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    This article was contributed by Lior Gantz of The Wealth Research Group.

    Oh, Bernanke, I hope you are READING THESE WORDS: You Lost!

    Bernanke, if you’re home watching gold BREAKING RECORDS, just know that I remember when you told Congress that “I don’t quite understand the movement of gold.”

    Well, Ben, in case one of your cronies is reading this, let me explain “gold’s movements” to you: Gold goes UP, UP and UP; is that CLEAR ENOUGH?

    Since 1971, when your so-called genius friends decided that the dollar was somehow superior to the ULTIMATE MONEY of the universe, gold, its price has gone up 6,000%!

    You lost!

    Jerome, if one of your employees is FORWARDING THIS letter to you today, then I would like to SAY THANKS for making it clear to more than EIGHT BILLION SOULS that fiat currencies suck!


    Many years ago – one hundred and eight TO BE EXACT – a certain J.P. Morgan (the actual man), in his final year on Earth, went in front of Congress and said the TRUEST WORDS ever uttered by any human being since the DAWN OF TIME.

    What he said was this: “Gold and silver are MONEY. Everything else is credit.”

    Credit, not money, meaning that while you believe you own it, it is actually SOMEONE ELSE’S liability.

    In 1944, the United States was so mighty that it DICTATED TERMS to the losing nations of WW2 – the bankrupt countries of Europe and Asia – and a major one was that the ALMIGHTY BUCK would call the shots.

    Jerome, if you haven’t realized it yet, WE’RE IN 2020, not 1944.

    Let me put this debate TO REST: we’re in a massive bull market!

    It would be the HEIGHT OF FOLLY to label this price action as a bubble.

    I’m not going to even ACKNOWLEDGE THAT DEBATE; the bubble is elsewhere – THIS IS REAL.

    Gold is money; silver is money.

    The gains are epic – let’s BRING DOWN THE HOUSE!

    There are UNIVERSAL LAWS, which are immutable and ENGRAINED in the cosmos!

    One of them is that silver WILL BEAT the manipulating bankers and we are SEEING IT unfolding right now!

    The SHORT SQUEEZE that’s going to occur, now that silver has BROKEN ABOVE its 2016 high, could break the backs of the amateurs.

    You just watch what’s going to happen, now that the dollar is a SINKING SHIP!

    So many speculators, who in RECENT MONTHS decided it’s a good idea to own companies at P/E ratios of 50:1 and higher, will not believe the TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY in the mining sector, as these companies are not even trading above 2016 highs!

    Silver is now the HOTTEST PLAY on the planet and gold is TAGGING ALONG beautifully!

    The Federal Reserve might be printing dollars, but we’re LITERALLY PRINTING MONEY into the brokerage accounts!

    Things are going nuts; a MAJOR OPPORTUNITY is coming next week as well — I’VE NEVER seen anything like it in the mining sector in over 14 years.


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      1. I agree!!!

      2. I believe it’s safe to say
        The deep spook retards
        Hide and seek lame game
        Has come to an end
        A camera cannot defend
        A camera cannot apprehend
        But a camera can suspend
        But a camera can unend
        But a tampered camera
        Can lie
        But a tampered camera
        Can deny
        But a stolen camera is no use
        But a broken camera is no use
        But a camera that you place
        In your home exposes you
        And alerts the spies
        When you come and go
        And what you have or have not
        And what they want to steal and sell
        And who it is that visits you
        Exposing all your life to thieves
        Through a lens
        That cannot protect or defend
        But can expose all that you hold dear
        To the criminal element that you most fear
        For a camera is not a gun
        For a camera is not a cage
        For a camera is not a guard
        And it appears that those who trust
        A camera to protect
        Have no sense of intellect.

        Andrea Iravani

      3. Say take it from an old timer, I have been doing this since 1977 and I have seen it all. Gold reached the highest that it had ever been. Silver did the same! But I was buying silver at $1.68 cents.
        Silver will end up out stripping gold on the percent level, but gold has intrici value. So this is my 4th time playing a rally for a gold upshot in my life. Don’t be surprised when you see gold reach of unheard of prices. I don’t want to put a price on it because…. no one knows ! We have never been in a place like this in history. We have so many sectors converging in a BAD way that the outcome is truly hard to predict.
        Read about the Weimar Republic in the 1920’s. They were burning cash in the wood stove to stay warm. So what does that statement say? If you can’t afford gold or silver, then buy Rare earth metals. The world depends on these because that is what makes all electronic devices. You cant go wrong!

      4. Sit back and watch the stackers rip the bank stirs a new one.

      5. To the moon is right! Another stupid idea and just a scam to explain the disappearance of enormous amounts of money for something that is totally unnecessary while our country is suffering and many people are suffering, but their suffering dwarfs the necessity to go to the moon and Mars to bulid nuclear reactors, because if people are stupid enough to believe that they have to wear surgical masks, they are stupid enough to believe that the moon and Mars not only require nuclear reactors, but that spending tax payer money on them, and the engineering of rockets and trips to Mars and the moon are more important than their lives, future generations lives, and futures
        are! Pretty sure that Mars and the moon happen to be on Broad and Wall!

        Andrea Iravani–mars/

      6. Just paid $110 for only 3x 2020 walking liberty 1oz.

        Used to get 5 for a hundred no problem.

        It’s not the spot price, it’s the over spot price gouging which is driving it up primarily right now. Reaching 10 over spot regularly due to excess demand.

        It’s not straightforward though, silver should arguably be well over 300 per oz right now. One day the price parity will evaporate.

      7. Early in the game yet in this particular go around. Don’t count your silver chickens before they hatch.

      8. If Gold hits $2000 oz and Stays! I’ll think something about it. If Silver hits $50 oz and Stays! then we’re on to something but not before.

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