Urgent Warning From Top CEO: “We’re Getting Very Close To Armageddon Here”

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    Keith Neumeyer is well known for his unabashed criticisms of government and central banks, having recently highlighted that the entire precious metals market space has been infiltrated by a small concentration of players who are manipulating the market. As the Chief Executive of First Majestic Silver, one of Canada’s hottest publicly traded companies, and the Chairman of mineral bank First Mining Finance, he pulls no punches in his most recent interview with TF Metals Report in which he destroys the notion that the Federal Reserve is looking out for the best interests of the average investor and warns that the rampant market intervention in which they are involved will soon lead to serious disruptions to financial markets and the global monetary system.

    Quite honestly, if I were part of government I would tell these Fed governors to shut their mouths. I would make it part of their job description that they aren’t even allowed to discuss anything openly with anyone publicly… They all want to become movie stars… they just can’t get out of their own way… every one of these governors tells a different story… whatever they feel like saying at the time… and none of the stuff that comes out of their mouth is reality. They’re just a bunch of academics… they’re not part of the real world… they’ve never had a real job in their life…

    They think that what they’re doing is actually helpful for humanity… but really what they’re doing is just hurting everyone.

    Full interview with Keith Neumeyer:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    They’re not letting the markets actually be markets… I’ve never seen the government or the central banks so involved in the markets as they are today… these politicians and bureaucrats actually think they have the authority to manipulate the markets on behalf of the people… yet they are hurting the people…

    I think the entire system has to be dismantled and we have to start over again…

    Can you imagine negative interest rates in North America?

    There’d be riots in the streets if that happens… The long bond is hitting new lows as we speak.

    We’re getting really close to Armageddon here. It’s going to be absolutely nuts. 

    To any impartial observer who has no ties to The Fed, government or mainstream financial media, the writing is on the wall and the pain is undoubtedly coming.

    And when it does, Neumeyer says the only option is to be in hard assets. That’s why he has gone all-in through his company First Mining Finance with the acquisition of high value precious metals properties.

    You just have to be in precious metals. There really are no alternatives… gold, silver… you’ve gotta be all in as I am… it’s just the only place to be as far as I’m concerned.

    Neumeyer highlights the fact that large investors and even governments are actively adding to their precious metals positions in anticipation of a significant monetary event.

    They know that eventually all of the manipulations will be exposed for the fraud they are. When that happens, look for a total detonation of financial markets and traditional investments like stocks, bonds and real estate.

    The only thing that will survive such an event, according to Neuymeyer, will be those historical relics of last resort and the only true money during times of extreme crisis – gold and silver.


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      1. He’s right. Nothing these bankers and politicians say is based in reality. The whole f*cking thing is a sham.

        We will pay a heavy price as a nation for the lies they spew and for the general indifference and apathy of the public in letting this continue.

        • This guy is just peddling silver hoping to make a buck.

          • Anytime someone tells me there are no other options (except the product they’re selling, PM’s) I know it’s a scam. For starters, let’s ask the people of Venezuela if today they would like to have a pound of gold, or the equivalent bolivar amount in food stored in their pantry. Pretty much shows the one sidedness of this guys weekly sales pitch.

            • I agree with you Wilson.

              • you are so right better be storing up on food,water,ammo!! I’m 64 and been doing this for about 15 years and your the ones that woke me up to the fact of how bad things really are! everyday people don’t have a chance in hell because they don’t know what’s really happing ! all I can say is lord help us all.

                • Doesn’t anyone else see a serious conflict of interest with a Silver CEO calling for a rise in silver……….DUH!!!

                  • Agreed, plus I don’t have the money to invest heavily in precious metals and don’t know too many people who have a large amount of funds just lying around.

                • Most of them chose that, they chose to ignore what is going on, say “I cant do anything about it so why worry about it”
                  I have peeps like this in my life, is going to be interesting cause im not giving free rides,

                • We’ve been preparing for years, as well, and have tried to warn family members and friends that things are not going well. We’ve been met with every emotion from hostility to indifference so have quit trying to convince anyone. It’s also better to shut up and hope the people you talked to in the past forget you said anything. Sites like SHTF Plan woke us up and we’re much more aware than most neighbors and friends. This could be a problem.

                  • I know exactly where your coming from. Lead a horse to water and…….

              • wilson makes a lot of sense when you don’t stop and THINK about it.

                • Mmm, no. Wilson made a low info, half-assed point, nothing more.

                  ” let’s ask the people of Venezuela if today they would like to have a pound of gold, or the equivalent bolivar amount in food stored in their pantry.”

                  Since they cannot obtain that much food legally, and their currency is hyperinflationary worthless, the pound of gold could be easily used to obtain the food thru the black markets, which are rampant.

                  • re-read my previous sarcastic remark, please.

            • A name such as “Neumeyer” won’t betray his tribal masters in the federal reserve. These parasites are expert at fooling people but each and every day the people are waking up until we see dancing bodies on the trees.

            • You couldn’t be more wrong. There are stores in Venezuela for those that have money (not the poor) and they are packed with food and supplies. Just another case of haves and have nots. If you have bullion, you’re a have.

            • Ya, Ask them, but don’t forget it’s illegal to have that much food. The Gov takes it. Remember you cannot go anywhere and take it with you, Remember you cannot Buy anything from a store with it. Nor can you bury it, you need a house to store it. It gets old. I’ve got two years of food, but I’m darn happy to have some gold and silver. Feel free to be stupid.

              • I read that the only place that has food is the black market . And they don’t take cash ..only gold silver ? It seems to make sense . Would you or anyone want Venezuelan dollars?

            • Wilson

              The individual in Venezuela could get himself out of that hell hole with that pound of gold. Food stored in a pantry will eventually run out and they’ll still be in Venezuela.

              • Agreed K2 – sure you want food and weapons – but no one knows what the ‘S’ in SHTF will look like. It could be that your best (or only) hope is to get outta Dodge – and gold may be what you need to do it.

                • NorseMan, I beg your pardon, but we do know what the “S” in SHTF looks like, its Schumer as in a Senator from New York, Chuck Schumer. Trekker Out.

              • i SUSPECT you could get out of there with an OUNCE of gold.

                • It would be wise to have a route planned before hand with some stashed here and there as one robbery or police officer confiscating what you have is likely too.

                  This works if your in Venezuela. if it goes down in the USA Mexico isn’t an option and Canada is cold and harsh as hell. The best you could hope for is to flee to a better part of the US.

                • It would be wise to have a route planned before hand with some stashed here and there as one robbery or police officer confiscating what you have is likely too.

                  This works if your in Venezuela. If it goes down in the USA Mexico isn’t an option and Canada is cold and harsh as hell. The best you could hope for is to flee to a better part of the US if there is a better part than where you are.

            • Agreed.

            • You are missing the point. No one thinks you can eat PM. Venezuela is not the US. They are sitting on the largest oil reserves on the planet. And they are starving. Think about that. Why?
              Its a US operation to get rid of the regime to place a more compliant “leader” in Moduro’s place. Duh! Where have you been?
              This is now old school. There are lots of people in the country who are doing quite well. They have Elite too. They put their money into PM because that’s what the smart rich people do. They wait till the collapse and then come in and buy the assets for pennies on the dollar. They have been doing this for decades. Wake up. Geeze!!

            • he is not selling silver, he is selling stocks in silver producing company.

          • MUST buy metal! Oh and BTW, I just happen to sell metal.

            • You mean you guys aren’t “ALL IN” ??? LMAO !!! 🙂

        • This Is What Happened in 2003 When Sweden Was Voting on Whether to Adopt the Euro

          In 2003 Anna Lindh pro EU Swedish foreign minister was stabbed and killed just days before Sweden was set to vote on adopting the euro

          After she died, they cancelled campaigning “out of respect”.

          Here’s CNBC on the “similarities”:
          The fatal attack on a pro-European British lawmaker just a week ahead of the key Brexit referendum vote has shaken politicians and voters across the U.K.

          While this is the first time in nearly a quarter of a century that a U.K. politician has been murdered, the case bears startling similarities to the assassination 13 years ago in Sweden of pro-EU Anna Lindh.

          Days before Sweden would vote on whether to join the euro in 2003, a 46-year-old lead campaigner for Sweden’s to adopt the euro was stabbed while shopping in a Stockholm department store.
          She had been shopping for clothes for a euro zone debate scheduled that evening.
          The next day, on September 11, Social Democratic foreign minister Lindh died from her injuries.

          Both sides of the Swedish political campaign suspended their activities following the news, with TV ads campaigns cancelled and billboard and print media ads withdrawn.

          On the following Sunday, Swedes rejected proposals to adopt the common currency.

          Back in Britain, the death of Labour member of parliament (MP) Jo Cox has set a similarly solemn tone around the otherwise raucous Brexit debate.

          The 41-year-old was shot in the small town of Birstall in the north of England while on her way to meet with constituents in a nearby library Thursday afternoon.

          The attack on Lindh was carried out by “lone nut” Mijailo Mijailovic who claimed he hated politicians and was high on the hypnotic drug Flunitrazepam.

          British police arrested 52-year-old “lone nut” Tommy Mair for the attack on Cox.

        • All true, but all old news for sure. I saw this on ZH as well a few days ago and it has nothing new that has not been known for years. And that is not unusual these days on the internet.Last weeks events were far more revealing of where we are headed and how whacked our gov is.

          I too am repulsed by the apathy and laziness of the American people on many fronts and events. But that is noting new either !

      2. America is not sovereign….Bank of England is the ruler.

        • ponomo….. Someone has studded his / her history. Well said.

        • Bank of (((England)))

        • Ponono. Nope. The Bank of England is not the ruler. It is the combination of the worlds central banker’s, banksters, the political elite, the MSM, unions and crony capitalist all joined as one to get their piece of the socialist pie before we get the crumbs.

          The writer had a well scripted description of the Fed governors and manipulated markets. However there is no way that premise can be used to jump to Armageddon and the catch phrase “…PM’s save all…”.

          Socialism has decayed our world for years. We are all like the slowly boiled alive frog in this system. Anyone with the time to review socialism’s history knows the system dies from feeding on itself. Those of us who prep do so because we have no idea in the next 10 years what kind of blips our domestic and decaying world system will produce in our back yards.

          A simple example of risk is search for the page world-debt-clock (at US debt clock) for debt ratios over 100%. It could be Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, France, England or even Australia where the next debt crisis starts.

      3. If the fakey money based markets are being manipulated, why would you think the precious metals markets weren’t being manipulated also?
        I see rich Chinese buying Vineyards in France. Russians investing in American Uranium mines. Chinese buying big American ranches. The world’s rich investing in land. The world’s stupid are throwing money into overpriced equities markets.
        Stock up on the basics, I’m going to go pick some papaya for my cattle to eat. Happy father’s day!

        • Relik,
          Does papaya have the same effect on a cow as it does a human? That is to say a natural laxative.

          • Never noticed, but it does make you a friend. Happy cattle are easier to handle than un-happy cattle. My cattle are grass fed, healthy, happy, and demanding( old beer, apples, and papaya).

            • One of my folks friends in Kohala used to ging a bell and all her cows would come running, was great, kinda scary when your 10 and see all these cows running full tilt for the fence, but cool and a relief when they all stopped in a line at the feed trough,,,,

        • “R”
          You have a point on the land. The Wife and I bought 100 ac. ten years ago for $52,000.00. Just paid it off two years ago. Now worth $150,000.00. Just saying.
          Thanks for the Fathers day wishes.

          • Ace in the whole,they don’t make no more dirt!
            Maniac –out

      4. Precious Metals daily fix …..right from the BOE.

      5. So you invest in gold and silver and the floor falls out on the gold. You paid $1300 an oz and after the market collapse it’s worth $300. You got fucked folks there is no get rich scheme that’s designed to pay you. Money goes where money is. Why is that so hard to understand. Casinos weren’t built to pay you. They’d be out of business if this were the case. The less gamblers the less winners and I’ve never known anyone to get rich at casinos. Market is all speculation with other people’s $. We are living in the too big to fail age. Bailouts for failing banks at our expense. It’s not like gold holds it value. The spot price can go down. It’s manipulated even if it’s in your possession. You cannot eat it. It can’t be used for defense. It won’t do the labor for you. The greatest investment is your health knowledge and supplies on hand. Self reliance has to be in your plans and you need to be healthy and know how to do things on your own. There is no easy $ only hard earned.

        • we got all that shit ALREADY….and we got some extra money, and we need to be mobile…..where do YOU have money stored, if not into REAL money(gold)?….is it in a bank? you don’t HAVE any extra money, DO you? don’t diss gold just because you can’t afford it. SOME of MY hard-earned money is in GOLD, and i make no appologies for it, and i sure as hell don’t worry about gold going to 300 an ounce….if THAT happens, we got a LOT more to worry about. ..and THAT’s when my OTHER investments come in to save me…if i had listened to my SMART mentor 35 years ago, i would be a LOT better off financialy…?HIS mistake was not EDUCATING me as to WHY it’s worth owning(inflation). in fact i told my best friend just that a month or two ago….i make damn sure MY kids know what P/M’s are all about. i pound the table often on owning some to the yunksters.

          • Buttcrack totally agree have what I can not enough.Known people escaped countries with gold to make a new start here saved their ass!Stack pack do what you can,and pray
            Maniac –out

          • I know if i HAD any cash i ould definitely turn it into silver or gold coins, but thats the one downside of stepping away from the system,,, just getting by with enough to cover expenses, anything extra goes into other useful or needed goods

            • Agreed, again. We have worked hard and have no debt, but we also don’t have lots of free cash. At our age, we probably won’t ever have enough to “invest” in gold or silver. This may or may not be bad. The government probably has a really good idea who is holding PMs, which makes these people vulnerable to theft and other crimes. What we do have can’t be taken from us “legally” as long as we can pay taxes, and I think we’re too poor to cause much interest. We’ll be okay if we’re just left alone.

      6. When will the short number of 4 become commented?

      7. to quote the above article (x2): “There’d be riots in the streets if that happens…”; “…You just have to be in precious metals. There really are no alternatives… gold, silver…”

        Put the two together friends. Invest heavily in brass and lead.

        • They will put you on the no fly list or terror watch list and you loose all your rights if they don’t like you.

      8. The “Daily Fix” by the Bank of England for precious metals….America ….Goldman Sachs ….and too many other pimps such as Goldman.

      9. Goldman Sachs and other NY &%$# are the daily fix.

      10. Cattles are more useful than Llamas…taste better too.

      11. Yes there is a alternative to the so called precious metals. Its canned goods food weapons ammo. land livestock tools ,fuel ect. The Lone Ranger owed a silver mine. And he used his silver to make bulletts!

        • Agreed! I had invested in silver and although I still have it, I stopped buying it. Can’t eat silver or gold. I have enough to barter, but my money is now invested in longterm food, canned goods, ammo, fuel, generators (solar and gas) and a good hand well pump and a few other (lots actually) items that will probably not be available at any cost, silver gold or dollars in the near future.

        • From one old guy to the next, I like everything you say Old Guy.

      12. Where to start?

        “Can you imagine negative interest rates in North America?”
        “There’d be riots in the streets if that happens…”

        Middle class Americans don’t riot in the street because their investments took a dump. A ghetto thug will kill over $5.

        What is the root cause if you summed it up? What was the cause that makes it all possible? John Maynard Keynes with the idea that money / currency has no fixed value, no base of foundation and its to be managed by the greedy and dishonest and expect stability and longevity. Its a make believe concept more akin to Santa and the Tooth Fairy. It has just enough veneer of scientific economics to make the uneducated think, “That might work” when common sense shouts loud and clear, “Sooner or later this will be a disaster”.

      13. Why does Neumeyer even give credibility to a illegal federal reserve and more troubling why does he advocate keeping secrets from the American Citizen?
        The solution is to end the Fed.,end lobbyist who promote illegal financial schemes in their own interest. Revert to the gold standard, all sovereign currency to be under the Treasury.

        Live Free or Die…end the Fed, hang the traitors, prohibit foreign ownership of our land!

      14. “What, me worry?”
        I love the sound of a tin can being kicked down the street.

      15. “Her baby is asleep. Now watch what the puppy does.” You people don’t think Mac is about the dollar?

        • how the fuck would he keep the site up without advertiseing/money coming in

        • Anon. your a dumba$$ I hope he does it takes money to run this site !It takes money to prep wish I had more!Think before you hit the send button.OR GO AWAY
          Maniac –out
          Thanks Mac!

      16. …The markets are manipulated?? No way. I’m Flabbergasted. How could that be? Let’s look at the historical record.

        For thousands of years bandits have been commiting highway robbery. Shocking, I know. These same bandits pirated the seas covering their identities with long hair, earrings in one ear, and a patch over one eye. Illuminati goes back further than Adam Wiseap.

        Enter the anti-Christ, Rothschild. His plan for world power through his inbred cousin marriages produced more greedy sociopathic offspring whose identities are often hidden through extra-marital liaisons. Wars are created. Hitler’s mother worked for a Rothschild. Hitler was financed by NY “business” millionaires. Just as they financed Stalin. Hanky panky. They sunk the Titanic, they tricked the people into accepting their money printing monopoly and had the nerve to call it federal when it was private.

        Should we start over. Sure. But not until the criminals are CFT. (cuffed). ?.

        • Listen to Hitlers speach about the international bankers . He warned us and tried to resist them . Look wear it got him and his people . Do you think we could beat them if he couldn’t . He tried to beat the bolshavics. They won and now look what we have . Soddom and Gomorrah ? Do you think Hitler would of allowed this? Only the messiah can give us victory. We just have to be ready when he gets here.

        • God called them the synagogue of Satan. Jesus called them the children of Satan. Hitler said God and Jesus were right.

      17. Right now we are just making the pile bigger. Added to the can goods and freezer this week.

      18. The real question here is:
        Where did we as humanity originate???

        Slow night, but who knows the ‘true truth?’

        Be well all….

        • eppe, A friend said recently man originated in the Rift Valley in Africa…me, Orange County, Calif.

          • Ketchup, my mind is open to alternative views on everything.
            Will we ever know the true thruth???
            Be well all…

        • I myself started as the glint in the milkman’s eye.

        • eppe.
          Not where but when.
          When we became self aware.

          • I think around 3 yrs of age.

        • Got 40 minutes to see what Jim Rogers is saying?
          Very interesting…
          You will be surprised to know he thinks like us here at the plan…

          ht tp://jimrogers1.blogspot.com/

      19. In other words B from CA. They Phucked us good, and now they are running for the hills and DUMBS.. they are evacuating.. we will left on the surface to survive. We will have adapt..

        Read Albert spike, tells it best..


        • HCKS…we will adapt and be more formidable than the ever thought…and will never let them out of their DUMBS.

          Live Free or die…because DUMB people are scary

      20. Bad news, the minute savings accounts dropped below 3% we were already in NIRP land, in terms of real inflation.

      21. Is this Neumeyer related to Snyder by chance?

      22. And it has never been plainer to AMERICANS that our system of government has been totally infiltrated & taken over by a fifth column.
        Listen to the Judge Jeanine monologue above (Thanks Boyo)for plain speaking about this.
        A former assistant director of the FBI states the obvious if you listen @ about 6:08 in the above clip.

        Their aim was always to weaken this nation – destroy the command structure and effectiveness of the military; control LE’s; destroy the economic engine that made this country the superpower it was. Every word from the establishment is pure propaganda now.

        Shout out to the NSA goons reading the comments at sites like this – hope you enjoy being part of the treason that has destroyed the nation.
        Just remember – you were either a willing party or a gutless coward being part of this BS.

        I am pissed.
        GR out

        • Right on GR,,,

      23. Anyone seen or heard Putin’s speech today?

        • Yep. Recorded all 22 +/- minutes of what was originally a 90 minute “take” ….anything of importance was ‘totally cut’ from his speech (more like an interview HIGHLY controlled), and all that was left for The USA people to see was worthless shit “rigged” to make it appear (to Americans) that “nothing is remotely amiss” and all is well. In short, what was aired was a ‘goat-fuck’ and was ‘rearranged’ (sequentially and with subliminals …play it all backwards) as just another “dupe” and ‘fuck you’ upon We The People. *In part of Putin’s ‘alleged’ words, Putin stated that America is the world’s ONLY “super-power” and other BS …so, the entire segment was total bullshit that marks the onset…

      24. “Neumeyer”

        That the same guy that was killed by his own troops in Vietnam from the movie Animal House?

        • That was Niedermeyer.

          • Close enough…

      25. Selling more PM’s? Ok I’ll bite. Only thing it is Brass and Lead.

        A.S.M.S. T.T.

      26. The clock is ticking. Big money players are making moves to protect themselves. We need to do the same.

        Unless you have money Worry about food first. Silver will lead the way

      27. You have money in the bank get it out,now!Buy what you need whatever it may be
        Maniac –out

      28. The fact remains that since 07/08 we have been stuck in the mud. No amount of whipping will make a dead horse move. Sure PM’s are good, but “to much of a good thing will kill ya.”
        The main thing to learn from all this is be ready when the music/manipulation stops, you best find a spot, have food, ammo, and have a plan. In all seriousness we are looking at a fate just like Japan,endless stagnation as things fall apart.

      29. Years ago in Vegas walked into a coin store and found silver at $4.50 an ounce, bought up $500 worth and put it away, hell haven’t taken it out of the safe in many a year.
        That said we have been inundated with buy this, buy that for how many years. In reality the best investments I’ve made was case after case of certain calibers when it was around $100 for a thousand rounds. Its all been vacuum seal and loaded in the magazines purchased for a lot less then now.
        Then went to various items of food storage that have extra long shelf life properly packaged. In organic wheat alone I made a deal with a local organic farmer when he wasn’t able to sell very high for a 50 gallon container food grade full of his wheat cost me $25. Hell didn’t think about getting older and that stuff is heavy (approximately 450lbs). Many other long lasting items were purchased along with water purifiers, grinders, etc.
        Point is the silver although it may help is a very short term position, it is the two G’s that are going to get me and mine through very rough times. When individuals put all their stock in one or two items and exclude those items which will save their lives as the days and months of hardship go on and on well good luck to them. I’m sure there are people in Venezuela right now with metal assets, however you can’t eat it and unless you are one of the very elite your metal is worthless and you are fighting to find food just to make it another day. Those in power right now can manipulate what ever they want and they do. Problem for them is that when the flare is fired and total hell breaks loose, they won’t be able to contain hell on earth, but those who are wise will be able to weather the storm. For those who haven’t started, tomorrow brings a new day and what you do can determine whether you live as a free man, or die and become soylent green for the scum bag evil of this world.
        Molon Labe

      30. Well yes

        “We’re Getting Very Close To Armageddon Here”

        Guns are flying of the shelves and gold/silver prices are looking like a dead cat bounce with all this horror being so close to hand.

        A tin of beans will one day be worth $2 million or one silver coin but you have to wait untill well after the crash to make a killing on gold/siver coins and buying minning stock, well thats just being silly.

        Seem to me that millions of slaves are scared of a few masters and the brown-coats that are all working for the local governments that will enforce any law you like for 30 bits of silver.

        Act like sheep, get treated like sheep i say

      31. It really doesn’t matter we are heading for full implementation of socialism. Hoard what supplies you can now. whether you have $ metals or investments it can all be manipulated. It’s not hard to see your buck not going as far these days. After a collapse your $ will be worthless when food is in short supply. People will kill you for a can of corn. $ won’t matter to the starving hordes. We are already experiancing a soft collapse. We are being told everything is fine the numbers are good. Bullshit I see more street corner beggars and unemployed than ever before. Believe all of what you see and none of what you hear.

      32. Stock up on ballistics
        You know dam well a fight is comin

        • Who is it we are going to fight exactly? I’m guessing our neighbors and marauding hordes.

      33. This is only if Obama gets his way.
        Trump Presidency means prosperity.
        Hillary means Yes the economy will collapse and the country will be no more.

      34. My vote for best comment so far is Grey Rider’s last paragraph. (formerly) good men who do nothing.

      35. Apparently, children playing outside your home is not safe anymore.

        Disgusting! ALL refugee resettlement needs to be HALTED immediately. These animals need to be sent back to their home country.

        Report: Three Syrian “Refugees” Rape Little Girl at Knifepoint in Idaho
        “The perpetrators were three Syrian youths aged 8, 10 and 13, with the oldest boy directing the assault.”

        “The 13-year-old reportedly told the younger boys to urinate on her because they were incapable of ejaculating.
        The victim’s grandmother found the victim and then called the girl’s mother, who called the police.

        The police took 2 and a half hours to arrive but were unable to take any action due to the “language barrier”.

        The “father reportedly congratulated his 13-year-old son. Video of the entire assault was captured on the boy’s cellphone.”

        ht tp://www.infowars.com/report-three-syrian-refugees-rape-little-girl-at-knifepoint-in-idaho/

        • Ky Mom.

          This is going to happen more and more and Americans are going to sit back and take it.

          The day we do not fear the law is the day blood will run in the streets.

          • Remember the kids faces on milk cartons that said have you seen me if they continue they may bring that back only they will all have refugee faces on them

          • please pray for all the children that are soon to be in this living hell… i am so concerned about my own grand children and what will become of them… today you cant trust anyone, what the hell is it going to be like when there is no control over all this scum that is walking free among all of us, don’t fool yourself because no matter where you live they are only a few minutes away.

      36. Remember, depth perception is the only difference between a brown nose and a shit head.

      37. No wonder shadow government stooge Oliar went to England to lie about Brexit. Can it be any clearer who calls his shots? Read: Who Killed Jo Cox? at veteranstoday. Britian will remain under the yoke of the murderers.

      38. https://act.nraila.org/takeaction.aspx?AlertID=270

        Several anti-gun U.S. Senators will be pushing amendments today, Monday, June 20th, to destroy your Second Amendment Rights!

        They’re blaming you, the NRA for the terrorist attack in Orlando and taking advantage of this tragedy to push their gun control agenda while emotions run high.
        They can’t blame Obama and his continued failed foreign policy and failure to keep us safe, so they’ve decided that law-abiding gun owners are the problem and gun control is the answer.

        We can’t let them succeed!

        The measures being pushed by Feinstein, Schumer, Murphy, and other anti-gun leaders are wide-ranging and taken from the same gun control playbook we’ve seen for years:

        · Requiring “universal” background checks by prohibiting private firearm transfers – a scheme only accomplished by implementing a federal gun registry

        · Banning semi-automatic rifles, the so-called “assault weapons” ban

        · Giving the Obama administration new authority to prohibit firearm sales to individuals on secret government blacklists without any due process

        · Making criminals out of gun owners who don’t report lost or stolen guns

        This is a gun control package that must be defeated. If they learn they can politicize tragedy and win, they’ll be back blaming law-abiding gun owners each time a criminal or terrorist attacks the innocent.

        They will continue to blame YOU unless we show them they can’t get away with it.

        Please contact your U.S. Senators immediately and let them know you oppose the Murphy amendment, the Feinstein amendment and any other gun control amendments. You can call your U.S. Senators at 202-224-3121 or click the “Take Action”.

      39. “Better to have unanswered questions than unquestioned answers.” – unknown

      40. ht tps://act.nraila.org/takeaction.aspx?AlertID=270

        EQ has given his ‘few’ a heads-up and thereby …..!POOF!

        Also, check !Ya ho o and Times Square (for one)…(good reason to steer clear)

      41. Not all bad Guys and Gals Your witnessing the very last efforts of a group of people whom are finished and trying desperatley to keep that boot down on humanity.

        They have had their day their tools of slavery and power, MONEY are done,
        Their Media/LIES false-flags are done.
        Their film industry of symbolism and psy-ops busted.
        Their Music industry symbolism psy-ops well and truly rumbled. Their Corporations of Planned obsolesence and greed done.
        Their little totarian tiptoes done.

        Always look on the bright side….. ta da, ta da ta da da da da.

      42. I once purchased gold and silver. It went up and I sold it, making a decent profit. In all the logic I could muster and analyze, I have never been able to justify ‘holding’gold and silver or any other hard metal to use when the SHTF. I have asked banker about the logic of holding. They could not give a common sense reply for the actual use of the material- until ‘after’the SHTF is over and the economy is re-established- they would have wealth-maybe. But, common sense tells me- no one will give a fly f..k about gold or silver when they are needing the basics- survival food, water etc. I would not give a gold coin worth $500 – $1500 for a gallon of water and not receive change in worthless paper. Whatever the purchase or use- valuable metals is not a survival exchange medium. Think ‘hard’ assets as hard bread, an axe, a shovel and 10 K rounds of your favorite ammo- those are hard assets!

      43. Reading some of the comments here amazes me, especially Wilson. Typical ‘troll’. Diversify, diversify, diversify! Cash, metals, food and lead. To put your eggs in one basket is not sound management. Wonder if ‘Wilson’ would have same comment if this article were written by and about food. Easy to come out from under the porch and ankle bite then run away, but actually taking heed of warnings in all areas is prudent.

        • Karen, taking heed and taking the necessary actions are two different things? One is thinking about it and the other is taking a specific action to do something about it. Time has come for the actions part .

          • This gives a much more complex explanation of my point and basic thesis of the current state of prepper sites and such events ! Some one mentioned uniting and I could not agree more. That should be the goal and the mindset as well as fitness and health. So that preparedness types are actually a force to be reckoned with and not a bunch of talkers and guys that can not run 100 yds without a heart attack or some such malady. There is a much better way and it all starts with each of us !


      44. Not saying Neumeyer is wrong…but I don’t see why we should think a CEO somehow has a line on the start of Armageddon!

      45. I guess I’m stupid but how would you “spend” silver or gold? I mean, when you spend cash money you get your change and go. How does this work? I’ve never any experience with this and I always wondered about it. Also, does anyone agree with keeping most of your money in a cash stash instead of the bank? I leave some in the bank but I’m really worried about it being in there. Should I get it out and stash with the rest?

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