10 Key Outcomes From War With Iran That Few Are Talking About

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    Editor’s Note: Just about every decade over the last century has seen a major conflict somewhere in the world, and in one way or another the United States has found itself closely involved. While it’s impossible for us to predict exactly what leaders in America, Israel, Russia, China and Europe will do in response to claims that Iran is building nuclear weapons of mass destruction,  from a preparedness and planning standpoint it is prudent to assume the worst. Israel has repeatedly called for the military option against Iran’s unabashed nuclear ambitions, all but confirming their plans for a first strike against the mid eastern nation.

    While Iran may be considered by many to be insignificant on the grand chessboard, it is anything but. We can look to history to see how quickly a seemingly peaceful and stable society can devolve into chaos. Royal Hungarian prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand may also have been considered insignificant in his day and relatively unknown to the majority of the world’s population. Yet his assassination in June of 1914 catalyzed a war that had been brewing among monarchical, political and financial circles for decades. Within a very short span of time nations were raising armies and men who had been working their fields just weeks before were marching to the front lines. Within six months battle lines had been drawn across the entire continent of Europe and millions of civilians and soldiers were dead.

    If history has proven anything, it’s that when the bombs start flying events become wholly unpredictable and those in charge can quickly lose control.

    In a world where nuclear weapons are on the table as a viable military option,  the consequences of large-scale war can very seriously impact not millions, but hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people – and it can literally happen overnight. 

    Events in the middle east are going to heat up over coming months and one morning we may very well wake up to find that Israeli and American forces took action against Iranian nuclear facilities. What happens after that is anyone’s guess. 

    In the following article Survivor Mike of The Home for Survival outlines ten potentially devastating outcomes that we should plan for in the event the mid-eastern/north African theater of war is further expanded to include one of the world’s top oil producing nations, and one that is capable of a crushing counter strike against U.S. forces with weapons systems acquired from Russia and China.

    10 Key Outcomes From War With Iran That Few Are Talking About
    by Survivor Mike 

    Lately we’ve been hearing about when the inevitable war with Iran will begin.  However, what is not widely reported is the type of consequences we’ll be dealing with after that war starts.  A huge part of prepping your SHTF plan is taking the time to think ahead a few steps to what is likely to occur.  Below are several consequences from an Iranian war that could impact your SHTF plan.

    1. Lack of Help from Europe

    The recession in Europe has been widely publicized in the mainstream media.  However, if war starts with Iran, how willing do you think these European nations will be to send troops to assist?  There is cost associated with that and many may not be in the position to incur that cost.  In addition, Iran supplies a great deal of oil to the countries in Europe.  Do you think Iran will continue to ship oil to countries that have committed troops to fight against them?

    2. Drop In Travel

    The likelihood that terrorist attacks would increase in a war time scenario is high.  Therefore, travel to vacation destinations would become very dangerous.  That, in turn, would negatively impact tourism for many countries that rely on it.  In addition, the high gas prices will deter people from traveling – which is being seen already.

    3. Gas Prices Rise (But More Than You Think)

    OK, this one is pretty obvious.  However, one consequence would be even higher gas prices than anticipated for a relatively obscure reason.  If you noticed during the spikes of the past, the difference between regular and premium gas had huge variations.  This is due to more folks moving from premium to regular for cost reasons.  That builds more uncertainty on the demand for premium.  The gas stations then need to price it more conservatively (higher) to ensure that swings in the market don’t have them selling at a loss.

    When prices begin to soar, folks will look to reduce the amount of driving they do and thus drive the demand for gas down.  This will result in uncertain demand for stations and they will need to price regular conservatively (higher) to assure their profits.  In addition, the wild swings in the market will also mandate them to have a bigger cushion in their prices.  Result: Even higher prices than anticipated.

    4. Terrorism At Home

    Anti-American (and likely anti-Israeli) sentiment will be at an all-time high.  Iranian migrants (legal or illegal) will be watching their homeland ravaged.  The more radical ones may decide that enough is enough and take matters in their own hands here in the US.  Even radical Islamists could come to Iran’s aid by causing havoc on American soil.  Safety will become a huge concern and businesses will suffer from it.

    5. Gold Rush

    Quite a bit has been written about gold spiking in the event of war with Iran.  That spike in gold will result in even more demand for gold as folks will look to get their hands on it.  Unfortunately, that demand will result in increased crime against jewelers and individuals.  Indian-Americans will be targeted as they have a tradition of owning and wearing their gold.  In India, having and wearing gold is a sign of prosperity and, for many, a means of savings vs. keeping money in banks.  Thieves will target them in search of gold.

    6. Who Steals Gas?

    As gas prices climb, people will become more desparate to get it. It’s already started in some areas.  “Pump and runs” have been on the rise (where people pump their gas and leave without paying.  People have been siphoning gas from parked cars to get their hands on the gas.  Some have even taken to drilling holes in fuel tanks and draining it into a bucket.  Desparation will increase and with it, tensions.

    7. Another Rebuilding?

    Assuming the US is victorious in Iran, there will be expectations for us to rebuild the country.  Who will be paying for this rebuilding as we did in Iraq?  Yes, the US taxpayers will foot the bill.  During the rebuild, don’t be surprised if the waste is similar to past efforts.

    8. Inflation On Steroids

    Many folks have been complaining about the rising price of food and other staples.  However, during an Iranian war and subsequent rise in gas prices, we can expect a serious spike in food prices.  Remember, gas is required to run the trucks that ship the food to the stores.  When that spikes, you will see things really get tough.

    9. Crime On The Rise

    Due to the items above, folks will be desparate to survive and feed their family.  People that would normally never consider breaking the law will have new incentive as they see their families’ struggling.  A desparate man is a dangerous thing.

    10. And What If We Can’t Win?

    Many just assume the US with Israel would win a war with Iran.  However, what if it becomes another Vietnam or Korea?  Who knows exactly what weapons Russia and China have sold to Iran.  Also, who knows how effective they will be against us.  What an unmitigated disaster it would be to be stuck in a long, drawn out war with a difficult opponent.  All this while 20% of the worlds’ oil is not flowing.

    A hot topic in the Republican debates has been being “tough” on Iran.  I have to say I agree with Dr. Ron Paul on this one.  We’ve already picked enough fights across the globe.  It’s not the time for our nation to be the world police – especially against an opponent with the resources of Iran.

    By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

    Visit The Home for Survival for news, analysis, and preparedness guidance.


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      1. What is this first thing about?

        • you’ll soon find out 😀

          • Giurza,

            You must have some experience from the “first” prize. 🙂

            • Wow, John Q. is at it again: The Jews have taken over Hollywood to poison our minds and now they are responsible for all of the wars in the 20th century. Not only is John’s paranoia deep, it’s wide too. Dude, you got to stop reading “Stormfront” and other Nazi/White Supremacist sites in your mom’s basement and get some fresh air once in awhile. Everything is not a conspiracy, Jewish or otherwise.

            • Iranians are not the banksters that have looted your nation. Iranians to do not send your children to die. Iranians have not attacked any nation in 300 years. Iranians are not your abortionists. Iranians are not your pornographers. Iranians are not your sex slavers. Iranians are not the leaders of homosexual “rights.” Iranians do not run your ACLU. Iranians do not run the “Russian” mafia. Iranians are not the ones who control the filth from H✡llyw✡✡d or the lies on your Talmudvision. Iranians are not the ones pushing gun prohibition. Iranians do not run your government to your own destruction.

              Who does do ALL that? Think clearly.

              Prosecute those guilty of crimes against humanity; leave the innocent alone.

          • My favorite “first” was…

            “FIRST BITCHES!” ha

            • Thank you!

            • “Never again!”

              “Chosen People” (Gavril Princeps and 4 of his 6 conspirators) started World War ONE—25 million died.

              “Chosen People” (the 1934 Declaration of War of World Jewry against Germany) started World War TWO—60 to 80 million died.

              “Chosen People” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, etc.), propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, etc.) exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, etc.), and mostly ran (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, etc.) Communism, their secret police (Dzhezhinsky, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, etc.), and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, etc.)—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

              The synagogue of Satan is responsible, directly and indirectly, for the murder of nearly a QUARTER BILLION PEOPLE in the 20th century.

              “Never again.”

            • Are the thumbs down because you hate that the Synagogue of Satan has started TWO WORLD WARS, ran genocidal Communism, and is trying to start a THIRD WORLD WAR? Or do you just hate to see the truth?

            • John Q. has left the reservation and gone rogue. You are conflating Jews with Liberals. Yes, many Jews are Liberals and many non-Jews are too. There are also a number of Conservative Jews who are as pro-gun as I am. You have a very rich fantasy/paranoia going on I and I would find it amusing if it were’nt so dangerous. I am an Endowment Member of the NRA (One step above Life-Member), I belong to a private gun club, I am former military (22 years active and reserve), and I am a retired LEO; and I find it scarry that someone like you has access to firearms. If you don’t get this rage under control soon, we’ll be reading about you when you snap, and you will snap. This kind of hatred doesn’t go away by itself.

            • @ Gregory8

              Am I supposed to love genocide, perversion, ‘preemptive’ war, and crimes against humanity simply because “Jews” (Apocalypse 3:9) are doing it?

              Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

        • This article made me think about the movie, “The Sum of all Fears”. Not a good thought.

        • Do I win a GMC Volt?

          • funny

        • About you dropping your pants when the jack-boots kick down your door and say “Drop em!”

      2. Look…i’m first…yay


        • it is!!!! LOL

        • The fun part is to see how upset people get about a joke and it’s like little kids being annoying. I come to see how many thumbs down now and LMAO at all the other negative comments. “Can’t we all just get along!”

          Keep having fun people!

          • Yeah it’s funny to see how bent out of shape people get about the “first” thing. If you don’t like it, thumbs down it and move on.

            • you should have seen how pissed a guy named “Man without a name” got a few days ago when i posted first. he got put in place though when i laid down the law. he sucks by the way.

      4. The elite need this war to drive up the price of oil, food and other commodities and force the end of the midfle class once and for all. Once the middle class is gone it will be that much easier to force a one world government and force servitude on those who are left. They know that hungry, desperate people will do just about anything to feed their kids. Ron Paul is the only one who gets it but the mainstream media shills for the elite, so he gets shut out. This is going to happen one way or the other. Our only hope is that true patriots stand up and take our country back.

        • ~ CJ ~

          You have it ‘spot-on’ amigo! The powers that be NEED to FIRST destroy the United States and her middle class before they can implement their coveted “One World Government”. This is their wildest ‘wet dream’ of all time. The bastards want ALL the marbles!!! And they won’t let any of the other kids play with them either.

          None of the young folks in our extended family will be responding in the affirmative to any draft notices or patriotic calls to enlist in the military in order to go and fight in Iran.

          God Bless & good luck to all.

          • MadMarkie..CJ

            Spot on!!!

            War with Iran and Syria will finish their mid east coup detat as a cover to finally implode the western world’s economies..

            Meanwhile.. the rest of Africa are next in their plans….

            get your preps ready..


          • MadMarkie-that’s strange.
            dh and I were just talking about that.
            He’s a VietNam vet and said he would have started with our little one at a young age(if we had one) informing him of the corrupt ideas behind nation building..
            By the time he became old enough to enlist, his mind would have been turned toward NOT fighting for the elite PTB.

          • Remember the manpower problems in Iraq? A war with Iran could easily bring back a draft. I would expect even less compliance than during the Viet Nam era.

        • “They know that hungry, desperate people will do just about anything to feed their kids. ”

          …including overthrowing the government.

          It’s the one hole in your theory, and history actually bears it out repeatedly: 1790’s France, 1950’s China, 1917 Russia, 1980’s/90’s Poland and East Germany all stand out (for good or ill) as examples of a hungry population rolling over or pushing out its government.

          Often the result gets a whole lot of people killed, including the (now-)former elites (see also the most recent revolutions in Romania, the massive bloodshed in China, etc). It also usually leads to even worse government, at least for awhile. There are very few instance where it doesn’t lead to bloodshed, and to the establishment of a new elite. There are fewer instances still where the old elite gets to keep their jobs as the new elite power-brokers.

          All it usually takes is for someone to want power for him/herself, or someone who can band together the suffering population for a cause – usually with promises of a better life.

          Either way, no government has been able to contain a population gone into full revolt – at least not for very long, and not without outside help.

          • My husband and I have had the very same thoughts / conversation. We’ve said if Congress had to send a member of their immediate family TO THE FRONT LINES every time they decide a military action is in order some place in the world, we’d have a very different result.
            Of course, when was the last time the president (this regime’s and the past ones) allowed Congress to have much say in where and when we go to war. . .

            Ron Paul 2012

          • History is also littered with accounts of unorganized forces being defeated by smaller armies that are organized. A fierce multiarmed body is no match against a well organized head. The American people are soft and used to easily getting what they want. Those who have previously been in the military can recall how rigorous boot camp was. It tested physical, mental and emotional strengths to push out the borders of what is possible AND to create a team mentality so that the unit could be stronger that the individuals. Just as a house divided can not stand, an “army” of citizens that are not organized, disciplined and headed will not triumph. That is the time tested truth.

            • Tactical or strategic? In straight-up combat or in overall war? Think carefully about the answers.

              There are a few instances where a smaller force has managed to effect *lasting* change over a larger one. The Roman XIII Legion getting ambushed in Germania was one instance, where Romans were spooked good and hard enough to stay the hell south of the Danube River for centuries.

              After that, examples are few and (very) hard to come by. I know you’re immediately going to say “Vietnam”, but even that isn’t entirely accurate, since there was no real commitment to fighting it on the US part in the first place, and a metric ton of commitment and materials by China and Russia to back up the NVA in the second. w/o that support from the USSR and China, Ho Chi Minh would have been a niche footnote at best, and his movement would have been dead before 1966 at the absolute latest.

              Examples of the larger force eventually throwing enough bodies and bullets at the problem and winning? Those are on the other hand quite plentiful… the Allies in WWII, The Allies in WWI, The US Army during the Indian Wars, The US Army during the Civil War, the Russians at practically any opponent, the Brits vs. Napoleon, The Romans vs. Everybody They Ever Faced, and etc.

              In order to gather and keep a larger army, you have to have enough organization about you to pull it off. Sure, you can get lucky and the opposing force loses its leadership, effectively handing you a permanent win. However, it’s going to be tough to do at best, impossible at worst. You usually don’t want to rely on it happening.

            • The Battle of Mirbat is a great example of organized, overpowering un-organized. In 1972, 9 SAS soldiers with 30 Omani Militia (limited involvement) defeated 250 plus, highly armed rebels.
              You can have all the firepower and numbers available in the world, but if you’re up against well trained, highly organized and well led soldiers in the field, then you aren’t garunteed to win the battle.
              There is a very old book, thats still around, written by a certain Chinese gent who went by the handle, Mister Sun Tzu. His quotes are every bit as relevant today as when he wrote his book “the art of war” long long ago.
              Three quotes come to mind.
              1. Never underestimate your enemy
              2. All war is based on deception and,
              3. Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of your opponents fate.

              I personally think that number 3 discribes current day China, Russia and Iran to a tee!!!

              There is no need for any war to ever be fought again, if only we have leadership and leaders across the board, working towards a greater human existence. Therefore, any war in our future can only be attributed to those who are currently in power today and their replacements.

            • you need to come down south. we can fight each other but a outsider trys it, EVERYONE has a common goal. defend america.

            • @ky survivor:

              I’m original from Arkansas. I also know of a general named Sherman that did one hell of a job carving his way through the CSA during the 1860’s.

              Speaking of that time period, Lee could out-maneuver and out-think pretty much everyone he came up against. The problem was that he didn’t have enough men and material to do anything more than to slow the inevitable.

              Now mind you I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I am saying that it has to be done intelligently, and that you must… MUST gain support of the population at large, else your enterprise goes up in a puff of vapor, even with a sheer incompetent running the opposing army.

            • Viet Nam

            • Watch and Wait; to a point you are correct. The problem is the latter part of 20th centry, wars fought by well trained armys, were stymed by guerrilla tactics. #3 does apply from the ‘art of war’. Presently, our military are doing alot of urban assault training with local law enforcements. I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating: the ptb are preparing more for the bigger cities and they’ll let rural areas wear themselves out fighting other groups before hitting/attacking rural America. If rural America ever organizes, to keep the battles in the cities, we can pin down their forces in the cities.
              The ptb are banking on rural America not organizing and coming to the aid of fellow citizens in the cities.

            • Remember your own history; the Americans v. British at Concord. Never say never. At the moment there are more of “us” than “them!”

        • Exactly right CJ.

          Some points on the article:

          1. Regarding oil supplies to Europe, the sanctions already set that up, but in response, Iran decided to implement a boycott right away, so that has already been done. (It’s killing Greece, btw.) However, the Chinese, Russians and Indians are buying Iranian crude using gold and their own gold-backed currencies. This is a crucial factor.

          2. Regarding gas prices and thefts, these things are already occurring, and would be happening without any conflict with Iran. I have put myself into a situation where I can now minimize my own gasoline consumption, and haven’t driven for days. That was a long-term process getting there, one all preppers should be working toward if possible.

          3. Re: Terrorism at Home: I suspect that – as CJ indicated – conflict here in the America is far more likely to come from patriots, than from incensed Iranians. When our government repeatedly acts contrary to the interests of American citizens, and in clear conflict with the demands of American citizens, that presents the greater threat to peace at home.

          4. Re: Another Rebuilding? Of course. That is part of the war racket. We (the American taxpayers) blow up everything at our expense, then we grant Bechtel and Halliburton exclusive licenses to go in and rebuild it all, at our expense, and the Iranians’ reparations costs are all “financed” by Goldman Sachs. Smedly Butler had this down. Eisenhower had this down. John Perkins has this down. The Romans had this down.

          5. And if we can’t win? Who is “we”? There are only a few select players who will win. (See my previous paragraph.) The Iranians don’t win. We citizens and our children don’t win. The taxpayer doesn’t win. The length or messiness of the war are only relevant to the question of whether the PTB can continue to keep the populations in check and to continue their GRAND THEFT without interference from such people as those who actually believe they have some authority over their government.


        • Uhhh….could you perhaps define “true patriot”. Thanx.

      5. The war with Iran is inevitable. It will probably just be bombs and not ground forces I hope. I susppect it has little to do with nukes and much to do with oil and kissing Israeli ass.

        • Please don’t confuse me (In God I trust) with In God We Trust. Big thumbs down from me, for more than one reason.

        • I completely agree. Isn’t everything about Israel?

        • @In God We Trust

          “the war with Iran is enevitable” and
          “it will probably be just bombs and not ground troops”

          If war is started on Iran and the US, NATO and the Israelis just bomb Iran continuously for weeks and months on end, I’m pretty damn sure, that it will piss 70 million Irainians off no end. Even if Russia and China DONT get involved, I’m pretty sure that a few weeks of all out “air war” on Iran would, from there view point be the very excuss THEY need to lash out and fight back. They might fight back to the last man/woman and child to defend THEIR homeland. But my point is, what would the cost, in lives and material, be on us? This particular war has the potential to make Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan look like Peace Keeping operations.
          In my opinion, a war on Iran has the potential to leave the middle east a smoldering heap of sand and you won’t ever have to complain at the price of gas afterwards. Because you’ll be too busy walking everywhere, cause there will be no gas to be had anywhere!!L
          So what’s the point?

          • If the Middle-East is a smoking ruin…I’m pretty sure we’ll be drilling here a home and using natural gas and coal as well as ethanol.

            America is not without it’s share of natural fuel resources.

            We just need an Administration that will cut/reduce our dependency on “FOREIGN” oil/fuel…

        • I’m not sure you are exactly right In God We Trust. The scenerios that I have seen regarding causes to effect the Third World War, and it would most likely be nuclear, are that it would START in the Middle East. It would be the fuse to start the chain reaction of events to cause just that. People seem to think that all nuclear weapons are targeted against are surface targets. That was ’50’s thinking.Use of tactical and strategic nuclear weapons today can be hi altitude, low altitude, surface , and sub surface bursts. In today’s world, a high altitude burst, which causes no fallout whatsoever, gives the most “bang for the buck” since it causes a large electro magnetic pulse wave.An explosion over mid america can effect almost everything coast to coast to For those that don’t know what that means, the grid and anything, including vehicles, with a computer chip would cease to work. No communications. No transportation. No way for stores to restock. No power. No real emergency services. On another note, some of the comments regarding WWI, WWII, Napoleon, and the Civil War were not exactly correct. In almost every war mentioned, the other side came within a hairsbreath of winning.For example, Had the US Army lost at Gettysburg, England would have backed the Confederacy and the Confederacy wold have won their independence. Had Napoleon won at Waterloo, the outcome of the War of 1815 would have been different. By the way, regarding Vietnam, Vietnam used to be a colony of the old Chinese Empire. They never forgot it so the so called support they got in Vietnam wasn’t what most people perceived it to be. The relations between the two countries wasn’t exactly amicable.

          • Old Soldier, stop the EMP handwringing. It will take down the grid, maybe for years but people that talk about it blowing microchips and things that aren’t connected to long line conductors just don’t understand the EMP process.

            Besides, do some handwringing about the grid going down. That will be enough piss in your cornflakes to make you head for the bunker. If it does blow the microchips (I’m certain it won’t but, no one REALLY knows until it happens) or it doesn’t really doesn’t matter all that much because we can’t run the microchips anyways without the grid. Without the grid, the USA is screwed.

            Just call it the USA Kill Switch. Boom! USA: dead. If that EMP blows the long line transmission equipment we are toast.

          • old soldier, Yep, one man disobaying an order on the little big top, changed the fate of millions at gettysberg. I forget if they(the union) executed him.

      6. There are a lot of things people aren’t talking about…. Although it does seem as if I’m hearing some whispers now days…

        • Even my dad, a staunch conservative and Vietnam vet (101st Airborn) was nodding in agreement with me this weekend when I spoke out against all our assorted wars against brown people over oil, and was even nodding when I said that I would be voting for Ron Paul in the primary, and that maybe Obama was a blessing in disguise, as we can start to see the govt. for what it is, after all the promises, rather than Hillary or McCain, who could pull off the sleight-of-hand better. Of course a president McCain would have signed the NDAA, but I wasn’t so much incredulous as much as confirmed in my suspicions when Obama signed it. My family loves to scrap with each other just for scrappin’s sake, but everyone around the table was in agreement over this. So you’re exactly right that there’s not so much talking as whispering going on nowadays.

      7. The ordinary man in America or the West has no axe to grind with the ordinary Iranian. Both want their kids to grow up healthy and happy and enough at the end of the month left over to buy the Missus a treat. Both want to exist in peace.

        Neither side wants to see their children die for a cause they get no benefit from, other than the successful entrapment and enslavement of any survivors. War is ugly.

        If our leaders want war so badly let them sacrifice their OWN sons to the front lines. Let them put their OWN lives on the line for their cause.

        • lonelonmum,

          Wise words.

          Our leaders and their sons, are not capable of handling a quarell with their wives.
          They are not capable of serving a simple duty during peace time.
          I wouldn’t expect from them, to play the role of a soldier; or die for a shity cause in some shit-whole 6,000 miles away from home.

          They have plenty of sheep to die for them.
          The only resistance is for all of us to say no to war; you, us, the Turks, the Iranians, the Koreans, or whoever.

          My best wishes

          • Manos, just a quick note to you. I have been reading your blogs for some time. I want you to know I very much appriciate all the info you give to us Americans. Please know I think and PRAY for you, your family and your country as a whole. I am saddened by your hardship (to say the very least) and I pray for a way out of the mess that we are ALL finding us in. Please take care and Ihope that I have half of the positive attitude that you do when it all hits. You are an inspiration to so many. We are starting to really see the America that we knew and loved dissapperar very fast. My “preps” are poor as our income has been eateen up with high costs of everyting. We were late into the prepping and just pray we will be OK and that God will assist us in a means to be prepared for whatever is coming this way. Again Manos THANK YOU and we truely do pray for you and yours.

            • Thanks justincase,

              I also pray for you all.
              The storm is coming to the good people of this planet.

              God bless you.

        • The problem with Iran, is not the people, but their extreme, religous zeolit, dictator. Achmedinajhad is like our leader, on steroids. His only passion, is to destroy Israel and America. He is the one who should be destroyed.

          • ~IGIt~


            Since you feel so strongly about protecting the synagogue of Satan….depart these shores soon & enlist in the IDF!!! Demand a short rotation thru GAZA, to hone your “mother/father & child-killing” skill sets…

            …..but be forewarned…try that shit w/ the Iranians & they’ll shoot you!

            • Sure, and while you are at it, I believe Russia’s Army, or Iran’s Guards are looking for some gunsmiths too. Can you fix an AK sport?

            • ~Zeke~

              You wouldn’t believe what I can do…dipshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Lonelonmum – Very wisely stated. You must have lived through a tour of duty to be wise to the waste of our government to accomplish so little for those that pay the true cost.

          The unbalance of cost/goals is as you have stated. The BS of politicians greed we all endure rather than having statesmen cautiously deciding the nation’s true needs balanced with the cost.

          This nation is currently void of sane & responsible leadership.

          Increasingly, I sense this November will be our last chance as a nation to change course before our glide path takes us in to the side of a step mountain.

        • http://www.pbase.com/dflynch/iran&page=all This is a link to alot of pictures of the iranian people. Different culture to be sure(looks like they got some beutiful ladies). Funny how we ONLY see pictures and film of extremists from our media. I wonder if THEY only see OUR extremes(redneck wedding,kkk members,priest burning corans in florida, and gang members exct.) This war WILL touch us all, probably in the form of a biological weapon. Thet are “cheap” and would be easily deployed with our 1,000’s of miles of undefended boarders. War is hell, I believe their leaders would reluctently (but would) use biological weapons against us, just like our leaders used the atomic bomb on japan, and the fire bombing of german cities that killed 100’s of thousands.

          • You mean we won’t get to watch this one on TV? We will have to LIVE it?

        • My Brother’s Son commanded a Firebase along the Iran/Iraq border for a year. Every night they had fire missions against Sniper teams and IED squads coming out of Iran. In the later part of the war, many of the IED’s that killed our guys were made in Iran. Iran thru terror and rocket attacks have killed countless people all over the Near East as well.

          My point is that the Iranian Government has just as much blood on their hands as ours does.

          • Yeah, agreed…maybe like Ron Paul says, we need to get the hell out of their country and leave them alone.
            They are surrounded on all sides by agression, usually this govts’ through this military.
            I, like most, do feel the Israeli regime is suckering us into more war and more killings for their enemies, not ours.
            One word..propaganda.

            • Sure, there are lots of Jews in Iran’s Republican Guards units.Hell, the whole country is crawling with them.

              Gunsmith, what else do the voices in your head say?

            • ~Kosher Zeke~

              Sorry heeb!!!
              Hear no voices…nor do I respect “YOUR” rabbis’ oral tradition script/lies……and I vehemently reject your tribe’s wretched “talmud” & I expose its vile satanic origins, to all who’ll listen. But like most of your fellow tribesman….you listen w/ your mouth….not your ears!

              OY Vey!!!! Der truth hurts doesn’t it, scumbag!!!! You’re busted….heeb! Nice try…….

            • LOL, you are “on a roll” Gunsmith and I like the size of the ball and the direction it is rolling. Damn, I hope it was “kosher” to say that.

          • Most of the rockets, motors, and other high explosive munitions being used by the Islamists are Chinese/Russian design, but Iranian built. They are part, a large part of the gamesmanship that is being played out in the middle east.

            We should have named the Towers Mecca and Medina!

        • Very true, lonelonmum.
          And it’s true for Iran as well as every other nation. It is NOT people who start wars, it’s governments.
          People just end up paying the price.
          I pray for world peace (as cliche as it sounds).
          I’ve seen war and I don’t recommend it.

        • I, for one, am tired of watching my family cycle through deployment after deployment. In 4 years my husband has been deployed to Afghanastan 3 times, not including TDYs. Enough is enough– institute a draft if all of these people want to go to war so badly. Ron Paul had it right– go to Congress, declare war, and institute a draft if you REALLY want war. Unfortunately, I have a 16 yo who would probably end up drafted, so I guess it never ends, does it? 🙁

      8. If there wasen’t any bad news there would be no news!

        • You are wrong, sorry.
          You probably never seen any other media, but US MSM.
          Though, I have to admit, other countries are getting infected by it.

      9. War with Iran, yep the idiots in control are making sure they ramp up the noise with their control of the MSN. We have Iran threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz. Eight miles wide at it’s narrowest point, but what they don’t tell you is that the super tankers have a draft of 47 feet, and that there is only a couple of channels deep enough to allow them transit. Easy to block the avenue when you sink a couple of tankers or an aircraft carrier or two. Now let’s see, with the Strait blocked, how will the oil from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and even Iran get through to the West???? Gas prices rising??????? How about no gas, which means no food. Let’s not even talk about mushroom clouds here in the USA as surreptitious terrorist activity will be guaranteed as Iran, China, and Russia collaborate. I am of the opinion that the magic nuclear option has already been passed to Iran via Pakistan. Talk of war with Iran is truly madness. Risk on.

      10. So,….How many wars will this “peace prize” winner get us into within his first term? wait and see.

        There is no “winning” any war

        • VRF said: “There is no “winning” any war”.

          Agreed. Bad peace is ALWAYS better than a good war. Because there is no such thing as a “good war”.
          I said it before, and was surprised how many disagreed, my only guess is they are clueless to what the war really is (hint: it not like Hollywood movies AT ALL, and we don’t always “win”).

      11. our involvement in a war with Iran is a simple matter of “Just War” vs “Pre-emptive War”… let them enrich uranium, let them develope missiles – since when are only a few of the “world’s powers” ALLOWED to possess such things…??? and who says others aren’t..??? the key in it all is if/when they’re used and against whom… to suggest that we – or any nation – has the right(now touted as “world obligation to safety”) to deny or militarily punish another nation for pursueing them is tantamount to international bullying.. i’ve always hated bullies because i was bullied when i was younger BUT the day came when i was able to withstand them and it was then that payback came – and it rained down like a firestorm of sulfur and brimstone… is that really what we want to do – instigate a retaliatory action that we could not possibly recover from…??? we, as a nation, need to wake up and realise that we’re not the only kids in the pool and learn to share better than we do… i have the attitude that is best reflected in Teddy Roosevelt’s quote: “talk softly but carry a big stick”… we’re raging like uncontrolled maniacal, self-centered paper-tigers…

        and beyond that, does such a backward and poorly led country scare us so badly that we feel the need to put it down without provocation..?? or is there an ulterior motive behind our sabre-rattling – like oil maybe and the probability that we would maintain an occupying force there too to “keep the flow of oil steady for the good of the world”…???? or maybe some would simply use this to push us ever closer to the shtf abyss so they can profit from our own demise – demise from internal tensions and the fact that we Americans are stretched about as tight as we can be already…

        have we not had enough of being the world’s police yet and have we not had enough of wars being waged for financial greed and sheer power misplaced under the guise of patriotism..????

        • I do not want war, but we cannot just roll over and let Iran walk over us. They are not your average country with good motives. If there is another way, let’s do it. More power to the Navy Seals.

          • Iran is not doing any thing to us. However, they do have some natural resources (oil,etc,) that we want. Therefore we have to come up with an excuse to start a fight with them. Let’s see, hey they are trying to create nukes! No way, we are the only ones allowed to have the X on nukes. Well hell, guess we’ll have to start some shit. We want what they got under their soil.

            Wars always have been and always will be the here,now and tomorrow. Man is a very destructive and selfish species. All through time man has fought wars over any excuse that he seems fit and it will never end, ever.

        • Iran is not a backward country. They have a large military and population, lots of oil, can make nuclear materials, a small navy and Air Force, and are full members of the new warsaw pact i.e. The SCO.

          They sent sniper teams to Iraq which killed our Sons and Daughters.They have been waging war against Isreal thru terror for at least a decade.
          Iran like North Korea is a puppet. China uses N.Korea to do their dirty work and the Russians uses Iran, much like we used muslim “Freedom Fighters” against them in the 1980’s.

          • May 27, 2010 Israel blocks humanitarian aid
            IDF vows to block ‘Freedom Flotilla’ aid convoy to Gaza by Barak Ravid, Anshel Pfeffer, and Jack Khoury, Haaretz, 5/29/2010
            Humanitarian Flotilla vs. Evil Navy by Gilad Atzmon

            May 30, 2010 Israeli commandos murder 16 unarmed peace activists, injure 50 more.
            Israeli Butchery at Sea by Gild Atzmon May 31, 2010

            the Israeli spin: Israeli soldiers, armed to the teeth with the latest weaponry, attacked by passengers with “sharp metal objects” and knives:

            Al Jazeera’s video footage before communications were cut and 14 more peace activists were killed:

            Cynthia McKinney: Israel’s Latest Murder of Humanitarian Activists

            ‘Israel is now a Lunatic State’ – Norman Finkelstein on Gaza Flotilla Attack

            The Madness of Arrogance: Israel’s Attack on the Gaza Aid Flotilla
            by Dr. Alan Sabrosky / May 31st, 2010

            Israeli Soldier Shoots American Art Student in Face
            Salem-News, May 31, 2010

            Did Israel Deliberately Murder Civilians Aboard Freedom Flotilla?
            June 2, 2010

            From Klinghoffer to the Gaza Flotilla
            By Yvonne Ridley

            Israeli War Crimes: From the U.S.S. Liberty to the Humanitarian Flotilla by James Petras, June 5, 2010

            October 18, 2010 Senior Sephardi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef announces that Gentiles only exist to serve Jews:
            “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
            “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

            Thursday, October 21, 2010 Harvest of excrement: colonists in Occupied Territories pump sewage on to Palestinian farm land

            Easter 2011 Israeli TV mocks Crucifixion on Easter

            June 5, 2011 Israelis gun down peaceful protestors, 20 killed, including a 12-year old boy, 220 wounded
            Israeli forces fire at ‘Naksa’ protesters

            June 24, 2011 Israeli “Defense” soldiers shoot at Palestinian children flying kites

            Christmas 2011 “As long as I hold office, no non-Jewish symbol will be presented in the city.”
            How the mayor (of a Nazareth suburb) stole Christmas

            • @ the thumbs down voters

              Are you voting thumbs down because you oppose Israeli terrorism? Or are you voting thumbs down because you hate to see the truth about Israeli crimes against humanity?

          • July 2, 1946: The Bombing of the King David Hotel masterminded by Menachem Begin, 91 dead

            April 9, 1948: Irgun and Stern Gang massacre 260 Arab civilians in Deir Yassin

            Sept 17, 1948: Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern Gang assassinate Swedish peace mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte

            October 14-15, 1953: Ariel Sharon commands attack on Qibya, 42 homes destroyed, 60 civilians killed

            Holy Week 1954 Israelis desecrate Christian cemeteries in Haifa

            July 14, 1954: Israeli Army intelligence, Modin, firebombs civilian post office in Egypt

            1956 terrorist atrocity in Kafr Qasim, 47 cold-blooded murders

            1966, village of Sammu attacked, 18 dead, 100 wounded

            1967 USS Liberty attacked 34 sailors dead, 170 wounded — not civilians, but non-participants

            June 5, 1967, “In danger of being attacked” Israel launches war, 759 Israelis and 15,000 Arabs dead

            1969 Israeli bombing of school Bahdr al Baker, 75 children dead, 100 wounded

            March 1, 1970, Israel invades Lebanon, civilian death toll unknown

            Sept 8, 1972 Israeli bombing of Syrian and Lebanese civilians, “hundreds dead”

            1974: Israeli terrorists attack civilian aircraft; desecrate Christian shrines including Church of the Holy Sepulcher, stealing the diamond crown of the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

            March 31, 1975 Revealed: how Israel offered to sell South Africa nuclear weapons by Chris McGreal, The Guardian, 5/24/2010

            Declassified: Israeli Government Offered to Sell Nuclear Weapons to South Africa

            Zionist nuclear hypocrites are seeking sanctions and war against Iran, a nation that complies with the nuclear regulation

            1975-1980: numerous Mossad assassinations of Palestinian scientists, journalists, and others

            August 1982: 20,000 civilians dead from Israeli bombing of Beirut on the orders of Ariel Sharon

            September 1982 massacres of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps, 800 women, children, and elderly killed

            October 1982: Israeli terrorists bombed houses, cars, and offices of three elected mayors of the West Bank cities, Nablus, Ramallah, and Al Beireh

            1984 kidnapping of Palestinians on the high seas off merchant vessels

            1986 Palestinian cartoonist, Naj Al Ali, assassinated

            April 1988 Israeli commandos invade the home of Khalil Al Wazir, a Palestinian leader, and shoot him in bed

            February-March 1989 Israeli jets bomb Beka Valley, 15 children killed, more adults

            April 14, 1989 Israeli police and armed Jewish settlers attack disarmed Palestinian village, Nahalin, 8 killed, 50 wounded

            February 25, 1994 Kach Party terrorist Baruch Goldstein uses assault rifle to murder 39 Palestinians worshipping at Cave of the Patriarchs mosque in Hebron, rabbis praise his actions and then Prime Minister Yitshak Rabin gives permission for a memorial to honor Goldstein

            February 27, 1994 Israeli Mossad bombs Our Lady of Deliverance Maronite Catholic Church at Jounieh, Lebanon, 11 killed.

            1996 Israeli massacre of civilians at Qana, Lebanon

            April 14, 2000, homes of civilians bulldozed (actions admitted by Ha’aretz and praised by the canonized “Holocaust survivor” Elie Wiesel)

            • Zionists – masters of deception.

              The mistake 99% of the world makes is that the Israel of today is the Israel of the Bible.

              There is a huge backstory on the whole thing that shows that sometime in the first century that the Jewish faith was hijacked by a group known as the “Kahzars”. They had tortured and killed the muslims for 100s of years. Their leadership “converted” to the Jewish faith and subsequently hijacked it.

              Essentially, the conflict of the Arabs and the Jews that we are told today is somewhat of disinformation. The Arabs hate the Kahzars because they have tortured and killed them for centuries. The Kahzars just happened to take over the Jewish faith, or as I like to say “Put on the Jewish faith” in an attempt to hide from the real reason they are hated by most of other people in the middle east.

              Like most of our politicians today, they’re fake! They’re a fraud!

              But the neocons don’t care. Our government and its financial system is about to implode. The Greek default will start a financial wave of desolation that will sweep the globe. They will need something to distract Americans while its happening. That distraction will be War With Iran. Then, when the financial desolation is complete, the people of America will turn their heads from their TVs and be like, “What happened?”

              This war may have another purpose: Keep Kenyan Obama in office until its over and just generally screw up the election cycle.
              We all said 2012 was going to be “interesting”. Well, looks like we were correct in that characterization.

              I think I need a few more bags of corn and wheat.

            • I’m sure you could come up with an equally long list of Arab and Christian acts of violence “if” you had an open mind?

          • @Zeke, if I’m not mistaken, our military did several mock computer generated war scenarios with Iran in early 2001 or so and each time the results were the same… Iran beat us. It might have been the late 90’s but I’m pretty sure it was early to mid 2000. Regardless of the year, what the tests proved was that there was no certainty that we could beat Iran. In fact, they got the best of us. If we can’t win at a staged mock war, how do they think we could beat them for real? Maybe win is the wrong word, but how do they think that they will succeed in the long run? I really do not want to find out. I just wish we would butt out of every one’s business. We got enough problems in our own back yard.

      12. As this article states, this is a worst case scenario so it must be compared to the worst case scenario if Iran is allowed to obtain the nuclear weapons and make good on its threat to cut the head off the Great Satan, a term actually used in privacy statements, to describe the United States of America.

        Many of us have already accepted that the price of oil and gold and other commodities is going to continue to rise and that as America goes deeper into financial crises the crime rate will continue to rise so we can eliminate numbers 3, 6, 8, and 9 from the decision making process as they are a given.

        This leaves the following:
        #1 We already receive little help from European nations so the fact they are a couple steps further along than us in going broke is irrevelvant.
        #2 Americans need to be staying home anyway and a nuclear Iran who has already said that if they had a nuke they would use it on us is not going to entice people to visit.
        #4 When the threat of terrorism prevents us from acting then we have already lost.
        #5 Maybe the Bible is right when it says not to wear gold for adornment in 1 Peter 3:3.
        #7 I disagree that we should rebuild concured lands with our own money. We need to change this policy back to the victor retaining the spoils.
        #10 Maybe we will not win, but those of us with a Biblical world view believe that Israel will ultimately win so we chose our ‘side’ when we chose our religion.

        Regardless of religious beliefs, we must accept the fact that when enough people in enough countries go without enough food for enough time, they having nothing to lose from going to war. WWIII cannot be avoided. The decision before us now is whether to do so on our own terms against a nuclear free Iran or in response to a nuclear detonation above or upon U.S. soil.

        Pediatrician Ron Paul lost my vote when I saw his finances nearly a year ago. They showed he either he did not believe he could win or change anything if he did because as the WSJ analyst put it:
        “Bernstein “had never seen such an extreme bet on economic catastrophe,” said the Journal.
        “This portfolio,” said Bernstein, “is a half step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and 9-millimeter rounds.”
        Kicking this problem with Iran down the road until they have nukes is not the solution.

        • The war has already been started. All that is left is for the US corp to tell its lies long enough and loud enough to convince the citizen/idiots to support it.

          PP, it appears you have already bought into the lies. The decision before you is to put your faith in corp propaganda or to live for God and stand against His enemy, the corp.

          For me, I have no fear of Iran with or without nukes. I fear those so called Americans who fall for the lies and deceit of the corp trying to lead them to war.

          There is no way that a truly awake Man can have a legitimate fear of Iran. The only thing we have to fear is the corp itself, and the future it wants for the People it claims to serve.

          If you support attacking anyone, you are without God and have no brain or soul that has ever been free, or ever will be.

          • Totally agree GC – anyone who claims to be a Christian and then openly supports war has something wrong with them. God is love! If you have to advance you religious agenda through war believe me God doesn’t want anything to do with it. I continue to hear from people about the U.S. historic support for Israel and the fact that the Bible says that those that bless her (Israel) will be blessed…But I think we have to realize that those in charge of Israel might not be adhearing to God’s character or direction anymore than our leaders adhear to our original Constitutional Republic principles. Do we not think God is big enough?

            • Will, I am a christian, and I do support an all out attack against an evil empire. God is love; but sometimes that means “tough love”. We are given many examples through out the bible where God supported and helped his children fight evil dictators and their armies. To think any of that has changed, is like saying; “God you were wrong, when you said; I am the same yesterday,today, and forever.” God doesn’t change! People and times change. As long as evil persists, God has promised he will be with us and expects us to fight against it until there is no more evil remaining. There has been innocents injured and killed in all previous battles; and there will be innocents injured and killed again. I don’t like to see that anymore than you, but the rain falls on the just as well as on the unjust. All we can do is pray that it will be quick. Iran’s leaders are like Goliath of days past. Just because they have oil and wealth from it, they have weaponry and with that weaponry they feel mighty and have been taunting what they see as a weak nation,Israel. The problem with that thinking; God is with the nation of Israel and with that one sacred stone, just like the stone little David threw, it can take down a mighty big feeling and evil nation. God be with Israel and may your will be done. Amen.

            • St. Paul affirms in Galatians 3:6-8 that God’s covenant in Genesis 12:3 with Abram, LATER Abraham, was made to him as a GENTILE. St. Paul further elaborates on the justification of and covenant with Abraham BEFORE he was a Jew in Romans chapter 4.

              Gotta love “Bible Believers” that can’t even parse such simple concepts directly from the Bible.

          • Yep–like I said here…
            JJ says:
            March 6, 2012 at 3:21 pm

            Lots of propaganda.

        • Didn’t the New Testement say The jewish people BROKE their deal with GOD??? So they are not the chosen people anymore?? So how will they “WIN”?? Help me out “paster”!!! The “people with a biblical world view” seem to only watch/listen to glen beck for their biblical reading!! Isreal has like 300 nuclear weapons, did NOT sign the u.n. treaties. Explain to me HOW and who the 1 iranian nuke threatens??(IF they are making it, our press HAS and IS UNTRUSTWORTHY) By the way, do you have links to the video of the iranians saying they would nuke us? How about the video of aukmancan’tgetajob saying they would “wipe” israel off the map??? THE PRESS SAY THEY SAID THAT and never show video. If I told you, that someone told me, that someone told them something, would you trust it?? NO! You don’t know me or the other people telling me something, just like you don’t know the teleprompter reading media and their sources and motives. Our newspapers make a big deal about vote fraud all over the world, and a blind eye to ohio,florida,washington,alaska, and iowa(just to name a few) HOW do you trust them to take us to war AGAIN!!

        • “Bernstein “had never seen such an extreme bet on economic catastrophe,” said the Journal.
          “This portfolio,” said Bernstein, “is a half step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and 9-millimeter rounds.”

          Pastor, it seems odd that you would pull support from someone who is prepping, merely because they prep and some corp mouthpiece from a propaganda outlet insults the preps of his portfolio.

          I say that any portfolio put down by a WSJ ANALysts is a solid and well thought out plan to protect ones wealth.

          I am sure Mr. Paul will do quite well without your vote. Besides, he only wants those who will support the cause of freedom to support him.

        • PP,

          The same kind of Bush-s#@t they fed us before we attacked, without provocation, Iraq. As to your Ron Paul views… I would rather have a president with a “cellar full of canned goods…” than his/her hand in my wallet and private life. Repeal the “Patriot Act” and work to inform every day Americans about the real dangers we face.

        • Prepared Pastor,

          Clearly the WSJ quote makes Ron Paul a prepper. And your not voting for him?

          Ron Paul is the only one running for president that is not bought off by the banksters. Rommney = Obama.

          Get over the left vs right paradigm they want you to believe in.

          Ron Paul knows what is coming and it cannot be stopped. He is the only one who will preserve our freedoms and protect our 2nd amendment rights and not subject us all to a police state when chaos erupts.

          Ron Paul will not get us involved in any wars we can’t afford to fight. He will not sap our earnings with additional taxes.

          What you are not understanding is you do not have a choice. TPTB win either way, Romney or Obama. They are making you out to be a sucker by making you believe there is a difference.

          “By their fruits you will know them”. Look at what they have done, not what they say. Romney will take away our 2nd amendment rights as fast as Obama. Look what he has done in the past.

          Turn off Fox News and think for yourself!

          • Red Leader,

            I back Ron Paul 100% and agree with you. However we don’t need anybody to protect our 2nd amendment rights , These rights are not controled by a goverment.. It is my god given right to have and bear arms, and by (have) I mean own and by (bear) means I have a gun on my right now. And that right shall not be infringed upon.


          • Hey, catch a clue, it’s over for “Ronzie”. You had better start looking for some other cult leader to follow.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEYwVb-6TeE This is mouseland, reposted for the people who think dems and repubs different. “why vote in another cat, when we can vote in a mouse”

        • @ Prepared Pastor

          Your view is not Biblical, but Jewish-made since the “synagogue of Satan” (JESUS’ judgment in Apocalypse 2:9; 3:9, not mine) was instrumental in the development of the Scofield that forms your Zionist dispensationalism. You’ve been suckered by the “adversaries to all men” (1 Thess 2:14-15).

          While he was in prison, Scofield began studying the philosophy of John Darby, pioneer of the Plymouth Brethren movement and the “any moment now” rapture doctrine.

          Upon his release from prison, Scofield deserted his first wife, Leonteen Carry Scofield, and his two daughters Abigail and Helen, and he took as his mistress a young girl from the St. Louis Flower Mission. He later abandoned her for Helen van Ward, whom he eventually married. Following his Illuminati connections to New York, he settled in at the Lotus Club, which he listed as his residence for the next twenty years.

          It was here that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible concordance, and was taken under the wing of Samuel Untermeyer, who later became chairman of the American Jewish Committee, president of the American League of Jewish Patriots, and chairman of the Non-sectarian Anti-Nazi League, THE SAME SAMUEL UNTERMEYER WHO STARTED WORLD WAR 2 with his 1934 declaration of war on behalf of World Jewry against Germany.

          Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff. These were the people who financed Scofield’s research trips to Oxford and arranged the publication and distribution of his concordance.

          URLs to follow (since they seem to fold up moderation).

        • Cathulu for President! Why vote for a lesser Evil?

        • Wow. I never thought I would not agree with a pastor, but maybe you should watch Ron Paul’s ‘what if’ speech on youtube.Also, so what if he has all his money in gold and silver? To me that states that he hasn’t been insider trading like all the other congressmen / senators.Ron Paul is an honest man and I hope by some miracle he wins. I absolutely can’t believe a man of God is for a pre-emptive war against Iran. Maybe Iran refers to America as the great satan because we are controlled by israel, and the tail is wagging the dog. We give a lot of money to Israel every year when they don’t even need the money. If Israel wants war with Iran, let them use their own people and spend their own money to do so.
          Peace on Earth






      14. Go find yourself a globe and about 3,000 thumbtacks.

        Each thumbtack represents a nuclear blast and fallout.

        Press them all into the globe. Stand back, look at what you have done!

        There will be no life on this planet for a million years.

        Even all the ‘experts’ who hired themselves to work at the government will die in their well apportioned underground bases.

        Want to know why?

        • Why?

      15. Iran is a member of a larger military alliance known as the SCO. It’s like NATO, or the old Warsaw Pact. They hold joint field exercises and by treaty will defend each other. Russia, and China are also members. Both India and Pakistan are semi-members as well. This gives the SCO almost 1/3 of The World’s population and a huge chunk of it’s armed forces.
        Right now there are 6 members, with 4 more future members looking a joining. Ten total! (A Beast with ten horns?)
        An attack on Iran will mean one thing, WWIII. There is no other outcome. Although the US has the largest military, Russia is #2 and China #3. add in India, Iran, and Pakistan and NATO’s got problems. Pray for Peace.

      16. Nuclear threat is a well positioned propaganda tactic utilized, and successful, since the late 60’s and on..
        There is no nuclear threat.

        Terrorist threats is another tactic employed..again..
        Successfully implanted in to the sheeples mindset .

        The propaganda machine has been in full swing since the days of the Roman Empire..and most of these ancient geo political tactics are used today and have proven quite effective..overall.

        The primary reasoning behind the”threat” of a nuclear Iran is simple..using the same logic behind Iraq,Libya,Syria et al..

        All of the above were, or were installing, their own sovereign based currencies to trade in oil outside the dollar as the oil currency reserves….period.

        That can not be..therefore the international banks and commodities brokers drum up the madness to topple these regimes who refused to play ball with the dollar..

        Also, the other win win for them is once the regime is toppled, the oil becomes no longer a sovereign resource, and the globalists now have free reign on that commodity as well..

        And let’s not forget the billions made in infrastructure with the nation re builders..

        It’s all about the money..always..


        • possee,

          State of fear, it is called.

          Read the book by Michael Crighton with this same title.

          You will feel your spine shivering.

          Take care.

          • manos..

            Thank you.

            Will do.

            Appears the globalist bankers have been quite successful in your country..once known as the cradle of civilization.

            and without firing a shot..

            May God be with you my friend..

            take care as well..


        • You are so right. Iran supplies a good deal of both China’s and India’s oil. Both countries have worked deals where payment is not in dollars.
          On the other hand, what would have happened to NY city on 9/11 if the 19 highjackers had a nuke instead of four jets? To dismiss Islamic terror totally is dangerous too, wouldn’t you say?

          • Inside job.

            • U-R-nuts

          • Zeke MN said: “To dismiss Islamic terror totally is dangerous too, wouldn’t you say?”

            If you keep poring gasoline on fire, how would fire ever go out?

            • Just maybe you might put down “Flash” and “Batman” and read Islam’s “Books”.
              Stop being so flipp’n stupid, we live in a real bad-ass world and there are folks that would laugh their asses off as they cut you worthless throat. YOU know nothing about evil what so ever.
              Hey, why don’t you do like that other moron did and go over there to talk peace to the terrorists. I’ll be watching for the utube where they cut off your head.

            • Don’t presume that you know me.

              Your childish outburst only shows your own lack of knowledge and emotional immaturity.

            • No, it shows how little evil you’ve seen from your Mom’s basement.

            • I will assume you speak from experience.

      17. Quantum,
        You would need a big globe or small thumbtacks for that. The blasts and radiation would not be the big problem, the big problem would be the total collapse of society following a nuclear war.

      18. If he throws the lightning bolt. we should fill the air gap… never let a good crisis go to waste…

        • And don’t let the bastards nuke your weasel!

          • There! There it is again!

            Nuke your weasel? What does *THAT* mean?

            • LOL! Grandpa never explained it, I dont’t think, when he used it a few articles back, but it was still pretty damn funny, and now has Okie wearing tin-foil underpants in addition to his tin-foil cap.

      19. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/very-different-take-iran-barters-food-story?page=2

        This is what the Iranian “issue” is about. If you haven’t already read it then please do so. Then take the time to recall that Iraq and Libya also tried to trade in non-fiat currency.

        Then think about what the mass introduction of fiat currencies has meant for us, the common people and what direction the current course is taking us in. (Look at central banking, the abandonment of the gold standard, the FED etc). If you have any doubts where this is intended to take us ALL long term, take a look at Greece.

        America was betrayed a long time ago by leaders you trusted. Think about your own values and beliefs and how you wish your Grandchildren to live. Then decide if the war with Iran is something you support – remembering that their own culture repudiated the usurious fiat currency manipulations of the selfish back in the 12th Century, whereas we are still novices in the “end game” of where it can take a society.

      20. Maybe this is the start of the end, its like a bad Sci-Fi movie: First we have a Nuclear War with Iran which starts World War 3 during wich we have large CME’s during which time an Astroid decides to blow up in the upper Atmosphere and Volcanoes mixed with constant Earthquakes alter the weather in such a way as Nuclear Winter is mixed with Global Warming to make that End of the World ending those crazy Mayans were talkiing about!

        • Did’nt they already make a movie like that?

      21. james clapper, leon panetta, and many others have clearly stated that iran does not have nuclear weapons. iran has not invaded another country for hundreds of years. last week, iran’s supreme leader declared nuclear weapons to be against the teachings of islam. they also agreed to new inspections and europe is pushing for a return to talks.

        STILL obama is left to cowtow to AIPAC and netanyahu. how a group of unelected foreign leaders gained such control over american foreign policy is beyond my understanding. i blame evangelical christian revelations theology preached by robertson, hagee and others. christians forget the basic teachings of christ (turn the other cheek, love thy neighbor, suffer unto the children, blessed are the peacemakers) and latch onto messages of hate and power and nationalism.

        america cannot win this war. iran knows it. israel knows it can’t fly enough planes to overcome iranian air defenses, but they’ll do it anyways if they think american military will react in support of them.

        americans have forgotten the lessons of the playground: be nice, don’t bully others, make friends, be successful, trade cookies at lunch. it’s NOT THAT HARD!

      22. To Hell with the middle east! I am sick and f*cking tired of that miserable shit hole. As far back as I can remember they have always been a pain the the ass for the world. Let them kill each other. We are floating on oil.Use it!!!!!! As far as moslems I would make that so called religion illegal here even if We had to amend the Constitution to say freedom of religion except islam.

        • How far back DO you remember? Go farther and study.
          We are floating in oil? No, we’re not. We peaked in 1970’s, thus, oil crisis of 70’s. Read “The Long Emergency” by James Kunstler, it is very education on many different levels.
          I highly recommend this book to all here.

          “Freedom of … except …” is not freedom.

          • We peaked in the 70s because the US Giverment decided to use Mid-East oil and restrict drilling in the USA while encouraging the middle east to use a certain amount of their oil revenue to purchase FedRes bonds.

            We are floating on oil. Its a known fact. The idea of peak oil is a myth to keep the price high.

            Its funny how people never really study whats been discovered. They just believe the media and type hypists. They only hear the loudest, shrillist tone.

            • NetRanger

              Someone else gets it as well..

              Obviously you actually have done the research.



            • You are entitled to your opinion just like I am to mine.
              I am enjoying your posts NetRanger, we share many of the same believes, but will have to agree to disagree on this one, brother 🙂

              In the beginning of oil boom US had more oil than Saudi Arabia. How many of you knew this fact? Well, now you know. But we wasted most of it by building poorly designed cities, eliminating public transportation and rail road, and creating suburban sprawl. We lived like there is no tomorrow for decades. The end result is “doughnut” cities, where the center is dead and life exists only on the periphery in the “great” suburbia. Oil and auto industries laughed their way to the bank while we got stuck with the bill and consequences.
              The only solution I see here is downsizing.

              Now to the oil fields.
              Sorry, I don’t buy “floating on oil”. I’ve done my research as well. Perhaps we’ve research different documents. Mine showed an ever declining oil production world-wide since about 2004-2005. The world “peaked”.
              And while I believe that fairly large reserves still exist, one has to take in consideration a little thing called EROEI (Energy returned on energy invested). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_returned_on_energy_invested.
              It becomes more and more expensive to extract and refine oil and we are approaching times when production of oil will become unprofitable.
              A lot of oil also left in the ground today because it is impossible to extract, thus, just because there is an oil field somewhere doesn’t mean we can get to it. So the myth of huge reserves of cheap easy-to-get-to oil is just that, a myth. Once one starts digging deeper (pun intended) one finds out it’s not all as rosy as MSM and oil companies want one to believe.

              Here are just a couple of numbers to provoke a thought:
              Our Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), that many were so eager to dip into when gas prices started to rise, holds as of last inventory, 726.5 million barrels. This equates to 34 days of oil at current daily US consumption levels of 21 million barrels per day. That’s it, folks. Just 34 days.

              The Alaskan oil reserve – drill baby, drill – as it happens is not as big as we thought.
              “The U.S. Geological Survey says a revised estimate for the amount of conventional, undiscovered oil in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska is a fraction of a previous estimate.
              The group estimates about 896 million barrels of such oil are in the reserve, about 90(!!!) percent less than a 2002 estimate of 10.6 billion barrels.
              The new estimate is mainly due to the incorporation of new data from recent exploration drilling revealing gas occurrence rather than oil in much of the area, the geological survey said”. So, according to new data, 896 mil : 21 mil/day = 42.6 days (and that is we suck it dry which will not happened based on currently available methods of oil extraction).
              Just something to think about when one sold an idea of unlimited oil we supposedly sitting on.

              Alternative RENEWABLE energies is the only way to go.
              We are already 15-20 years late, but I am guessing it is human nature, we won’t move until the life kicks us in a butt.

              Get yourselves some bicycles, folks. I see a lot of fit people in the future 🙂

            • What ever the gov. tells you, believe the opposite. Learn to read between the lines. There’s a reason for every thing and nothing is done without a purpose.

        • king crazy, you’re an idiot. I agree bringing terrorists to justice. But you’re totally blaming the Muslims for our problems. We should mind our own business, and they will mind theirs. Easy as that. You’re making it complicated. Don’t forget, we supported their dictators for decades in which thousands of Muslims died trying to get rid of. But hey, we don’t have a dictatorship here, we don’t understand how they feel.

      23. The patterns of the unfolding events sequence almost exactly match that of Daniel 11:42 to 12:1 for those who want to add a prophetic filter to their analytics. The sequence?

        1. The war will be started by the same interests of aggression supporting Egypt, then Libya and Somalia/Sudan (Biblical Ethiopia) conflicts.
        2. It will be masssively lethal, massively destructive, no holds barred contest that affects the world.
        3. The aggressive forces coming against Syria and Iran are destroyed and “he will come to his end with none to help him”.

        Do not know if a link is allowed here but there is an article from last fall that covers this in detail:

        “2600 year old proof that Western forces are doomed if war ensues with Iran and Syria”


        As prophecy goes, it is just another layer against which to analyze and compare the facts.

      24. Military exercises have been increasing around here, especially in the last 2 weeks. Similar to just before we went into Iraq. Scary times.

        • I’ve heard the same from friends in different states. People were complaining about too many planes flying and local media said “it’s just a routing exercise”. Right.

      25. Mac, any chance you could screen out the annoying “lst” posts? It’s getting to be excessive, especially when a whole conversation springs up around it on nearly EVERY article now. You have to scroll down further and further to get to the REAL comments. C’mon people, grow up already.

        • I see your new here. Chill out and go with the flow. If they bother you, don’t read the damn things. When Mac screens you out, would you like that?

          Besides, someones always gonna be first.

          • This is one time when coming in 8th or 9th or even 20th ain’t that bad. HA!

        • It’s kind of become the secret knock to Mac-Wan Kenobi’s Clubhouse.

        • Oh, Renee, you’ve seen nothing yet 😀

      26. Iran has the same crappy weapons that Iraq had. The Iranian military will be just a speed bump to the US. We shouldn’t invade Iran but we should destroy their nuke sites while we still can. Ahmadinejad wants to destroy Israel and US. He believes the 12th imam can’t return until then. If Iran gets nukes we’ll definitely see them used against the US. It will only be a matter of time.

        • Barn Cat, I have to respectfully disagree. A-jad has to toe the party line…and that means bellowing a LOT of hot air about Israel and the United States. If OUR government’s “leaders” are pawns, can you imagine how much MORE of a pawn A-jad is? He has to appease the militantly religious people who are in power in Iran, but I suspect he also has a sincere desire to protect his people…and himself. I think he’s more intelligent than we’re giving him credit for. Let him blow his hot air, keep an eye on the situation, but DON’T, for the love of God, get us involved in yet another “world police” situation. *sigh* HOW did Obama wind up with a Nobel Peace Prize, again??? Ugh.

        • How do you know what anyone other than yourself believes, when the knowledge you claim to possess about those beliefs have come from a third party with a transparent agenda against the Man they claim hold the beliefs?

          What makes you think that you, or your corp, has any rights to destroy any thing in Iran?

          I guess it would be a boring world without idiots and those who control their beliefs for fun and profit. There will be a warm friendly place for you in the nearest FEMA camp.

        • 12th iman? You get all your info from the glen beck show? Iran has a long mountainous coastline, and many silkworm missles. You say “speedbump”,who is “we”? Let me get this straight, you say “we” MUST bomb another country because you hear “they” want to destroy us and israel(so we meaning you are israeli?). WHERE IS ALL THE VIDEO OF THE IRANIAN LEADERSHIP SAYING THIS, WHY DON”T THE TV NETWORKS AIR IT!! THE ONLY VIDEO I SEE IS OF PEOPLE LIKE MCLAIM IN OUR SENATE AND HOUSE!!! Then we have all these activist “groups” who are always quoted and unsourced in the “news”papers like the wall street journal!!! ISREAL HAS 300 NUKES what do they fear???, WHAT NUKE SITES IN IRAN ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? Once you think you are awake by listening to glen beck and others, it takes another 3-4 years until you truly see the matrix.
          WAKE UP SHEAPLE!!!!

          • hear, hear!!!

            this is a perfect example of what happens when a damn lie is repeated often enough to be accepted by the public.

            this war is at least 20 years in the making starting at Project For A New American Century and continuing straight on to the obama administration. Same actors, different casts, same directors. The show must go on!

          • Before you call yourself a Christian and rush to lap up the MSM propaganda – ask yourself

            1/ WHY did Jesus go into the temple & tell off the money lenders? (Clue – Usery is forbidden to Christians yet the FED runs the US via usery).
            2/ WHY have so many of those “pulling the strings” in various recent US administrations held onto duel US-IRAELI citizenship? Is the US national interest their key priority?

            Who are we to dictate to the Iranians how they should provide electricity to their homes? Who are we to tell them how, when and with whom they should honestly trade?

            • Not to mention that the ONLY time Jesus gotten angry was when the money changers showed up.
              Get a clue. Follow the money. Learn who benefits from war and you’ll learn who controls the politics and media.

        • Quit listening to Glenn beck
          He spouts that same nonsense.

      27. Obama will not go to war over Iran. A. He’s got more sympathy for Muslims and Marxists than Americans and Jews. B. It would lead to WWII by attacking a member of the SCO.
        He’s playing the Jewish voters in the US in attempt to appear “Strong on Iran” and “Supporting Israel”.

        As with most thing involing President Barry, it’s all B.S.

        • Zeke MN says: “Obama will not go to war over Iran”.

          Regardless of who you think BO likes or dislikes, it is not up to him.

          • BO is just a puppet. He’ll do as he is told, same as his Daddy did.

          • Sure, this World has all sorts of moving parts, but as in most Corporations the BIG decisions usually come down to a few, or one guy. In the post Viet Nam era the old Soviet Union was poised to rule the world. It is my belief that that is where Obumer is taking us back to. Thru the new Warsaw Pact, i.e. the SCO.

            First he needs Jewish votes and $audi money, thus all the smoke and mirrors without any real fire.

            • I believe that the real players are invisible to us and all we’re presented with are marionettes. The men (not man) behind the curtain will always stay behind the curtain.

              I hope you’re right about just “smoke and mirrors”.

      28. What is it with you people? Are you really stupid enough to believe your own bullshit about some mythical “super elite” wanting the entire world economy destroyed so they can jam more stuff into their swag bag? What do they want? To destroy the world’s economy so manufacturing grinds to a halt? Disrupt everything to the point all trade virtually ceases? So they want nuclear wars so all the stuff they already own/control/covet is blown to hell and gone? There ARE greedy people who never have enough…..that’s a truism throughout history. But all this doom and gloom porn is ridiculous when it’s based in some evil plot for the 1% to control what they already control. Wake up dumb asses! They already control everything. They don’t want it destroyed….they want to perpetuate the system not obliterate it. Stop blaming your own failures on some rotten bastards sitting around a boardroom someplace plotting your demise. The blame should be shared by all of us for allowing this country (and other countries) to get bogged down with too much debt to reward people for not trying and/or failing. And all the damn wars! I am a veteran combat Marine so I’m no coward like a bunch of the right wing religious nuts on talk radio talking shit about Iran and I can assure you the majority of wars have very little to do with right and wrong….or some nefarious plot to control the world. They are primarily caused by simple minded idiots who let their nationalistic urges overwhelm common sense. Get off your asses and enjoy life. We are LUCKY to live in a world with all it’s current advantages. Complaining about the evil-doers wanting to destroy everything so they can own the rubble is nonsensical, or even worse, a recipe for your own failure.

        • You’re completely missing the point,richsob. Yea, they (the elitest, wealthiest, illuminati, or whatever you want to call them) are in control only to a point. They will never be satisfied until they have a lowered population that they can “totally” contol, to be used as worker bees. The only way to achieve that is to destroy the systems in place and bring about “the New World Order” with a cashless society that operates via their electronically monitored system. You either go along or be hunted down like varmints and killed. That is their plan. But, it will never come to fruition. We have the promise of our Creator that He will send his Son, our Saviour, to end all their evil before it ever comes together. The “deadly wound” spoken, of is a setback for their NWO-The Beast. It will happen as it is foretold and just before they-TPTB, get things going full steam; Christ returns. I feel sorry for anyone that doesn’t believe this is how it unfolds.

      29. Hey Mac,
        Off topic…
        Is running this website what you do for a living?

        • Havok,

          I have seen him comment here repeatedly that he does in fact have a day job. Do not recall him mentioning what the job is.

          He does appreciate the thanks he gets from posters as well as posters making purchases from sponsers of the site. Shown on the left and right hand sides near the top.

          Another support provided posters you may not realize are the ‘shortcuts’ to other sites of interest. Located on the left edge, scroll down a bit from the top for the listing.

          So while he may not answer every question and comment to him personally, he appreciates feedback from posters.

          So please realize the true importance of shtfplan. Try to find most of the topics here anywhere in MSM. Plus the contribution of information to assist one another in their ‘preps’ is invaluable.

          We here are a family of sorts. All members of any family will not always agree but being civil and at least respectful of other posters ‘freedom of speech’ is important.

          From someone who reads this site daily and wanted to say thanks to MAC for this site.


          • Click the ads to support him.

      30. Most folks are unaware of the SCO. It is a Military alliance like NATO or the old Warsaw Pact. Amoung it’s current members are Russia, China and Iran. It has a total of 6 members states and 4 “observer” nations, India & Pakistan being two, “Observers” for a total of ten. From a theological point of view, the SCO could be the “Beast with Ten Horns”.

        THEREFORE, ANY ATTACK ON IRAN WILL BRING ABOUT WWIII with 1/3 of the World’s population on the SCO’s side.

      31. This is all politics and there hasn’t been a war since WWII. The DOW is down, metals are down. If the DOW dropped 6K points, where will paper gold/silver be? Will the dollar be worth more?

        People are going to die. Do the libs really want the Gov. involved between women’s legs.

        We need some more Peace Prize awards.

        My nipples are hurting.

      32. I believe everyone is forgetting one country that is very important. Russia. Unlike the U.S. Russia backs up and keeps every treaty it makes. It was because of Russia’s treaty with Serbia that WWI started. Russia will back it’s treaty with Iran in the same manner. When foreign forces attacked Russian troops on the Georgian border they rolled in tactical nukes and gave a short term ultimatum. Russia does not bluff.

        • Russia can’t afford to. Unlike the US It’s enemies can march on it at any time. Russia has been one of the most invaded countries in history. Depending on how you look at it, we have already attempted to pry away many of Russia’s old allies, such as Poland and the Baltic states. I understand Russia’s fear, as well as Israel’s.

          • Did you mean Russia cannot afford NOT to get involved?
            If yes, I agree. War with Iran would be too close to its borders, treaty or not it has to do something.

            Putin just got elected president again (in case you missed it). He is not as nice as Medvedev.
            Stop poking the Bear.

            • Yes, that is what I ment to say as well. To be fair, Russia has caused a great deal of problems world wide for a long time, including the millions it killed of It’s own people. History will judge them, as well as the US too. My point is that there are no clean hands.

          • Could you give an example when Poland and the Baltic States were Russian Allies,other than after they were annexed or puppeted by Russia.

            • Ofcourse you are correct, “from our Western point of view”. My point is that from Russia’s perspective, they are being hemmed in. Thus Putin is using this ago old Russian fear of an invasion to stirr up nationism, which along with chicago style voting, just got him reeelected.
              If a leader doesn’t have the people he leads behind him, he’s just taking a walk. They use fear and our Leaders us it as well.
              Make no mistake, Regan was correct when he called them “The Evil Empire”. In the future it will be the SCO not NATO, which is the more powerful.

            • So Russia is “The Evil Empire”?
              And what that makes us?

            • A zen asshole I would think?

            • When out of arguments start personal attacks, that’s your philosophy?

              I believe I’ve had enough of your company.
              You are obviously too immature to have a discussion or a debate and explain your point of view without insulting your opponents.
              I will not be replying to any more of your childish posts.
              I wish you all the best.

          • Zeke MN: LMAO! Poland and the Baltic States were not “allies” of Russia. Never! They were invaded, occupied, and subjegated.

            Today these counties are independent states empowered by self determination.

        • Oh boy, I always wanted to be a debt slave! Whoppeeeee!

        • Yep. Like I have said tens of times on this site, biologicals WILL BE USED(either REAL OR FALSE FLAG). How else would you fight a giant(if its real) or RALLY the population without people saying “there is NO way those buildings could collapse in pancake, free fall speed with a core constructed as it was in the twin towers” OR “What about building 7???” or “hay, that hole in the pentegon isn’t big enough for a jet that size”. With a bio weapon, it will be released and blame can be pointed in one hundred directions for the masses, and 1 direction by the gubmint.

          • Kevin, don’t give them any ideas.

        • HEY MAC, why did this link clear at 11 am, and my link from 8 am has not??

      33. After Iran and Syria, we’ll be taking on China, Russia, and the rest of the world!…sooner or later the U.S. will bow militarily! We can’t finance nor fight war eternally.

      34. I get so angry when I hear about UN inspections. Imagine the police showing up at your house and wanting to come inside to look around. All of us would be screaming jumping up and down. Does the US allow weapons inspectors in our secret facilities?

        I think we will go to war for various reasons this year. One will be distraction, so people don’t see what is going on with birth certificates, ecomony and the political system. The other is because the pentagon is facing huge cuts in the future and a war would eliminate much of those cuts. Then there is oil, and destorying the middle class.
        There is more reasons for the elites to need this war than to let people live in peace.

        It will be a perfect storm. I have read that conventional war cannot be won by the iranians. That is not an incentive to fight conventionally. If there is one terror cell found in this country, which there no is doubt in my mind exists, it will be the perfect way to implement marshall law. And the sheep will cheer for it.
        This will be the easiest way to take the rest of our freedom away from us. Of course it will be for our own protection and the masses will smile while they give it away.

        It sounds bleak, but I believe the sheep have to lose everything before they even notice what has happened and begin to take some action. The action can be politically as DK insists or with violence as others have pointed to, but collectively we all need to get to a breaking point where we are forced to make large and maybe dangerous decisions that will shape the rest of our days and our next generations.

        • The worst is that when an inspector comes back with the “wrong” answer he’s murdered for telling the truth.
          Google Dr David Kelly for an example of what happened to a UK whistleblower under Tony Blair.

          There is no “glory” in modern war, there is a lot of pain, suffering, starving children, death, gang raped wives and boys, desecration and desolation.

      35. There will be no winners of the next war.. We will all lose big.


        • DPS: Got you mail address. Will zip you out something today and let you know mine. Thanks

          • mike,

            Yes sir look forword to hearing from you, once again the weather is crazy here, wind 30 to 40 and gusty almost 80 today. Then down to the 30 and 40 degs for the next 3 days with snow maybe. The older farmers are saying we are being set up for some baddass storms for spring. I’m thinking that basement might be a good thing this yr.Now we will return to your prev program.


      36. im switching over everything electric: car, bike, utilities,…….solar generator…..how do i protect em from any type of emp attack????

      37. I’m going to hunt Craigslist for a used Moped to keep in the shed, just in case.

        Bad times are coming…too many souls….elite are planning a depopulation.
        Just bought a Berkey water filter so I don’t have to drink chemtrail laced water.

        Ammo up.
        Don’t forget a compound bow. Nice and silent.
        Bird shot for squirrel sandwiches.
        If you have not eaten for a month….you’d be grateful to score some small game.

        Watch for a theft of 401k and IRA.
        Elite will flee the country.

        • Stash LOTS of calcium carbonate for your crops. LOTS.

          I agree, the plan is to steal the pension plans & bank accounts.

          • Green Leader

            What exactly does calcium carbonate do for the crops..?



      38. It is important to this topic to understand that Iran along with Russia and China are all members of the SCO. THEREFORE, war with Iran will drag the SCO’s 6 members into a much bigger conflict, can ANYBODY say WWIII!

        (The SCO is a military alliance much like NATO)

      39. war on iran will not only fail in the long run, it will be the nail on the coffin for Isreal. It’s Bibi who has been pushing, and hard, for this war.

        Doesn’t matter of the USA attacks firt or not. Isreal will rightly be blamed.

        The tide has turned against Isreal this last decade. People no longer seem them as an innocent democracy – but rather as racist who have been lying to us. They are more Nazi-like than the Nazi’s were.

        If Isreal wants to survive they need a government that is not going to lie, cheat and steal. They need to admit to the land they stole and compensate the refugees. They need to stop screwing with the USA and get thier money out of our politics. They really need to have Bibi mentally evaluated cause he acts like a pychopath.

        Normal people do not go around demanding countries attack one another. Normal people do not threaten to wipe LEBENON from the map. Normal people do not act like Bibi. Bibi is a nut who is determeined to start WW3.

        • rachel,

          I quote you, (People no longer seem them as an innocent democracy – but rather as racist who have been lying to us.)

          What people are you referring to? I STAND FOR ISRAEL, and can not believe you could write such lies.

          • IGIT

            Right you are. Israel is a small nation surrounded by enemies. Everyone forgets rockets from Gaza and Lebanon. Or, how about the invasions in 67 and the early 70s. Can anyone say terror bombings on busses and in restaruants? All the anti-semites need to find some copacetic skinhead sites. Israel is our ONLY ally in the mid-East. Thumbs down — like I give a rat’s ass.

            • What about that spy pollard who gave all that info to israel and then they turned around and SOLD IT TO THE USSR?? With an “ally” like that, I get MORE worried about our enemies. Before you call me anti-semite, call me pro-USA/PATRIOTIC!!! POLLARD IS A TRAITOR!!!, and all those so called leaders of ours trying to get him released are pathetic pro-semite, anti-american TRAITORS!! BY THE WAY- have you noticed 95% of those rockets ALLWAYS MISS?? YOU ARE BEING PLAYED BY THE MEDIA, search syrian danny, Its the same bull$HIT. A CON-GAME. 50/50- you are sitting in country A (isn’t that what us media calls irael when they betray us??)

      40. This is a good article with thoughtful foresight. However, my comment is going to focus on the running retardation of assholes that feel the need to be first on comments. It’s getting old as hell and by all the thumbs down by morons that do it, not to mention the idiots that say “First” and are really second or third, you think they would take a hint.

        I personally enjoy reading the comments section of this site and for the past few months, having to filter through the first 20 or so to get to the real comments has been quite annoying. Maybe I’m wrong, but by the looks of 60 and 70 thumbs down on the douche that posts a thoughtless “first” and the barrage of follow-ups to the “first”, it appears to me that most people are growing annoyed with it as well.

        So please, I ask you to consider the value of the content and post something thoughtful. I’m betting many readers would value your opinion if you actually expressed it, versus the juvenile post of “first”. Would you at least consider it?


        • Try increasing the font to yell it louder.
          Ever been in a bar where someone is poking you in the chest. Eventually you have enough and punch them in the mouth. I think we are poking them in the chest, and personally wish we would just go back and drink our beers.

        • Clue us in. Please explain your position. Your post has not added any NEW views tony. If that is your strongest statement, you say nothing.


          • Yeah! What he said!

      42. Iran has Sunburn and “Super Sunburn” missiles, which can take out any ship in our surface fleet. They have hundreds. The info is out there, read it. So why are we parading the fleet through the area?
        Any strike supported by the U.S. and tens of thousands of our sailors and Marines could become casualties in minutes. Just guess where it goes from there.
        The Sheeple who promote the strikes, say it will be a cakewalk…and they will be the first to want everyone else’s sons to enlist and die when it isn’t….

        • I just might have an answer to your question. I believe that the reason we have those Carriers there is to keep the IDF from attacking Iran. Not the other way around.

          Also it allows BHO to look macho to the dumb-ass jew voters, who will put him back into the WH. Also allows $audi oil bucks to flow to the DNC. Sounds crazy, but those ships cost big bucks, and there has got to be some purpose why they’re there?

          • interesting angle! “dumb-a$$ jew” or “jew voters” THAT will get you on the ustaxpayerpayedfor-antidefleauge-southerpoverty-not-forlaworisitprofit-center-antisemite-babyhating-antiamerican-antiisreali-homelandsecerity-WATCHLIST. Remember they hate you because you are free!!

            • No, they hate because Ron Paul took their Matzos.

      43. I would add one more to that list, famine, perhaps not in the US but i would expect it in Africa,possibly in Asia and South America also.

      44. Serbia plunged the entire world into World War I and killed 20 million irreplacable European, so it could multiply itself six times.

        Iran doesn’t seem to want to become the next Serbia.

        I was very happy when Belgrade was being bombed. Considering the Serbs’ incalculable crime against Western Civilization. I think Belgrade should have gotten at least half dozen tac nukes.

        But the Chinese embassy was bombed and China made a hay out of it. Which unfortunately stopped the bombing and robbed the chance to punish the Serbs for what they did on 1914.

        • You are very deeply ignorant of what really happened in the Balkans, 1992-99.

          The public education system strikes again.

          • Doesn’t matter. Serbia shouldn’t even exist today, because of what it did on 1914.

            The very fact that Serbia still exists today is a huge favor by those nations who lost millions of their young, bright and best; on their expense Serbia expanded six times its original(and current) size. Nice job, killing millions of European youths so their crappy kingdom could grow.

        • The two who disapproved must have been of Serbian descent, who probably would feel no guilt over what Serbia did on 1914. Germany paid its price, but Serbia never did. The king and ministers who engineered World War I were never put on trial and executed for their crimes against history.

          • Well, it maybe not be enough of a consolation prize for you, but Serbia did shrink a lot since the civil war of the 90’s.
            Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia and even Montenegro separated from it. And Kosovo got independence with our help. Serbia is a weak a poor country right now that is hated by many European nations due to the atrocities their military committed during the 90’s.

            • Montenegro, prior to 1918, was an independent country. It prided itself as the only country in the region never conquered by the Turks.

              Just because it was a tiny principality shouldn’t detract its feat to stay alive for so long.

              It was conquered by Serbia even though it did no wrong against the latter; that’s why there was no qualms when Montenegro finally regained its independence on 2006 since it was not part of Serbia to begin with.

            • OK. And?

          • 58% (243,600) soldiers of the Serbian army perished in the war. The total number of casualties is placed around 1,000,000, more than 25% of Serbia’s prewar size, and a majority (57%) of its overall male population.Serbia’s casualties accounted for 8% of the total Entente military deaths.Serbia was also among the main contributors to the capitulation of Austria-Hungary in Central Europe.Serbia won the first major battles of World War I, including the Battle of Cer and Battle of Kolubara – marking the first Allied victories against the Central Powers in World War I. Despite initial success, it was eventually overpowered by the joint forces of the German Empire, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria in 1915. Most of its army and some people went into exile to Greece and Corfu, where they recovered, regrouped and returned to the Macedonian front to lead a final breakthrough through enemy lines on 15 September 1918, liberating Serbia and defeating the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Bulgaria.
            I never thought i would say this here, but you sir are an idiot.

            • >Serbia is a weak a poor country right now that is hated by many European nations due to the atrocities their military committed during the 90′s.

              And the Original Sin, from which no Serb will ever be free, committed by Gavrilo Princip on 1914.

              For these “Sacrifices”, Serbia was awarded territories five times its original size. No European country in the last few centuries expanded so much. Indeed, a great prize for plunging Europe into war and killing 10 million irreplaceable men so the King of Serbia could rule over 6 kingdoms!

            • Like I said, consider this a consolation prize.

            • Multiplying 6 times its original size is hardly a “Consolation Prize”. It’s called “Empire-Building”.

              And, Serbia had done nothing to be ‘consoled’ with, having started the war which destroyed the seeds of Western Civilization for ever.

            • I meant a consolation prize for you since you seem angry with Serbia.

          • 1.A powerful contingent within the Austro-Hungarian government advocated war with Serbia long before the war began.Convinced Serbian nationalism and Russian Balkan ambitions were disintegrating the Empire, Austria-Hungary hoped for a limited war against Serbia and that strong German support would force Russia to keep out of the war and weaken its Balkan prestige
            2.Gavrilo Princip was a Austrian subject,ethnic Slav,Yugoslav nationalist,from Bosnia-Herzegovina which had been annexed by Austria in 1908, nearly precipitating a war with Russia and Serbia.
            3.Wanting to finally end Serbian interference in Bosnia, Austria-Hungary delivered the July Ultimatum to Serbia, a series of ten demands intentionally made unacceptable, intending to provoke a war with Serbia.
            4.Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia 28 July 1914
            Saying Serbia was the sole cause of WW1, does not make it so.

      45. netanyahu is addressing congress today. i’m quite certain all the good little critters will line up for photo-ops and to get their marching orders for the next year.

        this whole thing makes me sick. what other countries get yearly congressional addresses? jews make up less than 2% of the total population. their voting power alone could not possibly create the need for this sort of attention paid to israel. the answer is that american evangelicals are the primary israel-firsters.

        pleas of only the american jewish electorate would be wholly insufficient to move the political elite without the additional support of christians hoping to bring about the rapture.

        thanks christians for making subservience to israeli likud ideology a central plank in american politics!

        • You are welcome and God Bless everyone, yes even the Jews.

          • Thank God the Earth is flat, the universe revolves around it, and it really is still the fifth century.

            • Oh, dude, u-r soooooo funny. I bet that you don’t believe in the Easter Bunny either? Wow, flat earth, I just can’t stop laughing at how totally lost you are.

            • Zeke,

              It is you who are lost. Like so many others, you adhere to a contrived slave-religion, that was designed specifically to keep you down and subserviant, afraid of your own shadow, and in fear of those who are going to destroy you…

              And you likely think that the “Easter-bunny”, and “Christmas day” are actually “Christian” creations, when they were just 2 more old pagan holidays that “Christianity” stole. And yes, to this day, there are actually “Christians” who cling to the idea that the Earth is flat; they opine that the idea the Earth is round, is a lie designed to lead you away from Jesus. Oh, and let’s not forget the dillusion that the Earth is 6000 years old…

              And finally, you submit yourself to parasites who call you “goyim” (human cattle) behind your back. You support sending your own people to die for them, as they have been suckered into for the last 2000 years. You will likely refuse to see the truth even as they destroy you…

            • @JustMe,
              Right, where did you get your Theology degree from, Kmart?

      46. Anybody here having difficulty entering Steve Quayle’s site?
        I tried through 3 different internet connections but something seems to be wrong.
        Maybe big brother is watching Steve.

        • He might.

          IN another post, you blamed the Germans for World Wars. The second , I can understand, but I explained Serbs were responsible for World War I and you never answered my allegations.

          Most of the woes of Greece began on 1922, when Mustafa Kemal’s “Heroic” ‘defence’ defeated the Greeks due to British duplicity and its incredible reluctance to avenge Gallipoli.

          If anything, I hope the war in Iran disrupts the Kurds in Eastern Turkey, and bring a civil war in Turkey to collapse its pseudo-democracy and make it into another Lebanon.

          The Turks deserve that.

          • Comenius,

            During the 1922 campaign, it wasn’t only the British duplicity to be blamed.
            Our generals made a tragic mistake. They guided a whole army, hundreds of miles into the turkish territory, without ensuring their back, and their logisitcs capability.
            Finally, our army had lost its moral and will to fight for a questionable cause. From the other side, Kemal’s army, was fresh and fighting to defend its territories.
            It would be very easy for me to blame the British or the French. But the truth is somewhere between actions and wrong estimates.
            As for the Serbs, to be honest i don’t like them. Some Greeks try to create a brotherhood climate between us and the Serbs, based on our Christian Orthodox religion.
            My opinion is that the Serbs have no friends at all and they supressed any other nation which fell under their power.

            Thanks for giving me the chance to have such a discussion. As for the other time, sorry for not responding. I always appreciate history conversations.

            Be safe.

            • Points taken – thank you for your insights.

              Greece has gotten more that its share of short end of sticks in the last 100 years, and unfortunately its ‘leaders’ don’t have any intention to reverse the trend…

      47. “A republic, if you can keep it.” Benjamin Franklin-1776 Philadelphia
        “Self government won’t work without self discipline.” Paul Harvey-1986 Chicago
        “So this is how democracy dies.” Princess Padme from Star Wars-long time ago in a galaxy far, far away
        “et tu americus?” okieus delerium germanicus-15 minutes ago at a truck stop in Utah

        It seems nobody wants this war, except the people who are going to start it. Or more accurately, have already started it. How is it that folks who are pro-Israel, anti-Israel, or don’t lean either way, are nearly all in agreement on this? We DON’T want any more war. But it appears we will have it. More importantly, the war is simply a PART of the global plan.
        ferndale mentioned The Project For A New American Century. Everyone should make themselves aware of the basic goals outlined in it. Of course, if you’re already awake, you’ll see it’s mainly just another new packaging of the same globalist crap. The common people are continuously under attack from all directions. TPTB just keep re-packaging the plan. And so many of our fellow citizens are so unaware.
        The larger goal of the elites is TOTAL control. Over people, resources and everything else. While I don’t believe they will ultimately succeed, in the short term (and that could be generations long) they might.
        History, in that ‘short term’ at least, is on their side. Twice, Julius Caesar returned from the battle field to Rome and repudiated the dictatorial powers given him by the Senate. He may even have genuinely wanted a return to the republican rule that had been Rome’s hallmark for a few hundred years by then. However, the third time the Senate voted him dictator, he kept the power. Many historians see this as the turning point from Rome as a Republic to an Empire. Add a few hundred years, some good, some bad, some horrible, and you see what became of Rome.
        That turning point, from self-rule, which the Romans always prided themselves on, to subjugation under the rule of ONE, wasn’t resisted by the citizens. It was welcomed. They cheered for it and demanded it. All while telling themselves the lie that they were free.
        This may well be where America is now. Transitioning from self-rule to tyranny. Admittedly the plan has been progressing for decades. What saddens me the most, is that the people, just as they did in Rome, will be demanding this kind of governance. mike (a few comments above) said it best. When freedom is taken from us “…the masses will smile while they give it away.”
        This coming war is just another step along a path to destruction of liberty. We don’t have to take that path. But we might. God help us to change direction in this country, and especially in the hearts and minds of her people.

        • Whenever Caesar was away the greedy Senate wanted to take power away from him. Caesar finally thought enough was enough.

          IT’s the same story in Xtianity; Paul got rid of the plethora of gods and replaced it with the Hebrew deity. Better to serve one deity than serve a dozen. Unfortunately those who were making money of of the gods promptly renamed the statue of the deities as ‘Saints”.

        • No. I don’t believe you. MSM told me they only have sticks and stones. (sarc)

        • Hello Richsob, I appreciate the link. Noted repeatedly in the text of each weapon, with a few obvious exceptions, the numbers of each are unknown. The other unknowns are operator proficiency and Command and Control capabilities within the theatre of operations. These are the ‘force multipliers’ for any weapons systems.

          So yes there is room to express concern. The real concern to me: what are the Western powers and Israel willing to gamble in terms of numbers of military and civilian losses?

          D-N-T @ 1:51 really says it all in a few prophetic sentences. We here posting our thoughts and fears will have no say in controling the decision making process or the start of a war with Iran. We will have to cleanup and adapt to the new paradigm after it is over.


      48. maintaing a status quo peace between Iran and Israel seems absurd to the American taxpaying electorate but it is the best overall strategy. We think that we can smash any country we wish in the time it takes to finish a TV sitcom season but since Vietnam we have yet to face a country that will stand in the open and fight… use planes, tanks, terrorists, commandos and ships… and has an esprit de corps amonnst its military to win at any cost.

        It is far wiser for TPTB who control Obama and D.C. to maintain the global economic status quo (the flow of oil through the Straits of Hormuz) rather than risk the wealth destruction of wrecking the global economy…rebuilding Iran and Israel and committing America to another costly no-end-in-site situation in the middle east.

        If the global elite that manipulate D.C. and Obama like employees want war between Iran and Israel and can afford it…..the war will happen.

        • D-N-T, The last sentence truly says it all. thank you (MM)

      49. 6. Who Steals Gas?

        For a long while, the Swifty in this area will only allow a set amount of gas to be pumped at one setting–yeah, you have to reset it so the attendant can supervise or see if you are gonna leave without paying.
        And after 8:00 no big bills will be accepted.

        • Wow, there are still places where one does not pre-pay for gas?

      50. Anyone here Advocating for a War with Iran is a nwo.cfr.zionist.bilderboybugger.fascist.goyim.irs.tax.debt.slave IGNORANT fool!

        Only the NWO ZIONIST oligarchy International Bankers and those who leech off of Veterans Pain Suffering and Active Duty Military members Deaths and Crippling Injuries gain anything from A WAR WITH IRAN!

        ie us congress insider trading, wallstreet traders and israel spreading its boundaries further throughout the middle east!

        Iran has a natural right too DEFEND ITSELF FROM GLOBAL cia israeli mossad AL-CIA-DUH american backed terrorist THIEVES! JUST as you all have a right to defend yourselves from being robbed by local neighborhood thugs and thieves!

        for shame america… you all now are guilty of global genocide murder of innocent children and defenseless women… and for enslaving the world under a fiat currency and global tax debt!

        your fools if you think… war wont touch your lives and BIGGER FOOLS FOR HELPING THE NWO UN ENSLAVE THE WORLD!

        …you will ALL die just as the iranians will under the boot heels of global banker eugenics fascism!


        • Dude, try decaf huh.
          Maybe you can call us all “Capitalist Running Dogs” too.

      51. Sup ninao I know that typing anywhere..


        • ;0P pssszzt to da’ nwo.cfr.cia.fbi.mossad.bilderboybuggers and the UN GLOBAL banker AGENDA 21 MK ULTRA EUGENICISTS!

          wasssssss’ up my hog ridin’ amigo ;0)! GOT AMMO???

          carpe’ diem and don’t shoot till ya see the sky blue of their UN helmets!


          • your all,

            yep got ammo bud, Now if I could just find those guns I lost in the lake.. LOL. you be good brother and don’t forget to unplug the internet tonight…


      52. Iran, and every nation under the administration of the Bretton Woods act (OPEC nations), is fighting against US petro-dollar hegemony. Bretton Woods forces use of USD in oil transactions, and forces USD reserves in resident transacting banks. Other nations want the freedom to transact oil says in any currency. If the petro-dollar hegemony is overcome, the US will lose one of it’s biggest revenue streams; next to credit from communist China (more irony?). It is popular knowledge that many mid-East leaders have tried to break this tyrannical yolk; Qaddafi, Hussein, others – and Iran has tried to open an open currency oil bourse which was violently disabled by “intervening forces”. The tyranny and antagonism is there; revolt is predictable. And finally, a revolution is resourced well enough to stop the “intolerable acts”. The nature of human beings is to resist tyrannical control – this is what fighting for freedom is about. I wouldn’t want a quality of life that depends on taking freedom and possesions from others. Golden Rule above all – treat others like you want to be treated. Ron Paul – 2012

        • that’s “oil sales”

        • Sad to say what you write is true about America. We seem to have lost our moral fiber after Ronald Regan left the WH. Now it’s all about Fat Cats getting fatter. An Iranian kid getting killed is just as bad as an Israeli kid getting. Trouble is, it seems that all sides want victory, which might mean WWIII.
          The only thing I think you are wrond on is Ron Paul, but it’s still a free country, isn’t it?

          • last i checked its the innocent terrorized palestinian arab children being shoot without cause, beaten raped and sodomized by the israeli zionist kids in illegal settlements and israeli zionists wearing idf israeli gestapo army uniforms…

            israel is the new global zionist nazi’s … and amerika is her piggy bank bitch!




            • First thing they teach you in Psych Nursing is never to argue with a crazy person, it just makes them more hostile.
              “O.K., everything is fine, we’ll get those zionist kids to stop sodomizing whoever, calm down now…calm down, take a deep breath….now isn’t that better?”.

          • Every president since Nixon (including Reagan) has been in on the petrodollar hegemony. Oil backs the dollar since it was taken off the gold standard by Nixon. ALL corp presidents since then are complicit in fomenting wars for oil.

            • Give proof of what you just wrote. Oh,using “Ron Paul said so” doesn’t count as proof.

              You see we had this little problem called The Soviet Union. You might have heard of it. Does the word Marxism ring a bell? Korean War, was that about oil too? How about Viet Nam?

            • reagan’s deployment of troops to lebanon was about creating a beachhead to maintain control over the flow of energy. reagan clearly presided over the expansion of the petrodollar cycle and strengthened relationships, both diplomatically and militarily with saudia arabia.

              simpletons like yourself continue to believe that the cold war was about freedom. the gulf of tonkin incident and the cover-up by the pentagon clearly blasts a hole in your theory. the cold war was about the same thing that all wars are about, expansion of elite control over commerce and consolidation of power.

              now it’s your turn, big shot. prove me wrong. the onus is on you.

            • First you didn’t prove a damm thing, you just stated more opinion, big shot.
              As for Reagan’s deployment, it was to counter the PLO and other radical Islamic groups allied to The Soviets and attempt to make the area stable.

              Damm you paulbots are dense!

      53. I’d love to know what everyone uses for natural medicine and household uses. With a little digging, I’ve found:

        Clove oil – toothaches
        Usnea oil – Anti bacterial and infection uses, sinus, etc
        Mullien garlic oil – ear infections
        Peppermint oil on cotton balls- keeps mice away

        Please include your feedback on what you use. Thank you in advance for sharing!

        • Ginger: Colloidal silver. I think Sovereign Silver is the best. Its anti bacterial in nature, strengthens immune system. Also silver gel for cuts.

          Honey for sweetening, or antibacterial.

          Concentrated grape seed / resteroval.

          Aloe Vera.

          High potency vitamin and mineral supplement.

          Currently looking into acemannon. It’s not commonly available yet, but is prescribed for cat leukemeia and pet wounds. Great stuff. Anti cancer properties, kills HIV, strengthens immune system. It will be a winner. It is extracted and concentrated from the Aloe leaf.

          Not available for over the counter consumption by people yet.

          Halls vitamin C drops instead of gum. High doses of vitamin C are good. All items here are antioxidants.

          There are a number of health links, including natural remedy links at SHTF Science. You can reach that page through SHTF America on the left hand column.

      54. the onlly thing that iran has that we want is their oil..so we dont have to drill for our own.. and the only thing that iran wants from us is for us to mind our own business while they make plans to take out israel. someone is always wanting what the other guy has. and the other guy is just out to do the same one upmanship. be prepared for the what ifs best as ya’ll can.

        • Carynverell, I agree – we do not have a genuine interest in the Iranian people. However, I’m not sure we really want their oil as much as we want whatever oil they sell to be transacted in USD. This is also why it won’t matter if we drill for our own oil or switch to green energy approaches – we will still need the major US revenue stream from petrodollars to pay back our debts.

        • War is and always will be. For thousands of years to the present, man has fought over territory for one reason or another. Regardless of where in the world it starts, empires rise and empires fall. It’s in our nature to fight. War is power. And like you said, I want what you got. Shame we can’t settle for arm wrestling or street boxing. They have to pull the whole populous into it and it’s usually the innocent that get hurt or killed in the end.

          Maybe the “men” ought to take a back seat and let the women at it for a while. Hee-Hee… I meant that as a joke before some of you he-men get upset. LOL.

      55. What will happen is that Russia will invade southern Georgia to open a corrdior to Armenia. Armenian and Azerbaijan will start fighting. With Russian help Azerbaijani will lose the war. Turkey may intervene against Armenia which in turn will push Russia to use limited nuclear weapons against Turkey. Turkey will organize pogroms aginst its own minorities. Israelis and Greek Cypriotes may try to recover lost land in 1974 in Cyprus. This i why Obama is cautious. Without convincign the Russian world war is the real danger.

      56. PROBLEM— World’s lust for THINGS and things made from and the use of FOSSIL FUEL……………SOLUTION— BIO-Diesel… Turn all ethanol plants into Bio-diesel plants and mandate 50 percent of all vehicles built, to have diesel engines. No tax on any Bio-Diesel production or distribution companies, no matter how big or how small. Let the free market system define the price. I know, just another dreamer.

        • dont-tread

          And eat what? The bio-diesel agenda has pushed up food prices to unaffordable levels in many parts of the world.

          Lets take a look at Tesla etc again.

        • Don’t-tread, I support your proposal. Go the algae route. Fuel that still has high specific energy (energy/unit-mass). True energy independence; not just a dream – the process is well defined and available.

          • It wouldn’t happen over night. However there are thousands upon thousands of acres of idle crop land. Rape seed/Canola oil would get her done. Soybeans,etc.etc. many many options that would not take food out of people’s mouths. Just sayin’

        • I agree with Anonymous.
          Previous administration announced that by the year so-and-so 15% of all fleet will be on bio-fuel.
          What they forgot to mention was: it will take all of or arable land to produce it.
          So Anonymous’ question is legit: what are we going to eat?

      57. Another great post with excellent info!

        Off topic – “desparate” is an incorrect spelling…”desperate” is the correct spelling…please don’t post this part because I feel like an asshat for pointing it out! I appreciate you and your blog and I know you don’t want misspellings!

      58. Desperate not desparate.

      59. What people don’t understand is that we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. Iran is much stronger. There’s going to be a lot of blowback.

        • I wish we just stay out of it.

          • I wish you would also

      60. As this topic becomes more and more prevalent in the news, I see more and more people who voice an opinion that this is all “orchestrated” mainly by the West and that we should follow the admonition of those like Ron Paul and stay out of the issue, regardless of what happens between Israel & Iran.

        My question is, isn’t there enough legitimate concern and reason based on Ahmadinejad’s past rants and threats, Iran’s history of supporting terrorism, to warrant the consideration of keeping Iran from nuclear weapon capability?

        I’ve seen the video of (i believe) an Ayatollah saying that they support any and all who oppose Israel and the West and calling for as much death and destruction as possible.

        It seems to me that fanatical minds and ideologies like what seems prevalent in the current Iran leadership “has” to be addressed and dealt with.

        Nukes are a dangerous enough issue with supposedly rational, sound minded individuals…I personally don’t want them in the hands of mad men or religious fanatics that think it’s their duty & destiny to usher in an apocalyptic cleansing.

        Just sayin’

        Regards2All 🙂

      61. This guy brings up some solid points. He “desparately” needs to spell check his articles though.

      62. The thing to consider is this: the whole thing has already been Beta tested (think shock and awe) and we are now many years later. Think of what other weapons have been cooked up and how technology has changed?

        I foresee a couple of weeks of targeted strikes and asymetrical warfare and the Iranian regime sues for peace.

      63. Most probably, if Iran cannot sell oil nobody will
        within a radious ot their long range missiles
        Russia, Venezuela and few others will benefit enourmously
        The rest of the world may have to pay USD150/250 a barrel. It would create an instantaneous ecomomic catasthophe (not counting the human cost)
        What if Iran already obtained THE BOMB (many) thru their
        contacts in Russia, Pakistan, India & North Korea.
        Israel didn’t need to test the bomb. They accquired their
        knowledge by helping the French Nuclear Program…
        The same may apply to Iran.
        Starting a war is easy, to predict the outcome very
        difficult. Good luck to all of us.

      64. The whole Caspian Sea region is a mineral base of enormous energy resources, both natural gas and of course oil. Russia is to be of most concern here. Since the 1990’s there has been a eastward push of NATO forces to box in Russia. As the crushing response of Russia demostrated against Georgia, Russia is not going to allow any further encirclement of its country.

        IF Israel and or the U.S. attacks Iran it is not the Strait of Hormuz you have to worry about alone, it is the entire Iranian coastline. To stop Iran from firing missiles from along its 1000 miles of coastline, the country of Iran would have to be conquered. This would further encircle Russia. Iran could stop oil tankers from moving through the Persian Gulf just by firing surface to surface missiles from its long coastline. 1000 miles is too much to patrol and stop without invading the country.

        As most know, the Monroe Doctrine state that no foreign enemy should be allowed to threaten the United States in this hempishere. The Cuban missile crisis was a result of the Monroe Doctrine to an extreme, but WW3 almost started because of it. It is amazing that Russia has allowed NATO forces to get this close to Moscow. It stops at the Caspian Sea region. There is just too much for Russia and China to lose in this region. China and Russia will defend this region with a vengeance. Just as the U.S. would defend Mexico if a foreign power were to be right on the border of the U.S.

        What Israel is trying to do is stop mass production of nuclear weapons from Iran like Pakistan has achieved. Iran could have 1 to 5 nuclear bombs already. North Korea did not test their first nuke until they had several. For Iran to test their only nuke would be incredibly asinine. IF Iran does test in the future, it probably means they have several to spare.

        Israel may be a tiny country, smaller than the state of Vermont, but one of two successful nuclear bombs hitting Israel will definitely not destroy it. It would take 15-25 to end Israel. Israel has one of the best civil defense in the world, and when missiles are coming the citizens are going to be in bomb and fallout shelters ready for a nuke, chemical, and biological weapons loaded on those missiles. Israel is quite ready for almost anything and it would take multiple nuclear strikes to end Israel as a country. One is no way going to do it, even one in the multiple-megaton range would not end Israel, as long as the people had warning which they would of incoming missiles.

        What is so sad is that the United States and other countries do not have such an elaborate civil defense like Israel has. It is like our government has told everyone that when a disaster or attack happens, you are on you own, too bad for you. Remember when the U.S. government actually cared about what happened to their citizens just one of two generations ago?

      65. I agree with most Be Informed says but,Israel can have
        a convencional war of very short duration (less than 4 weeks) because of her need to movilize her reserves.
        Any longer war would paralize the economic activity of
        the country (not counting the destruction of ports,oil refineries, etc. and human suffering) Their sense of
        invincivility with be shattered with a couple of A-Bombs
        their survivors would most probably exit the country.
        The surviving Palestinians will finally recover their
        scorched land…

      66. I would add #11…unify Sunni and Shia against US aggression. THAT would be a catastrophe.

        • @ Forgiven. This is exactly what many Muslims have been trying to do for awhile now, turn it into a Muslim against Christian holy war for what they consider it “the final battle”. This would be beyond catastrophic. Christians are the largest religion in the world, with Muslims coming in a very close second at over a billion followers. An unified Sunni and Shia against U.S. means also ALL U.S. allies. Anyone remember the 1970’s gas squeeze? That would be the lesser of an all out war.

          I have long thought in the true sense of war, that most Muslims will forget about their own interior squabbling and unite against the common enemy, the so called Satan and the Jewish people. I go back to the old Arab saying “my enemies’ enemy is my best friend”. I am not sure about Turkey, but Saudi Arabia may forget its hatred of Iran and back Iran against a war with Israel. Pakistan is the huge wild card in the mix.

      67. Try to read: War for Profit by Naomi Klein.

        Just by executing Put Options after the War the 0.25% of the Elite will increase their Weath Greatly.
        Many, many American warships will be sunk along the Iranian coastline, many Tankers will be sunk. After that
        many more will refuse to load oil from the region.
        An American invasion will follow. The World will sink
        into a great depression. Common people will suffer…

        • The one line you say, “many, many American warships will be sunk along the Iranian coastline”, is probably so true. Like it was found out with the Argentina and United Kingdom war over the Falklands back in the 80’s, missiles are a bear to defend against. Just look at how Hezbollah, not even a country but a terrorist organization almost sunk one of Israel’s best naval ships. Not their flag ship but close. People don’t realize that Iran has more than 1000 miles of coastline. It is not just the Strait of Hormuz.

          War for profit has been a tactic for failing economies since man first become so called “civilized”. What is so horrible is it seems like for an economy to flourish that one group of people, animals, the environment, has to be exploited and suffer. This is why I feel that World War 3 is inevitable, because people as a species have not envolved to the point of having a conscience enough to at least try to do what is right for everyone around them. Also because their is a finite amount of resources that eventually will be fought over vicously to the death of one or the other, or both.

          I truly hope that many people out there have tried to school themselves and learn about fallout and the reprecussions of nuclear war. I would hate to see everyone walking about like the movie Testament unaware of what was happening to them after a nuclear war. World War 3 and the global fallout radiation is survivable, but people need to know HOW TO SURVIVE IT.

          I extremely recommend EVERYONE get the book “Nuclear War Survival Skills”, by Cresson H. Kearny and read it. This book is not only for nuclear war but also has much survival information for other disasters that is “priceless”. For less than $10, or with just material around the house you can build a Kearny radiation fallout meter with instructions in this book. You have to know how much radiation is around you after a war so you won’t be fried inside and out.

          Nuclear war takes much more knowledge and effort to survive, but one can prepare for it. “It is funny how someone that prepares for nuclear war is almost always prepared for almost all other disasters.”

      68. I like the general way of reasoning of Be Informed but,
        I don’t thing that WW III will start at all.
        China and Russia will again let the US sink in another
        quagmire getting weaker and weaker.US Defense Industries
        will once more profit like crazy. China will keep growing steadly and Russia will again became rich and powerful selling gas, oil and weapons to their captive markets.
        Most probably oil from the gulf States will be
        disrupted for 1-2 years at least. Oil at US200/300?

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