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Tokyo Olympic Bubble ‘Compromised’ As COVID Case Count Hits 71

Tyler Durden
July 20th, 2021
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This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

With the Tokyo Olympics set to start Friday, the negative headlines continue to pile up. Thanks to bans on spectators and the ongoing State of Emergency in the Japanese capital city, public opinion in Japan has turned decidedly against the Games, with most Japanese rooting for the Olympics to simply be canceled.

Dozens of staff and athletes have already tested positive. Outside of the COVID headlines, a Ugandan weight lifter has gone missing. Now, Reuters reports that the isolation bubble system put in place to house the athletes in the Olympic Village has already been compromised.

This means organizers’ promises that there would be “zero risk” of athletes infecting Tokyo residents have already been rendered moot. Kenji Shibuya, the former director of the Institute for Population Health at King’s College London, said such declarations only served to confuse and anger people as actual conditions on the ground were “totally opposite.”

“It’s obvious that the bubble system is kind of broken,” said Shibuya, who in April co-authored a British Medical Journal commentary that said the Olympics must be “reconsidered” due to Japan’s inability to contain coronavirus cases.


“My biggest concern is, of course, there will be a cluster of infections in the village or some of the accommodation and interaction with local people.”

Rather, since the start of July, there have been at least 71 cases detected among athletes preparing to compete in the Games. Videos showing interactions among athletes have added to concerns that the highly infectious delta variant will spread through the Olympic Village like the wildfires presently burning across swaths of Oregon.

New COVID-19 cases in Tokyo reached 1,410 on Saturday, the highest level in nearly six months, while the Games are due to start at the end of this week.

Some public health experts have warned that seasonal factors, increased mobility, and the growing prevalence of delta could cause cases in Tokyo to surge past 2,000 per day in the next month, a level that could push the city’s healthcare system to the breaking point.

Only 33% of Japanese citizens have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine, a level that’s well below other western countries. While the vaccination push has picked up steam in recent weeks, logistical issues have left some areas with shortages of jabs.

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    Author: Tyler Durden
    Date: July 20th, 2021

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    1. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Jeff Bezos donated a cool $100 million each to two CNN jounalists in his new effort to support who he considers to be heros. $100 million is really a shocking amount of money for most people. I think that it is really smart to support individuals rather than bloated bureaucracies that parade as charities but really only exist for the people that work at the so called charities. Corruption is rampant in charities. The major charities have had scandalous accounting problems proving them to be fraudulent operations.

      My guess is that there are now dozens of fuming and disgruntled Washington Post employees fuming over Bezos donating to CNN employees rather than Washington Post. I have a very strong hunch that Washington Post and Amazon employees will probably start bending over backwards to please Jeff Bezos. Maybe that was the plan.

      Andrea Iravani

    2. Sarcastic Tone says:

      Obviously, there cannot possibly be any Olympic games. Everyone on Earth is now dead from this relentless “raging pandemic” so there is noone alive to watch the games. Also, all of the Olympic athletes have passed away from phony 19
      so there is absolutely noone available to participate in these games.🙄

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      Yes, the “vaccines” have profound benefits for the 
      Medical Mafia including Big Pharma, Big Pharma daisy chain and pyramid scheme participants, local, state, and federal governments that will financially benefit through wind fall profitting of killing off high cost insurance people, and psychopaths buying hard assets on the cheap after people’s lives and livilihoods were destroyed by the lock downs. 

      As far as the health of the individual receiving the “vaccine”,  there are no benefits, but they want you to 
      Take a Hit for Team InfraGard, because they do not want to sacrifice easy money through medical fraud and forever bailouts for mentally incompetent psychopaths that have turned America into a lawless Banana Bureaucracy resembling Planet of the Apes. You really can’t even claim that America is a republic anymore. It is just a systemically corrupt, but not systemically racist Bureaucracy that has gone Bananas and Ape Shit! 

      Andrea Iravani

      I see that the InfraTard is still hacking my writing. Your tax dollars down the drain America! The Chinese and Russians will kick the InfraTards mother fucking asses, since the government has been threaning both countries and accusing both countries of things that our government is guilty of in moat circumstances, and who are too busy using vault7 hacking tools and blasting shortwave radio signals at me, as I have been saying for quite a while now! They have falsely imprisoned me and illegally enslaved me in my own home, and it is illegal enslavement since they have been illegally spying on me and stealing both my physical and intellectual property! It is false imprisonment because anytime that I leave, they break-in and do black bag jobs, stealing and vandalism, as well as stalking me! So, when China or Russia bombs the Mother fucking daylights out of America, you will know that the Infratards were busy keeping you safe by spying on me just to make sure that I am not a violent extremist and a hater, exactly like 9/11 when the seventeen intelligence agencies, academia, state and local governments and police, and 180,000 corporate members of InfraGard and the Pentagon didn’t see the 9/11 “attacks by “Islamic extremists” ” coming either, and like they didn’t see the $21 trillion vanishing from the Pentagon. They didn’t see it? They robbed us! The robbery in action continues unabated! It will not stop until they are either dead, or own until they own everything and everyone. They have made that abundantly clear. The Great Reset “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” yada yada yada.

    4. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      This is really not surprising since it was planned by InfraGard, the infamous terrorist and surveillance cult known for violent extremism and hate crimes. The evidence proving the validity of that statement is astounding and overwhelming. Where do we begin? 

      InfraGard is a public private surveillance terrorist cult consisting of the seventeen intelligence agencies, state and local governments, police, military, academia, and 180,000 corporations and any busy body retarded perverted freak and thief that wants to spy on people.

      InfraGard was created in 1996. Perhaps you may have noticed the American decline coinciding with the creation of InfraGard, if you are old enough to know what America was like prior to 1996.

      InfraGard has never prevented terrorism.

      When the World Trade Towers were imploded, less than 3,000 people died, which is still too many, but obviously, the reason is because the companies that had offices in the World Trade Towers knew in advance and hardly anyone went to work that historic day that now proves that the governments including InfraGard, and many corporations are evil, sadistic terrorists, and violent extremists that commit hate crimes, including going to war against seven countries that were not guilty for 9/11, and including the scamdemic.

      Corporations and governments in InfraGard are made up of people proving that the majority of Americans are sick, sadistic, mentally incompetent, insane, evil monsters, and if that isn’t enough evidence for you, consider that this is a democracy that has consistently voted to keep the beast alive that has turned America into a lawless banana bureaucracy. 

      InfraGard has tortured and terrorized me and members of my family and has perpetrated a sick, sadistic, serial crime spree against me, members of my family, my dog, and my property, They are monsters whose crimes against humanity have surpassed Adolph Hitler’s, Joseph Goebells, and Josef Mengele’s.

      So, when the Chinese or Russians bomb the mother fucking daylights out of America after America’s years long attacks constisting primarily of false allegations and sanctioning over anything and everything, you can rest assured knowing that InfraGard was protecting you America, by blasting short wave radio signals at me, doing illegal, sadistic, unconsented surgery on me, commiting medical fraud and false diagnosis on me, beaking into my house any time that I would leave, and even while I was asleep or in the shower vandalizing and stealing my property, gas-lighting me, using vault 7 hacking tools on me, stalking me, spying on me which is the illegal enslavement of me and srealing my intellectual and physical property, and falsely imprisoning me in my own home because everytime that I would leave it would be broken into and I would be stalked. 

      Andrea Iravani

    5. This study paper, originally written in Japanese and auto-translated into English. Labeled, “Pfizer confidential,” the study is known as a bio-distribution study that uses luciferase enzymes and radioisotope markers to accurately track the distribution of Pfizer’s mRNA LNPs across the body. What it found should result in the FDA immediately pulling all mRNA vaccines off the market.
      I am not medically qualified to comment so just post it. Show to a doctor that is to decide if you want to take the vaccine.
      If this is at all true I feel sorrow for those that have already taken it.,%20PF-07302048)%20%20(BNT162,%20PF-07302048)With%20original%20untranslated%20Japanese%20at%20the%20end%20of%20the%20file.pdf

    6. All seems to be going to plan just a few small changes. Just watch the timeline??

    7. Darth Skippy says:

      Why do we still believe in holding an Olympics, under what you are telling us is apocalyptic plague and shortages to the point of systemic collapse.

      Social emergency never affects officials or civic functions, unlike in the Edgar Allen Poe story.

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