‘Time Traveler’ From 2075 Claims Nuclear War Breaks Out In 2020

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 66 comments

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    A man calling himself a time traveler claims to have been born in 2043 and has come back in time to let us know that nuclear war is imminent. Saying his name is Michael Phillips, the YouTube channel APEX TV uploaded a video of the man also claiming the “Big One” will hit California soon too.

    Using a voice distorter, Phillips claims a government agency (he never says which one) sent him back through time in a machine of “possible” alien origin. “Hello my name is Michael and I have quite the story to tell you,” he begins. I am a time traveler. Yes.”

    APEX TV‘s description of the video also lays out a concise layout of what Phillips has to say:

    In 2075, according to Michael, he was part of several top-secret missions in which he traveled through time. In this video he sent us, he reveals details about WWIII and tells about which countries will be involved. He also reveals a future president of the U.S. Michael also talks about commercial space flight and colonization of the galaxy.

    Phillips says he joined the army at the age of 18 before he was handpicked for these time travel experiments. Describing what the world will look like in 30 years time. After detailing his time in the Army, Philips says another time traveler caused 9/11 to stop an American civil war which was supposed to kick off in 2008.

    “Another time traveler from, I think it was 2038, he came back.  His name was Titor. He came back to 2000 I do believe. And he thankfully stopped a civil war in America which was supposed to kick off in 2008. However, he got involved with the American Intelligence Agencies and the time travel program there. And it was decided that America needed a single unifying event to bring the country together to and to avert a civil war. And that event was 9/11.”

    He then goes on to tell us about North Korea and what World War 3 will look like.

    “There is a limited nuclear exchange in 2019. March of 2019. That does involve North Korea. They attempt to launch a nuclear missile at Honolulu in Hawaii.  And then the US responds with two cruise missiles… nuclear-laden missiles to Jong Un and takes them out. So, Kim Jong Un was no more at that point….With the turmoil that ensued after that, World War III did start in 2020. It was a limited war though, thankfully, it only lasted three years. China and Russia were against the UK, America, and a few other countries…it was a very fast but brutal war. Countless millions were killed. Nuclear weapons were used in a very limited capacity.”

    He then says in Los Angeles, to be exact, the San Andreas fault line causes a 10.2 magnitude earthquake decimating life on the coast.  Million are displaced and the landscape of California completely changes.

    It’s hard to believe that time travel is real, but then again, many still doubt Operation Paperclip and Operation Northwoods despite the government’s own documents proving their legitimacy. Maybe only time will tell (pun intended.)


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      1. So North Korea launches nukes against Hawaii in 2019? Not even they are this stupid, it’s more likely to be a false-flag by the MIC or some other 3rd party (((state))) to kick of their “Messianic” WW3.

        • Wow, this site just hit a new low.

          • Apex TV as your source for this article? Not good. A cursory look at youtube has so many stories and proofs showing that Apex TV is as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

          • Tabloid crack for idiots.

          • A new low? Well no, not really. I myself am a government-documented time traveler. I was born in 1940, and now I’m here in 2018. So I’ve traveled in time. And I can tell you anything you want to know about how things are going to be in 1950.

        • Interesting article and video, Mac. The 10.2 magnitude quake along the San Andreas destroying LA, resonates with me even though government officials say it cannot exceed the high sevens. Of course government officials think there are only 11 million illegals in the country, too, and want US to believe that.

          With all of the activity along the Ring of Fire of late, and the activity north and south of LA along the fault, I suspect that sufficient energy could be built up by 2022 to produce such a quake with an epicenter at Temecula.

          Keep an open mind about this guy, My Peeps, and lets see what else he has to say. Keep stacking and packing. 🙂

      2. You want to be taken seriously? All this and not a single shred of tangible evidence. I won’t bother explaining the reasons why time travel to the past is impossible. Perhaps Mac should youtube some more and write a follow up story on why this story is a total farce. Suppose a story about an old man named Shemita with a special Unobtianium watch that can stop time every 49 years is next here.

        • Sounds like this moron just watch the news for the last 6 months and claims he knows the future. You can’t even attempt a third term in the states 2 and you’re out. Also who won ww3?

        • Actually, time travel, to the past, is more plausible and doable, than to the future. Michio Kaku.

          • And Michio thinks nasa landed a man on the moon in 1969. he also believes in Nibiru. And if this guy came from the future and we had a nuke war in 2020 apparently it wasn’t a extinction level war.

      3. Gimme a break… ?

        How bout we steer it back toward prepping advice, Mac?

        • second the motion.

          I know this sites about making money, but the clickbait bs stuff really needs to go

          • Very few sites are actually about helping people in any way and have much of any good information. Now the prepper phenom has been saturated to the point it is no longer relevent. The people who realized a valid reason to consider any prepapredness got prepared during the BHO years and that was a good thing. But that threat has passed and we have new threats. In a very perverse way BHO actually showed anybody willing to pay attention just how seriously corrupted out government actually is ! So in a sense he did us a favor because Americans are very slow to grasp much of anything these days because they are afraid to face much of any truths. They truly are fat, dumb and lazy as well as seriously spoiled and apathetic.

            There is still good reason to be prepared , but not as many prepper types consider it. Truly being prepared means honed skills, fitness and strength and ongoing training that never ends and is in fact a life style and very enjoyable and fun. Simply from the many benefits of being seriously fit and healthy and capable. Nearly all of the marketing of the prepper phenom has been dead for quite a while as is was always just a marketing sham for fear and weakness and that market got saturated with fake supposed experts. Truly an echo chamber of a strange sort of laziness and macho hype all rolled into a created phenom for the weak minded who talk a lot but prefer to remain fat and dumb in the echo chamber of their own creation.

            It is a very different thing to actually be fit and strong and well trained outwith a clear mind than to talk about it or fantasize about such things. They are not even close to the same thing and never will be ! Being truly prepared is not the same thing as what has been sold as being a prepper. That was a sales job that many bought into and it is collapsing just as the DSA and all the lies from out government are collapsing. Both are GOOD THINGS !

            This article is proof !

        • What’s this guy smoking? I might want to try some. [JUST KIDDING] Mac, it can’t be THAT SLOW of a news day.

        • If the timelines presented by the “Time Traveller” are accurate, they are very useful to everyone, but particularly to those living in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia, NYC, and along the New Madrid fault, as Cayce said that NYC would fall 30 days after Kalifornia.

          Assimilate the data and form your own synthesis. 🙂

          • durangokidd, “IF” ? that says it all ?

            When you are actually strong, fit, healthy and well trained out with a clear mindset there is little if. Most is eliminated. simple as that ! And if internet marketing was real, everybody would be up to speed via their many purchases of more prepper related junk. All part of the echo chamber I never defer to ! There is a far better way to live and think.

      4. What I want is for him to tell me, and me alone, the point spread and who will win the next SuperBowl. I’d like to get my bets in now. Now THAT would be helpful.

      5. Slow day at SHTF??

      6. Oh boy…

      7. The “new” lenient disciplinary policies have emboldened the criminals, not protected other students or teachers.

        Behind Cruz’s Florida Rampage, Obama’s School-Leniency Policy
        “In 2013, the year before Cruz entered high school, the Broward County school system rewrote its discipline policy to make it much more difficult for administrators to suspend or expel problem students, or for campus police to arrest them for misdemeanors – including some of the crimes Cruz allegedly committed in the years and months leading up to the deadly Feb. 14 shooting at his Fort Lauderdale-area school.”

        “Broward, the nation’s sixth largest school district, is one of 53 major districts across the country to adopt the federal guidelines, which remain in effect today due to administrative rules delaying a plan by the Trump administration to withdraw them.

        “Broward County adopted a lenient disciplinary policy similar to those adopted by many other districts under pressure from the Obama administration to reduce racial ‘disparities’ in suspensions and expulsions,”

        From a high school science teacher St. Paul, Minn. who was beaten and choked out by a 16 year old student, “Obama-era discipline policies (are) emboldening criminal behavior, adding that school violence “is still rising out of control.”

        “The student, Fon’Tae O’Bannon, got 90 days of electronic home monitoring and anger management counseling for the December 2015 attack.”

        “In Oklahoma City, which softened student punishments in response to a federal race-bias complaint, “students are yelling, cursing, hitting and screaming at teachers, and nothing is being done,” an Oklahoma City public school teacher said. “These students know there is nothing a teacher can do.”

        “The Broward County Sheriff’s Office received at least 45 calls related to Cruz and his brother dating back to 2008 – including a February 2016 call from a neighbor warning he made a threat on Instagram to “shoot up” the high school, and another last November advising he was collecting guns and knives and appeared to be “a school shooter in the making.”

        Though deputies visited Cruz at his home, they did not try to recover his weapons, despite requests from relatives who feared he planned to use them on his classmates.

        Their inaction reflects the Broward department’s embrace of the school district’s approach to student crime. Even in response to a major crime scene, Sheriff Israel agreed to defer to school officials when “feasible” and employ “the least punitive means of discipline” against the perpetrators.”

        ht tps://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2018/02/28/obama_administration_school_discipline_policy_and_the_parkland_shooting.html

        The Parkland Teens Fighting For Gun Control Have The Backing Of These Huge Organizing Groups
        The money trail has major players and organizations — including Michael Bloomberg, to George Soros, Planned Parenthood, Everytown, Giffords, Move On, and Women’s March LA.

        “The spokesperson also said the group is “teaching and hosting trainings” for young activists across the US “to keep momentum going so they don’t get burned out.”

        ht tps://www.buzzfeed.com/maryanngeorgantopoulos/parkland-teens-organization?utm_term=.weB7GKBNB#.bgW4KvxYx

        • I dont care who wants the guns, they will NEVER take them all,,,, and if they try there are far better ways to eliminate huge numbers of these control freaks and their followers,

          • Nailbanger,

            I want to KEEP our guns too. I believe the policies of the Obama administration laid the groundwork to set the stage for this tragedy to happen.

            Lax discipline in schools created the environment to foster poor student and violent behavior in schools.

            Many thousands of illegal “children” added to the situation.
            Border patrol was ordered to “stand down” and let the illegals stay. These “reported children” were sent to schools around the country.

            The lesson learned was that “we can do what we want.” That attitude was often carried over after they left school.

            I wonder who PAID for these “ads” that were played on Central American radio and TV? American taxpayers?
            Urged by local media (and news of Obamas promises), minors from Mexico and Central America are clogging Border Patrol stations. – 6/13/14
            “Border Patrol officials struggling to keep up with the increasing number of minors illegally crossing the Mexican border are not turning away persons with known gang affiliations.”

            “Central American radio, television, other media, and religious groups have all encouraged people to move north to the United States.”

            Obama administration imports FELONS into the U.S.
            Report: Deported CRIMINAL Immigrants FLOWN BACK into USA – paid for by Taxpayer Money – 4/7/15
            “In 2014, unaccompanied alien children from Central America walked across America’s southern border in droves.

            U.S. (taxpayers) now PAY for unaccompanied alien “children” (The majority are young men who “report” their age as “17”) to be FLOWN INTO the country, even if they were convicted of a FELONY, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot.”

            “It’s called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors.”

            Obama EXPANDS the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors

            Remember this…
            Border patrol ordered to “stand down” and let illegals stay.
            The overwhelming largest group of illegals are “reported” to be 17-year-old males.
            It must be common knowledge that those under 18 qualify for extra benefits – housing, food, medical, etc.

            2/3 of Illegals Admitted Under Obama’s ‘Minor’ Program Are Adults

        • KY Mom:

          Children have not been safe in school ever since the first negro pushed their way into a white high school. Yes, civil rights for negroes was nothing but a trick to disrupt the classroom and it was part of a push towards destabilization by Communists. Martin Luther King (real name Michael King) and Rosa Parks were schooled in an actual school of communism. The people behind this plot and plan are chews who want global communism wherein they have ultimate power over all races. This is a race war, only it is not black against white or vice versa. It is chew against every race on earth. They have spent thousands of years brainwashing the masses that their domination should not be opposed. First they used religion. Calling themselves God’s chosen people is just a form of brainwashing. Playing the victim is also brainwashing. Punishing, discouraging anyone who dares talk bad about this world power is the greatest mind control. They are destroying children. Children are being softened for their enslavement. Any parent who loves their child might seriously consider the danger they are putting their child in by sending them to school.

          This bs story is further proof of how these people brainwash.

          _ why is the media and this site promoting this crap story if not to dumb down and enslave the people. We are under psychological attack. It is warfare waged in the mind, very deadly.


          • I went to a HS that was 40% black. One third of them we’re bad news. White trash River Rats were better but not by too much. Been there.

            Blacks couldn’t vote yet still got drafted. They ate at the blacks only section yet paid taxes, they paid the same bus fair but sat in the back. Separate but equal wasn’t equal. Dr King was a great man. Those “Chosen People” access academically in science, math and medicine.

            • Kevin2, I had just entered high school when Memphis city schools first integrated back in the early 70s. The transition was rough to say the least. Total lack of trust between black and white students. Fights broke out frequently even between the faculty. Like KY Mom stated, lax discipline has led to the situation in public schools. First it was the black civil rights crap and now diversity and multiculturalism have poured fuel on the fire. The same ingredients are the biggest threat to white people today.

              • We’re the same age. I agree with the problems. Regardless they are human beings, we have a Constitution that I don’t selectively pick and choose through. There should be no quotas but likewise no barriers. Everything is labeled communist, organized labor which brought the US working man out of drudgery of Frick at US Steel, civil rights, protesting the Vietnam war. Its the label fascists use to demonize.

        • KY Mom,there is no question that event was completely avoidable and all agencies failed miserably because of their own PC garbage policies! That is well known now to any with half a brain in the last 2 weeks and going back more on other events. It is no coincidence nearly all of these events were known before hand and even FBI spoke with the people and let them go to do their deeds ? Beyond obvious most were allowed to happen or were even orchestrated to happen by our own government.

          Anybody now who cannot see this does NOT want to see it !

      8. It was interesting until he started with the anti-Trump rhetoric.

      9. Seriously? If there isn’t any credible intelligence to share don’t fill the gap with this…

      10. Did I just fall down a rabbit hole of total insanity? If it is true; well, that’d sure be a different take on the future. If it isn’t true; well, why are we responding to madness? I’ll choose option 2 and figure I’m just nuts enough to even give it a moment’s thought.

      11. Wait,
        Was this a book?

      12. There is not a 10.2 earthquake. The Richter Scale goes to 10 which is liquefaction of the ground and total destruction. Guy has a good imagination though.

        • Most geologists and researchers have set the maximum earthquake possible at 9.6. This is due mainly to how much energy the rocky tectonic structures can placed under before the rock sheers.

          Additionally, most people do not understand how the Richter Scale is laid out. It is a logarithmic scale, not a linear one. Hence a 4.0 quake is 10 time more powerful than a 3.0. Likewise a 10.2 quake would be would be 1,000,000 times more powerful than a 4.2 quake, not just over twice the scale as the numbers might suggest.

          It has been theorized that, if it were possible to generate, a magnitude 10.5 quake would potentially be a planet killer. I’m not sure how that would work were it possible, but that is what some theorist have postulated.

          This guy is either a quack or a scammer or just wants to have his 15 minutes of “fame”.

      13. Sounds like he dropped a couple hits of acid while watching the Terminator.

      14. I was censored. My post is in moderation.


        • I think this article should have been put in moderation. Sorry, I just don’t believe this BS. Operation Paperclip and NorthWoods was not that hard to believe. This time travel stuff is very hard to swallow. Total BS.

      15. Obviously this guy is a total kook and should never own a gun.

      16. You want a prepping topic. Look up Fat Head minnows. They grow fast, easy to feed, and can be fried up whole.

        All you need is a water container. They will breed and live off algae and bugs. A little pond if you will.

      17. I thought this was an amazing article!! Love to know when the LA quake was going o happen.

      18. Easy way to test his BS: just as if I was transported back in time 100 years, and I could wow the people of that time with my scientific and technological knowledge, so this tool should be able to do the same now.

        For example, I could tell the people of the past about my Mac. That alone would blow them away. If this guy is true, then he should be able to describe in great detail technology and science of his time that would equally blow us away. Yet, he doesn’t, and instead gives us a nice sci-fi tale that I could also come up with.

        I call BS.

      19. You know everyone who came to this page today, (who was too and told this was a knowledgeable preparedness site,) just left shaking their collective heads. Those who came here for prepping advice and such just confirmed to others you and those like us are bat chit crazy.
        With this story you just lost hundreds if not thousands to a legitimate cause, preparing for the future. Good job genius!

      20. Wondering if you could have him PM me the next 10 years Super Bowls winners. For prepping purposes.

      21. Uh, no more science fiction movies for you.

      22. I do not believe anyone can travel forward or backward in time. They might be drugged to think so. Been watching too much Twilight Zone. No need to time travel, just look around. This is more bizarre than flat Earth.

      23. Ok. I’m coming out. I’m a time traveler. That other guy is a phony. But I have been sworn to secrecy so I can’t tell you anything. Unless you give me 1 milllllion dollars. As I hold my pinky finger at the corner of my mouth.

      24. A time traveler coming back and making any significant announcement of future events has already altered those events by doing it.

        Making his proclamations worthless.

        That’s why they go to great extents to remain undiscovered and take no part at all in anything that could be of any significance at all while they’re here.

        You change one thing, you change everything.

      25. This article is the final nail in the coffin of any credibility you may of had. Protecting the mental ill liberals with censorship of comments that point out their lies and misdirection. Your now part of the problem and have no part in the solution.

      26. As soon as I saw this article I started digging my bunker in the back yard. The time traveler has confirmed our most dreadful nightmare.The only thing that can save us are the Aliens from the planet Mongo arriving before we pull the trigger.

      27. How do I contact someone in the future and tell him to send racing forms with the winners marked? I can provide a location. The future person wouldn’t have to travel back in time;just send the racing forms with the winners. I would be willing to set up a bank account in his name and cut him in at 50%.

      28. I once attended a lecture,
        in which it was stated
        “time is like a river”.You can
        never go back since where you
        once stood in it has
        flowed on.
        The lecture was given by an Indian
        with such a thick accent I could
        only understand 90% of what he said.
        My philosophy lesson for today.
        Off subject
        Anybody here have advice on how to
        safely make Black powder?
        Nobody will ship black powder
        to Hawaii but they will ship
        the components. I’ve watched the
        youtube videos but most those videos
        play fast and loose with safety.

        Thanks in advance.

        • …how to safely make Black powder?

          Used to make it as a boy. No big deal. It’s a simple mechanical mixture of Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter), sulfur and charcoal. It’s not hard or dangerous as long as you’re not a smoker. Granulation should be addressed before mixing.
          Saltpeter and table sugar will work in a pinch in a rudimentary sort of way.

      29. What a waste of a post. How ’bout something on prepping ? Those who want a real futuristic glimpse of America need to read “Day of Wrath” by Forstchen. This is the real deal of what happens when we have gun free zones,gun cotrol,open borders,and political correctness gone amok.C’mon Mac!

      30. What a waste of a post. How ’bout something on prepping ? Those who want a real futuristic glimpse of America need to read “Day of Wrath” by Forstchen. This is the real deal of what happens when we have gun free zones,gun cotrol,open borders,and political correctness gone amok.C’mon Mac!

      31. I love RP fiction like this. It’s so entertaining. They should look into doing this more, movies are a dying art.

      32. His name isn’t Michael, its Kyle Reese

      33. Time traveler from 2075?
        That’s nothing…pfffft. I’m from the year 2358 and let me tell you the future is great. We can now travel thru space into other solar systems and galaxies. The power source is anti-matter. We scoop it up as we go along, then use it much like your nuclear fuel of today. In 2352 the earth was united into one country. Mainly because of the threat from Archillians. They are another race astrophysicists found in the year 2311. Actually the found their spaceships. Still aren’t sure what galaxy they’re from, but we’ve been fighting them for the past 26 years. In the future medical advances keep the human mind alive indefinitely. Doctors can download your brain and then imprint it into a new one. Essentially you are still you, just a different body. It’s kind of weird, but after a few months you get used to it. We also have fusion drives that power most everything on earth. It’s clean nuclear. No waste. And scientists were finally able to solve the food problem by developing super farms. So far we’ve colonized 4 planets besides earth and have military or scientific outposts on another 11 planets. If you want to know more just ask. But sorry. I can’t give you information like who will win Super Bowl, lottery numbers or anything like that. It’s strictly forbidden by the rules of time travel.

        • Ok so the big question is what causes cancer and alzhimers and what is the cure????

      34. Wait…he cant tell us what countries he has fought in because its classified but he CAN tell us how the time machine works?
        I cant tell you primates how to build a bow and arrow but here are the schematics for a particle disruptor! *wink *wink

      35. This is what you get when you close down the asylums.
        So make a drinking game out of it:
        Global warming
        Rising Sea level
        Elon Musk
        Flying cars

      36. I read this because I really like SiFi! Hopefully it was published for the same reason. But then again maybe he is “something” masquerading as a time traveler and he/it knows something? 🙂 Did i mention I like SciFi?

      37. I don’t need to be a time traveler to predict this.

      38. I lost it after global warming plea lol.

      39. For starters, I call this story BS.

        One main question should be asked. One.
        If this guy is a ” time traveller”, then why the hell does he disguise his voice?


      40. SHTF has become a fumduck echo chamber. Mostly absurd adverts via email and articles by supposed experts who have zero experience in what they speak of or are simply fake pen names made up out of thin air. Proof the supposed prepper phenom is dead and is morphing into collective idiocy.

        There is a far better way to think and live and actually be seriously prepared for anything ! and it is easily done and fun everyday of your life.

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