Total Backfire: Watch As Stephen Colbert Alerts Audience To Comey Firing and Gets The Exact OPPOSITE Reaction He Was Looking For

by | May 10, 2017 | Headline News | 33 comments


If the last 24 hours have proved anything about the Democratic Party and its constituents, it’s that they have no idea what media narrative they are supposed to be following.

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey following numerous scandals. Comey has been blamed by both voters and former Presidential front runner Hillary Clinton for her failed election bid. As the election played out and Comey released information about the Clinton email investigation to the public, thousands had called for his termination, including many prominent Democrats.

But now that Trump has actually terminated America’s top cop, liberals the country over are totally losing their minds.

It’s quite a confusing situation if you are a Democrat. Are you supposed to support the firing of the man who has been blamed for single handily tanking Clinton’s campaign? Or are you supposed to be outraged that the lead investigator into Trump’s Russian ties has been removed from his position?

The confusion was highlighted by Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Tuesday evening. The comedian explained to the audience that the FBI director had been fired by Trump. Based on his reaction, he must have assumed his comments would be met by boos from the audience, but instead, everyone cheered, much to Colbert’s surprise.

He quickly tried to back-peddle and explain to the audience why it was actually a bad thing, but it was too late, because the moment, and his attempt to rewrite the mainstream narrative has been exposed:


As succinctly note by

Dems have gone back and forth on Comey so much even Colbert’s fans are unsure how they’re supposed to react on any given day.

Observant Americans realized almost immediately what had happened:

It’s a difficult time for the socialist, er, Democratic Party in America right now.

They’re not sure quite what to think or do and are awaiting further instructions about whether to cheer, protest, riot, or fashion some new hats to wear in outrage.

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    1. Anonymous

      Everyone complaining about Trump not “draining the swamp” fast enough should be pleased about his firing of Comey.

      But we’ll now see how many of them support him for it and what they decide to complain about next.

      • durangokidd

        This American President has done SOOOOO much in such a short time …. to make America Great Again. Thank God !!! 🙂

    2. Nailbanger

      Heres to all you progressives ????????????????????????????

    3. Jim in Va.

      One puddle down…on to the swamp!

    4. Traitor Hator

      Off subject. Saw video were some guy says WW3 will start on the anniversary of the last sighting at Fatima. May 13 1917. They say that the message in 1917 was for a plague and in 1918 we got the flu from Spain where Fatima is located? We called it the Spanish Flu. It went world wide? Read about the bodies pilling up.

      • grandee

        My grandson told me about that last week. He begged me to let him come for the weekend.

        He knows how prepped we are.

        Of course I said yes. But reminded him date setters are never right. He’s still coming. ?

    5. Jack Crabb

      Democrats and libturds don’t know which media narratives to follow because they have no principles.

      Fuck all the steamy pile of shit politicians.

      • Seen2013

        “Democrats and libturds don’t know which media narratives to follow because they have no principles.”

        They do have principles that’s the issue as the entire premise centers on punishing Sanders’ supporters particularly those who crossed the aisle and voted against Hillary Clinton. For this reason, they’re very unlikely to impeach Trump making him a political martyr; their best bet is to making Trump a 1-term President through making him an abysmal failure to promote ‘the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t’.

        Wouldn’t it be obvious since Obama ordered surgical strikes in Libya under false pretenses rendering the UN Resolution null and void under Responsibility to Protect is a premeditated war-crime in the same manner Trump’s Syrian strike violates the War Powers and Responsibility to Protect to impeach Trump for an action Obama himself conducted? Anyone paying attention would.

        Until Syrian rebels form an alternative established government, it is a violation of RTP to support them financially or militarily including arms supplies, they are required to declare sovereignty and form an Southern/Eastern Syria to be within compliance of RTP in exactly the same manner North and South Korea and Vietnam formed.
        No alternative established government=no support if support is granted it is mandated by RTP to support the established government REGARDLESS of who is at the head of that regime.

        The purpose of RTP is to prevent proxy wars and extending the bloodshed THAT’S why despite not having an alternative established government the Syrian revolution is advertised as a civil war by definition 2 established governments fighting a war between the two sides…

        ‘Do as I say not as I do’/’Rules for thee but not for me’ is their principles.

    6. GrandpaSpeaks

      If there was even one shred of evidence of Russian interference in the election it would be emblazoned in granite by now. Pop, goes the weasel as the Hildebeast grabs for another railing. Meanwhile Obama stuffs his pockets. This movement to make Trump into a lame duck President has to end. September would be a good time. End the graft or start the draft. Time to choose.

    7. Braveheart1776

      Nailbanger, my message to the libturds is GO F#$% YOURSELVES! Stephen Colbert is just another MSM shill. Schumer is just another POS ‘dual citizen’ who can go f#$% himself.

      • Jim in Va.

        Keep it up
        Colbert…’ll put yourself off of TV all by yourself.

        • JustMe

          One can only hope.

        • WhereEaglesDare

          Colbert is a true piece of Crap

    8. Whatever works

      I complained about Trump not firing coming fast enough. But now he has and I’m thrilled . Everybody should be thrilled . Neither side of the aisle liked or trusted him.

      This should have been a win for everybody, but we are so divided as a nation that even when we agree we can’t agree .

      The world is insane.

      Go Trump! You may have been slow to pull the trigger , but thank you for finally pulling it .

      • Whatever works

        Comey Comey

        I hate auto correct. Comey not coming.

      • durangokidd

        POTUS is consolidating his power and the DEMS walked right into his trap. They wanted Comey fired. TRUMP gave them what they asked for, so now they have no basis upon which, to complain.


    9. B from CA

      Colbert is leaning toward Communism whether he realizes it or not, but I think he is a talented comedian. Many comedians and actors of the past and present are or were Communists. McCarthy was a great man. He has been maligned by Communist main stream media and movie industry, which is still to this day, riddled with Communists.

      May 1st is unofficially, but appropriately designated Remembrance Day for the 100 million victims of Communism.


      • B from CA

        100 million victims of Communism in the 20th Century. That is 1million deaths per year for 100 years, although the deaths actually occured in just a few years here and there throughout.


        • JustMe

          You will never see, read, or hear, public broadcast of communist atrocities, especially the real numbers. You can always expect it to be downplayed, and now that California is set to allow communists to serve openly in government, you can expect the propaganda lies to flow.

    10. RICH99

      It’s the ” DEMOCRAT PARTY ” you imbecile not the democratic party

    11. oops

      Colbert is a talent-less moron!

      Johnny Carson and Jay Leno were funny!

    12. Dave S

      Johnny Carson understood political comedy… fairness; both sides felt the sting. He drew 20 million nightly.
      Colbert’s rants against Trump is one-sided. He is drawing less than 3 million nightly.
      He’s getting close to being replaced by ‘What’s New at the Zoo’.

      • Old sarge

        Who would be a great replacement for Comey ?

        • Whatever works

          Maybe one of those conservative judges on Trump’s largest list.

        • A DEPLORABLE

          I would like to put my name in to replace Comey. I have no experience but I could fill the jails with so called protestors, crooked politicans ect – plus deport a lot of drug dealers- gang members and rapist. I would have a great time doing it no pay necessary!

    13. the Lone Ranger

      I encourage EVERYONE to go to Hodges’ site,, and read WHY Comey was fired.

      According to Hodges and his sources, Comey “lied about Huma Abedin’s emails” and “now he is linked to child-sex-trafficking allegations by covering up Abedin’s emails.”

      By the way, NO Russian cast MY vote in this past election. These allegations about the Russians are the biggest bunch of garbage one purpose of which is to DISTRACT attention away from HILLARY’s numerous dealing with the Russians!

      And to the man here a week or so ago who challenged my stating Obama sold SEVEN of OUR islands to the Russians, if you go to Hodges’ site and read his articles this week and last, in one of them he documents EVERYTHING!

      For what it is worth, I think you are a government shrill paid to confuse and destroy people’s integrity here. I’ve got a keen sense of smell. Nice try, bud.

      But whether I’m right or wrong about that doesn’t matter because the TRUTH, my friend, IS THE TRUTH!

      – the LONE RANGER

      “Truth needs to be REPEATED as long as there are men who DISBELIEVE it.” – Gandhi

      • James

        You do know dave hodges is a sensationalist. He has had stories from so called sources that have chineses invading from the sorth while the russians are invading from the north through alaska. After that didnt work he tried the whole ms-13 thing and now that is falling apart. He is ok at reporting the news but his fabrications are wildly wrong. Go back and do your homework.

        • the Lone Ranger

          No, Hodges has backed and documented what he writes about, but you cannot, why is that, James?

          Fact: Sightings of foreign soldiers on U.S. soil have been numerous and documented by various people during Obama’s tenure.

          Fact: Obama gave 7 American Islands to Russia so explain to me how Russia would not or could not invade from those vantage points.

          You can’t disprove that which IS true, James– you are a misdirector, a disinformation specialist, and THAT is why you can NOT back your comments which are as clear as mud.

          – the Lone Ranger

          “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

    14. Drew

      Colbert just isn’t funny, and he’s a hack. His writers having been briefed by the floundering Global left fail nightly to produce propaganda that is even slightly funny..
      I thank God I only ever even run across his common stupidity on occasions such as this article. I’ve never watched his show and never shall.

    15. Erste While

      And thus spake “shite-4-brains” Stephen Colbert…..

    16. Whatever works

      Time for a conservative comedy show. My suggestions for skits:

      1. Clips of famous dems voting for and supporting something and then doing the opposite or slamming the republicans for passing it.

      2. Clips of incredibly stupid things democrats say on a regular basis like, “We can’t read it until we pass it”. Or how about, “We shouldn’t put a military base on that island because it may flip over.”


      FAKE NEWS RUMORS–Comey just hired by the Clinton Foundation to empty the garbage but it will take a couple of months of training! On a bright note Comey is splitting up from his wife and marrying George Sorros. Have a laugh and be sure to wait for the wedding invite!

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