Town To Issue Licenses and Bounties To Shoot Down Drones: “They Fly In Town, They Get Shot Down” *Video*

by | Jul 17, 2013 | Headline News | 186 comments

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    Proper Drone Hunting Technique

    (Pictured: Deer Trail Mayor Franks Fields displays proper drone-hunting technique)

    The President, Congress and the Department of Homeland Security may think it’s legal to spy on the Land of the Free by deploying thousands of drones over the skies of America, but the residents of Deer Trail, Colorado have a different idea.

    Not only are they set to vote on hunting licenses authorizing the shoot down of unmanned aerial vehicles hovering over their town, but they’ll be issued a $100 bounty if they can prove they did it:

    The small town of Deer Trail, Colorado is considering a bold move. The town board will be voting on an ordinance that would create drone hunting licenses and offer bounties for unmanned aerial vehicles.

    Deer Trail resident, Phillip Steel, drafted the ordinance.

    “We do not want drones in town,” said Steel. “They fly in town, they get shot down.”

    Even though it’s against the law to destroy federal property, Steel’s proposed ordinance outlines weapons, ammunition, rules of engagement, techniques, and bounties for drone hunting.

    The ordinates states, “The Town of Deer Trail shall issue a reward of $100 to any shooter who presents a valid hunting license and the following identifiable parts of an unmanned aerial vehicle whose markings and configuration are consistent with those used on any similar craft known to be owned or operated by the United States federal government.”

    Source: Denver Channel

    Video report:

    (Watch on Youtube via The Daily Sheeple; or at the Denver Channel)

    The hunt is on and it’s up to the residents of every single town in The United States of America to join Deer Trail, Colorado.


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      1. Bounty? Just hang it on your lodge pole and shut up.

        • Where do I go and get my tags. I’m in.

          • Everyone see NDAA Ruling about military detention was overturned by the appeals court.

            Survie its death let the riot kill each other then some starvation then a little disease and in 60 to 90 days the prepped can go out and clean up the rest of the mess.

              • So, if they crash and are left lying about for 24 hours, what if a little kid is attracted to it and gets blown to bits when the self-destruct charge explodes?

                • As if they have demonstrated such a love of children over the years?

              • Depends on the type of drone. No doubt that there are fail-safe devices, but they are going to vary widely from the military to police drones. Also, the small police drones you can shoot down with a rifle. The Military drones can spy on you from miles away, so the town will need surface to air missles – an idea who’s time has come.

                • Dont worry both the police, military, and sheriffs departments have already gotten your GPS address.
                  Remember the Census when the census takers were out at the corners of your property………………..

              • Since you don’t bother to respond on other threads, I see you’re here. Ok then, sorry folks for the OT diversion, but, I will not be preached to by sanctimonious self styled mystery mongers any longer.

                @John Q Public;
                Contrary to my post above(in previous thread), even though I was being funny(or tried to), it would be the saddest day of my life to have to mow down a crowd of black animals. But, that is what must be, if they behave like animals, they will be treated like animals. You have no understanding of Gnostics, it is all ‘heresy’ with you.

                Gnosticism, John Q, shows that we are not all ‘equal’, and there are human animals, and I have seen them. This doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be ‘equal justice under law’, or ‘equal opportunity’, but those are political concepts, not reality or spiritually based concepts.

                This is in your Bible sir, you think of it as The Beast, but your preachers, like everything else, only have it half right. It is the force of Envy, manifested as Coveting, and it doesn’t matter if it is individual or government. The Collective hive mind, is about coveting your stuff, envy is the Primal force of the dark soul of the animal in man. It is our own personal Dark energy, combined with the animal strength. This is the concept of the animal totem of the native, manifested in the DNA through the Medicine wheel(look at a DNA molecule top down, and tell me what you see. You see an indian medicine wheel.), this is ultimately a spiritual and nonreligious proof of the Intelligent design, but Christians prefer the Roman Mystery narrative for peasants that Origen spoke of when they were designing the Canon, we now call The Bible.

                Christians are told those writings preceded Rome and were simply translated, but, that is not the case. Many of the books were burned and called Heretic, because they did not fit the new narrative of Rome, the outlawing of philosophy and reason. And for over a thousand years of the Dark age, philosophy and reasoned thinking, would get you tied to a stake and burned. We are still, in the 4th century in our thinking, yet Christians think, there is no need for a New Revelation? They scream at me about being a New AGE DEMON WORSHIPER, they are so silly they reveal the fact, that they are still children led around by the nose, in fear and loathing of anything that is different or new. Just like in the days of Jesus Himself, most of us, are the New Pharisees that turn good into evil, and evil into good, not knowing the truth that will set them free.

                The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, exposes the animal soul combined with the spirit of God in humanity, thus a man, is a mixed entity of; Body= Dark Soul + Light Spirit. Man is perpetually at war within himself, gaining in character when he overcomes his animal. But to you Orthodox its a confused, vacuous and mysterious concept, the ‘soul’ is simply a ‘mystery of God’, like all their other mysteries. Everything is a MYSTERY, and that, is why its the NAME of the Mother of Harlots that rides The Beast.

                Protestants think she is the Roman Church, and they would be right, but they never ask the question; If she is the Mother, then who are the Children? They conveniently forget, that Protestants, are ‘protesting’ Catholics. The New Revelation, spoke of by John, is the Revealing of the Gnosis, that your mother church, burned.

                The Revelation was a message, and a warning, and a prophecy to the Churches and the people of God, but you didn’t get the memo because it was burned a thousand years ago, and the Babylonian doctrine of MYSTERY substituted… you cannot reconcile Jesus with Paul, all you guys can do, is FIGHT about it. Perpetually creating denominations and divisions in God’s People. I wonder if God or His First Son, appreciate what the fruits of the Churches are? I wonder why Godless science continues to turn young minds away from God, is this the Great Falling away?

                I wonder about many things, but self defense is a right from God, and I will not accept the rights from God being taken by evil men. Gnosis reveals the base of the word; Gentile, and the Sons of Cain as being the Dark races, born of darkness. This implies that they evolved from animals. Thus, blacks evolved from monkeys, given the spirit gift of Earth. Whites were ‘chosen’ to bring the spirit of God, in the mind, to Earth, the spirit gift of Fire, the Holy Fire is what the ancients termed; the Holy Spirit.

                Gnosis, at the end of the day, is about the Individual mind being the seal of God in our forehead or the True Temple of God because it is our permanent connection to the Holy Spirit Light, and the understanding of our true place in the Universe as rebellious children, not the False Altruism of the Collective hive mind of all too many of the Churches.
                They are lost, lukewarm and lacking the spirit FIRE, and haven’t a clue what any of it means because they are victims of the Orthodox mystery. But the decency of the Gnosis is the original teaching of Christ, when he spoke about being ‘born again’. Sadly, being corrupted by the orthodox mystery, it originally meant what it sounds like literally; born again of the spirit means, to be, born, again, of the spirit. Reincarnation, was the doctrine of most of the first century Christians. Until Rome murdered them all and adopted the bodily one time resurrection blasphemy.

                Yes, there is power in prayer, but, He simply supports you and props you up from the evils of the world. He picks you up and gives you strength to endure this evil world. But His interventions are confined to His Purposes, not yours. What we need is another Black Robe Regiment, of the good preachers who understand at a basic level, that this government represents the force of darkness in coveting. And it doesn’t matter if the coveting is from an individual, or a government.

                God helps those, who help themselves. The New Revelation has come, The Knowledge of God comes and the “Mystery of God is finished…” as is the part of the true message and warning of the Revelation of John, the other part is the Mystery Heresy of the Churches, (it was a message and a warning to you), and your second coming is delayed, again… it is delayed because you do not understand God’s Time, and 3 of the horses have already ridden and we are on the black horse now. These are the Paradigm shifts of the final age of men governing man without God. When the black horse ends in money failure, the Pale GREEN horse of Islam rides. The meaning of this prophecy is found in 6:8, and the word ‘them’. Read it again, let the word them focus on the last horse, and tell me what it means. The black mind will welcome the black God, and whitey’s God will be kicked to the curb. They worship death, just like the mooslims, and the collective hive mind, they are all of one mind; The Animal within, called The Beast of the Collective, ridden by the Harlot, and her children, who all worship one thing above God; the idol god Mammon.

                Do not preach at me about anything concerning the Bible, or you will see fire come from my mouth.

                • Dragon ….not good!

                  • Dragon?

                    Fourth century thinker here, which is much worse, sad.
                    Think ‘witness’, and the tune of a New Song now being played.
                    You cannot dispute anything I say, but you are quick to judge and make ridicule.
                    Like most Pauline Christians, so arrogant, self serving, and self righteous. Everyone who is different will be thrown headlong into the lake of fire, eh?

                    Paul never studied with Jesus…
                    Those who followed him, attacked those who did.
                    The fruit of your doctrine is an age of blood and divisions, denominations and utter nonsense.
                    I’ll bet you think that Earth is the only life bearing planet in the vastness of the Universe. I don’t expect to change any minds of those who believe, but those who don’t, don’t, for a reason.

                    That reason is YOU.

                • You Piper, and folks like you are the reason I avoid churches anymore.

                  • Wrong – Don’t let irrational, incomprehensible, nitwits like this derail you from from seeking Christ. Choose your church wisely

                  • Why do I think that you have always avoided churches?

                • Oh, puh-leez, Piper. Give us a break.

                  God has no problem with the defense of innocent life. He has a problem with bloodlust and murder.

                  God loves us equally. That doesn’t mean we have equal gifts or equal outcome spiritually or temporally, but we all have equal opportunity to know, love, and serve God and to attain Heaven.

                  Your gnosticism is a type of self-love, putting the created above the Creator, precisely the kind of phony destructive love offered by the Serpent in the garden. You offer the Serpent’s same secret “knowledge of good and evil” that “you may be as gods.” Genesis 3:5. You publicly repeat the Original Sin.

                  Delude yourself with your smug secret knowledge, if you will, Piper. I doubt that your preaching here gets much traction.

                  I will “preach at you” anything I choose. What you do with it is your choice. I have no fear of your threatened “fire.” You long ago made manifest the hellish source of your “fire.” Many here have the antidote to that “fire,”

                  • And you’re another 4th century thinker.
                    Have fun with that, when the dollar dies and the Mooslims and blacks ride, and even the Earth struggles against you.

                    Who are those who oppress you? Who are those who make deals with the enemy? Who are those who stab you in the back? Who are those who will turn you in to the authorities? Who are those who would rather hear the lie? Who listens to the sweet words on the tonque? Who are some who plan for the bitterness in the belly?
                    So called Christians, who are divided as iron and clay.
                    Deal with it, as brother against brother.

                    The witnesses come, and they will breathe the fire of Knowledge and you will deserve it. There are better atheists than some religious men of God, some of the Godless who have a higher moral code. Why? Because all too many of you think you get a free pass and can do as you wish by simply professing faith. Good luck with that.

                    And may God bless ya ‘brother’.

                    For everyone else, may His Light be found within you.

                  • PS: Its not your fault, if you didn’t read that before.
                    We are all the victims of Rome. Remember, the Victors write history, and history determines the future, and the future… is NOW.

                • Envy is a dark and destructive emotion and is a “soar travail” for sure.

                  God controls everything, even what is in The Bible.

                  God helps those who help themselves: true, but The Bible describes this thinking as God is a rewarder to those who deligintly seek Him.

                  It’s not complicated. Trust Jesus’ sacrifice for the sins you know you have committed and turn from them. When you fall, and you WILL fall, apologize to God in private and get back to repenting.

            • I don’t need an ordinance and don’t care about the bounty. I will shoot them just for the fun of it.

              • This is a nice idea, but the real government drones that can cause the biggest problems to personal freedoms are much more defensible than being taken down with just about anything that someone has in their CONVENTIONAL arsenal. Most of these drones are probably private owned, cheapo ones, and thus much easier to target with some nice buckshot. To get the government drones someone is likely going to have to jam it up electronically and bring it down, much like Iran did. Or use some sort of modified laser or sonic disruption unit to down it. Anyone got some any ideas out there on this one out there?

                • Yeah I got an idea.

                  Someone on youtube made an RC ariplane with a camera feed on it. Like the camera was in the “pilot” position. I have no idea if it sent the video back to him live or what but someone should be able to figure out how to send back at least an ultrasonic ping or something.

                  Pack the fucker with stump-b-gone and kamikaze it.

                • There are build plans on the internet for making a jammer. A good jammer would do the trick no matter how big or bad the govt drones are. You can build a nice wave guide for not too much. If the drone is high it would be nice to know its approximate location (unfortunately radar is a little pricey for your neighborhood watch group)so you can direct the jammer at it.

                  • Recall that the FCC is part of the control grid and they will locate the source of such jamming signals in a hurry. You will make yourself a target.

                    Be careful.

                • Take a c ban satellite dish, then a microwave, tear apart microwave AND PUT UNIT ON CENTER OF dish, point dish out toward inbound drone, same as IRAN did. That will mess up communication with operator up.

              • a drone flew over our property a few weeks ago. it was so fast and so low, there would not have been time to get a bead on it even if a gun wasnt holstered. we didnt hear it until it was directly overhead and at treetop height. been to a lot of airshows, but dont think we’ve ever seen anything move that fast that low.

                • Caveat – I have NO personal military experience whatsoever (though my child’s dad has).

                  It sounds nice mouthing off like this, but doesn’t it just make this town a target for being made an example of by the tptb when it all kicks off? Won’t tptb just raze the town to the ground in a quick airstrike?

                  I’m far more impressed by the little geeky techy nerds who are working out how to hack the drone command centres and render these high tech weapons useless.

                  I honestly think the really effective resistance in the coming war will be from spotty, pale brainiacs in basements tapping away on their encrypted machines without even their own mothers guessing what they are really up to. The second key group will be the engineering types who will create the sort of low cost, low tech ground defence that we’ve already seen be so effective in Afghanistan.

                  The enemy has no sense of honour, decency or integrity and it’s foolish to assume that they are fighting an “honest” war against us, when ALL available evidence suggests otherwise. We need to wise up to the fact that we need to be as sneakily ingenious and smart as our opponents in key respects.

                  That doesn’t involve making even the babies and grandmothers in your community key targets for a direct hit, or first on the bus to the camp. Grandstanding & posing will NOT win this fight. The ability to THINK will and then apply those sensible thoughts to actions such as growing a garden, creating simple signals to bugger up drone signal systems, getting the youngsters in your family with the computer smarts free of the brainwashing etc.

                  • The thing that wins wars is forcing your opponent to sustain higher caualties than they are willing to accept before they do that to you and your forces, nothing more, nothing less…

                  • We all know it will be John Connor, son of Sarah Conner….Unfortunately Skynet LIVES in beta already.

            • Facebook,

              Yes, I glanced at the headline this morning where a federal appeals court had sided with the government and, essentially, reinstated the NDAA.

              That really interests me.

              What is it about the courts that time after time, when these issues arise, between the Constitution and some federal law attempting to circumvent it, that the courts side with the government. I would have thought, being naive, that these learned men would have started their legal careers grounded in the Constitution and the long history of English law. I would think at their core, they would consider the history of the land vs the over-reaching power grab of the government.

              Sadly, I am so mistaken.

              Each time the government attempts to circumvent the Constitution, the courts gleefully bend and stretch every word to allow it.

              The problem with our system, fundamentally, is that we allow the government do define its own powers. Our Founding Fathers should have created an citizen court to judge on the Constitutionality of proposed laws. As it is the King decides whether or not his decrees are legal.

              Ultimately, and it make take longer then I have left on this earth, but eventually we will either descend into a police state with dictatorial rule by an oligarchy or this country will tear itself apart.

              Truthfully… I think it is 50 50. I have nothing but awe for the sheer brutal power of the modern police state. I also think the 300 million people are being segregated into large blocks which do seem destained one day, to war with each other.

              The coming years will be discussed by future generations for thousands of years.

              Wish I wasn’t here for the show.

              • “Who can make war with The Beast”?

                • You have to realize they are all in bed together including the Dems and Repubs. Courts are no different. Look at the ruling on Obamacare.

              • Estrella(Star) this name brings back old memories. I once had a girlfriend many, many years ago when I lived in Puerto Rico with this name. Trekker Out

              • Estrella: “what’s with the courts…”
                What is happening in the government and the courts is because the far left have reached sufficient numbers to cover key places. That includes media and courts. So the issue is that the judges “side” with whatever the OWG types want them to. And if they are independent thinkers, they are bought or threatened. Look at the ObamaCare decision. It was clear to everyone that Roberts was gotten to. He reversed his clearly stated position and threw away his vote with the statement that if the people of this nation wanted to reverse ObamaCare, it was up to them to take it to the polls. ( And since those are now electronically rigged that is impossible).

              • What is it about the courts that time after time, when these issues arise, between the Constitution and some federal law attempting to circumvent it, that the courts side with the government.

                they all feed from the same trough, YOUR TAX DOLLARS. all three branches of government are all sucking on the tax tit, get it?

              • Well, actually, the founding fathers DID include a kind of “citizen court” to decide the constitutionality of laws. It is called “trial by jury”. The “powers that be” insist that juries should decide only the facts of the case and apply the law as stated. But the original point of trial by jury, as originally codified in the Magna Carta, was to effectively invalidate or limit the reach of laws if no jury would convict. Judges will not generally admit it, but judges and prosecutors know that the results of prior similar jury trials are president for a current case.

                This is commonly called “jury nullification”. But it is actually more than just the power to nullify laws; it is the power to effectively rewrite them. Let me give a concrete example in current case law. Some states have statutory rape laws that refer to the age of the teenage victim, but not the age of the accused. Thus, if two 16 year old teenagers have consensual sex, the male (or perhaps both) are guilty of rape in the eyes of the law. But since few juries will return guilty findings, prosecutors will not prosecute, and judges (at least in theory) should follow the precedents and do likewise as well.

                In the example here, as long as no jury will convict for shooting down a drone, the law against it will not stand.

                • One of the key marks of this police state is the injustice system.

                  Think about it. Judges frequently rule “You can’t say that,” “You can’t use that defense,” “You can’t get or use that evidence,” and “I will tell you what the law is and you may not judge the law.”

                  Jury nullification must be taught outside of court, so that every righteous citizen may defend justice if/when they are ever on a jury.

                  We must also work towards Nuremberg 2 where the judges of injustice will have their time as defendants.

                • Excellent points!…the way things are being done at the federal level is also the reason why our founders originally started the country under what was known as The Articles of Confederation….the fact is the present constitution wasn’t how the US was to operate and that is why some of the first founders like Jefferson were called anti-federalists…they did not approve of the constitution…they felt the centralization of power in a federal govt would result in the states and the people losing control(crazy eh?)…under the articles we had a weak central govt and strong states and the most liberty that men had ever had in the history of the world since govt was created…alas as Jefferson feared the central govt consolidated power especially after lincolns war of aggression..a decade after that the US was basicly incorporated and bankrupt and repo-ed by the creditors and by 1913 the govt of the people had mostly ceased to be…only the people didn’t get the memo…and here we are under a fast expanding fascist regime ran by other evil persons…we oughta maybe rethink this constitution thing…perhaps the founders first idea was the best idea…perhaps there is a middle ground…and by all means we keep the Bill of Rights…but where the states agreed and created this monster that now acts like it created the states…its we the people who have lost the most…its we the people who need to look back to our roots, our roots were grounded in liberty and in the people retaining control…perhaps we need to revisit that place and take the power away from the courts and the other two branches!

                  • While we were a nation under a legitimate government under the Aricles of Confederation we were able to take on and defeat the most powerfull counrty on earth. But on a ruse to modify the articles at the SECRET Philidelphia convention we were taken over in a bloodless coup and given our present so called USA. Remember what Patrick Henry said after seeing what was happening there: “I smell a rat”
                    Instead of reading the much quoted “Feferalist Papers” read the “Anti-Federalist Papers” both being written during the convention.

        • OPEN SEASON!!!!

          • sounds to me like another version of skeet shooting…even obummer supposedly does that…LOL

        • Get a grip on reality people! If there is going to be any shooting done, it will be drones shooting Patriots not the other way around. I guess life in fantasy land is good for a little relief. Trekker Out.

          • Don’t they fly so high you can’t hardly see them much less be in gun range?

          • I don’t like your statement, but you are dead nuts on. Just remember intel will be vital.

            Ever notice the birds in the evening, they all have to roost somewhere!

        • Chute ’em !

        • Deer Trail, Colorado:

          Thank you for having the conviction to do the right thing in the age of Statism.

          You have my vote of confidence as the finest town in all of America.

          Let us hope every town will follow your shining example of Liberty.

          Finally, I suggest you pay out $1K for every drone shot down. This would compensate for tolerating this bullshit from the State of Amerika.

      2. I just saw this on and thought it sounded like a great idea. Wonder if they’ll do an out of state license. I can go out there and stare at the sky for a couple weeks..

        • Great idea to shoot them down. Bad idea to provide evidence that you did.

          • But it does give a warm feeling to think about it.

            • 🙂 tingles……

            • finally tax dollars going to something worth while. Paying bounties on drones 🙂

          • Just make sure you scratch off, burn off, or dissolve the DHS logo before turning it in. Get rid of the evidence and CYA.

            • Forget the bounty, just shoot, shovel and shut up about it.

              • Scrap Yards.

                • Yup… make some good money that way. Might have to make sure it doesn’t look like a drone, though.

              • Way I see it–just like Clint’s recipe.
                Some shoot, some dig; you dig. 🙂

              • Bury it on federal land in case it has a tracking device on it.

            • I’m guessing that each drone has some form of tracking device like a gps.

              • Need gun to shoot it down diesel and matches for clean up…they can keep the reward…
                Public service!!

              • Bruce,out here in the mountains, you can’t even shoot a Grizz or a Wolf without the Feds being all over you like stink on Obama, so you can bet they would catch you if you shot down one of their drones. Trekker Out. Wish I had taken up Trap Shooting.

              • That’s why you pull the battery and put it with the rest of your supplies before discarding.

            • my guess is they will have gps tracking on the thing and have a fix on where it went down. Better get rid of it quick !!

      3. Making it a sporting event, I like this idea, should be a great tourist attraction !

        • The “idea” appears satisfying on the surface. ALL DRONES ARE CONTROLLED FROM A COMMAND CENTER.

          When I see/hear a bounty on “command centers” and “drone pilots”…Then I will :), and know that “the bounty hunters” are actually “chopping at the root of the problem”…and not simply the annoying branches.

          Make no mistake, IMO this activity will be “operational/functional/devastating” in the very near future. Once that first “neighborhood” gets “fried”: Well, suffice it to say “the drone pilots, support personnel, and ALL of their families had better be operating/living on an Antarctic Iceberg!

          Rather “undesirable” circumstances for even the most “ardent drone pilot and support team”.

          • It would be funny except for the whole situation
            now becoming deadly serious.
            Is their still anyone amongst us that harbors the
            illusion, after the swat team and tank incidents
            at Waco and Ruby Ridge, that the government would
            hesitate to use a hellfire missile on the burg of
            Deer Trail for shooting down their military hdwe.
            They would consider it a direct terrorist attack
            against the US and deal with it as such.
            Other than that, it is humorous.

            • true, to be honest we all like to poke fun like we would shoot one down , but I would never do such thing..would I flip it the bird? you betcha

              I think the geeks with electronics when they get pissed at being spied on all hell will break lose for the drones, when they start falling out of the sky or end up being intercepted buy eggheads that’s when will begin , its gonna happen, and I cant wait to see the government cry..oh you cant do that!..waaaaaah

              • What would be cool would be to get one to land and reprogram it and add a package that makes a loud bang and then send it back to its masters…now Im not saying anyone should engage in any “illegal” or violent acts…just saying itd be cool…ahemmm! 😉

            • I started watching Battleground Afganistan on Nat Geo recently and seen what a hellfire missile will do to a building. WOW

              I witnessed the troops busting into peoples homes and throught… is this training for our country? I’m not saying some people there are not taliban scum but I sometimes understand why other countries would hate us.

              While watching I wondered if our troops would rebel or follow orders here at home. Seems some were governement zombies. One guy said he would follow his captain into hell to deliver a glass of water.

              Another thing I noticed is how they are not accurate with their weapons. There were 2 taliban fighters on one motorcycle firing from about 20 yards away at about 10 marines. They seemed to just spray bullets hoping they hit the target. I’m sad to say all 10 were firing and the 2 taliban still got away. If we ever go to war with a class A military force, we may lose if our technology doesn’t influence the outcome.

            • Ruby ridge and Waco were PRE 9/11. The growing number of armed/dangerous patriots (dangerous to a tyrannical dictatorship attempting to pass all of “IT’S” nefarious and unconstitutional activity off as “for your own good”)…THEY will be facing a different “animal” on the next round of similar “activities”.

              That “same gooberment dog” won’t hunt in my geography. That “dog” will get “dropped” shortly after the “fake scent” is supposedly “picked-up” and the propaganda has a chance to make it to the lame-stream-media.

              SIDE NOTE: To the “LAME-STREAM-MEDIA”, that “target” you are still denying is “on your collective backs”: When this finally goes “LIVE”, you better have a very DEEP “spider hole” to cower in!

              • I think our government is it’s own worst enemy. Am sure they already know who each of us is. Wouldn’t surprise me if they spent most of their drone support chasing us, decent citizens, and missed the truly dangerous scum.

          • Profound statement. Thank you, yental. Please contact Dear Trail, and ask them to make a vital modification to the bounty.

      4. where do I sign, Is a 300 Win Mag big enough to play?

        • VRF,

          300 Win Mag? That’ll do just fine 🙂

          • or a 300 Weatherby many

        • I read the ROE that goes along with the license on another site yesterday. Can’t seem to find the article today. Any way, it’s shotgun ONLY, shot only, no slugs, and the height limit is 1000 feet. I think most here would agree that a shotgun’s effective range, using shot loads, is in the 60-75 yard range and at extreme range it takes a well practiced shooter to hit anything that is moving that far out.

          • true but they typically hover.., what we need to come up with is a projectileless system to bring them down un harmed so we can extract the technology and whats on the mother board, also to have the ability to track its origin and controller.. than you have something, also you end up with a useable piece of equipment to spy on the spyers

      5. Pullllll!

        • Don’t forget to lead it, and maintain your follow through!

          • If the govt comes knocking on your door about their missing drone, just tell ’em “you didn’t build that!”

            • Great one sixpack! We need to remember “it takes a village” and its for “the collective”

              • If they can put it in the air “for the children”, we can shoot it down “for the children” too…it’s all a matter of perspective.

      6. I want to work with some organization to create a congressional pledge similar to what Grover Norquist did with the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge” (attached) to get on record those in office to pledge to ELIMINATE the following: (I will have to give more thought to what could be added to the list which should be everything that is wrong with our government and representatives)

        1.Violations to the United States Bill of Rights
        2.The Federal Reserve
        3.The Department of Homeland Security
        5.Illegal wars
        6.Monitoring and collection of information on citizens via cell phones, land lines, internet, etc.
        7.Insider trading by congressmen and congresswomen
        8.Corporation subsidies
        9.Bailouts of banks
        10.Non-prosecution of banking crimes
        11.Corporate tax breaks and loopholes

        • TSA groping,
          double jeopardy
          race baiting
          photo traffic tickets
          refundable tax credits
          and you forgot DRONES

          • refundable tax credits

            would that be the ole EIC, where not one dime was paid in?? 🙁

            • JJ, I just love that Earned Income Credit, at least one of the letters is correct. It ain’t Earned and it ain’t Credit, cause they never have to pay it back. But I guess it is Income, even if it is at the taxpayers expense. The beauty of being simple is, you never know or never admit when you have lived off of someone elses sweat. They have income tax withheld of $800 and get a $1500 tax refund, but just ask them and they will tell you that,Yes I do pay income taxes. Big Brother to the rescue once more! Trekker Out.

        • obamacare, career politicians

        • Agri/biz subsidies!
          supplement restrictions 4 Big Pharma $ benefits (L-tryptophan 4 ex)
          alternative healing restrictions

      7. I did not read this NSA.

      8. The government loves that someone is stupid enough to try something like this so they can go after responsible gun ownership, the NRA, and Gun Owners of America, and the 2nd Amendment

        Don’t fall for this nonsense.

        They way you knock these things down is through electronic means, not bullets being fired into the air.

        • Love this article , but these things fly at 10 – 30 thousand feet.

          Shooting one down would be very difficult .still would love to try thou.

          • got to take off and land sometime/somewhere though.

        • Thank you for the common sense. And the other post about the elevation at which these things operate is also relevant. I would hope gun owners would know better.

      9. Biden Defense: Double barrel goose shotgun.

      10. Dam, what will people think of next? Shoot’n down drones, pull’n tags off of a mattress, drink’n unlicensed/untaxed liquor, and smoke’n herbs that they grew themselves.

        The white folks in this country are just out of control, I think that the Gubermint better round them all up!


        • Thet’s “theirselves” ya ignoramus 😉

          • Sigi,

            I am so sorry that my grammar did not meet the rigorous standard you have set for all of us here at SHTF Plan.

            Therefore, on behalf of myself, and the other posters, we would like to express ourselves to you by saying, “Go piss up a rope, retard”.

            • I think Sigi was having fun WITH you and not criticizing you. Lighten up.

      11. Great idea! Sign me up pronto! Just be careful of the down range direction you’re shooting.

      12. Let me know if Dick Chaney will be using his shotgun so I can hide.

        • Tact, speaking of NSA Chaney, I know there’s probably not a lot of people on here from Wyoming, but I see Dick Chaney’s Daughter Liz,declared today she is going to run for the Senate against Sen. Enzi in 2014. Seems like that would be plenty of time for the Tea Party to come up with a Real Conservative to run against these two “Party Puppets” I always hear how conservative Wy. is, but it’s full of RINO’s our Governor is proof of that. Trekker Out.

      13. I wonder if they’ll come up with a scoring system like Boone and Crocket? And what would it be called?
        LMAO you gotta love small town America. Peace.

        • ed, I borrowed your idea for a comment below. thanks!

          (wouldn’t want people to think I was plagiarizing. they might start comparing me to MLK, or Denis Leary, or… worse yet, Joe Biden!)

      14. Sweet!! Skeet, trap and drones. What a vacation!!

      15. Lovely idea, I look for stuff to shoot all the time, year round. This would be so much fun! Collect drones like kids collect pokeyomomma cards.

      16. This is the most awesome thing Ive heard of this year, its prolly a joke but, in my little fantasy world its terminator meets matrix and Im as giddy as a schoolgirl on prom nite. Total fiction I imagine but it sure is fun to think , what if….

      17. Do you think I could capture one and make a pet out of it? Then I could keep a cover over the camera and just show my butt to the feds when I have a little too much fire water.

        • Just be careful showing your butt to BHO, there was a reason that they called him “Bath House Barry” in Chicago.

        • Will you name him “George?”

          (Of Mice and Men or Bugs Bunny- whichever you like)

          Sorry, silly mood tonight.

      18. So why does the federal govt. bone heads think they own us and we are their slaves? WTF.

        Seems like the commie take over is close at hand.
        One last good fight in us all.

        • Yes, they think they own us. Obama says that he wants to pass the law requiring everyone between the ages of 15-65 to subject themselves to a HIV test. Really now, isn’t this actually DNA testing for everyone between the ages of 15-65?

      19. 7.62x39mm should be good drone medicine.

      20. Mmmmmmmm,feelin a tingle down my leg……

      21. Is there a law against shooting down alien invaders from planet Xingtonia?

        • Xingtonia? Wouldn’t happen to be a small village in Africa would it? Might know of somebody from there…..

        • Maybe. Here in Washington it is illegal to shoot a Sasquatch, whether they exist or not.

      22. Will there be a catch and release program when drones become endangered ?

      23. How dumb can these people be? It’s just a manipulative way to tax! Get a clue people.

      24. So I like the concept here. ….but is this town really a hotbed of drone activity? And as some others mentioned, the drones you have to worry about will be the big ones you wont see until its too late. How far do you have to lead one of those things anyways? Happy hunting…

      25. I really like the fact they have an on-board explosive charge for self destruction. Knob creek demoliton derby on a small scale. Oh can I mommy, please, I’ll just shoot one.

      26. ‘They Hate Us Because of Our Freedom’
        Whenever I hear “they hate us because of our freedom” or “because they hate our way of life” or some other such drivel, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If real people didn’t suffer the consequences of it, such ignorance would be amusing. But another annoying thing about statements like these is that they perpetuate the myth that we live in a land of freedom. The sad fact is, we are not free, and haven’t been for a long, long time.
        In They Thought they Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45, Milton Mayer wrote about how the German people kept believing they were still free while the Nazis were tightening their control and extending their power over every facet of life. At first people refused to see the obvious, because the infringements on their freedom were coming in small steps. Each of those small steps, on its own, seemed to be no big deal, nothing to rebel against. But by the time you could no longer ignore the big picture, it was too late. “Suddenly it all comes down, all at once. You see what you are, what you have done, or, more accurately, what you haven’t done (for that was all that was required of most of us: that we do nothing) . . . You remember everything now, and your heart breaks. Too late. You are compromised beyond repair.” Remember, all the people had to do for all that to happen was–nothing. The same phenomenon is happening right here, right now, in the U.S. of A. It had been proceeding at a slower rate than 70 years ago in Germany, but now the pace quickens.
        I know there are some who will say “Wait a minute, fella. You’re going too far. The U.S. of A. is still a free country.” O.K., then. If you’re free, you should have no trouble doing something that people have done for time immemorial. Buy a cow, shelter and feed and care for it, milk it, and sell the milk. Go ahead, try it and see what happens. Come back and let us know how free you are to do such a simple thing, which has been done since the dawn of civilization.
        Freedom is a state of being where an individual does not have to get permission in order to do something that harms no one else’s person or property. How many things can you do without getting some form of government permission? Can you build your house on your own property without obtaining government approval? Can you put a new room on your house? Or a new porch? Put in a new toilet? Or even put a shed in your backyard? If you are not free to make your home on your own property, you are not free.
        Once you have that home, can you refuse to sell it to the government if they want to use your land for some other purpose? Can you make them go away simply by telling them, “I will not sell you my property, at any price!” If you are not free to choose if, when, how, to whom, and for how much you will sell your property, you are not free.
        Can you drive a motor vehicle across this “free” country without someone in government approving of you as a driver? Or without getting government permission to use that vehicle on the roads? If you are not free to travel without permission, you are not free.
        Can you buy a pistol without government permission? Can you drive across the country with it on your person, even if you have permission to drive a properly permitted vehicle? There’s a man, a good man from what I’ve heard, and who got in trouble in Ohio for doing just that. And I’ll bet there are many more good people that I haven’t heard of who wound up in similar trouble. Let’s remind them how free they are. Could anyone even ride a horse cross-country, with an old Winchester rifle in a scabbard, without being hassled? If you are not free to have a firearm at hand for self-defense, no matter where you go, you are not free.
        Are you free to say to the government, “I don’t like your retirement plan; therefore, I will no longer pay for it?” Can you, without penalty, tell the government that you will no longer pay for subsidies, for regulations, for wars, for empire, or for any activities that you disapprove? If you are not free to refuse to pay for things that you do not want, you are not free. If the government decides it needs more troops to build and maintain its empire, can you refuse to go if it calls for you? Will they leave you alone if you tell them you won’t kill and die for them? Can you simply ignore the draft, without consequence? Can you refuse to be a conscripted slave? If you are not free to tell the government “Hell no, I won’t go!” you are not free.
        Can you open a business, like a simple barbershop, without government permission? Or how about a bakery? A diner? A hot dog stand? A gun shop? It’s been said that before we invaded Iraq, there were more gun shops in Baghdad than in Washington D.C. Can you wire or plumb or fix TVs or cars without a government license? If you’re not free to make a living without getting permission, you are not free. And once you have government approval to open a restaurant or bar, are you free to decide what people may do within your business? Can you choose whether or not they may smoke on the premises? Are you free to invite them to light up and enjoy a cigarette, a cigar, or a pipe with their drink, or after their meal? If you are not free to decide what people may or may not do on your property or within your business, you are not free.
        Are you free to smoke a joint? Are you free to hire someone to help you satisfy a physical urge? You can do both in the same afternoon in Amsterdam. I haven’t heard of anybody attacking the Dutch because of their freedom. If you are not free to entertain your mind and body in any way that does not harm another, with anyone who is willing, you are not free.
        Can you undergo any medical treatment you think is in your best interest? Can you use whatever drug you deem appropriate for your condition? Can you even get some marijuana to help you avoid nausea so you can keep your meds from coming back up? Can you get it just to feel a little better for a little while? If you are not free to pursue any treatment or use any substance you think might help you obtain, regain, or retain your health, you are not free.
        Are you able to criticize political candidates by name? A week before the next election or primary, place a newspaper or TV or magazine or radio ad criticizing a candidate. Let us know how you fare. The Supreme Court says it’s okay to make that a crime. If you are not free to talk about politicians at any time, at any place, by any means, in any form, you are not free.
        Can you take your children out of a government or conventional private school setting, without explaining to some bureaucrat how you plan to educate them? Can you homeschool them without getting government approval of your lesson plans? Can you tell everyone to buzz off, that it’s none of their business how or if you educate your kids? If you are not free to teach your children what you want, where you want, when you want, and how you want, you are not free.
        So, let’s reiterate. You need government permission to make your home, travel, earn a living, defend yourself, obtain medical treatment, and educate your children. You will never get government approval for many of those things in many places. You will never get government permission to entertain your mind and body in unapproved ways. At certain times, you cannot criticize those who decide who and what gets approved. You must sell your property to the government if they want it, and you must kill and die for them if they tell you to. And you have no choice but to pay for it all anyway, whether you like it or not.
        And still, we think we are free.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Watchman, That it quite a littany! but also painfully true. Quite obviously, we are no longer free.
          they can kill the body, but not the spirit eternal.
          Keep your powder dry!

          • The real drone problem is those voted to put Barry Sotero back into office, less than half the country is imposing a statist fascist totalitarianism on the rest of us. Because soon the economy will crash and the Federals will have no more money to pacify those drones who are in the EBT/SNAP HHS Disability crowd they will push for more socialism, more taxation of the working earning class to pay them off. The Federals are going to have no more money for anything except Obama’s DHS FEMA troops and EBT cards. It is apparent that the US is no longer a politically cohesive nation.

            With much of the burden on the free states, those which do not over regulate, and thus still have economic growth, to pay for the Obama EBT SNAP fueled drones, while themselves receiving none of the benefits of Federal largess, and with an impoverished inept Federal government, a break up is all but certain. The only question, will the break up be like Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia?

            I just hope that the free states remain free, and become free countries, and when, for example California becomes the third world hell hole that people like Nan Pelosi and Jerry Brown seem so intent on creating, that the free states are smart enough to protect their borders from the Golden State’s golden horde.

            • Don’t have TOO much faith in the “ELECTION” That is yet one more system under government control, and no doubt subject to any and all pitfalls that ensue….

        • Good writing Watchman,
          Have been feeling NOT so free lately, its disgusting.

        • The dark comedy “Brazil” is begining to look more like prophecy and less like dystopian fantasy every day. All of the draconian rules in that film were enacted to protect people from terrorsts, yet bombs strike these oppressed people throughout the film as their bureucratic juggernaut rolls on.

        • Painfully true on so many points and levels.

          “WE” the people have been “asleep at the wheel”, for the past century. We allowed the elites/politicians/TPTB to take control of almost every facet of our lives.

          Now, we see some killing “scenes” met with more gov intrusion as to ways of preventing repeat “killing scenes” by allowing them to take away more freedoms.

          They (TPTB) say it’s the guns, then it’s the “bad/outdated” laws, then it’s “civil rights” violations. They say we have to change to meet their way of liberalized thinking. In other words, they know what is best for us. WRONG! They just want to control us, 24/7, lock-stock-and barrel.

          They may take our homes/land/livelihoods/ and our flesh bodies; but, they can’t take our souls and eternal life, unless we let them.

          Life in the flesh world is like the blink of an eye, then it’s over anyways. Don’t let evil ruin what little precious time you have on this earth.

          A person is not totally free until they have nothing left to lose but their eternal salvation/soul.

        • I hear ya Watchman, Im wondering what kind of BS me and the wife are going to face this year, we are home schooling our 9th grader, and its a new territory for us..cant wait for the knock on the door.

          • Excellent choice. Your child will love you for it and you’ll be glad you started. Prayers for you. Good job!

        • I’m sooo reposting that!!! Good frickin job there!

        • Sadly you aint just whistling Dixie…I do a lot of what you mentioned but at a risk to my person/liberty that wouldn’t be so if I were truly free…folks need to consider what you say and then intentionally find ways around “them PTB” 🙁

        • Watchman

          What’s so sad is that everything you say is so true.

      27. My wife will not like the price of this mount .

      28. Hmmmm…lets see here,

        Out west, till just the last few decades, when a BOUNTY was issued on ‘something’, you had to bring in it’s ears to claim the reward…

        …WHAT part of a drone do I bring in to claim a bounty here? Just askin’ here Folks…anybody know? I mean do I need to bring in it’s antenna’s or it’s microprocessor or what? Yech!, I think I’d rather go skin up some real live (DEAD) squirrels…rootin’ around in the INNARDS of a drone…well, to be truthful here, the thought kinda makes me NAUSEOUS. Oh well, I suppose I’ll just have to ‘Man-up’ and get my ‘DRONE TAGS’ soon…

        Now, in the ‘you can’t make this shit up’ category…

        On another -wholly unrelated – note ZeroHedge has an article up where McDonald’s (Yup, the GOLDEN arches) with the HELP of VISA…the pre-eminent “F_ck you till you BLEED) apparatchik of the WONDERFUL Nation-State and the premier example of Corporate Oligarchy hereabouts, takes a turn ‘helping’ it’s bedraggled employee’s manage their finances. What’s their first bit of advice?…you might ask…Wellll….JUST THIS,

        “Get a SECOND JOB”…Yup, even THAT stalwart bastion of Americana ADMITS that they don’t pay their employee’s a LIVING wage…just another example of FINE American- style gangsterism wherein you DO have a CHOICE; you can either flip burgers without ANY hope of ever owning ANYTHING more valuable than a car stereo system…but NOT the car to put it in!…or you can travel to foreign lands, meet interesting people and KILL them (An All-Expense paid trip courtesy of your UNCLE)…Ahh, the irony of it ALL.

        Not kidding you folks here at ALL,
        the article shows a series of lines beginning as

        1st Employer 1105/month
        2ND EMPLOYER 905/month…

        Like I said, “You just CAN’T make this shit up Folks.” Now, is anybody wondering WHY our Youth aren’t exactly ‘primo-motivated’ anymore…

        …Had enough yet?…Just let me know when you have had ENOUGH of this shit…I’ll be waiting, patiently… “Pleased to meet you…hope you guessed my name…” as the line goes….or at least the Advocate for.

        • I thought you said you were leaving JOG.

          • MayBeSo

            My divorced cousin said that if women didn’t have a vagina, there would be a bounty on them.
            So maybe you’re supposed to bring in the TAIL.
            (Sorry gals, I love you dearly, his sentiment, not
            mine, kiss kiss.)

            • Aarrrgh—I knew I shouldn’t have written that…..

              I apologize profusely to anyone I may have offended.

              • @ OutWest,

                Tsk, tsk, tsk…Careful there ‘West…might be alienating a SIGNIFCANT fraction of the residents here! 🙂

                While I’m here, I’ll get to triple-? above,

                Nope…sad to say that kinda stuff – the BI and JOG stuff – is WAY OTISDE my limited paygrade, but thanks a bunch for the complement! I DO feel no little bit flattered to be mentioned in the same breath with those. Till later everyone, lots of preppin to do before October gets here…before the snow flys…and me too.

      29. … it’s All Fun and Games till someone ‘Shoots their Eye Out , hits their Armed neighbors new truck with a load of buckshot or Take Out a USAF Predator Drone armed with twin Side Winder missile’s .


        I think I’ll pass on this Ignorant Patriotic Exercise of Bad Judgement by Patriotic Colorado Red Necks .

        N.O. ;0p

        • I agree N.O.

          I’ve got better things to do with my guns and free time.

          As long as there are still some fish to catch, I’ll just observe from the water.

          Don’t need or want the attention.

          Back in the Eighties, I went thru a spell where I was intrigued and quite frankly, fascinated by all the UFO articles and TV documentaries on aliens.
          I had come to the conclusion that they were real, UFOs/alien beings, and that they were friendly and just wanted to help us.

          I made a terrible mistake one night while standing in the hayfield on the mountain top and stargazing. I saw a flying object with a flashing light that was having an irregular flight pattern. By my ignorant and mistaken ideology of extraterrestrials, I held my arms up towards the sky and said out loud, “Welcome to my world”!

          Bad mistake. The craft/vehicle/spaceship made a split second maneuver and hovered about 300 ft above the field I was standing in. The light, I thought was blinking, was actually rotating…. My ass drew up so tight that a pencil couldn’t have got in and the tiny hairs on the back of my neck were electrified. I quickly walked to the house, went inside and closed the door. Several days later, I was visited late one night, sedated, and chipped.

          This is a true story and i haven’t told but very few people until now. Shortly after daybreak on that night of “visitation”, I awoke to a slight itch on my middle finger of my right hand. Still groggy, I scratched and eventually woke up enough to realize the area was swollen and stinging. After finally realizing I hadn’t been bitten during the night and inspecting further, I felt something hard just under the skin. After using a magnifying glass, I found a tiny incision mark but no blood or scab. I proceeded to sterilize a needle and start probing. I finally worked the chip to the surface and got it out. It was opaque, about the size of a small grain of rice, and shaped like an obelisk. I could see thru it and it wasn’t a tracking chip because there was no visible internal differences. It wasn’t glass but hard like glass and had a porous surface.
          I hauled it away and threw it over a cliff.

          A friend of mine, from another state, had told me about getting abducted and chipped by aliens, when he was a child. I thought it was done by the gov since his Dad worked for NASA. He said it was aliens and his parents took him to a surgeon to have his “chip” removed from his left shoulder. He, like myself, have told very few people for obvious reasons.

          As a believer and follower of Christ, I was helped out of the situation. By “freewill” I invited evil into my life and could have been ruined, had it not been for the hand of God.

          The reason i am now telling this story of the aliens is this: They are not of God nor sent by God. They are evil and of Satan, or at the least, work for him. Until now, I had no earthly idea what the chip was or was meant for. Now,thirty years later, after much study and understanding, I believe the “chip” was meant to dissolve over time and with the dissolving, a new strain of DNA would be absorbed into the body.
          In essence, I would have become a hybrid of sorts, but for the mighty Hand of a loving Father.

          They are among us. Don’t open one’s self up to any form of evil. Keep the protection of the Almighty and retain one’s power over anything satanic.

          As with the drones, ignore them or anything like them. Shooting at what might appear to be a drone, could be an “occupied” vehicle and one might get a personal visit like i did.

          A person could find themselves to be saying what the woman in the car advertisement/commercial says; “We shouldn’t have done that”. LOL.


          • …they are fallen angels ….not good at all!!

            • I believe they are tied to the fallen angels. The fallen angels that came to earth to seduce woman, rather than be borned of her, are held in chains until the return of Satan as Antichrist.

              The aliens may be the result of those earlier copulations with flesh woman,during the time of Noah; before and after the flood. Possibly the “wondering souls” of the giants/hybrids. They could be shape shifting creatures that cause us to think they are aliens from another Galaxy.

              There are a lot of unanswered questions, and some things just can’t be explained. i think in time, maybe during the Millenial Reign, we shall understand all that God wants us to know.

              Until then, we can only follow what is written in the Word and pray for truths.

              i have prayed for such and learned more over the last ten years than I did in the previous 47 years.


      30. only one word needs to be said for this tow


        • town* sorry my N button sticks sometimes

          • Spark, this is caused by a Government Conspiracy. This is so you can’t use the “N Word” Trekker Out.

      31. This proves that politicians and the government are above the law of all the rest of us and have complete immunity to endanger anyone because they are government:

        Didn’t matter to these a-holes to even speed past a school bus. They are government, and government can do anything. The someone sworn to protect the public is fired trying to stop “government running wild”. Talk about government run amok. This is pure crap that has flies swarming around it.

        • One by one they get rid of the better ones until….

      32. best thing Ive heard in a LOOOOONNG TIME!! 🙂

      33. Sinai Salafis in all-out war on Egyptian forces, blocking roads to MFO base and Israeli border

        DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 18, 2013, 11:55 AM (IDT)

        The Islamist war on the Egyptian police and military in Sinai has gone far beyond isolated attacks, escalating to 30 strikes per day. debkafile: Salafist Bedouin, Muslim Brotherhood adherents and Palestinian Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters are blocking northern Sinai’s key road arteries, stopping goods traffic to the Israeli border, besieging the MFO base and halting work at the El Arish cement factory. By delaying its counter-terror offensive, the Egyptian army leaves Egyptian towns and the Israeli border open to the approaching danger.

        Keep the FAITH

      34. This is stupid. The drones fly at an altitude that is out of rifle range. This is all we need is bullets raining down and killing inocent people.

        • Name, not the ones that are capable of looking through your walls! Obviously they must be close to the ground to be able to peer through walls because of the necessary angles. The ones flying high can look through the roof.

          Out where I live off of the grid, my nearest neighbor is 3 1/2 miles away. I can safely shoot skyward out here.

      35. When the t-squareds, the tyrannical tapeworms, in DC start acting as though the Constitution were the supreme law of our land some of us will start caring what they prohibit.

        To the degree they violate the Constitution they have no authority to prohibit anything.

        If it’s flying above shotgun range one has the potential problem of where that rifle bullet will land. Preferably not in someone’s chest.

        But otherwise … I love it. I hope a year from now they have a scrap yard of UAV’s they’ve destroyed.

        • VRF, I see this the same way too, the bastards fully intend to start a full scale “civil” war so they can justify Police State, martial law, fema camp roundup ASAP!

          • Well then…lets make sure the war isn’t civil… 😉

      36. Considering that a drone can fly several thousand feet above your home, even if you could see it, you can forget about hitting it. The other problem is that even if it is low enough to hit, what comes up whether it be bullets or drones must come down. What innocent bystander are you going to kill or injure in the process. Just a thought.

      37. I don’t need no stinking license! “See one, shoot one”.

      38. My Dear Friends,


        That’s the TRUTH!!!

        And it HAS been my CONVICTION ever SINCE I learned of their existence!

        Wait, what’s this– “against the law to destroy federal property”???

        Say WHAT???

        What if that fed. property is against ALMIGHTY GOD’S LAW that commands us, THOU SHALT NOT KILL!!!

        So PROTECT human life– children, women, and men. Take down Satan’t wings!

        When FEDERAL property is being used Unconstitutionally and Grossly INhumanely to KILL God’s CHILDREN (= GOD’S “property”), because we All BELONG to God AS His precious Children, then the FED. property HAS TO GO!

        And go DOWN!

        Even if you don’t need target practice, shoot a drone for God and His children.

        When you do, you just might be saving a life. BUT use caution, as some are WEAPONIZED.

        I am so MAD right now!

        – The Lone Ranger

        • TLR..Revelation 9:10

        • No, the drones are NOT Satan’s wings. You, my friend, should take your meds. You’ll feel better.

          • Denial ain’t just a river in egypt, it runs through every city and town in America, including barnyards.

            I hope you know how to swim, sure wouldn’t want you to drown!

            Besides, cats hate water.

            Too bad they also hate the Truth!

            “I might be despicable, but when Truth speaks through me, I am invincible.” – Gandhi

            – The Lone Ranger

      39. Accidents happen,,,Gooberment man comes to the farm,,me, yes sir I know this has been the Second time you’ve had to come out here this month for a drone down,,yes sir I tripped on that root right there and the gun Discharged and well you know the rest,,yes sir that is the same root, been Meaning to cut that off, I am sorry about your drones, Gooberment man walking out of the corn Field, I yell are you gona be able to pay me for the corn Damage. Gooberment man turns and Stairs at me., me never mind I’ll take care of it.

      40. What kind of world do you live in where your government advocates more rights for criminals?

        huh Holder?

        • The one we all find ourselves in now….

      41. One would believe the DOJ would have better things to do than persecute a man who has been found not guilty in a court of law. Perhaps this whole case is nothing more than a means for them to continue to pursue their war on guns. They want to disarm American citizens, and perpetuate hate

        I have the answer…Impeach them all

      42. Drones to the left of me,
        Scanners to the right,
        Here I am….

        “Boone and Crocket gave this baby a 173! Looks good over the mantel there, don’t it?”
        ‘It’s awesome! That thing must have at least a 5 foot wingspan! But… what’s the hideous shrunken head thing next to it?’
        “That was the operator.”

      43. “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act out their dream with open eyes, to make it possible.”

        Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Lawrence of Arabia

        Keep the FAITH

      44. The city of Detroit has just filed for bankruptcy, just like the United States of America is bankrupt. The only difference between the U.S. and Detroit is, now it is official with Detroit.

        • Coming to a town/city near you.

        • Yet, the DOW hit a record high today! Wheeee!

      45. My girlfriend’s girlfriend wants a nutrition label on bananas. Drones come in all sizes. The house is blue Okie.

        • Copy that Delta Four-Niner. Standing by to launch counter measures from the bed of the truck…

          380 mg potassium, 95 calories per serving. Is her name Chaquita, by any chance?

      46. This is what BO and the gang of rectums want of the American people, as many as possible that want their cattle nose ring pierced into skulls.

        What do you bet that 100% of these wads that want less freedom are totally anti-gun and anti-self defense, and have about enough for a mouse stored up for emergencies. Retarded is the new fad, it is hype to be a dumb ass.

      47. I wish it would lead to other cities and whole states doing the same thing. It’s courageous but it won’t end well. If you were concerned about your family’s safety you wouldn’t do this if you were a mayor.

      48. With what the Co state legislature did recently in mind…
        They’ve got to boost tourism someway…don’tcha think…lol!

        hahahahahaha…what a hoot!

      49. This is the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen.

        I want to shoot down drones with a shotgun.

      50. Do you really believe this? Go ahead shoot at ANYTHING mechanical flying and see what happens…..out here they send people to PRISON for shining a laser at an aircraft….. your ass will be under the jailhouse……better to jam/emp it and make it crash.

        • You don’t want to be in prison when it hits the fan.

        • If you even attempt to point a weapon at a drone, they’ll have a picture of it, and if you’re not taken out on the spot, you can expect to have a live one coming to your location very soon, and you’ll be forever branded as a terrorist–they just did their duty.

      51. Might have to rename my Wingmaster to Dronemaster.

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