Tolerance? Liberals Throughout The Mainstream Media And Hollywood Openly Joke About Rand Paul Being Violently Attacked After He Holds Up Government Budget Bill

by | Feb 9, 2018 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    After successfully managing to block the government budget vote late last night, Senator Rand Paul was viciously attacked by several mainstream media and Hollywood liberals who openly wished that the man who previously assaulted Paul had either done a better job or had been in attendance during his “stunt” so he could attack him again.

    That’s right, the supposedly tolerant left spent the night hoping that a sitting U.S. Senator would be violently attacked yet again, all because he refused to go along with the establishments plan for a government budget that included “out of control spending”.

    “Paul managed to block the vote past a midnight deadline that technically meant the government shut down for a short time, with the Senator insisting that an amendment be added to reign in out of control spending. A two year budget deal was subsequently approved by the Senate,” Paul Joseph Watson reported.

    “However, during Paul’s stunt, several leftist celebrities and numerous verified Twitter liberals expressed their disappointment that the Senator’s neighbor wasn’t in attendance to physically assault him.”

    Long-time Hollywood liberal Bette Midler led the charge, tweeting that America “needed” Paul’s neighbor in an obvious reference to the 59-year-old Democrat and neighbor of Paul’s who blindsided him and left him with five broken ribs and lacerations to his lungs.

    Despite the fact that Twitter has publicly claimed that calls for violence are not allowed on their platform, the tweet has over 17,000 likes and has actually been promoted by the social media giant itself.

    Not wanting to be left out of the fun of calling for violence against your political enemies, numerous mainstream media leftists also chimed in with their calls for another attack on Paul, including a writer for The New York Times Magazine and another for the leftist Huffington Post.

    Keep in mind that the above Tweets are only a snapshot of the calls for violence against Paul and do not even include the thousands of responses to them (that Twitter has again allowed) that also agree with the idea that Paul needed to be attacked for holding up the vote and essentially shutting down the government for a few hours until a different deal could be reached.

    Time and time again the intolerant left proves just that – they are a group of of completely intolerant individuals that have no problem calling for, and using, violence against their political enemies.

    This is the new America under Donald Trump, where anything goes as long as you are a part of the “resistance”.


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      1. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. Who’s to judge?

        In my opinion we curb violence by punishing violent acts, not by censoring idiots mouthing off. Who cares what they said on social media. It just makes them look very insensitive to the suffering of another human being who happens to be a public servant, not a public punching bag.


        • No, we curb violence by exterminating all the liberals. Period.

          • Well yes, but: This is the best thing that has happened in years. The snowflakes are finally showing their true nature and people are starting to understand just how disgusting they really are.

        • I so agree. Broken ribs, what are these violent idiots thinking? Yep just what we need a singers opinion.

      2. I will vote left the very first time just ONE Learjet leftist in Hollywierd opens up just ONE room in just ONE of their mansions for just ONE night to just ONE illegal immigrant.

        Will never happen, so I am safe.

        Truth is, Nazi means National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party, and adopted explicitly socialist planks at its very first convention, Munich, Feb. 24, 1920. Any leftist can look this up – only they are too intellectually dishonest to do so.

      3. B from CA, if any libturd takes a swing at you, you take his/her sorry ass out if you want to live. That’s what it’s come to these days with the rise of antifa, Black Criminal Lives Matter, and all the other assorted libturd trash. If one attacks me, he/she will damn sure get their ass wasted.

        • My dad was a weapons instructor during WWII. His advise was; in hand to hand combat: “Shoot the sucker”. If you find yourself in a fair fight, you made a mistake.

      4. when does the shooting start ?

        • Whick alphabet agency do you lick boots in?

      5. Wondering what group owns the MSM and Hollywood? Revalation 2:9 ,3:9?

      6. Soon, it will be said, “remember what free speech was?”
        Oh, that pesky First Amendment, how quaint.

      7. Ketchup, if everything goes right, one day it will instead be, “remember those stupid libturds?”

        • The day will never come Braveheart. There will always be a spectrum and a left and right.

        • And the reply will be: Yah; they weren’t to bad until we ran out of ketchup.

      8. You know? I’d be happy to either buy or give Rand Paul a sidearm. I hope he carries. Free speech is free speech. That applies to any and all. May not like the words spoken, but that one simple rule is what preserves this nation.

      9. I would like any one of those clowns to explain to me how we are going to pay off 21 Trillion in debt. Also, what is our interest payment a year?

        • Who cares? The debt cannot ever be repaid and the moron public hasn’t a clue what it even means. I personally will pay as little as possible and get as much as possible for what I have paid my entire life. I didn’t bring anyone into this world to eat the shitpie that is now baked to perfection so have fun with it all cause after I’m gone I have a clear conciounce that I never perpetuated the hell that is coming. Humanity, what a failure….

          • Genius, agreed. Let me add that the debt is NOT THE PEOPLE’S DEBT, IT’S THE US GOVERNMENT’S DEBT. Not our problem nor our responsibility. They’ll end up defaulting on the debt and won’t have any choice.

            • Yep, The only thing I owe them is a dirtnap!

            • Actually I’ve spent a lot of that debt money on Gold and Silver. As I’m retired and already got more back than I paid in, what can I say. It’s stupid, but way to late to turn back.

            • Gov always takes as much from the citizen’d hide as possible. Before default, it’s likely to hurt…a lot. Unfortunately, the people that will be hurt the most are people like senior citizens that have few or no options.

            • what happens when China says…”nope. no mo money for you! You owe me big time, pay-pay or bang-bang!”

              Seriously, why the F would China lend us more money? We are reaching the point where we can not pay INTEREST on the debt let alone pay the debt off. If interest rates go higher, which they ARE…”we screwed!”

      10. Libs; be careful what you ask for…….what if somebody said that about Obama. What then? Imagine the outrage! Sounds like double standard….

      11. The real joke is that he is standing for them! He is standing against a huge corrupt government of “elitists”. The 1% the libtards claim to hate so much, but joined without hesitation to thwart Trump! A huge corrupt government is apparently what the serfs want. It is certainly what they deserve!

      12. Aint our Mob Rule Democracy great!

      13. Whether you agree with Rand Paul or not, he is basically honest. Politicians have limited terms and must campaign for re-election if they want to stay in office. That means collecting campaign contributions. There is a fine line between making compromises to increase campaign contributions and outright bribery. You get compromised politicians from a system that runs on compromises. I don’t know how to deal with it but term limits is a smart move.

      14. Commonwealth put a misdemeanor charge on him so the fed could pick up the felony plea agreement.
        If you or I committed the same offense we’d be washing chit stains out of the big bosses underwear in Eddyville.-[?supermax]
        If he does a bit which he won’t but if he did it would be at some place with a tennis court and stuff.

      15. There are idiots in every party. Pointing at a few and extrapolating comments as if they represent all members of a party is sport. The left points at the Nazi that is going to be the nominee for congress as representing the entire right. The right points at a lady who thought Obama was going to get her a free phone as representing the entire left. I wouldn’t spin my wheels on these morons.

      16. Just remember this one thing

        Our entire government has been taken over
        The Republic has been userped

        Any allegiance to these “representatives” is treasonous

        Yes even this deciever , no matter how you try to justify him

        The foolish notion that this person has any of your interests at heart , is your first mistake

        • Congress doesn’t run anything. They let Obummer make law by execuitive order. Only after the Military Coup and Gen Dunsford took over during the latter part of obummers term was he stopped from making law,s and bypassing congress. Then all Obummer did was play Golf and Vacation. Trump is the Militarys Puppett. He will do whatever the tell him too. The want GITMO kept open and expanded and its done. They want more money and its Done. They tell Sessions you don’t charge anyone and He doesent. The Military has plans for the Klinton Cabal. and it is Military Tribunal. And they have plans for me and you. And we will not like them also.

      17. Anyone know a good joke about the attack by Tanya Harding’s boy friend on Nancy Kerrigan? There isn’t one!

        • Yes, I remember the “Kerrigan 2000 car alarm”, it hails an annoying “WHY ME! WHY ME! WHY ME!…”

      18. Since they obliterated the concept of the Senate with the 17th amendment why do we still have a Senate? The concept that any one guy not elected by the entire country,
        could control the lives of 320 million people is offensive.

        I have a very few liberal neighbors. We are friendly, but I never turn my back on them.
        My land is fully Hog fenced, barbed wire at the top and bottom, I have “Doorbells” AKA dogs, a mule, pigs, and chickens, so I always know if something is amiss. I’m not going to get blindsided by anybody.
        If cops show up at my front gate, there is a 3 inch caliber black powder cannon aimed at them. They have no idea if it loaded or not.
        Always maintain situational awareness.

        • rellik – why the 17th Amendment? I’d would’ve figured you’d support election to the Senate by the citizens over being so named by the State legislature. Was it some hope for the tripartite classification system to continue? You lost me this go-round.

          • The original reason for the Senate was to represent the rights of a state. So my puny state had as much representation as a giant like California, in Federal affairs.
            Most states in America are conservative, with conservative legislatures. We would be in much better shape if the
            17th were repealed.
            I’m not a fan of pure Democracy.
            You know the two wolves and a lamb voting for dinner story?
            I’m a wolf. I’d kill the other wolf, I can always eat the lamb later.

        • I’m with you Rellik. I’ve never seen the sense in the 17th. Way back when, I drove my civics teacher crazy trying to explain it.

          Is civics even taught anymore?

      19. Trump should body slam the fukn left wing liberal extremist terrorist group

      20. Forced tolerance is a Marxist concept to get you to accept that which is unacceptable to you. To force you to change your culture to accept Marxism.

        • Marxism? Carl Marx real name is Moses mordicia levy the son of a Jewish rabia. Revalation 2:9 ,3:9.

      21. when the civil war or societal collapse or whatever that the left has been orchestrating and pining for eventually happens its going to come down to who has the courage of their convictions and who is the most prepared

        my money is on the pro gun people

        • Please don’t starve to death ,on a pile of bullets.

      22. Rand Paul is one a very few senators that are men of quality. A shame there aren’t more men lime him in this country. He did the right thing.

      23. When you see all these things happening , lookup and rejoice, The new world is near. If your lamps and flaskes are full?

      24. What group has the finances and inclination to pay people to yell, Crusify Him? Some things can’t change? But hopefully soon will?

      25. What about McLame? They didn’t attack him because he was on THEIR side. The VIOLENT DEMOCRAP side.

      26. SHUT TWITTER DOWN terrorist organization dept. homeland security SHUT THEM DOWN

      27. He COULD have been your president. Y’all fucked up!

      28. test

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