Transhumanist Candidate Wants “Brain Implants to Manage Violent Actions of Prisoners”… And Society

by | Jul 27, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 55 comments

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    Sub Skin Microchip Turns Humans Into Nothing More Than Walking UPC Codes

    Maybe the solution to all crime is more surveillance and direct control over the minds of all prisoners, anyone marked with violent tendencies and ultimately everyone in society.

    That’s what one futurist is proposing, as he runs on a political platform based around psycho-physical state control over mind and body.

    Zoltan Istvan, presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party, thinks that prisoners would be better motivated to obey the law if the death penalty were abolished, and it be replaced by implanting a surveillance brain chip that notify the law and can even deploy a “tranquiliser triggered to block violent behavior.

    Of course, once it becomes legal to control the brains of one sector of society (convicted criminals), the rest of society may follow, each with their own rationales and justifications that make using spy chips inside the brain somehow acceptable.

    It is a scenario ripped straight from the plot of A Clockwork Orange, where the ethics and finer points of behaviorism are put into practice as prison-reform-via-mind-control, in turn packaged neatly for political debates and electioneering. According to the International Business Times:

    Brain implants able to manage out-of-control tempers and violent actions of prisons were suggested to minimise crime rates in the United States and as alternative for death penalty, according to Zoltan Istvan. The futurist and presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party, Istvan suggested that the technology could be a near-term alternative for criminals on death row and might be considered sufficient punishment.

    “Violent crime is a version of mental disease,” Istvan stated in an article published in Motherboard, suggesting conducting brain alterations to prisoners could change behaviour and attitudes of criminals into decent members of society.  The brain implants would work as a surveillance device that could monitor or possibly control each action of the prisoner with a tranquiliser triggered if violent behaviour is reported or attempted by the inmate.

    But, of course, the story isn’t limited to just murderers and the worst violent offenders with career prison sentences.

    You knew that.

    The full solution proposed here would come only at the hand of further deep-seated government control over the entire population.

    Of course. Why not?

    No one can ever be safe without giving up total control, right?

    Implants should also be put in the brains of law abiding citizens, according to Istvan who is advocating a transhumanist platform for society.

    This would serve as an emergency alert to authorities that they are experiencing a trauma (where a crime may be taking place), theoretically cutting back on the number of criminals who would be willing to follow through with the crimes if they knew they’d get caught.

    Trauma alert implant should also be in the brain of citizens, a device that sends signal to alert authorities directly from the brain if someone is experiencing trouble or trauma, he proposed. The surveillance enhancement would reduce criminal rates rapidly in the future, Istvan said.

    “If people knew they were going to be caught, crime would drop noticeably … violent criminals will be caught far more frequently than now, especially if we have some type of trauma alert implant in people,” he said.

    Already, consumers are buying mood altering devices that change brain waves, while the Obama Administration has funded deep research into brain tinkering and engineering.

    “So the technology to change behaviour and alter the brain isn’t science fiction,” he stated. The article indicated that U.S. President Barack Obama’s brain initiative focused to treat the involuntary movements associated with Parkinson’s disease and improving deep brain stimulation or by developing new technology.

    Simply formula, really: Keep the status quo, instituted by the power monopoly of the state. Do nothing to change unfair systematic economic and socio-political problems; let known cheats and liars continue to operate a rigged game.

    Then, keep tabs on everyone, and push a few buttons to make everyone afraid – not only to commit crimes and hurt other people – but afraid to speak out or stand out at all. Right to bear arms? Not a good idea, especially if it means arms in the hands of people who are quick to anger, or capable of violent tendencies at all.

    Use a few consumer incentives to keep everyone in line, and keep pushing the pleasure button, the artificial happiness button, and keep the information about what is really going on swept under the carpet so that everyone learns to love their servitude.

    Yeah, what else could go wrong?


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      1. Would you rather have a free bottle of beer in front of me, or a prefrontal lobotomy???

        • EPPE:
          I’ll take a Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper or a cup of coffee. thank you. No Lobotomies for me. I made my mind up on that one.

          • Mr. Roboto has arrived ……

            • Affirmative.

          • I want he beer in front of me , thanks.

            Are lobotomies option?
            I wanna go to mars as a secret agent……..

            • I could type out what I think they should do with those implants, but it would burn many people’s eye out just reading it…so I’ll just leave it to y’all’s imagination…

          • Northern Reb, I’ll also accept the same. No lobotomies for braveheart ever. MOLON LABE

        • I’d rather have a bottle in front o’ me than a frontal lobotomy.

          As for “Zoltan” (an obvious fruitcake), he and Kurzweil can be the test subjects for these brainal implants.

        • Just the beer eppe,just the beer.

      2. They can kiss my ass for sure on trying crap like this!!!

      3. Hmmmm….,and I want a Ferrari,the answer two both wants is tough luck!

      4. Sounds like a movie I saw…

        The more I read, the less I trust, the less I trust the bigger caliber I carry…

        works for me????

        • Clockwork Orange ?

          • Time for your..nine O’clock medication…….

        • 1vet, if anyone comes toward me with a needle, chip, or any of that shit, they get a nice dose of ‘lead nutrients’.

      5. This all seems reasonable.

        It should be started on Muslims and Blacks first, that’s where the problem is.

        Outside of those two groups there isn’t enough of a problem to merit the effort.

        • Anon, I’d settle for just giving each one a bullet to the head. Much easier and faster.

          • Once again it’s braveheart living in his make believe world of ” bad guys” who are all going to have ” accidents” if they try to do braveheart harm. Jesus man, can you ever think to say anything else outside of your ridiculous Walter Mitty fantasies?

        • Maybe a can’t tell a lie chip in all the politicians would work.

      6. Welcome to Manchurian global. See the movie Manchurian Candidate, thats how it’s done.

        • The manchurian candidate was programed to commit murders on cue.

        • HCKS, I’ve seen that movie and feel like we’re living in that one. Have you ever seen “Seven Days In May”? Now there’s one I wouldn’t mind coming true, if only to rid us of TPTB and start over from scratch.

          • BH,
            the way things are going we might just get that next month .

            Semper Fi

      7. Its fun to laugh at this stupid ass now , but wait till it gains traction in the next decade.
        We all laughed at anti gunners ten years ago , and we laughed at transgender and gays ten years ago , yet look at how the left has managed to elevate the dysfunction.

        Pay attention , soon these folks will be using implants for made up stuff like ADHD or just being depressed or a free thinker .
        These things gain traction.

        • @ TEST
          You got this , run with it .

      8. Looks like the flash frequencies on CNN and Fox is not having the desired effects. Every time they full a false flag, everyone goes on David Hodges website for the real answers to what really happened..Agency azz clowns posting thing that they can dumbs us done on here. They seem to really concerned about me in particular for some reason. These jokers coming on here thinking that attacking me will simply shut me up taking crap about my grammar.

        • HCKS-
          The grammar don’t amount to a hill of beans if the message rings true…you’re ok…

        • HCKS, I don’t care about your grammar. I can decipher your posts and I enjoy them. Carry on!

        • HCKS you may be to dumb to writ Englash but don’t worry about it, cause most of them that agree with you are to dumb to know the difference. Just tell us some more stuff about that scientist.

        • I understand you just fine.

          • You would.

      9. Wonder if brain transplants might help Hillary to tell the truth… for once. Or maybe find her “lost” emails.

        • Anon, Hillary makes Pinnochio look honest.

      10. If this brain implanting went down, they would not need jails anymore because the criminals would die fighting before going to jail. I know I would.

      11. 2018: DOD has engineered a implantable brain chip which elevates a soldiers aggressive behavior. Which will reduce fear, anxiety and morality allowing indiscriminate killing to further the scorched earth policies of the us military.
        Read More

        The future looks bright

      12. Welly welly welly well little brutha’s, they’ll try to make a pain in your Gulliver with this one, meantime, I’m off for some fun and games with me droogies!

      13. Fail. There would be a disproportionate impact on the “urban entrepreneurial” class, so it would be racissst.

      14. “Zolton”
        You gotta love it.

        They’ll be watching you on the Trauma-Rama Meter!
        If you’re chipped you’ll need to get all Zen and stay calm when you commit a crime, so you don’t send a signal & alert the authorities.

        Like George Castanza and the lie detector:
        “It’s not a lie if you believe it, Jerry.”

      15. my body is my temple.

        nobody f*ck’s with my temple.

        sound body sound mind, don’t let them poison your body with the Zog Vampires – Mark of the Beast.

        the human body central nervous system is electrical naturally, when people start implanting disruptive foreign body electronics into the human body the body’s natural auto-immune system is compromised, disease and cancer soon follows.

      16. This freak has seen Spielberg’s THX1138 a few too many times.

        Anybody seriously suggesting behavioral modification brain implants is a threat to all of humanity, and need to be permanently institutionalized.

        • AC, 2 bullets to the freak’s head and be done with it. I wouldn’t even want that damned thing to be alive.

          • Ok braveheart, step right up to the plate, go ahead and put those 2 bullets right in his head. You’re forever going on about people having ” accidents” and serving up your ” lead nutrients”, so go ahead and do it, or is it all just so much hot air. No need to reply, we already know the answer.

      17. Hammerhead it just shows how far the world has fallen from grace. I hate this world I’m supposed to as a christian. It’s a joke all of it. Gays getting married years ago fags got an ass beating now they are beating the ass of the morally upright. Bad is good and good is bad now. Have you ever been driving in your car and saw a woman walking down the sidewalk in short shorts and she turns around and she is the ugliest thing you ever saw. Looks good from far but it’s far from good.

        • Those chicks always look beautiful at the end of a nights heavy drinking but what a shocker come sunrise… Ewwwww!

      18. Remember what happened in the movie, “Young Frankenstein”. The good Dr. implanted Abby Normal’s brain into the monsters head. Well, you know what happens next. Ha Ha Ha. So whose “normal” brain are we gonna use for transplants?

      19. More and more I am w8ndering when they are going to be rolling out the three sea shell initiative….I mean it was funny back in the late 90s but then Arnold actually became a governor, the self drive cars are here…but man I really don’t like taco bell….I am going to see if I can find that vhs tape and watch that movie…or maybe ill just turn on the news…..

      20. Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI brain scan) can determine if one is a sociopath/psychopath.

        We’ve been lied to and told that’s not true, but it is true… assuming the person doing the brain scan reading isn’t a sociopath/psychopath. Many S/P’s have clean background records and driving history so those aren’t always accurate indicators of these mental disorders.

        But if a person has a history/pattern of bad behaviors they should have to undergo a (non-invasive) fMRI, along with the written test/psychological evaluation and if they are definitely determined to be a S or P they should immediately be locked up… behind prison walls the rest of their lives, spending their days contributing in some way, instead of getting a free ride, ie. making license plates, etc.

        Many of today’s leaders, politicians and lawyers, especially high-profile lawyers, are psychopaths.

        I’d be happy as a clam if they were incarcerated and forced into menial labor because they didn’t pass their fMRI brain scan. They should be required to take these tests before being allowed to run for office, but that will never happen…. not while the fox is in charge of the hen-house.

        Take away their power, especially the power of TPTB and get the S/P’s out of positions of power and off the streets and that alone will solve MANY societal problems and significantly reduce crime.

        • I’ve never heard so much BS in one comment in my entire life.

          The reason we have Constitutional Rights and Due Process, is so that our entire lives do not depend on somebody’s “interpretations.” Imprisoning people and subjugating them to a lifetime of servitude over a bran scan? WTF? How could you even suggest such a stupid idea?

          Not to mention the fact that you’d be opening the door for them to enslave everyone else they “deemed” needed enslaved.

          Can you put down the JD and THINK for a moment?

      21. Do you remember that guy in Scanners and what happened to his head?



      23. People have been dealing with the “bad” side of life as since the beginning of time. Only a fool thinks he can control another person’s evil desires. Only a bigger fool would fund it.

        • Right WE. Because (imo) they’re either born with a genetic predisposition to evilness and something in their childhood environment activates/triggers the evil OR they’re just born evil and will be evil no matter how nurturing their environment, without ever being exposed to dysfunction.

          Plain and simple. You can’t fix crazy.

      24. mental people have been brain manipulated with medications for decades. Before that, they were simply lobotomised. No difference. Just one more BS articles written to scare people. Billions of ordinary people gladly and willingly take medications to day to treat depression and so on. No difference. Me, I’d gladdly welcome brain implants to control behavior. People are simpy out of control. Where I live in a poor area, the poor are going out of their minds: music ALL THE TIME, DAY AND NIGHT. Homless eveyrwhere and crazies. People MUST be contorlled. People are controlled anyhow, via the cradit called “money”.

      25. Jct: I think it’s politicians like him who are in obvious need of brain implants.

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