating the cause of this turmoil in America. Educate your friends, relatives and others of this coming catastrophe and just who, how and why these people stand to literally gain the world from your demise. education is the key to getting this world back to a sense of normalcy.

    57. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      As you see the Controllers of the US Government are itching to get into a conflict, any conflict as an excuse to keep their fleecing scam going. Or as a mask, to hide their incompetence all to keep Americans distracted, just like the alleged aircraft that hit the Pentagon, the exact same wing where they were missing several trillions of dollars. After 9-11 that fleecing scandal disappeared. Coincidence or convenience?? The State Dept IG just announced several billion of dollars unaccountable money missing. Coincidence or Convenience? Get ready.. They need some conflict to take American’s eyes off their ineptness. Folks, Public hangings are in order.

    58. josh bennett

      Have you heard of this SIRT thing? I am wanting to train at home and teach my wife and kids about pistol safety but I live in the city and there isn’t an indoor range nearby.

      I heard about it on this video then did some checking…

      any thoughts?

      • Nimrod Hunter

        My CCL instructor recommended that we all get one. We handled one in class. It has a substantial feel.

        He suggested that we just practice around the house when watching TV or otherwise wasting time…

    59. lonelonemum

      off topic:-

      A really nice free science course for homeschoolers

      It’d be good as so many of us here homeschool our kids or grandkids if we could shout out when we come across a useful resource. Especially those that encourage critical thinking.

    60. Nimrod Hunter

      Oh how I would have loved such a thing when I was a kid…

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