Training Our Replacements: “Bionic Barrista Will Terminate Millions Of Jobs”

by | Feb 3, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 155 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: The coming age of automation will threaten every existing job in this country. There are two directions it could go – new levels of human ingenuity and adaption; or a new wave of government dependency wherein nearly everyone relies upon government or privately-sponsored “universal living wages” in order to survive. Without a purpose or gainful employment, the vine of creativity, learning, and progress could wither.

    How will millions of truckers laid off by driverless transportation and delivery cope? Or waitresses outsourced by tablets and iphone orders? Or baristas when coffee is served by machine, and attitude is no longer a premium service? How many offices and industries will keep their human forces? What exactly will humans be better at than robots? What happens to individual sovereignty, and individual rights then?

    Meet The “Bionic Barrista” Whose Mission Is To Terminate Millions Of Minimum Wage Jobs

    by Tyler Durden

    Tired of your barista giving you attitude, spitting in your coffee if you only mention Trump, or misspelling your name on your morning cup of joe? Surely a robot could do better. Well, we are about to find out, because on Monday, Cafe X opened its very first robotic cafe in San Francisco’s Metreon shopping center Digital Trends reports. Promising “precision crafted specialty coffee in seconds, the way the roaster intended,” Cafe X thinks that anything a human can do, its machines can do better. Or rather just one machine.

    Nicknamed Gordon, after a Cafe X employee, this robot mans, or robots, two standard professional coffee machines in order to serve up espressos and lattes. In the San Francisco location, customers can grab a cup of coffee with beans from AKA Coffee, Verve Coffee Roasters, or Peet’s. While the coffee itself may not make Cafe X stand out from the competition, the startup hopes that the robot’s efficiency and utility will.

    And it surely will, because while its name may be Gordon, its title is the “bionic barrista” and its primary mission is to terminate millions of minimum wage jobs around the globe, boosting the bottom line for major coffee chains everywhere, whose growth has plateaued and who are desperate to cut on overhead costs. Already the average Cafe X coffee costs more than 10%, or 40 cents less than a similar drink at Starbucks. With greater scale the price will only drop.

    While offering clear savings for the business, there will be some tradeoffs – introducing automation and robotics into food service will reduce costs and increase efficiency at the expense of customization and a “human touch.” Some companies – and clients – may prefer a personal experience to an efficient one, or a customized product. The company behind Gordon, however, disagrees: “There’s a lot of work that goes into great coffee. The Cafe X system is designed for humans and robots to collaborate,” Cafe X explains on its websites. “Smart robotics and machine learning working autonomously allows our operations team to focus on sourcing and using fresh ingredients, maintaining extremely high hygiene standards, and ensuring a great customer experience with every single interaction.”  According to Cafe X, a great customer experience involves efficiency and replicability. “By being automated, we guarantee every cup of coffee you are served from a Cafe X machine is how the roaster intended you to enjoy their coffee,” Cafe X CEO Henry Hu told CNET.

    For clients, the efficiency improvements and passed-through cost savings will likely more than offset any loss of a “human touch” – you can order your cup of coffee ahead of time with the Cafe X mobile app and even schedule a pickup time, if you want. Thanks to the robot’s artificial intelligence software, your pre-orders are taken into consideration alongside walk-in orders to ensure that no one is waiting for too long. And with a single robot capable of making 100 to 120 cups of coffee in an hour, you likely won’t be waiting long at all.

    And since bionic barristas not only do not expect a weekly paycheck, but need no healthcare of benefits, the choice for Howard Schultz’ replacement is clear. Oh, and to those 10,000 refugees who had hoped to get a job at Starbucks, our condolences.

    Watch “Gordon” in action here:

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. We are rapidly reaching the point of technically induced political destabilization. If machines manufacture who purchases? If no one purchases then there is no demand for manufacturing. No nation is more at risk to this destabilization as China that in effect has but one resource, the bottomless pit of cheap Asian manpower. Dragging a couple of generations out of the rice patty into the factory only to return them back because a robot made them obsolete does not good government make.

        If people re obsolete then they are no longer needed.

        Agenda 21

        • and so the de-population begins by getting the stupes to kill them selves off in civil war!!


          • Got your GOLD and SILVER: Another Blow to the Worthless US DOLLAR.

            Iran Just Officially Ditched The Dollar In Major Blow To US: Here’s Why It Matters

            By: Alice Salles / AntiMedia Following President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the Iranian government announced it would stop using the U.S. dollar “as its currency of choice in its financial and foreign exchange reports,” the local Financial Tribune reported.

            Iran governor Valiollah Seif’s central bank announced the decision in a television interview on January 29. The change will take effect on March 21, and it will impact all official financial and foreign exchange reports.

            “Iran’s difficulties [in dealing] with the dollar,” Seif said, “were in place from the time of the primary sanctions and this trend is continuing,” but when it comes to other currencies, he added, “we face no limitations.”

            Read more

            Trump needs to Dump Terrorists Israel and we won’t be facing Terrorist Attacks from Islam. I trust Iran over Israel. I trust Russia over Israel. Neither Iran nor Russia has attacked us. Israel Attacks us every day. The enemy from within. We need a Jew Ban. Boycott every Jew Business. Dump your TV Cable Lie TV, Boycott the Superbowl. Its Gutter half time entertainment is a disgrace. Lefty Political Lady Gaga BS. Glorifying BLM. Take a knee and boycott it.

            • Robots are the future. Can work 24/7, don’t get tired, don’t need sleep, no lunch breaks. I’m surprised it isn’t happening at a faster rate.

              • The top 10% are out to Murder at least 75% of the human population.
                -War-Nuclear War-Civil War-Race War. Turning people against one another.
                -GMO Food. processed food.
                -Legal drugs and illegal drugs
                -Toxins in city water systems
                -Vaccinations. Flu shots.
                These are a few of the methods the “Elite/Bilderbergs” will murder you and your children.

                Look up The Georgia Guide Stones.
                Look up Obama’s Science Czar’s book he co authored.
                ***They are telling you their plans to exterminate you.
                But you can’t accept that they are serious and NEVER give up.
                Bilderbergs-NWO-UN Agenda 21, ALL are out to murder you.

                If someone tells me they are going to kill me. I believe them.
                I deal with them according to their stated intention.
                I would suggest you take the above groups Stated Intention Seriously.
                It is your Life. Your children’s Life. That is what is at stake.

                The obama-hillary camp, controlled puppets WANT a Nuclear War with Russia.
                They want USA and Russia to destroy each other.
                Then arises the Beast. Ordo AB chao. Order out of Chaos, Freemason.

            • Zeus:

              Other attacks include an attack upon one of our ships where thirty four American young men were murdered and hundreds badly injured. Why don’t you ever hear about this?? Because they own the television. They own Google. They own Wikipedia. They own the money. They own communications. They own you. They own your children. The first thing to know about these people is that they believe in slavery. They believe they have a right to do whatever they want to us. They believe they have the right to be our masters, to be supreme, and for us to take whatever they dish out.

              I say, fuck Em.

              We don’t have to cower and grovel to them any more. They have targets on their backs now. They better get right.



              • Spot on B from CA

                the main problem is getting the GDP ( Generally Dumb Public ) to recognize the fact they are nothing but indentured servants to wallstreet & the globalist banking system as well as the Communists in the US political system. They refuse to see the light. In some ways a Civil War would be a good thing to thin the herd of these mindless useful idiots.

          • Refuse to do biz in places with robots. too many other places with personal service. Mom and Pop places best. A time in history to remain child free, no future for the younger folks that’s a given.

            • A store I shop at HAD those self checkout lanes. I refused to use them as did a lot of others. Guess what? They are all gone now lol 🙂

        • Greetings, fuckwits

          Relocated and comin at you live from a tropical island

          Languages here are english spanish and french

          catching up on the news

          looks like i missed a lot

          iran and berkley

          • This is BS. Everybody thought vending machines whould take away the jobs too. Ok maybe the “Candy n Cigarettes” Girl’s job want away. How many jobs are created who make thw robotics machinery? Anybody who pays $5-$7 for afriggin cup of coffee is an idiot amyway. Boycotting Starbucks is underway since they are unAmerican by announcing they are hiring 10,000 illegals. Illegals talw more jobsa away from Amwricans than Robotics. NAFTA KILLED more Jobs than Robotics
            Obama killed more jobs than robotics. Another whiney article with little substance. I make my own coffee. So am I being blamed for talking a job? How many Marriages have been ruined by robotic dildos? Now there is an article to write about if you want to talk about robotics.

            Robotics runs MacDonalds. This is nothing new. Their food sucks with little nutrition. Im so skeeered.

            • ” How many jobs are created who make thw robotics machinery? ”

              Exactly. Robots build the robots.

            • Zeus, I agree but I still don’t care for the idea of robots doing any damn thing that humans can do. I also avoid Starbucks and McDonalds. Anything in my preps beats mcdonalds hands down.

              • Uh.. Robots and machinery are force multipliers to improve efficiency and save time, and move product faster than any human. I guess if you want to trade your 12 Gauge shotgun in for a Bag of rocks to hurl when a treat approaches you go ahead. I will take the tools of machinery and mechanics any day to improve my life. Go try to plow an acre field with a shovel vs a tractor and plow. See how that works out for ya. Shoveling will take you a few months vs a few hours with a tractor.

          • OK Acid, I am guessing the Lesser Antilles – Guadeloupe or Martinique, St Martin? lol

          • Eisen, good to hear from you and congratulations on your move. Yeah, you missed a LOT. But we’re all still alive, kickin, and still stacking.

            • Brave, he only went there in his mind, he’s still in his mommy’s basement. Trekker Out.

              • MTrekker is a whiney Zionist hiding in his Mommy’s basement.

                ****This is Huge News – Japan Preparing “Package” To Create 700,000 US Jobs Ahead Of Trump Meeting


                We were skeptical when two days ago we reported that Japan was contemplating investing some of the hundreds of billions of pension savings held in its massive, $1+ trillion GPIF pension fund into US infrastructure projects, a story which the GPIF itself quickly denied. However, we were all too clear about the motives behind this proposal trial ballooned by Prime Minister Abe: appease Trump in any way possible during next week’s, Feb. 10 meeting between Japan and the US, to avoid being labeled a currency manipulator (which Japan certainly is with a central bank balance sheet roughly the same size as its GDP) so that Japan’s QE, the backbone of Abenomics, can continue. If that included make ridiculously impossible promises, so be it.

                Which is why we were not surprised to read today that as the latest incarnation of the “Appease Trump” proposal, Japan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, Reuters reports.

                The focus is, once again, on US infrastructure investment only this time the GPIF does not feature among the sources of funds. The five-part package, to be unveiled when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visits Trump on Feb. 10 in Washington, envisage investments in infrastructure projects such as high-speed trains and cybersecurity

                • I’m a bold loud Gentile standing on top of the Mountain looking for some anti Semitic self proclaimed Greek gods to dispatch, but there is only Snow, No thunder or lighting to be found. Trekker Out

          • Berkeley, fuckwit. Nice to have you back.


        • Think outside-the-box! Need to combine technologies like Uber and the Bionic Barrista. Not only is the coffee making automated, but it can deliver itself!

          Should work with Pizza too!

          • Orion, that episode of The Twilight Zone is my favorite along with “The Shelter”. The message in it is just as true today as it ever was in the past.

      2. Kevin2

        Great analysis. You summed that up real quick. I remember the leftist screaming the same thing just before O left the office.

        Its Friday!

      3. This won’t bother me. I don’t drink coffee!

        • Sgt. Dale

          Its not the coffee, its the technology. Never has it came so fast and with it changes in society.

          • Kevin2, that technology will fail. Not feasible long-term.

            • I’m not looking at that technology application but rather its incorporation in manufacturing. As I have seen its feasibility is increasing.

        • Sgt. Dale, I gotta have my java, but NEVER from any stinkin robot. The experiment with robots will fail. There are ways to stop them.

        • We’ve had this for years at the local gas stations… Push the button and out comes the coffee!

          • Many years ago, I worked for a time with vending machines. The coffee machine was the worst about vending coffee without a cup dropping. It was also the nastiest machine, because of the sugar, creamer, and coffee spilling. I hated emptying the overflow bucket and cleaning the machine. Even if I liked coffee, I wouldn’t drink any from a vending machine.

      4. This is so silly.

        People go to Starbucks and buy $6 coffee for the social interaction. Perhaps a chance to meet a new lover? They want to go to a robot run shop like they want they want a good case of the plague. Maybe when that robot barista looks like a Russian model and gives unisex head, then maybe people will shop there.

        All of these people could make the same coffee in a minute or two at home with a Kurig for $0.75.

        • Uh, this is nothing new. I think these machines were around in the 50’s and 60’s. And not only could you get coffee in an upside down cup, you could get soup too if you desired.
          So, it doesn’t really matter if it’s back. It didn’t really work before.
          Now I guess the excuse to keep the border open is so the people who will be building the machines can make them bilingual. No, bilingual machines will be building the machines? Si’, so who’s going to buy the coffee?
          I wonder where they are going to put the button on her for the cream or sugar. Not really.

        • A robotic cocksucker is nosubstitute for the real thing.

          • Your thinking the Mk2 model. Try the Mk3. Its better than the real thing. I’ve heard the Mk4 will be able to do you and make coffee simultaneously, without spilling a drop…

        • Idiots go to Starbucks to be abused by the free WiFi Hacking tool to steal all of their banking data.

          • Never never do any banking on wifi even in your own house, use a computer on a direct line. I bank in person and pay most bills in person. Buying items from ebay, etc. we use prepaid Am exp. not connected to any banks.

        • PTPO, I bought 2 kurigs last year, one for home and one for the office. Cheaper than Starbucks and better tasting also. I tried Starbucks ONE time and ended up spitting it out. YUCK!

          • X2!

        • Starbucks will have to effectively become a brothel to pull customers in. The pressure from robotics and automation will mean the edge will go to service businesses that offer a little extra. When every fast food joint is just a bunch of terminals and a food robot, then it will be the one that has a greeter/handjob expert that looks like Maria Sharapova that will get the trade. People are not going to go to the places that have sweaty brown people in headscarves who can barely understand your order. That business model is going to die hard. Equally, a ‘doctor’ who has poor English skills and makes people feel uncomfortable will lose out to a polished and professional diagnostic robot and robot surgeon. These will be much better than most doctors. The whole ‘import the turd world’ business model is going to vanish in the next 10 to 15 years, especially when insurance companies price in the terrorism cost (security, threat, lost lives etc.). It is economics.

        • I tried to instill in my son the ability to fix things or at least understand how they work. I modified an idea from my father who had us disassemble most appliances when they got thrown out to save the fasteners. You learn by exposure how stuff works.

          One skill that will be in demand is fixing things as the subsequent generations, raised on planned obsolescence, have no idea how things work or how to fix them. Unfortunately its a 3rd world employment strategy. As a child of the 1960s early 1970s we were trash pickers. A lawn mower with engine didn’t last 30 seconds out on the street.

          • When I was a kid back in the 50s my grandfather’s car had a dead battery. He jacked up the left rear tire and took it off. He wrapped a 30 foot rope around the studs and, with another adult and two kids, ran with the rope and started the engine. I can’t remember if the tranny was in first or reverse. He was a farmer and could get just about anything working. We were a nation of “can do” back then.

            • We also had mechanical devices that, “Could Be Done”. Today its a chip. I have bypassed PLC Logic and jumped out many interlocks in my day in the power plant but the damn dishwasher mother board owns that machine.

              The most resilient people are farmers and John Deere is at odds with them in essence preventing repair of their equipment without them. Oh so often the ostensible reason is the new religion of “The Environment”.

            • Lost Karma, Most push starts are in 2nd gear. That’s pretty clever thinking your Grand Pops.!! Pull starts, from the axle.

          • In the future, nothing will be repaired. Broken items will be thrown into recycle and replaced with new items.

        • There’s a robotic bricklayer, just keep the bricks and mortar coming, it will work non-stop until the project is completed.

          Lays something like thousands of bricks in 24-hours or something like that. Handles standard red brick and cinder blocks, just program it and provide the footing.

          • Build the Mexican Wall with Robotics. However there is a deadline Trump put on the DHS of 2 years to get it done. Ready Go. creating a wall making robot would take 2 years just to design. Man up Up you Mex’s get busy.

            Poetic justice would make all the Illegals that sneaked into America to build the wall. Get busy you criminals.

            • The robotic bricklayer is already built, it’s in use here and there.

              You can’t build enough of them to make the Wall, though, and brick is not a good choice for a real barrier.

      5. The Horn and Hardart Automat. East coast, 1950’s – 1970’s, maybe 1980’s.
        Vending Machines.
        (There’s an ad for a frozen yoghurt robot vending machine).

        At Hardees they had a robo-drink maker.

        The big problem is the minimum wage. at $7 (+ labor tax), you hire baristas, at $15 you replace them with robots.

        • The fight for 15 – now fully automated…

      6. I’ve said many time on this site, this is going to happen.
        We need to figure out how to deal with all these people that no longer have employment and aren’t smart enough to work in this technology. Most people are virtual idiots, and can’t even comprehend what a PID loop is, much less design/tune a stable PID
        My favorite coffee is Seattles best coffee and an Analog robot fixes my coffee, she has been very expensive, she is nice to have around, the only problem is she does as she damn well pleases most the time, spends my money, and generally thinks she is the boss.

        • It’s not the initial investment, it’s the maintenance.

          • And then the Grid Crashes, EMP or whatever, and No electricity to run the robots. Yes you will all be out of Jobs in a flash. Nobody talks about the energy that is needed to run them. The electricity, oils, hydraulic fluid, maintenance, parts, Time and shipping costs to get more parts if you can even get them.

            For about $6 to $7 You can buy 2 Lbs of Folgers Coffee already grounded that will last for several months of daily coffee. Teach a man to fish..

            Besides, I want to make my own food and drinks, and then I know what is in them. Not somebody’s Big Honking Spit Goober from the back, laughing every time you take a bite or drink of the food they just made you. Fast food burger flippers are well known for that.

        • A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller) is a control loop feedback mechanism (controller) commonly used in industrial control systems.

          hahahahaha i still don’t know what it is.

          think I’ll go back to my treadle sewing machine to finish my dress.

          • Remember the Bugs Bunny cartoons with the little Martian that was going to blow up the world with his Modulator-Demodulator Ray Gun?

            That was the inside joke, the Modem had just been invented, the cartoon folks liked the name and used it.

            Now we all know what a Modem is, or rather, used to be.

        • “smart enough to work in this technology”

          Are you stupid or something because i work in technology and program system and us programmers are now running ms-windows that is little more than a remote terminal for microsoft and we are ten levels away from the CPU and machine code.

          I still earn good money but i was earning more twenty years ago with half my current skill set back then so “us smart people” will be replaced too or did you think us sys-admins are stil in change when windows is locking us out of the registry and file system.

          Man has become the weak link in computing and computers work better when they are talking to each other without any help from humands and you should try to bring yourself upto date before thinking so big about yourself

          Sorry but you had to be told

          • You obviously aren’t a designer. I built, programmed, repaired first of its kind prototype stuff requiring real time operating systems. No Windows. Windows is generally useless in a real time environment. If you are dealing with robots they are real time things. You need VHDL, C, and in some cases Assembly language skills. Even industry standard tools such as EPICS and Labview need a real time hardware layer for time critical functions.
            Yes you are correct, man is the weak point in a system. Whenever called upon to correct a problem my first question is ” who touched or did some work on or around the system, and what did they do?”. That question applies to both hardware and software. As for my “arrogance” I spent most my working life in “high tech hardware and software systems” and I think I can safely say most people are idiots when it comes to technology, especially managers.
            People using applications to manage and manipulate data are going to be a dime a dozen as you say. Someone who can figure out if a stripped gear, an encoder, a broken wire, a “NAN”, or a stack overflow, is the problem, is still going to be well paid and in demand. This person is not average and you won’t need a lot of them. So I humbly repeat, what are we going to do with all the “untrainables”( you happier with that term?), when there is no more work for them?

        • rellik

          I agree with your opinion of much of the workforce but there simply isn’t enough employment in the technical fields even if you had staffing. Increasing technology further reduces the necessity of human beings in “the loop”.

          I see a global effort to reduce individuality to such a point that civilization becomes a de-facto insect colony. 1984 was meant to be a futuristic novel not a templet for society.

          • K2
            You grasp!
            Most the time on this site we deal with preparing for
            survival from black swan events or some sort of man
            caused warfare/manipulation. I like the discussion of how
            to survive in a brave new world as it evolves to
            where ever we are going.
            Personally I think we will go the “I robot” route
            as opposed to the “Terminator” way of going.
            AI and Fuzzy logic was fun in school. Who knows
            where it will end up?

      7. Hey Genius. How about a repost of the homemade kahlua recipe please. Time to restock. Cats must have drank up the old stuff. It was there. I saw it. I noticed they have been bullying the mice lately.

      8. We are rapidly heading towards this science fiction future where robots populate servile positions and become defacto slaves in a new world order community. Now if artificial intelligence improves, these “slaves” may not be as happy with their new positions as we are.

        Meanwhile idle hands are the devil’s workshop nearly everyone will be members of the card-carrying EBT non-working class.

        As the controls kick in and the rest of the cage drops down , what once seemed like a dream come true , free food , free housing , free money , etc. won’t be quite so free anymore . There will be limits imposed on movement , quantity of product received , civil obedience , and other things that are not controlled now .

        Talk about an Orwellian society .

        No reason to get up in the morning anymore . Nothing to do all day except have sex and cause problems . Can mandatory birth-control and/or sterilization before behind ?


      9. O..M..G..!!! the world is truly near its end!! “bionic barristas”?? what next?
        I get it…worried about our livelyhoods and such, but c’mon guys..would you rather be a coffee server or robotic engineer? there will always be stuff for people to do in order to make a living…even if it means hunting and there’s an idea…

      10. O..M..G..!!! the world is truly near its end!! “bionic barristas”?? what next?
        I get it…worried about our livelihoods and such, but c’mon guys..would you rather be a coffee server or robotic engineer? when the automobile was invented the carriage makers changed jobs. the streets are cleaner for it. There will always be stuff for people to do in order to make a living…even if it means hunting and there’s an idea…

        • “There will always be stuff for people to do in order to make a living”

          Beware the thought process of “always”. Its certainly normality bias.

          • Yes allways work to be done like becoming a brown shirt and working for the state to enforce laws like traffic wardens do today.

            We in the west are worse than Russia was 50 years ago because most of us now work for the state in one form or another and making cheap fag lihters that have been designed to stop working after a week is only adding to the problem.

            I’ve made a good living making money selling shit that no one realy needs and making more shit won’t solve nothing and just adds to the rat race the bankers have us all playing because they control the money, rat food if you like.

        • Its the Low IQ Jobs that will be replaced. And those people can worry about it. Are you the Boss of your own Domain? We read this kind of article, and see if they are a publicly traded company to buy some stock shares in. There will always be more dopes out there sloughing through life on the streets trying to figure out what day it is, than the thinkers in the board room playing chess creating society.

          Anybody out there running their own business or want to open up a business to be successful?? Invest in your-self and your mind daily. Read this Book.

          “Positioning” The Battle for Your Mind: How to Be Seen and Heard in the Overcrowded Marketplace

          by Al Ries, Jack Trout

          The first book to deal with the problems of communicating to a skeptical, media-blitzed public, Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s mind-one that reflects a company’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors. Writing in their trademark witty, fast-paced style, advertising gurus Ries and Trout explain how to:

          Make and position an industry leader so that its name and message wheedles its way into the collective subconscious of your market-and stays there
          Position a follower so that it can occupy a niche not claimed by the leader
          Avoid letting a second product ride on the coattails of an established one.
          Positioning also shows you how to:

          Use leading ad agency techniques to capture the biggest market share and become a household name
          Build your strategy around your competition’s weaknesses
          Reposition a strong competitor and create a weak spot
          Use your present position to its best advantage
          Choose the best name for your product
          Determine when-and why-less is more
          Analyze recent trends that affect your positioning.
          Ries and Trout provide many valuable case histories and penetrating analyses of some of the most phenomenal successes and failures in advertising history. Revised to reflect significant developments in the five years since its original publication, Positioning is required reading for anyone in business today.

          • Positioning, Cont: And if you are a Social Media Guru, that is a wide audience of dope consumers to target. The renters, the inpatient need it now consumers, got to have it, ego buying power play, fills a void of a personal relationship, like cookies and a 2 Ltr bottle of coke bought by the fat lady at 11PM Sat Nt at the store, as she then goes home alone to her 2 cats. Kind of audience. Sheep followers.

            • Bet you all did not know that you as a consumers replaced a lot of Jobs already over the last 30 years. The big push for DYI over the last few decades, ended a lot of Jobs. You see clever businesses thought why not let consumers service themselves instead of some employee / contractor, and Poof you had self-serve gas stations, No guy had to come out and pump your gas in your car for you anymore, wash your windshield check your oil. His job was lost. You fill your soda up yourself at fast food restaurants after you order your food, they hand you an empty cup and you fill it. And they just created a 15 sec efficiency and did not have to pay an employee to fill your cup with soda. This is the same as filling out an application online, You are doing the job the company HR used to do. You have been given empowerment, but you also stole a job, and the company became more efficient and created a larger profit. Its all about tightening up the profits, by passing on the labor to the consumers with self-serve. Self-serve car washes is another example.

              Now everything seems self-serve, like checking yourself out and paying at Walmart. No interaction with a check out gal. And Home Depot, empowered you that hey,… you can do this, and they made a fortune selling home owners lots of tools. DIY!! Every efficiency upgrade cuts jobs. Robots are only good for mass quantity on a larger scale. Millions in R&D, to make a $60,000 Barista machine. You need to sell a heck of a lot of coffee to pay for itself. So this only really works on a larger scale, or absent of employees or after hours to you to complete a task, like propane tank exchange vending machine.

              Make a mechanical robot or self-serve machine for a product, and you can patent the idea, license out the patent and make millions.

              Go check out a patent office sometime and all the inventions out there.

              • Some good points here… this post immediately calls to mind Marty McFly gaping in surprise when three gas station attendants run out to service a single customer in 1955 — and then in the dazzling futuristic world of 2015, (flying) vehicles are fueled by a robotic device while a recording beeps out the message: “you-can-trust-your-car-to-the-system-with-the-star”.

                I respectfully take exception to the remark, “…$60,000 Barista machine. You need to sell a heck of a lot of coffee…” Not really. Remember, human employees come with a lot of hidden costs; not only are you paying wages and benefits, but you also have to have liability insurance on them, constantly scramble to fill schedule holes due to people who don’t show up (a massive headache that plagues virtually all employers), spend hundreds of hours every year dealing with employee-related paperwork, maintain CCTV so the crew isn’t stealing you blind, purchase enough real estate so that you have enough parking for all your employees, go through the expensive and time-consuming training process for each new person…. I could continue, but you get the idea.

                It was different back when thrifty old Ebenezer could throw a shilling to Bob Crachit and give him a boot in the arse; but these days human employees are really, really expensive. I suspect that a $60,000 machine could pay for itself in two or three years…. maybe five at the very most…. and everything past that point is gravy for the business owner.

                Speaking of the U.S. Patent Office: many people don’t know this, but back around 1820 or so (I think) there was serious discussion in Congress about shutting down the Patent Office for good. The reason? Well, many people believed that at that point in human history, everything possible had already been invented. Seriously.

      11. Who is stupid enough to pay that much for coffee anyway? Maybe you get what you pay for. I go for as cheap as possible that is passable as coffee. Aldi’s sells 8 ounce jars of the instant just add hot water variety for $2.99. Pretty good, but what do I know. On robots and the loss of jobs, there must be a plan in place to wipe out some people.

        • The Cost. OK Starbucks. $6 plus the gas it took you to drive across town to go there, and the lost productivity of work, by waiting in line, and the absence from your family communication… Just cost you $10 for a cup of coffee. Oh but you are texting them.


          How about some good Ol Fashion Coffee time with family. You get the automatic pot already to go the night before in the kitchen, with some fresh ground coffee beans. About 6AM you can hear it percolating and the fresh coffee smell fills the house and the family all wanders in the kitchen for some family morning coffee time and giggles. Yep in your slippers and bed hair. Huggs and wish eachother a great day.

          Can robotics or automation at Starbucks for $10, replace that family time home experience? I’d have to drive 20 miles for a Starbucks. NOT!! Just fed the critters and I’m watching the day unfold with a large coffee/ home brew in the sanctity of my BOL. Priceless!!

        • Jeez. I was thinking the same thing. I go a local IGA store to sit with the Old guys and have free coffee. An incentive I guess
          to buy stuff we don’t need.

        • Tea is about 10 cents a cup, including sugar and milk.

      12. as Jackie Gleason used to say…

        And away we go!!

        SEATTLE – A federal judge in Seattle brought the Trump administration’s executive order on immigration to a halt nationwide Friday, issuing a temporary restraining order in U.S. District Court until further hearings can be held.

        “This ruling shuts down the (president’s) executive order immediately — shuts it down — so people can travel like they did before,” Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said.

        “I’m sure the president won’t like this decision, but it’s his obligation to honor the law and I’ll make sure he does,” Ferguson told reporters.

        ht tp://

        see also:

        ht tp://

        • AND the honeymoon is over…

          ht tp://

          ht tp://

        • Here in Washington, we call him sideshow Bob. He wants to make a name for himself, including several failed attempts at firearms control. Sorry from the communist state of Seattle, this guy is probably a shoe in from the LGBT/progressive/ultra liberal Seattle, which includes a gay mayor & a council woman who suggested Boeing employees take over the factories and make buses, not jets. Seattle use to be a wonderful city before all the far left took over. While I can’t see downtown from where I live, I’ll be happy to sit in a lawn chair, drink beer & watch the smoke when they burn it down.

          • Hey oldguy,
            I worked at plant II and lived in North Bend. Seattle has always been this screwed up. The parts they are going to burn down don’t really matter bean town is expendable. Just make sure Ivar’s Lake union fish bar survives. That is the only thing I really miss. Hooters was pretty good too.

            • I went to FL on Spring break about 1994 and discovered Hooters. There was only 3 original Hooters restaurants back then, before they got into franchising. They were in Tampa, Clearwater and Lakeland. Went to them all. The orig owners were in there working it. One of the reasons I moved to FL. Some of the most friendly gorgeous women in the world in FL. Then some copy cat restaurants popped up. Mellons in Clearwater, Wing House, and a few others.

        • this is the crap Trump will be up against and what will probably get the civil unrest going faster. the idiots have a pretty large population and will take YEARS to remove there type of dysfunctional brains. maybe NEVER!! LOL Folks Trump is on a mission and it is way to early to know which way this will play out. personally i believe it will go under first, and then maybe we can rebuild, in order to really be able to rebuild, you cannot have a large group of idiots trying to stop it, IF you get my meaning

        • A STATE AG is NOT POTUS. Donald Trump was elected POTUS on Nov. 8, NOT the State of Washington’s AG NOR any federal judge. The POTUS is merely carrying out one of his duties prescribed to him. Go Trump!

        • ” A federal judge in Seattle brought the Trump administration’s executive order on immigration to a halt nationwide Friday, issuing a temporary restraining order in U.S. District Court until further hearings can be held.”

          First, the Oath of Office that all US President’s take is to “faithfully execute the Office of President… and to “PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the US Constitution”.

          All US Presidents are also required by their listed in writing duties to “… take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,… (notice the capital “L” in Laws which refers to constitutional Laws).

          It is Law that was already created that he is currently carrying out. There is also precedent where immigration has been halted before. There is NO lawfulness in the judge’s OPINION as no judge, legislator, or any other governmental employee – elected, hired, contracted, etc – that is higher then the US Constitution, the SUPREME LAW of this land.

          All judges Oath of Office, and everyone else who serves within our governments – state and federal – is to “SUPPORT and DEFEND” the US Constitution above and before orders of superiors, the duties of the position they occupy. That is a lawful Oath that they MUST take and KEEP.

          Since President Trump is REQUIRED by the duties of his position to “… take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed,…” and to “”PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND the US Constitution” it is a crime that the judge is committing, a felony and Perjury, which means that that particular judge is NOT using the constitutionally required “good Behaviour” while in office and can be charged with those crimes, and will get a jury trial if so charged to see if will be allowed to continue on in that office.

          • There was a judge in the Boston District court who refused to issue a Temporary Restraining Order on the same case, but the Seattle judge did for the entire country. The Boston judge was senior, how does a junior judge overrule that? How does a District decision affect the entire country? How does one court say No, another says Yes, and no resolution of that conflict?

            Answers : It doesn’t. The decision was poor law and will be overturned soon.

            Reading the Seattle judge’s decision, it was apparent that he decided the case before walking in the court, the plaintiff didn’t even have standing, jurisdiction, and could not quantify the harm alleged, but the judge just dismissed all those legal niceties and walked all over his oath of office.

            • that judge is a F—-G libtard and should be removed from office and hung as a example of what we the real citizens of this country will NOT tolerate anymore!!

              • One can but hope that the President will authorize some DIA, CIA,NSA or black ops military types to remedy these traitors with neutralization’s. Obviously this judge does not have the interests of the American people in mind. Why would any red blooded American want to allow possible terrorists to enter the nation?

                • You can accomplish a lot with a retirement buyout, no need for some CIA operation.

        • Supposing this judge has a fatal heart attack, a fatal car accident,became a victim of fatal random violence, or slipped and broke his neck while in the tub. Then a new judge could be brought in, (one remembering his predecessor judge), that would be more agreeable to protecting the American people and not protecting possible terrorists.
          This judge should be arrested for treason and terminated, as he does not have the best interests of the American people at heart.

      13. Funny, I remember many years ago, putting a dime in a vending machine & getting a cup of coffee. Each of the cups had a poker character on the bottom, so high card drank for free.

      14. I support the human!

        Please avoid atomatiic checkouts,bigmac ATMs and always use cash!

      15. BINGO you have it right and robots are not only taking our jobs be will be armed with device to “Protect” the public from any danger

        Bankers no longer need cheap slave labour from Immigrants and this is the reason Trump has been told by his banker masters to close the door in the USA.

        Man has knocked himself off from being at the top of the food chain, obey the machines, walk don’t run

      16. Robotics can be held back by refusing to use them whenever there is a choice. For example at the check out stand in the supermarket or the ATM. If your bank is opened, wait patiently, and respectfully decline the ATM. Never use the ATM, if at all possible. These machines take jobs.

        In the future, you will not be allowed a choice. Have you never been stuck on a phone, with endless choices, unable to get what you need, because there was no one to help? I have. And because of it, I have been adversely effected. And the company lost my business. They never knew what they lost or why.

        How many businesses went down the tubes because someone like me was just to frustrated to deal with them. My guess is that the number is not insignificant.


        • B from CA, we have the option right now to stop the whole experiment in its tracks. Long-term, it’s not feasible anyway.

          • Exactly

      17. The corp was subsidized. The quota case “job” was subsidized. The robots will be subsidized. Basic assured income can be subsidized. Your financial support, or lack thereof, will not decide the issue.

        • Beaumont

          Just because I don’t like the obvious doesn’t lessen its validity. With this in mind I believe that your correct. “Basic assured income”, communism or socialism by another name is coming. We can fight it but the displacement of so many formerly gainfully employed puts the numbers on this side.

      18. TPTB continue to flood the West with more, mostly unskilled people. The engineers are figuring out ways to eliminate human labor. When the two lines cross on the graph it won’t be pretty. Something will have to give.

        • That occurred to me too.

        • Him, sounds like something needs to happen to those engineers.

          • That won’t work.

        • I agree: it won’t end well those two trends: automation and robotics and flooding the West with low-skill, low-IQ Muslims and Africans. These are supposed to be the people who will do the cleaning, coffee making and butt wiping of the old. Yet, these are exactly the sectors to be disrupted by robotics.

          Unless the Muslims are polishing up their blowjob skills, they aren’t getting any of those jobs.

          I think the only area where there will be certainty for human beings is sex. It is something humans can still do better than robots. But conservative Muslims, are they the right people for that?

          The next ten years are going to be hugely disruptive and it won’t be great for anyone who is shackled by backward religious faiths. Who is going to hire women who cover themselves up? Or, horny, aggressive men who can’t get along with women in the workplace.

        • Him

          Our own people in the US, who can read and write,native born from multiple generations are being displaced let alone the 3rd world substance dirt farmers.

      19. One thing that’s true about everything that’s run by computers is that it all CAN be hacked, and eventually it all WILL be. (This also should be a prime consideration for all those people who want self-driving cars and delivery trucks, or a cashless society. I can just imagine hundreds of crashes in a day in one city, or signing on to my bank accounts in a future where cash is no longer used, and finding that they are all inexplicably down to zeros!) If these robot-controlled restaurants and other retail businesses go down due to glitches or hacking often enough, consumers may avoid them in large enough numbers that the businesses will be unprofitable for their owners. And I bet they’d be deliberate targets for hackers, both the kind who are just basic rascals and the kind that have an anti-robot agenda.

      20. Guys, this YouTube Video is Fantastic, watch & share

        “All People Need To See This Anonymous
        The End Of Lies”

        History Repeats Itself


      21. San Francisco what a perfect place to start this. ALL the cry babies wanting more $$$ well it was predicted this would happen! and apparently it is. More parasites for the welfare line or wait I think the new President is going to put an end to that also.

      22. Ok guys here’s another good one on YouTube.
        All democrats need this:

        ANAMOUS – Donald Trump Will
        REMOVE George Soros From AMERICA

        Anonymous Update


      23. ANONYMOUS


      24. I am curious. I live in a rural place over fifty miles from the nearest Starbucks coffee shop. Starbucks says they are going to hire ten thousand Muslins to work in their coffee shops and we all have heard of their terrible bathroom habits. Would not coffee robots be more sanitary and help protect the public from disease from Starbucks?

        • Youre damned right the 50% inbred, 80 IQ sand niggers dont wipe their asses after taking a shit.

      25. You know I won’t even talk to an automated person on the phone, and I sure won’t let a robot prepare my food or drink. We’re talking about a piece of machinery here….machines malfunction and cannot think for themselves. Machines need to be maintained. Are they going to come up with another robot to fix the malfunctioning one. I don’t need to go to a Starbucks to get a cup of coffee, hell I don’t even drink coffee. If I wanted a cup of coffee I would make it myself. Good luck with this, sounds like a real winner. LOL

      26. I support the human!

        Avoid automatic checkout lines,bigmac ATMs ,and use cash as much as possible!

        • Automated checkout makes life much easier. Its a great innovation hahahaha and i never use cash cause it carries germs…

      27. Don’t worry. The really shitty jobs won’t disappear. Even the robots don’t want to scrub
        toilets at Super 8. They might make good greeters at Walmart.

      28. Okay. I’m gonna try AGAIN. Doesn’t seem to want to let me share this. The author states it’s unverifiable. I have no idea who Virgil the author is. But know what is happening in the world I’m inclined to believe portions of it even though it reads like a novel.

        Breitbart dot com/big-journalism/2017/02/03/virgil-minutes-of-the-deep-state-executive-committee-on-the-permanent-campaign-against-trump/

      29. eli whitneys cotton gin did away with the need for thousands of hands to pick the seeds from the cotton. Cyrus Mc Cormicks reaper did away with hundreds of folks with scythes to harvest the wheat. The Wheeled Tractors did away with horses and mules and farriers ,harness Makers and a whole industry. And there was still workers needed. There will always be work for those who are willing to labor. When one door opens another one is opened. For every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. And the evil coffee machine will not give you the personal touch of spitting in your beverage.

        • Old Guy

          We’re experiencing a leap in technology that makes labor obsolete. This is not France early 1800s with automated shoe machines ushering in the word sabotage, nor the cotton gin. One can never look back and assume that the gradient slope of change, of cause and effect will predict the future. One needs to analyze the potential impact of new technology. Its naive to equate the past with the future.

          “There will always be work for those who are willing to labor.”

          Actually history has proven that repeatedly incorrect as a 25% unemployment rate in the great depression mathematically shows.

      30. If robots are the near immediate future then there are too many people alive on planet Earth. Poison water and food, poison environment and poisoned politics. But the brainwashing is going great. Poisoned people. There is enough room and resources for everybody. How far off are robotic produce harvesters that can scoot along the ground. Uh oh, no need for south of the border pickers. We’ll get the Heinz 57 mix whether you like it or not. I don’t see many illegals, except they like Walmart. Most of the millions here in Florida are inland where the picking be.

        • A few weeks ago I had a great discussion
          with a guy from Idaho that just got a job in
          Seattle with a company that totally automates
          a farm. It is happening and you cannot stop it.
          You don’t want to stop it. Everyone will have
          cheap food.

          • Automation on the farm could be a good thing, just as the GPS drives for big farm equipment has enabled a whole new level of efficiency robotics can eliminate the weakest link on the farm, the manual laborer,
            The toughest hurdle will be cost to mechanize, most farmers cant afford it period, one bad season and the FSA is foreclosing on the farm because you couldnt make your payments on you newfangled robotics,,, most of us will just stick with whst we know, say a prayer and get back to work,
            Personally I cant see mechanization taking ober here in the islands any time in my lifetime,

      31. Caffeine from coffee and or cola interferes with the absorption of calcium and vitamin D. If you want strong bones and teeth limit your intake. Caffeine prevents the body from making osteoclasts which make bone.

        Caffeine is a diuretic and can lead to dehydration if it is consumed in place of water. For every cup of coffee or cola, drink at least an equal amount of water.

        Although coffee has been shown to have some health benefits, cola is pure crap; and that’s the God’s honest truth.

        __ kidney dialysis free coupons with your purchase


        • Caffeine is the legal speed. It was supplied by the company for us rotating shift workers in the late 1980s onward. There is no doubt that it increases productivity. Actually I don’t know if we could have effectively functioned without it.

          • Kevin2:

            For an emergency if you have to stay awake, yes it works. But if consumption continues for a prolonged time, it, like any addictive “drug”, becomes counter productive.

            It is useful when taking a test. Temporarily, caffeine increases your test scores. I tried it in college and wound up in the bathroom. If you’re not used to it, coffee can be quite effective.


            • B from CA

              “For an emergency if you have to stay awake, yes it works”

              That emergency was every week with a 12 hour schedule.

              When you earn your good living with a rotating shift work, as DuPont at one time said in its commercials, “Better things for better living through chemistry”.

              Rotating shift work is terrible on the body.

        • Phosphorus in excess from soda causes bladder Cancer and Osteoarthritis.

          Nice drink. Soda has replaced milk in many schools.

          Soda reduces fertility by 50%. Suck it up sucker.

          This is a product that is virtually useless. Oh, it’s good for two things. You can use it in place of toilet bowl cleaner; and, you can drink it if you have a fecal blockage.

          __ no shit


          • Coca cola works really well for cleaning plow shares and discs in spring preparation

      32. Silly, people dont buy Starbucks because it tastes good they buy it for validation that they are in the “I deserve it and am superior elite club…

      33. Smokers resolved the challenge with returning Apollo 13. WWII had a lot of smoker, too. That war ended in less time than the crap being drug on in the Middle East. Of course there were no killing rules, either. Smoking and drinking coffee until the Clintons!

      34. B from CA… tell me about it, drinking cola. I drank it for many years, like at least a two litre every day. Now I know the ingredients and don’t touch it. California has declared caramel coloring to be a carcinogen, high fructose corn syrup yummy. Who knows the complete ingredients that entice thirsty people to suck it down by the tanker when it does zero to quench your thirst.

      35. B from CA and Aljamo

        Yeah, I gave up pop almost 20 years ago, haven’t missed it or the obesity and health problems caused by it. It’s just appalling that so many people are addicted to it. I did actually try it out recently (Coke) as a toilet bowl cleaner, and it didn’t even make a dent in the mineral deposit problem.

      36. Gee is this related to the recent round of minimum wage increases? Economics, go figure.

      37. White House petition requesting information as to how elected representatives acquire great wealth whilst serving in office

      38. Ok we got folks claiming robots will displace human labor. And another bunch of folks who claim the middle class isn’t producing enough children. If you spread out the population of the planet evenly there is plenty of room for everyone. Every type of machine wears out and becomes obsolete. So the demand for new repair parts or replacement machines is created. And no machines can make judgement calls. Human oversight will always be required. the cost of labor isn’t the highest expience of farming. Equiptment , fuel fertilizer ,chemicals and the other infrastructure such a grain bins and drying equiptment are more costly than labor. and any livestock operation requires hands on human presence. We never eat out. Im not gonna trust some lowlife who cant find any better job than working in a eating joint to prepare my food.

        • Old Guy:

          I agree with your post but not your feelings about a person’s ability if he works in a kitchen.

          Restaurant owners often rent themselves out as waiters or cooks for a chain or another restauranteur before going into business for themselves.

          __ regarding the middle class (white people) failing to reproduce. Guinea pigs fed GMO soy became totally sterile within three generations. GMO soy is hidden in almost all prepackaged food, frozen dinners sold in the United States. GMOs are banned in Europe because the (((chews))) (((elite-globalists))) want to kill/genocide whites first, then the low IQ darker races.


          • Always buy Organic and!!! NonGMO !


            • After white people have been killed off and genocided out of existence, the chews will do it to the darker races. But for now, GMOs are banned in Europe, allowing “refugees” to reproduce rapidly and by intercourse with whites, speed the genocide of white peoples and white nations.

              In light of this fact, I could hardly be afraid to be called silly names by my enemy. For God’s sake; this enemy is murdering us. So call me whatever you want. I don’t mind, at all.


      39. I remember playing one of the first Video Games out there. Pong at Disney World Orlando about 1972-3 at the Contemporary Hotel. It came out and we played it in the lobby, we could play each other. Atari made it. It was the ping pong with a knob.

        Yep-Pong is one of the earliest arcade video games and the very first sports arcade video game. It is a table tennis sports game featuring simple two-dimensional graphics. While other arcade video games such as Computer Space came before it, Pong was one of the first video games to reach mainstream popularity. The aim is to defeat an opponent in a simulated table-tennis game by earning a higher score. The game was originally manufactured by Atari, which released it in 1972. Allan Alcorn created Pong as a training exercise assigned to him by Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. Bushnell based the idea on an electronic ping-pong game included in the Magnavox Odyssey, which later resulted in a lawsuit against Atari. Surprised by the quality of Alcorn’s work, Bushnell and Atari co-founder Ted Dabney decided to manufacture the game.

        Pong quickly became a success and is the first commercially successful arcade video game machine, which helped to establish the video game industry along with the first home console, the Magnavox Odyssey. Soon after its release, several companies began producing games that copied Pong’s gameplay, and eventually released new types of games. As a result, Atari encouraged its staff to produce more innovative games. The company released several sequels that built upon the original’s gameplay by adding new features. During the 1975 Christmas season, Atari released a home version of Pong exclusively through Sears retail stores.

        Damn I am getting old.

      40. Can not wait until the “Replicator” is invented!

        • Replicator?? Its called the 3-D printing machine. Carbon copy lower AR15 receivers and 30 round Mags. That’s been done.

      41. Can’t wait til truck driver jobs are filled by robots. It’s fuckin mindless work a waste of life believe me I know.

        • Same with excavation work, the cat drivers at the construction site down the road are using GPS and laser leveling to control the grading work. All the driver is doing is keeping the power to the drive train, pointing the blade, and setting the blade vertically.

          He’ll be out of the picture entirely, in not a long while. Dig by wire from your laptop.

      42. President Trump just signed an executive order to begin deportations. The order is very wide in scope. Not only criminals but anyone on welfare, food stamps, Medicare, or using false social security or false IDs. The ban could lead to the deportation of up to nine million.

        Omg !! He meant what he said !!!!!


        • Cool beans,,,

        • All good and even wonderful, until some liberal toadying Federal Judge blocks it. These Leftest who love illegals should be deported to some third world crap hole.

      43. Robots don’t worry me all that much, they need a lot of resources to produce and maintain. Instead we should fear the day they figure out how to do essentially the same thing with organics/clones, building self-replicating organic “robots” and feeding them soylent green. There will be little need for the ‘common folk’ then.

      44. .50 Cal should be able to take out terminator least that’s what I heard. They may have body armor ..AI will release the terminator drones.. That way silicon Valleys employees and tech people are literally going under ground as we type because they are getting ready to cull us..that communist piece of shit out of china Li LA Shing, this is the Rothschild supporter who is also behind the program. He is one who is buying up California taking control of the food supply buying up land, etc.. That son a bitch is a rothchild.. See the interview with Kerry Cassidy. Tony Sanchez. And Jay weider to hear what the Chinese are really hiding and what the plans for the USis really about,heat what th Chinese defector told Tony Sanchez in person.. Guys. I am trying to t let you know that this is all real..the moon is an artifical satilite placed into orbit by a reptilian race of aliens who have been in control of each for over 9,000 years, they farm us, abduct us. That why so many of us are vanishing all over the globe.. We are literally in a defiance..I am telling you guys I heard and get to hear a lot of shit from that scientists.. It’s all real.. Donald Trump will not be able to stop what’s coming.this so what he told me . Keep prepping, keep prepping. I am trying to help your all here. It’s all real. France never gets hurricanes and a hurricane just tore up the entire country?..this was no accident they did it with weather warfare to stop Le Pen for getting into power. If Le Pen gets in power the EU collapses..


        • I wish the reptilian race would beam up ;

          The Snowflakes
          Food Stamp Champs

          Maybe they could find out what’s wrong with those idiots brains.

        • @ Hcks – You and everyone should Google Virginia and note the hundreds of children gone missing there. No one seems to want to di a damn thing about it. ( p -,gate )

          • Organ transplantation is very lucrative. Palestinian children (teenagers) are worth more dead.
            Could the “Is real hell” vultures expanded their operation? Keep your children close.


      45. Zeus.. I remember Pong and what came after in video gaming. I used to play Mattel’s Intellivision with friends, it was fun even with the basic graphics. I like the strategy games, the games today are all fighter type games which suck to me. On the Hooters you mentioned earlier, I lived a block away from the original Hooters on 60 in Clearwater. Yeah the copycats came out of the woodwork.

      46. Ok I just finished up killed and processed a pot belly pig. not a bit of automation involved. just me cutting and hacking until I got it dissembled. still have to grind the sausage meat and render the lard. I made roast,s out of most of it. left the pork chops attached to the ribs. will grind the part that would have been bacon into sausage. By me raising and processing my own food no parasites and middle men who had ought not to do with it received any Tax revenue or unearned profits.

      47. At least the robots won’t spit in your coffee.

      48. And one other point. All the jobs like making coffee service type things are parasitic. They don’t add to the GNP. They can only exist if some making producer enables them. If you do not exploit the natural resources of the planet to make build and grow some thing you are a taking parasite. And too many takers and too few makers is not long term viable.

        • Old Guy

          GDP is now computed in ways that defy logic. Classically it was for the most part value adding manufacturing. Debt was not configured as a gain in GDP. The illegal alien, spending welfare money, now adds to the computed GDP.

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