Trade War Loss: Tariffs Have Crashed The American RV Industry

by | Jul 24, 2019 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    The trade war has seen more losers than winners with the United States consumer and businesses getting hammered the hardest. The institution of tariffs on goods imported from China has resulted in yet another such loss: a crash of the RV industry.

    Trade war regulations have damaged the American manufacturing sector, and a lot of stress is building up in the RV industry, according to discussions with industry insiders and economists. Data is showing a sharp sales decline amid increasing costs, reported Reuters.

    The recreational vehicle industry has taken a brutal blow from the tariffs imposed on steel and aluminum.  Other retaliatory duties on thousands of Chinese-made RV parts, from electronics to LED lights to vinyl have caused a spike in prices consumers simply cannot afford and a subsequent crash.

    Americans have paid for this trade war in the form of higher prices for goods at a time when most are living paycheck to paycheck.  Certainly, an RV isn’t something a person living on the financial edge should consider purchasing, but the trade war has forced those who may have bought to hold onto their hard-earned cash.

    Domestic shipments of RVs to dealers have plummeted 22% in the first five months of this year, compared to the same period last year, after dropping 4% in 2018, according to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. The RV industry’s crisis shows how President Trump’s trade war has backfired, hurting the industry he promised to protect.

    Tariff-related price hikes have forced RV manufacturers to pass on costs to dealerships, which in turn the American consumer bears the brunt of the tariff, has slowed sales at dealers who are cutting orders and laying off workers. Michael Happe, the CEO of Winnebago Industries Inc, confirmed this, saying tariffs have forced RV manufacturers to increase costs to dealers.

    Michael Hicks, a Ball State University economist who tracks the industry, warned that the collapse in RV shipments could indicate a wider economic downturn. Hicks said shipments had fallen sharply just before the last three U.S. recessions.

    “The RV industry is a great bellwether of the economy,” said Hicks, because the vehicles are an expensive and discretionary purchase, easily delayed by consumers who start to worry about their financial stability. –ZeroHedge

    While many American believe the RV industry is entirely American, that’s not the case. When Reuters examined supply chains of RV manufacturers that extended into China, the media outlet found that the industry relies heavily on imports for everything from air compressors, electronics, bedding fabrics, lighting, and flooring. Because of this, according to Hick’s comments, the next recession may have already arrived with crashing RV shipments spurred by a trade war.


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      1. BULLSHIT! There must be a thousand USED rv’s for sale in my area. Only a fool would buy a NEW one! Page after page of RV’s for a lot cheaper….

        • BULLSHIT exactly!! Just another bullshit article to keep the sheep shaking. Dam this site has gone to hell!

            • This site must be disinformation, maybe three letter. Trying to crash the economy, because Orange Man bad.

            • A Ball State “Economist” ??? LMFAO !!! Every Hoosier knows that the farmers in Indiana send their pigs to Purdue and their daughters to IU.

              Ball State is a teacher’s college producing … wait for it … “teachers” and in reality the five to one women to men ratio confirm the fact that most of the women there are B-U-T-T U-G-L-Y !!! 🙂

        • Cruise America (ht tps://ww were priced in the teens not too many years ago when Oblaima was in office. The used market has gone up quite well in the past two years or so and don’t seem to be getting hurt too badly.

          These and many thousands of other used dealers across the USA are perhaps the major reason why new RV sales are in the toilet. As you wrote ‘who would buy a new RV?’

        • You are exactly right gentlemen !!! There are as many RV’s overbuilt / over produced as there as cars and trucks. Thousands ??? No, tens of thousands !!! And more manufacturers than ever before. The glut is GINORMOUS !!! HUMONGOUS !!!

          Btw, I have a used tri-axle top of the line Motor Home. It makes a great BOL Shelter !!! Get one next year for a song. 🙂

      2. Why no article on how ALL the USA civil aviation manufacturing companies and suppliers owned by China? Cessna-Lycoming-Superior Parts-etc etc etc. CHINA is parent company!

        Why are China military aviators trained in USA? Training an enemy to kill you. Does that make sense?

        Why no article on how ALL USA mass media is now owned by Foreigners? Your Media controlled by foreigners. Why allowed?

        USA farmland being bought by China.

        Why no article showing that more Americans are MURDERED by Police than lost American lives in Afgahnistan war?

        Why no article on how the Police are now intel gathering agencies just like GRU-Stasi-SS-KGB. Regional Fusion centers that are spying on law abiding Americans. Police keeping files on anyone that questions a city council, school board, etc. Police gather intel to INTIMIDATE Americans voicing legitimate concerns.

        Why no article on how DMV uses your photo for facial recognition systems. DMV also sells your info to private companies doing Facial Recognition.

        Why no articles on how Politicians use private prison companies to PROFIT themselves. American has near the HIGHEST per capita incarceration rate than ANY other country.

        Why no articles on how Regional Correctional Facilities round up Americans, murder them, then harvest the victims vital organs.
        Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility, located in Newton Kansas. 60 miles north of Wichita Kansas. That facility rounds up Americans, steals bank accounts-pensions-social security of the prisoner victims, victims ID then used by illegals that are filtered through the facility. The facility murders Americans and Harvests Human organs.

        Why no article on joint China-Russia massive war games?

        I DARE YOU TO RESEARCH and write about the above.

        No you just censor.
        YouTube just banned Cornell professor Dave Collum.
        Why no massive outcry? Is that censored too?

        • All great points.

          I think the answer is because we are all too polarized. We can’t talk about mass Gov’t censorship and police aggression because it goes against our political stance. Can’t say the government is bad if you want big government. Cant criticize the police because it goes against your side.
          There’s not much good that comes out of big government. Police officers are the enforcement arm of the government. Connect the dots. This plays out in big cities. And the bigger government gets across the countries, the more it’s going to start playing out across all our communities.

          This shepherds have become the sheep.

      3. Strange. The Baltic Dry Index is way up. Yesterday it was at 2191, up from 595 a year ago. Someone is shipping a lot of hard goods or ore.

        • Yes it is way up and it certainly indicates someone is shipping something.

        • All of those shipments are designed to 1) beat the re-imposition of Trump Tariffs (dry index); and 2) stock up on oil & gas while it is cheap before hostilities break out (wet index).

          50 companies have already moved production from China having seen the handwriting on the wall. Trump is waiting until AFTER the 2020 Elections to bring Thor’s Hammer down.

          Keep stacking & packing while there is still time. 🙂

      4. The insurance on used RV,s cost more than they are worth. I bought a running RV at a estate auction for $110. 440 engine and generator Lp refrig etc. I drove it home. Didn’t buy any insurance just went outlaw. Did not get caught. Bullshit article.

      5. Why buy something thats going to sit in your yard 99% of the time unused?
        However I would like to thank those that did so back in the 70’s/80’s.
        The were most convenient for a quick shagging of their not so innocent daughters.
        Uh thank yuh – thank yuh very much.

        • “Why buy something that’s going to sit in your yard 99% of the time unused?”

          Same with renting a storage unit to store items.
          If you need a storage unit to store items you are not using those items,and chances are you can get along just fine without them.

      6. Shouldn’t have ever started buying junk from the communists in the first place!

        • A little late to the party, now that the American economy has been hollowed-out.

      7. So those over priced pieces of shit cost that much BEFORE the tariffs ????! Hmmmmm

      8. Tough crowd

        • Indeed.

      9. Thanks to nafta and gatt this was put in play. We should start building our own electronics ect again. .

      10. A leftist relative asks, when looking at the fertile valley full of mcmansions, where are all the jobs for these people. (It’s ok, whenever a leftist asks.)

        Unfair trade deals, and the theft of natural resources, feeds the unfit quota cases; the cattle are no more.

        Any tree or goodly plant, in rows, any animal that is wanted by humankind, anything you could make — that would be something.

      11. When we type in SHTFPLAN, we have to hit refresh to get the most recent posts. Then we have to hit refresh to get the comments. Then we have to hit refresh to get the most recent comments. Why? Shadow banning?

        • Dissention in the ranks?

      12. I’m always pitching a tent

      13. Everything is cyclical The rv business has been booming for several years Everybody in America has an rv now and a lot if people are living in their rvs The market is saturated so there are fewer buyers plus rvs have gotten overpriced and too complicated It’s the way things work Just like the trucking industries Booms and busts!!

      14. Can’t even afford a decent living arrangement, much less so a house on wheels.

      15. Off topic: Water being dumped on cops in NY. Video shows white boy dancing after water dumping. So,it’s not only ‘minority’ has doing it. They need a serious beat down by somebody.

      16. This article is fake. The homeless have discovered the RV and made it their home. It’s not a trade war. It’s a war on the homeless. States are crashing the RV to deal with the crisis in homelessness. That’s the real story.

      17. I agree more Bull Shit. We can make all the parts, steel and aluminum. Dometics and Atwood bought up all the parts companies and shipped the manufacturing to china. The RV market and specifically Motorhomes are an American thing. You almost never see a Motorhome in England, France, Italy and Spain. Move the parts manufacturers back to the USA. Many American manufactures in China are hauling ass to Vietnam right now. I’m looking at stepping up to a Tiffin Alegro Bus 45′ Diesel Pusher and after the 3 Quarter I’ll bet I get one at about 58-65% of MSRP. Yes they are expensive, but not compared to a luxury pickup or SUV for what you get. Prices on everything are way to high from the DJIA, food, fuel, cars and most of that was before the first tariff or talk of tariffs. America is being fleeced by the rest of the world and that needs to end.

      18. WTF is going on with this site ? Pull up !

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