Total Breakdown In Less Than 24 Hours: Images and Videos of Missouri Riots and Looting

by | Aug 11, 2014 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 444 comments

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    Over the weekend a police officer shot and killed a teenager in Ferguson, Missouri. While the circumstances of the incident are still unclear, what is clear is that our seemingly stable society is just hours away from a total breakdown given the right trigger event.

    Within a few hours of the incident residents of the town began assembling, a move that drew a quick response from law enforcement, who set up police lines. Some came geared up with riot masks, shields and rifles.


    The crowd was getting fired up:

    Police came in force: 

    But within hours they were no match for the crowds that had gathered…

    And then things got ugly.



    Stocking up:


    Who’s got the lottery tickets?

    In an emergency, do not, under any circumstances, forget to grab some brand new tire rims:

    Fox News: “There is a lot of looting going on”

    The incident in Ferguson, Missouri is a wake up call to those who think that law enforcement and emergency responders will be there to help in the midst of an emergency. Granted, this took place in a town of 20,000, so we are looking at a limited example of how chaotic it would be.

    But can you imagine what such a breakdown might look like in a major metropolitan area like Houston, Los Angeles or New York?

    And imagine if it was a real emergency – not a riot resulting from a shooting, but a widespread cyber or EMP attack. Within hours of the event grocery store shelves would be looted and completely empty. Police response would be non-existent.

    In Anatomy of a Breakdown Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint, explains that when the worst happens you’ll have only yourself and those close to you to depend on:

    Learn to be self-sufficient and rely on yourself. When it is all said and done, you are the only one who can care for yourself and your family the best. You will be the one who has your family’s best intentions at heart. Having a stock of your family’s favorite canned or dry goods, a supply of water and a simple medical kit can maintain your basic needs for a short-lived disaster.

    This simple preparedness supply could set you apart from the unprepared.

    Moreover, as we saw in the videos above, crowds are unpredictable and they are violent, which means you need to be prepared to defend yourself and your home.

    The Ferguson riots will more than likely blow over in short order. But, as the after effects of Hurricane Katrina and other recent events demonstrate, Black Swan events happen regularly.

    One day it may well affect your city, state, or the entire country as a whole.

    If you’re not ready for it, then your options will be limited to joining the looters at your local grocery store, or dying without the basic supplies you need to stay alive.


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      1. That’s why we carry guns and ammo?
        Still waiting WWTI…

        • @eppe:

          If this doesn’t make the readers run, not walk to their nearest gun shop and load up (pun intended) on ANOTHER CASE OF AMMO, nothing will!

          • ACID ETCH, how did you get your picture in this article. I know thats you. Yeah the one on the mountain bike holden that there thurty thurty with your thumb on the hammer and your finger on the trigger, and that yeller rag around your head. Trekker Out.

            • thats a red rider bb gun folks

          • Zombies really, brain dead mentality,they attack anyone not a Zombie.

          • @david
            I was at a rally in victor valley, ca protesting A/B 1014 this weekend…it’s the one that will allow the cops to take away your guns, just because your neighbor thinks you are “unstable”. I would shout as they pulled up to the corner I was standing on DON’T LET THEM TAKE YER GUNS”….. OFTEN when their window was down, they would reach under the seat, or lift up their shirt, to SHOW me those guns. problem being that most that did this looked like the ones in these videos in this story….just imagine what will happen when the 10% of americans on mood-altering drugs can’t get them anymore! YIKES!!!

            • sorry, forgot to sign in on htat last post

            • How are the meth heads behaving in your area? I once had some boys from the hood, amped to the ceiling, try to rob me at 6:00 AM on Bear Valley Rd. That’s what I get for buying whiskey early. They didn’t like my Colt and disappeared. That didn’t scare me off, but I finally changed hunting locations after some idiots posted GPS coordinates of the local springs and guzzlers online. Opening day for quail and chukar at Goat Spring looked like Walmart on Black Friday.

              • there’s lots of them around, that’s for sure. was just talking to a guy from oathkeepers and he says there are 2500 to 3000 homeless in the mojave riverbed, between victorville and apple valley, living under the shadetrees(betcher ass there’s lots of ’em on drugs). i ride my bike around town a lot and i see LOOOTS of homeless. i just had a methhead just about attack me on the B/V bridge over the freeway….come to think of it i had a bunch of other blacks yelling at me a few weeks ago where my ex lives out by 2nd and willow. time is getting VERY near.

                • Are you talking about California the magical drought land?

          • And don’t forget to buy lots of magazines. The time will come when we will need to swap magazines more than one time. Everyone should have at least 60 magazines for their AK or AR or whatever battle rifle you have and have them all loaded and ready to go.

          • TOTALLY AGREE !

        • It’s too bad that people can’t see how short
          the fuse really is like the folks on this site
          do. The country is only a half-step from going
          ballistic. So close, so close……

          • Not that close: Only takes 4 minutes to microwave popcorn. Can finish “Load and Lock” while corn’s cooking. Same with filling the bath tubs. So what else is there?

          • SM
            I prefer the BALLISTICS
            of the 7.62X51 (308)
            45 ACP
            12 GA.
            44 Mag

            • The best of the best there Sarge, but the 223 and even 22 are well worth having as well. Oh, and a 338 Lap for any long range “problems” isn’t outta place either. Decisions, decisions ……. nah, stuff it – I got ’em all !! 🙂


              • M1A. Semper Fi.

                • GDawg
                  Is there anything else?

              • RDU
                No argument from me!

            • Im pretty sure thats a Daisy RedRyder young man theres got.

              One nice thing bout these types of events that allows LEOs to parade their toys and tactics for those who lookin. Courious to see how their MRAP is deployed. One of them dern sure look good in my driveway.
              Semper Fi.

            • I dunno, I prefer my ammo with a bit more communism. 7.62×39 or 7.62x51R for me. Ammo for guns designed to work in whatever conditions nature can throw at you without a supply line. Forward, Soviet!

              (and no, for the humor impaired, I am not a communist!)

              • They are certainly the guns to bury in the yard for back ups

                • Not to mention great guns for those who don’t have a lot of money and just want something that will work if they ever need it. Not everybody can afford a AR-15 with $2,000 worth of mods to it, and not everyone can afford lots of ammo for range time. For some, a simple SKS or Mosin (and ammo) is a nice little insurance policy to put aside just in case. They’re not the best, but they are still used by insurgents the world over so they can’t be all that bad.

          • SolitaryMan, you are right. We all surely know that these “people”, the blackest part of the inner cities, are constantly sitting around rubbing their hands together just waiting for an opportunity like this to loot, riot and raise hell. These “people” are not right in the head and it’s just a matter of time before it gets crazy in every city. Blacks are 12% of the population but commit 77% of all crimes, pretty impressive stats.

          • Fuses were short in 1775, too.

        • If you were nig you’d do the same things.

          • That is not true…..Not all African Americans Rob, riot, and loot…..
            It is the Welfare crowd mostly…
            The A.A. that took advantage of all the “Perks of Affirmitive Action”….Now have assimilated into the civilized world….Which has nothing to do with “Whitey”, it has to do with living in an orderly society….

            • To break up these crowds all the cops had to do was get on the loud speakers and say: ANYBODY still here in 30 minutes will have their obama phone shut off and their EBT card canceled. Forever.

              • It would of took one dump truck loaded with basketballs dumped into the streets and the riot would’ve been over. Probably they would have gotten into a heated argument over a game and shot one another. Which would’ve been another “plus”. Them hamsters sure are crazy……

                • LMFAO! AND MY KID IS MIXED!


                • Or watermelons.

                • Or a truck load of KFC and watermellons.

                • You mean a truck load of watermellon tainted with eboli.

                • I think if the cops took a trailer load of KFC and put it in the middle of town, these idiots would congregate to it like flies to sh** and problem solved. Sounds like a target rich environment to me!

              • Is there any doubt WHO the FEMA Camps are for when SHTF? 🙁

              • GhostRighter, LOL, that’s something I would say, but I would add: Welfare and Subsidized Housing, LOL 😉

            • DEB

              “Orderly society”.


            • No, there were dozens if not hundreds of blacks tweeting to stop the burning and looting….and take it to WHITE neighborhoods.

              • The Old Coach.

                I always liked the T Shirt that said, “Does not play well with others”. To add, “Just leave me the fuck alone”.

                No they have to poke me with a stick. Piss me off and try to mold me into something I am not. Then blame for all the troubles they have in life.

                Should it go down, they would do well to stay away from me.

              • I have a feeling that if they take it to white neighborhoods, it’s not going to turn out quite like they have it figured.

                Just sayin’….

            • Deb, welcome aboard, and AMEN to your comments.

            • Maybe you have not noticed. The food stamp, and unemployment is doubled in the last 5 years. Just Sayin.

            • @Deb….The Black Mob Destroying Everything and Looting is a great example of your ” ‘Halfrican Americans’ assimilating into the civilized world and living in an orderly society”.

              When Blacks aren’t robbing , assaulting, dealing drugs, Raping and Murdering they are Looting and Burning down their own neighborhoods. The Peaceful Black (Not Chimping Out on Folks) during the Martial Law Cease Fire quietly collects his “Gimme Dats” of Welfare and Public Assistance.
              DEb…Thank you for enlightening me as to how Civilzed Halfrican Americans are! I see the world differently now!

          • Acid/eisenkreuz, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • Same thing happened in Mexico after hurricane caused devastation a few years back… and you wonder why I call you people stupid and racists. (Because its true, duh!)

          • There was a hurricane in Ferguson, Missouri?

            Please enlighten us stupid racists about the environmental catastrophe that led to the looting there.

          • Your right,
            Stupid has no ethnicity or color.
            There are idiots of all races or religions.

            • Right and us whites are always looting when a cop shoots one of our yoots. And the only reason 60 some percent of our prisons are black is cause whitey is always keeping a brother down. There is not a decent black neighborhood in the whole United States. Color has everything to do with it.

            • No…they are Black…Any Idiot can see that from watching the videos and looking at the photographs. Maybe get your eyes checked.

          • STFU you trailer trash shit head naming yourself brave heart. Go back to your trailer until someone takes care of you by placing your stinking body in the dumpster. Hope to see you face to face…..

            • That wouldn’t bode well for you.

              • How in the fuck would YOU know? You must be pretty god damned ignorant to believe to the spew from chicken heart.

            • Anonymous (black) are you in any of those pictures or videos?

              • yeah, that’s me wearing the white kkk hood.

          • But a tsunami in Asia had Asians turning in envelopes found with money in them

        • .
          A day of protests and vigils Sunday over the death of Michael Brown, a black teenager who was killed (allegedly shot 8 times) following an altercation with a Ferguson police officer, turned violent overnight with reports of riots and looting… and the violence is continuing today. As the following images suggest, there was a lot more bubbling under the surface of middle America than concern about one young man’s death as Ferguson’s full SWAT team is in force. As one young protester screamed, “the revolution will not be televised.”

          • As the article stated, the investigation is still ongoing and it’s still not clear what the circumstances were surrounding this incident. I’m withholding judgment until we get some info. But I absolutely do condemn the rioting, looting, etc. Nothing justifies those actions. Anyone who does such things should be held accountable. Let anyone come to my place with that BS and they’ll receive “lead and brass nutrients.”

            • These should be treated as 2 independent events. The death of the young black man does not justify the looting and violence by the masses. Business owners should be allowed to defend their businesses from senseless masses of looters.

              • Bingo!

            • I have with my own eyes blacks shot dead by cops before 3am that protesters said “was on his way to church”

          • “Watch for a certain picture. We’ve seen this picture countless times before….” -Civil War 2, by Thomas W. Chittum

            If you have not read Civil War 2, I highly recommend you do so, sooner rather than later. Written in the late 90’s, many things Mr. Chittum have predicted have come, and/or are coming to pass…

            • Thanks for the recommendation! Hopefully there is an electronic copy floating around out there.

        • Before the corrupt, ignorant, white man came to this country, you could drink from any water, any stream… now, since the arrival of the stupid, greedy white man, this once beautiful land is being destroyed– now this country looks like shit, thanks to you stupid whites!!

          • Bahahahahahahahahahaha


            not where I live

            • This is the other Yooper…..Your right..

          • “…stupid whites….”

            Said the anonymous racist poster on the internet.

            If you’re so unhappy about white people and technology, give up your smart phone, laptop, automobile, and house, and go live hand to mouth in a crude shelter.

            • Hey-we aren’t stopping them from becoming an African Citizen. Go! You can slaughter each other all you like there, as we see they love blood bathing. I just want to take care of my family. I don’t owe anything more than that to other US citizens.

          • You savage Blacks would be eating bugs, living in a grass hut & being hacked to death in some tribal war of it weren’t for whites who so (foolishly) brought your lazy asses here for cheap labor.
            You should thank each & every white man that you meet for dragging your ancestors over on that ship.

            • We “White People” did not bring them here….I will post a link to who actually owned all the slave ships and all the Slave Auction Houses…It is not “Whitey”…
              Those people have the wrong enemy….
              Whitey saved your asses from those other Blacks and Jews who sold your relatives over and over again…
              Hey the same bunch sold the Irish in those same Slave Auction Houses…And those same Slave Owners owned Whitey side by side with Blacks.
              So I am sick and tired of the “Race Baiters” like Jessie Jackson, Obama, Al Sharpton, Oprah, Geraldo, and those on all MSM who lie, race bait, and push an agenda by the heirs of those who brought you here, and sold you, and then made you stay here….
              We all should have been allowed to be reunited with our Families and Homelands….I am 1/4th Irish….
              But it was my Finnish side that were Indentured in 1906…All of them….So stop your sniveling and racist bullcrap….
              If I were an African American and this unhappy with the United States, I would petition the White House to pay for my save return to the Homeland….Problem solved…

              • No linky? Probably because most of the slave traders coming from Africa to America were in fact white. Bought slaves on offer from Muslim traders on the Slave Coast of Africa, and sold them in Brazil and the Caribbean islands. A small percentage were sold into the southern colonies. Know something interesting? Brown University was found with money from the slave trade. Massachusetts wouldn’t have anything to do with slave trading, but the free spirits in Rhode island had no problem with it.

                • Gawd dang, everyone loves an Irish Girl…
                  ROFLMMFAO 🙂

                • The Old Coach: And so what, that doesn’t make me guilty of anything unless you think just because I’m white that I should share some of the ‘guilt’ for being the same color as the slave-traders and owners. Well, I don’t. When blacks imply this then they’re the ones being racist, blaming me and anyone else who is white. So to them I say ‘piss-off’, because there is no way I’m ever going to fell guilty for something I’ve not done. I don’t really care that someone’s ancestors were slaves, it has nothing to do with me. It all happened long before I was born and it has ended, get over it already. And to those self-loathing liberals who do feel guilt for just being white, well, that’s their problem, not mine. If they fell so guilty then they are free give them all of their money, but they are not free to do so with mine. Again, to all of the ‘white guilt’ pimps, I say piss-off because I just don’t care.

                • “Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”

                  — Marc Raphael (Jew): “Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History”

                • @Gregory8 – you mistake my intention entirely. We destroy the validity of our own arguments when we make false statements such as Deb did.

                  The fact is that slave traders were by and large white shipowners who were responding to demands from sugar profiteers who needed labor for plantations on the Caribbean islands, also whites. Slaves were on offer (and cheap) by Muslims in Africa, and immoral white men were there to take advantage. Just like big businessmen in our agriculture, construction, and hospitality sectors do today by advocating amnesty for illegal Mexicans. This isn’t an indictment of all white people by any means. Don’t take it as such.

                  BTW it wasn’t until much later that tobacco farming in the southern colonies started to use slave labor, and slavery didn’t really take off until the English cotton mills began to soak up all the cotton that southern plantations could ship. Once again, the interests of a few rapacious and immoral businessmen created the evil trade, which has had the unintended consequence of saddling our nation with a significant minority of creatures whose evolutionary status is better suited to a hunter-gatherer economy than to an industrial democracy.

                • Old Coach: I apologize for mischaracterizing your statement.

                • All slave ships were from the North, many from Massachusetts, slavery was in all 13 colonies at the signing of the Delcaration of Independence, and white slavery was common yet then, but had been the majority until from the late 1500’s until the mid 1700’s.

                  Don’t forget also that at the time the tyrant started his war, the largest slave holder in SC was a black man in Charleston who owned over 200. Also 10% of free blacks in the South owned slaves, while the North mostly had constitutional amendments to keep free blacks from their borders, others had the first Jim Crow laws.

                  In the South, blacks and whites grew up with each other, many even had black mammies, cooks, playmates. During the war the north barely fed the blacks in their armies, put them in different divisions, paid them little, and used them as cannon fodder. In the South, blacks fought side by side with white, Indian, Latino, Chinese, etc… Troops, ate the same food, drew the same pay. It would be Korea before the US did the same.

                • J_WS bought slaves from blacks in Africa, you can still buy black slaves in Africa today.

              • @Deb

                Oh, please. As if our white ancesters were all innocent. They tore apart slave families on the auction block, raped the women, and gave these poor wretched humans just enough food, clothing, and shelter to survive another day picking cotton in the hot sun. When they were lucky they were finally counted as 1/3 the worth of a man by our government here in the land of the free. You’re the one doing the sniveling. Your ancesters were indentured in 1906. Are you saying your lineage has suffered to the same extent as former slaves? I take it your great grandparents, grandparents, and parents never ever escaped their servitude, nor had they any hope in doing so? Their children and their children’s children were in servitude forever with no way out, is that it? Indentured servants and the Irish had it bad, but at least they had the hope that their children could have a future. Can you imagine the guilt and worry a slave woman went through bringing a child into a world with no hope of escape? What a crock.

                • CBGB: As I said to Old Coach; SO WHAT! I wasn’t involved in the slave trade and neither were any of my ancestors, so I bare no guilt. If you’re black an imply that I am guilty just for being white, then you’re the racist, so you can go and screw yourself because I don’t care. If you’re one of those self-loathing whites, feel free to empty your bank account and give it all, along with your home, to those you feel guilty towards. But you’re not free to do so with the property others, and that includes me.

                • There are no slaves in the U.S. today and haven’t been for over 150 years. Stop your bullshit and go away. No one gives a shit about your ranting about who did what to whom hundreds of years ago.

              • Excellent post! So sick of the ignorance.

              • Actually, it was Arab slave traders that captured/kidnapped Africans to be brought to the “Free World” to be used/abused as slaves. This mess belongs solely to the Arabs, which is not surprising at all. They have not changed their methodologies nor beliefs for millennia.
                For those who fall into the EASY Trap, of making racist comments here, why sully your own credibility? While all ethnicities have morons among their ranks, these thugs are just plain thugs in one particular area. That’s all.
                Real Americans don’t find it necessary to demand entitlements, expect that looting, robbing, doesn’t have real life consequences, and they always take the easy way out, which is exactly what racism is.
                We won’t be seeing AlSharptone, Jesse Jackson, or even the Obamafurher making any comments about the “police acting stupidly…” either. These morons own this idiotic behavior all by themselves. I don’t believe Al, Jesse or even the OrganzierinChief, is going to go anywhere near this outbreak of Ebonical-behavior. It doesn’t meet any of their purely selfish interests to do so.

            • I’m rootin’ for Ebola.

              • I particularly like the pic of the moron on the bike with daisy red rider bb gun. The jackass is holding the thing like its a shotgun or something and I suppose we are all supposed to be intimidated or some such nonsense! Little .556 education would fix this issue quickly.

                • Not everyone can legally get firearms. I do have a .22 spring loaded Tech Force pellet gun that can penetrate army ammo cans. 900 FPS

              • What ever happened to the great white hope, simple cell anemia?

                • “Sickle” ….lol.

                • Down vote for ignorance, and not even knowing that it is called “Sickle Cell Anemia”.

                • It is the big difference in H_N_ and pretty much ever disease except malaria where it helps them.

              • Jesus, I didn’t say they had the right to loot and pillage because of slavery. I was calling Deb out on comparing the suffering of her ancestors to theirs. They have no right to behave the way they are behaving toward innocent people and their biusinesses. Read the post for what it is people.

          • Yes we could live in a Teepee and hunt buffalo too.

            • And live to be old at 35.

              • Unless the neighboring tribe killed you when they came to take your hunting ground.

              • “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

                – The Talmud: Libbre David 37

                “The modern Jew is the product of the Talmud.”

                — Michael Rodkinson, in preface of Babylonian Talmud, page XI

                And is precicely what Christ spoke of when he Condemned the talmudic Pharisee Rabbis and ALL their jewish followers…Ironic that most of todays “jewdeo” christians are unaware of the very words Christ spoke eh. Maybe they just haven’t yet discovered the New Covenant as wrote of in the New Testement books huh?

                These negroe riots and vast lootings Must be part of those great Blessings from God for american total unquestionable defense and $$$$$ funding of Israel and jewry for the past 65 yrs eh?

                Just wait for the grand finale’ of “blessings” upon the USA, especially its White portions when todays control-freek-jews, Both neocon zionists and leftist kommie bolsheviks go Back to being One group of nation wrecking jew soviets and finsih what jews began in Russia 1918 and a dozen more eastern euro nations back then…IE: where/when jew run soviet ussr kommie bolsheviks(90+% jew run at every level bar none, Proven documented Facts) Mass exterminated at least a total of 300 Million whites and christians….But it Is America that todays bolshevik jews drool over, and foam at mouth like a Rabid dog just dreaming of the day soon to arrive when soviet jewry within usa shores are able to begin the mass killings here. Why do ya think every leadership jew org, every jew senator and us rep are hell bent to Disarm You folks?

                The Only fear they harbor is an wide awake whitey populace doing what 109 other nations did Prior…They Booted them all OUT! and Thats when their nations and white euro folks True blessings really began to come to fruition…AFTER they Booted Out the evil satanic infiltrators…SEE: JOHN 8:44 and REV 2:9 for more Info and wisdoms…

                • Hey, aren’t you late for your Heil Hitler rally? Pissed on granny says you’re supposed to pick her up on the way.

            • @ Winston Smith,

              Excellent reply sir. It’s called hillbilly logic. He gradjeeated first in his class, ” Watch me cipher uncle Jed!”

          • Anonymous, we white people explored and developed this land into the greatest nation on earth. It’s people like you who don’t know how to appreciate anything that are ruining it. So if you’re not happy here, why not leave? There are planes, trains, buses, and ships that leave this country every day.

            • “we white people explored and developed this land”… does this include the white trash trailer POS like you sweet heart? Time to wash your KKK outfit since you smell really bad.

              • The next county to the one where I live is Boone county Ar. location of the National headquarters of the KKK. They gave me a invite. Then they ran backwards when they found out I was not a Christian. Talk about double bigots ? any way I wouldn’t join any group or club that would have me as a member. I prefer to be a lone wolf.

              • The mean SAT score for the richest blacks from families earning over $200,000 a year is 981, while the mean for the poorest whites from families earning under $20,000/yr is 978. The trailer trash is at the level of the smartest blacks, the only difference is affirmative action

          • Funny that you should mention “drinkable water” since you Black savages can’t seem to procure it in your stone age villages.
            White liberals are the ones who (foolishly) run over there to feed & medicate you stupid savages, along with Haiti as well.
            You’d be living in a grass hut eating bugs being hacked to death in some tribal war of it weren’t for whites dragging your ancestors here for cheap labor.
            Thank whites the next time you meet one, you ungrateful chimp.

            • “you ungrateful chimp.”

              That’s sorta rude to the chimps! They may be smarter.

            • You do know that many of the people in Africa are poor because they live under dictatorial governments, don’t you? I saw a video years ago (I believe it was on 60 Minutes) of African families trying to run their own businesses only to have their buildings bulldozed down by the local government authorities. Others were afraid to risk opening a business after seeing this happen to their neighbors. People in Africa aren’t stupid. They are preppers doing their best with what little they have in that barren wasteland and know more about surviving in the face of hardship than 99% of Americans.

            • I’m a white missionary to those people. The only chimp here is you son. They survive more than you do anyday. I thought this was a site for survival technique, not a kkk group? Where is your humanity?

              • BD.

                We rail against the storm but it does no good for the storm does not hear you.

          • You need to get your history straight. Start with forgetting all the history you learned in public school. You are completely ignorant of this countries history.

            Ever drive through poor communities of blacks? Go ahead, do that. Not only is it graffitied all to hell there is trash (and I don’t mean the human kind)everywhere.

            As a person with African in my veins is sickens me to to end how low class and criminal we (and I hate to include myself) can be. I’m utterly horrified. There are some good people but it is absolutely the minority on this instance.

            I’m sick of the politically correct lip service. Just call it what it is….some pitnulls are great dogs but many are not. It’s in the blood and in the training but it doesn’t change the facts.

          • Im white and I agree with you.

        • Race riots and looting are ugly.
          Sick minds full of hate and filth are ugly too.

        • YH

          You sadly have no clue where I live & why I live


          My family had a 3 generation business in the 3rd world city of DETROIT

          There is NOTHING you can tell me about black people

          dont even TRY to go there

          I have a PHD in what blacks can do for no logical reason

          BACK off

          Political & police corruption I know from first hand experience


          • Oh my!! Somebody pissed in your cornflakes for sure. All of a sudden yous is fighting mad about something dude.

          • Da Yooper,

            Obviously you get off telling people to STFU if they dare to disagree with you. Well there’s nothing you can do get anyone here to STFU. I’m reminded of saying “Don’t pick a fight with a pig. You get filthy, and the pig enjoys it.”

            You deal with the lowest class of black people in Detroit and you think you know something about blacks? That is really pathetic. That’s like saying every white man is a Jeffrey Dahmer just waiting to happen. Non-sense.

            • The college board reports that the mean SAT score for the richest blacks from families earning over $200,000/yr is 981, while the poorest whites from families earning under $20,000 a year is 978. The best of blacks is equal only to the lowest trailer trash.

          • The problem is Detroit, not the race of the person. Sadly, wherever housing is cheap what you get is cheap quality people. I am experiencing it right now in my neighborhood which is turning bad with a lot of pillheads and other assorted drug trash moving in. Most of them are white, but all of them are trouble. I’m just waiting to hear about the first meth lab to be busted in my subdivision.

            • Not sure what you mean, but as an ex-Michigander let me point out that Detroit didn’t start to collapse until Coleman Young became mayor. City management by and for blacks alone took one of America’s great cities from prosperity to destitution.

              • That very well may be, but my point is that as businesses and jobs leave an area rents go down. As this happens you get a lower class of people moving in that was not there before because that is where the affordable housing is. It’s not that all poor people are trash but that most trash are poor. Once Detroit started down that path through white flight after the riots in the 60’s, and higher and higher taxes to keep up with the cost of public services and pensions, it was inevitable that it would decline. Areas of population are only as stable as their average citizen. Take out the middle class and working class people that have skin in the game and all that’s left are the welfare bums.

            • I have huge sympathy for Da Yooper. It was Coleman Young who pissed in his cornflakes. Been there, (15 years), seen it first-hand, burned the t-shirt, GTHOD as soon as I could retire honorably.

        • Anyone the wrong color entering my domain wont live long enough to assist or harm. The Hard fact is If every other race disappeared from the planet overnite us white crackers would have a lot less problems the next day. if the opposite happened and the white race dissappeared the remaining races would have more problems.

          • The problem isn’t the difference in color, it’s the difference in culture. I feel much more comfortable around a nicely dressed black man than I would around some white kid with his pants half hanging off, wearing a tank top with gold chains around his neck, and a baseball cap on sideways. If you owned a business and these two people came in applying for a job, which would you hire?

            • I know a young man who has about $10,000 in ink and piercings. He fought in the gulf war and spent his own money on the body mods. he now has his own business. this is the USA and everyone has the right to be different . Heck when I was young I was what was often referred to as a Hood. I rode a motorcycle drove hot rod cars ect. I can be comfortable around anyone. actually I don’t judge anyone by their looks or skin color. I judge then by their actions. Shure their are bad white folks and good black folks. the same as there are bad Christians and good atheist. And a persons soul hasn’t any color. Now having stated all of this. Percentage wise the black race has a greater & appalling number of free shit army gimmie dat Taking parasite oxygen thieves than any other race.

          • Glad you are old and dying soon. Hell is waiting for your ignorant soul.

          • Utter nonsense. Who is arming the world, who pokes his nose into other country’s affairs, who is it that does not pay a fair price for the things he wants but instead steals it, and who is the inventor of the world’s WMD’s. The white man! No if the white man was to disappear the wrest of the world would be able to get on with life without the constant interference from a resource barren, greedy, thieving war monger.

            • bullcrap! SEE operation “Paper Clip” USA and pre-cia OSS conspired to bring to usa aprox 2200 german nazi scientists etc…Well not certain how many were JEWISH germans?…But all or almost all who invented/created the first ATOM Bombs AND the Two dropped on Japs in WWII era were jews german scientists NOT whiteys…Yeah most askanazi Khazar aka fraud jews Looks alot like a white man…Untill you get Jewized-Up…Then you realize when placed side by side most side facial profiles of a jew are the same as a negroe and an ape…They All have a sloped shape that slopes downwards from top forehead to lower chin…Same as a Real apes does!…Whiteys has a very Straight line downwards from top forehead down to lower chin area…And when most whitey age they still look refined and even dignified at old age…Most jews once fully matured begin to look worse and worse as they age…SEE: Finestien, Schumer, Babs Boxer! and most of their tribe…Some might even say they look downright butt Ugly and get worse as they age…Most whiteys do not get that way as they age…Maybe that jew difference goes along with being of their father satan(Christ also stated That of them). Decendants not of 12 tribed israel! Rather decendants of Cain and the Serphant! alot More went on in the Garden of eden than just eve ate the wrong forbidden fruit…research that and Learn truth todays preachers won’t discuss and most don’t even Know of it! Their jewish Rabbi professors at seminary schools prefer to not go there in their teachings to pastor wannabes.

              NEXT: look very close at their jew eyes…most have a very slight asiatic slant, and are a bit closer set than a real white man eyes are…Whiteys eyes are wider apart and usually set as a straight line across their face. Most jews has that asian slant and close set eyes…Same for ears and lips of mouths…This is due to they are really Khazars which are a Mixture of Turk-Hunn(as in atilla) and Asiatic mongrels with caucasian also.

              Each of their first Three racial ancestors were Pagan Barbarians to the Inth degree…Maybe Thats reason they are always so blood thirtsy and so Lust for blood and since their talmudic teachings/beliefs are that ALL non-jewish Goyim(gentiles) Are just Animals as Only jews are real humans with a Soul…Perhaps thats why they are so quick to instigate so many wars that create human blood shed eh…They can do a animal sacrafice in their synagouges of satan(as Christ called it) or sacrafice Goyim humans and its all just animal sacrafices to the talmudic jews.

              Toss away all forms former MSM-FOX-CNN-Public school and colleges infos you learned about history etc and try researching truth and facts type info so available and so easy to find online today. Know the Truth(Christ also said That many times). Or simply remain a dumbed down parrot your choice.

              • WOW! You really ARE out there aren’t you? What color is the sky in YOUR world there tg?

        • @YH

          I quite agree, and will be all too happy to stand by ANYONE who’s got my back. If my neighborhood is ever assaulted the way this town in Missouri has been looted and burned, you can be damned sure I’ll be firing shots non stop at anyone trying to harm me and mine. And if there’s anyone in this neighborhood who will be doing the same, you can be damned sure I won’t be calling a time out to make sure they have the correct skin color, or the correct anything for that matter.

          That much being said, I recognize full right well that there are probably MILLIONS of black people out there who literally hate me — sight unseen — simply because my skin color does not match theirs. They’ll blame me for slavery, even though NONE of my ancestors were in this nation until 50 years after the war ended. They’ll blame me for their being poor and uneducated, even though for the last 14 years I have taught computer skills to children of ALL skin colors. Seriously, wtf has any of THEM — or their parents, or their families– ever done to improve this situation one single bit? On top of which, many blacks in this country seem to have been force fed a steady diet of hate, to the point where they have acted 100% irrationally. Case in point: I have NEVER allowed ANY of my students to use headphones; nor have I allowed them to go on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter in my classroom. The knock kneed wimps in administration never helped, but I have both software and hardware at my disposal that makes sure that their mp3 players don’t work, their cellphones cannot connect and they are blocked from any site I choose to ban them from using. The ONLY students who have ever threatened me when they found that my computer were black teenage males. Not all of them of course, and not even a majority. But please, let me ask: where does this whale sized sense of entitlement of theirs come from? What is WRONG with these young men that they think their best course of action is to keep listening to the same hate music that’s been poisoning their brains for the better part of their lives? What are they even thinking about trying to cross swords with me, when all I’ve done is try to give them actual skills that are actually worth something? For that matter, where is their patron saint? My wife also works with some of the poorest populations on the east coast, in areas that are heavily black, and she has told me of the sheer number of times she has gone into homes that have a picture of Obama right next to Jesus. Please explain, sir, what in the name of all that’s holy is WRONG with these people when they so openly worship a man who has done literally NOTHING to improve their lives? Where is their sense? Where is their pride? When will they stop looking for someone else to solve their problems, and stand up and start DOING something to better their own lot?

          Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

        • Chris Rock is one of the biggest pieces of racist shit on the planet.

        • Right on !!!! THUMBS UP all the way.

        • Yawn. Puleez.

        • I took my white toddler to a city park because I had no idea Rodney King even existed, at the time. When black people came running up and screaming “get out of here”; I actually started to argue “you can’t tell me what to do”. A black female stranger grabbed my tiny son and ran off with him; I ran after her all the way to her apt screaming at the top of my lungs. Then the first wave of the crazy black horde went by and I was terrified. We were trapped there, hiding from the mob and even the other frightened black neighbors who might have turned us over to them for being white. It was a horrible scary three days waiting for the insanity to stop while black men in red berets formed a human line around the apt complex to keep the worst of it away and skinny black boys risked gunfire to put out fires and ran messages (they were the closest thing to radio communications/ alarm systems there). My son is an adult now and I still think about the kind, smart, brave black lady who, at personal risk to herself and her family, saved our white butts from the raging black mob. She, a mere mortal, is my angel of salvation. I owe it to her to pay it forward and one day perhaps, for someone just like her, so will you. Peace.

        • Better to know where N’s are and how to use your trigger.
          50 teens in Chicago were roaming the UPTOWN district and beating on cars some were trying to pull people out of their cars. This was Monday night. The area this happened in is about 25% black.

      2. Damn, i wish i could get some free rims for my Escalade… and some free lotto tickets!

        That’s the first thing i am gonna do when the shit hits the fan.

        That and rob a local convenience store for some Mad Dog and a snickers bar.

        • Escalade rimS? I bet they got the display of each one. What in the hell are they going to do with one of each type of tire and rim? This is exactly why I am bugging in not out. In my area, I will have no chance of going anywhere safely by vehicle.

          • Gone,the reason you will not get anywhere in safety vehicle seems obvious,you have no escalade bling rims!

          • For what a set of those gangbanger rims cost I could buy a good used truck or better yet, more survival supplies, food, water, ammo, etc.

          • It’s also why you should have a well maintained turd of a vehicle ready to go. A vehicle need not look good or be comfortable to be fully serviced and reliable. Try to choose something that uses common parts and is undesirable to the masses. My favorite would probably be a white Chevy Astro van with AWD, some rust and peeling paint. It shares chassis and drivetrain parts with the S10 pickup and G body intermediates. The engine is essentially 3/4 a Chevy 350 and most of the accessories were used on a wide variety of vehicles. Plus, who carjacks an old minivan? It has lots of space, makes you look poor and the AWD system could be used in a pinch. Once you get it, go through the suspension, replace any bad engine/transmission seals and put in new brakes and brake hoses. It’s essentially a sleeper built not for speed but for safety. However, you could probably install a small nitrous system too in case you need an extra burst of speed.

        • These thugs are just taking advantage of total chaos by looting. They aren’t outraged of anything except not stealing enough items quick enough. Opportunist’s, that’s what they are…….

          • Funny, Stan, I had another word come to mind…..

          • Stan522, I have to agree. Black-on-black crime is the worst is this entire nation and few people even pay lip service to that. Most of these animals’ victims are other black people. I do sympathize with the plight of black victims of crime. These animals need to be shot.

            • black and people seem to be mutually exclusive terms / they are literally 50000 years behind every one else

              • They spend those 50k years going in the opposite direction of Asians & YT

        • Gotta get them spinners that look like the wheels are doing the moon walk

        • The Skittles were the first item wiped off the shelves.

        • Thx KY Mom. Will get a post up about this.

          • Mac,

            You are most welcome!

            • Wow Mac.. This site if full of racist white people. You guys talk about prepping and how the government is controlling everything but are still racist against black people and just non white people. Yes some black people mess it up for the rest of the the clear headed ones but to say all black or no white people are savages.. well WOW.. Maybe we should start checking the jews.. But OHH NOO white people would never check jews.. don’t want that house to be taken away or to be fired the next day.. Bash non whites while sucking on jewish dick.

              And what about after the SHTF?? I guess we would just go back to the old ways of hating someone because of a 1% difference in the human body. And please do not even start thinking of praising God because God did not intend for any racism.. You are not your body or the ‘character’ you play here on Earth.. you are a soul that is here to learn and to grow. Rather than fighting the government and your fellow Humans, how about checking people for their character? Those ghetto as people down there don’t really care about the boy who got shot we all know this.. But what about the people that didn’t go loot? And there are ghetto ass white people, mexicans, indians, and everyone else.. Nothing is absolute! I pray for all of you that are contradict what you believe in.. It would be funny that when the SHTF that a black person saves your life! Hahahahaha!! That’s probably going to be the way it goes down.

              Sorry Mac but I have to stop coming here.. you guys are more redneck then Human preppers. Make sure you take the bones out of the possum before you eat it!

              • AMF!

              • I concur……………I occasionally pop into this silly phony intel trap site just to see how much fearmongering and false reality they can conjure up, and most importantly, to get some laughs at the the overt racism espoused by its regular posters. Its mostly washed up ex leo and military wannabe armchair keyboard warriors, know nothing know it all’s lambasting others based on race and scaring themselves with their self created phony fear based shtf gun fantasies…………..its quite pitiful actually
                and an indicator of just how far so called civilized humanity has debased itself……….yawn.

              • Wow Merica,

                I was not being racist in reporting this. Nor, do I believe Mac is being racist in reporting this.

                This is a SHTF situation. For those being observant, there are lessons to be leaned from this tragedy. Yes, it is a tragedy – a young man about to start college is now dead, a community is in turmoil & up in arms, and a number of businesses have been destroyed.

                Look how QUICKLY a situation like this can spin out of control. I have children and young grandchildren who live in a city. I have strongly urged them to get OUT OF THE CITY QUICKLY should tensions escalate and violence erupt.

                Many people are frustrated in America. I can feel it. I believe MANY want to build a better life for themselves and their children. Young adults have been especially hard hit by the economy, as they have been laid off and have difficulty finding a decent job.

                Working part time flipping burgers and depending on food stamps is not the future they envisioned.

              • reality is racist “Hate Facts”

        • KY
          Thanks for putting this up!!!
          You won’t see this on the TV or hear it on the radio.
          It is good to see people doing what is right and standing up to these animals burning a looting!!!

          • Pig,

            Don’t forget to leave your vest in direct sunlight. It helps to maintain the Cordura. Maybe if you cowardly pieces of shit would stop murdering unarmed teenagers with impunity just because you can’t “let them win” this shit wouldn’t happen. Did you turds ever think about that? I won’t be throwing bottles at you Sgt. Tick tock motherfucker.

            • AE
              I pity and pray for you.
              Maybe some day we will meet and you will see just how wrong you are.

              • Stg Dale…once again…I apologize…one of my other persoanlities is taking over today. Not to mention the voices in my head are screaming today. Mom is on her way with my medication and I should be better soon.

            • Lay off the crack pipe you donkey

              • Bet he got one big brown tooth up front where that crack pipe has already burned the enamel off.

            • Acid, you just hold it right there, you stupid mofo. Sgt. Dale is one of US. He’s one of the good cops. Second, You DON’T know the circumstances surrounding the shooting. It’s still under investigation. Read the article very carefully before posting, you moron.

              • “It’s still under investigation.”

                Sure. Sure it is buddy.

              • @Renegade

                NO he is NOT, he wants to be and thinks he is and has fooled half awake sheeple like you to think he is….but he is not one of us, unless your “us” is different form my “us.”

                His profession is not constitutional or legal, and anything he does while on the clock and in uniform is not constitutional or legal but a violation of the constitution, freedom and liberty. A little yeast comes to mind right now.

              • No he is not one of “us.” He wants to be, thinks he is and has fooled half awake sheeple like you that he is, but he is NOT one of “US.”

                Nothing about his profession is constitutional or legal according to true law. Anything he does while on the clock and in uniform is not constitutional or legal….but in fact a violation to freedom, liberty and the constitution…..AND a violation to God’s law.

                He unwittingly serves the banksters and the evil one….blindly, but still the same.

                • Anonymous and BJ, both of you are mistaken about Sgt. Dale. I would trust him and stand beside him against the NWO any day. Go ahead and think what you want, but I’ll trust my instincts.

                  • why don’t you guys leave the good cops of america alone, BOTH OF ‘EM!

                • Yes sgt Dale is one of the parasite enforcers. He produces nothing. His pay is robbed from the productive. Nobody is forcing him to be a LEO. He does the job because he wants to.

                  • Sarg Dale is one of the good guys…they are still out there.

                  • It’s times like these that make me ask, “what would Barney Fife do?”

                    You’d think people on this site would be relieved knowing there’s at least one cop out there who’s aware of the NWO and wouldn’t fire on American citizens. Sgt. Dale gives me hope that maybe there are many more.

              • **This***. Rumor is cop was loading subject up, subject pushed cop and went for gun. If true, this changes everything.

                • It changes nothing, the kid was UNARMED! and running AWAY

                  • People can still move for a while after shot. One NYC guy shot by cops 17 times “on his way to church” at 2am managed to survive.

                  • Doesn’t matter, the fact alone that the cop had a gun adn the victim did not….means the shooting was unecessary

            • I’m think that acid etched your brain.

            • Acid,you are so hateful…take it else where.

          • Howdy, Sarge. Like I always say, go to the alternative media for the truth.

            • Brave
              Hello my friend.

              I pity Acid and I pray for him, so that maybe someday his eyes will be opened before it is too late.

              Looking very closely at 10 Acres of land east of Murfreesboro. I hope this is the one. Whish us luck.

              • Sarg….you are right. my mom syas all the time that i just need a few more spankings to get my mind right. I hope you have a great life and i hope to say thank you inperson someday for your service to keep all of us safe. I LOVE OLD PEOPLE!

              • Sarge, I hope you can get that land too. I’m about to start looking at county auctions again for some land for braveheart. Just trying to keep my options open. If I had some property in that same region, I wouldn’t have so far to bugout to.

                • Big improvement sweet heart…migration from trailer park to land. Move on boy.

      3. Someone please explain to me how looting & burning down the local business’s is resolving the alleged wrongful shooting incident ? Where are the “Canadians” going to buy their Beer
        Cigarettes , & lottery tickets now ?
        Mac is on target…about how fast things can evolve into a
        dangerous & deadly situation…if you are in the wrong place when it happens.
        Always have your emergency bag in your vehicle….so if you have to scramble….you have prepared for what you might face !
        Standing by in Montgomery County Texas ……

        • On one side of the fence is a “dangerous & deadly situation” on the other side of the fence it’s a block party.

        • On one side of the fence is a “dangerous & deadly situation” on the other side of the fence it’s a block party.

        • ‘Harbinger’ author says loss of ‘Tree of Hope’ is a warning

          The Tree of Hope, planted as the symbol of America’s resurgence, at the site of the 9/11 attack in New York City has died, been removed, and destroyed.

          Jonathan Cahn “examines the nine harbingers, or warnings, recorded in the Bible that were delivered to Israel before the nation disintegrated. He contends God is giving the same nine warnings now to America to urge the nation to repent.”

          “The keepers of the Tree of Hope did everything they could to save the withering tree. They even changed the soil in which it grew. But no matter what they did, the tree continued to wither away and die,” said Cahn.

          He had written in his book a prophetic word concerning America’s Erez Tree, the Tree of Hope, saying, “…but when a nation such as this places its hope in its own powers to save itself, then its hope is false. Its true hope is found only in returning to God. Without that, the Tree of Hope is a harbinger of the day when its strong cedars come crashing down to the earth.”

          Unlike the planting of the Tree of Hope, which was done publicly and followed by a publicized ceremony, the tree was uprooted with little notice given, out of the public eye. In fact it was only after several inquiries were made as to the trees disappearance, that WND found out what happened. The Tree of Hope, the symbol of a resurgent America, was uprooted in the spring of this year. The day after its uprooting, it was entirely destroyed.

          “In the Bible,” said Cahn, “the felling of the cedar, or the destruction of the erez tree, is a particularly stark sign given to a nation nearing the day of its judgment.

          It is one of several continuing manifestations of what appears in ‘The Harbinger’ – coming true after the book’s release. What these continuing signs signify is that America’s progression to judgment is continuing – if not accelerating. Combine this with the fact that America in indeed continuing on a rapidly accelerating course of apostasy from God and moral collapse – and it comprises an ominous warning: America is approaching a day of judgment.”

          Cahn said his source regarding the destruction of the tree also told him there would not be another tree planted because of “The Harbinger.”

          • 2 Timothy 3:1-5

            But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people.

            1 Peter 2:16

            Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.

            • Go to fucking church if you wanna preach that shit. Religion wont help you survive.

              • And your lack of any morality or empathy for others is not going to help you survive, either.

                In fact, it’s going to shorten your life, considerably.

                The last thing a nasty little specimen like yourself should be wishing for is a society without rule of law. You won’t last 3 days around good, decent people.

                • I been saying….sooner or later, Eisencrap’s mouth is going to write a check his ass can’t cash, and it will be all over. No more Eisencrap.

                  It’s inevitable.

                • No worry Acid, they preach fear and are affraid of the truth that its all phony bs. Notice how how the dumbest ignorant creatures believe anything. And the think they will all go to some magical disney world in the sky when they die. But then the earth was made in 3 days of course, so there you go. Any moron ever go to the grand canyon and think that was made in 3 days? Bwahahahahahaaa

                • Smokey,

                  There is a huge difference between disrespecting religion and wishing for a society without rule of law.

                  Unfortunatelty, many if the so-called “good, decent people” would probably shoot AE simply because he expressed his distaste for their religion.

                  Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Budhists, agnostics, atheists, whites, blacks, rich, poor, prepared, or unprepared. No category will get a free ride comes SHTF. Yes, some categories will probably fare much better than others, but it all depends on what the event(s) is/are that hits the fan.

                  Look around at what’s going on all around the world right now. Does Ebola care what your religion or skin color is? Do the religious beliefs of the civilians in eastern Ukraine matter to the bullets, missiles, and mortar rounds that kill them?

                  Also, just because AE “hates” religion does not mean he has no morals. Likewise, just because someone is religious doesn’t mean they practice the morals they espouse.

              • Acid,with that attitude you’ll be the first to go down.

                • Btw Heaven is really a big FEMA CAMP in the sky for the Ignorant.

                  • That’s funny huh? Only a fool mocks God. I pray he will be merciful to you. You are digging your grave with your own mouth.

              • Acid Etch,

                Religion does help me survive every day of my life. I am not preaching, I am just spreading the word. You are displaying quite a bit of anger towards something that you don’t believe, why is that?

              • You are right. I need to go to church and get right with God. Pray for me guys okay?

                • I know I have a long way to go…i need good and decent people in my life and more compassion. I want to love God but I don’t know how. Please pray for me and my hateful self.

                  • AE
                    If you are being true in your post. You have already taken the first step. It is one step at a time. We will all pray for you. By the way spanking a kid is one thing, when they do something they are told not to do. Beating a kid is another. I have a major problem with that.
                    I love Old people too!

                  • Sybil? Is that you?

                • After all if Religion can make ignorant morons to fly airplanes in to tall building for 70 virgins anything is possible. And scream ala akbar just before it hits. Wow. If these ignorant people here preaching christianity here were born in Iraq they would be preaching the Koran. Ignorance is not geographically tied.

                  • I don’t believe your statement is true…where you are born dictates what religion you take up. My parents were not “religious” (as you put it). However, I always felt a calling from a very young age. I am a Christian, saved by God’s loving grace through his only begotten son, Jesus. I take comfort knowing He will guide me through whatever happens. It doesn’t mean I don’t take steps to keep me and my family, friends, and neighbors as safe as possible by being prepared. I am more prepared because of my faith…it gives me hope while this chaos surrounds us.

              • Get thee hence!

            • You religious freaks are so gullible. 2000 years of siperstitious stupidry and suckers still believing everything they read.

              • Religion at least serves a function of transferring wisdom from one generation to another. If you think religion is an illusion, just think of how bad the pictured people would be if there was no fear of eternal torture.

          • All that guy says Must be all them great Blessings on america for the past 65 yrs of so much usa blessing of jews and israel huh?

            Our bestest friends and the only democracy in mid east right?….gee hate to see what enemys and curses could be like!

            Just keep re-funding state of israel, give em a free pass no matter how wrong they are nor how many evils they do to others and wait for americas great multitude of blessings from God to happen…meanwhile jews has infiltrated and overtaken the usa entire fed govnt, most state gov’s and every major tv show and news msm that exist today. They function as if two different entities…Leftist bolsheviks VS rightwing neocon zionists….Typical dialectics methods eh…And when their quest to fully sovietize america is finished they ALL will again return to One jew internationalists group of Nation Wreckers…SEE: Russia 1918 for more of how jewry evils operate against unsuspecting whites and ignorant so called ‘christians” with that jewdeo-bent.

            • You really should get a helmet if you’re going to keep falling off your bike and landing on your head all the time.

        • random– I don’t know about anyone else, but MY 6.2 diesel won’t feel it if 500 idiots like these gets in front of it! Won’t even need to grunt a little– stick her in 4WD and her big ass will wiggle a bit on the greased road. Monster mudders get a grip! Sooooo… why bother with a BOB?

          • Tinker.

            Don’t forget the air horn! Yeeeeeee Haaaaaaaa.

        • It’s an outlet for people’s anger. The coward pigs are too pussy to take on the mobs or admit any wrongdoing so they are gonna burn down buildings.

          • I agree, the cops should open up on this garbage and eradicate them so the rest of us who have a brain and some respect dont have to be impacted by their stupidity.

            • These looters are like bears eating out of garbage cans. They got the taste of blood and they will keep coming back till they are shot dead. Its like a feeding frenzy, just licking their chops for their next oportunity and will be even more organized next time than a pack of wolves. All ready to get sum more. Wake up people the race war is game on. The fuse has been lit and you better be armed 24/7/365. Sandbags and pungi stick pits.

              • Yes, but…but…but… according to the liberal media, we are really the danger since we might do something to the poor, innocent looters who are only trying to steal our property and destroy what they can’t carry away. They are just trying to spread the wealth around, don’cha know, and the President says that’s a good thing. By defending our property, we are denying them what is rightfully theirs.

                And if you really think that way, then I hope the looters come to your neighborhood and take what’s fair from you. The problem is that liberals never have to face that problem because they live in places that will never face that sort of violence. If this sort of crime was on their doorstep, they may think twice about their position and choose to own a gun too.

          • Acid, you really need to stop while you can.

            • Brave: I am sorry for being so mean. Sometimes when Booboo comes out I just cant help myself. I apoligize for all the bad things I have said to you and sarg dale.

              My mom is coming…I gotta go…

              • You’re just one of those folks who refuse to play nice. Really sad ya know. I know people who are hateful like you on real life and seems they like being perceived that way. Maybe they and you are too scared to put yourself out there for fear of rejection or being hurt. Maybe you’re just a dick. I don’t know what it is but you really suck the happy out of birthday. Give it up.

              • No that’s ok, you have until we take a shower.

        • RT1957, just recently made another supply run to my cousin’s BOL in GA. Most of my supplies are there now. When I finally bugout, won’t have too much to carry plus have extra gas just in case.

          • @ RBH …yes…I have been following your posts. Having a good secure BOl is great for those that can do it. We have been living in SHTF since the house fire 6/28/12…..& still living in the 32ft 5th wheel RV. Have finally got started rebuilding…..but it is a long slow process. What I was referring to in my previous comment …was what a person should have with them…perhaps in a backpack….in their everyday drive it to work vehicle. So…that when the EMP goes off…..& you have to abandon your vehicle….& walk home…or to the BOL……that you have the necessary tools. I’m thinking : good hiking boots, dark non description clothing, hat, safety glasses, gloves, N-95 respirator, ear plugs, hand sanatizer, knife, poncho, space blanket, pocket first aid kit, road & topo maps of the area between work – home -BOL , powdered electrolyte, water bottles or camelback, magnesium fire starter, can opener, prescription meds, GPS in faraday can, backup phone in faraday can, water purification tablets, potassium iodide, & probably a whole lot of other things you might need. It is 60 miles from my office on the East side of Houston…to home. If I have to hike it….it could take a couple days …to work the way around the riots….around the obstructions….& to home. I want to be as prepared as possible to make that trek . I’m thinking about adding a good strong walking stick….that can be used in self defense if needed. If anyone has a good bug out bag list…of items that one person can Cary in a backpack…that would weigh less than 50 lbs… Please post it. I’m always looking for new or better ideas !
            Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

            • a sock with a padlock in it is a good equalizer, for almost no cost!

              • Sadly though, it is only good at short range. For longer ranges you need a nice trebuchet to hurl locks at attackers much further away. Sadly though, they haven’t quite perfected a portable model yet…

            • A golf bag cart for hauling gear 60 miles. When you are dog tired, your awareness/reaction is low/slow.

              • How about one of those steel tube two-wheeled devices that are used to cart wood? They have large wheels and you could bungee cord necessary items to it. Maybe keep it in the trunk of the car for emergencies.

              • Hey there more than one way to be a “prepper” no silver or gold coins or bullion so snag a pile of lottery tickets, no food stored up, get a box of candy bars and flaming red hot chips, to get over the rocks and rubble do grab some monster rims and Jordans for hiking into the backcountry, You know most gangsters are afraid of the woods) sadly these opportunistic people are very short-sighted and pitiful (just stay clear of them, no matter the color).

      4. And these prime examples of humanity can vote. Kinda explains it all doesn’t it.

        • And not just vote once, either.

          • the saddest part is that many of them vote….after they’re DEAD!

        • And look at what they voted for and elected!

      5. So much for multiculturalism. Nothing has changed since the 1960’s except the numbers.

      6. “The EBT cards will not be reloaded until the riots stop and the streets are cleared.”

        —————————Riot Over———————

        • LOL for sure, though if you think Holder, Pelosi, Sharpton and Obama are going to have the balls to say that, I have some property in the everglades I want to sell you.

          • Charlie Waite, some people really know how to dream, don’t they?

          • Obama commented on Robin Williams’ death today. Did he comment on the riots? I honestly don’t know.

            • I haven’t heard anything from him. I live 25 miles away.

            • Exactly.

              Even if it’s found that the cop did shoot the teen unarmed for allegedly no apparent life-threatening reason, this fact is no excuse for the rioting/looting/violence and destruction, so one doesn’t excuse the other.

              How is destruction/stealing going to bring that teen back? I think it’s horrible what is going on, all of it, then to steal/destroy in the name of your dead brother? This is how you choose to direct your indignity/rage — onto innocent people/businesses? Destroy your OWN neighborhood? WTF.

              What does that demonstrate to Americans?

              That they better be prepared to defend themselves/businesses in the future, as the baby is being thrown out with the bathwater; there is no discretion or self-control taking place. Just turns into a free-for-all regardless of if you were involved or not.

              If you’re in their path, you’re going to be a target.

        • Wrong JRS. That’s like paying off terrorists. You need to start shooting them. No questions asked. “You Loot, We Shoot” They will quickly get the point. They already tasted the blood in the water.

      7. I’m surprised New York City and Los Angeles haven’t had riots after all the police brutality. It could still happen. It’s the hottest time of the year.

        • L.A. had riots a couple of times, race riots in the late 60’s or early 70’s and the Rodney “can’t we all just get along” King riots. Chicago would have a riot every time the Bulls won the NBA championship.

          • Let’s not forget Miami in the 1980’s, I could smell the burning buildings all the way up north in Pompano Bch.

          • Oh, come now. Chicago doesn’t only riot when a sports team wins. They riot when they lose as well. They’re very equal opportunity up there.

            • What are you talking about? When was the last time Chicago had a weekend with a lower body count than the Valentines Day massacre?

      8. Coming soon to a city near You and Your family…………….

        • @D A

          Not mine D A ! If they do they’ll be pick’n #3 buckshot out from between their teeth!

          • Sin,Dammit!I learned something new,never heard of #3 shot,did a quick check,sure enuff,there it was.

            • Yup,
              They load both #2 in 3inch and #3 in 2 3/4inch shells for my 20ga mossy. #4 for my 835 mossy.

              • Sinner- me? I can load anything I want… and have. Cast my own boolits also. Might want to think about loading small chain in your 20ga. as it works real good for maximum damage. (spins like crazy).

          • I agree,
            Can you say ventilated,
            Its amazing how fast a good AR with a slide fire can dump a 90round drum mag,

      9. While the town may be small, it is not isolated. Ferguson is just one municipality within the St. Louis area. The municipalities bump up against one another. If one was just driving through the area it would just look like a part of the city of St. Louis.

      10. In a real or made up emergency the government will shut down social media to prevent folks from unifying.
        The fed will not allow this type of communication to exist in a major event.
        Arent there already plans to take over radio as well?

      11. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

        Let us wait to see if the Officer acted out of the lines. If he did then let the courts take over. If we don’t there will be more of this crap of looting and burning thinks down all over.

        Then again maybe we can’t stop this kind of crap from coming. You think this is bad wait till they don’t get their EBT card renewed!

        Missouri is a carry state. Tonight when they go after some of the business they just might find that the people there won’t let them mess it up and steal everything in sight.

        I’m not a bigot but I only saw blacks involved. Dose this mean all blacks are bad. HELL NO IT DOSEN’T it just takes that 5%. The cop involved in the shooting might be one of those 5%, and then again he might not.

        For all of you that think I’m taking the LEO’s side. I’m not there just is not enough INFO!!!

        For all of you defending your lives and properties,

        • I agree. It all depends on the individual. The problem is that those who end up in multi-generational poverty tend to be that sort of individual. I have friends and neighbors of varying different races and know none of them would want anything to do with this sort of needless violence. However, they are all people who grew up in families where their parents worked for a living. Some of them may even be on EBT but that is because of a lack of good paying jobs, not because they don’t work full time. No, the problem is people who grew up in families where criminality is the norm and there is no sense of ownership or personal responsibility. Those people scare me. And it is those people who exist in large numbers in housing projects around the country.

          However, I will say that I feel safer around other people of my own race if for no other reason than I will not be targeted by them for racial violence if it all goes to crap. If order ever does break down, then the mass of humanity will likely group together by race, just like it does in prison. If that is the case and I can’t get out of dodge, then I would much rather be living in an area that is predominantly populated by people who look like me. It’s easier to blend in that way and get lost in the crowd. It’s also why I keep at least one nondescript vehicle at all times as, if I need to leave, I want something that does not attract attention.

        • If the courts take over there’s a few possible outcomes.

          1) The racist POS AG Holder will see to it that the cop is convicted and will use the FBI and all other assets that the AG has available.

          2) The press will make it political in order to gin up the democrat voter base. I would bet they are already looking to see if the cop had Tea Party sympathies.


          3) The cop will be acquitted and there will be more riot parties.

          • RO
            Dead on.
            I’m thinking NO.3

            I hope he is a good cop and he just did what he had to do because this kid was beating him to death, and was trying to take his weapon. Heard this on FOX news.

            If one second you think, you or I would not shoot someone that is beating us to death you had better think again. Unless you want to go to Jesus ASAP. If I was getting beat to death I would use anything I could to turn the tide of the fight.

            This is why there are a lot of people carrying weapons today. They will use them to protect themselves.


            • Beating the cop to death. LMAO…..It was a struggle for the gun, and the cop won the struggle.

              My question is, why did the cop shoot him, when he had no gun and was running. Also according to the news and the boys mother, he was shot 8 (EIGHT TIMES).

              Really,…….Whats the matter, the oinker didn’t have enough time to put another clip in him ?

              I don’t fully agree with the riots, but can you blame them ? Do you actually think justice will be served ?

              The pig will get off, and that will be that. Just another reason for cops to shoot you when you are unarmed. Big tough men, these boys in blue.

              Faggots in my book.

              Bring it.

              • Why did he shoot him? Well, he was just in a struggle for his life and probably couldn’t turn off the adrenaline that quickly. Sorry but if you were just in a struggle for your life 5 seconds ago and all of a sudden the person was running away and you had a way to win, once and for all, you may take it instinctively. It happens. Cops are people too.

                Was it excessive? 8 shots? Yes. Will justice be served? That depends on the facts and how they are interpreted. It also depends on the individual you ask and their concept of justice in this case. Inevitably someone will think it is not. As far as I am concerned, I don’t know enough about the case yet to form a complete opinion. What I do know is that it is not a good justification for rioting, looting and violence. People who do so do no justice to the situation and only serve to further foment racial tensions and negative stereotypes in this country.

            • This is why you don’t physically resist the police. The likelihood is that they are better armed than you and a better shot and will not hesitate to dispatch you if they feel threatened. This doesn’t mean you need to fully comply either. You shouldn’t answer questions if asked, especially leading questions. You could wind up in jail under false pretenses if you answer the wrong way. However, if a cop is trying to arrest you (and it is no a time of massive unrest or abject tyranny), comply and let him do his job. Just understand that you need to now use your fifth amendment right to silence. Get an attorney and let them handle it.

              • Yep, don’t expect your day in court on the street. Comply and make bail.

                Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six, right?

            • Pig,

              If you were me and the blue state tells you it must be unloaded in a case with a trigger lock and you can only take it to and from the range, what would you do?

              • Get a CCW so you can carry on your person. Dilemna is solved.

                You can pass the background check, right?

                • Blue states don’t issue CCWs. That’s the point.

                  • acid: You are one person that shouldn’t carry with the rage and stupidity you’re showing. You’d be a danger to everyone and yourself.

                  • All states issue CCW. Illinois was the last holdout, and the Supreme Court slapped ’em down in the last year.

                  • AE.
                    All 50 states now issue CCW’s. Illinois was the last to issue.

                  • “All states issue CCW. Illinois was the last holdout, and the Supreme Court slapped ‘em down in the last year.” — Old Coach–

                    Nice theory Coach…but in practice that’s not the case.

                    California for example. Do they have a CCW permit process? Yes. In practice, do they issue them to average citizens? No. It varies by county and community. But it is EXTREMELY difficult to get a CCW permit in California. And for all practical purposes…..impossible.

                    You have to either know somebody who can issue the permit…or be a celebrity…or be an ex-cop.

                  • Then move to a state that is more firearms friendly. You do have the right to do that, unless you are on parole (in which case you usually can’t have a gun to begin with, so this argument would be moot,) or a convicted felon. It may not be easy, but if a CCW is that important to you it is what you must do.

                  • just move to another state! what a great idea…NOT!!!. why not work toward getting all those restrictive gun laws repealed? how do I leave California….and my two KIDS, with their mom(my ex wife)? I should just leave them and go to another state? PFFT!

                  • @buttcrackofdoom: Well then you have to decide what is most important to you. I mean, it would be wonderful if you could get the law changed in your state but let’s be real: It’s California. This means that most of the voters in your state are to the left of Karl Marx and would never vote for such a thing. The right to get stoned? Suuure, why not duuude. The right to self defense? Are you kidding me?

                  • You have to be over 18

              • I am sorry for calling you pig. My mom says I have to apolagize and respect my elders cause they are smart and have more life experience than I do. Thank you sarg dale for protecting our country in your long years of service. I am safer because f good cops like you. Hugs

                • This is just to funny. ROFLMAO.

        • Sarge, nothing wrong with taking LE’s side. You’re the Good Guys!

          • GRAF:
            Thanks I just hope that he is!
            It is hard enough out here without having a major TURD in our ranks.
            don’t forget that all LEO’s are not good guys there is about 3 to 5% that are TURDS! Just like any other profession.

            • Pig,

              The issue is that it will not be investigated properly without an special independent investigator being appointed. And even if the pig was out of line he will not have to go to prison. The perversion of justice is what gets people riled up.

              • Acid Etch: Sgt Dale…I am really, really sorry for attacking you. When my mom spanked me this morning I was crying really hard and got mad. So I took it out on you. Please forgive me….I have just taken my meds and the voices have stopped screaming at me.

              • We’re glad you have all the facts and insight to what happened….NOT!

            • you don’t HAVE to respond to ALL of them sarge.

          • Grafique = The most stupid specie ever existed.

            • Stop drinking your bong water.

              Grafique has never said one word to you.

              Take your bigotry somewhere else.

            • Correction: Anonymous and Acid/Eisenkreuz are 2 of the most stupid specie that ever existed.

              • the renegade chicken heart……Time to cleanup your trailer…..move on boy.

            • anonymous: don’t talk bad about graph….he is a good perosn. I just have problems that make me lash out at people. Don’t be a hater like me.

      12. Can you show me one white colored person robbing this store?

        • Right you are. Is it that most blacks think they’re entitled to take what they want? There are some useless whites also, but most that cause hate crimes, gun violence, individuals in a prison, good for nothing entitlement sucking people, are blacks.

          The store owners should give everyone of these looters a healthy dose of lead. But then they would get prosecuted for wrong doing. What a joke!!
          molon labe

        • I see many people here do not understand how this relates to shtf. Can you go hand to hand with one of the looters? Why do they have so little to lose they would risk being video taped? The best point is how close many are to chaos… but realize many of them may fare better in a society where reaction time counts for more than rich daddies.

          • Please explain why Jay Z plead guilty after stabbing the record producer that signed his checks after Jay Z was a millionaire? Being better in short distance runs pays NBA/NFL better than being an engineer, but looking at any black nation shows the true value.

      13. About 25 years ago I was required to do an Internship at a large Nursing Home before graduation from Seminary. Through a weird set of circumstances I discovered that the all African American kitchen staff was “pimping” the confused female residents to the Crack Heads from a local trainer park/ghetto.

        Since then I’ve never trusted in the “goodness” of my fellow man, and is also why I prep.

        These people are rotten thieves and should be shot down like the animals that they are! May God have mercy on their souls.

        • Solution:
          Call in the National Guard.
          Shoot all looters on sight.
          Turn off the power to da hood until dey calm down. Establish a curfew. Shoot anyone out after curfew. Quarantine the hood and shoot anyone who comes out of the hood.

        • At that age dem womyns like FOB be glad they gettin some. Retirement homes have the highest rate of STDs you know. You nasty old people.

          • Luckily for you, you’re not going to get old. Nasty little losers like you are going to be tree ornaments when the anarchy you want starts.

          • Acid/eisenkreuz, with your mentality you won’t last long at all in any post-SHTF scenario. We “old people” are better quality people than trolls like you.

          • Uh-oh….sorry FOB. Booboo slipped out again. I am sure you are a very nice person. I really love old people. My grandma was super nice and made me cookies. I loved her lots.

          • Sorry this hit a nerve with him, as I used to rent him out to the same demographic.

      14. Sarge,not sure of this incident but in cases where it is obvious someone was just plain murdered(guy selling single cigarettes in NYC for example)time to bring the war to those who instigate it.Even with video evidence(many times cops cameras)still no wrong doing it seems practically ever in review board/courts at least until civil trials,nope,no excuse for burning civilian cars/robbing destroying stores ect.,but,time to fight back and hard against abusive supposed authority.Folks want to burn down say monsanto offices ect. will say I am with em then.

        • WD
          I agree, if he was wrong he should be tried.
          I he was in his right to defend himself he should be left alone. Just like anyone else.
          This doesn’t give these animals the right to steal everything they can and burn down a business.
          I like the looks of the Tat shop with armed guards standing in front. (See KY’s statement above.)

          • As I have posted many times,not for destroying the neighborhood,but,fighting oppressive/corrupt police depts. seems the only resort now.There are any truly good police still willing to be on the force,break the blue wall of silence and clear your forces of corrupt and murdering cops(watch your back if you do)but,without that and a end to a slew of bad laws,well,folks see the police as the enemy.As for citizens protecting their stores/homes against looters,well,am all for it,and in some states,the police will arrest you for it!

          • Sgt. … The problem is that the police are granted qualified immunity in most if not all US jurisdictions. When was the last time that a police officer was prosecuted when an innocent citizen died? How many SWAT raids on the wrong address have resulted in innocent citizen deaths and the officer(s) involved weren’t even given so much as a slap on the wrist, never mind a jail sentence? Last year, when that homeless man was MURDERED by the police in AZ, with the murder being recorded on the officer’s own helmet cam, what happened to the officer that pulled the trigger?

            NOTHING!!! He’s still free to murder some other citizen anytime he feels like it.

            And that is a BIG problem with the just-us system in the USA today.

            • NV
              I don’t know what happened to the cops in AZ. From what I heard it is still in the courts. Yes there is several cops in jail now for murder. I can’t give you any names just like I can’t give you any names of civilians that are in jail for murder.

              • Pig,

                Now in the Dorner case you porkers shot innocent old cleaning ladies in a truck that looked nothing like Dorner’s. Not a single pig was punished. Do I have the right to kill pigs who shoot at me for no reason? “A tragic mistake in identity by the officers.”

                Christopher Dorner proved just how pussy you bronze really are.

                Grandaddy spent 3 years on the fucking front lines of WW2 and I never heard him whining about PTSD or this hippy bullshit like you fucking pantywaste coward pigs today. You bunch of fucking faggots.

                • Acid/eisenkreuz, either you address Sgt. Dale by his title and/or his name or don’t address him at all. There’s no cause for this.

                  • since when did YOU become the site moderator? Have you been promoted to trailer park trooper?

              • It’s not just the cops…

                Although it is both an ethics violation and a crime for a prosecutor to withhold evidence, it is impossible to find an example of a post-conviction case in which a prosecutor has been sanctioned for such behavior. This is why, in the words of Judge Alex Kozinski of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, we are seeing an “epidemic” of Brady violations nation-wide. Prosecutors enjoy a conviction rate higher than that achieved by their predecessors in Josef Stalin’s Soviet Union.

                We’ve been living under a system where prosecutors ruin the lives of innocent people with impunity. They punish those who dare to insist on their right to a trial, conceal evidence without professional or personal consequence, and then require wrongfully convicted people to prolong the fiction of their guilt in order to protect the people who sent them to prison. This isn’t going to change unless the people who administer the law are forced to live under it.

            • @Navy Vet

              A FREAKIN MEN

        • With respect to “fighting back,” allow me to share some insights recently developed from being down on my luck and having developed some “friends in low places” just to survivie.

          DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT, repeat, do NOT agree with the tactic of looting and burning the big shop after any incident, but…

          To my newly acquired acquantances in low places, the big stores are symbolic of that which the police protect. The police do NOT protect the people in low places. Instead they harm them more often than not. So, the logical way to people of this mindset is to loot and burn the store which is seen as those whom the police force truly serves. The big stores are the police’s bosses in their eyes because it sure isn’t them who are the bosses of the supposed public servants.

          Convoluted, garbled thinking? To be sure.
          But, from their perspective, it makes a certain sense.

          Just like the guy holding up the sign “this IS political” during the riots in the UK a few years ago.


          • damn skippy. Around here cars are broken into regularly and previously homes were broken into and cars were stolen too. Now, our HOA had to pay the police additional money as if the high taxes were not enough to pay police service. Stopped the home breakins and car theft. But, when a mall opened up then police showed up from all around to ensure the traffic was managed and it went off without a hitch.
            Who do you think the police in Charlotte, NC serve? For damn sure they serve the wealthy. Service to the citizens is secondary at best.

            Imagine if someone organized these mobs? It COULD HAPPEN. FB etc lets them flash mob; but, what if someone with a brain had them do something effective. Reminds me of how stupid the “terrorists” are!

      15. That is just plain anarchy for the sake of anarchy. There is nothing redeeming about this whatsoever.

        Frig them. I’m waiting, watching, and learning. It seems “THEY” are attracted to shiny baubles and trinkets. Well, let “THEM” know this. Where there are shiny baubles and trinkets, there also might be pressure sensitive switches.

        Boom, Boom acka lacka boom.

        • shiny baubles and trinkets indeed. I’ve almost been bowled over in shopping malls because some groidess suddenly saw a shiny thing in a window and quickly turned to starboard to get over their and ook and eek over it.

      16. What’s sad is this. I see both the cops and the rioters as the bad guys.

        You might take issue with me seeing the cops as bad. Well, there are too many police abuses where the bad cop gets a slap on the wrist.

        More cameras everywhere showing more police abuse.

        • in one city
          cops started wearing personal cameras
          complaints about police brutality dropped SUBSTANTIALLY
          when they are being watched
          they themselves are FORCED to obey the law

          in another city
          cops DELIBERATELY vandalized the cameras on their cars
          they got caught
          their punishment?

          you or I damage public property
          and we go to jail

          sad to say
          in many MANY cases
          the cops just aren’t the good guys anymore

          • I keep posting this on several boards….

            If a LEO loses a Civil Rights violation lawsuit. After the victim gets paid off by the taxpayers. The LEO should be docked 10% of thier pay til the taxpayers are paid back. Wherever they work, into thier pension even.

            Let’s see how many want to violate our rights then.

            • 25% and it will still never be repaid.

          • Most are Bullies with badges. Power hungry pukes.

      17. Will see those scenes repeated 1000 times over when the balloon goes up. After the stores are cleaned out they will turn to looting residences and travelers to quench their criminal thirst.

        In an instant, big cities will be a very very bad place to be.

        Luck to you.

      18. I said this before you should all be prepped by now.

      19. And in other News…The President broke 100 for the first time playing golf…..and played the fiddle while Rome burned.

        • A hundred? Sheesh, he’s not even a good golfer….

        • It’s easy to play the fiddle when you struck the match that set Rome alight. Nothing that is happening now is not by design.

          I think one of Obama’s ultimate goals is the destruction of the American middle class brought on by the actions of big business. This would bring about the Marxist concept of “Class Awareness” in which the middle class realizes that it is no different from the Proletariat and thus rises up against the bourgeois oppressors to liberate themselves from slavery. It’s actually a more effective way to do it as in the past it was done by force (see the hyperinflation of the Hungarian Pengo in 1946) by governmental policy. By letting the mega corporations do what they do, they will destroy the middle class and bring about revolt. For a Marxist true believer like Obama, it’s a stroke of genius as it allows him to distance himself from the consequences felt by the average person while simultaneously letting him reap the benefits of the result.

          I am not anti-capitalism. However, I also recognize that neither government nor big business is inherently good. Both seek unlimited power and are only really checked when good people stand up to them. They know this and that is why they own the media and seek to control the public discourse. I am working on a complete set of theories to describe what is going on and what has gone on, but as of yet have not completed it. I also have a difficult time trying to figure out what the optimal mix of things should be. I happen to love the Constitution and the attitudes of the founders, some of which saw the dangers of large multi-nationals (Like the Dutch East India Company and banking interests) and debated placing limitations on them lest they destroy the liberties that had been won at so great a price. However, I think that no one has yet come up with the best balance between the needs of the average person and that of the institutions that make a society work. All I can say is that you need to beware of simple black and white answers that fail to take everything into consideration, such as the two party system.

      20. This is how our civilized society handles crisis. I am so thankful to be out in the sticks. I know who the bad guys are in my neck of the woods. Most important I know who the good guys are.

        • These animals aren’t civilized.

        • Ha. Yeah you think you know who the good people are. That’s why Sinners go to church. Looking to get their parking ticket invalidated and washed away. Many thought the priest was a holy man till news broke he raped 30 children over a half decade. If only half of his victims came foreward to press charges.

          • Priests are not the only ones who rape innocent children…but the church has deep pockets. Many other professionals use their position of trust to get close to vulnerable children. You seem to have a deep resentment for anyone who has faith in God. Rather than seeking to divide us on this forum, perhaps you could offer some good suggestions for those of us who want to learn as much as possible…time is short.

      21. And where do you think they will be going when the stores are empty… they will in groups, LARGE groups start going hose to house, looting and killing. You might be able to fend off the first wave, but how about the second? or third? When will you sleep ? If you are alone , or just a few of you in a home in the city or a suburb, what will you do? How will you defend, and for how long? What if there is NO help coming for days? weeks? or months?

        This is why i talk so much about prepping, organizing and networking. You NEED to have situatonal awareness at all times. Follow the news ( yes some MSM ) but of course alternative news and the networks we have set up.

        When the general population is clueless you will have the edge and at least 24 to 48 hours lead time on them. That is the golden window to get out ( if you are getting out) or to lock down.

        Be safe! Be prepared! Be ever vigilant!

        Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:13
        Between natural disasters , rising fuel prices, food prices, inflation, crime, soon to be food shortages ( due to colder than normal weather , and
        transportation problems ) then the fuel and food riots… time is almost up
        to get even your basic supplies ready and a plan of action. Equally as
        important is finding other like minded people you trust as close as possible
        to you. There is strength and safety in numbers. So check the below links to
        find those close to you and network
        Prepare by making essential preparations for yourself and your family to not just survive, but to thrive, if and when things get very difficult:

        Prepare food, water, clothing (especially for growing children/grandchildren) & shoes, fuel, essential drugs & medicines/vitamins, toiletries, medical supplies, guns, ammunition (when you run out, your guns are useless, and if you don’t have enough, you can’t keep your skills honed, so buy plenty),(gold & silver), and other essentials. If you have the resources, acquire enough for friends, relatives, neighbors, and other peers.

        Get your house in order, if it isn’t already. Prepare temporally and spiritually. Ensure that you will be part of the reason that God will side with us, because we’ve chosen to side with Him!
        For more preparedness info … PLEASE check the sites i help admin… If you have ANY questions at all please ask..

        Osceola County Mercury One .
        Mercury One website.
        Constitutional Militia links
        SECOM on facebook
        We are SECOM
        Main 9-12 Preppers Site
        9-12 prepper on Freedomworks
        The Chruch me and my family attend. Cornerstone Family Church

        All you can to is hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Of course
        putting your trust and faith in God.

        Good people, families , moms, dads, grandparents, normal people, just
        preparing for what we see is coming. We are willing to help others, in our
        communities but we have to work together. Preparing both spiritually and
        phsyically. “Every Race, Every Tribe

        If you havent prepared for yourself and your family yet… do something
        now… time is up!


        support the USA and protect the Constitution! “Every Race, Every Tribe

        • The first wave.. the second wave. Lance, this is why I got out of the cities.

      22. Can’t blame a dog for being a dog just like you can’t blame a spook for being a spook.

      23. Just wait until their food stamps and snap card quit working. It will make this look like a walk in the park.

        • I would also watch out for those with most money in bank and debit cards ect. and no real supplies.The parents that are neighbors will turn from the nicest folks in your neighborhood to blood thirsty murderers to feed their children(some,not all),eh,time for a good news story,back shortly with one!

        • Get Real!!!!! When the Welfare money doesn’t come your savings account won’t be any good either! It’s all just Government credit and computer blips. Printed by the FED. There is no difference; If you don’t figure that out; you are DEAD!

      24. Does anybody have a snorkel on their truck engine so the engine can ford a flood or mudslide? I am interested in how to make the conversion.

      25. Now I hate bootlips but I hate the pork even more. Don’t damage the shops of innocent people beat the fucking pigs if that’s who’s abusing you.

        “Everyone needs to disperse peacefully.”


        • Anybody else notice that Acid/Eisencrusty is obviously more than one person? See time stamps in above two posts….not to mention the split personality….

          • He’s just doing cut-n-paste from the emails that the NSA/FBI send him. He is only a troll, after all.

          • PKLL, either that or he’s playing a game. He’s still a useless troll in my book.

            • Coach and BH….LOL about the cut and paste from NSA. Eisencrusty is beyond annoying…


            • Yup to both of your replies….


      26. Dust off those CB radio’s before we loose touch.

        • And get some sort of shortwave setup too. At the very least you should have a shortwave receiver so that you can hear broadcasts from other countries should the door get shut on domestic broadcasts and the internet. Don’t let them control all of the information you hear.

      27. This is just a *small* sample of what’s to come. It will only get worse before it gets better…if it does at all.

        You can expect flash mobs to in increase in both numbers and violence level. If you are not already armed for bear or T-Rex, you might find yourself wishing you did.

        Fire control is going to be an issue for many neighborhoods. Might want to look into fire brigades with buckets if necessary…the fire department isn’t going to save you or your homes.

        • No bucket brigade is going to put out a gasoline fire. That’s why you cache half your food and gun supplies outside of your home like under a wood pile or the dog house that tips back on hinges. Think people. Get working on it.

          • Dog house on hinges that tilts back. Good idea. Storage shed , chicken coupe etc. Thanks for the great idea. That is what this site is supposed to be about. helping each other prepare .

      28. I have an old Marine buddy who is a cop in Missouri. Would really love to pick his brain about this.

        Will advise if I can reach him for some “boots on the ground” insight.

      29. I am not opposed to looting in SHTF but it’s an extremely risky decision. We prep so we won’t have to leave the house but you can’t think of everything and it’s likely you will eventually need something you don’t have, to be gotten either by stealing, robbing, or trade. Don’t you see that stealing is the safest method of acquiring goods, and trading is the most dangerous?

        Now there is a temptation to go out and stand in the riot “just to see interesting event”. Selco spoke of this in a recent article. He says he missed his chance to bug out before the war because he was mesmerized by seeing historical events happening all around him.

        Not that many people will be looting lumber, solar panels, car batteries, tarps, port a potties and such so these places will be loosely guarded. That is an advantage.

        • I LOVE PINK Panties!!!!!

      30. OK a bit older then story I was looking for but a cool tale(tail?):ht tp:// ,yeh the world can be a ugly place but can also be cool as hell!

      31. One thing about looting and burning down business in their hood is this. They know who has what (defensive arms) and where. They leave their hood and its open season, nobody knows who has what or where, more than likely they would get their A$$ handed to them in a strange hood. Look at the insurance claims here, for the failing business’ that was looted. No act of GOD claim here by insurance companies just pay up and now watch your insurance rates go up. Look no matter what it is, that’s the excuse to pillage everything. They live with their hand out and are given everything; at least they had to do a little work for it (LOL). Race war just over the horizon, one more point to ponder. The police know all too well it’s about to hit the fan, and their trigger fingers are way to itchy. Not all (police), but most have the IQ of the no parking sign and live on the KOOL-AID! Just on the river bank, waiting for one of many hammers to drop on this once great country of ours. Friends if you can pack 24/7!!

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!!

      32. I heard early this morning that there were shots fired at TV and police choppers.
        Did anyone else hear this?

        • Pig,

          You fly a gunship over my head, I’ll sling some fucking lead for you to eat for dinner.

          • Good plan, moron. Shoot at a gunship.

            You’re not very bright, are you?

            Most of you mouthy little keyboard flakes have IQs around 90, that’s how you compensate for being below the normal 110.

            No intelligent person would be a stupid little suck like yourself, they know better.

          • Acid/eisenkreuz, stop calling Sgt. Dale a pig before I do something to you.

            • And exactly WHAT are you going to do to him big talker,Knock him down with your whiskey breath?

        • I did. No mention of damage, but some minor hits.

        • The helicopter gas tanks are in back of the cockpit next to the rotory shaft. In case anybody was wondering. A few well placed tracer rounds will keep curios eyes in the sky away.

          • Tracers work both ways.

      33. Something to look forward to? Listening to the video’s most think it is funny. All the snide remarks and as more do unlawful acts as others watch, the more join in. Many encourage looters with their gang/black hood repertoire slang.
        Consider the ages of booth looters and young onlookers. If a mob was headed down to your home area. Burning and destroying property. Would you give them a warning shot or open fire?
        The reason these types of actions persist is because it is not dealt with properly.

        • I agree, that why we must come together neighborhood by neighborhood.

          It will be all of our responsibility not to act out that way.

          We are all pissed for various REAL reasons, but this is not the way to solve things.

          They want Chaos, do not give it to them.

          Stand firm.

          – And keep prepping!

          • Scout.

            I believe being alone has many positive points. Of course you have to have the firepower and the smarts and the will to use it to its full potential.
            I do not want to worry about another person in the house if I do not have to. So anyone else is an intruder.
            Community defense? Maybe it was a good thirty years ago but most in a firefight today without training together and sharing the same views, would shit or go blind when you needed them.

      34. What’s with the dude brandishing the “red rider” bb gun?

      35. I am not a fan of James OKeefe by a long shot
        but that being said

        this is too damn funny

        ‘The border fence is a joke’: Filmmaker crosses from US to Mexico dressed as Osama bin Laden as Border Patrol says ‘we can’t be everywhere at once’

        that lying sack of Sh_t,Harry Reid
        may want to rethink his lie that “the border is secure”

      36. Where are Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, Jamie Foxx, Barack Obama, The Black Panthers and the rest of the leaders of the black community
        If Obama had a son …… Where’s Trayvon ? Are there ANY members of the Black community willing to provide Leadership or a Good moral heading for the Black community ? Are we all THAT ashamed of the way your fellow man acts ? Animals don’t even act like this for Gods sake ….. Is there anyone in our society that has the balls to take a stand on a national forum and say ” THIS IS WRONG ! ” If this is the level our society has slipped to well maybe it’s time for the second coming !

        • Personofcolor, welcome aboard, and I have to agree.

        • Person of color, obama is on vacation and doesn’t care.

          He didn’t care about the 500 Iraqi women and children that were buried alive last weekend as he laughed, joked and yuked it up and played golf at Martha’s vinyard.

          Obama only cares about his personal interests.

      37. That picture of Tyrese holding a Red Ryder BB-gun is funny.

        When things go bad, and they will, he better find some better looting equipment. Most of us shoot back…and I don’t shoot BB-guns.

        • The BB gun was a better pick than a flat screen TV.
          And he is mobile too.

          There are getting smarter. ;0)

        • I wondered what Rastus was holding….

      38. Ok, where is Jackson, Sharpton and the rest of the race baiters? It’s time the snakes stuck their heads out of their holes. Their day will come.

      39. my hearts go out to the poor blacks who suffer as they do under a oppressive zio-jew regime in zog amerika, angry black community vigilante street justice is a beautiful thing to watch.


        • Jacksofhearts.

          Fine with me with a race war. How about you?

          • i’m already at war with the zog fedgov.

            who are the zog-fbi creators of the race wars.

            the race war is all yours.


            • Everybody is at war with everybody over some stupid shit or another. Maybe the Georgia Guide Stones are right. If we kill off about 6.5 billion assholes we might fine we will need each other to survive, but I find that hard to believe.

        • You’re an idiot.

          Stop drinking your bong water.

      40. I am not going to say anything but here is something that says it all to you blacks out there see if this is you.



        TYPE IN


      41. “The Ferguson riots will more than likely blow over in short order.” Did you really have to say that?

      42. It seems like Blacks think that it’s ok to try to take a cops gun from him (which is what this little darling tried to do)…
        If you chimps think that we don’t se through this hustle, you’re wrong.
        Keep rioting!, we’re getting concealed carry by the second.

      43. Try to imagine these chimpouts on a national scale after an EMP…
        THAT is when the anti-gun lefties will kick themselves hard in their own rear ends.

        • Don’t need an EMP for this stuff to go national, or regional. All it will take is a bit more media-fueled emotion, two or three more gangbangers getting shot by the police (under any circumstances), and some election-year race-baiting demagoguery, and continued August weather.

          All of the above are in play, right now. Could get worse in short order.

        • Tom Haywood’s Self-Kicking Machine near New Bern, NC:

          www (dot) roadsideamerica (dot) com/tip/2705

          My great-great-grandmother is buried just around the corner.

          • There’s one of those in Rockport, WA, at the gas station/store.

            Need to combine them with the old public stocks on the courthouse lawn, should be very usefully repurposed.

      44. Gibs Me Dat!

        You shot my home boy? Well now you OWE me some reparations! I think I’ll start with: beer, shoes, rims.

        That will make things right again.

      45. they could have entered walmart and shot innocent people like crazed white people seem to always do but they didnt.

        • Yes, thank God they’re just looting and burning in large racially-charged mobs, that’s so much better behavior than single Caucasians are prone to.

        • Hi.

          Why is that?

      46. There all black I can’t say no more!

      47. There all black

        • You think the MSM is going to show white people looting? LOL. Ever see a black Friday Best Buy grand opening?

      48. savages plain n simple

      49. If this was just about a cop shooting the boy everybody on this board would be saying hang the cop. Just because the blacks are retaliating, ya’ll are on the cops side. This pig just SHOT a young man, for walking to his grandmothers under curfew unarmed from what I read as one of the first headlines. Should they be burning their town, NO! But this is one Murder thats not gonna get Swept under the rug.

        This boy Graduated high school and was on his way to College , to be a productive citizen. But nooo, pig made dam sure he end that. Dont want anyone off walfare.

        They came after my neighbor and I done nothing, they came after my other neighbor and I done nothing. Well not this time, now this community will have skin in the game and something will be done about this pig. This might be the shot across the Bow for the rest of them..

      50. Note to self: buy more ammo at Walmart this week

      51. Two parts to this problem.

        The cop who shot the young man.
        The people who riot and loot.

        In both cases neither could restrain themselves from doing harm to life and property.

        Which one is more at fault?

        • I would say the difference between the two is Property can be replaced. I just cant understand why it always has to be deadly force with these pigs. Its always like there is no other option. It must be the new training.

          • PA Farmer.

            Could it be the lowering of the qualifications to become a LEO. Lower it to conform to racial quotas and then you get trailer trash whites with an attitude.
            Past riots set precedence to future riots as far as behavior of youth. No parental control. In fact, parents condone juvenile delinquency as a form of paybacks. Enforced and protected by the neighborhood snitch policy.
            All the Affirmative Action , Race Relations classes, Multi Culture events didn’t do squat because it was forced on people. When they don’t get their way, they still play the race card. Even the President uses it.

            • Slingshot
              Thank you. You are DEAD right. 30 years ago you had to be able to run 5 miles,shoot 85% carry,150Lbs on your back, Do 50 push ups, Read and do math.
              today you only have to run 1 mile, shoot 70% carry 75 Lbs. on your back, and do 25 push ups. 1/2 can’t read and 1/2 can’t do the simple math.
              The only difference is now they give you computers.
              For this old fart it is like giving a Cave man an F-16 and telling him to fly it!
              You need cops to set up programs not some 20 year old computer nerd doing it.

              • SGT Dale.

                Trying to be as honest as I can be and put it out there. You know in the future, just being a LEO, you’re going to take a beating even at this site. Not because of your actions but the actions of others in your field.
                You will do just fine. In the end we will not have to explain our positions to anyone, anymore once it starts. All we have to do is execute what we have prepare for.
                And the rest is History.

                • Fist of all going out in public while off duty and still calling yourself SGT. Is a small penis syndrome. Like it somehow is going to give you more credibility. When I was on the fire dept there was one guy who used to sign his personal checks. Lt. Leutenent. Like buying groceries. Like WTF? So if you want to wear your shit 24/7. Prepare to get your ass beaten when off the job. Cause Karma is a bitch. Now Sgt Dale could just call himself Dale. But these assholes that like to call themselves General or Major or asshole better be prepared to rake on anybody that ever screwed them over. Just like these assholes that have a Sarah Palen bumper sticker on their cars just tells me they are wearing a kick me sign. I own my own company but I don’t go around calling myself President. LMFAO!!

                  • WWT
                    I don’t call myself Sgt. Dale I just call myself Dale.
                    My FRIENDS call me Sgt.
                    I used it here to let people know that I’m a cop, and that there are cops out here that are willing to listen to folks to get their side on things, and to try and explain the LEO’s point of view so that we can work together better.
                    By the way were looking in my shower?


      52. Here is another one and again this is from one of your black brothers.

        Go to youtube

        Type in



      53. And one more before I go to work



        In my opinion he has some good points in his videos.

        But you be the judge.

        I am just a guy trying to get through life the best I can.

        Good night America.

      54. Interesting Concept. Hmmmmmmmm.

      55. This is why I believe it is our right to be able to own Ar15s and high capacity magazines, a mob comes to your house and a handgun won’t do it. You use what you must to protect your family, property, and liberty!

        • M-16s, not just AR-15s, as well as any other military weaponry, past or current, that can be used with precision against an exact target, and the ammunition and ordnance to feed these weapons.

      56. Having been through the Newark and Asbury Park riots in the late 60’s, this too will come to an end; without ever solving anything as the rioters and looters are not doing this because of the boys death but because the statement “never let a situation go to waste” again holds true most of them could care less about the boys death they just needed a reason, more like an excuse, now they have it and it is full speed ahead. On our local TV his parents said that their son would not have wanted the riots so why? simply because they can.

        I just talked to a friend up in St. Louis and the police are throwing smoke bombs maybe they should switch to tear gas and see how that goes down. The loss of a child, no matter what color, is a terrible thing a life cannot be replaced the looted goods can be. Hope this all stops very soon before it turns into something that can’t be stopped and martial law becomes the norm.

        • Well at least I will continue to prep. Seeing these videos is the reason we all need to audit our preps and fill in the holes.

      57. I really enjoy coming to this blog and reading the comments because there is a wealth of information among many of you. But the racist comments is just too much for me. Can we have a discussion with all of that?

        Saying that all black people loot and riot is like saying all white people are rednecks.

        Some of the comments are pretty insulting. I know good black people, who work hard, go to church and pay their dues.

        • Well I am a redneck cracker it don’t bother me to be called a redneck. Everyone is a racist to some degree. Ill admit it I don’t want any one of my family taking up with another race.

      58. Thank you Sgt Dale. I have always had respect for you. You are very wise. I wish people would take that into account before judging everyone as the same.

      59. Rules for surviving temporary or sustained anarchy WORL (Without Rule of Law):

        Have a family plan to either shelter in place of leave.

        Either way, have your necessary gear ready for sheltering in place or hitting the road. If you leave, will you get caught in the middle of the melee on the roads??

        Have you taken a tactical shooting or weapons course recently? Ever?? Are you losing your muscle memory and weapons handling skills?

        Got comms? Radios, TV and news info coming to you even if the power goes out?

        DO you have reliable neighbors who can fight? If you do, do you have a plan to support each other?

        Know your enemy for who and what they are (don’t project your values, politics, fears, faith, or sense of justice onto the individuals or mob who may want to harm you)

        Don’t do stupid things at stupid times in stupid places with stupid people…

        Stay home! or at least within the confines of your neighborhood….if only bad guys venture-out during chaos hopefully only bad guys will get shot.

        Shut up while in public (even if you’re armed) Do what you’ve got to do and get back to known territory. Parking lots during riots are no-man’s land.

        Mind your own business. Don’t get involved in anything unless you’re witnessing something so horrible, so wrong, or so unjust that you are compelled to risk your freedom, fortune, family, future or your life to change the outcome.

        Don’t do anything during a time of anarchy that you wouldn’t do during a time of law and order; unless you have no choice….when chaos ebbs the authorities will find people accountable under the law.

        Riots are a good smokescreen for vendettas, acts of personal vengeance, planned robberies, rapes, settling scores etc. (Got any enemies?? I sure as do!) So remember the additional threats out there.

        God doesn’t pick sides in a firefight…avoid contact if at all possible.

        Plan to defend your home and your neighborhood even if your neighbors are sheeple. Why? Because who wants to live in a neighborhood full of burned-out or looted houses even if YOU house is intact? How will that improve your home value?

      60. This is exactly what happens when Obama’s pistol swinging Gestapo get out of hand.

      61. Another chimp-out, Trayvon reloaded, nothing new. And no word on the terrible violence of blacks against whites. Because libtard media wants so.

      62. Where was the outrage when poor baby Antonio Santiago was mercilessly killed by a black thug?

      63. The County where I live has les than .05% lessthan half of one percent of non white residents. that one guy claims to be a cheorkee. Even today a jungle bunny would not last any longer here than my white ass would last on the south side of Gary ind.

      64. This is exactly why when I had my gun business, that I did not sell guns to Blacks……..12% of our population is Black……….however they commit 57% of the violent crime, and murders in America…………

        So I felt that I was doing the general population a service…….and I only sold to those folks that were responsible, and free of any childish thinking………..

        Just my two cents…………..

        • So black people in general are not responsible? What about white people who load up on ammo and walk into a walmart and start shooting people?

          Why are we turning a blind eye to the fact that people of all colors live on welfare, have no morals and commit horrific crimes?

          An unarmed teen was shot down like a dog. What if this had happened to a white teen, in a suburban neighborhood that was predominately white? Would we just say he deserved it? Or do only black kids deserve to be killed?

      65. Looks like world War N has started.

      66. ” took place in a town of 20,000″ is misleading. Ferguson is in metro St. Louis next to the city airport. It is a city situation. It’s just not officially a part of St Louis. Ferguson is a place to bug out from, not to. A real town of 20,000 will be different. Delayed hysteria.

      67. “The St. Louis Tattoo Studio and County Guns businesses share a storefront in a Florissant strip mall less than ten minute drive from the epicenter of last night’s riots in Ferguson.
        Their stores were not looted.”

        Reminds me of the Rodney King riots in L.A. The word on the street was that the violence was being spread by unidentified but organized groups (i.e. government agents). I knew a Black contractor who had two buddies, both grizzled but tough Nam vets, guarding his yard on Central Ave. He knew rioting was an excuse to loot in the hood. I look for Obama and his Bolsheviks to create riots as another step to imposing martial law.

      68. I can understand the protesting for the police killing an unarmed kid but these riots are insane. If blacks are truly pissed at the police then why aren’t the blacks rioting at the police department? Why aren’t blacks attacking cops? It never makes any sense logically because it all comes down to what they can steal during a riot. Such a shameful act by these people.

        • They aren’t rioting at the police station because there is no free stuff to be had there.

          • DOUGHNUTS and COFFEE that’s about it.

      69. Burt that was my thoughts exactly, they make it sound like this is some little rural town near St Louis and they say wait until it comes to a big city. Well this area encompasses hundreds of thousands of people if not a million or more, it reaches all the way from St.Charles to St Louis proper. And if we think this riot was something, just wait until it crosses the Big River to East St.Louis. That would be a good place for all those that think “they” are just like us, to spend a night on the street. Trekker Out.

      70. The word ‘Savages’ comes to mind. This is all about getting for free, what they are too lazy to work for, a government induced habit. Probably most if not all who voted, voted for that clown FraudBama.

        To destroy small business people dreams, because these Savages have no vision of their own is pathetic.

        • Think about why they have no vision. Look at how they are raised. It doesn’t help when our govt encourages cradle to grave welfare dependency. They learn what they are raised with and it becomes generational. With Obamacare, a lifestyle of welfare living has been encouraged for everyone, regardless of skin color.

          Again, not all black people are on welfare. Not all black people are criminals. Many work hard, go to college, and pay their way through life too. They go to church, they have strong faith in God and are good.

      71. They have shut down air space over Ferguson Mo. FAA has imposed a no fly zone. Police are out in tactical gear, and news crews cannot see what is going on.

        I’m not at all defending the looting and rioting that is going on, but it is a police state there in Ferguson and no one says anything about that.

        If this were going on with white people in a predominately white town, then we would be furious and claiming it was a police state and against our rights.

        I have seen white people loot, riot and break the laws. I was on my way home one day when a protest in California broke out and I watched groups of white people busting windows in businesses, taking ball bats to parked cars, spray painting obscenities all over the place but no one says anything about that.

        I’m just pointing out the obvious racism I see taking place. Those people have a RIGHT to be angry over an officer shooting an unarmed black teen. Only in a white supremacy does this continue.

        Wait till it starts happening more and more with white people. It already does. If they don’t shoot your dogs, they shoot down the mentally ill in the middle of the street, elderly or veterans.

        This isn’t just happening to blacks, it’s going to happen to YOU.

        • You must be some kind of stupid. Every time I watch and observe, I have never seen mobs of whites taring down buildings and stealing things. Yes there are some morons that go with the crowd because they think its cool, but the problem I see its like army’s coming out and taking what they think the man has taken from them. Show me a video of what you speak. I don’t believe anything that is said on the internet unless it is backed by some kind of picture or video.

          Educate yourself.

          • I’m NO kind of stupid. YOU must be uninformed. Indeed I have seen white people trashing buildings, cars, and much more at protests out in California. Thanks be to God I’m no longer there.

            Never heard of Black Bloc? White anarchists who enjoy burning up things they hate, and didn’t work for?

            I watched this people from distance one time setting off pipe bombs. They are insane and dangerous. So no sir, it’s not just blacks who riot when they are angry about something.


            ^ and there are plenty more to be seen

        • infected with tons of White-Guilt are ya? Or another Liberal dem monky lover? or simply another female whos main source of reasoning is not logic based but rather emotional feelings based? Would it make you happier if we all added a disclaimer to each posting? How about this as the shtf universal disclaimer we all can use every time we add a reply posting?

          Disclaimer: NO I am NOT saying its “ALL” blacks nor are “ALL” jews part of the major evils prepetrated by that Tribe….There Are always exceptions to most every rule…And it is usually just that 98%+ of negroe apes and tribal talmudic jewery that always makes it look so damn Bad for that remaining, good, 2% of each tribe/group..

          Its the exact Opposite of whites where its that bad 1% white whiggers that makes it look so bad for the remaining Good 99% of white folk usually.

          Does that make your “feelings-emotions” feel a bit better now?

          • Some of you have fallen into the trap of making RACE your focus.

            Oh dear God in heaven. THEY are after ALL of us.

            Don’t you GET IT?

            And you damn right, I’m not going to categorize a bunch of people based on skin color. Forget that. I go to church every Sunday and I don’t have time for this foolishness.

          • Nope, not a dem lover. I’m a conservative God fearing well armed woman who has a good head on her shoulders. I don’t judge everyone based on their skin color.

            It is foolish to be stuck in that mentality, and dangerous.

        • Ma’am….my M1A looter-shooter is 100% color blind…if you aren’t attacking my home, family, property, neighborhood, church or something that I’m being PAID to protect with my rifle….regardless of your color, faith, creed, socioeconomic status, sexual preference, gender or age; you’re not going to get shot by me.

          It’s not so much what you look like as it’s what you decide to do that puts you in the danger zone……however, if you’re black…chances of getting shot, arrested, beaten by the cops etc. go up about 1000%.

      72. Old Guy that is probably why most people in America see conservatives as racist. Your comments are insulting.

      73. Major metropolitan area? Where do you think Ferguson is?

        Right next to the St. Louis airport. The metro area has 3 million people.

      74. Nice try on including a photo from the Hurricane Katrina aftermath (the young man riding a bike carrying a Daisy BB gun).
        Did you think people wouldn’t notice? Were you just trying to increase the hype and fear by including a dark-skinned man with a gun?
        Here’s the uncropped picture, from a 2005 Hurricane Katrina blog:

      75. We had our chance with Ron Paul…twice.
        “Folks” didn’t want freedom and liberty.

        Elections have consequences –along with the monetary policy it appoints.

        Maybe next time. Rand?

      76. Thank you Carrie. We need to keep reports honest. A simple google image search is great for fact checking.

        • Two red thumbs for fact checking? Really? Unbelievable.

      77. Hey, you shot my bro.

        I need a new set of rim and a big screen TV.

      78. I am disgusted by all of the racist comments on this page in response to the article. The article was about how quickly society can fall apart and why people need to be prepared. All of you white folks are talking like uneducated dumb asses who have never met or known any black folks and so, cannot be rational or logical. Just sitting and spewing bigotry and hatred. I read through this and see that it is another example of how things spiral out of control because of hatred and ignorance. You are just another example, and more like the rioters than you want to admit. BTW, I am white.

        • So you in your measly little world.
          Are you trying to prove.
          That your made out of gold,
          And can’t be sold.

          So Ah, Are you Experienced? Ever been Experienced!
          I have.

          Jimi Hendrix.

        • Cynthia, so am I. Some folks have wasted their time making this a racial issue while missing the bigger picture.

          All I can say is WE’RE NEXT.

          When I saw DHS roll into Kalispell MT I KNEW …..

          I don’t have time to worry about the color of someone’s skin or what they will do.

          Take a cold hard look at what we are up against. It’s NOT black people we are up against.

          The powers that be have done a fine and dandy job keeping some people busy with their minds focused on race issues.

          I thought some of these folks were smarter than this. I’m disappointed.

          Oh well, got bigger fish to fry and bigger fish to be concerned about!

      79. Deprive people of decent jobs, housing, food.. look forward to more of the same. globally.

      80. This gives you just a glimpse as to what will happen when the real emergency hits. I say “when” because it’s not an “if”, it’s a “when”. Don’t doubt me.

      81. So ‘Black’/Brown People are also TO BLAME FOR BRINGING EBOLA, TO USA ? YEP, WE CONTROL CDC. IDIOTS! AND I USED TO WONDER WHY, SURVIVALISTS /PREPPERS, APPEAR TO BE RACISTS !!! WOW. I DON’T SEE ANY OF YOU RACISTS, TURNING DOWN OTHERS, WHO ARE DEFENDING YOUR ‘RIGHTS’ TO BE IGNORANT/RACIST, OVERSEAS. THIS IS PITIFUL. STILL ON DIVIDE & CONQUER MINDSET ! IF you are Christian, Jesus (pbbuh) WAS A Black Man/Semitic (As OLD Bible describes him ) , and he SHALL Return as Such. But being Muslim in Islam, we don’t care about his skin, color, but THAT he SHALL Return, as he LEFT, to complete his life cycle.

      82. Sure is fun watching all the humanity just continue to go downhill.

        It’s all a big shit sandwich.

        Ah…Obama’s people.

        Ya know.. I’m getting older and just don’t give a shit about any of this.
        Let them all run wild.
        I enjoy the entertainment value.

        E ba boo.

        Q: What does Barack Obama call illegal aliens? A: Undocumented democrats. Q: Barack Obama is on a sinking ship, who gets saved? A: The Country! Q: What drink do you get with the McObama Happy Meal in Pakistan? A: No drink JUST ICE! Q: What did Osama Bin Laden’s ghost say to Mitt Romney? A: “Don’t be sad, Obama’s foreign policy killed me too” Q: Whats Michelle Obamas favorite vegetable? A: Barackoli Q: What’s the difference between Ross Perot and Barack Obama? A: Ross Perot is crackpot with big ears; Barack Obama is a pothead with big ears. A muslim, a socialist, and a communist walk into a bar. The bartender says hello Mr. President. Q: Why won’t Barack Obama be celebrating his birthday? A: Republicans won’t let Democrats raise taxes on the rich let alone Barack Obama’s age! Q: Why did Obama change his name from Barry to Barack? A: He thought Barry sounded too American. U.S Presidents and Statesmen are on every piece Of U.S. currency. So Will Barack Obama Be Placed On The FoodStamp Card? What kind of doctor do you need to fix Obamacare? A URLologist Q: What do Barack Obama & Tiger Woods have in common? A: They are both trying to screw everybody! Q: What’s the main difference between Romneycare and Obamacare? A: The name. Q: Why did Barack Obama save the auto industry? A: Because his shareholders are the American people! Q: Other than health care what other promises has Barack Obama made to the American People? A: Balancing the budget, reining in the banks and putting a unicorn in every backyard! Q: Why won’t Obama release his real birth certificate? A: He accidently smoked it. Q: How did Barack Obama propose to Michelle Robinson? A: He got down on one knee and said “I don’t wanna be Obama self. Q: How do you know your doctor is not a fan of Obama’s Health Care Plan? A: He/she has remodeled the waiting room with death paneling. Q: Why can’t Obama dance? A: Cause he has two leftist feet. 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Q: Why is it pointless for Barack Obama to hold Senior Citizens Q & A sessions on the internet? A: Because microwave ovens don’t have internet connections! Q: Under Obama’s health care plan can you get coverage for preexisting conditions? A: Certainly, as long as they don’t require any treatment! Q: Why has America gotten past our racist past? A: Because we picked a black man to clean up our mess! Republicans: “Obama would not have won without blacks, Hispanics, gays or Jews.” Democrats: “Or as we like to call them: Americans” Q: How can Barack Obama get the rich to pay their taxes? A: By nominating them to a cabinent post! Q: What did Barack Obama tell Al Qaida after Osama Bin Laden’s death? A: Don’t put your contact info on the Playstation Network! Q: What does Barack Obama think is more dangerous than the Middle East? A: Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a microphone! Q: Why is it surprising that Dick Cheney and Barack Obama are related? A: Because Dick Cheney now has more blacks and gays in his own family than in the entire Republican Party! Q: Why shouldn’t Sarah Palin look into Barack Obama’s campaign contributions after learning “Obama may have received $3.3 million from abroad?” A: It turns out that broad is Oprah Winfrey! Q, Why did Barack Obama cross the road? A. To help the other side! Q, Whats Obama’s new slogan in these tough times? A. Spare Change You Can Believe In! Q: Did you that McDonald’s is offering the Obama Happy Meal? A: Order anything you want. And the guy behind you has to pay for it. Q: What’s the difference between Obama and God? A: God doesn’t think he is Obama Q: What is the difference between Obama and Jesus? A: Jesus can put a cabinet together Q: What is the difference between Obama and Osama? A: Just a little bs Q: How does Obama sleep? A: First he lies on one side, then he lies on the other. Q: Which person did President Obama thank first for helping him win the 2008 election? 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Obama puts Women on the “Supreme Court” Stop judging Tiger Woods, Obama screwed the whole country! 28% of Americans voted for President Obama just because they enjoy watching white people embarrass themselves after he wins. If Obama controlled Halloween, would he take all the candy from the kids trick-or-treated and give it to the kids who didn’t trick-or-treat? If Barack Obama has a mandate to do anything, it’s to raise Mitt Romney’s taxes It’s so cold this winter, Obama is keeping his hands in his own pockets! If you think Allen West won but President Obama didn’t, ask someone to hold your wallet for you. 93% of African Americans voted for Obama. Clearly people aren’t voting for the right reasons. In Colorado, marijuana got more votes than Obama. Did you hear, Tony Romo’s cronic chocking is covered by obama care. I just made Romney noodles Obama self. First President Obama was re-elected, then Alabama loses, this has to the worst week for southern white folks since Gettysburg.


      83. This will be my last post on this thread as I am finished with discussing this particular matter. I have nothing else to say other than, remember, when they are finished with the blacks, you will be next.

        I’m going to take it one step further and say, this whole thing was perpetrated in order to pull attn away from illegal immigration and the horrors of what is taking place over in the middle east right now.

        I will keep my focus on prepping, my family, and my Lord Jesus Christ, my savior.

        It’s better to look at the bigger picture, than get lost in the mire.

      84. Lived all over the world even Africa I do not hate backs, but when I attended an American high school I learned to fear them. Growing up color blind my whole life only when I used a rest room un known to me that was the black girls territory did I find my self beaten up an thrown out the door. I have met many amazing black people who served in the military and other walks of life.
        But in the US fearfully I am very careful around blacks.
        The riots are a result of blacks being used by government programs that fail.
        I also see white people like sheep who live at Walmart eating trash and buying the trash clothing we are all being sold via government contracts with China to sell us trash.
        The people who eat the junk food in America then get so obese they have to drive these Walmart carts around with there fat hanging down. The government is using us all I think blacks and whites need to read some history books, and old testament books along with nutritional books…
        It’s a very sick country and the Feds know what they are doing to us all.
        The riots are not right it’s wrong to go after other peoples company’s or people be uas of there skin color..if the creator has given you your color who are you to argue with Him?

      85. this article proves how fast a large mob can overrun the police.

        and i notice that whenever you mention the fact the majority of rioters are urban blacks the liberals start screaming racist from the rooftops.

        i prep, as best i can within a budget, so i recommend the following inexpensive ways to stockpile food.
        Rice it goes with anything to stretch a meal
        pasta, also the same
        ramen noodles did you know it only costs like 2.45 for a pack of 12 thats a lot of food cheap
        of course you need vitamins and veggies, but for limited funds you need to stock up on the cheapest first,
        then there are dry soup mix, for like 3 bucks you get a gallong of soup and for another 88 cents you can put in a pound of rice and make it a thicker more filling of a meal.
        put your money into dry foods and store brands for other stuff, and dont forget vitamins and medical supplies
        and of course lots of ammo.

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