Total War Tactics: U.S. Declassifies Disturbing List Of Nuclear Targets: “Massive Civilian Casualties”

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    This report was originally published by Joshua Krause at The Daily Sheeple.


    We all know that if there was ever a nuclear war, there would be massive civilian casualties. It’s pretty much impossible to nuke a military base without inflicting collateral damage, and all of the institutions that make governance possible, are located in or near cities. Not to mention all the factories that are required to keep a war machine in tip-top shape, which are frequently located around civilians.

    However, the government has always been vague about whether they would intentionally strike civilians for its own sake, during a nuclear war. We know our government deliberately targeted civilians with nukes during World War Two, but afterward they tried to distance themselves from those tactics, at least publicly. Behind the scenes however, the feds were (and probably still are) just as enthusiastic about “total war” tactics as they had ever been.

    We know this with certainty now, after the U.S. declassified the Air Force’s list nuclear targets from the Cold War.

    For the first time, the National Archives and Records Administration has released a detailed list of the United States’ potential targets for atomic bombers in the event of war with the Soviet Union, showing the number and the variety of targets on its territory, as well as in Eastern Europe and China.

    It lists many targets for “systematic destruction” in major cities, including 179 in Moscow (like “Agricultural Equipment” and “Transformers, Heavy”), 145 in Leningrad and 91 in East Berlin. The targets are referred to as DGZs or “designated ground zeros.” While many are industrial facilities, government buildings and the like, one for each city is simply designated “Population.”

    The 800 page document titled “Atomic Weapons Requirements Study for 1959” is little more than a spreadsheet for nuclear holocaust. It was part of the military’s “bomb as you go” strategy. At a time when ICBM’s had yet to be invented, Air Force bombers would be instructed to fly into Soviet air space, and hit whatever they could depending on the priority of the target. This spreadsheet determined that priority for the bombers, which included 1,100 air fields to prevent the Soviets from striking back, followed by countless industrial targets. Afterward, the deliberate massacre of civilians would begin.

    What is particularly striking in the SAC study is the role of population targeting.  Moscow and its suburbs, like the Leningrad area, included distinct “population” targets (category 275), not further specified.  So did all the other cities recorded in the two sets of target lists. In other words, people as such, not specific industrial activities, were to be destroyed.   What the specific locations of these population targets were cannot now be determined. The SAC study includes the Bombing Encyclopedia numbers for those targets, but the BE itself remains classified (although under appeal).

    The SAC study does not include any explanation for population targeting, but it was likely a legacy of earlier Air Force and Army Air Force thinking about the impact of bombing raids on civilian morale. For example, in a 1940 Air Corps Tactical School lecture, Major Muir Fairchild argued that an attack on a country’s economic structure “must be to so reduce the morale of the enemy civilian population through fear—of death or injury for themselves or loved ones, [so] that they would prefer our terms of peace to continuing the struggle, and that they would force their government to capitulate.” Thinking along those lines continued into the post-war period when social scientists studied the possible impact of nuclear bombing on civilian morale.

    At the time, the US military was still operating under the same “total war” doctrine that had guided them from the end of the Civil War, until World War Two. If the destruction of the civilian population ever became necessary to win the war, then so be it. As General Curtis LeMay so aptly put it after he was asked about the firebombing of Japan “if the war is shortened by a single day, the attack will have served its purpose.”

    In other words,

     At least, that was their twisted moral justification for slaughtering civilians, and it’s clear that notion was the impetus behind this list of nuclear targets.

    Let it never be forgotten, that this how our government views warfare. To them, the ends always justify the means, and the moment it becomes necessary to attain victory, civilians are indistinguishable from combatants. The people running our government pretend to act civilized statesman, but they have a lot more common with likes of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun.

    Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook or on his personal Twitter. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .

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      1. Merry Christmas y’all xXx


          Twas the night before christmas and all through the whitehouse
          Evil bills were being passed by every zionist louse
          Knowing that on the day no one would be there
          They screwed over the people without any care
          And when they were finished they brought out the small boys
          And passed them around, their satanic toys
          Then to what did their beady black eyes did appear
          The US Militia all decked out in gear
          With full auto fire they blasted away
          Killed all the scumbags and saved the day
          Then down to wall street to take out the trash
          Burned them alive the worshipers of cash
          Then on to the banks they marched in a line
          Killed all the bastards then all was fine
          The new found freedom it had a great feel
          Who the hell said Santa Clause isn’t real! 🙂

          • Merry Christmas everyone!

            A preppers list for Christmas,
            Turkey, cranberry sauce, veggies, mashed potatoes, gravy, apple and pumpkin pie……. Check.

            Presents like warm cloths, personal gifts for the wife, some toys for the kids……. Check.

            Holidays prayers and blessings for everyone…… Check.

            Peace on Earth good will towards men……… I’m ready when you are Lord!

            • At least, that was their twisted moral justification for slaughtering civilians

              The above statement is why America will never win a war again.

              For some fucked up reason the USA believes that you can only kill enemies that are actually shooting at you. to win a war you must kill everybody involved in that war, including the citizen that pays taxes that supports the war effort. They are enemies too,

              Dick Chaney said it best during the first gulf war when challenged by a reporter about civilian causalities. He said, “If a wife makes her husband a sandwich and that husband go to work to make a bomb, we are going to kill the wife too.”

              Now think about Russia. They don’t give a flying shit who they kill. 15% of their entire population was killed during WWII, so they know what it means to fight a war.

              • Exactly right. No nation has ever won a war fighting with the so-called rules of engagement America has adopted since Vietnam, Korea and (except for the first Iraq war)both of the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

        • Lets love the Moslems . Untille we die. So pc. Cull the bitches. Now or never. Time to do it. Get ready.

      2. Makes one wonder about the value of human life???

        I hope to hang around another 40 years just to see what the future brings.
        Good or bad…

        Survivalism, at any cost…

        • Eppe

          I am so glad I get to see you on here. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas my friend…..

      3. Declassified? A secret? The deterrent effect of MAD, Mutual Assured Destruction, is predicated upon the adversary knowing the consequences of an attack. Thats its purpose, its very intent.

        If anything deserves an expletive its the very thought of all of this.


        • In all fairness (fairness is probably not an appropriate word in this discussion) the USSR had the same plans.

          As I stated:


        • What’s the problem? I sure wouldn’t have let their population have a get out of the war free card. That gives all the leaders the same card If I’m going to war, I’m out to win. OR Kill them ALL! That’s my best chance of not getting into a war. Only three choices: No war, I win. or we all die.

          • As I stated the deterrent effect of MAD is predicated upon the opponent knowing that civilian centers would be repeatedly targeted. There is no winner.

            On another note I’m sure the military has some kind of Medical Psychologist MD interview those that would turn the key. “Are you willing to kill 100 million people if so ordered”? “Yes”…….

            Apes are more civilized than man.

            • …when a people no longer find in themselves their own reasons to live and believe or, in other words, when a people is no longer satisfied with themselves, they are assuredly ripe for slavery – and there begins their decline. When a people think that they find in other peoples their reasons to live and believe, they have already fallen into slavery – and then their decadence is rife and complete. But when a people, unsatisfied with the contempt that they inflict on themselves in submissively assimilating the culture, language and gods of another people further submerge their biological identity, then, henceforth incapable of maintaining themselves in the ethnocultural authenticity of their uniqueness, they sign their death sentence for all eternity – and then their destruction occurs immediately

              – Pierre Krebs (Fighting for the Essence)

      4. You can bet that the USSR targeted us the exact same way. Why should we play nice and try to avoid civilian casualties while they decimate us?

        “Let it never be forgotten, that this how our government views warfare. To them, the ends always justify the means, and the moment it becomes necessary to attain victory, civilians are indistinguishable from combatants. The people running our government pretend to act civilized statesman, but they have a lot more common with likes of Genghis Khan and Attila the Hun.”

        Our government currently seems to have the opposite attitude about warfare. Our military operates under rules of engagement that limit their firepower, handcuff them behind their backs, and leave them out there to die without any consequences to the enemy.

        If you must go to war, you fight to win – period. That means you kill your enemy, break their stuff, and destroy their very will to oppose you.

        • “You can bet that the USSR targeted us the exact same way.”

          Thats a given.

          Of course one can look at what Ghandi said about, “An eye for and eye makes both blind”.

          My point is announce your intent during peacetime so wartime can be prevented. The idea that your gaining or retaining a tactical or strategic advantage keeping it secret flies in the face of logic. Its a manifestation of the military mindset that in the end a victory is always a potential outcome.

      5. if we have a nuclear war then NO ONE wins!
        Devastation, crops, water, land & air ALL poisoned for decades if not hundreds of YEARS!

        • Anonymous

          Albert Einstein, a smart guy in his own right summed it up when he said:

          “If world war three is fought with nuclear weapons world war four will be fought with sticks and stones”.

      6. “the moment it becomes necessary to attain victory, civilians are indistinguishable from combatants”

        You do Understand what this means, don’t you Comrades?
        I hope so.

        • Only the insane can believe that any victory can be retrieved from carnage on this scale.

          • Some call the insane Moslems in 2015. They believe Allah will save them. They will use the weapons.

            • rellik

              They certainly fit the definition of nuts. The good thing is they have a very limited industrial / technological base and are indigenously incapable of modern weapons manufacture save Pakistan nuclear weapons.

          • if you ever come across a docudrama called THREADS (1984)
            I strongly encourage you to watch it
            it is a fairly realistic portrayal of a nuclear attack and its aftermath

            QUITE sobering

            • It can be seen on

              Sobering is an understatement. It’s the most depressing movie I’ve seen since “The Road”.

          • Correct……just the same as only an insane nation can believe it can lie, bomb and financially subjugate the world without pushback from the world.
            That nation, sadly, is eventually utterly imploded from within or destroyed from without.
            Get your good selves safe……the sooner the US government is put back in it’s box, the better for all humanity.

            Merry Christmas to all and my best wishes too…, friend & foe xxx

          • Ever heard of WW II?

      7. This isn’t much of a surprise. Do you think the USSR was going to spare New York and LA if a nuke war started? The military is the professional applicators of violence. The fake disgust and offended need to rethink their political correctness. We and the USSR were going to kill as many of each other as possible. So what calling a city a population offends you? Who cares.

      8. My favorite American General was Sherman, by reason of learning from him how to fight modern ground War. If you are going to commit to War, you fight a “Total war”. If you are going to use Nukes, that is total War.
        If you are going to total War, first read Sun Tzu. It may influence you to re-consider.
        If you are going to start a Kinda sorta War, like Korea, Vietnam
        read Machiavelli( the Prince). It may influence you to re-consider.
        If you want to waste thousands of lives and lose the war, read the NY times, WAPO, and listen to ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC et al. They work for the enemy.

        • They’re mouthpieces for MIC, nothing more.

          MIC has no care about winning. MIC just has a desire to manufacture implements of war. “Victories” of the weapons systems do help future sales.

          The last justifiable war for the US was WWII and even the roots of that are suspect.

          • K2, we are ALL going to die (eventually). There is nothing you can do to deter the psycos in power. Humanity is pathetic and self destructive and easily brainwashed. Whats going to happen will happen but I doubt it will be nuke destruction. What if you were born in 1840 and died in the civil war at a young age? What if you were alive in the dark ages and died of the plague? You are obviously not that young and of course you want to live a long life as do all of us. We do what we do to live as long as possible but worrying about things beyond our control is folly. As long as humans need leaders we are screwed. I know it pisses me off that we are where we are because of humanities irresponsibility and ignorance but I can’t change it. I will though tell idiots a assload of truth and if they don’t like it too fookin bad. Truth is all we have and if I die a truthful man then I have accomplished a great feat. Suck it up soldier, there IS A WAR on truth! You are a great poster and I appreciate you. Just hope you are not reborn 100 years from now (if we are still here)….

            • Genius

              Its not dying as I came as close as anyone alive on two occasions; literally saved from the jaws of death (its very dark over there). Its the complete disrespect for human life not for survival and existence but for wealth and power. Its not us but us, them and damn near everyone in between.

              Its the ambitious and aggressive that control. “The meek shall inherit the earth”, we should be so lucky.

              Well Merry Christmas, Bono Natel.

              • K2, Sadly to the ruling class we are just disposable cattle. If there were ever a full out nuke war the insects will inherit the earth. Hope your having a great day, merry christmas.

                • To genius and everyone, MERRY CHRISTMAS. First day at the BOL was fun. I replaced my 9mm stolen in the burglary. Day before I left town I bought a Taurus PT111 9mm pistol for $330, sales tax and the background check fee boosted it to $373, then another $50 for 2 20-round boxes of hollowpoints, so that wasn’t too hard on the back pocket. One of my cousins gave me some target ammo to test it out and it shoots good. It came with 2 12-round mags. I’ll get 2 more mags and start building up a 9mm stockpile. On the article, this is all old news to me. I grew up as a kid in the 60s during the height of the Cold War. We came close to nuclear war twice in my lifetime. First time was the Cuban Missile Crisis. I was 5 years old when that was taking place. My older brother helped my Dad build a bomb shelter in our basement and we stockpiled it with food, water, medical supplies, and other basic necessities. That was my first experience with what we know today as prepping. The second time was the Yom Kippur War in the Mideast on October, 1973. Looks like we’re headed for a third time and I know it won’t be a charm. In post-SHTF, I’ll kill any ruling class if I encounter them. they’re the ones who have put us in this type of situation. They’re the ones who deserve to die. MOLON LABE

                  • Merry christmas Brave. Taurus makes pretty good stuff, Im sure you will like it. The issue I have with them is they will not send you parts, you have to ship the whole thing back to them.

        • Rellik, the actions of Sherman and other Union army generals in the War for Southern Independence would fit today’s definition of war crimes under the Geneva and Hague Conventions. There was never any legitimate basis for their actions, period.

      9. It will be massive regardless of intent. Those that survive may wish they hadn’t


        THEN SEE STEVEQUAYLE.COM To see the latest false flag methane leak pumping 100,000 metric runs of methane according to the California fraudulent government. They have to evacuate the whole area or is it the entire state?.

        Doug Hagmann heard some sh….t.

        Think I am kidding guys.. See

        Try this for size. Doug hangman just interviews Steve Quayle and a source told Hagmann, that we almost got ) phuck nuked out our asses two days ago..according to his source. Yes folks wee almost got taken out by a nuclear, EMP for flag…and now you all know the reason why I kept crying over my bug out bag… anyone with a BOL, get it ready…mine is 40 mike’s away so I may not even make it there..then of course. What do I know I am sure a few of the women will be coming on Here to tell my that my scientists friend is stupid and that lots of women by the millions will be around post SHTF..

        Survival is long term exceeding beyond 10-20 years. The more I examine the data, told to me by my friend, the more I see what’s the end result has to offer… now I just read on that a methane gas leak, Massive one, is pumping get this, 100,000 metric runs of methane into the upper atmosphere in California. They have goals to meet guys..remember they plan to force evacuate California..

        I’d anyone thinks that I am busy visiting my dumb phuck brain dead family members is mistaken. I am at home checking my end game SHTF list and prepping while I still have time.. we’re we almost in nuclear emp fallout today..



        Phuck me, I am really on to something.

        Agency ass clown super moderator..

        • “Unstoppable” California Gas Leak Now Being Called Worst Catastrophe Since BP Spill

          h ttp://…rophe-bp-spill

          “Since initially reporting on California’s Alison Canyon gas leak, more details have emerged on the scale (and potential for no solution) of the problem as the infamous Erin Brockovich writes, “the enormity of the Aliso Canyon gas leak cannot be overstated. Gas is escaping through a ruptured pipe more than 8,000 feet underground, and it shows no signs of stopping,” as according to the California Air Resources Board, methane – a greenhouse gas 72 times more impactful in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide – has been escaping from the Aliso Canyon site with force equivalent “to a volcanic eruption” for about two months now.

        • Yo.. Word up.

          I ain’t dealing with my sheeple family. Not worth a six hour drive.

        • I’d not put too much stock in Steve Quayle. His predictions and reportage don’t have the best record.

      11. Satori thanks for posting that link. That I believe was done in purpose the trigger SHTF. They will attack the environment to use as the excuse to attack us..the plucking year ain’t even over yet and look at the sh…that they have done.. what the hell can we expect in 2016, and new years roles around.



      12. While I understand the feelings of people in today’s modern world there are things I wish to say about this article. If you study history then there are things that you come to realize.
        Only in about the past 65 years has this country or any other for that matter claimed to care about civilian casualties. In that time war has become complicated. Rules have been placed on our soldiers that are not in place on others.
        War is hell is a statement that is true and people have to come to terms with that. I wish we would bring all our guys home and look after our own. Sense in current times it is not really about war or life but money that will not happen.
        Sorry but the true nature of mankind has and will be in the coming troubles for us viscous. In war to the victor go the spoils. That is how it is and will not change. In past true wars women and children were killed, raped, tortured, ect. It is detestable to me. But in the older days it was not detestable to those who did it. It was a way of life. Had they lost the same would have happened to them.
        One other point. If this country ends up in a war within it’s borders you must realize one thing. I will use a quote from Clint Eastwood in Josey Whales ” You will have to become plum mad dog mean “. I hope this does not happen. If you worry about who else is going to get hurt while you are protecting you and yours then you will not win. True real war is coming I fear. There will be no such thing as a civilian. That is how it is and sorry to tell you but it will be that way until the good lord returns.
        If we ended up in a nuclear war with Russia those cities should have and should be a target. There will not be any mercy shown to our cities. We are the only dumb country that cannot get that through its head.

        • Mike in VA.

          Better look out. The P.C. crowd will be after you.

          • slingshot


            I am used to being hunted by that crowd. They are just not used to direct responses and facts when they try to get me.
            Merry Christmas friend.

            • I was wondering about why pretend war is something it is not. Surgical strikes? Really? How about bombing Syria then inviting them home to stay? That seems insane beyond belief.

        • True, Mike. Joshua seems to have forgotten that war is to kill people and break things. If this was conceived in 1959, hell yes civilians were targets. Civilians will have to pay the price for their national leaders. Until then, they allow things to go on unchecked. Hmmm. Sounds like where we in Amerika are now. Out of control, unresponsive governmental representatives. I love my country, I just hate my government.

          Sleep tight, America, and stay alert and vigilant. God will be raining down His wrath sooner than later. We can prep to protect our families from tyrants, vigilantes and zombies, but there is only one preparation that will guarantee life….eternal. Seek Christ, and give Him your heart.

          Merry Christmas to all…. God Bless


          • “I love humanity, it’s people that I hate”

            • Here we go again, endless “moderation.”

              Only for pagans and Jews is “war is to kill people (or sub-humans, in the case of Judaism) and break (or steal) things.”

              First articulated by Jesus in the Beatitudes of His Sermon on the Mount regarding “peacemakers,” early Fathers like St. Augustine further articulated that war was only justified as a last resort to right a serious wrong and no more.

          • Hilldweller

            Thank you for saying what you did about God.

            Very appropriate for this day and every day.

            Merry Christmas.

            • Mike…

              God Bless you and yours.


        • You are right Sir!

        • @ Mike in VA

          “Only in about the past 65 years has this country or any other for that matter claimed to care about civilian casualties.”

          History goes much farther than the last season of your favorite talmudvision show. “65 years”??? Try “over 1500 years”!!!

          Read St. Thomas Aquinas (13th century A.D.) on just war, Summa Theologica, Part II, Question 40:
          “In order for a war to be just, three things are necessary. First, the authority of the sovereign by whose command the war is to be waged. …Secondly, a just cause is required… Thirdly, it is necessary that the belligerents should have a rightful intention, so that they intend the advancement of good, or the avoidance of evil….” He specifically condemns “slaying and plundering.”

          And long beforeSt. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine (4-5th century A.D.), the Father of Just War Theory, insisted on just authority, a just cause, right conduct in war (“jus in bello”), proportionality of response, and discrimination between combatants and non-combatants.

      13. Good one Mike.. nothing like good dose of phucking reality over Christmas holidays.

        Merry Christmas my sht- effers.



        Think I just made the red list.

      14. So, the U.S. really believes that Russia/China won’t see the U.S, planes coming, and not send fighters to intercept them. This isn’t Iraq or Libya where you can just fly in, with no resistance and bomb the hell out of them. China and Russia are really big countries and I seriously doubt that the U.S. has enough planes to cover all of the needed targets to impale these countries. Russia and China also have a list of targets in the U.S. for first attack targets too. Now that SHTF has posted a limited map of the targets, I bet Russia/China will take a look at it and move the targets to safer more remote regions.

        • The deference is the Strategic Triad which is land based ICBMs, Submarine Launched ballistic missiles (the previous two legs have MIRV multiple warheads) then SLCM (Submarine Launched Cruise Missiles) and finally strategic bombers (with a mix including Cruise Missiles).

          Us, them and everyone else perishes. The place to be besides dead would be some remote shithole country with nothing worth bombing having neighbors that are similar. The least developed, uneducated humans would end up as the new masters kinda like a “Planet Of The Apes Movie”.

        • James, the article explains this is from a list of targets created around or before 1959 when the only means of striking targets with these types of weapons was by using long range bombers. Now we would have a much larger range of options including long-range ICBM’s, a variety of land and sea launched short range missiles and much stealthier aircraft. And I doubt that Russia or China needed this list to be declassified and published to have an idea of what we were targeting more than 55 years ago. This is a relic of the Cold War era. These lists get updated continually as technologies and political circumstances evolve and both China and Russia seem to have no trouble accessing our ‘secrets’ through cyber espionage these days. They have an excellent idea of what we are targeting as we have of their plans for us.

      15. Thought this info was a known fact?
        No surprise here.
        If you ever get the opportunity, if you have not already, view the movie “Fail safe” with Larry Hagman(j.r.) and Henry Fonda(1962-63).

        This occurred before Political Correctness really took hold

        A former Soviet Premier said that if The US and The Soviet Union ever had a nuclear exchange, The US would be gone but they would get it in the neck.

        At the time in a joint venture, the US and Canada established the DEW line which was a string of early warning radar units
        as far north as they could. 30 minute warning once spotted I think. That is why SAC had to have its ready alert aircraft
        of the ground in 15 minutes.

        A 60 minute report 25 years or so, said that the US has at least 62 missile pointed at Moscow alone. Not only were military targets,so were population centers.
        Gen. Lemay got the authorization to load/keep live bombs on the aircraft to reduce response times. Some aircraft had external mounted warheads on air to surface missiles.

        Sac used to have an annual competition “Bomber Stakes” I think it was called that and the crews would be assigned a target and who ever did the best was assigned the most difficult targets in The Soviet Union or other countries. They would use some us cities in training because the lay out of some cities resemble cities in Russia.

        Got this information from the library years ago. I have always read and this information was ready available in the public library. Yes, it was. To include discussion of the Polaris submarines and their part of the Triad.

        I am not surprised by this. Known this all of my life. Most of you do not know that we used to have a ballistic missile
        defense, Sprint and Spartan. One for short range and the other long range interception. In the salt treaties, it was done e away with.

        That world of that time is dead, strange how much has happen/changed since that time. We were more of an open society then. A different spirit.

        All of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

      16. We didn’t do or plan anything different then all our enemy’s did at hat time. Unlike today, our government knew what had to be done and were prepared to do it. It was the right thing to do then and if people had any brains it would be the correct plan to have today! I believe the expression is “Deal With It!”

      17. So tomorrow the temp is supposed to be almost 70 degrees in southeastern New England. I’m not a believer in the global warming hype but usually it’s freezing ass cold with balls deep snow on the ground. The oil man is taking a beating this year heating oil is $1.49 a gal and no one is buying it. Three years ago when I was delivering oil it was $3.50 gal and people were running their tanks out cause they couldn’t afford it and it was cold. I remember people with $900 plus oil bills for two months of heat energy. There is a math formula you use to figure when a cust needs a delivery. You figure it out by the outside temp and eficiency factor of the burner and gallons their tank is. I never unpacked a hose for less an 100 gals so at $3.50 a gal it’s a $350 delivery min everytime I made delivery. Oh when people run the tank empty the burner sucks up debris from the tank bottom which clogges the nozzle and burner won’t fire now they need a technician to clean and change the nozzle. That’s a service tech fee and parts and labor. This business is seasonal so it’s gonna be a bad season. dont think I will burn a tank full this season when the season is over will just top off the tank cheap. Was very close to getting a wood stove just to save $ but oil is dirt cheap again. No reason to split wood.

        • Asshat, I’ll trade ya. 25 degrees and snowing. Going to be down in the single digits the next few days. More snow on the way too. Usually don’t see this till Jan. 10-20 inches expected in the mountains. Looks like a good day to just kick back and sip some apple pie and throw wood on the fire 🙂

          • Genius, what region are you located in?

            • The redoubt.

          • 02.. I hear ya.. Plowed the 800 foot long driveway twice already and burned a half a cord so far this year. Got new snow shoes this year. going up the Roman Nose for a test hike.

      18. Round up all the useless eaters and bring them to an island out in the pacific then hit it with a nuke. If a pres candidate proposed this I could get behind it.

      19. since we’re talking about nuclear disasters

        Ukraine’s Looming “19 Fukushimas” Scenario

        ht tp://

        “But an even better question is, Will they even make it that far? You see, it has become known that these nuclear installations have been skimping on preventive maintenance, due to lack of funds. Now, you are probably already aware of this, but let me spell it out just in case: a nuclear reactor is not one of those things that you run until it breaks, and then call a mechanic once it does. It’s not a “if it ain’t broke, I can’t fix it” sort of scenario. It’s more of a “you missed a tune-up so I ain’t going near it” scenario. And the way to keep it from breaking is to replace all the bits that are listed on the replacement schedule no later than the dates indicated on that schedule. It’s either that or the thing goes “Ka-boom!” and everyone’s hair falls out.

        How close is Ukraine to a major nuclear accident? Well, it turns out, very close: just recently one was narrowly avoided when some Ukro-Nazis blew up electric transmission lines supplying Crimea, triggering a blackout that lasted many days. The Russians scrambled and ran a transmission line from the Russian mainland, so now Crimea is lit up again. But while that was happening, the Southern Ukrainian, with its 4 energy blocks, lost its connection to the grid, and it was only the very swift, expert actions taken by the staff there that averted a nuclear accident.

        I hope that you know this already, but, just in case, let me spell it out again. One of the worst things that can happen to a nuclear reactor is loss of electricity supply. Yes, nuclear power stations make electricity—some of the time—but they must be supplied with electricity all the time to avoid a meltdown. This is what happened at Fukushima Daiichi, which dusted the ground with radionuclides as far as Tokyo and is still leaking radioactive juice into the Pacific.

        And so the nightmare scenario for the Ukraine is a simple one. Temperature drops below freezing and stays there for a couple of weeks. Coal and natural gas supplies run down; thermal power plants shut down; the electric grid fails; circulator pumps at the 19 nuclear reactors (which, by the way, probably haven’t been overhauled as recently as they should have been) stop pumping; meltdown!”

        and all this due to FAILED U.S. foreign policy

        • Failed by accident? Hmmmmm. What do you wanna bet the elite do NOT eat seafood from the pacific or gulf? They are doing everything possible to destroy the food supply for the masses. Like I say, depopulation WILL happen one way or the other. Too bad it will take out the planet along with it. Breed some more consumers/cannon fodder….

          • Fuck me, don’t you guys ever take a break!?
            Go get a jug of shine. Cheers and good health to you.

          • Satori, that isn’t directed at you (unless you have 3+kids). I just can’t understand why people think they need a bunch of kids. From 2 kids at 2 kids a piece is 10 from 2 people in the lifespan of the original 2.And expanding (this takes into account 1 person from another family as a partner). Why the fook would anyone in their right mind bring another person into this shit that you knowingly gets worse by the day? Selfishness? Stupidness? Nearsightedness? No care whatsoever for the future? Your special and deserve to add more to the fooked up mess we have now? You could care less what future they will have as long as you satisfy your selfish desire to have a being to mold in your stupid likeness? Abortion is a blessing otherwise you would have at least 200 million more unwanted, un needed mouths for your ass to feed. Fuckin short sighted, hypocritical, mind controlled, retarded, bunch of self rightious, irresponsible, self centered, enemies of humanity. Thanks a lot, you will be getting EVERYTHING you deserve for your stupidity. Don’t cry to me because shit is bad and you can’t feed your 5 kids you idiots!

            • The best gift you can give your kids is a vasectomy/hysterectomy. Stop the death and give them a better life and some hope. It aint that hard to figure out once you get past your dillusional self centered desires.

              • Genius.
                Have a Christ Blessed Christmas fella.

                You know the world is against this guy Jesus and always has been.

                Gorra ask yourself sometime… Why??? Just why is that?

                You’d make for an amazing Christian for sure.

                Merry Christmas G.

                • Thanks, and merry xmas to you too.

      20. Twelve o’clock and all is well!

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        are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Kindly additionally talk over with my web site =).
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      22. Christmas at Ground Zero

        Merry Christmas, fellow SHTFers. Hopefully, we will all see a Happy New Year.

      23. Lovin’ the red Crimbo light bling at SHTF.

        A very merry Christmas to Mr Mac and all… Yes ALL here.

        Watchout fur them there TROLLS Brave… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


      24. The idea of any nuclear war is horrific. Or any use of such weaponry. War in and of itself is just that – a horror. But, the tenor of this article is striving to create a monster out of this country, or any country, that goes to war is inherently flawed as regards the use of any armament.

        For what is ‘war’? We as privileged and spoiled, media-brainwashed seem to think war is some exercise “fought over there” on some field of battle as a contest between competing armies (navies, marines, air powers…). It isn’t. War is the state of conflict between two or more nations. Even the wording by choice including ‘nations’ is actually too expansive, and also inclusive, a term use. War is the action conducted by one group versus another. When war is fought, it is every single man, woman and child of one nation/group against the other.

        I am not even stating that war is limited in terms of offense or defense. For when war is the state of reality – for either ‘side’ – war becomes what it is. Total. And we as idiotic members of our so-called civilized society had damned well get that through our collectively thick heads. For the war that approaches all of us is what I here have defined. Total. All members of an opposing force against all those of the other.

        We are being faced with an opponent that is warlike in nature. We must stop this insane idea of ‘fairness’. There is NO such thing in nature. All is as it is – an action results from an action taken. If we as a nation do not grasp this concept, we will lose much more than soldiers on a battlefield – “over there”. Those who desire conflict with us include in ‘us’ – every single man, woman and child in our country. Thus.. to win – it will mean the same people threatened must stand united to perservere.

        Again – war is not some game. War is what it is. And to win, the victor must be the greater and fight the more comprehensive fight. So…… my remark is simply to “grow up and smell the coffee”. And stop attacking our wonderful nation for what has and will/must be done.

      25. Ok,despite being Nordic blood stock with a little Maori thrown in the mix and having many gods ect. wish you all a Merry Christmas!I yesterday had a minor “Christmas Miracle”,ordered a telescope for a friends kid,she is just getting by financially and thus researched and ordered one,figured be here after holidays as a late gift,pulling down dirt road who shows up but ups guy with scope,his very last delivery!We ended up chatting for 5 minutes and I was very pleased,should be a happy kid this morning later today.I eat there then off to another friends home,his daughter gets a lot of stuff as well to do family,refuse to get her junk so she gets another decent knife which will make 6 I gave her(that her dad knows about!).

        Lets hope we all get the gift of a little more peace/sanity in the world(still wouldn’t mind a ACOG if your listening Santa!)!

        As Jack Frost And the Hooded Crow says,be grateful for what you do have and share with those who have less,am not a Christian but from what I understand would be something Jesus would approve of as a B-day gift to him.

        Enjoy all,and see you soon !

        • I wanted a tank for xmas but now I want a snowmobile instead 😮

      26. Why prep then ??????????

      27. Merry Christmas to all


        To all you FEDS who are keeping tabs on us on this site.

        Keep up the good work boys and girls.


      28. Unfortunately, this is the plan of all nuclear capable countries. It would be a mutual destruction of all. I worked minuteman missiles for a time in the Air Force and yes we do have a doomsday plan. When the launch control officers turn their keys, not all missiles launch at the same time. Many are on timers to launch at different intervals for up to several days. So even if all countries are completely destroyed in the first vollies, missiles will still be flying. A pretty dismal picture to say the least.

      29. Two comments. First, the study was a “Requirements” document, intended to list all the possible targets for attack, thus justifying the building of that number of bombs. Second, they probably took that list from the Bombing Encyclopedia, initially developed by Eighth Air Force in WWII, and expanded and maintained by SAC. The BE lists all potential targets in the world, and contains background information (air photos, navigation aids, etc.) to allow aircrew to build a target folder for an actual attack. The BE is not a War Plan, but is the research necessary to build a War Plan. BTW, a modern automated version of the BE is still in use.

      30. IF Russia were to release their plans for an atomic war against the US does anyone realistically believe that their intentions would differ in any way? The movie “war games” tells us that no atomic war is unwinnable. But that is hollywood. In reality a rogue country with no values such as iran or north korea would be the one to launch a nuclear device. Although we have targeted every country which could possibly harm the US, it would be deleterious to any country not seeking annihilation to launch a pre-emptive strike. Even with the US and Russia’s disarmament after the soviet union fell, it’s said we still have the capability to destroy the world many times over.

      31. We will all be losers in the event of an atomic war. Sooner or later it will happen, because the “elite” deems it feasible. Until the criminals in charge are brought to justice we will get what we deserve. That is the number one reason they want our guns so we have no recourse to get the world back on track. Muzzies will always be violent and want to kill everyone that is not of their ilk. We are in trouble, and when it all hits the fan because of lack of meaningful jobs, lack of food and water, the explosive results will be astounding. The “elected official”s have nothing but their own interests in mind, which is essentially lining their pockets, retreating to places where things are survivable, and the game is over. The MSM is on board with the whole thing including Faux news. When it happens, it’s anyone’s guess, but when it breaks loose, even preppers might be SOL. Just my .02, but our founding fathers were right and we’ve let it all crumble under the watch of the last 100 years or so.

        I can live a life without being rich, but I just want a decent life for my family and myself. As it is, it will eventually all fall apart. It’s a shame, but it is what it is.

      32. If a nuclear war should ever restart, and you do not die, you most likely will die slowly as the earth’s axis turns and radiation sickness/poisoning hits the survivors who will envy the living.

        Secondly, I do not believe abortion was or ever is the answer. Number of abortions dot com will sicken you. Abortion is one of the major reasons why God can no longer protect our country. Imagine YOUR wrath if someone kept killing YOUR children!

        Third, take your eyes OFF of nuclear war.

        Instead, keep your eyes on the Executive Orders soon to come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue that will be the beginning of gun confiscation.

        TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN YEARS AGO GOD SENT HIS SON to show us the way to SALVATION, to teach us the true unconditional meaning of love, that of doing interhuman justice, and He also taught us how to name and unmask and witness against the liars and hypocrites and other evildoers who follow satan’s deceptive lies because he hates humanity, even those who do his bidding.

        Because the ENTIRE planet, including our country, is on the CUSP of unspeakable and horrific evil, NOW is the time to get right with God, ask for mercy for your sins, consider each day a gift, give thanks for all your loved ones and all else God has given you, and live as each day is your last.

        If you are already at your bug out location, stay there. If you don’t want to stay there, just abandon your human ego and pray in silence and ask for Divine Instruction. Trust God.

        Many are believing as well as expecting that very soon each of us will experience an interruption of the dimensions we know as time and space; it will not be a human event but a Divine one. Pay very close attention to the instructions you will receive because your salvation will depend on it.

        Let us pray for each other here, and let us pray for our enemies as well, however repulsive we may find that to be. Prayer weakens evil. Nonprayer does nothing to weaken it. Each of us has free will. Consider submitting your free will to the Divine will each morning, and watch what happens. You will be astounded.

        Whatever does not happen, and, whatever DOES happen, keep your eyes on and trust in God– don’t give your soul over to satan or it could be lost for eternity.

        Merry Christmas, everyone, and I wish each of you a healthy New Year.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      33. C words vote fore Obama . Time to cleane house. No mercy ? Times up. Sorry.

      34. Their “strategy” of targeting civilians in order to “demoralize” them is the definition of “terrorism”.

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