Top U.S. Secret Service Agent Rages: “I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump”

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Headline News | 143 comments

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    secretservice-ogrady1(Pictured: Secret Service Denver District Chief Kerry O’Grady)

    As the last line of defense for the leader of the world, America’s Secret Service agents are tasked with risking their lives and even standing in the way of a bullet should it be headed towards the President.

    But after a tumultuous election year some in the agency are not prepared to do their sworn duty.

    In a series of recent Facebook posts Kerry O’Grady, reportedly one of the nation’s top Secret Service agents, said she would not be willing to take a bullet for the President.

    Kerry O’Grady, the special agent in charge of the Secret Service’s Denver district, oversees coordination with Washington-based advance teams for all presidential candidate and presidential trips to the area, including all upcoming or future trips by the president, vice president or Trump administration officials.

    Despite her senior security role, she has made her disdain for Trump and his incoming administration clear to her Facebook followers, who included current and former Secret Service agents and other people who were employees at the time of the posts.

    Via: The Washington Examiner

    The posts, written during the heat of the campaign in late 2016, show that O’Grady was a Clinton supporter and likely assumed Hillary would be elected to the Presidency. Such a move may have done wonders for her career had Clinton become her boss.

    In her initial post O’Grady raged about how she is “horrified and dismayed” by Trump and his supporters moving “our civil rights into a period of bigotry, misogyny and racism that this country has not tolerated for decades.”

    She quickly followed up with another post, in which she claimed she’d rather go to jail than to take a bullet for President Trump:

    …this world has changed and I have changed. And I would take jail time over a bullet or an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here.

    The full Facebook post was captured by The Washington Examiner and was subsequently deleted when the news organization reported it this Tuesday:


    While her actions are certainly being applauded, albeit behind closed doors, by mainstream media pundits who have previously joked about the assassination of President TrumpThe Washington Examiner notes that while America’s First Amendment protects our free speech, Secret Service employees agree to enhanced restrictions when joining the agency, including the following two rules:

    • May not post a comment to a blog or a social media site that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.
    • May not use any email account or social media to distribute, send or forward content that advocates for or against a partisan political party, candidate for partisan political office, or partisan political group.

    Though O’Grady now claims that she would uphold her duty and protect the President, the cat is out of the bag and it is clear that neither the President or his family would be safe in her presence.

    The Secret Service said on Tuesday that they are “aware of the postings and the agency is taking quick and appropriate action.”

    We suspect Ms. O’Grady’s career with the Secret Service will be coming to an end in short order:


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      1. Fire this trash

        • Yup. EXACTLY. Picture anyone else announcing to their employer they were refusing to perform the essential job functions and watch how fast they get shown the door.
          Sign up to do the job and collect the pay, show up and do the job. Oh and stfu about your political beliefs, no one cares. You were hired to do a job.

          • The fact is that the Secret Service is under Homeland Security. With that in mind this woman posted this on Facebook back in October and is still on the job. This is a huge security breech that for whatever reason (we can only speculate) was’t followed up.

            • EXACTLY! She is a HUGE security risk!!!

            • It is far worse than that and simpler ! She took an oath and signed documents that she could not and would not make such comments publicly. She should be fired ASAP and point out why, so the rules are intact going forward. She should also have her pay rescinded retroactively back to any such comments or actions that were in violation of her contract and oath she willingly signed and swore to. Very simple solution and quite legal.

              All of our agencies need a house cleaning to be sure and some of it is already in motion at State and others. She will get hers I am quite sure for her own acts by her own hand and idiocy. But watch her squeal like a stuck pig ? There is no way she can win legally, now that we have a crew that will actually enforce our laws. This is what BHO left these idiots, a false sense of security for their own bad acts and now they must pay the piper, phck em ! Get on with it ASAP.



            THUMBS DOWN TO HER!!!

          • I wonder if she would be willing to take a bullet for Killary the Psychopath? Or to protect dykes screaming in favour of abortion clinics?

          • Fire this agent. Fire her Yesterday.
            She is Unfit for duty.

            She is in wrong line of work.

            • way worse than that simple thought. see my comment above for clarity

        • BUH-BYEEEE!

          • Kerry O’Grady needs to be thrown out of the Secret Service and preferably stripped of pension and benefits. She is a perfect example of the kind of people the Clinton’s and Obama’s promoted in government – politicized, globalist. treasonous scum.

            • Decadence and complacency definitions should have O’Grady’s (Of Grady) picture on it.

            • BIG YUP!!
              she needs to be made into a example of what NOT to be!!

              • But she would have for HRC? Wow, is this Bitch messed up!

                • She would insise she would, but in an attempted assassination, she couldn’t hide fast enough. Perfect example of why public employee unions should’nt exist. She knew when she said it that her pension is safe in anything short of a total collapse. Another affirmative action hire. Women are unsuitable for ANY job that may require combat, no matter how much we want to delude ourselves they are.

                  Women (in jobs such as this), blacks, muslims spics. If they’re so wonderful, why do their cheerleaders have to constantly make excuses for them?

                  Don’t get me wrong. The ONLY part of that group that’s good for anything is women. Some functions in human civilization are ideally suited to women, and men make a poor substitute. Its almost as if our knuckle-dragging ancestors got it right. Our present society may be technoligically advanced, but in many ways has its head up its ass.

                  • looks to me like YOU clearly have your eye on the ball here sir.

                  • Agree completely on the unions. They are now simply legal parasites wasting your tax dollars in a myriad of ways at every level and event.

                    They have simply become more illusions created to fool you and control your tax dollars to be used against you 24/7/365 !

              • DOUBLE – – BIG YUP !!!!

              • This woman has openly violated her oath just as did Hillary Clinton. She is now an ever present danger to the current US President. Remove her from Secret Service duty and from US Government employment if possible. She is partisan. Had an agent said the same thing about and while Barack Obama was in the position the agent would have been quickly dismissed. Hillary should have been dismissed for violating her oath.

            • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • If she isn’t willing to do her job, she needs to get the f–k out.

          But she’d have to be an honorable person to do that. So I’m sure she’ll hang on to her position at all costs.

          Hope she meets a bad end.

          • BUT BY NOW….she shouldn’t be allowed to remain as protector of President Trump because she’s a traitor!

        • Lesbo Dike Bitch. I’m sure her coworkers are applauding her demise.

          • That’s right…she is a Lesbo. just like Hillary.

        • Yep, fire that bitch. Fire her supervisor, too.

        • She is the result of decades of brainwashing against heterosexual, white, Christian men by hollywood via movies / tv.

          If you, at this stage of the game, still have TV and watch the latest movies you are a fool of the highest order.

          • I’m so glad to hear you say that about the contemporary movies which are pure trash – violence, porno and whathaveyou else! I watch only those old movies filled with interesting substance, sometimes drama sometimes comedy, but always of highest quality.

            And now that I know their traitor political position I even hate the actors, producers, etc. their whole bunch!

        • I’d like to fire at some of these cowards. Come and get me ass-clowns!

        • I totally agree.! Lets keep track of this and see if the government does what it should and fire this wackoo.

        • Agreed, fire the souless !!!!!

        • I agree, she should be fired. In retrospect, based on my years on this old rock, third one out from the sun, our “kids” have little clue as to what they are saying, or believe. The “kids” think that the world owes them a living, and it does not. A similar theme rolled through the country back in the 60’s. This agent is a product of the schools that have taught her the trash that they have, and have been suggesting that they are owed a living, and a nirvana existence where everything is good. The government will do this for you. It is trash, it always will be trash. Someone has to pick up the tab, and all to often, those who go along with what sounds good are the ones hurt the most, when everything falls apart. This agent and others like her need to be taught what is real, and what their favorite ideas and politicians would actually do to her nirvana. In my opinion, she is little more than a child, being swayed to believe what she does by those who seek to control everything. Maybe a good dose of the life of those in the show “Naked and Afraid”, in that kind of setting might bring her to a better point of view. Sorry kiddos, there is no free lunch. It may last for awhile, but then it goes away, and you suffer, very badly, due to no life skills to provide for yourself.

      2. I will gladly take her job,,,,

      3. Ill even bring my own hardware

        • Damn straight nailbanger. I’m with you. I have the lingering “fragrance on Hoppe’s No. 9 on my fingers as I type. Cleaned, loaded, and locked, ready to go!!!!!

      4. She needs to find other employment.

        • she needs to be in the, psycho ward as a patient!!

        • She’s not the only one who needs to get out. It is the CIA and other intel agencies that tried to smear Trump to keep him from being elected, and are still trying to discredit him to get him impeached.

          The shake up of the deep state NWO globalists will continue. Their true masters are going to be exposed, and we will find out who the traitors are. It’s not over.

          • Sarge,
            i believe you are correct, i think there are still many BAD things to happen before anything can or will get better. we are so far down the rabbit hole, that at this point it is to hard to say which way it is going to go!!all any of us can do is stay on high alert and keep prepped!!

      5. She was a dumb one, what other insider threats did Obama leave behind.

        • Blackjack, the only way she made it through the ranks at SS was affirmative action. The majority of fed LE has the same mentality as she does. I wouldn’t take a bullet to save HER or any other fed POS.

          • She probably slept her way up the ladder.

            • If she tried THAT, she’d be homeless! Look at her photo. Not as nasty as hellery or janet rhino, but I certianly wouldn’t PAY to bang her! I’m not sure I could drink enough for her to be hott! Her nasty personaliity is obvious. I’d end up giving her the same treatment the chick in Porky’s got (you know, “Lassie”).

          • haven’t seen a picture of her yet but I might take a vigraaaaa for her!

            • Are we sure it’s not a man that’s confused and dressed as a woman?

      6. At there is a petition page. On this page are several stupid left-wing petition items. However, there are a few petitions as of this morning that are quite interesting.
        One is to issue a warrant for Soros. Another is to investigate/prosecute Hillary for fleecing the U.S.. And the third is for arresting Madonna for; well, we all know.
        It is of note that the lefts have way more signatures! I read and signed the three mentioned above.
        The site is in English only and several improvements have been made.

        • “It is of note that the lefts have way more signatures”
          That’s because the rest of us understand a petition is an impotent cry of frustration, not an effective (or legally binding) force for change.

          • It’s because the rest of us are working.

          • Marcus, how many of those signatures are ‘dead people’?

      7. Kerry O’Grady: any relation to John Kerry? Whose real name is COHEN.

        With such strong feelings, perhaps she would be more comfortable as a talking head on some TV entertainment news show.

        I don’t believe any person intelligent enough to be in that position would be that careless. What’s the real story? Probably they just want dummies like me to tell them what I really think.


        • Kerry O’Grady, probably previously known as Kenny O’Grady before he changed his name and transformed into a “woman”. Just a guess though, but that photo does not show a feminine face.

          • Any woman who loves Hillary that much is likely to be a donut bouncer.

        • Maybe she could be “reassigned” to a job less hazardous. Something where she’d be issued a vacuum cleaner and an iron and ironing board for the performance of her duties.

          • Send her to guard hellery. I hear EVERYBODY hates it, and considers it punishment.

      8. Trash indeed. I think it would be an honor to protect the president. He needs to hear the words “Your Fired”!

      9. Trump should offer a buyout to those unwilling to do their job. Nice way to get rid of a threat to the presidency. What happened to the stories that was reported what the Clinton’s did to their security people. Down right nasty.

        Now how bad is the TRUST ISSUE damaged?

        • “Trump should offer a buyout to those unwilling to do their job.”


          If I refused to do any part of my job … I would at least expect some sort of disciplinary action or be terminated on the spot.

          That is the real world – offering a “buyout” because some douche or douchette refuses to do their job is simply not going to happen – as is – most of these Federal positions in our country are not needed, and need to be dismantled.

          Reduce Federal spending – eliminate useless federal positions in Government – at least it would be a start in the right direction.

          • FTW, go further and eliminate federal law enforcement altogether. It’s not even provided for in the Constitution. Same goes for all regulatory agencies. Only CONGRESS is to make laws. Not regulatory agencies nor courts nor anyone else.

            • FTW, I agree with you for goodness sake. She should be thrown out without severance pay or any other pay, AND….sent straight to jail. I know I already said this earlier, but I feel SO strong about it!!! Imagine saying what she said and expect the President to keep her on her job or even giving her the benefit of a buyout????? NO WAY! And luckily our President is a very intelligent person and I know he’ll never allow her the privilege of staying on the job….AND….getting killed because, she, the traitor, didn’t catch the bullet.

          • FTW

            If you were president and you had five or six of these people protecting you that felt the same way as her but never said a word, would you feel safe?

            This Feminazi is no better than a KGB agent. Provide incentive to LEAVE.

            • Anon –

              If I were in such a position as you described – I would fire all 5 or 6 of those people. Should I send them home packing with some sort of “Termination Benefit Package”?

              Absolutely not!

              • FTW

                Two ways. Either they stay and not take a bullet for the president or. Offer money to get out if they feel that way instead of them being a communist mole. What is a little money to get rid of them.

                I’m talking about the ones who would dodge the bullet, right now because of the election.

                How many more are thinking the same as this communist.
                Maybe let their guard down and “IT” might happen to Trump.

                Fuck It! Lets pick sides and let the nation go at it. I can see this is going to grind on and I hate shit that grinds on and on.

                There is going to be NO HEALING and you all KNOW IT!

                • Anon –

                  I’m trying to understand your point of view of “pay an employee off – to quit / resign”.

                  If a person is unwilling to fulfill their job duties … why pay them to quit? It isn’t even necessary.

                  Whether there is a union contract or not – forget about the useless red-tape and fire the individual for not upholding their job requirement(s).

                  As is … the article is referring to this one particular person, not “what if or how many others” are not willing to do the same. I’m sure there are plenty like her, that will be up to Trump and his members to figure out those kinds of details.

                  Overall – this is an irrelevant and moot point for you, I and others here. Only because, there is nothing any of us can do about such a person that is in this article. It’s an internal problem, and that is where it lays.

                  • I agree. I am spooled up from over eight years of Obama and listening to Hillary and her bullshit. I’m done trying to talk and try to reason with any Democrat.

                    I thought a buyout might be a way to solve the problem. Without violence.

                • Trump should can the whole SS detail. Professions of dedication are meaningless at this point.

            • Anon, I’ll bet the POTUS would feel a lot more comfortable with 5 or 6 VETERANS instead. I’ll trust a vet over any fed LE any day.

            • The only incentive she should be provided is the toe of size 12 boot. And it should be used with enough force to require surgical removal.

        • Anon, I would just kick out the libturd trash without a freakin buyout.

        • Not doing your job gets you demoted or fired, not a buyout.

          • Smokey, google The Hatch Act. It covers what she did.

        • Here is the buy out….you’re fired.

      10. Do they need to take a LIE DETECTOR TEST? Or take another one?

      11. Top U.S. Secret Service Agent Rages: “I Wouldn’t Take A Bullet For Trump”

        Hey … you can’t do that ‘ya stupid B!#&%, that is part of the job requirement.

        Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable directing traffic, checking locked business doors at night or better yet – doing clerical duties back at the station.

        Obviously – you are not fit … to do a Man’s Job!
        Get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich!

      12. First her picture looks like a possible man. Don’t believe any picture, still or moving, presented by any mass media. Most are fake using one face playing multiple roles. Compare facial features one at a time from same angle. Next, by now actually long ago you should have figured out that most everything including the elections are scripted. Trump is an actor as many are in key positions. Along the same line you should have long ago realized that we are inudated with both divide and conquer plus fake fake fake fake fake controlled opposition. Get it? The world stage is pure deception. Only idiots and Disinfo agents buy into a world view as presented by the media including alternative media. Now as to this thread, do you really think that a SS agent protecting a fake president or even a real one would publicly say that shit?!!!!! Even the most blind of you should smell psyop all over that bs story.

        • @ Charles king
          When Madonna said she thought about blowing up the Whitehouse…
          Was that PSYOPS too?

          • Madonna said she “wanted to blow”. That’s all she’s good at anyway.

            • The way whoredonna looks today, she would be wearing a paper bag over her head with a hole cut for her mouth before I allowed her to blow me.

              • Woredonna is not what she used to be … but … that being said … toss the bag aside … I’d rather see her eyes while she is doing the duty!

                • Good point!

                • And mawhoreaa wonders why her son wants to live with his dad.

        • Charles, everything cannot be scripted. It’s too f’ing complicated, too many moving parts. Yes they can nudge it in a certain direction but they cannot control all the individual actions. Hence why they are completely up in arms over Trump. He wasn’t part of their plan…

          • The general theme is scripted along with tons of bs mind fks like this story.

      13. So………..Why is she in this job?

        • Jim, most likely because of affirmative action. Feds are notorious for showing favoritism to women and minority groups.

      14. That butt munch should be fired, or fired at.
        BEOTCH kiss your job GOOD-BY

        If she was working for me her job would be at the South Pole. Or working a McDonalds!!!


        • And getting paid under the table (if ya know what I mean lol).

          • Thought her face looked familiar ツ

            • Hillary, Is that you?

          • Genius, I wouldn’t have anything from that bitch. I might catch something. LOL!

            • Brave –

              My dick … her cheek – without a doubt, I will find some productive use out of her. Then she can go make me a sammich!

              • I don’t think it is a ‘her’. From the photo, she/it/whatever looks more like a tranny.

                • BlackMoe –

                  You could be very much right with your analysis.

                  That being said – I doubt very much the purple headed warrior is going to decipher that one out ツ

              • So you go for those manly gals eh? And this one might even be a man. You sound like you might be a little tutty fruity.

      15. Figures. She’s an affirmative action employee. Took a man’s job.

      16. 23 years of obeying the code, then this. Probably knows something. Took the easy, face-saving way out.

        • She NEVER “obeyed the code”. Just took the money and pretended to be tough. Would have never put her own ass on the line for anybody.

      17. The job description has a list of requirements for getting the job. if it doesn’t say anything about protecting the President’s life by sacrificing your own life(take a bullet), then she can’t be held accountable. If it spells it out clearly, we can fire her. If she does get fired, she can be rehired by the democrats with a good salary. The secret service does a lot of things other than protect the POTUS and VPOTUS. Reassign her to as dead-end position as possible.

        • The SS is responsible for prosecuting counterfiet money. Maybe she can arrest the fed reserve?

        • She is in violation of The Hatch Act of 1939. That is a criminal offense that at a minimum would be grounds for discharge.

          It provides that persons below the policy-making level in the executive branch of the federal government must not only refrain from political practices that would be illegal for any citizen, but must abstain from “any active part” in political campaigns, using this language to specify those who are exempt:[6]

          (i) an employee paid from an appropriation for the Executive Office of the President; or
          (ii) an employee appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, whose position is located within the United States, who determines policies to be pursued by the United States in the nationwide administration of Federal laws.

      18. wonder how many OTHER traitorous sons o biches we got in secret service?

        • BCOD

          You got that right!

      19. She was an Obama puppet.
        President Trump should transfer her to Syria.

      20. Classy Lady.
        Liberals are always classy. Where the rest of us might let morals and rules of civility and public decency stop us from saying what we feel and reacting to what bothers us, liberals, like her, don’t let anything prevent them from expressing their opinions, no matter how poorly-reasoned, inappropriate, or offensive they might be.
        Stay Classy, Kerry!

        And a “Stay Classy!” to that old liberal vulture on that airliner the other day after the inauguration! I hope she enjoyed her chat with the cops after the embarrassment of being ejected from her plane!

      21. What a jerk and a fraud

        FIRE HER.

      22. Hope she enjoys her new job with the task force monitoring the counterfeit $2 bill problem.

      23. Dan Bongin (google his name, or see was a secret service agent protecting Obama, who was, and is, a strong conservative, and ran as a political candidate after leaving recently for conservative ideas. He alway said he would have taken a bullet to protect Obama **as part of his job**. I would have had to do the same, or leave. He left eventually.

        And this, mes amis, is the issued with the corrupt, amoral (notice I didn’t say immoral – that may or may not be the case) left. ***They have NO BASIS on which to determine right or wrong. Thus, everything ends up being only an issue of power, not absolutes of right and wrong.**** You saw this with Alinsky. You see it with this disgusting (IMHO) woman; you saw it with Robespierre. You saw it when Stalin executed his head of the NKVD, Lavretiy Beria, who had fallen out of favour. You saw this when the left MURDERED over 100 million last century. You see it when Lenin’s “useful idiots” wear Che shirts around campus – the same Che who said “I know the campesinos (peasants, common people, equivalent to TODAY’S STUDENTS!) support us now. However, when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.”

        YOU WILL ALWAYS see this kind of behaviour from the left. Always (in the long run). Why? As Dostoyevski said, “If there is no God…. everything is permissible.” (And yes, he did, in fact say that)

        Fire this jerk.

      24. I hear Bill Clinton has requested she be transferred to his de”tail”…

      25. Throw her out of the secret service. Fire her.
        Her big mouth will get her gone.

      26. Tator, if she does anything to Billy or the hildebitch, then I’d look at her in a positive light. In fact, let that be her ‘punishment’. One can always hope…..

      27. She (or it) shouldn’t be allowed to serve another day!!!

      28. The traitorous bitch ought to be fired RFN. To determine who she will take a bullet for and what is best for this country is NOT in her job description. She is also putting at risk her fellow agents as well. By stating “Hatch act be damned. I am with Her”, she admitting to violating the act. And by Her, one can assume she means Hillary. As much as loathed, ok, despised the now ex-president Obama, I would expect that the agents assigned to protect him would take a bullet for him. You don’t have to like it, you just have to do it.

        • What she is doing is being a pussy … nothing about her being a traitor … considering … that is what 90%+ our Government already is … she is just fitting in with most of them.

          Most of the people in Government are just like her …

          “pieces of shit, with flies lingering over them”

          Does anybody really expect anything different?

      29. Looks like it did not take long for a government employee to prove me right on my point that we need an executive order that would require every last federal, state, and municipal civilian government employee to sign a personal oath of loyalty to the President, and that we also need independent enforcers with their own paramilitary units to make sure the job gets done.

        I can guarantee you this much: not only would Kerry O’ Grady have zero issues with signing such an oath to Hillary and Soros, she would make damned sure every man, woman, and child in this country signed the same oath.

      30. Utterly unacceptable either by word or action. Fire her…or him. When i first saw the pic of Chelsea Manning I thought the MSM had posted the wrong pic. Sure enough, Chelsea is a tranny. How many more did Obama put into “service” that have the same attitude as Chelsea and Kerry?

      31. They should also go after everyone she sent notes, e-mails tweets etc: they are all her friends, associates, and like minded traitors!!

      32. That ladies gonna make a great mall cop! Assuming she can find a mall that’s not being closed down after 8 years of Obama!

      33. YOUR FIRED !!!

      34. wtf? she was planning on leaving her job so didn’t care or she is just another dumb bich who talks way too much, what an idiot

      35. Wonder if she knows Trump?

      36. Send her to protect Hillary, and see how she likes to be yelled and cussed at. When she’s experienced that then ask her if she feels like taking a bullet for that screaming witch.

      37. The woman is one of those entitled ones who was promoted just for being a female (probably lesbian)…She couldn’t protect the president even if she wanted to do it. And now, we learn that she is an intolerant hater who hates our system…Get rid of her and all those like her.

      38. Only a dumb ass would post to Fakebook their personal info and political opinions. Why don’t ya give Billy and Hilly a Big like and a lick.

        If you say anything bad about Oboner you will be water boarded in Guantanamo. But its OK to bash Trump on Fakebook.

        That tells you what Fakebook is all about and yeah we all know Zuckerberg is a Rockefeller.

        Hillary and Billy already moved all the money they stole offshore. Why don’t you go with them to Lolita island where you can enjoy some hot pizza partys.Bring Comey and Lynch with you too. Your all the same.

      39. as the Donald would say,what a nasty woman

      40. You’re Fired!

      41. I would bounce her ass out of secret service so fast she would want to be in Australia with the red kangaroos.

      42. Proof that liberals are unable to keep their mouth shut, even when it leads to self-destruction! It’s a mental illness. Truly.

      43. A job has a job description of expected duties, If you don’t agree to perform the duties as written, you get fired, quit, or worse, with your job, go to jail.

      44. Looks like it is time to drain the swamp of the Secret Service

      45. Okay… question is that after her posts expressing her feelings, why hasn’t she QUIT??? A little remorseful, perhaps? Not quite as willing to give up that monthly salary? All those perks? That retirement package? Hmmphh….bet she’s wishing she could have a real big REDO right about now. But, since she isn’t budging, I say fire her ass and make another example of what happens to people who shoot their mouth off when their brain is loaded with blanks….a typical libtard issue these days…..what do you wanna bet some A hole will try to using being a Liberal as a mental health issue so they can get SSI…..Sheeeesh!

      46. Our tax dollars at work. I never had a FaceBook until after I retired from social work. There are some jobs that require one to be anonymous. For safety reasons and for the sake of security…NATIONAL SECURITY in this case! Good grief, fire the woman. Now!

      47. I sure hope she’s fired ….. She took an oath to get this job and it’s clear she can’t do it. I’m sure no where did this oath say say except for when you disagree.

      48. I’m proud to say I filed a formal complaint against this left-wing imposter of a Secret Service agent. And I apparently was one of many. May she lose her job and have difficulty learning to ask, “Would you like fries with your order?”

      49. Notice her assumption: Either she goes to jail, or she does her job. Quitting, on principle, is not an option, because she has no principles, e.g., she does not take her sworn oath seriously.
        If I were Trump, I would fire her in public, on camera, and let the people judge her. You don’t have to like the president to condemn her position.

      50. Mr. President, Fire this bitch.

      51. Mr.President you must fire this female canine.

      52. Hit the road traitor bitch!

      53. She’s FIRED! Now remove all females from the Secret Service! Now what do you have to say about misogyny. Or however the word is spelled!!!!! I DON’T CARE! Keep playing your games. You will lose!!!!!!!!!!!!

      54. Fire her – she is derelect in her job. A threat to national security. Pure and simple. She can land a job pulling security for a pot grow house.

      55. If she had half a brain she would hurry up and quit. It’s the ONLY option for her right now and get out of this thing with half her hide intact. Personally, I NEED to see her publicly embarrassed as she obviously attained her high level position through other means and not devotion to her country. Anyone in such a position who allows stupid politics to run her life has no right to such a position. Liberals cease to amaze me in running the continual double standard of behaviour; mere children, not a decent adult in the bunch.

      56. Fire her now.Traitor,Security risk.She’s not worthy for Trump to wipe his feet on.Deplorable,no place in the secret service.If she said that about Mr. Putin,she’d be missing about now.She makes me sick.

      57. Back in my Blue Suit days, that would have been a violation of AFR 205-14 [protection of the President] and an Article 92 offense under the UCMJ. “You’re FIRED!” would come at the end of hard time in a Correctional Barracks and forfeiture of all pays and allowances. Sayonara, Snowflake.

      58. That’s your job skank. Get over yourself. Maybe you should consider employment in the food service industry!



        § 2381 – Treason
        § 2382 – Misprision of treason
        § 2383 – Rebellion or insurrection
        § 2384 – Seditious conspiracy
        § 2385 – Advocating overthrow of Government
        § 2386 – Registration of certain organizations
        § 2387 – Activities affecting armed forces generally
        § 2388 – Activities affecting armed forces during war
        § 2389 – Recruiting for service against United States
        § 2390 – Enlistment to serve against United States
        § 2391 – Repealed. Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330004(13), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2142]
        You can find more info at Cornell University Law school. Legal Information Institute.

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