Top 10 Health and Safety Problems People Will Have to Deal With AFTER the Banking Collapse

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    This article was originally published by S.D. Wells at Natural News. 

    The dominoes will fall. Have no doubt whatsoever, Silicon Valley, Signature, and Silvergate banks are just the first three banks in a long, long line of banks that will not just need bailing out, but will completely collapse in the coming days, weeks, and months of 2023 and on into 2024.

    This is a mass bank run, and the whole system is set to collapse. It’s a plan, not a byproduct or pitfall. It’s a total system collapse, and the FDIC $100 billion bailout is just a tiny band-aid on a deep, gaping wound that will bleed out its victim – America. Who’s ready for what follows?

    Over $10 trillion in total US bank deposits to crater, setting in motion the deepest, darkest depression the nation has ever seen

    The Treasury and the Fed are only bailing out their best buddies right now, and feeding the big banks even more money. It’s all just a head fake to save face, while the system further collapses, as planned by the communists in Washington DC. It’s a controlled demolition, and it’s going by the book, slowly but surely. This all ends with the total collapse of the dollar and the default of the entire US banking system. Crypto and cash will all be worthless, so get ready to eat bugs and drink dioxin-laced water all day.

    After the REAL banking collapse begins to set in, Americans of all classes, creeds, and colors will feel the pain. If you live in a metropolitan city, especially one run by Democrats, you will want to get out, and now. There will be riots. There will be panic. There will be empty grocery store shelves everywhere. There most likely will not be power, fuel, or internet. There will not be cash machines or open banks for getting your money out. Credit cards will not work. Crypto will be frozen.

    What follows is the top 10 health problems people will have to deal with when the Biden Regime and the CCP accomplish the total crash of the Republic. These include:

    #1. Starvation

    #2. Malnutrition

    #3. Disappearing prescription drugs

    #4. Mass rioting, causing serious injuries, deep wounds, and rotting corpses in the streets

    #5. Heat exhaustion in summer from lack of HVAC, and freezing cold winter coming after that with no heat

    #6. Total lack of antiseptics

    #7. Lack of clean water, leading to waterborne illnesses across the nation

    #8. Mass outbreak of cholera

    #9. The next wave of lab-concocted, gain-of-function flu will spread

    #10. The Covid clot shots will continue to decimate the injected sheeple, as spike proteins clog their vascular systems, and nano-particles collect heavy metals in the body until a few billion people simply collapse from heart failure, strokes, and major organ failure.

    First comes the bank run (collapse). Then the food run. Then the fuel run. Then the electronics run. Then the medicine runs. Then the clean water runs. Every US major city will look like “Escape from New York.” The corrupt Biden Regime and crazy liberal extremists will set free every prisoner in the country, while the borders are flooded with illegal immigrants from China (mostly military-aged men to replace Americans).

    The United States will look like one huge maximum security prison, without walls or guards. Police forces will be fired, just like in Iraq. First responders will barely exist. Are you prepared? How much nutrition-loaded food is in your pantry? How much clean water can you preserve? Stock up on guns, ammo, and natural remedies now.

    Do your own financial research and don’t use Google. Try the search engine Brave BETA and get more truth news and real information. Bookmark to your favorite websites for banking, financial, and total truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

    Here’s a glimpse of what the whole country will look like if all the banks collapse and the Biden Regime succeeds in crashing the Republic. Watch this:


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      1. Trump returning would help but, would not solve all issues facing America. From the grassroots, local, using love and communication we can lift ourselves, I pray.

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