Top Strategist: A Shocking Revelation About Gold Mining Companies

by | Jan 12, 2014 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 403 comments

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    Within the first week of 2014 U.K.’s Royal Mint announced they had completely sold out of sovereign gold coins. On the other side of the pond, the U.S. Mint reports that the sale of silver coins hit an all-time high at the end of 2013, proving that demand for physical precious metals has not abated.

    Yet, as investors the world over buy up as much physical gold as they can get their hands on, the companies that produce the gold have seen their stock prices decimated. Whether it’s the work of the shadow banking system or because Wall Street has convinced Main Street to dump their shares, precious metals have seen a significant drop from their historical highs just a couple years ago.

    Top Casey Research strategist Marin Katusa gives us a shocking revelation about just how hard gold mining companies have been hit:

    I have a document [from our leasing agent] that says because of the junior mining shut downs there’s over half a million square feet available in downtown Vancouver for office lease available at a big discount.

    Do you know what it was a year and a half ago? Less than 50,000 square feet.

    In the following interview with Future Money Trends Marin Katusa provides an insightful and in depth discussion on why this is exactly the kind of environment investors look for and how you can position yourself for success, whether you’re preparing for a scenario when precious metals become a bartering mechanism for trade or you want to diversify your retirement portfolio into investments that will survive under stressful financial conditions such as those we saw following the 2008 collapse.

    When you’re in the valley of darkness, the right trade is the lonely trade, it’s not an easy trade to do.

    (Full transcript available at Future Money Trends)

    It seems that the masses have been convinced the recession has ended and good times have returned. They’ve dumped their ownership in gold companies and jumped into broader stock markets full force. Everyone else is doing it, so it must be the right thing to do.

    Whatever steps you’ve taken to insulate yourself against the impending destruction of our currency, national credit worthiness and financial markets, there have probably been times when you’ve felt like a loner.

    But sometimes it’s good to be the loner. This is where the real opportunities are found.

    And right now, as we sit on the cusp of a global economic crisis, it’s those of us in the valley of darkness that are preparing ourselves for a brighter future.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. Wall Street and their lap dog, the Federal Government view gold (which is money) as a threat to the “dollar” (which is legal tender, not money). Maintaining their power depends upon maintaining a scrap of paper worth only the ink and paper itself, as a medium of exchange.
        As long as they HAVE the power, they will use ALL of it to crush gold and gold related instruments.

        • When they say ‘raising the debt ceiling doesn’t raise the debt,’ then I guess they can try and make you believe that ‘supply and demand’ isn’t rue any more either.

          • The debt limit increase is so the Bills that Congress has passed, and the money that Congress has already spent, has to be paid for!

            This is not “New Debt” this is to pay for what is already owed by the United States.

            Sure would be nice if folks would do just a little research before commenting, not everything you hear in the media is true or factual. That is especially true for Foxnews, MSNBC, CBS, PBS, Yahoo, Rush Limbaugh or any of the other croney-phoneys that make up the Talk Radio shows heard around this country. either Local, Regional, or National in scope.

            • What crap. Increasing the debt limit allows more debt to be accumulated. If the debt limit is not raised then the spending would be cut. Assuming that what you say is true; prior Congress’ spending is not in the current National debt as that money has yet to be spent, then the current Congress can pass legislation to prevent that money from being spent and adding to our debt. But instead, the debt limit is continually raised and we keep getting further and further into debt.

              • Christian Man is exactly right.
                “The debt limit is the total amount of money that the United States government is authorized to borrow to meet its existing legal obligations, including Social Security and Medicare benefits, military salaries, interest on the national debt, tax refunds, and other payments. The debt limit does not authorize new spending commitments. It simply allows the government to finance existing legal obligations that Congresses and presidents of both parties have made in the past.”

              • Can’t stop the debt. The “dollar” comes into existence via debt. When debts are paid, or defaulted, those dollars are destroyed. With the economy in a shambles, the is trying to pick up the slack. Look hard at what they do. They are running out of things to spend on. ( not really, just things that don’t get folks to fired up).

                School loans, wars, disability payments, pouring money into big banks, etc. Normally, the population and businesses go into debt. But on the whole, nobody is borrowing, and people are paying down debt if possible. This wreaks havoc on the system. It’s like running up the down escalator. When this thing blows ( and math says it will, soon), it will be the show of shows!

                The best explanation ( in my opinion) is Mike Maloney at

                • Off Topic…

                  Forget the Flu Shot: Hand-washing and Elderberry Extract Are the Best Defenses Against the Deadly Swine Flu Outbreak

                  “Don’t fall for the escalating propaganda that is being propelled by a fear campaign. The flu vaccine is NOT the best way to protect yourself against the H1N1 virus.”

                  The Organic Prepper

                  *Protect yourself. Get some elderberry extract. Sambucol (packaged elderberry extract) can be purchased at many places or online. (even Walmart)

              • Dude, pull your head out of your ass before you suffer further brain damage. New Money borrowed to pay old bills is new debt. Paying old bills with old money you already have is not new debt.

                • Lumpy: If you borrow new money to repay old debts, then you have retired that old debt. Its a never ending process for the FED and Treasury which is why interest rates have be so low for so long.

                  They are replacing old debt at higher rates with new debt at lower rates. Its called: “refinancing”. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “They are replacing old debt at higher rates with new debt at lower rates. Its called: “refinancing”.

                    No… it’s called FRAUD!

                    The Kidd is an Establishment/Big Gov troll!

                  • Yo Mama: What the FED and Treasury are doing with respect to the debt is the same thing as consumers do when they refinance their home. It just takes them longer to do it because the numbers are so high.

                    Same, same. Your ignorance must be bliss. LMAO! 🙂

            • I got mine. Get one. 😉

            • Yeahhh,….uhhhh…..right.

            • Maybe you should call up the FBI and let them know that your government had already spent more than what they’re legally allowed to spend (i.e. the ‘debt limit).

            • You are correct in the fundamentals of your statement, but incorrect in that the laws and funding requirements already passed are sacrosanct. The laws and funding bills can be amended to lower the amount needed. You can change your spending habits and not say.. well I have to spend this money because I want to and did so in the past. That is like a drunk saying that he has to have that drink because he promised himself he would. Time for a diet and change.

            • “””The debt limit increase is so the Bills that Congress has passed, and the money that Congress has already spent, has to be paid for!”””

              No, the debt limit is a fictional fraud against the American people to imply that they “owe” the governments lenders of credit real money.

              It has nothing to do with financing the government and everything to do with defrauding the populace.

            • Chicken or egg? Fact of the matter is that more money is spent than what government has, therefore they need to pay for it with borrowed dollars. Does it matter if the debt magically is realized at the time of passage of the spending bill, or once the debt ceiling is raised in order to allow borrowing to cover the shortfall? Debt is debt. Arguing over silly semantics when the f’ng house is,on fire is kinda self defeating, almost like trying to pull a Jedi mind f@$k on us! This isn’t the debt you are looking for.

        • Check out today’s News on Yahoo. Seems like good ole Missouri Law Makers have plotted a new strategy for defing gun laws. Hope many other States will get on board with this. I no, I no, I’m gonna hear how it don’t matter what the States do. But get over the victim attitude and lets take the offensive when possible. Contact your State Reps. and tell them to join Missouri in this initiative. Trekker Out. Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • CA has a bill to rquire background checks and permits for ammo purchases.

          • What the states do may well decide Americas future…150 years ago we as a nation were at a similar crossroads…twixt the rights of the states and the people VS the federal tyrant…the ones who believed they won that fight wrote the history afterwards and taught that they had subdued the states under federal tyranny…not so…the states created the feds not the other way around…the time that Jefferson Davis spoke of is coming…the cause of liberty and self determination is being reborn…so yes what we do in our states will decide who wins this next round and whether freedom will prevail or another round of tyranny will begin…

            • Hey Reb:
              You are right about what happen 150 years ago. The right of the state and and the people was taken away and the federal buecaracy took over and now you see what has happen. Freedoms are being infringed on every time you turn around. You can’t preach or pray in public with out a permit. If you say or print anything against the government you are a terroist, They dont want you to store food or water. And boy they don’t want you to have AMMO AND GUN’s. If you have that you are being watch, you have to be put on a data base that the government knows that you have bought a firearm. They even know how you call on the phone and know how is on this sight raising cain. Here I am and so do what you want but remember I’m still a free man and I will DIE that way. You can take that any way you want to.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

              • I wonder what all those letters stand for!

        • I say invest in firewood. If they waant what I have they are gonna have to shovel there way here!

        • Gold is not “money”. At least it is not a good money and when it is used to back digital money in the not too distant future, American economic enslavement will be complete.

          Gold is real wealth.

          How many of you have gold, or silver for that matter, that you want to use to pay your taxes, your utilities, or buy that new truck?

          Just what I thought. Gold is not money in America. 🙂

          • D K, this is shocking coming from you. Gold is real money. Silver is money. It is a store of wealth. True, it is not what you use to buy a house or groceries. That is what currency is used for. The first dollars where redeemable for gold, yes? And silver. But no more.

            This economy, and system we exist in now…. We all feel in our gut, something is wrong. Who “saves” dollars in a bank? For the distant future? No, we are forced to the Wall Street casino, to hopefully get a return, that hopefully beats inflation. And the average guy simply gets fleeced. So why play?

            Do commerce and trade with “dollars”. If your lucky enough to have some left to save, use them to ” buy” some real, physical ( not paper) gold or silver, and keep it close. Gold’s not money, ha! It’s the standard.

            • Rick: Shocking! Simply shocking!!! 🙂

              “Money” is fungible and ubiquitous. Gold is not ubiquitous in America. Try using it for everyday commerce if you have any. And if anyone here had any to speak of, they would not use it for money if they could.

              Gold is real wealth and it has been the standard for real wealth for 9,000 years at best count. Money and wealth are two different things. Money is generally acceptable for everyday commerce and is transaction oriented. It is legal tender to accommodate the free flow of goods and services.

              Gold is a commodity that represents real wealth and is globally recognized as a measure of real wealth. Actual gold stopped being money in the USA in the thirties, and silver stopped being money in the USA in the seventies. Try using a pre 1967 Roosevelt Dime for a loaf of bread (or twenty) at Safeway.

              Not gonna happen.

              Be careful what you wish for My Peeps, when precious metals back digital dollars the economic enslavement of Americans will be complete. 🙁

              • It may seem like just semantics DK, but the term you need to use is currency. I don’t want to define your posts, but they make perfect sense if the term ” currency” were used instead of
                ” money”.
                For most folks, it is an insignificant item. For those of us who have decided to try to understand all this at a somewhat deeper level, it is huge.
                Currency is used for day to day trade. Money is a long term store of value. Our currency used to represent real money ( gold and silver coins). The piece of paper could be ” redeemed” for gold and silver( real money). They were gold certificates, silver certificates. Now they are Fed Reserve Notes, pure fiat backed by and officially redeemable in nothing. Oh, excuse please, TheFullFaithandCreditOf the UnitedStates, almost forgot!

                Is this horse dead yet?

                • Rick: Words have meaning, so semantics are VERY important. And this is what the Alt Media Sheeple need to understand who are thumbing me down believing that gold is the panacea to OUR economic ills; because people like Jim Willie and Peter Schiff say it is. They are leading the lemmings over the cliff to enrich themselves.

                  Words are what the PTB are using, one rule, regulation, and executive order at a time to corral and enslave the American people. Currency is a good word, a synonymous word for money, because they are the same thing.

                  Sorry, but money or currency is NOT a long term store of value. To underscore that point, one only need to recognize that the dollar has lost about 98% of its value in the last hundred years under the management of the Gangster Banksters.

                  Schiff is a third generation Gangster Bankster.

                  Gold on the other hand, IS a long term store of value and has retained its purchasing power over that hundred years (and the 9,000 years of recorded history) while thousands of currencies used as money have disappeared. That is why gold is a measure of real wealth. It is also why if any of the people here who had either gold or currency to pay their bills would rather pay in Script and retain the gold.

                  The dollar will also eventually succumb and be revised; most likely as a digital currency backed by precious metals. This event will give the PTB even more CONTROL over US because gold will once again be confiscated and money will be digitized for our “economic safety”. This is the PLAN.

                  The Alt Media Sheeple will embrace their enslavement believing that those who will not work will not have the digital gold money to eat. Not true. they will be eating your gold backed digital money the same as they ate your Script: one EBT/SNAP card at a time.

                  Money or currency is everywhere to facilitate massive, sophisticated commerce. There hasn’t been enough gold mined throughout all of history to act as a ubiquitous, fungible, everyday currency. Gold is NOT available to facilitate commerce on a massive, national scale, unless it is used to back the currency. To be a useful currency, gold must be ubiquitous. It is not.

                  As OUR commercial trading system works under the NWO FREE TRADE (read Managed Trade) SYSTEM, our gold would follow OUR dollars offshore and America would lose what real wealth WE have (if WE have 8,000 tonnes of gold in the vaults).

                  If you and Jim Willie think the Chinese are eating OUR lunch now, wait until gold backs the dollar again under the present FREE TRADE SYSTEM OF MANAGED TRADE when OUR gold follows OUR dollars offshore to benefit the 1% at OUR expense and complete OUR economic enslavement.

                  Engage. 🙂

                  • the durango kidd says”

                    “Gold is not “money.”


                    So says an establishment Federal Reserve apologist.

                    The Durango Krugman Kidd has spoken!

                    “Gold is not “money.”


            • Rick: BTW, the people who have dollars who do not save them in a bank use T-Bills.

              Just saying. 🙂

          • “””Gold is not “money”. “””

            Federal Reserve Notes are NOT money. Gold and silver ARE money, according to the Law of the Land.

            DK is so deep into the fraud that he no longer knows the difference. The fraud has become the only reality he can comprehend, thus his unfailing support for it.

            • GC: You are right. Gold and silver is the lawful money of the land. I agree; Federal Reserve Notes are NOT lawful money. And OUR 1st Amendment right to Free Speech was not intended to be limited or allocated to a specific space outside the public library or the county courthouse either.

              Yet the reality IS, that FRN’s are the DE FACTO money of the land, and I would rather pay the Chinese in paper and keep the Gold. That’s my reality.

              Engage your employees or be enslaved by them another trillion dollars worth of debt every year. 🙂

              • the durango kidd says:

                “Yet the reality IS, that FRN’s are the DE FACTO money of the land…

                And that’s only because a handfull of criminals, using government, have managed to impose their system on the rest of us.

                DK is an establishment stooge.

        • Actually gold is not money. I like gold, but I think it will never be money again. We have entered the digital age. Don’t fight it. Gold is beautiful, durable and sometimes has been a great investment, and has been money occasionally in the past. When my local grocery store accepts gold in exchange for food, then I will absolutely acknowledge it as money. Meanwhile, look closely at the pro-gold person’s arguments (and the anti-gold arguments too) and weigh them carefully. It’s not a bad thing to change your mind.

      2. IMHO, these people are foolish. They think that after a crash there will be a normal society continuing on as if nothing happened.

        There’s a good chance that the governments will step in and take the precious metals “for the good of society.”

        PM’s come after water, food, guns, and ammo.

        Anyone with some common sense knows that MF Global proves that the average Joe will be ripped off,

        • Exactly

          A lot of good any pm would have been securing bottled water in West Virginia…

          It’s amazing how so many believe that they are under the radar of the ptb by stacking pms..this rigged game has been played for thousands of go ahead and keep stacking..

          For us commoners and plebes..we’ll be stacking canned,jarred,bottled,leaded,fmjs, and the rest..

          enjoy the day


          • If you want water just drive up to a fire department and they load up a case or two for you. Thousands and thousands of cases are already here.

            • The price of Gold/Silver will wildly fluctuate.

              The price of ammo will do nothing but go up.

              I’ll bet on the sure thing for my investment.

              • IF you can afford precious metals, then you should consider having them as an excellent secondary back up to TRUE financial security. FIRST and foremost you highest priority should be your immediate needs; food, water, protection, and other necessities. There are situations such as a pandemic in which precious metals will at first be worthless to you. Logic says that you don’t go out and expose yourself trying to trade precious metals for supplies when something more contagious than smallpox and as deadly as ebola or marburg filo viruses are floating around. Your immediate needs are to have enough water to not dehydrate yourself to death, then enough food and self defense and other needs.

                I have known a couple of people that put all stock into precious metals and little into immediate needs. This is crazy because society can totally shutdown within an instance. Yes, the governments can also be in such disarray that no one comes for your supplies. Those that have chosen to put everything into precious metals are sitting in the same perilous dilemma as the non prepper, hungry and maybe thirsty. As many people say; water first, then food, then good protection, then all the rest of the immediate needs, THEN precious metals and other forms of money like cash.

                Those that don’t put stock in immediate needs and/or either puts their total assets into the stock market or even precious metals ONLY, WHEN the SHTF and society implodes those will be better off singing the following song:

                “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”

                All our times have come
                Here but now they’re gone
                Seasons don’t fear the reaper
                Nor do the wind, the sun or the rain… we can be like they are
                Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper
                Baby take my hand… don’t fear the reaper
                We’ll be able to fly… don’t fear the reaper
                Baby I’m your man…

                La la la la la
                La la la la la

                Valentine is done
                Here but now they’re gone
                Romeo and Juliet
                Are together in eternity… Romeo and Juliet
                40, 000 men and women everyday… Like Romeo and Juliet
                40, 000 men and women everyday… Redefine happiness
                Another 40, 000 coming everyday… We can be like they are
                Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper
                Baby take my hand… don’t fear the reaper
                We’ll be able to fly… don’t fear the reaper
                Baby I’m your man…

                La la la la la
                La la la la la

                Love of two is one
                Here but now they’re gone
                Came the last night of sadness
                And it was clear she couldn’t go on
                Then the door was open and the wind appeared
                The candles blew then disappeared
                The curtains flew then he appeared… saying don’t be afraid
                Come on baby… and she had no fear
                And she ran to him… then they started to fly
                They looked backward and said goodbye… she had become like they are
                She had taken his hand… she had become like they are
                Come on baby… don’t fear the reaper

                • When people fully realize what the Federal Reserve along with the US Govt has done to destroy our way of life there’s going to be a revolt in the streets.

                  The US Govt knows this and that’s why they are prepping for the event to unfold. That’s the main purpose of the NSA to figure out who is against them.

                  That’s why NO world reserve currency ever lasts. It’s because even if it’s backed by GOLD you always have politicians who will cheat the SYSTEM.

                  That’s right, China and Russia, i’m looking at you because that’s what you want and why you are buying Gold.

                  I eventually see a Global currency being implemented after the whole system collapses.

                  • Europe demonstrates that a global currency would require a global central bank controlled by One World Government. Not gonna happen anytime soon.

                    Russia, China, Europe, Japan, Brazil, etc, and the USA will not give up their Sovereignty. Not gonna happen until human beings are as rare as a Christian and the King returns for his own.

                    Until then, engage your employees. The rights you save will be your own. 🙂

                • Blue Oyster Cult, Alright!

                  • the only cult worth being in well and the British rock band the cult. Rain by the cult is a hellova song.

                  • Gotta have more cow bell!

                  • Guess what…I’ve got a FEVER…and the only prescription is more COWBELL!

                  • You guys do know what a blue oyster is, don’t you?

                  • @ Eagle Eye. I thought that a blue oyster meant like out of the blue, rare, meaning a valuable pearl inside. I think you are referring to a blue oyster as being a homo or something? I just remember this song and thought it was appropriate to all those that don’t prepare, because they are not going to make. Also because it was the opening song for Stephen King’s movie “The Stand”. I never really gave much thought to what a blue oyster is. Please clarify what blue oyster means so I can be careful before linking any future song lyrics to a situation.

                • BI,
                  I always thought it was “Caesars don’t fear the reaper”, but then I also thought Doug Sahm was singing “Shit a pound of rhubarb!” instead of “She’s about a mover!”.

                  • @ Nimrod Hunter. I thought it was Caesars also, like kings and dictators were immune to the death of the masses. Some of these singers mull words together so badly you are clueless to what they are actually saying. Most of them now have no talent at all and instead use perversion to sell their wares, like miley slutness, and lady gulp gulp. The society has definitely fallen into the chasm, and imagine still only 1% of the people are trying to prepare for what is coming.

                  • 10 bux lady glup glup can play a piano a hellova lot better that you can.

                  • @ .02. A gorilla could play the piano better than me. I am lucky if I can type a comment without fat fingering at least one mistake on the keyboard.

                • Eagle Eye,
                  The way you wrote that made me think it was “sumthin’ nasty”, so I went straight to the Urban Dictionary and looked up “blue oyster”. I thought it was going to be like a “lughee” or an “oyster” (a ballistic phlegm ball), but it was much worse.


                  • @ Nimrod Hunter. That just made my Monday horrible as a looked up where you went to the Urban Dictionary. It does though have a 3rd meaning, marijuana. Call me a greenhorn, but I thought it had to do with a rare species of oysters. Guess I am Urban ignorant nerd.

                • Fitting song lyrics….also the lead-in song to the Stephen King movie, “The Stand”. 😉

                  Those who have all (or most) of their assets in PM’s are those who think they will just run down to the store and ‘wow’ them with their gold bling and trade up for what they need. In their dreams that may happen, but not in reality. They are so used to ‘just-in-time’ delivery that they assume it will keep going even when the world around them isn’t. Delusional thinking, at best!

              • I hope that you aren’t planning to barter your ammo.

                I’m not. Ever.

                All FYI…silver is the MOST unvalued commodity on earth right now. It has always been used to purchase anything of tangible value anywhere on this earth for thousands of years. This is an unarguable fact yet many do.

                Yes, having the other items for survival first is the key. If you have fiat in a 401k, or a Roth, etc. right now and no silver/gold, you had better get your ass moving.

                • After the crash I am with you… No bartering ammo. It may be used to take everything else you have. I will continue to barter for ammo.

                  Silver is great. If no one wants to trade for it you can make high velocity welcome packages or use it to back up your No Trespassing sign.

                  • I will continue to barter for ammo until that time.

                  • I don’t think there is anyway you can defend. You have to come out sometime and any decent hunter can take out an animal @ 350 yards. Unless you can secure 1000 yards in all directions, or you can join a group/community trying to defend a dug in BOL is not happening.

              • Invest in gold. Speculate in silver. Hoard your lead. It was good advice four years ago and it is even better today. 🙂

                • DK,
                  You are correct!!

            • In normal times, yes. Natural disaster??
              Not so much??

              • Oh, shoot..that was to king Krazy..I hate this forum format.

          • That one is still unfolding,,, WV still doesnt have water,,,

            • if you got GOLD…or SILVER, i betcha you can GET water.

            • Surrounding counties and fire trucks??
              But, that’s too complicated for the idiots??:-)

            • Not the whole state. Some western counties. And I wonder how much of this is peeps smelling a payday? What is this chemical? Arsenic laced radioactive PCBs, that move at the speed of light? Just saying .

          • Possee: couldn’t agree more! I’ve been there, done that in 1999 with the y2k scare. After the hype, stuff was sold off by me and others before it tanked (silver mostly.) Food storage co. refused to buy back long term foods that was donated to charity. I buy from grocery stores and store what we eat anyway. PM’s are useless when hurricanes hit and power goes out or there is flooding. Some I know aren’t prep. at all because of the y2k hype and money wasted.

          • when, in the history of man, has a man with GOLD gone THIRSTY(or hungry, for that matter) when there was water to be BOUGHT? REALLY, you think water couldn’t be bought with GOLD? PFFT!

            • Humphrey Bogart. Sierra Madres?

              • a movie?

                • Yes, but a good movie!!

            • titanic?

              • LMAO!!!

              • Precious metals are not designed to eat or drink during a crisis. They are designed to preserve a PORTION of your family wealth through a crisis, to the other side when, and where they will be useful once again; as they have been, throughout all of recorded history.

                Save ten dollar bills in number ten cans and set aside what gold and silver you can afford to bury AFTER you have your preps. You cannot be too rich, to thin, or have too much ammo.

                Stack n pack and keep prepping. 🙂

                • The DK I’m used to .

              • HAD plenty there. getting plenty of water wasn’t a problem. and i doubt if ANYONE needed it.

                • and i will bet my left one, a bouncing check for 50 bucks, and a halo3 x-box game against YOUR 10 bucks…that an ounce of gold would get me on a lifeboat on the titanic……

          • I don’t know… As far as confiscation goes it could likely be local government going door to door in search of food for the people within the district. I’ve been concerned because I’d like to have some backyard chickens, but I’m supposed to get a permit. Not sure if I want the local government knowing I’m a prepper.

            It will also probably be difficult to get good medical care. I think everyone should have prescious metals on hand in case one of your kids breaks a leg, suffers from a gun/knife wound, etc. There might be lots of under the table type payments to be made, including bribes that help get people out of Dodge.

            • Location, Location, Location. If you need a permit, then your in the wrong location.

              • I know. The towns on either side of me don’t require permits, but the house prices go up by about 30% there. When we bought I wasn’t thinking about chickens. But I am now!

                • Get the permit and get the chicken(s). No one in City Hall is going to be reviewing chicken permits after the SHTF. Give it a name and call it a pet.

                  As long as you don’t have a rooster no one will know. 🙂

                  • Maybe you’re right. Why would some low level government employee think about permits once his bank account gets wiped out? Thanks.

                  • as long as your rooster cannot stand full hieght on his perch he will not crow, so i am told.

                  • Let him crow. 6 am rolls around it is time to get up.

                • In a Mad Max SHTF Collapse, roosters will pinpoint your location. When he is crowing, he may as well be screaming “Free Eggs!”

                  If you have one, make sure he impregnates your hens quickly, rinse and repeat again and again. Then eliminate him, and develop a new one from the male chicks. I don’t have chickens now, but if I had a rooster I would kill him first thing in a true SHTF Collapse.

                  What do the farmers here suggest? 🙂

                  • this… and fyi the hens make loud noises 2, usually around the time they squeeze one out.

                    chickens are heat bag shtf if u sell eggs, or have neighbors.

                    not to mention they eat a lot during winter, summer is cheaper if free range, but not by much.

                    I suggest no chickens unless your isolated.

          • Possee, in the Appalachian Mtns. of all places, most people were unprepared for any emergency situation. My GA relatives are right there in the southern end of the Appalachians and were raised in the prepper lifestyle. they raise their own kids in the same lifestyle. If you ain’t preppin, you must be a dumbass.

        • I see my stash of precious metals, brass & lead that is, as eminently more suited to an uncertain future than the above illustration. I see a base line ‘currency’ of .22lr ammo due to its widespread utility. (Anyone remember zip guns?) The cases can be pressed into use as jacketing for .223 & 5.56 ammo.

          AND if you happen to have some old corroded leftover stuff, gently pull the bullet and dump the powder aside. Grab a 6mm airsoft pellet and seat it firmly into the shell casing. NOW you have some additional trigger time down in the basement. Use eye protection, set up a ‘bullet’ catch and watch out for ricochets. Recycle the lead and dump the expired powder in the flower bed. Now you know what to do with all that old Remington .22 ammo!

        • Just to clarify. I meant the mines, banks, and the vaults of the trading houses.

          • The only thing I really take from this article is “PANIC! BUY GOLD NOW!”

            • I always delete those emails. The unsolicited ones that say “Hot Tip on a stock that you can’t pass up”.

            • The panic isn’t now, it will occur later. When the panic truly hits, PMs won’t be available much like water in WV. Buy some while you can, unless you don’t need them….

              • Ugly, the article is on buying mining stock.

                Get it now before the price of the stocks go rocket ship.

                The stock has bottomed, buy them now before everyone else realizes the great profits to be had.

                My Nigerian uncle that’s a member of the royal family will send you a check to buy the mining stock for him. Deposit the check and buy the stock and send him back any difference.

                • RickOregon….

                  Go PRE
                  Go Ducks….

                  I love the White City thru Beaver Marsh and Chemult area. That is why family was. Great lumber days of the 60s as a kid….

        • Economically speaking I just don’t get it. If there is a shortage of gold then why has the prices not skyrocketed? If Joe No-one think it is no longer valuable then guys like George Sorros(sp?) and Buffet should be buying like there is no tomorrow. Which in turn should raise the price.


          • You know on further thought why would the ultra rich be buying gold? If you had that much money you could own producing gold mines and have the gold made into your own gold bars. Why would you pay some one else to own gold?

            Whatever the reason I know that I will stick with the essentials like bullets and beans as my primary source of wealth.


            • I am told that today it costs $1000 to mine 1 ounce of gold. The price of gold is about $1200 per ounce. For what it’s worth.

              • And there you go Maudy, a classic example of how the rich get richer. As I understand it from my Edward Jones guy my 401K does not allow me to have gold in my portfolio but I can have gold mining stock. It would appear that this is just another rip off of Joe No-One.


                • BigB

                  Many 401 and IRAs do not let you hold physical metals. Mine didnt either. I moved some of my money to a self- directed IRA through The Entrust Group which allows physical, real estate, notes and other non- traditional holdings in an IRA.

                  Holding some physical gold and silver either in your IRA or in your physical possession is only part of what our preps should be. True food, and protection are important.

                  But we ALL should strive to be well rounded as best we can with our preps. Food,water, ammo for our immediate needs. Gold, silver and maybe some miners stock for longer term wealth protection after you think you have the immediate needs adequately covered.

                  None of us should be “all in” in any one area of prepping….

                  • A off grid 1850 style farm doesnt need much gold and can sell produce/livestock for what they need. You are correct at “well rounded”, but total off grid capabilities must be part of the well rounded preps.

                • BigB,

                  Get your hard earned wealth out of that 401K before someone steals it. That is coming.
                  Take whatever tax hit you must but get it out.

                  If you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it.

                  • and quit making contributions! We are on our way out of all Corp. savings/control instruments. Over the last few years we have been taking out just enough to keep from driving us into a higher tax bracket. We use the money to make long term investments…. Home improvements, self sufficiency tools, and other essentials of life.

                • Big B. It is because they don’t want you to have gold they want you in paper.


                  They can make your paper worthless or worth little overnight. How many time have they done that to people already. The don’t even have to take it, they just devalue it via many different ways…and you have nothing.

                  Metals in your possession are ALWAYS worth something to someone.

                  Don’t let them control your savings brother.

                • If your 401k allows you to buy gold mining stocks, then it should also allow you to buy gold and silver ETFs. SIVR and SGOL are two of the better ones. No, they aren’t a method of acquiring physical gold but they do track the silver and gold prices pretty well. If PMs rise, these will too.

              • Some gold mines in Australia, have suspended operations due to cost. One of my cousins got laid off a while back because the price of gold was higher than the cost of mining it. I heard he didn’t mind though, as he jumped companies, now he mines iron ore and gets paid more for less days on site. I should fly down to Australia and see if he’s got any bug out sites down there.

            • And something interesting is how only the really rich and/or connected can turn paper gold into physical gold.

              Looks to me like TPTB are trying to get a chokehold on precious metals. If anything, this looks like they are gearing up for a global collapse of fiat currencies and a return to a fully-backed monetary system by ensuring they will still be the ones sitting on vast hoards of valuable assets and starve the “common folks” of purchasing power in order to create a world with the elite and the serfs and no independent middle class.

              After all a middle class has means, a secure roof under its head, doesn’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from and has a lot of time to think about how unfair their lot is and what they can do about it. As such, tyrants do not like them at all. Ask the Brits how they liked the colonial American middle class in the 1770’s.

              • Good post. Spot on.

              • Wrongo.

                The Communist Chinese are trying to get a chokehold on gold, because they want to replace our USD as the reserve currency of the world.

                Also at play, but as a secondary reason, is their all-encompassing superstitiousness. Never forget that they are pagans and atheists, and pagans of any stripe do not think like us. To the superstitious, gold is a god and it is valued above all sense of right and wrong.

                Wake up to the very real threat the Communist Chinese pose to our nation, to our way of life, and to our freedom. They are laughing all the way to the bank and they are moving in with their money to buy up our cities and our land and our resources. There will come a time, perhaps in the not-too-distant future, when we, as a nation, will have to draw a line in the sand to prevent them from taking over control of our most critical institutions and resources.

                Ever been around them in society? All but a rare few are in-your-face arrogant, bossy, deceitful, dirty and materialistic to a degree that would make even Hollywood blush. How there got to be so many in this country is unclear, but they are everywhere, even in the smallest of towns, where they smile and act deferential but in reality they could well be, among other things, illegal aliens.

                • Amen to that! The Chinese (and in fact all Asians) have absolutely no concept of Christian ethic. Christianity developed a social contract (ethics) which emphasized cooperation, and that is one of the factors that allowed Europe and America to grow so rich and powerful.

                  Cut-throat societies like China and Islam don’t have that key factor in their makeup.

                  • Every country has some bad eggs. Most Asians in general are respectful and nice to a fault. Buddhism is a wonderful, peaceful religion. It’s the Chinese government that’s evil, same as our leaders.

                  • No, they don’t. Instead, they emphasize obedience.

                • Anonymous,

                  I’m going to make myself very unpopular here but your ignorant hubris needs answering.

                  The Equinoxes are astronomical facts. Seasonal change and the directions are facts that anyone anywhere can independently verify.

                  When you can prove the virgin birth or the resurrection come back here and talk about pagan superstition.

                  I call two billion people fervently believing things none of them can prove superstition.
                  What do you call it?

                  That a billion people believe something does not make it true.

                  The Sun revolves around the Earth. The Pope and all the cardinals say so.

                  Do you get my point yet?

                  If you can’t stand your precious monotheism being questioned don”t malign things you don’t know the first thing about.

                  • Thanks for taking the unpopular stance John_Allen. I am not a pagan myself, but know of the religion. The pagans I know celebrate nature. Don’t know any that worship gold though. The ones I have met live a more christian life than most christians.

                  • John_Allen.

                    The Sun revolving around the earth came from the Greek scientists of that era. Aristotle was one of them. It was Christian scientists that disprove it.

                    Much like today. Global warming bullshit stuff. If you believe then you are in the group and may apply for grants. If not, then out-the-door hypocrite!!!!

                  • John Allen, thank you. As a “pagan” married to a Christian, I salute you for your brave stance. As has been said before, we need to stand together so we don’t fall. I was raised Pagan but have researched many religions and so have a lot of respect for anyone with faith. And you are right, I do not worship gold! I live, love, and prep!!

                  • There are many Chinese (and Asian) Christians. There are many moral Buddhists, Muslims, and Confucians in China and elsewhere in Asia, and around the world.

                    Having communicated with many hundreds of people in Europe, Asia, and South America over the years, I can promise you that there are many millions of good people all over the world who have similar aspirations as our own; and desire nothing more than to live a simple life in love, and beauty, and truth; peace, joy, and happiness.

                    The American Ideal is a great notion for a great nation, but we do not have a monopoly on righteousness. Let US remember that when WE count OUR blessings and give Thanks. 🙂

                  • In the 1600’s Galileo had to face the Inquisition on charges of heresy for believing the earth revolved around the sun. Christian leaders threatened him with torture until he denounced it, after which he was put under house arrest. He remained imprisoned for the rest of his life. It only took the church 400 years to admit they were wrong.

                  • John_Allen,
                    Thank you!!
                    The previous four posts prior to your post, illustrate the real issues facing America today. The lack of critical thinking is a problem that is going to take generations to solve.

                • All, go to Greg Hunters site

                  Greg interviews Dr. Jim Willie and it is available right now for your viewing.

                  Willie claims that the chins will/are bleeding us to death. Take an hour and listen to this.

                  In fact, Hunter’s site has interviews of top economists and others that play the game everyday. check it out.

                  • Don’t blame the Chinese, the idea to transfer the American means of production offshore in exchange for Chinese Capitalism was the brainchild of the New World Order; and the NWO Presidents that oversaw that transfer in exchange for OUR Highest Office.

                    Treason in the Oval Office since 1988. 🙁

                    And NOW Willie is going to complain that the Chinese are beating US at our own game? LMAO! 🙂

                    The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Lock N Load!

                  • dk…agree completely with you…just wanted to get folks to check out the interview and site as it is one of the best on the web and JW provides some dynamite delivery.

                    I’m all in with your SEAL team America and 500 yd. elimination theory.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • I remember a few months back alot posts getting red thumbs for saying to buy preps, tools, fuel production and bullets.

          • The PM market is manipulated by the likes of JP Morgan Chase. They are manipulating the market in effort to get people to sell their PMs off. After people sell their PMs, they will buy it up after low price levels before the price goes up. It is the classic strategy of buying low and selling high while you control the market.

            • @Kfilly,

              Absolutely dead on correct. In addition, they are trying to get every last mom and pop investor to chase yield by going into an extremely over bought stock market which is supported by NOTHING on a fundamental basis. When they figure all the money they can get into the S@P 500 is exhausted, they’ll put the massive short plays into effect and make a killing both ways.

              • “When they figure all the money they can get into the S@P 500 is exhausted, they’ll put the massive short plays into effect and make a killing both ways.”

                As usual. Some people, however, still think that the Great Depression was part of “the business cycle”. It wasn’t. It was one of the great asset grabs of all time. Refer to Thomas Jefferson’s quote on allowing banks to print our money for a more thorough explanation. They have used this process over and over and it always ends in the same way: with them owning more real assets and everyone else owning fewer assets.

                • Indeed 41,we’re just in a current rinse, repeat cycle. It’s a damn shame when you realize how much positive effect a simple free market for everybody would do to energize the economy and the nation as well. If you give a man a fair shot at getting a good return on his investments, he’s likely to take that shot with the understanding there will always be risk involved. But when the opportunities are smothered to death by government and large corporations in tandem, all we have to look forward to is the eventual death of the current system, which will sadly take far too long for a lot of us to benefit from.

          • The rich guys are buying it…they can/will keep the price down because they want to buy it cheap and they want to discourage those who have it to lose faith and sell out. The high profile guys were bitch-slapped down when they piped up the last time and were forced to sell it to send the little guy running. (In their Mind) IMO, they were told to stfu and buy covertly.

            Where things are headed, only pm’s will save your families generational wealth. This will be the last time to buy cheap metals.

          • Paper traded funds, the ETF’s are controlling the physical price. Hence the price manipulation. Used to be that physical controlled the price. Now price can be and is being manipulated to benefit the big banks etc.

          • BigB
            “Economically speaking I just don’t get it.”

            It’s simple, Wall Street is set up for the insiders and is like Las Vegas for the rest of us.

          • BigB. You ask the right questions. From hours and hours of reading and studying, I’ll offer some answers. I stand on the shoulders of others. Fofoa. Mike Maloney. Chris Martenson. GoldenJackass and many others.

            The TRULY rich, can buy and surely are. But at the quantities they require, they pay a huge premium. They can’t barge into the market, and buy,buy ,buy. They’ll start a stampede. They are not that dumb. On the other hand, when the Great switcharoo comes, it is expected gold will be valued at $25000 to $ 55000 an ounce. ( for the limited amount of gold that exists, that is what would be required for all assets to be rede nominated in gold, assuming dollar collapse) the rich are probably paying $5000-$10000 an ounce. They can get what they require at that rate and not spook the market. Before you poo poo that, give it some thought. It’s hard to relate in a paragraph.

            Why has the price not skyrocketed? Well, there is paper gold and physical gold. Most investors who buy/sell gold, never touch physical. There is, estimated, 100 times paper gold to actual physical . And the paper sets the price. And there are occasions, when in one day, a half years production is sold short. And that short selling slams down the price.( flood the market). Huge dollar values are involved. Now, it is very important to understand this next part. Gold does not go up or down in value. Repeat that twenty or fifty times until it sinks in. Gold does not go up or down in value. It is what it is. A store of value. Timeless. Non corroding. Universal.
            The DOLLAR goes up or down in value relative to gold. Which one is the Real Thing? Which one is conjured out of thin air. Which one have you been conditioned, since birth, to believe has value and to relate the value of everything in the world to?
            The best theory is the government, using the biggest banks ( they are partners,eh?) , are doing the slam downs. Gold at $1900 an ounce = shitty $. Silver at $50 an ounce = shitty$. Can’t have that now, can we?

            • @Rick,

              Never thought of it exactly like that. Will do some reading of my own. Thanks


          • 500% in ten years is a sky rocket…. and at the highest point it was like 700%

            from 250 an ounce in 2001 and it hit 1800 in the last few years…

            whens the last time you could invest in something and increase your fiat paper profit by 700%

            still, I wont, and wouldn’t buy it… you cant eat it.

        • If you are not in physical possession of any item, you don’t own it.

          • 02…What fucking moron would red thumb a true statement like that.

            • I have a stalker from the tribe that is trying to make me upset. This is an example of how they operate.

              • No, you’re just an a-hole, that’s why.

                • An a-hole is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever called you, but I’m sure you consider that a compliment….

              • .02,
                I do love your use of the word “Tribe”, it makes me laugh when I see it in print. I wonder how many here understand the term?

                • All you Jew bashers certainly know, right?

                • .02576437899766,
                  jew basher?? Why am I a jew basher, because I don’t believe that America should support Israel financially or militarily, because i don’t believe in the jewish “victim” role, because I don’t believe the jews are the “chosen people,because I do believe the politicians in America should NOT whore themselves out to the jewish lobby and sacrifice the lives of Americans for the sake of Israel. jew basher?? Nah, just not an apologist for the TRIBE!!

                  • Seems like a lot of people here don’t care that Moslems are the much greater threat. Don’t see too many people here mentioning that fact. Why don’t you investigate how many Moslems are in positions of power and influence in our government? Why don’t you check out the Moslem lobbyists trying to direct our foreign policy? Do you have any idea how much money our country gives to Moslem nations? I’m sure you don’t know the answers to any of those questions. It’s just easier to blame the Jews.

                  • @0275,

                    Seeing that you seem to be so well informed, perhaps you would like to share with everyone how much money goes to what Moslem organizations in the US. It would be informative for everybody to know so please, proceed.

          • Agreed. But if it can be taxed, it can’t be owned either. Those who don’t believe this should try not paying the tax sometime and see what happens to that item. GRAB! GONE!

            • 100% correct 41Mag!

        • Doubtful is anyone would be foolish enough to turn their PMs in. Now….federalizing the mining, thats a true possibility. President DAN(Our FFL) will say that the gold being mined belongs to the people.

        • Gold gets you out of a country. Thats where my hedge money goes.

        • Ammo, especially 22, is the most precious commodity I have seen over the last few years. Good thing I’m stacked deep in a diversity of calibers.

          • Speaking of .22 ammo, the stuff is VERY hard to find. 2 years ago, we were awash in the stuff. Big sporting goods stores like Big 5 and Sportsman’s Warehouse would sell a 500 round brick for under $20… no limit. These days? PFFFT! I see a few small boxes of either 50 or 100 rounds about once a month and they limit us to 1 box of 100 or 3 boxes of 50 rounds per person per day. Not having a dozen or so local relatives means that I can’t run them through the store and come up with a decent amount. Some do, though, and then end up selling it at gun shows for 2-3 times their cost. It is hard to believe that .22 ammo is all that rare. It is produced by the billions of rounds per year. There HAS to be a place somewhere that has a s***load of it! Not around here, though. 🙁

      3. When the herd runs one way sometimes it’s best to run the other way. When the FED stops pumping (and it will soon)… the free ride on stocks is over. Stocks are very overpriced. The U.S. has 17 trillion in debt, 150 trillion in unfunded liabilities, and a 1 trillion college loan bubble. China is now the world’s number one trading partner. In 2015 the take over as the world’s number one economy. Two years later (that’s in three years) the U.S. is no longer the reserve currency. We have 92 million people out of work. The true unemployment rate is somewhere in the high 20% range and climbing. We have hundreds of thousands of unemployed well trained vets. GOD, GOLD, GUNS, GROUND, & GRUB… (I know it should be a bumper sticker.) You are now down to about twenty months before things get real interesting. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

        P.S.: Stop all the bickering and start figuring out how we can all help each other.

        • Nope.

          The dollar is the reserve currency for the long foreseeable future. The Chinese Communists can jawbone all they want, but their third world, manipulated, paper supporting hundreds of millions of peasants will never have first world status.

          The countries which are cutting individual trade deals with them, in currency-for-currency swaps without USD involvement, are doing so for short-term gain and only because the dollar has been weak. That weakness is fading and my bet is that those individual trade deals will fade into history.

          The Chinese Communists are screwed, they know it, and they are casting about for any opportunity they can find to keep their economy afloat. Their days are numbered.

          • The Chi nesse are not the ones jaw boning… the IMF is….. Jast sayin…..
            When we hit 20 trillion dollars in debt (2016 at current spending loads)…. 135% of our GNP we will see just how long the dollar holds up…….

          • Right. Because the US is such an economic powerhouse. I got a good laugh from Obama’s press conference the other day when he referred to the ” economic recovery, WHICH IS REAL”. Once you’re reduced to the point of having to qualify your lies as ” being real”, the only ones buying it are of course, the media,and the FSA. Strauss and Howe estimate the end game to begin between 2020 and 2024, but I really doubt the silliness that is the USA will last 10 more years.

            • ”economic recovery, WHICH IS REAL”.

              Yeah, that gave me a bit of a sad smile too. Reminds me of when someone tells a really obvious joke punch-line and then says, “Get it?”. Yes, we get it and we knew it was coming 3 sentences before the “get it?”. :-/

          • Not likely. 🙂

        • Help each other? Create a Freedom Cell where you live. Challenge your local power brokers. Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, demonstrate, and vote for patriots. Support those who ARE working on your behalf in Alt Politics at freedom Watch, Larry Klaymann, Orly Tatatiz and others who are making a difference a difference for you.

          Its an election year. The PTB FEAR elections and the potential to lose their position of power. Let your Barnhardt out! Engage! 🙂

      4. X2 on what you guys said ^^^^, PM come after supplies. When SHTF, you can eat gold, and walking around asking if people will trade supplies (food/water) for gold will get you killed.

      5. A very small percentage of Americans hold pms. Unlike the average joe in China or India who has been stacking from generation to generation.
        I do think part of the reason for supression of pms has been to shut mines down so companies(China) can come in and buy them pennies on the dollar.

        • They’ll have to do battle with the banksters here first. That seems like something they would do and have done before… drive as many people into destitution as possible and then offer them a little survival money for the valuable things that they still have. Back in the 1930s, MANY Americans absolutely despised the banks and those who ran them. Looks as if the banksters are getting nostalgic for “the good old days” and want to bring them back. They really are doing all they can to cause that to happen.

      6. This guy thinks are going to be working the same in 5 years. I don’t see that I see thing being very bad. PMs are good to have but don’t put your eggs in one basket.
        I’m still buy silver but I’m also buying lead, copper, brass, solar power, food, Meds, and water purifcation equipment.

        • If you want to dabble with the the “Miners” a good stock to look at is HL. It is trading just above the year low and pays .33% dividend. I personally own it inside my self directed retirement account as a hedge against dollar collapse.

          We are playing the game just in case we make it to retirement.

          • Same game with us Shootit…just in case we can make it to retirement.

            Any idea at what age that will be?…generally speaking.

            We have decide that we are not going to be able to retire if we continue to let these communist bastards destroy the USA any further.

            We are over 50 and have 2 businesses. We have decided that we can/will work as long as necessary in limited capacity with minimal biz cost.

            I will end simply by saying that we are winning and will beat these mfrs in every way. nomi…molon labe

            • Age of retirement? We moved to the country 15 years ago when I retired and own more than a quarter section of ground on a major river. Retirement is a state of mind more than do I go to work everyday? Yes, I still work everyday, but for the most part it is on my terms. If I decide to play golf I play. My wife teaches and I run our corporations which consist of agriculture, telecommunications, and construction.

              We are slightly over 50 and don’t see SS, 401K’s, IRA, etc. still being viable in 15 years. I put my faith in God to provide for my family and Ruger to put the fear of God in those want to mess with my family.

              In God I Trust

              • Will you adopt me? I’m not much younger than you, but am a hard worker and an expert marksman!!! ha ha!

                • Speaking of adoption… I was adopted. Are you potty trained? Come with papers and retrieve? Hee hee!

                  We are always willing to help a brother in Christ or neighbor in need. Long term I prefer to hook them up with a job.

                  Keep your eye on the ball and you will reach your goal.

        • Good morning, Sarge. My ‘portfolio’ is ‘diversified’ into food, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, extra clothing and such, guns, ammo, etc. My eggs are spread out into numerous different baskets. The ‘dividend’ I receive from my investment is peace of mind knowing I’m not like the 99% of the population who refuse to do anything for themselves. That situation in WV is a prime example. In the APPALACHIAN MTNS. OF ALL PLACES, most people were totally unprepared for what took place. Even in the Appalachians people have been brainwashed into believing that Uncle Sugar will always be there for them. Thank God my relatives who were born and raised in the Appalachians are nothing like that. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

          • Braveheart,

            I live in eastern Kentucky. Just like other places, there are some people that are prepared and some that aren’t. Most of the older people are more prepared – have extra food, water, etc on hand. The older people ‘remember’ difficult times. Gardening and canning food are a way of life.

            I see alot of younger people are not as prepared. Some have been brainwashed. Many younger folks (under 30) have been hit hard with the poor economy and are struggling financially. Obama’s war on coal has closed numerous mines and other businesses in the area. Many are unemployed. For some, their ‘prep’ is to head back to the homestead when the SHTF.

            Water pressure here has been very low the past couple days. We wonder if water is being diverted to critical sites in West Virginia.

            • Ky Mom, all of my relatives in north GA grew up on farms so raising gardens and livestock, canning, etc. are 2nd nature to them. they all learned how to hunt, fish, forage, etc. at the earliest possible age and pass along all of those skills to the next generation. Part of my knowledge in prepping came from them since I was sadly raised in an urban area. I’m taking another load of supplies over there in Feb. I’m not worried about losing my preps. THESE ARE MY FAMILY AND THEY’RE NOT LIKE THE 99% OUT HERE. We’ve always trusted and had good feelings for each other. You mentioned the water pressure in your area is low. I was thinking of Prepared Pastor earlier. he is supposedly somewhere in that part of the state. I just hope he’s OK and comes on here later to give us his take on it.

            • KY Mom… one need not be older to remember hard times and their effects. Remember that lady in NJ who was wandering around on the news bleating that, “NO ONE WILL HELP US!” and “WHERE’S THE GOVERNMENT?” after hurricane Sandy ripped through there? She was a classic example of people who do not prepare for disaster… and that was relatively recently. Now we have a chemical spill in WV that has screwed up the water supply in several counties and most of the people in those counties haven’t got a clue about caring for either themselves or their family. Yep, it’s a genuine forehead smacker, alright. Only instead of lamenting, “I could’ve had a V8”, it’s more like “I could’ve been prepared!”. And SHOULD have been prepared.

          • RB…You have a very valid point friend but Id add that whilst we hear all about how bad it is…we hear little/nothing of those who didn’t bat an eye over it…and there has to be many of them…the presstitutes only report on doom and gloom cause people eat it up…my main point is simple…what is the other hand doing? and whos hand is it…course Im a suspicious untrusting hillbilly who questions everything/one…so things are probably all rainbows and unicorns?…mmmm Naww!

          • RB…You have a very valid point friend but Id add that whilst we hear all about how bad it is…we hear little/nothing of those who didn’t bat an eye over it…and there has to be many of them…the presstitutes only report on doom and gloom cause people eat it up…my main point is simple…what is the other hand doing? and whos hand is it…course Im a suspicious untrusting hillbilly who questions everything/one…so things are probably all rainbows and unicorns?…mmmm Naww!

          • RB…You have a very valid point friend but Id add that whilst we hear all about how bad it is…we hear little/nothing of those who didn’t bat an eye over it…and there has to be many of them…the presstitutes only report on doom and gloom cause people eat it up…my main point is simple…what is the other hand doing? and whos hand is it…course Im a suspicious untrusting hillbilly who questions everything/one…so things are probably all rainbows and unicorns?…mmmm Naww!

            • Sorry about that y’all 🙁

        • SGT.:
          If these guys think the world is on the edge of a collapes, why in the world would you invest in gold? When you can not spend it when an troy once is $1300 WHO is going to be able to make change for it. Thats why silver is the way to go. A troy once is like $20 you can trade that of for 5lb of beans, can goods and rice
          I do not see anything getting any better. Prepair and get ready for a bumpy road ahead in 2014.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

        • I bought BRI a while back. It hasnt done much but Katusa thinks BRI is a 10 bagger. He should know he has the most 10 baggers of anyone.

          The miners have been hammered so they are down right know. But i will be buying more next week. At 50 cents a share if it goes to 5 my 8k turns into to 90k.

          I know some will say that the collapse will happen sooner…well if it does i lost if it doesnt and BRI goes to 5 i win.

          Only risk what you can possibly lose if things go the wrong way.

          • Only thing is, Steve, that some of these mining stock gurus have been saying this for 2-3 years now and all most of these stocks do is get cheaper yet. A year ago, there were gold mining stocks that people were raving about that were selling for $3 a share. Now, some of them are $1 a share, sometimes less. Yes, these stocks will either turn around someday and make their owners a LOT of money OR they will go out of business and be worth nothing. Roll dem bones and get a lucky 7! Or not.

            I invest in stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. I do that because I understand them and can and have made good money in them. But I do not understand gold stocks, so it would be foolish of me to invest in them. If you are swimming with sharks and don’t know what’s for lunch, YOU’RE IT!

            • When it comes to the stock market, I don’t invest more than I can afford to lose.. I have a couple miners, tkrff and brizf which are .38 and .47 pershare and I have 50,000 shares of each.. So it they go up, I win, and if they don’t-not a big deal…Its like the pm’s I buy and stack and don’t look at the cost

            • At 50 cents a share I can risk a couple thousand. You have to look at the management of the miners. The head guy with BRI is known for mine development.

              In my view its worth having a small position in this one.

      7. If you do not like precious metals, then do not buy them.
        Nothing is safe and they will come for your Green Beans.
        Russia India and China are buying gold by the TONS.
        Might be better to have some than none.

        • Greenbeans cooked down in bacon grease until the liquid’s all gone…..when they come to take it they’re in for a helluva fight.

          • You just don’t mess with a man’s green beans when they’re cooked in bacon grease.

            • Amen!!!….good eatin…wanna die?…touch my beans/dinner!…got another hog processed today…what a job…been hanging through that deep freeze we had…still frozen inside…did I mention what a job!?…what an investment though too…good food!…got lard for them green beans?…I do! 🙂

        • Right on SS…simple common sense. They are shifting wealth back to the east. They had the disparity in wealth for years…now it is the US’s turn…what is exploited is always revoked when abused.

          All metals come from the heart of the earth. They are all valuable, all the time.

          History has proven this value for thousands of years.

      8. Showing your true colors again. You are nothing more than a stooge for the previous metal industry using scare tactics to whip up a false demand so the sheeple will stampede themselves to buy more pm’s at inflates prices while you and your overlords laugh all the way to the bank at the gullability of the sheeple.

        • ncjoe, showing your true colors again with your usual trolling? Go f@#$ yourself!

          • LOL! If he could do that, he’d be a movie star! 😉

      9. Time flies by. I buy silver. It’s perfect. Just a few coins will buy the weeks groceries.

        A thought… it’s 2014… you are old! You are sick and your kids have moved away and you rarely hear from them. Death is at your door.

        So you just need enough to be comfortable until Got takes you.

        Imagine a global collapse…were everything is shit.

        With each passing day…the paper balloon will continue to grow and get worse.
        When it pops… you’d better be living deep in the country, have a nice save and then you get to watch it all crap out.

        Good luck.

        ps. If the “herd” goes left…I go right…if they go right… I go left.

        • You shouldn’t be with the herd in the first place.

          • Right on…never run with any herd…but I do keep an eye on what direction theyre going…if for no other reason than to make sure I stay out of their stampede…watching the herd is like watching the sky for changes coming in the weather or watching critters so you can tell the same…kinda a simple inexpensive early warning system that works pretty well… 🙂

          • Highspeedloafer…looks like we offended a few herd members…or their leaders… :)…. may we never be found guilty of them liking us!

      10. I have a good amount of junk silver but I’m not sure it will do us much good for a few months after whatever event comes. People won’t care about PM’s until well after the smoke clears. You have to survive until after that point or the PM’s are worthless. You can’t buy your way out of it.

        • pms help to get a kidnapped loved one back… got it?

      11. If might be a good idea to get a new credit and debit card. Hopefully, the 3 other (known) breached stores will let the public know soon.

        “Target Corp and Neiman Marcus are not the only U.S. retailers whose networks were breached over the holiday shopping season last year…

        Smaller BREACHES AT LEAST THREE OTHER WELL-KNOWN U.S. REATAILERS took place and were conducted using similar techniques as the one on Target…”

        “The sources said that they involved retailers with outlets in malls, but declined to elaborate.”


        • Ky mom: thanks for input. Neiman M a high end store are slacking to the level of Target! What’s a high end store doing skimping on security? Big law suits ahead; we are using cash and prepaid debit cards (Sams, Wal M, AmEx blue bird, etc). I may never use my debit card again, except to pay a power and cable bill. Keep us posted for those who may not read or hear mainline news. This is inexcusable that these stores are failing to secure data (lawsuit cl action: wrongful conduct; failure to, etc)

        • Speaking of malicious hacking … the Mandiant java script ransom attack visited me early Saturday morning.

          They claimed they had copied my files and locked my browser. I could not leave the page as one normally does. But leave I did and first thing I disproved the locked browser claim by browsing several places.

          Apparently it’s been around several months but I hadn’t heard of it.

          Purportedly it is from the FBI, US Cyber Crime Center etc. It alleges violations of US criminal codes … which made me laugh. But serious time felonies each.

          I’m a retired law librarian. It cited US criminal law in bogus citation. If they were the FBI they would know that.

          The kicker is they demanded $300 ransom and they’d forget the whole thing. Why sure … $300 versus 19 years in a Federal pen? No brainer.

          Of course I rushed to comply. Not.

          One of the boards for my brand of computer discussed this hoax thoroughly. Including ways to vanish it. Which I had figured out for myself.

          As much as I disdain the FBI for its increasingly Gestapo timbre two things I’m sure of are if they were investigating me they wouldn’t send a computer popup. They’d send a pair of agents to my door.

          And they cannot be bought off by paying a ransom online. Or the federal pens would be empty.

        • Might be a better idea to just cut them all up.

      12. I think most on this site don’t have the money to buy an ounce of gold a month even when it is as “low” as it is now: about $1230 or so last I checked. But, most of us should be able to afford a few ounces of silver each payday. I try to buy 5 to 10 ounces a month but admittedly haven’t bought any in the past few months. I’ve been building shelving units for our food and other essential preps and stocking them with food, toilet paper, soap, etc. Over the past fifteen years I have managed to acquire a tidy sum of silver and a few ounces of gold but not what I would consider “enough”. Prepping is an all around kind of thing: We try to get as much of the food and water items as we can and then we look for means to protect our investments such as firearms, security systems etc. and then we look towards the future when society is rebuilding itself. The way I look at precious metals is what the German Jews and others escaping the NAZI’s did. Many had quite a stockpile of precious metals including platinum. There are stories of the Jews forming their gold, silver and platinum into ordinary tools and then coating them with grease & dirt and tossing them in a tool box so they could get across the border into a safe country. I read one story where a man made a bumper for his car out of his platinum. These are the families that had wealth after WW2 and were able to get their feet on the ground and survive decently. That is why I try to buy silver so we will have something to kick start our finances with when the government declares all the fiat currency null and void. That is what will eventually happen as it has happened in dozens of countries over the years. A new fiat currency is already printed in the trillions of dollars waiting for when the U.S. government declares the current dollar extinct. It isn’t a very big secret that the government is trying to hide. So all our “dollars” we currently have will be nothing but toilet paper when they collapse the economy. Buy silver…buy gold if you can. But always prep no matter what.

        • Lots of good thoughts in your post, Jack, and I agree with most of them. But… today is WAY different from the WW-II days. I’m not saying we shouldn’t prep or stack. I do both. But as to getting out of the country… probably not gonna happen. The US is about the last refuge for liberty on this planet. If we fall, so will everyone else. The shroud of the Dark Side will fall and there simply won’t be a place to escape to this time. Instead, prep like there is no tomorrow, arm up, and prepare to fight like hell. I hope and pray that it will not come to that but if it does, be as ready as you can be.

        • Satori,
          UT ROW! If this is true we are on the cusp of a pandemic, incubation period is right for New Years holiday travel. If this person was infective and traveled by air this could go south real fast.
          Combined with the mess H1n1 is causing this has the potential to wreck havock.

          this is what the CDC has feared.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Satori, I was up past midnight last night working on some loaves of sourdough (making, not eating) and there was some extensive coverage of pneumonic plague in Madascar on the BBC. It’s the nasty cousin of bubonic plague, and more easily transmissible…as in transmissible on an airplane. I don’t think it’s a serious threat, unless it starts becoming antibiotic resistant, but sheesh, talk about getting medieval…

        • Satori: she was back from a biz trip to China, who knows if people on the plane will come down with it later.

      13. I don’t know if its a good or bad thing for the price of pm’s but they are just starting to get to the minerals in the deep ocean. We are talking one to two miles down. They say that theres enough gold down there for each person on earth to have 9 pounds. If this is the case would it not drive the prices down with such a flood in the market at least at the beginning.

        • newbee, sure it would…unless the cost of retrieval is astronomical. Which it will be.

          Look at fracking…very expensive…in a few years we will find out exactly how expensive.

          BTW…who is “they” that say there is 9 lbs for every person. The same ones that will use our money to get the gold and then lend us fucking paper against it.

          I have seen a lot of shit on the web…nothing about this, got a link?

      14. So does anyone out there have any idea: HOW WILL THIS CRASH PLAY OUT?? Chaos or brotherly love (lol)?? If it is all out war, ie: states against states, how can you prep for that? Love reading all of you, god bless.

      15. did you guy Know that Gold is one of the primary metals in Enhanced Neutron Weaponry?
        The Gold is jacketed around the weapons tritium enhanced primary the heavy neutrons stripped from the gold atoms are what causes the effect of the neutron bomb.

        And what do they use neutron bombs for ?

        killing all biologicals , leaving the infrastructure intact , only certain metals will retain some residual radiation for 72 hours after detonation. These weapons range from light and portable
        ( Artillery delivered) to Strategic ( Megaton Range Parachute delivered / drone delivered?)
        We worry more about MRAPS , DHS , and their .GOV goon squads , Enhanced Radiation Weaponry is probably the way they will meet their agenda 21 progrom , another reason to AVOID all densely populated areas .
        The survivors will be dragging the dead to funeral pyres under the regimes enforcement arm.
        This may be why certain world governments are bying large amounts of gold , not for wealth but for war. Notice they are all nuclear armed powers.

        Keep your friends close , invest in the real wealth of bullets , beans And bandaides.





        Semper Fi 8541

      16. I’d stay away from any stocks. Mining will become impossible during hyperinflation. Their costs will skyrocket. The mines could be nationalized and/or their output confiscated by governments.

        I think there’s a lot of ignorance and a lot of sour grapes when it comes to precious metals. I’m fully prepared with food, water, guns and ammo. I keep some cash but I have most of my savings in precious metals. During the early stages of hyperinflation when stores are still open I’ll be able to sell my metals and buy food and gasoline as needed. It won’t matter if gas is $10 a gallon because PM’s will have gone up the same or more. We’ll be one family that won’t have to start eating their stored food before all the stores close.

        • Stay away from mining stocks folks. Have something put back in precious metals.

          Great precious metals info source is Ranting Andy (Andy Hoffman) with Miles Franklin. He tells it like it is.

          Gold and silver prices stay down because they are overtly manipulated to hide the true severity of our financial situation.

          China is buying gold like a fiend because they know that “he who has the gold makes the rules”. The rules are going to change soon.

          • He who has the gold makes the rules was true in the past before oil became the energy multiplier. Now, any country without oil is going to grind to a halt pronto. Oil is whats for dinner. Gold might hold up as some kind of value, but if it is truly crunch time oil is going to be the big play. That and fresh water.

            • .02, glad to see you included drinkable water. I always have felt that in large municipalities, the drinking water would be the first for the PTB to sabotage. Its much faster results then to let loose a virus.

            • metals held wealth for thousands of yrs…Yeah but…Never before This time has any method ever existed to switch to all cashless debit computerized buying and selling of litterally Everything possible to buy or sell.

              So Today and for the future whoever Owns the Main frame computer system it all conects to, and also owns all the banks is who can totally control all 7 billion people worldwide.

              Like if it all went to credit cards. NO card=NO purchase.

              Or no Pin number chip implant, and no buy or sell stuff.

              if such a system gets implemented worldwide, even barter wont do much good for you. You still will need access to their bank debit cashless systems to pay home taxes, buy gasoline and food etc…Preps wont last forever, and bater will Only be viable in very close proximity to Your location. You wont be doing barter with a person in arizona who has what you need, if You reside in NY.

              I do not understand why no “experts” ever seem to consider a cashless system like this.

              Today cashless Is the best most effectual method to gain total control of every persons buying and selling abilities on earth worldwide. And since today 200 nations banks are all owned and under the control of a small few rich familys of banksters, who also control all but 3-4 nations govnts at this time…About All that stands in their way to actually implement a fully cashless computerized system worldwide….Is basically their own will to do so. One fast g-20 meeting, to get top 20 nations to agree, then announce it on worldwide tv news and tell smaller nations this is the plan you are now going to comply with or else…Or else you lose out buisness, or cannot buy stuff needed for your nation, or NATO combined planes will force it upon you.

              All but 3-4 nations(those against usury like iran and n.korea etc) would likely go along without any threats made.

              A total cashless worldwide system can be set up, made into law, and begin to issue chip ID’s within a week or sooner…Then give it aprox 6 months for all worlds persons to get chipped/ID’s to have access to system..

              Along with a time limit to use up or trade in all forms dollars, yen, rubles, etc etc….They can give folks 6 months to either spend what they have or trade in for debit cashless credits…Such a world system has NEVER before been a possibility….Now it is. That changes ALL former arguments of gold or silver was always valuable as money for thousands yrs…Right, Back when computers weren’t yet invented.

              Nobody could pay utilities or house payments online cashlessly before 15 yrs ago neither eh…Cashless Changes EVERY former option or system or form of “moneys”.

              Meanwhile there are folks who are counting on and telling us How to get rich when systems collapse?

              The skys falling! Oh swell its My chance to get rich now! So I can die rich instead of broke.

              I do not think they will collapse anything major. Maybe collapse a few small nations?…But otherwise I believe they will switch systems to Entrap every person thats alive no matter where. Them rich folks and banksters aint planning to collapse themselves. Why would they?

              All we will likely see is constant changes moving farther away from individual freedoms and choices. Just like things have Been changeing slowely for 100 yrs now at least.

              Those in control have been doing all they can to Prevent massive troubles form anywheres.

              If some nation like N korea threatens to nuke another country…What is likely we will hear from TPTB crowd?

              #1- TPTB= Oh Goody! that saves us the troubles of causing chaos wordlwide!

              OR #2= TPTB say “Oh oh! We better do something Quick to CONTAIN that loony korean clown before bad stuff really screws the world up big time!?

              So far, every time, in all situations, TPTB have always opted for #2 answer….Does that sound like madmen in a hollywood movie trying to destroy the world.

              just wait and you are Most likely to see total cashless similar to ‘bit coin” only fully under tptb banskers controls…Bit coins probobly a percursor controlled opps to float the cashless idea worldwide and geek folks up on it…Then govnt/banksters will take over.

              One quick Fed law that says any possession or use for any/all reasons of gold or silver is forbidden, and carries same prison sentence as Heroin or Crack cocaine does now….Then good luck tradeing or bartering your gold for gasoline of food stuffs…

              Try it Now! Only next trip to fill gas tank, go inside and ask the teller “Can I Trade You an Ounce of Crack or heroin for a tank of gas Pal”?….See what happens!!!

              the only difference from heroin and crack to gold and silver is ONE Fed law not yet made…And them experts believe gold will soar to $10,000 per OZ, yet govnts wont do a law like that?….Govnt Did that when gold was only $20 per OZ(FDR era)…More golds worth, more likely govnt Will confiscate.

              I think the Real reason we never read or hear ‘experts” concerns of a cashless world…Is because it fits very close to the bible book of Rev “mark-666” issues, and many of the wall street type experts groups are atheists, or NON christian so anything related to new testement bible issues is off limits even to discuss for them experts groups.

              • Many countries, including the U.S., are moving toward the cashless economy. It allows more control over the population and bigger profits for the banks.

                Sweden moving towards cashless economy

                “In most Swedish cities, public buses don’t accept cash; tickets are prepaid or purchased with a cell phone text message. A small but growing number of businesses only take cards, and some bank offices — which make money on electronic transactions — have stopped handling cash altogether.”

                “There are towns where it isn’t at all possible anymore to enter a bank and use cash,”

                “For them (the banks), this is a very good way to earn a lot of money, that’s what it’s all about. They make huge profits.”

                CBS News

            • Gold will be useful after the collapse for large purchases: things like property or horses. If there’s a collapse at a time when crops have been planted then farms will have to hire people to work in exchange for food. They would need a lot of labor to bring in crops with no tractors.

              • I don’t know about that Barn Cat. It seems plausible to me that after a massive shtf situation there will be a lot of people out there willing to work for pretty much for only food and a secure place to sleep. Kind of like the serfdom of old or sharecroppers. If they are not prepared and you have the means to supply with them with the basics what choice would people have other than to rob you.


                • This has been their goal for years…returning the masses to serfdom…gotta make folks forget/reject this American experiment…they are evil beyond words…

          • china buys gold for the same reason they buy american real estate…they are desperate to get rid of those american DOLLARS!

            • I know theyre not worth too much but in the interest of goodwill/brotherhood (and all that other PC gibberish)…I will offer to allow them to dump them on my back field…I will do the rest like sorting/stacking and cleaning…I know I know its a big gesture and Im really putting myself out there but ya gotta help your fellow man in his time of need right? ;)…so all you commiechink govt leaders just send all those worthless yankee scripts over here to my mountain and Ill take care of em..thank y’all kindly

          • I love Ranting Andy . I have been reading his blog from the beginning (before he joined Miles Franklin). Love him. Only honest guy out there.

        • IMO, cash may only be good for a week or 2 at best when the big one hits.

          What options will you have when no one will take your cash?

          • If no one takes cash, then we are down to trading milk for bread etc and if/when we get to that the zombie apoc is on. When money dies, not if as ALL fiat currencies die, then it is going to be bitcoin type cashless society with digital credits and the implantable chip. This is the final play of the bankers, they want to track and profit from every transaction world wide and the cashless society is their wet dream. But first they will destroy 95% of humanity.

            • Before usa dollars became world reserve currency, wasn’t it the british or english Pound sterling that was used as the world reserve money?…I aint no money expert, but I seem to recall that is a fact. If it weren’t englands money as world reserve than it was somebody elses right?

              My main Point being, if england money Was world reserve, then got replaced BY us dollar reserve….What happened to England back at the switcheroo?…Did england collapse? Did all english “subjects” go flat broke?

              Did it create Hyper inflation events? Did it cause DEflation events?

              OR did it as I am assumeing, simply switch from england TO usa dollars as world reserve currency basically without a hitch?

              Because I do not recall ever hearing of any drastic events like hyper inflation or deflation or folks in britian went broke over nite or within a week or two..

              I bet all that occured was world reserve status switched from england TO usa right?

              So…Why would it be any different Today if usa dollar lost reserve status as did england prior?

              I ask these questions as I do not know the answers. And these are the issues or questions I usually think of everytime I read an article about gloom and emminent collapse is certain etc…if so? Why did such disasters Not happen prior to englands people or nation as a whole?

              I’d bet not a single british subject missed one meal when that happened. And it seems it should be no different if it again happens with the usa this time around.

              Did the entire worlds nations reject doing any buisness with england after they lost reserve status? If no. Then why would usa be affected differently? Anybody have good answers?

              • Them Guys, One of the biggest nails in the coffin of Britain’s control of world finances was that WWII had destroyed or hobbled much of her industry and infrastructure. She had spent much of her resources and Gold fighting the war. The USA was one of the few countries that still had an intact infrastructure ie.. factories, ports, roads etc.. This gave the USA economic advantage. Your assertion that the English never missed a meal is not accurate. They were relying on shipments of food and other consumables from the Allies like the USA, Canada and a couple of South American countries loyal to the crown. Without these shipments many English would have starved. Search out things like Brentton woods monetary conference aka United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference. This is where many decisions were made regarding post war finances. Peace Clay

                • Claymation – It’s not Brentton Woods, it’s Breton Woods. Not sure if it was a typo, but if someone wants to google it, the correct spelling will help. It’s a fairly nice skiing resort in northern NH, about 2 hours from where I live in ME.

                  • Doh! Now I can’t type or spell either, it’s Bretton Woods not Breton Woods – sorry!

                  • Thanks MXL, Stay frosty but keep warm 😉

            • .02. Your assuming that the grid will be up. When money is finished…everyone will be at home…trying to survive.

              The bankers are fucking finished this time.

              • we can only hope

          • If no one accepts cash then stores won’t be open long. Less than 10% of the population owns physical silver or gold.

        • “We’ll be one family that won’t have to start eating their stored food before all the stores close.”

          Indeed. But watch your backs when you go to and especially from those stores. Greedy eyes will be watching your every move.

      17. PM’s are INSURANCE. I see ammo prices increasing due to rising metal prices and costs. Throw in manufactures dealing with ACA.

      18. I’ll get some more silver coins. But as I said last year, by March or April of 2014 will be my last purchases. What I have is what I will have. A silver dollar will have more purchasing power than a paper US Dollar, thus that is why I have some coins.

        But water and food is more important. Best thing is reducing debt so you have more disposable income before healthcare takes everything away….

        • Ugly I agree with you. I feel(even though I have silver) that food, water, firearms and ammo, do trump PMs. I also like to keep FRNs nearby as well. I’d rather use them up to pay for pertinent items than PMs. When they become worthless, I’ll use them to get the wood started in the stove. I won’t use them for TP, as I got a year and a half supply of Angel Soft per the Missus. (God how I love that woman!)

        • If it is unsecured debt, and you think the bottom is going to drop out, I would suggest trying to time the crash and max the cards on tangible items

        • Here is a scenario, lets say that we see hyper inflation happening and that is always a precursor to fiat death. Taking myself for example, i have a $20,000 unsecured credit card and I just watched gasoline jump a dollar at the pumps over night. In my line of thinking, I take the credit card and a truck with a tank on the back and head for the station to get 500 gallons of diesel.

          • For what it’s worth, credit card companies are expected to freeze credit cards when hyperinflation starts.

            • .02 and Barn Cat…unfortunately it will be the little guy at the bottom that will suffer if the cc companies freeze or decide not to reimburse them for products that they purchased. Fuel, ammo, food, etc.

              If I was a fuel distributor, gun shop/ammo dealer, farmer, etc. and was “awake” when the shit is beginning to hit up the fan…no way I would take a cc…no way.

              Only things that I knew for certain could be used to pay, purchase, etc. would be accepted.

              Even cash will be short-lived in this scenario…just like the credit card.

              • In this one gas station town there is no other way to get fuel except a card. Nothing but the pumps and card reader.

                • That blows brother…Better get some tanks and fill them up with an unsecured cc and then re-nig when the bill comes.

                  fuck’em…possession is the only law when shtf.

        • Ugly.. and tools, gas and diesel genset. Diesel storage tank, wood pellet gasifier, alcohol still, solar panels/batteries and a welder/cutting outfit.

        • “A silver dollar will have more purchasing power than a paper US Dollar…”

          I agree… and it had better because it costs more than $1 to buy a silver dollar… quite a bit more.

      19. REALLY !!!!!
        Why is this news worthy? We want news that is going to encourage us, not try to suck us in on their fantasy of gold. You cant eat it and it will not make us well when we are sick and most important, you certainly can’t wipe your butt with it. Give us something we can use like you have been doing. Not this garbage.

        • @ass prepper…if you want something you can use….just read the comments section of THIS story!

      20. Having pm’s is good inflation protection,things go very bad then probably at that point have no use but long term during a rebuild could be a great thing to have on the other side.Obviously have food/clothes/all your gear ect.but you have a lot of dollars sitting in a bank and you own land ect. would definitely add some pm’s to the pile!

      21. by priority – notice what is last …

        shelter/ tarp
        wool blanket
        fire starter kit
        rain poncho
        seasonal wool clothing
        walking shoes/ thermal boots
        long gun
        bow/ crossbow
        arrow/ bolt
        gear bag / back pack
        4×4 / awd vehicle
        3 off the grid mapped scouted alternative ‘bug out’ locations 10 , 30 , 60 miles away with water source .

        … then gold and/ or silver .

        N.O. ;0p

        • Why does everyone forget to add a bicycle pump and repair kit for flats. You will not move with a flat tire.

          • Oh yea…I also have two sets of knobby tires and puncture resistant tubes for my Dahon…
            Same size as the trailer for it…lots of spares.

          • A. M.

            I just finished plugging a tire. Hex bolt 7/16ths 1/4 in by 2 in long shank straight in. I first thought it was a stone in the tire tread.

            • I mentioned the other day about plugging a tire. Kharma?

              • I’m 55, I wonder how many people can repair a flat. Can plug a tubeless tire, and patch a inner tube.

                • I have a chink manual tire machine and a pheumatic coats 4040. I prefer plugs, but sometimes you have to change the tire.

                • Just did two tractor tires by hand…had to cut the old tires off the rims before I could weld/paint the rims…what a job!

                • Probably not very many. But then, if the SHTF, the tires we have will likely outlast the fuel supply by at least several months. You need a newer tire? The streets will be filled with abandoned cars that are outta gas.

        • that’s a pretty good start there mom! i know you got a GOOD tow strap and a way to attach it to a CAR(no place on newer cars to hook to) and a highlift jack, jumper cables and a brillo pad for firestarter, shovel or e-tool, cel phone and something to CHARGE it with…it’s useless without a charger….oh, and if you lose it or it BREAKS, you better have yer phone numers in a BOOK,, because you probly won’t remember ALL of those numbers in it, and don’t forget the 3 foot long 4×6’s for crossing obstacles like a little 12 inch ditch or other rough spots in the road if you have to go off-road to get around the traffic…small tool kit with screwdrivers pliers kreskin wrench. toilet paper. electric tape(make a bandage with those two things….or a sling or splint) hiking boots if you gotta leave the car. plastic trash bag for raincoat or…. cash is a big one…atm’s mite not work. wipies. (matches?) painkillers. pepper spray compass. flashlight and batts. gloves spare eyeglasses. vicegrips.One pair thermal underwear/pants and shirt..deck of cards WHEW! did I miss anything?

          • the kitchen sink ??? ;0)


            • with “wipies”, who needs a kitchen sink! i DO have every single thing on these lists in MY jeep….and MOST of them in my mini-van.

            • LOL! Hey, ya never know when ya just might need that kitchen sink! 😉

          • wooops!, forgot the antibiotics.

          • What the eff is a kreskin wrench???

            • Cresent wrench

            • kreskin was a magician back in the….70’s?…if yer OLD, it’s easy to make the connection….they CAN be magical, can’t they?

      22. People with insight of forethought will own physical Gold/Silver when the SHTF. Those that are perspicacious will become wealthy. Those that do not will be poor. BTW, the government will confiscate bullets well before they confiscate precious metals in a collapse scenario.

        • crystal ball? they would, without a doubt confinscate BOTH and any other assets.

        • Yeah, they WILL be confiscating bullets alright but not cartridges! >:={

      23. Precious metals are for storing EXCESS wealth you have above what it takes for every day bills and expenses, food storage, as well as bullets, band-aids, weapons and other necessities. Once you get all your survival items and have an operating cash stash, if there is any left you would be wise to put back some PM’s to protect your buying power.
        Think about it, the dollar has already crashed and has been in the process of crashing fot 100 years. In 1913 when the Federal Reserve was shoved down the peoes throat, the dollar was worth 100 cents in buying power. Now the dollar has about 3cents in buying power. That is a crash in anybody’s book! If you had bought gold or silver years ago you would still have the buying power of the “money” you5 spent o the PM’s instead of having it stolen through inflation. If we are going to survive and conquer those trying to conquer us, we will need to protect whatever wealth we have to have the means to resist.
        Protecting excess funds with PM’s in todays political and economic environment only makes sense after you have taken care of the basic necessities.

        • Exactly right, Mark. Gold and silver are for saving, while fiat is for spending… and the sooner the better.

      24. Marin said that brazil resources, which him and Rick rule did a million each in last week will go from 50 cents to $5. Am I the only one who heard that? I’ve always been a physical guy but the cartel has destroyed the mining sector and clearly we have blood in the streets.

      25. Why should you prepare? In 2013, Washington, Illinois was totally wiped out by a tornado. FEMA has just denied this little community any federal assistance. Why? There’re too white. In Chicago last year there was some rain damage on the southside of the city, in a black community. Free money, from FEMA, was granted to people who lived upstairs and no proof of any damage was needed. Minor flood damage to the first floors only. This is what your government is. Never forget.

        • I’ve known this shit since I was a teen. Its astounding what is needed to wake up the Rip Van Winkles. Rest assured, I damn sure ain’t never gonna forget.

        • I dont need gov assistance. and you probably dont either.

          • Roger that. The only government assistance most on here need is for them to GTF outta the way. Problem is, they are not very good at that.

        • The government can cram it!

      26. Stock up on basics. These will take care of your family and you can barter with,ammo especially. If you have silver use it to buy basics,can’t eat pms.

        • I can’t eat my tools, boots, fire starter, truck, or 100s of other things either but they sure do come in handy. Eating is not the only requirement during SHTF. Granted, it is an important one but there are any number of other things that are just as important. Drinking water, protecting ourselves, taking the medication we need, and not freezing to death are among them. Anything that helps with these efforts has got to be pretty important.

          Everything has its place. People tend to overlook the fact that a SHTF scenario is likely to play out as a series of events… like chapters in a book. After the nastiest part of the disaster is over and people are moving around more and starting to do some business, THAT will be when PMs are invaluable. But not before that. Before that, water, water purification, food, meds, and protection from the weather and criminals will be paramount.

      27. It looks like we are back to the age old argument of if you should put your money into PM’s or eatable / shootable assets. I have always argued and will continue to do so against putting very much into PM’s. So here is a new argument against PM’s:

        Today you see you don’t have enough money in your checking account to use your ATM card to buy a needed loaf of bread. So you go to the safe and pull out a $20.00 gold coin. Next stop is your friendly neighborhood grocery store. Get your bread and when the cashier rings up your sale you hand them the $20.00 gold coin. He/she goes WTF is this. You tell them it is a $20,00 gold coin worth $500.00.

        Yeah, that is going to fly. So when the SHTF who or more importantly where are you going to go and buy what you need?
        The coin shop where you bought it? They don’t have a bakery in the back room. Just saying.


        • My thoughts too.

        • i PERSONALLY wouldn’t go to the store with my gold coin…i would take it…. RIGHT next DOOR to the store is the coin/gold shop and get my TWO THOUSAND dollars for it(that’s at LEAST what it will be worth when your SHTF scenario becomes REALITY!) the dollar will collapse by then and it’s gonna cost you ten dollars for that loaf of bread….IF they still GOT bread. and if you really do hafta cash in that gold, you better spend it REAL EFFEN QUICK! because the value of those DOLLARS you got for yer GOLD will be dropping like a ROCK!…within a few days you will wish you hadn’t cashed it in yet, because NOW it WOULDA been worth THREE thousand dollars, but NOW bread costs 15 dollars a loaf…….and on it goes…where it STOPS, nobody knows! gold is a STORE of VALUE, always has been, still IS….aint gonna say always WILL be, but for the time being, it looks to be a pretty safe bet. but if you AINT got all them OTHER preps…WE AINT EVEN TALKIN’ TO YOU! GIT back to aquiring the IMPORTANT STUFF! time is short…days away from anarchy! obamadon’tcare assures it!

        • After the fiat currencies fail the NWO will bring about a new global currency. Since it will be backed by gold and silver you will be able to exchange your prescious metals for this currency at a bank or coin dealer. Eventually, all grocery stores and other retailers will be conducting business in this currency. I can’t imagine how difficult it will be for people to function without it no matter how many preps they have stored. You never know what type of emergency may arise.

          • Meant to preface that last statement with “Lindsey Williams says”. He also says to get ready for a currency “reset” that will happen sometime between now and the summer, approximately. This is not the collapse, which he says will happen in 2015. The reset will match the dollar with all other currencies so that trade is “fair”. The problem is the strength of a currency will be valued on how much debt the country has. The dollar will not do well. We won’t notice any changes in our purchasing power for a month or two after the reset, but then prices will really start to go up since our currency will be deemed weak against, for instance, China where many of our goods are purchased from. He says to prep now as much as you can before the reset.

            • California Girl.

              The reset global currency by NWO won’t be gold or silver, but digital. But to get there it will have to pass thru Russia and China, which could mean WWIII. They haven’t bought into this Central Banks system, Federal Reserve, or even the USD as world currency. The dollar is losing ground very fast. Who knows what our future is?

              • And which planet did you just arrive from?

                The dollar is gaining in value, not losing.

                Try reading the financial news for a change.

                • Even if you are correct, you don’t need to be a jackass! Just sayin”…….

                • can you really be this stupid??

            • i predict it will happen MUCH faster than that! a month or two?..PFFT!…days, maybe HOURS is more like it.

        • Exactly why junk silver dimes and quarters are a good idea.

        • That is why you have multiply sizes of pm’s from silver dimes on up.

          Cover all the bases with real money.

          Piss poor planning prevents piss poor performance.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • “Piss poor planning prevents piss poor performance.”


            • lmfao!!! Didn’t sound right but at least you knew what I was talking about…and corrected me. Thanks lms.

      28. Nono nunu Nina forgot the fuel!Last mini disaster here the gas stations were all closed and cars were stranded all the across the roads and blocking them. I was sweating too, as I got caught off guard,driving on an almost empty tank.
        Anyways,PM’s are good for retirement,thats my view on it. In a true SHTF scenario,first thing to happen is population reduction(pick the 1000 possible ways for it to happen),whoever is left to rebuild society will eventually have to choose a means of exchange. AU and AG have always been the choice in the past,but all the gold in the world cant keep you alive when TSHTF.
        If this illusion/ponzi scheme keeps up until my retirement,im sure my PM’s will come in handy,as im sure they will follow inflation/cost of living.
        Pm’s are also good if you have extra fiat kicking around and dont want to spend it or invest it.

        • My wife gripes when I make her fill up when she is down to 1/2 a tank of gas. She does it but she lets me know she’s not happy about it. Well, tough noogie. She’ll be a lot less happy if the SHTF and her gas tank is empty. My pickup holds 38 gallons and I try to keep it filled as a reserve fuel supply. I would get some 55-gallon drums for this but have no place to store them. They would need some of that additive (STA-BIL) that prevents gas from polymerizing, if stored for more than a few months.

          • I run VP race fuel in my motocross bike, and it will store for a least a year (no alcohol in it) as long as it is in a metal can, no need for Stabil. Of course, it runs between 10 and 25 dollars a gallon!!!

      29. re post for @braveheart … please do NOT vote as it takes from others on this page – thank you .

        @BraveHeart … my Respect .

        i politely beg to disagree

        ‘commie’ is just a word a label nothing more

        look behind it and you see abused masses of humanity suffering , poor under educated ignorant common people who have struggled fought bled and died for the right to be free of fear oppression genocide and foreign fascist Zionist capitalist banker supported dicktators

        no one system is perfect … they are all corrupt

        communism fails its believers followers only in that it is too oppressive and not enough free will free market

        once any one achieves power his / her greatest fear is losing power

        it’s really that simple

        no matter whether they are commie fascist republic democrat anarchist pirate or sovereign


        Nelson Mandela is the ‘perfect’ example of …

        ‘THE POWER of ONE’

        n.o. ;0p

        • NinaO…respect in return. My opposition to communism comes from from my late wife, her stories of her life in Cuba under Castro, losing part of her family to Castro’s butchers, etc. Also, Castro was one of the main supporters of Mandela and his ANC butchers. I’ve always been against those who abuse our capitalist system for their own personal gain. Your points about that are well taken by me. If I ever come across any banksters or government officials in post-SHTF I will be only too happy to take them out of this world. My point in the earlier post was that Nelson Mandela was fighting for an illegitimate cause. When our system finally collapses, we need to take this country back to its original principles. Just clean house and start over from scratch. That’s the only hope I see for it. On voting, I’ve never been a registered voter. As YMWW always points out, working within the system is meaningless.

          • put your personal feelings aside and pick a side @BraveHeart …

            ‘WE THE PEOPLE’


            ‘THE MAN’

            * I SINCERELY hope you do understand that you currently exist under the NWO ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST ZOG FEDGOV FASCIST ZIONIST GESTAPO THUMB of ‘THE MAN’ as a indentured TAX DEBT SLAVE . that YOU ARE NOT FREE … AMERICA IS A LIE and you were born a indentured SERF of the NWO ILLUMINATI globalist privately owned VERY FAKE FIAT DOLLAR FEDERAL RESERVE PONZI SYSTEM .

            so I’ll say ASK IT again …

            WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON ???

            n.o. ;0P

          • *** put your personal feelings aside and pick a side @BraveHeart …

            ‘WE THE PEOPLE’


            ‘THE MAN’

            * I SINCERELY hope you do understand that you currently exist under the NWO ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST ZOG FEDGOV FASCIST ZIONIST GESTAPO THUMB of ‘THE MAN’ as a indentured TAX DEBT SLAVE . that YOU ARE NOT FREE … AMERICA IS A LIE and you were born a indentured SERF of the NWO ILLUMINATI globalist privately owned VERY FAKE FIAT DOLLAR FEDERAL RESERVE PONZI SYSTEM .

            so I’ll say ASK IT again …

            WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON ???

            n.o. ;0P

          • *** *** put your personal feelings aside and pick a side @BraveHeart …

            ‘WE THE PEOPLE’


            ‘THE MAN’

            * I SINCERELY hope you do understand that you currently exist under the NWO ILLUMINATI GLOBALIST ZOG FEDGOV FASCIST ZIONIST GESTAPO THUMB of ‘THE MAN’ as a indentured TAX DEBT SLAVE . that YOU ARE NOT FREE … AMERICA IS A LIE and you were born a indentured SERF of the NWO ILLUMINATI globalist privately owned VERY FAKE FIAT DOLLAR FEDERAL RESERVE PONZI SYSTEM .

            so I’ll say ASK IT again …

            WHO’S SIDE ARE YOU ON ???

            n.o. ;0P

            • NinaO, I’m on the side of freedom and always have been. I made my decision the day I saw Mt. Carmel aka Waco go up in flames. I will stand up and fight the NWO. On that score, you need not have any worries, NinaO. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

              • NinaO, PS, I still stand by my comments on Mandela and communism. He and Winnie were both murderers. He’s one less POS commie among the living. Winnie was and still is a murderer. She needs to go next. There’s never anything good about communists. MOLON LABE the renegade braveheart

      30. My bets are we will never see a gold backed currency in the world again. We have already tried that, and if china or russia think they will gain some kind of leverage with a gold backed currency, they are probably hoping the wheels don’t completely fall off because when the masses start starving and dying of disease, gold and silver backed currency will not be worth anymore than the value to wipe your ass with. Even with tons of gold in vaults, what country would trade energy for it? And what country in their right minds would want to be the reserve currency like the US is because with that responsibility comes the responsibility of policing the world. China flat out said they want nothing to do with that, and I believe them. China and Russia are basically dictatorships and I am thinking the gold is going into the hands of the few while fiat is still being accepted. But again, I am of the mind that oil is and will be the only thing that matters and when the fiat crashes, no one will trade food or oil for gold because they are one of the same. Without oil there is no food, with out gold.. what is it really “worth”… really?

        • Excellent analysis .02…

          Oil is the master resource…the rest are merely commodities.

          Oil does actual “work”. Gold and silver are merely a type of commodity or “money” if you will.

          Buy a gallon of gas and load your vehicle up and drive the 25 miles or so.
          Now ask someone to push you back home for the equivalent amount of gold or silver. Not gonna EVAH happen.

          Gold and silver will be mere tokens when the scarce hydrocarbons don’t make it to your gas station anymore.

          BTW, I do have PMs…I am no longer under the illusion they will be worth anything in TEOTWAWKI.

          • Good call JRS, worth is only what it is in Energy. People have to realize in this world of 7 billion useless eaters, energy keeps the lid on the volcano, and when the food quits arriving @ market, all the gold in the world wont keep the masses from hanging the ones they see as the reason they are starving. this is why we are destroying the planet with fracking because it is not a matter of wanting to, with easy oil gone, we HAVE to.

          • JRS, someone will have gas/energy. The government agencies and criminal orgs. That is what gold and silver are for in a crisis. I bet that govt. flunky will trade you some govt. gasoline for some silver coins.

            • If nothing is as important as energy, then how the hell does anyone buy it? Whoever has it MUST be willing to trade it for something or else they are planning to just sit on it. Yeah, that’ll work… for a while… and then those with superior military power will just take it.

              • Make it.

        • For some great info on Pm’s/oil go to the

          Steve puts it all in perspective.

          • lastmanstanding…

            I have been lurking at his site for some time now. He sees the hydrocarbon problems ahead of us.

            I guess the thing I would disagree with him about, is his belief that PMs will have a use after hydrocarbons become too scarce for the average person to access.

            …but differing opinions are not necessarily a bad thing.

            • JRS…PM’s are energy. Look at how they are obtained.

              It is a non-stop, cyclical use of a shitload of energy.

              From oil drilling to oil refining to fuel transport to the CAT factory, to fuel the CAT building, to transporting parts to the CAT factory to fuel the building of the CAT Equip., to delivering the CAT equip to the mines, then using all of this tech and fuel to harvest the raw materials and using more fuel/energy to refine it to pure form and then to stamp it into a coin or into a small electrical part or a big electrical part in a trident missile or wtf one wants to use it for…

              sheesh…and I probably missed something…sorry for the tirade.

              Why shouldn’t something like that have a mega-shitload of value AND energy.

              You should be able to get anything you desire if you are smart enough to understand and gather things from the earth.

      31. I strongly disagree with the author of this posting.
        Although it is been touted on TV as a hedge when the economy goes sour which is true.

        But, suppose after the fall, crash, bounce and recovery The Gold Standard is replaced by a digital currency?

        Then the partial biblical phase “They shall throw their Gold and Silver into the Streets” will come to pass I guess. Cannot eat PM’s.

        Probably the best barter item will be your favorite home defense choice. You barter not come in here.

      32. You’re 1/2 right .02. But the big oil producers want to be paid in….wait for it….GOLD.
        There’s a reason the banks all have gold as a Reserve. When the SHTF and the currency collapses, those gold reserves will be used to recapitalize the banks, so they can start the whole thing over.
        Google ANOTHER, FOA, and FOFOA. Their insight will rock your world, though it may take a bit of reading (and re-reading). Like JP Morgan said, “gold is money, and nothing else”
        You don’t have to be a Giant to walk in the footsteps of giants.

        • If that is true then why is JP Morgue selling gold for fiat?

          • I thought J.P. Morgan was selling paper gold.

            • You are correct. In fact they are selling everything.

              The building that they have been in forever was just sold to the chins for about .30 cents on the buck.

              They are fucking out of here as in out of the US…that is my prediction.

              Back to England where they were spawned.

              • I agree, the morgue is bailing.

        • the magicbusguy

          You are really old schooled.

        • JP Morgan also said, “Competition is a sin”. But then, monopolists are like that.

      33. Recent wars have been over the petro dollar. The U.S. and their strategic partners (think Saudi) will do whatever it takes to maintain the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. That said, my money is on China. They have the money and are buying all the gold they can get their hands on. China exports a minimum of their precious resources. Consider their investments in Africa, many rich in natural resources. It is easily recognizable China and SE Asia have become the new mecca. Look at the transformation in the USA in two generations. It is not foreboding well

        • Good, now the Chinese can go into those crazy Islamic countries and go broke trying to enforce their gold standard reserve currency.

      34. The only ‘precious’ metals in my book are copper, lead and silver. Gold is bling, nothing more. Silver has built-in anti-viral properties and conducts electricity just as good as gold. All metals basically oxidize or tarnish, just some do it quicker than others. At least you can make colloidal silver with the silver you have on hand (you do have some I hope). There is a good reason early flatware was made from silver and not gold. Hence the name ‘Silverware’ and not ‘goldware’.

        Post SHTF if you try and trade or barter *anything* with gold, silver or ammo you make yourself a sitting target. Word will quickly spread amongst the havenots and they will be coming for your stuff, guaranteed. You need to barter with items like they need, TP, lighters, small things. Even water is worth more than gold as we have just seen in West Virginia. Make sure you have your MOST precious categories stocked up first- Water, food, defenses. Everything else is secondary, period.

        • Gold does NOT tarnish. That’s why it became the king of metals. And why so much is used to plate electrical connectors.

      35. I always like to debate with people about buying gold or silver. As I have learned gold is for wealth, and silver is for health. Silver will help keep liquids free of bacteria like water storage and milk. People should learn to make a silver colloid. From what I here it can kill 5oo+ known virus and bacteria. Everyone on this site should be aware of the health benefits of silver. I purchase only 1oz 999 bars as for the ease of handling.

        • I never debate with people about buying PMs. It’s a personal choice and we all need to choose wisely. We also need to live with the results of our choice.

      36. oh now i’m being censored again ???

        wtf @mac ???

        what for ???

        • Why?

          Maybe because you are a mindless idiot?

          Maybe because have not written one statement that has ever been worth reading?

          Damn, there are a thousand reasons.


          • So you think he shouldn’t be allowed to say it????

      37. If this all goes to hell where we will have to barter for items, the first thing I am going to ask for is precious metals. For trade and barter.

        • First thing I will ask for in bartering is hand farming implements and seed. Depending on the duration and situation I will then start trading excess of my efforts for pm’s. If and when the situation arrives.


      38. Preps first always preps first. Food your family will eat, Medicines and medical supplies and the knowledge to use them competently, the ability to keep yourself warm if necessary, seeds and the ability to grow them and the means to protect your family and preps. Part of your preps should also be preparing for the afterwards of The SHTF. I no longer feel comfortable putting money into the stock market so I put what money I can into real assets among these are silver and what gold I feel I can afford. I personally feel the need to invest in the future somehow beyond my preps. I also feel that most of any commerce will be done locally in my own community for quite awhile after things hopefully calm post SHTF. To that end I feel I need something recognizable by any local populace. So silver in as small increments as possible so as never to look to prosperous to anyone when trading or bartering. I own silver and gold for a twofold reason. Bartering and commerce in a post SHTF world and because I feel the need to tie up my energy and time given at my job in something substantial and real. Again though, if you are as yet unprepared with what ever amounts of preps that make you as comfortable as possible that you can survive the times ahead and perhaps eventually prosper then you owe to yourself to focus on the areas you lack. Everyone’s situation is unique, and preparing for SHTF is not a one size fits all proposition. Clay

      39. Everything is for sale if you have precious metals. That is if you are going to buy from me.

        • good one slingshot! i need to steal that one and move it to my earlier post…BAM!!!

      40. How about gold foil, is that worth anything? Damn, why did’nt I buy these PM’s when I was younger and they were much cheaper? They took most of the silver out of change in 1965, and all of it out by 1971. There was barely a peep raised by the public, sort of like today, where not many know what is going on and fewer care.

        • We haven’t got to the caring part yet. But we will, oh, yes, indeedy.

          Those who prep are the type of folks who can sense when a storm is coming. We see cloud movements, feel the slight temp drop as the front passes, feel the electricity in the air, and we know that it will be raining in the next few minutes. Others have to be hit by a lightning bolt or torrential rain before they know that a storm is coming. Guess which group tends to buy PMs. lol

      41. I read the article, watched the clip and came to the sad conclusion that Marin Katusa didn’t really talk about anything that is useful to normal people or the mainstream prepper. Total waste of time. Just a bunch of circular incoherent wall street bullshit babble about “smart money”, “big money”, “hedge fund managers”, etc… Their definition of “hard assets” is certainly different than mine. The results of prepping with hard assets can be inspirational or intuitive to some for example, I had a great breakfast this morning and it was made possible in large part because of all the “hard assets” I have accumulated over the years which I acquired by trading my paper shekels for them. Homemade bread from fresh ground grain; homemade sausage; tomato juice made from homegrown tomatoes grown last spring and canned into juice; hash browns from homegrown potatoes; homemade sauerkraut from homegrown cabbages and fresh eggs from our own chickens; wife had a glass of fresh squeezed fruit juice from freshly picked homegrown citrus. The only store bought items were seasalt and butter. This afternoon we will have stuffed cabbage casserole from homegrown cabbage seasoned with mostly homegrown herbs; fresh green salad with homegrown lettuce/greens; homegrown carrots and beets; homemade bread and snack on homemade crackers, venison jerky, cheese and wine. Had to buy the cheese and wine though. All of this was made possible by exchanging my paper shekels for hard assets over the years like tools; storage grains and property We’ve also traded some for a few nice weapons and ammo to protect our stuff and ourselves. I have a few silver and gold coins and a stash of paper shekels hidden away but they are at the bottom of my list of important stuff to stock up on especially at my age (late 60’s) My goal over the decades has been to protect and feed my family, stay debt free and be able to survive any manmade economic or physical debacle. Our destiny is in God’s hands and even more so during a natural disaster no matter how much stuff, gold, silver or how many shekels we have. Almost everything I’ve done over the years has been opposite what all the wall street guru’s, bankers and other expert shysters have recommended and so far, my vision and inspiration has come to fruition. If or when my retirements evaporate because of whatever evil scheme has been hatched by our ZOG rulers, I’ll think I’ll still be able to eat well and defend myself against their zombies. Having said that, I very seriously doubt if most people, (except rural preppers) much less people like Marin Katusa have ever, or will ever eat as good and nutritious meals as we eat on a daily basis. By the way, what the hell is a Marin Katusa? (prime example of a truly miserable, demeaning, subservient lifestyle?) I’d be bitter too, unless of course this is some kind of a hidden joke. Just saying.

        • Its a good feeling isn’t it?…Im there too friend…enjoy!

      42. Crisis In West Virginia: Wal-Mart Calls In Police To Guard Bottled Water Delivery

        PHOTOS: What It Looks Like When A Massive Chemical Spill Contaminates The Water Supply

        ya don’t wanna be the guy fighting over the LAST can of
        creamed corn at Wally World


        in this case

        the LAST bottle of water

        • WHY aren’t surrounding counties using fire trucks to carry in water??

        • Sorry, if I caught myself going to the websit, I’d have to kill myself!

      43. Prepper Dudes.

        Look at reality. For the common family, the most important stuff is water, food, shelter, and warmth. And protection too.

        Get those in order first.

        Any monies leftover after the bills and taxes are paid, then getting some physical PMs are nice too. A silver round could buy a bushel of wheat, but a dollar may not even get a slice of bread.

      44. Dude comes into my trade store for car parts.

        I need a transmission for my truck. Do you have one?
        What would you trade for it?
        Three ounces of gold.
        I don’t have three ounces of gold. How about some gas?
        Nope.Have plenty of that.
        Then how about water?
        Not that either. Have an artisan well.
        Has to be Gold?
        Yepper. Has to be gold. Three ounces.

        You figure this guy will get the gold and come back or go elsewhere.
        He plans to trade the gold for the transmission and come back later for the gold. BIG MISTAKE.

        In this case doesn’t matter if it is gold or food should he decide to come back. Maybe he will fight me right there for it and try to take it. Hmmmmmmm.

        But you see I do not have to play by YOUR RULES. My plans may be different than yours which may or may not include precious metals.

        • you have to if I have something YOU need. and I dont take gold or Transmissions.

          • A.

            Yepper! Depends on which side your on. How bad you need, what you need. Nothing set in stone.

            • that’s why we got a GOLD and SILVER store on every damn CORNER in america!…for the uneducated/unprepared!

      45. American Friends,

        Look at water. A simple garden of 40×40 (1600ft2) if needing 10 inches will require a minimum 15,000 gallons.

        The end of USA will have 4 way controls–(1) economy, (2) water, (3) power and energy, and (4) food prices.

        Look for those variables. With all our so-called prepping, it will only last about 2-12 months before we are out completely and no better off than the non-prepper.

        Thus, always search for water and always look for food. Know what to do the best you can….

        I did a google-earth search and looked in the back yards of my 500 nearest neighbors (yes I did it). There were only 3 gardens. Mine was the biggest. I am in trouble. Must talk to neighbors about gardening; assuming they will listen….

        • Use your search engine for water; ponds, lakes, etc.

        • Ugly…and you live in Idaho…that shocks/saddens me.

          • @lastman.

            Idaho is great. Just 2% of our potato and wheat supply could easily feed everyone in eastern Idaho from Pocatello and American Falls on through up North to Rexburg, StA, and Dubois. We are lucky, very lucky.

            And that gives us comfort. Too much.

            Yes, we have water. But it is all reservoir and runoff water. Numerous artesian wells and I am trying to find as many as possible. Groundwater is plentiful but farm groups are beginning to fight those as junior and senior water rights. Yes, we have water.

            But people are taking this for granted. Just google earth Pocatello, Blackfoot, or Idaho Falls and you will see miles and miles of farmland but not much gardens in the back yards. I did the survey….

            Good luck to all….

            • I quit planting a garden b/c when factored in time and the huge spike in my water bill it is cheaper to buy from the local farmers market. I grow a few peppers and a butter stick squash and that is about it.

              • Did you have to stay home from work to get your gardening done? If not, then the labor is free and shouldn’t be counted.

                If you use square foot gardening, you reduce the area that needs to be watered and the amount of water that needs to be applied. My water bill never goes up more than $5 or $6 a month, and I know I get more worth out of my garden than that.

                • Amen Arch…we have the control, we have the power, we have our food, we don’t need no gub-bu-ment!

                  I am whispering now to gub so that they have to listen carefully to what I have to say…catimf…nomi.

              • I do both…and that brother is the beauty of America.


                no way we “don’t go down without one helluva fight!”

        • I get just under 10,000 gallons but I get your point. A garden needs a lot of water. It’s nice to live in a place that gets plenty of rainfall… 45-50 inches per year here. Saving some of that for the garden and for us is no problem and we have no regs preventing us from doing just that. Of course, during hard times, few will care about rules and regs. Anyone bitches, just give them a little garden produce and watch that problem go away. 🙂

          • 41Mag.

            You dudes in rainfed areas are lucky. Keep learning how to catch and preserve. Most areas in Idaho get about 9-13 inches of annual precip, thus we need about another 10-16 inches as irrigation. That is over 15,000 gallons in a 40×40 garden area….That will shock many if the economy is shout and water becomes expensive.

            • Wow, here in Southern Maine, it is close to 50 inches a year.

        • Ugly

          We have the only gardens in a neighborhood of 80 plus homes..averaging 1/2 – 3/4 acre lots..

          Most spend their time(spring and summer) manicuring their precious lawns,hanging red sox flags on the front porch,wearing red sox jersies,and consuming large amounts of bud light while transfixed viewing the latest sports stats on their widescreens..awaiting the next big event..

          the pharma induced anti depressant wives spend their time furiously shopping for all the big sports events, with their carts laden with fluoride gmo induced prepackaged goodies,while adorned with their fave sports heroes jersies as well..

          Valley of the dolls part 2..


          • Posse though I know the neighborhood you are talking about(have friends that live in some)try and get to know some of the neighbors,you might be pleasantly surprised as you talk with em though they may not have gardens they do stock up in many ways.Have a barbecue and invite the locals over and get to know em.I have told my friend a decent garden would be a nice addition and good for his daughter to learn from,though he agrees is in overdrive both him and wife caring for child and running family business.He does plan on moving to northlands and then garden in his future(assuming there is one).I agree neighborhoods like that have a lot of zombies but also folks on the low prepping the best they can.Will take a little effort but try and find them,who knows,you may become friends and folks arm in arm when things get rough.

          • Possee,

            That is how it is here as well. Only a few gardens per 100 homes, and maybe one of those gardens might be relatively big 24×24. When the economy tanks further one of the best things is food in your own backyard. Folks are in denial at all levels. I hope they are right and we are wrong–but not seeing that yet though….

          • posseecom…keep the faith brother.

            See you on the other side.

        • Ugly,not only talk with them but perhaps help em get started.This would be a great way to get to know folks and as I said in another post here you might be pleasantly surprises about some you get to know.Though worthwhile,gardens are a lot of work,many so busy with families/business trying to stay above water they do not have the time.That said,with a little encouragement and starting help they in many cases would make the time.Reason I do not garden at moment have to be for periods of time away from home for work,go where it takes me,would like to work with a neighbor on his garden and perhaps take over maintenance when around but him and his family cover when gone.I have not yet put forth this idea,but need to make a good time to do it.

          • Warchild.

            That is what I plan to do with some of them. I have some red potato seed for some of the neighbors. I have also bought numerous heirloom seeds that I will share also. There is nothing like garden fresh and locally purchased produce. Good luck….

      46. Motel Hell sausages. And I don’t use preservatives!

        • Maudy, can still picture the bags over those poor folks heads out back of the motel. One awful movie.

        • Maudy; that movie featured the best severed pigshead-wearing chainsaw duel I have ever seen. Yet.

      47. Nothing wrong with acquiring some PM’s to spread the risk but I can’t help but think of a quote that someone wrote back in the 19th century – the author (whom I can’t recall) defined a mine as “a hole in the ground with a liar standing over it.”

        • That would be Sam Clemens, aka Mark Twain. Sounds to me as if he bought some shares in a mine that went bust. It happens.

          • He had a cabin near Sonora Ca on a road called Jackass Hill. Cabin has been restored a bit.

      48. Just 20 minutes ago off the coast of Puerto Rico 6.5 and a 6.4, exactly 4 years after Haiti. The Caribbean plate gets active this time of year. One day late on Comment # 2892662 on the prediction of a 6.7 to 7.7 in the Lesser Antilles by Jan.11 which is about 150 to 200 miles south of the earthquake. Not a perfect prediction, but not bad.

        • BI…first thing I did when I heard of the quake was to check here and you did not disappoint.

          Thoughts on potential of this being a foreshock or some form of precursor to something larger?

          Thank you again for your efforts and wisdom on quakes for this community.

          God Bless,

          • Norse Prepper, good to hear from you. how have you been?

            • Hey BH…been well. My brothers and I recently purchased 80 acres about 2 hours away in dairy cattle land so have been busy planning the BOL.

              I have still been checking out most articles on the comment sections, but have not been commenting much.

              Seems like with finances lately we have been going backwards with our preps, but am planning out this years garden as well.

              Good to hear from you, hope all is well with you too!

              God Bless,

              • Good to hear from you…hope your BOL works out well for you!

          • @ Norse Prepper. Nice to see you back. The Caribbean plate is very overdue for a near Japanese size mega quake on the eastern portion of it, it has been over 600 years. Like the Japanese earthquake these plates break in sections or most of it at once. The would send a good size tsunami on to the east coast of the U.S. especially Florida and the Carolinas. The 5.0 on the Northern Mid Atlantic Ridge yesterday had precursors to large earthquakes in Japan, Chile, the Philippines, Loyalty Islands, Kuril Islands and Alaska, but none to the Caribbean, yet the energy is directed in a line with the curve of the planet right at this quake tonight.

            Watch the Nazca and Cocos plates as these are what affect the area in the eastern Caribbean more than the South American plate and the African plates do. This would be a very large earthquake in the Panama region to Costa Rica as a possible precursor to the eastern Caribbean plate going. Also if there was a very large earthquake on the southern Mid Atlantic Ridge would point to danger on the east Caribbean plate.

            If such an earthquake got above 8.8 or so, there could be the same dynamic overshoot that occurred in Japan and Indonesia that lifted up more shallow sea floor. If this happens, especially if the earthquake was very shallow, there could be a 30 foot tsunami rather than a 15-20 foot tsnuami impacting the south east coast of the U.S. Still no one is prepared for even a 10 foot tsunami. This happening during a packed beach day would be catastrophic as people would not likely recognize the classic tsunami signatures before it would come in.

            • Hey BI. Thanks for all the info. See my response to Braveheart above for my going ons of late.

              I’ve read over the years your thoughts on a tsunami warning system for the east coast. It’s amazing that we have no such thing in place.

              Hey…why is the ocean going out to sea? Hmmm….check out that shell!!

              That last statement reminds me of the way people have their heads stuck in the sand when looking at the economy. $17 trillion in debt with $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities. Endless printing of fiat based solely on the full faith and credit of the US government. More people than ever on government assistance. 90+ million out of work. Police forces around the nation arming themselves up military style. Billions of rounds of hollow point ammo being purchased by DHS.

              I think the ocean has receded out to sea. Hmmm…check out the stock market! Happy days!!!

              I can’t wait for next Sunday when 70 million people will get jumping and screaming excited when they watch a guy run over a stripe with a ball…and they call preppers weird?

              OK…just fell off my soap box.

              Thanks for the updates BI!

              God Bless,

              • @ Norse Prepper. Everyone misses you here. I think you are the only one that doesn’t have a personal troll after them. I am working on something in the coming days that I think everyone might like that is more preparedness oriented to what is coming. Will see if Mac likes it first of course.

                It is incredible just how people don’t learn from past disasters to prepare. An early warning tsunami system geared into the hurricane warning system could be used to warn people WHEN the Caribbean plate lets loose. Just like the Indian Ocean catastrophe, such a system could have saved tens of thousands of lives. It is that idiotic Canary Islands myth that has people thinking the Atlantic Ocean is safe. A tsunami could be on top of people within 2-3 hours of such a mega thrust break. Just like in Japan, faults do break the length of the fault sometimes, more often than people realize.

                If not a tsunami, people still don’t learn that it WILL happen to them eventually. California for one thing is not prepared at all for hurricanes. Yet back before 1800 the California cold current was not as strong and the water was warmer which meant that hurricanes went further north. Disable the California current that makes the water 70 during the summer, and California is at the same latitude as South Carolina, would have ocean temperatures rise a lot. Get a strong El Nino and you could easily have a Category 4 or 5 hit them. Of course this will “never happen”. How people fail to learn from history.

                Wild fires are something else that the moist southeast is not prepared for. Yet drought showed how people did not know what to do with fires in the region. IF the Gulf Stream shut down or turned instead east at around Brazil the southeast would dry up and experience the desert and semi arid climates at around 30 degrees away from the equator as air normally sinks and compresses at this latitude.

                People never even think about what to do when there area is blasted with something that doesn’t occur too often. It however does occur in the past. Emergency planning is not even talking about it like it is impossible and won’t happen in 1000 years. Yeah, look at all the 1000 and 5000 year floods that have been happening recently. maddening isn’t it how people are so naive and ostrich like isn’t it. Anyway nice to hear from you again.

      49. I was looking over my notes and before the Haiti earthquake the exact same spot in the South Indian Ocean was hit that had a 5.0 on Jan.6. This same spot showed tension building up on the Caribbean plate and thus a major earthquake hits 6 days later on it. I was getting worried about the reliability of this earthquake forecasting system as the past major earthquakes have been delayed a little. The Jan.11 was one day late, but only a couple of degrees off from one of the targets stated back on Dec. 30 on the Going Under article. The magnitude was .2 lower than forecasted. Still, it does show that major earthquakes can be predicted suing precursor earthquakes on outer plate boundaries.

        Further precursor earthquakes will narrow down the next major earthquakes coming. Still watch for the Nazca plate and Cocos plate big time, from Mexico 20 degrees north to South Chile, the northern Pacific plate from north Central Japan to Kuril Islands, from the Bering Sea to Kodiak Island, Alaska, northern Australian plate with especially New Guniea to Tonga, inclusding New Zealand and the Kermadec Islands, Indonesia to India/China and Mynamar still, and even Taiwan. Other areas may come into play as new precursor earthquakes hit.

        • And moderately shallow at 28 km. Substantial swarm afterwards.

          • @ maudy fricket. New precursor earthquake on the S.W. Indian Ridge. This means more major earthquakes coming. Before I give a definite date, I would like to see a couple of more precursor earthquakes to home in on the target areas. This one seems to be focusing its energy back from the same spots as the other precursor earthquakes. From Japan, the northern Australian plate that includes Pakistan all the way to Tonga and Samoa, the Nazca and Cocos plates that are Central America and South America, and the northern Pacific plate that is extended beyond Kodiak Island down to Vancouver Island that includes the Cascadia fault zone. I would say between now and Jan.28 an earthquake in the range of low 7 to mid 7 range, maybe a little larger. More outer plate earthquakes will give a better picture in the coming days.

      50. There is but one word to me that means life or death WATER! If you have control of water you control the wealth of your PM’s and a lot of other basic things that are needed. Water is where it’s at. My thought’s.

      51. I used to live in the foothills of the delta. those in the bottom lands and nearby cannott grow a garden. The Herbicides that are sprayed by crop dusters on the rice & other crops kills the gardens. Now the goverment could very easily do the same to anyones garden anyplace on the planet.

      52. Isn’t it amazing how someone like Chris Christie is “caught” doing things illegal and these scandals will likely take him down. Yet BO gets away with everything from NSA to Bengazi to BO care to the abuse of Executive Orders. I think fat so has a lot of problems but he is not BO, and much of this figures because he is the only real challenge to Hilary in 2016. The next target on BO’s list would likely be Rand Paul because people listen to him like his father. Of course BO has no plans to not be an emperor in 2016. It just sucks the way certain people have total diplomatic immunity no matter what they do. While others get nailed on real or trumped up charges that pale in comparison to what others get away with again and again.

        • BI: Check out the U Tube I just posted about Bengazi.

        • Christie doesn’t have a death squad with poison darts causing heart attacks ready to eliminate every enemy.
          Guess who does???

        • Informed,lets not forget my favorite,F&F!

        • @ Old Vet. True, so freaking true videos. Yet BO gets away with it and so does his “loyalists”. Reminds me a lot of the Star Wars grab to power that Sidous had in Episodes 1 through 3. We just need a nice false flag war to really get things rolling. BO must secrectly try on crowns to which one looks the best when he thinks he will become king of the world. God, this country and world are screwed up. A couple of generations ago BO would have been at least impeached, possibly serving a prison sentence.

      53. When the trashing of Hilary Clinton starts in earnest and the MSM has a cow; the answer should be WHAT DOSE IT MATTER.

        • “What difference at this point does it make?”

      54. Sure is a BLAH morning.

      55. little known fact, Walmart is the largest gold dealer in the world.

        • What? Please explain…

      56. I’ll bet most can not wait till the elections get here.
        Not that it means anything to me as I am not going to vote. Christie stepped on his dick and the elections will become a circus. Boy,I can’t wait. Maybe they will bring another “Hot Shot” out of the closet. One thing for sure they will try like hell to hold the house of cards together. Put everything off till after the elections for the final power grab.
        Even then, the items that should be addressed will never be addressed because it admits Failure.
        Instead of kicking the can, we should be kicking some ass.
        Go back to sleep America. That is what you want.

      57. BeInformed: Do you know anything about this? This is a comment from another site….


        Does this make sense with your data? I can’t find the “detailed weather watcher’s” report.


      58. Wow! …the lies the the lamestream just continue. Its all about the banksters and the complete takeover of the world. Even when they fail they attempt to make it look like success.

      59. Hummm, Brought to you by Daniel from the duo that used to be with National Inflation ASS NIA. HUmmmmmmmm G4T George4title AKA George Hemminger and Ledbed penny stock scammer pro. He has been pumping these miner stocks for about 18 months. I call BS. Stay away from these guys. This page should be ashamed and considered a scam for even endorsing such BS.

      60. A very strong and shallow earthquake that struck early Monday morning off Puerto Rico’s north coast jolted the Louisiana sinkhole area.

        A Louisiana chemical sinkhole swallowing part of Assumption Parish, showed seismic activity around the time a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck at sea off Puerto Rico’s north coast at a shallow depth of less than 30 km early Monday, according to the US Geological Survey.

      61. Interesting calculation: It is estimated that there are only 5.6 billion troy ounces of gold “above ground” currently (Wiki). At $1,300 per ounce that is 7.2 Trillion US dollars.

        The world uses ~85 million barrels of oil per day, at $100 per barrel that means 8.5 Billion dollars per day or 3.1 Trillion dollars per year.

        Buying oil with gold means you run out of gold in 2.3 years and then the oil producers have all the gold.

        Gold mining extracts about 50 million troy ounces per year which is ~65 billion dollars. This could buy only 650 million barrels of oil per year, barely a weeks supply of oil for the world.


        Yeah…. fuck dividends, fuck interest.
        I’ll take a safe full of silver that Obama and his commie ilk cannot find to tax to nationalize.

        You see all the cell phone zombies…. yep…there’s trace amounts of silver in there….

        The final thing…

        At old age… imagine being wiped out by an economic collapse of paper.

        I’ll be a little old man and sleep well with Gods money..knowing some 29 year old wall st. punk cannot fuck with it.

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